enlor . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . 40
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. ............. 00
u cia
• • • • • • •
r . ....... ...... 58
. . . " .. 20
Inde . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ... 2
e Cann
A Place For ...
Friendship is ...
talking about anything
shari ng everything
laughing together
crying together
supporting each other
studying together
eating lunch together
going out together
scamming on members of the
opposite sex together
borrowi ng and lending anything
and everything
consoling one another
more than friendship
A Place For
Learning is .
- taking Calculus
- taking a foreign language
- the pommies making up a new dance
- Guys and Dolls learning choreography
- freshman learning how to lift weights
- working on computers
- photographers learning how to take pic­
- driving on the simulators
- taking Developmental Reading
- dOing research on and writing a twenty-to­
forty page re­
search paper
- taking notes
- listening to lectures
- practicing typing skills
- taking tests
- part of growing up
- often considered painful
- essential to one's future
- expected at Arcadia
1. Chandelle Joos, Walter White, and Lori
Luther work on the computers during
class time. 2. Scott Leff waits and watch­
es as another student pumps the iron. 3.
Sophomores listen intently during one of
their English classes. 4. Pam Johnson
and Joey Pelgrim look for books to read
at the library. 5. Andrea Marin and Leslee
Brown experiment in the classroom. 6.
Chorale learns choreography for one of
their performances. 7. Teresa McClane
works on her artwork in Mrs. Burell's
Opening Section 7
A Place For ...
Traditions are
- Homecoming
- building floats
- crowning the king and queen
- the old pommies returning to dance at
- Frosh going to Pizza Hut or 7-eleven
for lunch
- the Spring musical
- senioritis
- T.W.I.R.P. dance
- pep assemblies
- switch day
- class of '85 not winning the float com­
- seniors winning the class competitions
J"... in Govt. and Econ.
N •• jokes
A Place For
. . .
Spirit is , ,
- playing in the band
- dressing up on spirit days
- screaming your lungs out at
a football game
- painting posters
- painting the football field
- cheering your classmates on
at a pep assembly
- boomba ... hey!
- picking up trash at school
- being active in clubs
- decorating the locker rooms
- being a cheerleader
- playing on a team
- going to a girls 8-ball game
- giving up weekends to work
on the yearbook
- contagious at Arcadia
Sedu:'In-________________________ __ ____ _
1. Bing Yang, Robin Dunlap and Amy
Leonard get into the spirit of Hawai ­
ian Day. 2. Michelle Turley plays the
flute at a football game. 3. Sean
Rose, Carrie Brennan , Lonnie
McCarty and Kelly Troutman cheer
on the football team. 4. Joe Greg­
ory, Catey Bracken, Linda Kleckner ,
JB Swan, Paula Courtnay, Becky
Johnson, Danielle Roe, and Mary
Schoffman applaud at a pep assem­
bly. 5. Lynn Cowie does the splits.
6. The Varsity Cheer line forms a
mount at a pep assembly. 7. Helen
Hanscomb, spirit girl.
Opening Section 11
A Place For ...
Socializing is ...
- gossiping at the west ramp
- talking in the parking lot
- not studying in the library
- partying
- laughing with friends
- going out to lunch with friends
- going to dances
- going to Arcadia park
- river trips and ski trips
- standing around at the football games
- the major concern of most high schoolers
- talking between classes and being late to class
, . \ .
A Place For ...
Self Expression
Self Expression is ...
- wearing whatever you want to wear
- standing up for what you believe
- doing your own thing
- rare
- dressing up for Halloween
- admitting to liking spinach, lima beans, and
brussel sprouts
- writing poetry
- getting involved in Thespians
- important
- laughing when you think something's funny
- crying when something is sad
- personalized license plates
- found in various forms at Arcadia
1. Renee Brenchley and Lori Rubin do some clowning
around. 2. Jon Belsher and Miss Enthusiastic, Julie
Bowe (which one' s which?). 3. Eric L walks
nting, " Togal Togal Toga!"
verage height . 10 .
w 'ghf 52 p !1
favorite c I r. hI e
~ ..
kid 2
- 81
16 Favorites
1. Meyer
2. Camwell
3. Schifino
1. Porsche
2. Mercedes
3. Lamborghini
1. Beverly Hills Cop
2. The Breakfast Club
3. Ghostbusters
1. McDonalds
2. Burger King
3. Old New York
1. Young & Resless
2. All My Children
3. General Hospital
1. Rob Lowe
2. Simon LeBon
3. Tom Selleck
1. Christy Brinkley
2. Heather Thomas
3. Ms. Collins
1. Italian
2. Mexican
3. Chinese
1. Cookies 'n cream
2. Chocolate chip
3. Vanilla
1. What I Like . ..
2. Relax
3. Boys of Summer
1. Eddie Murphy
2. Richard Pryor
3. Bill Murray
1. Pleasuredome
2. Heartbeat City
3. Reckless
1. Bryan Adams
2. David Bowie
3. Bruce Springsteen
1. Football
2. Skiing
3. Tennis
1. Park City
2. Vail
3. Purgatory
1. Dog
2. Cat
3. Horse
1. Coke
2. Pepsi
3. Dr. Pepper
1. Oscar Taylor' s
2. Point
3. Garcia' s
1. Seventeen
2. Vogue
3. Playboy / Playgirl
Favorites 17
Guess What's Happening In '85?
18 Fads and Fashions
1. One of the biggest fads at Arcadia is Guess.
Here, two Arcadian girls show off their Guess
jeans. 2. Laura Phillips is wearing her 'funky' out­
fit. 3. More Guess clothes. 4. Andrew Hartsfield in
his favorite tie. 5. Two mod Arcadians - Vicki
Panessa and Dee Dee Miranda pose. 6. Sundee
Aung Khin shows off her earrings. 7. Susanne Car­
roll and Melinda De Loach are wearing the "in"
look of miniskirts.




Fads and Fashinn_
?n Fads and F . ashlons
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~ - - - - -
1. E.G. Carlstrom and Ken Belnap showing the
"G_Q." look. 2. Yael Serror in her Ray Bans, over­
sized shirt, Guess jeans, and funky hip belt - the
new style of 1985. 3. Gucci handbags and wallets.
4. Barbara Charnow showing the popular "Madon­
na" look. 5. Jenny Rasmussen shows the style of
an undershirt beneath a V-neck sweater. 6. Dan
Diamond with spiked hair.
Fads and FashionA 2:1
• • •
Blood Drive
No Spillage
1. Peter Cannice and Dean­
na Kuk entertain Julie Hen­
din during her blood dona­
tion as Ken Belnap checks
to make sure everything is
going right with his own do­
nation. (Notice the worried
expression on his face.) 2.
Scott Lang waits to have
his blood pressure taken. 3.
This sign donated by Ari­
zona Blood Service encour­
aged many brave Arca­
dians to participate in the
blood drive 4 . Rebecca
Kennell patiently waits as
the disinfectant is applied
to her arm . Eric Read
laughs as he is getting pre­
pared to give blood. 5. The
Arizona Blood Service vo'l­
unteer aid prepares to take
blood from a donor.
Interact sponsored a blood drive on January tenth.
They had a very successful turnout of forty donors, who
each gave one pint of blood. Participants included faculty,
students and alumni. Giving blood is a volunteer service so
the participating donors were not paid. Due to the short­
age of blood many hospitals in the valley had to postpone
their surgery schedule. Therefore, this service was very
useful to our community. Interact is sponsoring another
blood drive in the Spring which they hope will be as suc­
cessful as the first.
Blood Drive 23
At 11 :38 a.m., Monday thru Friday,
the school scatters. Those who must,
stay; those who drive, go to fast food
restaurants. Here are some people en­
joying their lunchtime.
1. Van Tucker shows a expression of dis­
taste while eating at a local fast food restau­
rant. 2. Tony Papadopoulos takes Holly Cur­
tis out to lunch for an inexpensive date. 3.
Smiling while eating his double cheesebur­
ger is Steve Egan . 4. R.J. Rareigh takes a
break from eating to look up at the camera.
24 Lunch
1. Karen Chapko enjoys some
cafeteria food . 2. Larry Ram­
sey and David Maggart enjoy
their Big Mac's.
lunch 25
Arcadian's have pep!!!
This year's pep assemblies were more
spirited than ever. The student body par­
ticipated more, and was more enthusiastic .
Class competitions were held throughout
the year during the pep assemblies and the
Seniors won the majority of them. At our
first football assembly, Coach Brown invit­
ed "Power," a group of motivational
speakers to get the football players ex­
cited for the game that night. Another as­
sembly featured Michelle Mitchell, former
Arcadian and recent Olympic silver medal­
ist in platform diving. She kept her audi­
ence's attention for over 45 minutes with
an account of her experience at the Olym­
pics. Then there was the annual switch day
pep assembly, when pommies are cheer­
leaders for the day and vice versa. We
also had the treat of seeing some of the
Arcadia guys dress up as pommies, and
they danced to " California Girsl."
1. "Men of Arcadia" perform at the switch day pep assem­
bly. Some of them caught in the act were Davi d Burkett,
Perry Brooks, Will Yount and Tim Wampler. 2. Michelle
Mitchell talks to the student body at a basketball pep
assembly. 3. "Muscle Man" breaks through eight bricks
with his elbow. 4. "Muscle Man" lifts Leanne Swanson and
Jill Cederlof to show that the bar they are hanging on is
really made of steel. 5. Dee Dee Gage and Melissa Jones
imitate the pommies at the switch day pep assembly. 6. A
few of Sigma' s members , Lisa Johnson, Anne Echols,
Avery Crossman, Melissa Cauthen, Helen Hanscomb, Jen­
nifer Hunter, and " King " Mark Hunsaker do a Snow White
skit at a pep assembly. 7. Steve Rosholt inhales a pie
during a class competition.
Pep Assemblies 27
Food, Fun, and Fright
This year's Halloween party was a great suc­
cess. It was co-sponsored by N.H.S. and Sigma.
The party was held in the library, where there
were costume contests, food, music, games, and
prizes. Everyone had fun "bobbing" for apples on
(1) Anne Laderman tries to catch an apple as Ginger
Jarvis, Dana Kaplan, Jim Brasure, Karen Hall , and Wen­
dy Williams provide encouragement (?) . (2) Donny "No
Hands" Conklin shows her skill at catching popcorn;
Jennifer Hunter looks on in hopes of learning how it's
done. (3) Lisa Shelly (Dancer), Laura Schott (Penguin),
and Deborah Smith (Harem Maiden) pose for the cam­
era. (4) Jim Brasure tries the clenched teeth approach
to biting the apple; Lisa Shelly, Dana Kaplan, and Julie
Hendin aren't impressed.
28 Halloween Party
Junior TWIRP Tops Last Year
TWIRP stands for "The
Woman is Required to Pay."
The dance is sponsored by
the Junior class to raise mon­
ey for Prom. The date was
changed to avoid St. Luke's,
chorale concerts, and other
such events. The date was fi­
nally set for February 23rd.
The dance was very success­
ful as many people attended.
They had a disc jockey and
huge video screens to watch
favorite videos.
1. Mike La Porte and Michelle
Sandlin get down and boogie. 2.
lisa Hohn, Chris Larish, Katie Ew­
ing, Laurie Nelson, Melinda De
Loach, and Denice Howard take
a break from decorating to pose
for the camera. 3. The finished
At the L.A. Memorial Coliseum ,
lasting sixteen days and nights,
XXIII Olympics dominated the
world's attention with 5 Y2 million
spectators in L.A. and 2 1h billion
viewers. Even with the Soviet
boycott, the competitors poured
everything into the games. Some
highlights: Mary Lou Retton won
the 1 st individual Olympic medal
in gymnastics ever to be won by
an Amer i can woman and she
walked away with one gold , two
silvers and two bronzes . Unfor tu­
nately, for Mary Decker, who fell
on to the track after lola Budd
passed by her, lost her chance at
winning a medal. In the first Wom­
an ' s Olympic Marathon , Joan
Benoit placed 1 st with the third
fastest time ever by any woman
(2:24:52) . And we can&t forget
Greg Louganis who won two go'id
medals for his fantastic display
of his diving performances.
mousse . . . white socks . . .
nutra sweet . . . guess? .. .
ghostbuster .. . lottery .. . iri­
descent . . . glittery . . . day­
glo socks ... videos . ..
health spas ... red . .. mini­
skirts ... denim . .. home
movies ... convertibles . . .
swatches . . . prince ... eddie
murphy ... pumps .. . proms
. .. evenings ... romance. ..
Top 5% - Jim Brasure, Dana Ka­
plan, Alan Work, Carolyn Carns, Dee­
Dee Gage, Madelene Manley, Sheri
Bratt, Colette Hunter, Tamara Lust­
garten, Laura Schott, David Heller,
Tracy Cramer, Elaine Lambert,
Charles Peters and Sandy Smith.
Student Body Officers - Lori Rubin
(corresponding secretary), Christy
Bulkeley (president), Julie Bowe
(vice-president), Andrea Girand (re­
cording secretary), Christy William­
son treasurer).
National Merit Semi -finalists - Caro­
lyn Carns and David Burkett. Com­
mended Students - David Heller ,
Madelene Manley & Tammy Lustgar­
Bruce Springsteen : Born in the
U.S.A., Corey Hart: First Offense,
Quiet Riot: Condition Critical, Tina
Turner: Private Dancer, Billy Squier:
Signs of Life, Spandau Ballet: Parade,
John Waite: No Brakes, The Fixx:
Phantoms, U2: The Unforgettable
Fire, Foreigner: Agent Provocateur,
David Bowie: Tonight, Big Country:
Steeltown, Duran Duran: Arena, Don
Henley: Building the Perfect Beast,
Wham: Make it Big, Madonna: Like A
Virgin, REO Speedwagon: Wheels
Are Turnin', Cyndi Lauper: She's So
Unusual, Billy Ocean: (Suddenly,
Band Aid: Do They Know, Prince and
the revolution: Purple Rain, Cars:
Heartbeat City, Michael Jackson:
Thriller, Eurythmics: Touch, Van Ha­
len: 1984.
Careful He Might Hear You: All of Me:
Purple Rain: No Small Affair: Grand­
view, U.S.A.: The Flamingo Kid:
Sam's Son: Amadeus: Dune: First­
born: Teachers: Give My Regards to
Broad Street: 2010: A Passage to
India: Just the Way You Are: Beverly
Hills Cop: The Cotton Club: Revenge
of the Nerds: Bachelor Party: Grem­
lins: 16 Candles: Breakfast Club:
Ghostbusters: Karate Kid.

Beyond the American borders, oth­
er countries are losing their citizens
through starvation and wars. In Ehtio­
pia, people have been starving to
death at an incredible rate: in 1984,
over one million died after a full dec­
ade of war and drought. Some hope
though: a camp in Wallo province re­
ceived food from Europe and the U.S.
