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The Sunday Bulletin

The Sunday Bulletin

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Published by: New Testament Baptist Church on Aug 11, 2013
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The New Testament Baptist Church of Butler, Pennsylvania

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Are We Reaching Out to Others With the Gospel?
It’s easy to go through the motions without fulfilling the heart of the Great Commission—leading people to salvation through Jesus Christ. It is encouraging to remember that God has specifically commissioned us with His gospel. We are His ambassadors (Mark 16:15). And when we consider that we’ve been commissioned to deliver a message with this urgency and importance, it adds weight to our responsibility. Over the years, I’ve noticed that some people seem to have a gift for shopping. Not only do they love to do it, but when they go out, they bring something home—every time! Their success in shopping is simple: they go out looking—specifically, attentively. If we would go out soul winning with the same tenacity of focus— specifically, attentively looking to reach the lost—perhaps we would be more successful in our efforts. Ultimately, it is the Holy Spirit who is the true Soul Winner. Only He can convict people of their need for Christ and convince them to place their faith in Him (John 16:7-9). The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to bring conviction. It is our responsibility to share God’s Word with those who do not know Christ. The Holy Spirit will use His Word to point out the person’s sin, and the righteousness available through Christ. Are we going out as a matter of duty, or are we going because we’ve been commissioned by God? Are we seeking to show others the compassion of Christ? Are we taking the conversation beyond a simple invitation to church, sharing God’s Word, and allowing the Holy Spirit to bring conviction?

Weekly Service Schedule
Sunday: 10:00 AM Adult & Children’s Bible Study Classes 11:00 AM Morning Preaching 6:00 PM Choir Practice 7:00 PM Evening Preaching Wednesday: 7:00 PM Midweek Bible Study & Prayer Saturday: 10:30 AM Bus Visitation, Soul Winning & Outreach

Sword of the Lord Conference Monday, August 12
Pastor Fisher and his family will be going. Your family is encouraged to travel to the Grace of Calvary Baptist Church of Erie, Pennsylvania, to hear Pastor Jeff Fugate. Services start at 7 PM. The Grace of Calvary Baptist Church is located at 5542 Perry Highway in Erie. Travel time from Butler is about 1 1/2 hours. Don’t forget to bring your Bible.

724.282.2494 437 North Duffy Road, Butler, Pennsylvania 16001 www.VisitNTBC.com You’re invited to listen to our internet radio station, GlorifyRadio.com, on your computer, smartphone, or iPod/iPad.

Thank you for choosing to worship at the New Testament Baptist Church of Butler. Our prayer is that your heart will be stirred for the eternal as we sing songs & hymns that direct your heart toward Christ and challenge you through the preaching of God’s Word. There are friendly people at our Welcome Center in the lobby who will gladly assist you with any questions you may have during your visit. Allow us to make you feel at home during your visit. First-time adult visitors and families are asked to visit our Welcome Center to receive a hospitality bag with a gift card to Chick-fil-A.

First Time Visitors

Adult Ladies’ Bible Study Tuesday, August 13
Adult ladies are encouraged to participate in the Ladies’ Bible Study. August’s Bible Study will be held at Mike & Kasey Fisher’s home. Their home is located at 137 Pine Ridge Drive in Chicora. It will begin at 6:30 PM. Ladies are asked to bring a side dish to share with others. Don’t forget your Bible and devotion booklet.

Meet the Frank Brim Family Our Missionaries to Brazil Sunday AM, August 18
We are pleased to host the Frank Brim family for Sunday School and the Morning service at 11 AM on Sunday, August 18. Make plans to be in attendance for this special Sunday.

Formerly known as the Ethnic Festival, the Butler Fall Festival is held on Saturday, September 21, from 11:00 AM until 5 PM. Our church will host a booth at this year’s festival. Like the Farm Show, this is a great opportunity to meet people from our community and distribute Gospel tracts. Our church will need volunteers to serve at our booth.

Travel with our Pastor to Santa Clara, California, and attend the Pastors & Workers Conference at the North Valley Baptist Church. Since we will be flying to California, we need to make reservations early. Check your schedule, and see if you can attend this church conference. Start saving money now. We will leave early on Monday, March 3, and return late on Friday, March 7, 2014.

Electronic Devices
Cellular devices, pagers, and electronic devices should be turned off or placed in vibrate mode. We would ask that parents do not allow their children to bring electronic video game systems with them to church.

Food & Drink Items
In the spirit of worship, and as an act of courtesy, please do NOT bring food items, coffee, bottled water, or soft drinks into the Auditorium.

Out of respect for your loved ones and those in attendance, we ask parents to use our clean & well-equipped nursery. This free service is available for newborns and infants (birth through 24 months). Your cooperation is needed and appreciated. Assistance is available at the Welcome Center.

Parents with Infants & Young Children

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