In the Persian Gulf a four year war
between Iran and Iraq reached the
point where even tankers from other
nations have been attacked. In India,
Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was
gunned down by two Sikhs. Her son
Rajiv, a former airline pilot, was
named her successor . Even with all of
the bad news, there also has been
some good: from two out-of-orbit sat­
ellites, space shuttle "Discovery"
brought back some seventy-million
dollars worth of reusable space
The Statue of Liberty is in her nine­
ty-eighth year and going through a
complete make-over. Miss Liberty is
now hidden under a curtain of scaf­
folding and being strengthened and
refurbished at $30 million. She's
scheduled to be completed by July 4,
This year's Miss America,
Vanessa Williams, lost her crown
after old photographs were brought
out into the open and republished.
John DeLorean, ex-automaker,
was acquitted of coke dealing after
years of trials.
During the last elections, Geraldine
Ferraro made American political his­
tory with one-hundred and eleven
days as candidate for the vice-presi­
On July 18, at a McDonald's in San
Ysidro, James Huberty gunned down
three boys on their bicycles, a family
returning from vacation, a truck driver
on a coftee break, pair of grandpar­
ents and fourteen employees. Nine­
teen were wounded and twenty-one
1. Baby Fae was born to Andrea Al­
bert Casiragh and within a few weeks
Fae was implanted with an animal's
heart. Baby Fae lived for approxi­
mately three weeks, which was two
weeks longer than the previous identi­
cal experiment.
2. Zeo (the last frozen embryo) was
born to David and Loretto Leylandl.
3. Elizabeth Scarlett is Mick Jagger's
little girl.
4. Princess Diana does it again and
now the Royal family has another son,
Prince Henry Charles Albert David.
(What ever happened to the simple
and easy names?!)
Clara Peller's "Where's the beef?"
gave Walter Mondale his best line. He
carried only Minnesota and the Dis­
trict of Columbia.
Truman Capote (59) - known for his
novel In Cold Blood. Martin Luther
King Sr., (84) - Pastor of Atlanta's
Ebenezer Baptist Church for forty­
four years refused to hate, even after
both his son and his wife were killed.
Jim Fixx (52) went trom a 220 lb.
magazine editor to a 159 lb. guru for
34 million American joggers by his
book The Complete Book of Run­
ning. Marvin Gaye (44) - interna­
tionally known singer and songwriter
for his sounds of the 60's. Andy Kauf­
man (35) - portrayal of the daft auto
mechanic, Latka Gravis on "Taxi."
Football News - Univeristy of South­
ern California beat Ohio in the Rose
Bowl. University of California, Los An­
geles beat Miami state at the Fiesta
Bowl. At the Super Bowl, San Fran­
cisco beat Miami . Doug Flutie, a quar­
terback for Boston College, received
the Heisman Trophy. The Arcadia Ti­
tan Varsity team ended the season
with 3 wins wins-5 losses-1 tie and
the Junior Varsity team also ended
with the same record.
Tennis News - The top men tennis
players are: 1. John McEnroe 2. Ivan
Lendle and 3. Jimmy Conners. The
top three women players are:
1. Martina Navratilova, 2.
Chris Evert Lloyd and 3. An­
drea Jaeger.
Baseball News - In the
play-ofts for the World Series,
Detroit Tigers played Kansas
City Royals and the San Diego
Padres played the Chicago
Cubs. Detroit and San Diego
then went on to play in the Se­
ries where the Tigers were
the big winners.
Volleyball News - The Ar­
cadia TNT Varsity Volleyball
team had a great season with
7 wins and 3 losses.
Fitness and
Beauty Books
1) Raquel Welch's "Total
Beauty and Fitness" program
relies primarily on yoga exer­
cises and stretches.
2) John Travolta's "Staying
Fit" offers something of a min­
imalist approach to pumping
iron. 3) Sophia Loren "Wom­
en and Beauty" advocates
the warmth of personality.
4) Jane Fonda "Women Com­
ing of Age" shows the slightly
older Ms. how to stretch.
5) Victoria Principal "The
Beautiful Principal" hints for
reinventing your face, plus
pointers on diet, hair and skin,
including how to avoid "ga­
rage door eyes."
next year
• • •
Tasty , Tasty, Tasty
1. lisa Ho'hn and Sundee
Aungkhin take time out from
serving food to munch out. 2.
Leah Hirsch, Lori Nelson, and
Miki Clark demonstrate their
version of the Orient. 3. Steph­
anie Roth decorates the cafe­
teria for the French section of
the Food Bazaar. 4. We would
have more pictures of the
Food Bazaar, but yearbook
photographer Mandy White
, .
, .
was too busy stuffing her face . '.
" , .
5. Jennifer Aylesworth stirs up
a hot meal for the Oriental
The 5th Annual International Food Bazaar was
held on January 31 st. The Food Bazaar, which was
sponsored by Student Government, was quite a suc­
cess. It was attended by approximately one hundred
and fifty people and Student Government netted ap­
proximately three hundred dollars. The Food Bazaar
featued many kinds of food, including Oriental, Latin,
Italian, French, and Nordic. Although Student Gov­
ernment members prepared a lot of food, many local
merchants also donated food. Everyone who attend­
ed the Food Bazaar was satisfied, and for those who
didn't, there's always next year.
Starting in November, approximately eighty students tried
out for the play "Dracula" and by December, thirty of those
were already rehearsing. Behind the scenes, there were
twenty-five students plus Ed Brown with Glen Ellis (both
former Arcadians) who assisted Mrs. Hageman in putting it
all together. Everyone rehearsed for about one hundred and
ten hours, all in only six weeks, and the performances were
held for only three nights.
1. Here, Nanette Mickle (Flora) is talking with Danielle Roe (Mrs.
Fern) about Miss Lucy. 2. The play starred, top: Dan,ielle, Barbara
Foster, Nanette, Mandy White, Jeff Rose, Ernie Lausten, Connie
McGarry, Lance Shepard, Jenny Brownfield, Chris Shimer, Donald
Munsil, and Leah Turner. Bottom : Elliott Jones, Carrie Brennan,
Stephanie Roth, Cookie Carlson, and Sean Rose.
Dracula was "Bloody Good"
3. Carrie (Miss Lucy) has just been discovered as
being the victim of a vampire, and Elliott (Arthur) is
her first victim. Luckily, Donald (Professor Van Hels­
ing) has just unveiled a cross to Carrie (Miss Lucy)
and saved Elliott (Arthur) from becoming a vampire.
4. Seated is Leah (Mina), talking to Lance (Dracula)
as Chris (Dr . Quincy) looks on. 5. Ernie (Renfield)
scowls at Donald (Professor Van Helsing) as Jeff
Rose (Grimm) his keeper , is trying to control him. 6.
Donald (Professor Van Helsing) has just discovered
that Lance is a vampire, with the use of his trusty
mirror. Lance makes a dramatic exit by revealing his
blood-red cape, after being angered because of the
murder of his three wives which are not shown. The
wives are portrayed by Jenny Brownfield, Connie
McGarry, and Cookie Carlson.
Dracula 35
• • •
Stars and Stripes
Imagine yourself in a M"A"S"H Unit during the Korean War in
1952. In this M"A"S"H Unit called the 4077th, you will find many
zany doctors and crazy nurses. However, you will also find that
the 4077th has a better rate of recovery than any other.
This was the setting for this year's winter play. M"A"S"H
which was successful as a book, a movie, and a long-running tv
series, required a cast of thirty. However, the play's popularity
brought nearly eighty to audition for those parts, the largest
number to ever audition for a non-musical production at Arca­
dia. The members of the cast practiced diligently for several
hours daily for about five weeks, which resulted in a great
36 M·A·S·H
Visits the 4077th
1. Sean Rose (Trapper John) and Lance Shepard
(Duke) , both smashed from martinis, have just finished
tieing up Donald Munsil (Frank Burns) as a human sacri­
fice, and David Jones (Colonel Henry Blake) is not too
happy about it. 2. Sitting on their cots talking about
what life is like back at home, are Jeff Rose (Walt
Waldowski), Sean, and Elliot Jones (John "Ugly"
Black) . 3. Carrie Brennan (Major "Hoi Lips" Houlihan)
asks Donald (Frank) about the competency of the nurs­
ing staff. 4. Mandy White (Janice Fury) laughs at Elliott
after the two have a lovers ' quarrel. 5. Peter Cannice
(Hawkeye) sits on his " throne" sipping away at marti­
nis, while at the same time, he tries to convince David
(Henry) that he is crazy. 6. Lance (Duke) and Jeff (Walt)
plot to get rid of Donald (Frank) . 7. The cast starred:
(Back row) John Matchette, Tony Dellorfano, Jason
Kim, Donald Munsil, Ken Belnap and Tom Sahnas.
(Front row) Heidi Goble, Jessica Teisch, Alexa Tibbitts,
Connie McGarry , Lance Shepard , Peter Cannice ,
Stephanie Roth , Carrie Brennan, Mandy White and
Lorie Nowak. Not pictured are: David Jones, Joe Greg­
ory , Barb Foster , Jeff Rose, Sean Rose, Elliot Jones,
Nick Maloich, J.D. Ghelfi, Dana Ziegler, Heather Brody ,
Paula Courtnay, Sheri Bratt, Molly Schaffer, Danielle
Roe, Ernie Lausten, and of course, all the wounded and
dead people.
M'A'S'H 37
2nd Extravaganza A Big Success
Since the "Silver Extrava­
ganza" was so well' received
last year, the fine arts depart­
ment decided to have another
one this year. The "Silver Ex­
travaganza" gives not just the
fine arts department, but all of
Arcadia, a chance to show off
their talents . There were
skits, solos, and dances in
this year's show. The show
was a big success!
1. Christy Patterson and Chris
Shimer are waited on by Elliot
Jones in a restaurant scene. 2.
Pete Nadler sings a song for the
audience. 3. Wendy Wendt
shows her artistic ability by per·
forming a solo dance.
38 Extrava anza
Some of the performers that made the 2nd annual
"Extravaganza" such a success are pictured on this
page to the side and below.
1. The emcees of the program, Ken Belnap and Carrie
Brennan pose for a picture before the show. 2. Jimmy
Stewart does his version of Michael Jackson. 3. Alexa
Tibbits sings a song by "Chicago" called "You're the
Inspiration." 4. The Arcadia Pom line shown from left to
right , Laura Schott, Mandy Bouquet, Lisa Mann, Kim Coar,
and Kendall Denton fin i,sh their dance with a grand finale.
• • •
Place For
1. Although Robin Jason and Kelly Cambell don't
look like they' re working very hard, someone must
be. (Look at all the mess in the background!) 2.
Michelle Vale and Tracy Noble have their picture
taken together for the third year running , but this
time as SENIORS!!! 3. Between classes , Helen
Hanscomb and Lori Rubin take a leisurely stroll
down the Walk of Olives.
Senior officers Peter Cannice,
Tamara Lustgarten, Lynn
Cowie, and David Burkett led
the class through a maze of ba­
gel and bake sales to support
activities such as the Homecom­
ing Float, a faculty breakfast, a
senior barbeque, plus class trips
to (tee-hee) Mazatlan and Ha­
waii. This was all "risky busi­
ness" so occasionally it was nec­
essary to sit back and juSt say
"What the . . ... However, the
class really did provide service
projects such as adopt-a-family,
food drives, and charity pro­
grams all of which set a super
example for all of Arcadia's un­
derclassmen to follow.
Abt, Steven
Adams, Christopher
Sometimes Ya' Gotta' Say UWhat the
, ,
Anderson, Brock
Atchison, Amy
Aul, Beth
Bains, Elisabeth
Beaman, John
Behrens, Nicole
Behrmann, Duane
Belnap, Ken
Beresford, Charles
Bernas, Michael
42 Abt-Bernas
(Other Times, Maybe Twice and Louder!)
Blakely, Joe
Blanchard, Kevin
Bloemker, Jane
Bowe, Julie
Bracken, Catherine
Bradford, Paul
Brasure, James
Bratt, Sharon
Brooks, Perry
Brown, Carol
Bruner, Lisa
Bulkeley, Christy
Being a member of Student
Government is a tough job. It
entails initiating and organizing
activities, supporting our many
clubs, and raising school spirit
as a whole. Many hours of plan­
ning, decorating, fund raising,
and fun are involved. These sen­
ior members of Student Gov­
ernment are Lori Rubin, Gary
MacKay, David "Take-my-pic­
ture" Burkett, Lisa Mann, Chris
Adams, and hiding shyly behind
some notes, first lady Mrs. Nan­
cy Reagan, who often popped in
unannounced. P.S. Do you see
Carol Brown?
Blakelv-Bulkelev 43
Tell Me ... Are We Having Fun Yet?
Bunce, Martha
Burkett, David
Campbell, Kelly
Cannice, Peter
Carl, Sally
Carlstrom, Edward
Carns, Carolyn
Carson, Julia
Cerimeli, Dean
Cctrone, Rebecca
Chapko, John
Childree, Cynthia
44 Bunce-Childree
Ch/oupek, Katherine
Cleere, Eileen
Coleman, Katherine
Connor, Allan
Corey, Sonya
Cowie, Lynn
Cramer, Tracy
Crane, Gretchen
Creighton, Allison
Crossman, Avery
Crump, Alice
Czerwinski, Sheila
Davis, jeffrey
Davis, Philip
Day, Carol
De Brosse, Philip
Seniors just love Econ
classes and pep assemblies.
In Econ class are Lance
Shepard, Eric Reade, Ed
Marin, Scott Havens, An­
toine Bluth, Mary Schroen,
Scott Watko , Kathy
Mundy, and Madeline
Manley. At left, during an
assembly are Eric Reade,
Karen Zuchowski, Court­
ney Flynn, Jeff Wolfen­
barger, Beth Winikka, Erin
Moore, Jane Bloemker,
Shelley Dennison, Marla
Occhino, Julie Bowe, and
Christy Williamson.
Chloupek-Debrosse 45
Sometimes We Just Hate It When ...
Deihl, Penelope
Dellorfano, Robert
Denison, Shelley
Dittmore, David
Dondero, Gina
Drake, Laurel
Draney, Mindie
Drum, George
Eaton, Timothy
Echols, Anne
Egan, Stephen
Eichenauer, Keith
Eighmey, Tracy
English, Gregory
Figueroa, Edward
Fleischer, Jeffery
Fleming, Robert
Fleming, Vincent
Flynn, Courtney
Ford, Lisa
46 Deihl-Ford
Gage, Diana
Ghelfi, Gregg
Gilkey, Deborah
Gilsdorf, Erika
Goss, Craig
Gower, Stacy
Gregory, Joseph
Griswold, Daniel
I Hate It When . ..
1 drive Carol Brown's car, and people
call me homosexual because her bumper
stickers says, "I Love Boys!"
- Bill Rosenfeld
1 have to fill out these stupid question­
- Rob Makemson
Mr. Schifino puts up his smiley face
on test days.
- Danielle Maneth
Underclass guys dye their hair weird
colors, and then they put those long ear­
rings in their ears.
Hale, Eric
Hall, Margaret
Hall, Anthony
Hammer, John
- Ed Marin
Gage-Hammer 47
Gorgeous . . . Talented . . . Sophisticated
Three of the most gorgeous,
talented, sophisticated, and in­
volved seniors that grace this
campus with their presence are
pictured at right. They are Tracy
Cramer, Ginger Jarvis, and Sheri
Bratt. Some of the activities
these popular girls are active in
are NHS, Chorale, Scottsdale
Honors Cotillion, Interact, Var­
sity Basketball, Sigma, and
many other clubs too numerous
to mention. They are also ex­
tremely involved in yearbook.
Sheri and Tracy are Editors-in­
chief. And what does Ginger
do? You guessed it! She writes
copy for the senior section.
Hankerson, Stephen
Hanscomb, Helen
Hardy, Gregory
Hartin, Deanna
Havens, Scott
Heller, David
Hendin, Julie Ann
Hendricks, Tresa
Hickman, Syrena
Hill, Suzanne
Hitchcock, Eric
Hobby, Brian
48 Hankerson-Hobby
Laura Owens,
Homan, Thomas
Hunsaker, Mark
Hunter, Colette
jarvis, Ginger
jason, Robin
johns, Barney
johnson, Gregory
johnson, Valerie
johnson, Lisa
jones, David
jones, Lance
joos, Chandelle
Keenan, Kara
Kelly, Kathryn
one of the many talented seniors at AHS,
demonstrates her exceptional skill in the art of bubble-blowing.
Rumor has it that she gives lessons for a nominal fee. Howev­
er, you must sign up quick, because there is already a waiting
Homan-Kelly 49
• • •
And Was My Face Red
Kennell, Rebecca
Kleckner, Linda
Klessig, Jill
Kochis, Troy
Komnedal Marit Kri
Koskela, Steven
Kracht, james
Kraemer, Darrell
Krieg, jeffrey
Kuk, Deanna
Lambert, Elaine
Lambert, Tracy
I Was So Embarrassed When ...
I was at lunch with a friend and her mom, I was trying
to eat a tomato, and I ended up squirting it in her mom's
~ Kim Conley
We were running 40's in football in front of the cheer­
leaders, and my pants were falling down.
- Mark Hunsaker
I got my thumb stuck in a ketchup bottle at lunch, and
I had to buy the bottle.
- Michell Sandlin
When I went to the Cotillion Ball, and my date's fly
was open for our picture.
- Lisa Johnson
I went to the Cotillion Ball and had my picture taken
with my fly open.
- Van Tucker
Lang, Scott
Lausten, Ernest
Laporte, Michael
Licosati, David
50 Kennell-Licosati
Everybody knows these days that com­
puters are where it's at . If you don't know
how to work one - you are practically
illiterate. George Drum,Juan Telleria, Lon­
nie McCarty, and )0 Gilstrap are caught
making sure that they don't fall into that
trap. On the other hand , Mrs. Stone's com­
puter is quite a trap in itself' Most of class
time is spent in verbal instructions about
computer jargon, avoiding infinite loops,
and designing flowcharts and programs.
However, lectures sound really great when
you are faced with one of Mrs. Stone's
computer programing tests. Even after all
that, the alumni of the class say, it's a lot of
work - but well worth it, and fun too!
Lustgarten, Tamara
Mackay, Gary
Maggart, David
Makemson, Robert
Maneth, Danielle
Manley, Madelene
Mann, Lisa
Marin, Eddie
Marinello, Mark
Martin, David
Martinez, Angelica
McCarty, Liana
Lustgarten-McCarty 51
We're Seniors. We Date, We Cool.
My Most Memorable Date . ..
It was on September 10th, 1981, when Kelly and I
first started going out.
- Troy Kochis
It was on September 10th, 1981, when I first start·
ed going out with Troy.
- Kelly Troutman
What date? Need one? Call 555-2838.
- Scott Lang
Homecoming night spent stuck in a ditch with E.G.
- Courtnay F/yml
McCreary, Lisa
Merrell, jennifer
Milan, Debra
Montgomery, Teresa
Moore, Erin
Moorhead, Margaret
Moses, Tara
Mough, Sherri
Mundy, Kathleen
Nabity, Andrew
Nadler, Peter
Nadolski, Natalie
52 McCreary-Nadolski
Naumann, Patrick
Newberg, Beth Anne
Newman, Timothy
Noble, Tracy
Novoa, Carolina
Occhino, Marla
Owens, Laura
Papadopoulos, Anthony
Peirce, Suzanne
Pelgrim, Joey
Pelgrim, Lisa
Pitha, Stephanie
Three studly seniors (Van Tucker, Tony
Papadopoulos, and Steve Egan) attempt to
maintain their macho image by exposing their
well-developed (?) muscles. Arcadia is full of
studs; these three just happened to catch the
camera's eye.
Naumann-Pitha 53
Seniors David Jones, Jen
Merrell, Dave Dittmore, Ta­
mara Lustgarten, and Carol
Brown pose behind this year's
senior float. Although it
didn't win first place, lots of
hard work and creativity went
into an outstanding finished
product. The float parties
were held after school and
were lots of fun. All those
who supported the cause and
contributed were greatly ap­
Pope, Steven
Poplawski, Jennifer
Rairigh, RJ
Ramsey, Larry
Ray Tiffany
Reese, Sheryl
Reiss, Kimberly
Revivo, Allen
Rheinfelder, Paul
Richard, Devin
Richardson, George
Rose, Diane
54 Pope-Rose
We're Seniors; We Know How to Say ((Cheese"
Rosenfeld, William
Rosholt, Steven
Rosner, Amy
Roth, Stephanie
Rubin, Lori
Sahnas, Athanasios
Sandlin, Michell
Savage, Christine
Schlenker, Brent
Schott, Laura
Schroen, Mary
Schubach, Joe
Student Government
planned many fun activi­
ties for the student body
this year. One of these was
the Beach Bash, held in the
gym after a football game.
Seniors Christy William­
son, David Burkett,
Christy Bulkeley, and Jim
Kratch enjoy themselves at
the dance. All those who
didn't go really missed out!
• • •
Gossip, Gossip, Gossip Gasp!
Shelton, Eric
Shoba, Ray
Smith, Robert
Smith, Suzanne
Smith, Wendy
Smith, T amera
Soto, Claudia
Stewart, Robert
Stolworthy, Brigg
Strength, Michelle
Sucato, Danelle
Swan, Joseph
Swanson, David
Tassoni, Angela
56 Shelton-Tassoni
Telleria, Juan
ossip, Gossip, Gossip ... You Don't Say!
Tibbits, Alexa
Tirban, Angela
Trezos, George
Troutman, Kelly
Tucker, Van
Utzinger, Lisa
Vale, Michelle
Visser, Anton
Wallace, Michael
Wampler, Timothy
Warren, Lance
Everybody knows that if
you want to be "cool" and
hear the latest gossip, you
hang out at "The Picnic Ta­
ble." This celebrated table is
located at the west ramp by
the 600 building. Identifiable
seniors from left to right are
Jeff Davis, Mike Bernas, Car­
ol Day, Greg Hardy, Christy
Williamson, Paul Bradford,
Van Tucker,Jim Kratch, Dee
Dee Gage, and Chris Adams .
Unfortunately, because of all
the people that are busy being
"cool" at the picnic table, it
oftens causes a few tardies.
So Long, It's Been Good to Know Ya'!
Watko, Scott
Wendt, Wendy
West, Bill
Wilkinson, Brian
Williamson, Christy
Winikka, Beth
Withers, Robert
Wolfenbarger, jeff
Wooten, Loretta
Work, Alan
Young, Laura
Yount, William
Zuchowski, Karen
Porch, james
Gilstrap, jo
Bluth, Antoine
Bluth, Antoinette
Aityata, Nadia Marie
Stodola, Bruce
58 Watko-Stodola
(Sec.. Tress.), Calculus Club (Pres.), Yearbook Production (Editor), Principal's List. Honor
p 5%, Scottsdal e Honors Colillior" f>hoenix Cotillion, "Bye Bye Birdie" (Crew), Certificate ot
Senior Summaries
CHRIS ADAMS: JV-Var Football, Var Wrestli ng (Capt.), Interact. Student Senate. Powder Puff Football Coach, Varsity Club (Pres.), Boy's Stat e, FCA;,8a*,""
Football Representative.
MIKE ASHCRAFT: JV Baseball. Frosh Tennis
AMY ATCHISON" JV Basketball, Var S Imming, Principal's List, Honor Roll, Top 10C1b
LIZ BAINS: Tenn s, Senllte, H.E.A. O.
DIUP BANSAL: Var Soc:cer, JV·Va Tennis. Senate
SCOTT BEOKSTEAD: Frosh-JV FOotball , Bend, St udent Council VOTECH Presi dent, Yearbook Production
DUANE BEHRMANN: Var Var Basil etball , Roll. ASU AI mni Association Medallion of Merh Award
KEN BELNAP: Frosh-JV"Var Footba ll, Fresh Var Track, Key Club, Student Senate, Powder Puff Football CQach, Music Man, Black
KEI TH BENNETT: Frosh Football, Var Soccer , Fro Baseball. Student Senate
CHARlIE BERESFORD. Frosh- V-Var Basketball, FrO$h-JV-Var Baseball
ANTOINE BLUTH: Var Football . Frosh-JV.Var Basketball. Var X-Country, ar Track. Principal's List, Honor Roll
BLUTH: JV Volley,ba I. Var -Country
JULI EBOWE: Frosh-Var-Tennis (Capt.), DeJla Interact (Pres_), Pep ClUb, French Club, Student Pow
tl nguiahed Student Govarnment Awa rd
CATEY BRACKEN: JV Tennis, Della, Interact. ASPU Representstive, Speech and Debste. Yeerbooj( Productlo • Honor Roll. Powd,r
President. Sopl] Class p, ide.nt. resident of Student Review. Phoenix CoWliQn
JIM BRASURE: Var Track NHS (Treu_), Student Senate. Principal' list ,Jionor Roll. Pre-sidenl s I\wa
2% , student Review Board
SHERI BRATT: Frost! Bas etball, JV Volleyball Sigma, Interact, AFS (Vice Pres.), NHS (pres.), SIp
Yearbook Pr ctlon (1Sdltor in ChieJ), Prjncipal'a List, Honor Roll . Powder Putf Foo ball, Natlo atjf tory and Gqvernment A ard,
School Studenta, Society of Di s)lnguiahed American High School Students, Top 5%, Out lltanding J
Scottsdale Honors Cotilli n. Girl'. State
PERRY BROOKS: FrQah.JV Football Var Baseball, Frencl1 Club
CAROL BROWN: Frosh·YarT8l'Inls. Delt. (Hlst., Sg!. at Arms) . Key ChJb Sweetheart, Student Senate, PowderPuff Football allnlQr \..iallw.'t ..
USA BRU ; Fro-sl1-J Volleyball, Var Track. Yeatbook Production, Powder Puff Foot ball
CHRISTY BULKEl,EV: FrO$h Volleyball. Dalta, Interact. NHS, ASPU, JV Cheer
PrinCipal'slist. Honor Roll. Powder Puff Football, Student Body President Junlorota s Vice President , Soph. Ct
Anylown, Homecoming Queen, "Music Man"
MARTHA BUNCE. JV Softball. Vat Tennla, Della. Met Maids, Student Sena e. NeWspaper, Flag Line (C.pt.). Phoenix Teen Gazette (Contributor), Scotlsdale
DAVID BURKEn: JV Football, Fro ·V..ar Baseball, Frosh Tennis. Interacl, ASPU, Spanish Club (Sgt.
Production. NationSl Merit Semifinalist. Boy's State, Varelty Club (Vice Pres.), Senior Class Secretary
KELL Y CAMPBELL: Interact, JV·V.r Cheer, Student Senate, Principal's Ust, Powder Puff Foot ball
JU'lior Achievement VIc& President. A·Team
h Club (Vice Pres
rScholarship (NAU) .Bye ..

aptain), Var Cheer Frosh S udent Senah! itJet1lhll!ill'1!
V!ce President, Model
SALLY CARL: Var Swimming. NHS, Moat Valuable Swimmer
CAROLYN CARNS: JV Softball, JV-Var Volleyball. v Vat Track, Sigma. AFS. NHS. ASPU, Spanish Club, Band, Principal's List, Honor Roll, Business Student of the
Week, Typing 1 Student of th e Year, History Student of the Year
JULIE CARSON: Var Swimming, Interact, AFS, Student Senate. Band. JanBand, Powder Puff Football, "Music Man" (Orch.), "Fiddler on the Roof" (Orch.) . Young Life,
Student Government
DEAN CERIMELI: Frosh-JV-Var Football, Frosh Basketball, JV Wrutllng. Boy's State, Today Award, Sports Beat Magazine Athlete of the Month
KITT CHLOUPEK: Delta, Interact. Powder Puff Football
EILEEN CLEERE: Interact, Student Senate, Newspape (Feature ECIItor), Powder Puff Football, Outstanding Sophomore English Student, Phoenix Cot illion
DAN COLSON: Frosh-JV-Var Basketball, Band (His!.)
SONYA COREY: Var GymnastiCS, Student Senate, Pow
LYNN COWIE: Track. Sigma, French Club (Sec.), Porn, S
TRACY CRAMER: Sigma. Interact. AFS (Sec., Treas.). NHSm••
Roll, POWder Puff Football, National History and
Achievement State Math Contest
AVERY CROSSMAN: Frosh Basketball, Var Swimming, Sigma
Football, Hugh O'Brian Outstanding Sophomore S
, Outstanding ASPU Member, "Night of January the 1
CZERWINSKI: Frosh·JV Basketball, Delta (Chap.),
DAVIES: Var Diving, Sigma
,*+--• ..jILIP DAVIS: X·Country, Track, "Fiddler on the Roof"
DEBROSSE: Frosh Football, Frosh·JV Baseball, Honor
BOB DELLORFANO: Frosh-JV Football,
DEE DEE GAGE: Frosh-Var Tennis. pe"ell;jist. ),
Flag, Mat Maids, V -cheer
Rep.), ASPU (Vice Pres. , Pres.), The
, Silver Spectacular Com
Good Doctor," " The Crucible," Hugh
Student Government
" (Tech.)
ERIKA GILSDORF: Var Swimming, Student Senate, lnteract (Student Rep.), AFS, Band (Twirler), Hanor
Student Government
JOE GREGORY: Thespians, "Up the Down Staircase, ' "Fiddler on the
JACK HAENICHEN: National Honor Society Award for Mathemali
KEN HAKES: Frosh.var Football (Cap!.)
HELEN HANSCOMB: Frosh Basketball, Frosh-JV Volleyball , Sigma, Interact, Pep Club (Sg!. at Arms),
Birdie" (Crew), Spirit Girl , Student Government, Booster Club Representative, "Fiddler on the Roof"
SCOTT HAVENS: JV·Var Football, Frosh-JV Basketball, JV Soccer, Pep Club
DAVID HELLER: NHS, Chess Club (Pres.), Honor Roll, Principal's List, Renneslear Polytechnic Institute Math and Science
Spanish 1 Student of the Year
JULIE HENDIN: Tennis, Swimming, Sigma AFS (Sec.), Student Senate, Honor Roll
, "Up the Down
Production, Honor Roll , MVP for JV Basketball, Student
heart, Key Club, Yearbook Production, Powder Puff Football
List, Top 5%, Scottsdale Honors Cotillion, Varsity Club
n," " Dracula, " "Bye aye Birdie," '!Black Co By," "Imprompt u," "The Crucible," "The NIght 01
.), Interact, AFS, NHS, ASPU, Pep Club, French Club, Cal cul us Club (Pres,), Powdii'PuttFootb.".
History Association Award, Honor Roll, Who's Who in American Studenls
GARY MACKAY: JV Football, Gymnastics, JV Tennis, Wrestling, Key Club, Student Government
DAVID MAGGART: Var Wrestling
ROB MAKEMSON: Frosh-JV Basketball
DANIELLE MANETH: Swimming, H.E.R.O. (Pres.), Ski Club
MADELENE MANLEY: JV VolleYball , Var Traok. , Spanish Club (Pres.), Titan Spirit Club, Zela, Principal's Ual, Honor Roll, Commended Student
History and Government Award, Top 5%, Outstanding Spanish 1 and 3 Student , Karate and Civil Ai r Patrol Cadet
LISA MANN: Sigma, Interact, ASPU, Thespians (Treas.), Speech and Debate, Pom (Student Gov. Rep.), Student Senate, Powder Puff Football, Any/own, Phoenix
Cotillion. "Bye Bye Birdie, " "Henri etta the 8th," "The Crucible." "Music Man," Varsity Club
ED MARIN: Frosh-JV Football, Frosh-JV-Var Baseball, Outstanding Business Student in Shorthand
ANGELA MARTINEZ: JV Volleyball, Mat Maids
LIANA McCARTY: Frosh-JV Volleyball , Delta (Sec.), Yearbook Production, Tall Flag Line, FCA, Young Life
TERRI McCLANE: Var X-Country, Var Track, Sigma
LISA McCREARY: Var Gymnastics, Delta, Interact, Key Club Sweetheart, Var Cheer, Student Senate, Honor Roll , Powder Puff Football, Twirp nominee
JENNIFER MERRELL: Delta, Interact, ASPU. Student Senate. Pri ncipal ' s List, Honor Roll , Powder Puff Football, Flag, Phoenix Cotillion
TESS MONTGOMERY: Frosh·JV Basketball. JV Softball, Frosh·Var Volleyball (Capt.), All Division 1st Team Volleyball Player, All League 1st Team Volleyball Player,
Band, Honor Rol l. Orchestra. FCA (Pres,)
ERIN MOORE: Var Softball, JV Volleyball . Delta, Student Senate, Newspaper, Powder Puff Football
SHERI MOUGH: Swimming, Delta
KATHY MUNDY: H.E.R.O. (Vice Pres.), JV Football Manager
ANDREW NABITY: Frosh·JV·Var Football , Frosh Basketball , Var Wrestling
PETEA NADLER: Chorale. Band. Jazz Band, Orchestra, Silver Extravaganza
Frosh·JY·Var Football, Frosh Wrestling, Key Club
CAROLINA NOVOA: Delta, AFS, Spanish Club
MARLA OCCHINO: Frosh·Var Track, Delta, H.E.R.O., Newspaper, Yearbook Production. Powder Puff Football . Young Li fe
LAURA OWENS: Gymnasti cs. Delta (Hist.), Interact, ASPU, Mat Maids, Student Senate. Honor Roll. Flag (Co-Capt.), Junior Cla ss Secretary
JOEY PELGRIM: Frosh Volleyball (Man.), AFS. Pep Club, Student Senate. Spanl8h Club. Thespians, Trtan Spirit Olub (Pre,s.). Ze (Rep.) Yearbook Production,
Anytown. "Dracula" (Stg. Man.), "Fiddler on the Roof" (Orew). SlIldent Government, Ju ior FCA
USA PELGRIM: Frosh Basketball . Frosh·JV·Var Volleyball. OlJ1standlng English In Award. Outstanding Algabra II Award. Certificate of chievement Stale Malh
Contest. Hicking High
CHARLES PETERS: Var Soccer. Frosh·JV·Var Tenni s. JV·Var X-Country. lilteract AFS, NHS. ASPU (Treas.), SpaniSh Cfub (Sec.). Calculus Club (Pres.). Speech and
Debate (Pres.), Chess Olub (Pres.). Principal's List, Honor Ski Club. Student R.vI.. Board. (Semor Rep.), Boy's State. Any town, Junior Achievement
JENNIFER POPLAWSKI : JV Softball, JV Volleybart, Track, JV Pom, C.O.E. Honor Roll
Student Senate, NewlUHlJ)el', owder Putt Footba , Player 01 the Vear enniS, oun:g LI e,
"Up the Down Staircase," A·Team, Anytown, Frosh ClaS8 Secretaty;
iljJJ.-.Qi:r; f'roah.JV.Var Football (Capt.), Froah-.JV-Var Basketball, Var Tennis. AIFCity AII·Metro Football
FfOett·JY Basketball, Froah.JY·v,a, BaRball, Del ta King, Key Club (Vice Pres.), Student Senate Representative
NHS, aancl.()rcb a, Principal'. List , Honor Ro Phoenl)!. Symphony Youth OrChelltta, Regional Honors Band, " Flddler Q
In France
MlrK-jilHNAlI:.Chrate. Jazz. BlInd, 'Bye Bye Birdl." (Orch.)
Pep Club, Froah Cheer, Chorale, YearbooK Production
BRENT SCH Speech a Debate. Band, Jau Band
LALllA8CHOT1':lFToahBaske b Int /IrF. (Pres and Vice Pres. ), NHS (Vice Pres.), Pom (Trees.), Student Senate, Short Flag, Yearbook Production, Principal's
Ust, Powder Puff Football, Top 5%, " Fiddler on the Roof"
MARY SCHRO$ Pep Club, Spanish Club, spi ne (Treas., Scribe), Titan SpIr1J Club. Zeta (Pres., Vi ce Pre .), Newapapar, Po dar Puff Football, "Th G.
Doctor, "Bye Bfa Birdie, ' " Music Man" (Crew, " .Ctucilll.... "up the Down k Comedy." " Impromptu, ' DraQIJla, " "flddleron 111& Root " (Stage
YAEL SERRO JV-Var Tennis. French CI ,New$paper: "uff F:!fdtbll
• • •
A Place For
1. Members of the Top 5% show that studying is
not their only interest, except of course Dee Dee
Gage, who spends the majority of her time deeply
involved in homework. 2. "You're never to old to
play with dolls," is Ken Belnap and Dean Cerime­
Ii's (Olympian candidates) motto. 3. lisa Hohn, a
TWIRP candidate, puts on the ritz.
Honors 65
Titan Excellence - the Top 5%
The top academic 5% of the
senior class is a diverse group.
These students are involved in
many activities, such as powder
puff football, skiing, track, vol­
leyball, tennis, karate, pom,
cheer, student govt., yearbook,
band, N.H.S., chorale, Delta,
Sigma, A.F.S., Interact, Speech
and Debate, and A.S A.S.P.U.,
Along with all of these activities,
they still find time to study, and
one can see by their grades that
they do. This year fifteen seniors
were named the top 5%: Colette
Hunter, Dee Dee Gage, Laura
Schott, Charles Peters, David
Heller, Elaine Lambert, Jim Bra­
sure, Tammy Lustgarten, Tracy
Cramer, Sheri Bratt, Dana Ka­
plan, Madelene Manley, Sandy
Smith, Alan Work, and Carolyn
Carns. The top 5% has always
been an asset to Arcadia.
1. Here is Varsity cheerleader Dee Dee Gage with pom­
mies Colette Hunter and Laura Schott . 2. Tennis team
member Charles Peters smiles above his weapon. 3.
David Heller, Elaine Lambert, and Jim Brasure stroll
along, wearing their new N.H.S. sweatshirts. 4. Tammy
Lustgarten just can ' t wait to get to snow country. 5.
Tracy Cramer and Sheri Bratt, wearing their Interact
shirts, pretend to work on some yearbook pages. 6. If
you ' re feeling tough, don't start anything with Dana Ka­
plan or Madelene Manley, both of whom are well -trained
in martial arts; 7. but if it's great sounds you like, don't
miss these three: Sandy Smith, Alan Work, and National
Merit Finalist Carolyn Carns.
Top 5% 67
Anytown Delegated
Any town is a Human Relations camp sponsored by the
National Conference of Christians and Jews. It is designed to
help the participants get to know and understand themselves
and others better. The delegates report that it was a week
full of fun and interesting activities. Shown here are the
Arcadia Representatives at Any town: (1) Joey Pelgrem and
lisa Hohn; (2) Julie Bowe and Charles Peters, and (3) Laura
Nelson and Andrea Girand. Not pictured are Christy Bulkeley
and Justin Dixon.
68 Anytown
Girls' State, Boys' State
Boys' State and Girls' State are
camps sponsored by the American Le­
gion and the American Legion Auxiliary.
High schoolers from all over Arizona go
to the camps to learn how the American
government really functions. While
there, participants run a mock govern­
ment in which they elect officials, judge
court cases, and pass legislation.
This year Girls' State was held at the
University of Arizona during the first
week of June. (1) Sheri Bratt, our Girls'
State representative. Boys' State, on
the other hand, was held at Northern
Arizona University where (2) Dean Ceri­
meli, Charles Peters, and Peter Cannice
represented the Titans. Chris Adams
and David Burkett also attended Boys'
Girls' and Boys' Staters 69
Spectacular Student Body Officers
The Spectacular Student
Body Officers promoted unity,
spirit, and involvement in the
school this year. They attended
workshops to get ideas for mak­
ing things run smoother and or­
ganized the Student Government
Exchange day. On this day, stu­
dent council members from other
Scottsdale high schools came to
Arcadia where they exchanged
ideas, watched a slide show and
attended a pep assembly.
1. Officers are Lori Rubi n (Cor .
Sec.) , Chr isty Bulkel ey (Pre s .) ,
Christy Wi lliamson (Treas .) , Andrea
Gira nd (Rec. Sec.), and Jul ie Bowe
(V.P.) 2. Julie Bowe and Jon Belsher
conduct a meeting in their class . 3.
Andrea Girand discusses upcoming
plans, while in the back Rhonda
Stein, Lisa Hodak, and Alexa Tibbits
talk about the activiti es.
70 Student Body Officers ____________________________________________________________~ __ ___J ~
Student Government Heads Activities
Student Government did an ex­
cellent job this year. They orga­
nized all the activities throughout
the year, including dances such as
the Beach Bash, Homecoming,
Christmas Casual. TWIRP, and
Prom, They also sponsored two
picnics and a Student Government
Exchange day in November,
1. No Sale for David Burkett; however
Chris seems to be getting attention
from Stephani e. 2. Back row: Jeff
Fieischer', Chris Adams, Carol Brown.
Jon l3elsher, Buddy Hammond. Renee
Brenchley . Chamois Pierson. Helen
Hanscomb. Trevi Grant, Julie Carson,
Erika Gilsdorf. Lisa Mann , l ynn Cowie.
Lori Rubin. Middle: Christy Williamson.
Mia Onodera, Gary Mackay. Alexa Tib­
bits, Leah Hirsch, Jennifer Aylesworth,
Amy Rutkin. Tammy Lustgarten. Kelly
Welch, Christine Holland, Lynda
Sears, Andrea Girand , Tracey Ryder.
Kristen Calvert. Front: Mr. Meyer
(sponsor). David Burkett, Stephanie
Walker , Brynn Kirkland. Peter Cannice.
Lor i Nowak . Stephanie Roth, Kim
Reiss. Penny Deihl. Christy Bulkeley.
Lisa Guisto, Laurie Nelson, lisa Hohn.
Katie Ewing. and Miki Clark.
Student Government 71
Simply Outstanding!
Chosen both by their coaches and the
Olympian staff, the athletes on these
two pages were outstanding contribu­
tors to their sport. In football, Ken Hakes
and Steve Rosholt were proven leaders
as evidenced by their many post-season
honors. And Angela Tassoni, who won
the Metro Division Championship and
took fifth place in the state meet, paced
the cross country team to a winning sea­
son. Tess Montgomery, veteran spiker,
represents the best of the Titan volley­
ball team. Ginger Jarvis and Becky Mo­
len led the girls' basketball team, both in
scoring and rebounding. The wrestling
team was mainly an inexperienced
group, but Andrew Nabity was a winner
all the way. And swimmers? As usual,
the girls won the state championship,
and the boys had their best season in
years. Kent Lassen and Stacy Morgan
were chosen as outstanding swimmers.
Seniors Troy Kochis and Duane Behr­
mann gave stability and leadership to
the basketball team; Kevin Turner and
Tommy Judd to the tennis team; and
Lisa McCreary and Sonya Corey
showed the way for a young but eager
gymnastics team. Congratulations all!
National Merit Students
The PSAT I NMSQT takes the top-scoring 50,000
students and ranks them as commended students,
semi-finalists and finalists.
1.) David Heller, commended student,
2.) Madelene Manley, Commended student,
3.) Tamara Lustgarten, commended student,
4.) David Burkett and Carolyn Carns,
National Merit Semi-finalists.
__ National Merit Students
Club Guys
Pictured to the left in their Delta
sweatshirts are the 1984-1985
Delta Darlings. They are Bill Rosen­
feld and Tim Wampler. Delta has
done a great number of service
projects for school and outside or­
ganizations. They have had bake
sales and bagel sales to raise mon­
ey for their club. They also painted
the football field for Varsity football
games. Delta had its annual Varsity
football dinner for the Varsity foot­
ball players. They also sponsored
a needy family for Christmas.
Pictured at the bottom left are
the 1984-1985 Sigma Sweet­
hearts. They are Van Tucker and
Mark Hunsaker. Sigma is a club
that has also done many service
projects. They decorated the foot­
ball posts for the Homecoming
game. Sigma also tried something
new. For the first time, Sigma and
National Honor Society had a Hal­
loween Party together.
1 I I i I a . l ~ ~ ____________________~ __~ _____~ __Club Gu ,,"-_LV.__
T.W.I.R.P. Candidates -
A week of activities including a Hawaiian Day, a Hat
and Sunglasses Day, and a Switch Day were followed
by the TWIRP Dance held Saturday, February 23rd.
The Woman Is Required to Pay has been a tradition
here at Arcadia for years. Being crowned King and
Queen goes to a Junior boy and a Junior girl based upon
his or her spirit and contributions to Arcadia. This
year's winners were Torin Johnson and Katie Ewing.
Runners-up were Christine Holland, Miki Clark, lisa
Hohn, Sean Lake, Andrew Hartsfield, and Jon Belsher.
By involving themselves in various activities such as
athletics, student government, honors, clubs, and other
organizations, each of these Juniors have contributed
great amount s to Aracadians. Congratulations to all of
you! Clockwise from top left, the runners-up: Andrew,
lisa, Sean, Miki, Jon, and Christine. At right are the
TWIRP King and Queen for 1985: Katie Ewing and Torin
76 T.W.I.R.P.
King and Queen
This year's Homecoming Queen candidates included
cheerleader Christy Bulkeley, professional model Tra­
cy Lambert, and Interact president Julie Bowe. The
King candidates included football trio Ken Belnap. E.G.
Carlstrom, and George Trezos. All six seniors have
been very active in the Arcadia student life, but the
choice came down to Christy Bulkeley and Ken Belnap.
Christy participated in Freshman volleyball, Delta,
Interact, NHS, ASPU, JV and Varsity cheer as co-cap­
78 Homecoming
tain, Student Senate, was on the Principal's List and
Honor Roll, and is now the Student Body President.
Ken played frosh, JV, and Varsity football. freshman
basketball, and Varsity Track, while also participating
in Student Senate and Key Club.
Pictured on this page clockwise from top left,
George, Tracy, E.G., and Julie. Shown on the opposite
page are Christy and Ken.
~ KING AND QUEEN =============================
The Candidates . . . And,
There is no greater honor than to be voted Mr. or
Miss Olympian; the honor is awarded the two who have
contributed most to AHS during their years here. This
year's winners are at right - Christy Bulkeley and Ken
Belnap. They were TWIRP King and Queen last year
and were Homecoming royalty this year. Christy co­
captained cheer for two years, has served as a class
officer, and currently is student body president. Ken
has been on the varsity football and track teams, is a
member of chorale, has been in several drama produc­
80 Olympian Candidates
tions, and has served in student senate. The runners-up
are also contributors. Julie Bowe (above, left), student
body v.p., has also served on many, many school com­
mittees. Lori Rubin is a member of student government
and is a captain of the pom line. Dean Cerimeli starred
on the football team and was a delegate to Boys' State.
Peter Cannice, too busy even for a picture, is represent­
ed here by Baby Doll. Baby - Peter, that is - is senior
class president and has appeared in numerous drama
productions in the past two years.
Decathlon Team Shares County Honors
The Academic Decathalon is a new
competitive group at Arcadia this year.
The group is called the Academic De­
cathalon because students compete in
ten academic events such as: econom­
ics, fine arts, language and literature,
mathematics, science, social science,
interviews, speech, and the super quiz.
Contestants are asked questions such
as: "What are the basic building blocks
of proteins?" and "Is etching another
printmaking process?" Students com­
pete as a team against other high school
teams and individually against other stu­
dents in the city. In individual competition
students win gold, silver and bronze
medals for placing first, second and
third. Also teams win trophies and the
right to compete in state competition. If
they perform well enough they can also
advance to the national competition.
This year Arcadia's team qualified for
state competition in Tucson by placing
second in the county competition.
1. Donald Munsil studies some papers in preparation for the
upcoming State Decathlon meet. 2. The Decathlon team is
pictured here wearing some of their medals, and standing by
the trophy that they won at the county competition. Top row:
Donald Munsil and Anne Echols. Middle row: ~ l I i o t Jones,
Mrs. Reith (sponsor), Tammy Lustgarten, and Kitten Spen­
cer. Bottom: Kim Beckley. 3. Mrs. Reith reads the battle plan
for the upcoming competition. 4. Kitten Spencer, team cap­
tain, dreams of winning the National competition. 5. Kitten
Spencer takes notes, while Helen Hanscomb looks over
some of her papers.
Academic Decathlon 83
• • •
A Place For
1. Sigma members, Leslee Brown, Stephanie Bry­
son, and Van Tucker (Sweetheart) do their tradi­
tional goal post decorating. 2. Delta members,
Karyn Katsenes, Tina Ljungberg, and Kelly
Lindner do their traditional field painting. 3. Jenni­
fer Hunter, President of Sigma, makes a lunge for
an apple at the Halloween party.
Clubs 85
National Honor Society is Small but Mighty
This year's National Honor Society
was small but mighty. With only twenty­
five members, it was the smallest ever.
These twenty-five seniors were chosen
to be in NHS on the basis of four out­
standing qualities: Scholarship, leader­
ship, service, and character . All of these
seniors had a grade point average of
3.55 or higher.
National Honor Society was very ac­
tive this year . They held a barbecue at
Arcadia park for members and friends
and they also co-sponsored a Hallow­
een party with Sigma. NHS also did
many service projects, such as sponsor­
ing a Thanksgiving and Christmas fam­
ily, providing food for dances, picnics,
and open house, and tutoring. NHS also
had a booth to sign up people who need­
ed tutoring and another to inform Arca­
dians about NHS. Finally, they got into
the holiday spirit by selling, making, and
delivering Hallowgrams and decorating
the circle and a tree for Christmas.
National l:Ionor Society 86
1. Mr. Kimbell, sponsor of National Honor
Society, poses in his NHS sweatshirt. 2.
Dana Kaplan takes her time "bobbing" for
an apple at the Halloween party. (It might
help if she opened her eyes!) 3. Officers ­
Laura Schoot (vice president), Sheryl
Reese (secretary) , Sheri Bratt (president),
Jell Fleisher (student government represen­
tative), and Jim Brasure (treasurer) . 4.
Dana, Ginger Jarvis, and Colette Hunter so­
cialize at the Halloween party. 5. Laura Og­
den talks to Karen Schott, who's helping her
sister, Laura, man the NHS tutoring booth.
National Honor Society 8 7 ~ ~
Sigma is an all-girl, on-campus
club. Sigma participated in
several activities this year. At
right, Jennifer Hunter, Helen
Hanscomb, Melissa Cauthen,
and Avery Crossman perform
a skit at the switch assembly.
They make pretty good
dwarfs, don't they? At bottom
right, Lisa Shelley, Tracy
Cramer, Sheri Bratt, and an
unidentifiable Sigma member
decorate the goal posts be­
fore a football game. Sigma,
along with NHS, also spon­
sored a Halloween party in the
library. Four members (Ta­
mara Orcutt, Dani Conklin,
Jennifer Hunter, and Diane
Kocour) pose for the camera
at that party.
• "11111fl11....
Sigma 90
Delta Omega
Arcadia is privileged to
have had Delta Omega on
its campus for many years.
The purpose of Delta is to
promote school spirit and
to serve our community and
school. Its members are re­
quired to devote time to the
club whenever needed.
This year Delta has partici­
pated in such activities as
supporting a Christmas
family, sponsoring a foot­
ball and basketball dinner
for the players, Valog rams
for Valentine's Day and
sponsoring barbecues for
the members and their par­
ents. The club holds meet­
ings every other Tuesday.
Blue and green are Delta' s
colors and its mascot is a
1. Jane Bloemker and Tammy Lustgar­
ten conduct a meeting while Mrs.
Reith, Marla Occhino, Gerri Stamatis,
and others listen intently. 2. Shown
here is this years Delta Sweatshirt
with their mascot on the front. 3.
Shown here are the Delta officers,
Laura Owens, Jane Bloemker, Shelly
Dennison, Carol Brown, Bill Rosenfeld
(Delta Darling) , Tammy Lustgarten,
and Tricia Meyers. 4. Mark Hunsaker
and Ken Belnap are served dinner by
Gerri Stamatis, Tammy Lustgarten,
Laura Phillips, and Tiffani Bichekas at
the Football dinner.
Delta OmeQa 91
Club Pictures
VARSITY CLUB - Back row: Mrs.
Holland, Jeff Dana, Kevin Turner,
Steve Koskela, Pat Nauman, Jim
Porch. Third row: Christine HoI­
land, Julie Carson, Erika Gilsdorf,
Helen Hanscomb, Anne Echols,
Deanna Kuk, Jan Rubin, Jeff Krieg.
Kneeling : Alexia Hotis, Liz Neff,
Lori Reiman, Kim Coar, Lynn
Cowie, Lisa Mann, Mia Onodera.
Sitting: Lori Rubin, Kati Coleman,
Eric Hitchcock, Mark Hunsaker,
Chris Adams, George Trezos, Deg
Davies, Paul Porter.
THESPIANS - Back row: Jeff Rose, Elliot Jones, Chris Shimer, Ron Bryant.
Next row: Lance Shepard, Alexa Tibbits, Joe Gregory, Jason Kim, Robin Israel ,
Melissa Balzano, Nannette Mickle, Cindi Wingfield, Rob Charbeneau, Danielle
Roe, Lisa Shelly, Carrie Brennan, Becki Johnson, Heidi Lee, Beth Aul. Kneeling:
Ernie Lausten, Joey Chandler, Kevin Herndon, Dana Ziegler, John Matchette,
Leah Turner, Joey Pelgrim, George Drum, Becki Smith, Heather Brody, Kenda
Perkins, Sean Rose. Front row: Kristy Patterson, Jason White, Mary Schroen,
Tim Eaton, and Donald Munsil.
Clubs 95
Club Pictures Continued
Greene, Miss Goff (sponsor) , Dane Kaplan, Julie
Hendin, Front row: Lori Hendin, Deanna Kuk, Jennifer
Mrs, Stone (sponsor) , Madelene
Manley, Lisa Shelly, Colette Hunt ­
er, Tammy Lustgarten, Deborah
Smith, Tracy Cramer, Dana Ka­
plan, Carolyn Carns, Front row:
Sami Dajani , Jack Haenichen, Rob
Withers, Charles Peters, Jim Bra­
sure, David Heiler,
PHYSICS CLUB - Front row: Mia Onodera, Lisa
Johnson, Caren Solberg, Marilyn Hayes, Made­
lene Manley, Kneeling: Joe Schubach, David
Burkett, Lisa Pelgrim, Christine Holland, Charles
Peters, Tammy Lustgarten, Dana Kaplan, Back
row: Jay Poplawski , David Gross, Mr, Curtis
(sponsor) , David Shoup, John Herring, and Doug
96 Clubs
HIKING HIGH - Left column: Jason White, Elliot
Jones, J.D. Ghelfi, Doug Vaughn, Craig Hanes,
Across: Amy Rosner, Mr. Curtis (sponsor), Ginny
Tregor. Right column : Mary Schroen, Bob
Fortner, David Evans, Anthony Jones, and John
~ . .
, I; tn-
A.SP.U. - Bottom row: Tammy
Lustgarten, Brad Cohen, Diane
Miles, Peter Cannice, Rhonda
Stein, Laura Ogden, Jill Gunder­
son, Karen Schott , Kevin Miller,
Amy Rutkin, and Kristin Halter. Top
row: Britt Kimball, Charles Peters,
David Shoup, Kara Villareal, An ­
drea Girand, Christine O'Brien,
Leah Hirsch. Karyn Katsenes ,
Caryn Goldstein, Trevi Grant, and
Avery Crossman.
SCIENCE CLUB - First row: San­
dra Metz, Karen Heywood, Jody
Carl, Michele Fairfield, Angela
Tassoni, Debra Smith, Amy Otto­
sen, and Tim Eaton, Back row:
Laura Ogden, Jeff Lindemann, Ka­
ren Schott, Bob Dellorfano, Mary
Schroen, Miss Knepper, Basil Da­
vis. Robert Mueller, Norman Wil­
liams, Mrs. Swett, Joey Pelgrim.
and Dean Stephens.
Clubs 97
SPIRIT CLUB - Top row: Heidi Lee, Kenda
Perkins, Becky Johnson, Peter Cannice,
Joey Pelgrim, Candi Hensley, Danielle Roe,
Dean Stephens, Amy Ottosen, and Paula
Corutnay. Bottom row: Laura Sherman, Jen­
nifer Heller, Kim Beckley, Robin Israel , Made­
lene Manley.
DEL TA OMEGA - Top row: Suzi Lustgarten, Monica Cervinek, Mel issa Jones,
Brynn Kirkland, Sarah Carlstrom, Lisa McCreary, Kilt Chloupek, Kinga Zakr­
zewski, Becca Pearson, Karyn Katsenes, Tona Edwards, Kristen Calvert, Sarah
Francis, Erin Lindhart , Tina Ljungberg, Kelly Lindner, and Mrs. Reith. Middle row:
Molly Dickenson, Laura Leal, Amy Jallo, Tricia Meyers, Denice Howard, Leann
LATIN CLUB - Bottom row: Meg Amster,
Kim Beckley, Becky Howe, Jenny Katcher,
lisa Hohn, Mark Dooley, and Al lison Rieck.
Top row: Mike Dalzell, Robert Mueller, Nor­
man Williams, Jeff Lindemann, Amy Hopkins,
and Basil Davis.
Q8 C h l h ~
Swanson, Jill Bernas, Tiffani Bickekas, Gerri Stamatis , Laura Phillips, and Julie
Cline. Boltom row: Christy Williamson, Lisa Ford, Beth Winikka, Laura Owens,
Suzanne Peirce, Erin Moore, Jane Bloemker, Tammy Lustgarten, Tiffany Ray,
Martha Bunce, Sheila Czerwinski, Marla Occhino, Lonnie McCarty, Kelly Trout ·
man, and Jen Merrell. Front row: Bill Rosenfeld and Tim Wampler.
INTERACT - Bottom row: Sheri Bratt, Allyson Block, Jill Gunderson, Karla
Hotis, Kristen Halter, Trevi Grant, Jessica Teisch, Christine Holland, Candi
Hensley, Diane Greene. Kneeling: Dean Stephens, Deanna Kuk, Christy Maclen­
non, Leslee Brown, Carie Watko, Suzi Lustgarten, Valerie Conti, Mindi Smith,
Jennifer Friedman, Denise Dittmore. Next row: Robin Israel, Allison Turner,
Emilie Johnson, Melanie Pshaenich, Michelle Turley, Jerri Kogen, Amy Hopkins,
Jennifer Katcher, Britt Kimball, Nancy Novak, Jenny Tregor, Carie Dennett,
Jennifer Maxwell, Karen Schott, Laura Ogden, Michelle Fairfield, Anne Echols,
Lisa Johnson, Laura Phillips, Gerri Stamatis, Beth Bumpers, Tiffani Bichekas,
Karyn Katsenes, Caryn Goldstein, Suzanne LeSatz, Mrs. Stamm. Top row: Paige
Sutton, Nichole Cheeney, Katie Coyle, Kendall Denton, Lori Rubin, Elliot Jones,
Sarah Tobiason, lisa Hohn, Amy
Jallo, Jenny Merrell-, Julie Bowe, Jon Belsher, Colette Hunter, Tammy
Lustgarten, John Matchette, Erika Gilsdorf, Laura Schott, Andrea
Girand, IKara Villareal, Christine O'Brien, Buddy Hammond, Helen
Hanscomb, and Julie Carson.
SPANISH CLUB - Top row: Dana Kaplan, Charles Peters, and Made­
lene Manley. Bottom row: Deanna Kuk and Mia Onodera.
NA T/ONAL HONOR SOCIETY - Top row: Dana Kaplan, Loretta Woo­
ten, Dee Dee Gage, Lisa Ford, Carolyn Carns, Sheryl Reese, Jim
Brasure, Tracy Cramer, Colette Hunter, Madelene Manley, and Ginger
Jarvis. Bottom row: Sheri Bratt, Stacy Gower, Sally Carl, Juan Tel­
leria, Jeff Fleischer, Tammy Lustgarten, Elaine Lambert, Laura
Schott, and Sandy Smith. Not pictured are Charles Peters, Christy
Bulkeley, Alan Work, David Heller, and Amy Rosner.
• •
A Place For
1. Pommies Lori Reiman and Kim Coar spread the
Holiday cheer during the Christmas assembly. 2.
Kathy Neal, Kelly Goldberg, and Kelly Troutman
practice their flag routine. 3. Seth Leibsohn jams
out on his trumpet solo while Demitri Sahnas fol­
lows along with him in the background.
Groups 1O . = . - _ ~ 1
Helpful Senators
Each semester one senator is elected from
his or her second hour class and the stu­
dent body vice president serves as presi­
dent of senate. After each meeting the sen­
ators report to their class the approaching
activities. Student senate is in charge of
distrubuting ballots for the homecoming
theme, and king and queen as well as help­
ing sponsor activities such as homecom­
ing, the food bazaar and spirit weeks. At
right, Julie Bowe talks to a group of stu­
dents, among the recognizable faces are
Jon Belsher, Laurie Nelson and Kim Reiss.
Below, the first semester senators are, top
row: Paul Porter, Don Graves, Jill Gunder­
son, Kaye Hoover, Amy Hopkins, Jenny
Merrell, Joe Schubach, Jenny Stoller. Mid­
dle row: Bryant Coleman, Katie Coyle, Eric
Hale, Julie Bowe, David Burkett, Jason
Price, Beth Winikka, Sonya Corey, Valerie
Conti, Jen Freidman, Lori Rubin, Traci No­
ble and Mandy White. Bottom row: Chris
Adams, Mindy Smith, Jon Belsher, Carol
Brown, Christy Williamson and Norm Wil­
102 Student Senate
New Senators
Senate (and Student Government) sponsor is Mr. Meyer, one of
the more popular teachers on campus , probably because of his
casual good looks and debonair and suave demeanor. 1. Mr.
Meyer is shown here modeling one of his new outfits - the
"gaucho" look. 2. Second semester senate: (top row) Michelle
Rigberg, Tim Wampler , George Trezos, Carol Brown, Karen Zu­
chowski, Dilip Bansil, Christy Williamson, Julie Bowe, Stu Sen­
net, Jon Belsher, Paul Porter, Jen Merrell , Beth Winikka, Mike
Lewis, Julyce Monbleaux, Suzy Hill , Jason Price, Kim Beckley,
and Sara McAlister . (Bottom row) Denice Howard, Laura
Owens, Steve Egan, Kristen Halter, Sarah Tobiason, Jenny
Stoller, and Sylvia Watts.
Student Senate 103
Olympian "! * #!!#5" Up Again!!!
The Olympian Staff - Top row: Brady Tyler, Tracy Cramer, Walker, Kelly Troutman, John Stephens, Marla Occhino, Ed
Nick Rice, Ginger Jarvis and Sheri Bratt. Middle row: Laura Sipes, Gerri Stamatis and Beth Bumpers. Not shown: Candi
Sherman, Caren Solberg, Sandra Newsom, Lisa Johnson, Sami Hensley, Mr. C.
Dajani, Dawn Echols and Jenny Rasmussen. Bottom row: Dana
104 Olympian Staff
This year's Olympian was a very difficult book to pro­
duce. All but four members of the staff were new and had
to be trained . Finally, after all the new members were
trained, yearbook production got on its way! The staff
devoted a great deal of time and energy into the making of
this marvelous yearbook. This involved spending many
weekends and after school hours in the yearbook room.
1. Lisa Johnson willingly smiles for the camera as she works on
a layout for the " Arcadian" pages. 4. Ed Sipes is shown here
working on pages for Varsity football. 5. Editors Sheri Bratt ,
Tracy Cramer, and Lisa Johnson share a moment of tranquility.
6. Here in the Olympian darkroom are four of our photographers:
Mandy White, Caren Solberg , Jenny Rasmussen , and Brady
Tyler. 7. Another shot of Jenny Rasmussen working at the sink
developing her film.
Olvmoian Staff 105
Hard working Pommies Have a Great Year
What do Pommies do? Well, in April they
begin working on routines and raising money
for porn camp. Rehearsals start up again in
August - before school begins - to pre­
pare the twenty-plus dances they will present
during the year. In addition to dance routines,
each requiring 4 to 6 hours to choreograph
and 2 to 3 days to rehearse, they attend all
football and basketball games, sponsor team
dinners, support secret pals, and paint and
hang a zillion spirit posters. So they work,
that's what they do. It requires time, talent,
and dedication, but that's why the Titan porn
line is always such a super group.
106 Pommies
Members of the line: 1. Kendall Denton
and Lori Rubin; 2. Christine O' Brien and
Laura Schott ; 3. Mandy Bouquet and Co­
lette Hunter; 4. Lori Reiman and Kim Coar;
also 5. Lisa Mann and Lynn Cowie; and 6.
Jill Cederlof and Lisa Shelly. 7. Both Li­
sas, one Lori , plus Kendall , Colette, and
Mandy, truckin' on down to " Jingle Bell
Rock" by the Chipmunks during a Christ ­
mas season dance. 8. Subtract one Lisa
(Mann, this is getting confusing) , keep all
the others plus Christine and Lynn and
you have the makeup of this group as
they end a routine to " Girls With Guns" by
Tommy Shaw. 9. As they pose for a group
picture, let's hear it for the POMMIES! 10.
That is, the sweet (?) , oh-so-sweet (??)
Pommies 107
Varsity Cheer
The 1984-1985 Vars'ity Cheer line had a great year. This summer the
line attended a cheer camp at UCSD. At camp they won spirit sticks and
also the "Hardest Working" plaque. To raise money for camp they had
bagel sales, a suntan lotion sale, and garage and bake sales. Practice
was at 5:30 each morning. They even brought popsicles to the Varsity
Football players during their practice. During the school year they had
bake sales, bagel sales, and sold spirit ribbons. They also sold carna­
tions during Homecoming week.
In the top left picture, Loret­
ta Wooten, Penny Deihl,
Dee Dee Gage, and Lisa
Ford make up the bottom of
a Christmas tree mount dur­
ing an assembly. In the top
right is the co-captain
ChristyBulkeley. Totheright
is the 1984-1985 Varsity
Cheer line which consists
of: Penny Deihl, Jill Bernas,
Christy Bulkely, co-captain,
and Lisa Ford. Bottom row:
Kelly Campbell, Le Ann
Swanson, and Loretta Woo­
ten, co-captain.
Varsity Cheer 10_8
Varsity Cheer Shows The Spirit!
Directly to the left Jill and Penny in a cheer
during a pep assembly. Below, Penny, Dee
Dee, Christy, Loretta, Lisa, Le Ann, Kelly
and ,lill pose in their pommie uniforms on
switch day. At the bottom left, Christine HoI­
land, Lisa, Christy, Dee Dee, Kelly, Penny
and Coach Howard's daughter hold up a sign
for the football players to rip through after
half-time. At bottom right Kelly and Le Ann at
the switch assembly.
Switch is one of the funnest events of the year. This is
when the pommies and cheerleaders reverse roles and the
guys dance as pommies.
Varsity Cheer 109
J.V. Cheer Raises School Spirit
Being on J.V. Cheer isn't all the glamour and fun people make it
out to be. The girls had practices almost every day after school and
many late night practices before pep assemblies. Football games
were every Thursday and basketball games were every Tuesday
and Friday. Over the summer they went to a camp at UCSD to learn
new cheers and chants. To support the players, they had secret
pals parties, and posters. To raise money for outfits, secret pals,
and football parties, they had bake sales, sold note pads and candy
1. Brynn Kirkland , Melissa Jones, Erin
Owens, and Linda Sears do a cheer at a
pep assembly. 2. Carol Romero gets in on
the action at one of the games. 3. The 84­
85 team consists of Erin Owens, Brynn
Kirkland, Melissa Jones, Carol Romero,
Lisa Hodak, and Linda Sears. 4. Erin
Owens and Lisa Hodak, the captain and
co-captain, show a cheer . 5. Carol Rome­
ro cheers on the team. 6. Erin Owens,
Melissa Jones, Brynn Kirkland and Linda
Sears pose for the camera. 7. Erin Owens
takes a rest after a long game.
~ ____________________________________________________________________________ J .V_ ChAAr 111_________~ _
• • •
Guys and Dolls
1. Tracey Eighmey, Jeff, Lisa, Lance, Paula and Peter perform
at a pep assembly. 2. The tech team: Cindy Winfield, Rob Char­
beneau and Mrs. Hageman gather for a picture. 4. Jeff, Lisa,
Sean, Laura, George, Paula, Chris and Tim perform at Creast­
view Nursing Home. 5. Glen, Erin, Lance, Heidi, Chris, Tracey
Eighmey, Jeff, Lisa, Sean, Paula and Peter perform at a pep
assembly. 6. The instrumentalists Pete Nadler, Scott Lang, Mrs.
Hageman, Donald Munsil and David Martin pose for a picture. 7.
Erin and Lance do choreography to "Ain't No Mountain High
3. bottom row: Courtney Flynn, Ron Bryant, Alexa Tiboits, John Jones, Sheri Bratt, Glen Mark, Paula Courtnay, Peter Cannice,
Matchette, Erin Owens, Lance Shepard, Sean Rose, Lisa Ford, Heidi Lee, Christian Shimer, Heather Brody, Tim Critzer, and Jeff
George Drum and Laura Hill. Second row: Ginger Jarvis, Elliot Rose. Not pictured is Tracey Eighmey.
112 Chorale
• • •
Guys and 'Dolls started early this year with
their first Chorale concert as well as the Ex­
A ,Hard Habit to Break
travaganza, all in October. In December the
group sang at Crestview Nursing Home, the
State Capital, Tower Plaza and performed in
a Holiday concert. They will be attending the
NAU Jazz and Madrigal festival, performing a
major fundraising Chorale concert in March.
They will also be going on a spring tour. The
group also performed a chorale fundraiser,
similar to the Extravaganza. In addition, each
member will participate in the state Solo and
Ensemble competition. Through this competi­
tion, members of Guys and Dolls hope to be
chosen for the All-State and Regional choir.
They also were very active in student body
activities such as carving pumpkins for Hal­
loween, club competitions, painting spirit
posters for games, decorating Christmas
trees for the Christmas dance, and perform­
ing at a pep assembly.
Chorale 113
Arcadia Varsity Band
This year the Arcadia Varsity Band had a new band
director, Mr. Bret Niedens. With the help of Scott Lang,
the senior drum major, they pulled together a great
band with 50-plus members. The band participated in a
Fine Arts concert on December 18th, and also a Jazz
Concert November 1st. On October 24th, the band
played in the Saguaro Invitational and in November went
to the NAU Band Day plus the ASU Band Day and gave
great performances.
1. This years' Arcadia Titan Band members are, upper row
(Kiosk): Tony Nowak, Alan Work, Brad Booker, Jim Attebery,
Jordy Rockowitz. Bottom row (Kiosk): Mike Halley, Chris Zi­
lar, Scott Lang, Vic Houze, Jeff Krieg. Fourth row: Mr. Nie­
dens, Pete Nadler, Rick Kalinowski, Jim Roden, Andy Rice,
Keith Gustafson, Mario Dominguez, Diane Miller, Kristi Col­
son, Jessica Teisch, Travis Gaffney, Britt Kimbal ll , Michelle
Turley, Emily Johnson, Lisa Ebert, Lisa Drum, Ned Brookhart.
Third row: Greg Stephens, Mark Grossman, Rod Flickinger,
John Bradford, Keith Chinn, Mike Meyers, Diane Greene, Na­
nette Micke,l, Megan Phares. Second row: Kevin Gustafson,
Bill Diehl, Julie Schmidt, Susan Valiquette, Dean Stephens,
Anne Lederman, Sandy Metz, Karen Heywood. First row:
Beth Aul, Tricia White, Kathy McLaughlin, Kim Bailey, Sonya
Kim, Vicki Panessa, Susie Carson, Richard Burkhardt.
114 Arcadia Varsity Band
On the Move In '84-'85
2. Arcadia's Titan Band twirlers pictured are: bottom row, Darci
Heikkinen and top, Claudia Higgs. The twirling duet was featured
at the football games and at band competitions. 3. The percus­
sion section are, top row: Tony Nowak, Scott Lang and Brad
Booker. Second row: Mike Halley, Chris Zilar and Alan Work.
Bottom row: Jeff Krieg, Jim Attebery and Jordy Rockowitz. Not
pictured are Vic Houze and Eric Hancock. 4. The senior drum
major, Scot Lang . 5. The flute players, top row: Susie Carson,
Vicki Panessa, Richard Burkhardt, MicheHe Turley and Beth Aul.
Bottom row: Tricia White, Megan Phares, Kathy McLaughlin,
Kim Bailey and Sonya Kim. 6. The reed players are top row:
Keith Chinn, Lisa Drum, Greg Stephens, Nanette Mickel, John
Bradford, Mark Grossman, Rod Flickinger, Jessica Teisch and
Kristi Colson. Bottom row: Karen Heywood, Sandy Metz, Kevin
Gustafson, Bill Deihl, Anne Laderman and Julie Schmidt. 7. The
members of the brass section are top row: Mario Dominguez,
Keith Gustafson, Travis Gaffney, Andy Rice, Pete Nadler, Alan
Work, Ned Brookhart and Rick Kalinowski . Bottom row: Britt
Kimball, Jim Roden, Diane Miller, Mike Meyers, Karen Schott
and Diane Greene.
Arcadia Varsity Band 115
"The Titan Trend"
The '84-'85 Flag Corps, the "Titan Trend" consists of
thirteen hard working girls who did a wonderful job. They
performed at each home football game, ASU and NAU
band days, and the Saguaro H.S. Invitational. Their perfor­
mance improved steadily; they received a "one" in their
category at ASU. Captains of the "Trend" were Carrie
Brennan and Laura Hill, who, with Lauren Leigh, wrote all
the routines. In the group picture below are, top row: Dana
Walker, Carrie Brennan, Kathy Neal, Tracy Noble, Lonnie
McCarty, Kellee Troutman; and in front are Candi Hensley,
Kelly Goldberg, Laura Hill, Yvette Mickle, Stephanie Bry­
son, and Susan Valiquette. At right are Captains Carrie
and Laura; below, the group is pictured during an early
morning workout.
Arcadia's Jazz Hazz Pizzazz!
The Jazz Ensemble is made up of talented people who play all types of
jazz music. By playing in this contemporary setting, they learn to appreci­
ate America's only or,iginal art: jazz. They entered NAU's and ASU's
Festivals and played several concerts during the year. In the group pic,
top row, are Pete Nadler, Mark Brown, Seth Johnson, Bruce Stodola,
Rob Angier, Ned Brookhart, Brent Schlenker, Alan Work, Tom Sahnas,
Demetri Sahnas; middle are Greg Donaly, Rod Flickenger, and Steve
Wiley. Kneeling are Chris Bodine, Diane Miller, Julie Carson, Nannette
Mickle, Keith Chinn; that's Mr. Niedens lying down. At left is Sean
Cooney; above, Alan, Tom, Brent, Rod, and Nannette are seen during a
Jazz Ensemble 117
H.E.R.O. Learns and Earns
H.E.R.O. stands for Home Econom­
ics and Related Occupations.
H.E.R.O. is a club and also a class.
You're required to work on your out­
side time, for a certain number of
1. H.E.R.O. members are (top row) Chris
Hauser, Kim Bond, Sheila Czerwinski,
Tami Minnick, Kathy Mundy, Laura Young,
and Mrs. Cable. (Bottom row) Danielle
Maneth, Laurel Drake, Danelle Sucato,
and Liz Bains. 2. As Kathy Mundy always
says, "You are going to date a lot turkeys
before you find the right eagle." 3. Laurel
Drake, Danielle Maneth, and Sheila Czer·
winski listen to a lecture during class. 4.
Liz Bains and Danelle Sucato smile for the
camera .
118 H.E.R.O.
C.O.E. Both Club and Class
C.O.E. stands for Cooperative
Office Education. C.O.E. consists
of office work done by high school
students. Each student is required
to work on a business-type job, in
order to receive credit. C.O.E. is a
class that can be helpful when you
are out of high school.
1. Jim Kracht is giving his opinion on a
class discussion. 2. Shown are
C.O.E. 's officers, Cyndi Childree, Jim
Kracht , Greg Ghelfi, and Jeff Krieg. 3.
This year's C.O.E. members are (top
row) Vince Fleming, Jeff Krieg, Cyndi
Childree, Jim Kracht, Jenny Po·
plawski, sponsor Mr. Phillips, and John
Chapko . (Bottom row) Robert Fleming ,
Greg Ghelfi, and Ed Figueroa .
C.O.E. 119
Heard the Latest? Read the "Arcadian"
The "Arcadian" is dis­
tributed every month.
There are articles, such as
St ud e n t-of-the-M 0 nth,
Teacher-of-the-Month, edi­
torials, "Not Necessarily
the News", "The Word",
and many more. Mrs. Ha­
gen, Loretta Wooten, and
Christy Williamson are the
II Arcadian" editors. The
news editor is Martha
Bunce, the feature editor is
Eileen Cleer, and Claudia
Higgs is the sports editor.
The sponsor for the" Arca­
dian" is Mrs. Hagen. The
photographer is George
Hammond. The rest of the
staff members work under
one of the three groups
where they are assigned
articles to write. The "Ar­
cadian" staff has hard
workers, working together
to put out a good paper ev­
ery month.
1. This year's 1984-85 newspaper staff includes
top row: Denice Howard, Jenny Gillstrap, Kelly
Morgan, second row: Robin Isreal, Alison
Creighton, Amy Hopkins, Kim Beckley, Mary
Schroen, Julie Sherman third row: Van Tucker,
Sheila Czerwinski, Marla Occhino, Chris Reyn­
olds, Laura Leal, Jeff Bradford bottom row: Clau­
dia Higgs, Loretta Wooten, Martha Bunce, Eileen
Cleere, Christy Williamson. 2. Staff Members in­
clude Marla Occhino, Laura Leal, Van Tucker,
Chris Reynolds, and Shiela Czerwinski. 3. Marla
Occhino and Sheila Czerwinski raise their hands
for a voting on Student and Teacher of the
Monlh. 4. Christy Williamson and Loretta Woo­
ten discuss articles for the next issue. 5. Jeff
Bradford, Denice Howard, and Jenny Gillstrap
pose as the "unworthy" staff members. 6. Loret­
ta Wooten, Mrs. Hagen, and Christy Williamson
are the "Arcadian" editors and sponsor. 7. Main
staff members include Claudia Higgs, Loretta
Wooten, Martha Bunce, Christy Williamson, and
Eileen Cleere.
• • •
A Place For
1. Juniors Ed Sipes and Beth Bumpers get rest­
less while waiting to have their pictures taken on
underclass picture day. 2. Underclassmen Eric
Lehmkuhl, Susan Valiquette, Terri McCullough,
Lisa Guisto, and Karen Pomrening, gather around
the Josten' s table to look at and order their class
rings . 3. Sean Rose gets into the spirit of Boxer
11............1....'" 1 " ~
Juniors Soar In 841
For the most part, the Ju­
nior class has more projects
to complete than any other
class. Juniors have conduct­
ed numerous fund-raisers and
are well on their way to pro­
ducing a first-rate Prom.
The Juniors also did well in
another area - Homecom­
ing. Homecoming was a huge
success, especially since the
Juniors won first place in the
float competition. Ya-yyy
team. At right are the class
officers who led the juniors to
a good year: Katie Ewing
(Sec.), Miki Clark (Treasurer),
lisa Hohn (Pres.), and Lori Nel­
son (Vice Pres.)
Abt . Jason
Adcox, Jim
Amster. Kate
Amster, Margaret
Anand. Michael
Angier. Robert
Atkinson, Joseph
Almg Khin, Sundee
Baily, Robert
Baltimore, Dawn
Barnes, Julie
Barry, Kathleen
Batt, Alan
Bayus, Heather
Beckley, Amy
Beckley, Kimberly
Belsher, Jon
Bernas, Jill
Arcadia's pep assemblies tradi­
tionally close with the playing of the
fight song. Pictured above are ju­
niors Leann Swanson and Jill Ber­
the fight song during the Homecom­
ing assembly. Jill and Leann repre­
sent their class by being the only
juniors on the Varsity cheer line.
nas showing their spirit by leading
Bichekas. Tiffani
Biggs. Amy
Bindelglas. Gil
Black. Michael
Booher, Bert
Bourgeois, Darin
Bradford, Jeffrey
Brann, William
Branscum, Michael
Brasure, Ian
Brennan. Carie
Brooks, Harold
Bryant, Ronald
Bryson, Stephanie
Bumpers. Beth
Burton, Mark
Carlson, Celeste
Carroll, Susanne
Cate, Jodi
Cauthen, Melissa
Caya, Ron
Charbeneau. Rob
Bichekas-Charbenau 125
• • •
Class of '86
Cheeney, Todd
Chinn , Teresa
Clark. Brian
Clark, Miki
Coar. Kathryn
Collier. Sheila
Conklin. Danielle
Conley. Michelle
Cook, Andrew
Cosgrove, James
Courtnay, Paula
Critser, Timothy
Curtis, laura
D'Andrea, lee
Dana, Jeffrey
Davies. Degler
Davis, Erin
Davis, John
Davis. Karen
DeFalco, Anthony
Deloach, Melinda
Decessari, Barbi
cause in the past, the seniors
have usually taken first place.
The juniors have shown a
great amount of spirit and have
proven to be tough competition.
The pep assemblies have been
Shown above is the winning
homecoming float made by the
juniors. The float parties were
held at lisa Hohn's house and
were well attended. The juniors
were proud to have won be­
126 Cheeney-Decessari
"Puts on the Ritz," Captures First
dominated by their participation
in the class competitions and we
have high hopes for the class of
Delanoy. Kerrie
Deli, Norman
Divis, Robert
Dixon, Justin
Dollar, Wade
Dooley, Mark
Doss, Kristina
Drake, Daniel
Drum, Lisa
Drysdale, Michael
Dwyer, Richard
Echols, Dawn
Elliott, Mandee
Endrizzi, Philip
Engstrom, Matthew
Ewing, Katherine
Faas, Scott
Fioto, Robert
Francen, Richard
Francis, Jay
Gelvin, Paul
General, Brett
George, Sharon
Gibson, Timothy
Gillstrap, Jennifer
Grabo, Matt
Girand, Andrea
Graves, Donald
Grose, Laura
Guisto, Lisa
Here's the Mix of '86
Hain, Andrea
Hall, Melody
Hammond, George
Hanford, James
Hare, Talliver
Harper, Stephanie
Harrison, Matthew
Hartsfield, Andrew
Hayes, Marilyn
Heller, Jennifer
Helphinstine, Gretch
Hernandez, Joe
Hickman, Syrena
Hicks, Edward
Higgs, Claudia
Hill, Laura
Hirsch, Lisa
Hohn, Elsa
Holland, Christine
Holmes, Brad
Homan, Andrew
Hopper, Brett
Hornung, Annette
Howard, Denice
Howard, Cindy
Howe, Rebecca
Hunter, Jennifer
Pictured above is Denice Howard participating in a class COl
petition at a pep assembly. On opposite page are Paul Port
and Ed Sipes posing for a picture.
Hunter, Jill
lams, Mike
Irwin, Rhonda
t28 Hain-Irwin
Isaly, Jeff
Israel, Robin
Jallo, Amy
Johnson, Pam
Johnson, Torin
Jones, Elliott
Judd, Tom
Karandreas, Joanne
Kavanagh, Amy
Kealy, John
Kealy, Richard
Kerr, Paul
Kevin, Daniel
Kobey, Guy
Kocour, Diane
Krueger, Tyler
Lake, Sean
Lee, Heidi
Lees, Stephen
Lewis. Dina
Lewis. Mike
Malouf, Mark
McCall. Kim
Mark, Glenn
Martin, Steven
Matchette. John
McDaniel. John
McFetters, Todd
McLaughlin. Catherine
McMahon, Chris
Isaly-McMahon 129
Juniors Star In
"Dracula' ,
Metz, Sandra
Meyer, Rebekah
Meyers, Patricia
Mickle, Nannette
Miller, Robert
Mitchell , James
Morgan, Stacy
Munsil, Donald
Nadolski , Bart
Neal, Katherine
Needham, Jack
Nelson, Laura
Newsom, Sandra
Northbrook, Evan
Nowak, Lorie
Nuetzman, Tod
O'Brien, Christine
Ohlson, Elizabeth
Olden, David
Old son, Lisa
Olson, Clinton
Onodera, Mia
Orcutt, Tammy
Overby, John
Owen, Dan
Owens, James
Paschal , Teresa
Patterson, Robert
Patton, Wendy
Pearson, Rebecca
130 Metz-Pearson
Juniors Show Their Spirit
Pemberton, Holly
Pesce, Rhonda
Peterson, David
Peterson, Mark
Phillips, Laura
Pomrening, Karen
Porter, Paul
Price, DaMyrl
Priniski, Michael
Rasmussen, Jennifer
Reiman, Lori
Resinger, Christopher
Rice, Andrew
Rice, Nick
Rigberg, Michelle
Rhinehart, Eric
Rose, Sean
Rubin , Jan
Rudin, Howard
Sabol, Robert
Sahnas, Demitri
Sanders, Gail
Sandlin, Kinnon
Scatterday, Mark
Schmidt, Julie
Schwinghamer, David
Sebald , Stephanie
Sellers, Cheryl
Sewell, Stacy
Shaffer, Kevin
Many Juniors were members
of the cast of' 'Dracula," the first
drama production of the year.
Pictured on the opposite page
are two talented Thespians, Car­
rie Brennon and Elliot Jones, re­
hearsing a scene from the play.
Arcadia's Juniors are talent­
ed, Whether it's fine arts, athlet­
ics, or just smiling, Juniors have
it all. Pictured at left are some of
the more talented smilers:
Leanne Livermore, Jenny Gill­
strap, Karen Davis, Melinda De­
Loach, Suzanne Carroll, and
Tina Simonds.
Pemberton-Shaffer 13:1
Plenty of Hard Work Pays Off
Shelly, Lisa
Sherman, Laura
Shoup, David
Sipes, Ed
Smith, Deborah
Smith, Karen
Smith, Kathryn
Smith, Rebecca
Solberg, Caren
Soldo, John
Sorenson, Jennifer
Stamatis, Gerri
Starbuck, Mike
Stevens, Scott
Suiter, Deborah
Swanson, Leann
Switzer, Margaret
Teteak, Stephen
Tokoph, Michelle
Toothman, Kim
Troxell , Tina
Turner, Keven
Turton, Stephanie
Updike, Karrie
All the hard work the Juniors put
into the float this year certainly
paid off, The Juniors received first
place for their version of "Puttin' on
the Ritz." At times it seemed as
though the float would never be fin­
ished, because the flowers, paint­
ing, and paper-macheing was a
long, tedious process. However, it
proved to be well worth the time
and effort. Pictured at right are two
of the hardworking Juniors, lisa
Hohn and Miki Clark.
132 Shelly-Updike
Here's the Mix of '861
Mostly moans, groans, and
complaints, were heard when
it was time to pick-up the un­
derclass pictures; however, a
few people actually liked their
pictures. Shown at left are
some of the minority cases:
Beth Wren, Lisa Hirsch, lisa
Hohn, Melinda DeLaoch and
Sundee Aung Khin.
Valiquette, Susan
Van Der Schenk, Carola
Villareal, Kara
Walker, Dana
Wallace, Christian
Wallace, F,B, Lee
Walter, Kelly
Wardell, Kelley
Welch, Kelly
White, Daniel
White, Walter
Wiley, Stephen
Williams, Matt
Wingfield, Cindi
Wintergalen, Joe
Woffinden, Dawn
Wohl, David
Wohlenhaus, William
Wren, Elizabeth
Zakrzewski , Kinga
Zicafoose, Darin
Zilar, Chris
Zukerman, Pamela
Linn, Michael
McGarry, Connie
Stephens, John
Valiquette-Stephens 133
Here's to the Class of '87
The Sophomore Officers have
worked their hardest to make this
year's Sophomore class the best
ever. This year the Sophomore Of­
ficers had many new and interest­
ing ideas, such as throwing a Hal­
loween Bash for their class at Kris­
ten Calvert's house. Pictured at
right are the Sophomore class offi­
cers. They are Jennifer Ayles­
worth, secretary; Lisa Hodak, trea­
surer; Kristin Calvert, vice-presi­
dent; and Stephanie Walker,
president. The officers held float
parties at Kristen Calvert and
Stephanie Walker's. Sophomores
spent many long, hard hours on the
float that never made it to the
Homecoming game. It was intend­
ed to be a castle complete with a
moat and a drawbridge that re­
leased balloons when let down.
The only thing that survived a dis­
play night disaster was the skirt
around the bottom of the float. The
Sophomores also held a car wash
to raise money for the Christmas
Dance that they sponsor every
year. This year the Sophomores
have the biggest class and the best
attendance. Here's to the Class of
Acklin , Michael
Adams, Chris
Alway, Melissa
Artman, James
Atkinson , Ted
Atteberry, James
Aung Khin, Tahya
Aylesworth, Jennifer
Behrens, William
Benisch, Kerith
Bertolin, Dana
Bex, Daniel
Biele, Jonathan
Bird, David
Blake, Sally
Blasi, Kendall
Bloomer, Erica
Booker, Brad
__1=34 Acklin-Booker
Boren, Jennifer
Bouquet, Amanda
Bowles, Jacki
Bradford, Gregory
Bradford, John
Brennan, Wendy
Brentlinger, Karie
Brklacich, Michael
Brody, Heather
Bronstein, Craig
Brookhart, Charles
Brookhart, Howard
Brooks, James
Brown, Leslee
Brown, Mark
Brownfield, Jennifer
Buckallew, Chandler
Buckner, Tami
Bunger, Jennifer
Bunger, Susan
Burkhart, Richard
Burton, Steve
Butner, Josh
Butteria, Scott
Calvert, Kristen
Carl, Jody
Carlson, Thomas
Carlstrom, Sarah
Carns, Daniel
Caster, Dennis
Grande meet.
Arcadia's swimming team once
again did an excellent job. The
girls' team finished undefeated and
the boys' record was 3-5. Pictured
Cederlof, Jill
Cervinek, Monica
Chadwick, Richard
Chapko, Karen
Chapman, John
Charnow, Barbara
to the left is Josh Butner who had
outstanding time at the Casa
Boren-Charnow 135
Cheeney, Nicole
Chinn, Keith
Christensen, Sandra
Christensen, Thomas
Chudnow, Freda
Clayton, Tracy
Cline, Julie
Coar, Stacy
Cohen, Philip
Cole, Sherry
Colman, Bryant
Conley, Aubie
Conti, Valerie
Cooper, Charles
Corey, Jon
Coyle, Kathryn
Crall , Timothy
Cross, Doug
Curtis, Holly
Dalzell , Michael
Davis, Basil
Diehl, William
Dennett , Carolyn
Dennett , Thomas
Denton, Kendall
Dickinson, Molly
Diettrich, Lara
Dittmore, Denise
Donnally, Greg
Driggs, Peter
The 1984-1985 Junior Varsity
Cheer line has worked hard this
year with fund raisers plus involve­
ment in the pep assemblies and
have really contributed at Arcadia,
Pictured to the right is the line: Lisa
Hodak, Melissa Jones, Brynn Kirk­
land, Lynda Sears, Erin Owens and
Carrol Romero,
Dunlap, Robin
Eaton, Kia
Ebert, Gretchen
Edwards, Tona
Eichenauer, Kris
Elliot, Edward
Engleman, Glenn
Fairfield, Michele
Fawcett, Christine
Fe!d, Anne
Ferguson, Dawn
Firotto, Edward
Fischer, Steven
Fisher, Christy
Flickinger, Rodney
Flores, Daniel
Ford, Jill
Formanek, Mark
1"'. ___ _
Homecoming Spirit Shown by Sophs
Forte, Michael
Fortner, Robert
Foster, Barbara
Francis, Sarah
Friedland, Julie
Friedman, Jennifer
Funkhouser, Amy
Garn, Jonathan
Giltner, David
Goldberg, Kelly
Goldstein, Caryn
Gough, Douglas
Grabo, Michael
Grady, Elizabeth
Graves, Paul
Griffin, Dina
Gross, David
Grossman, Mark
Hair, Brad
Hakes, Daniel
Halley, Michael
Hammond, Scott
Hancock , Christopher
Hantz, Dane
Harrell , Douglas
Havens, Carie
138 Forte-Havens
Haydon, Jeffrey
Haynes, Stephen
Hearrold, Thang
Heikkinen, Darci
Helsten, David
Hensley, Candi
Herr, Scott
Heywood, Joey
Heywood, Karen
Hirsch, Leah
Hodak, Lisa
Holmes, Bret
During Homecoming
week, the school became
alive and act,ive in all the ac­
tivities promoted by Stu­
dent Government. The Pom
Line got involved by prepar­
ing a special dance in which
they wore tuxedo-style out­
fits, such as the one worn
by Mandy Bouquet shown
on the opposite page.
Many Arcadians
"caught" the spirit of
Homecoming by being in­
volved in activities such as
Hawaiian Day. Throughout
the day, the girls gave their
leis that they had pur­
chased the day before to
the guys that they talked
to. Shown above are soph­
omore participants, Brian
Swan, Denise Dittmore,
and Mindi Smith.
Hoover, Kaye
Hopkins, Amy
Hotis, Alexia
Houze, Victor
Howard, Barbara
Ingle, Shana
lossi, Marjorie
Johnson, Bryan
Johnson, Emilie
Johnson, James
Johnson, Kyra
Johnson, Rebecca
Sophomores Socialize
Jones, Melissa
Joos, Peter
Julien, Suzanne
Kaiser, Serena
Kalinowski, Rick
Katsenes, Karyn
Kehle, Maria
Kelly, Sean
Kim, Jason
King, James
Kirkland, Brynn
Knight, Joshua
Kohler, Kenneth
Kokalis, Jason
Korkolselos, Gus
Lage, William
Lassen, Kent
Lawrence, Catherine
Le Phuong, Kim
Le Satz, Suzanne
Leal , Laura
Lee, Sean
Lees, Sheri
Lehmkuhl, Eric
Leibsohn. Seth
Leonard. Amy
Leonhart. Erin
Lindemann, Jeffrey
Lindner, Kelly
Ljungberg, Kristina
Jones-Ljunberg 140
When the bell rings, sig­
naling the close of class,
everyone rushes to the
west ramp to meet and so­
cialize with their friends.
Toward the end of seven
minutes, they rush to class
trying to avoid a tardy.
Though some students,
knowing their eviction from
a class is near, take it to the
limit. On the opposite page,
Dawn Ferguson, a sopho­
more, is shown casually
walking to her class.
This years first Varsity
football game was followed
by an informal dance. There
was a big turnout for this
and shown to the left are
Bryant Coleman and Ken­
dall Denton enjoying the
music and dancing.
Lustgarten. Suzanne
Luther. Lori
Lytle. Loretta
Marin. Andrea
Mark. John
Marquess. Dawn
Martin. Ryan
Marzonie, Scott
Matcha, Cynthia
Mathews, Michael
Maxwell, Jennifer
May, Jim
McAlister, Sara
McCullough, Paul
McCracken, Tammy
Meka, Julie
Merrel, Jessica
Michael, Glen
Milan, Stephen
Miles, Diane
Miller, Dianne
Miller, Kevin
Miller, Renee
Miller, Ronald
LustasutAn-MiIIAI' 14:'1
Sophs Experience Both
Fast and Slow Lanes
Mitrick, Joseph
Molen, Rebecca
Morgan, Kelly
Mueller, Robert
Muir, William
Murphy, Denise
Muzzy, Robert
Myer, Alexander
Neff, Elizabeth
Neher, Lori
Nocilera, Anthony
Noler, Linda
O'Connell, Sean
O'Conner, Kevin
O'Hare, Vincent
Ogden, Laura
Onodera, Glenn
Ottosen, Amy
Owens, Erin
Ozieciolowski, Mark
Palmer, Veronica
Paradis, Michelle
Parker, Thomas
Pass, Shelly
Patterson, Robert
Perkins, Kenda
Peterson, Heather
Polk, Laura
Pope, Cynthia
Poplawski, Ann
142 Mitrick-Po lawski
Provencio, Gregory
Rainey, Matthew
Ratinoff, Mara
Reade, Todd
Reese, John
Revivo, Glen
Reynolds, Kristina
Reznicsek, Susanne
Richardson, Holly
Roden, James
Roe, Danielle
Romero, Carrol
Rooney, Stephen
Rosner , Kurt
Rutkin, Amy
Rydsewski , Jennifer
Sanders, Colleen
Sarantis, Vickey
Schaffer, Molly
Schott, Karen
Sears, Lynda
Sen uta, Greg
Shassetz, Stacy
Sherman, Julie
Shields, Cynthia
Shorb, Jason
Shroyer, Jennifer
Smith, Dan
Smith, Melinda
This year the girls'
swim team has remained
undefeated with a good
outlook for being one of
the best teams in the
state. The team has
played Casa Grande,
Washington, Cactus and
Agua Fria with Kristin
Halter ranked second in
the state.
Pictured on this page,
Dianne Miller and Cather­
ine Lawrence take time
out from a swim meet to
smile for a picture.
Provencio-Smith 143
Two Sophs Go Big Time
Smith, Monica
Sohl, Kecia
Spencer, Wes
Stack, Melinda
Starkey, Hope
Stein, Rhonda
Stephens, Dean
Stevens, Tammy
Stewart, Chad
Stoller, Jennifer
Storace, David
Strack, Lorinda
Stuart , James
Stuckey, Robert
Sutton, Paige
Swan, Brian
Swhichtenberg, Amy
Switalla, Rhonda
Tanner, Kennith
Thomas, Cari Ann
Thompson, Rodney
Till, Leslie
Tirban, Kevin
Tobiason, Sarah
Trzeciak, Christopher
Turner, Leah
Turton, Sheery
Tyler, Brady
Van Vorst, James
Venzor, Richard
144 Smith-Venzor
Vidal , Lisa
Viliborghi, Gina
Visser , Christo
Volini, Joseph
Wagner , Michael
Walker, Stephanie
Walters, Mark
Watko, Carrie
Walts, Sylvia
Westley, Kimberly
Wheeler, Shawn
Wiskeman, Lisa
White, Amanda
White, Jason
White, Lill i
Whyte, Suzanne
Williams, Norman
Wilson, Jeffrey
Winikka, Chris
Wintergalen, Kathryn
Woodson, Chuck
Wright, Jay
Wyall, Bond
Yang, Bing
Yetman, Jason
Young, Monica
Zeman, Scoll
Ziegler, Dana
Ebert, Lisa
Hayes, Tricia
On the opposite page, John Reese is
seen whistling to his teammates during a
game. John is one of the few sophomores
to be selected to play on the Varsity team,
and he's proved to be an excellent player.
To the left is Kelly Morgan showing off
the new punk style that has hit Arcadia this
year. Although it has caused much contro­
versy, it certainly has brightened up our
Vidal-Hayes 145
Officers of '88 Climb To New Heights
The officers of '88 did a fantastic
job in getting their class involved at
Arcadia. The frosh class held car­
washes to build the class treasury.
The class of 1988 is a very excited
group and they fielded spirited
teams in football, tennis and bas­
ketball. The officers organized
work on a float which landed third
place in the Homecoming competi­
tion. Pictured at right are Tracey
Ryder (vice pres.), Renee Brench­
ley (pres.), Chamois Pierson
(sec.), and Trevi Grant (treasurer).
Agelokas. Helen
Anderson. David
Anderson. Toby
Armstrong. Jennifer
Artman. John
Astorga. Leticia
Atkinson. Michael
Baily. Kimberly
Balzano. Melissa
Barbeito. Marisa
Bardzik. Nicole
Belfer. Beth
Beinap. John
Belsher. Gregory
Bennet. Max
Benton. Bryan
Bex. Debra
Bley. Kimberly
146 Agelokas-Bley

Block, Allyson
Bodine, Kris
Bogner, Amy
Bohnert, Scott
Borselli, William
Boyd, Rebecca
Braender, Robert
Brandenburg, Paul
Bray, Alan
Breckley, Michael
Brenchley, Renee
Brennan, Kelly
Brookler, Jeffrey
Brooks, James
Brooks, Robert
Brown, Amanda
Brown, Jennifer
Brown, Kevin
Burger, Glenn
Burnette, David
Bush, David
Butner, Mary
Byers, Lisa
Campbell, Bruce
At left, in a Beginning yearbook class,
Ron Pacioni checks out Jenny Tregor's
work, In the background, Mike Atkinson,
Jodi Rigberg do some practice page
page designs and Darci Heikkinen
works on a double page spread for the
Titan Band pages. The class also
learned how to shoot, develop, and print
pictures, some of which appear in this
Block-Campbell 147
Caprio, Shelly
Carden, John
Carlstrom, Bridgette
Caroli, Jeffrey
Carroll, Daniel
Carruthers, Kelly
Carson, Susie
Carter, Mathew
Caster, Scott
Caya, Carlo
Chandler, Anthony
Chapman, Brandon
Chloupek, Anne
Christy, Jason
Cohen, Bradley
Colson, Kristine
Corderman, John
Corey, Micheal
Courtney, Thomas
Crimmins, David
Croom, Scott
Cross, Maria
D' Allessandro, Jolynn
Dana, Julie
Pictured at right is Amy Lewis, who is working on a
paper mache project for Mrs, Burrell. Mrs. Burrell's art
students study the many aspects of art during the year.
Art I is her most popular class in which the students spend
several weeks working on an assigned project. Along with
Art I, Mrs. Burrell teaches Art II, III, and IV plus Crafts in the
morning classes. Several of the projects are shown
around the room or are displayed in the window case.
148 Caprio-Dana
Finally Mad,e It To 'High, School!
The freshmen class
worked very hard on their
float for the Homecoming
Game. It is traditional for a
class officer to host a float
party for the construction of
the float itself. It took many
weeks to build the float and
add the finishing touches.
Even though the float was
destroyed the night before,
the freshmen managed to
rebuild it in time for the pa­
rade. They placed third in
the competition.
Dane, Thomas
Davis, Gordon
Del Duca, Amy
Dellorfano, Anthony
Dominguez, Mario
Doornbos, Vernon
Down, Michael
Driver, Eric
Drumm, John
Ehlenberger, Lidya
Elliott, John
Elmer, Cindy
English, Douglas
Engstrom, Jason
Evans, Teresa
Fagan, Cecily
Fenton, John
Fernald, Joseph
Ferwerda, Val
Findor, Janet
Fleetwood, Lori
Ford, Kevin
Gaffney, Travis
Galusha, Paulette
Dane-Galusha 149
Frosh Enjoy
Everything!! !
Ghelfi , JD
Gibson, James
Gilbert, Clark
Gilsdorf, George
Glasner, Jasin
Goble, Christian
Goble, Heidi
Gower, Scott
Grant, Trevi
Greene, Diane
Gunderson, Jill
Gustafson, Keith
Gustafson, Kevin
Hahn, Brian
Hall, Karen
Halter, Kristin
Hamby, Debra
Hancock, Erie
Harbaugh, Marc
Hartsfield, Angela
Hassig, Darin
Haynes, Tanya
Hegel, Cheryl
Helphinstine, David
Helphinstine, Melody
Hendin, Lori
150 Ghelfidiendin
Herndon, Kevin
Herr, Craig
Hert/ing, Eric
Hertzberg, Marc
Heuana, Cha Thay
Heywood, Timothy
Hill, Jennifer
Hodge, Gregory
Hoese, Brian
Hogin, Kelly
Hogsett, Darrin
Hohn, Kirsten
Holmes, Todd
Holis, Karla
Israel, Felisa
Johnson, Joel
Johnson, Michelle
Jones, Anthony
On the opposite page is the all time
favorite class known as Intro to Physical
Education, Students in this class are al­
lowed to wear the stylish uniforms and
work out their frustrations during one of
the many sports, Pictured are Brian
Hoese and a friend playing an intense
game of raquetball. Sigma and National
Honor Society combined their efforts
and sponsored a Halloween Bash to
celebrate the wonderful season. Each
club has sponsored parties in the past,
but this is the first year these two clubs
combined and sponsored a party for not
only the members but other people as
well. It was held in the library on October
30th. Activities included bumping for ap­
ples, costume prizes and a pumpkin
carving contest. Pictured at left are
some of the frosh who attended: Kim
Bailey, Karen Hill, Hillary Yetman, Cecily
Fagan, and Wendy Williams.
___________--'"HArnrlnn-.lonAc: ~ 11___
One Down, Three To Go!!
This is a picture of one very enthusi­
astic band. Can you not tell? These
freshmen did a terrific job on the field
and learned, very quickly, the art of
marching. It really is very hard to play an
instrument and march at the same time.
We all know what freshmen are like and
we should give credit to those who have
the ability to do more than one thing at a
Pictured here are Diana Greene, Jill
Gunderson, Kristi Colson, Mike Meyer,
Travis Gaffney, Mario Dominguez, Anne
Laderman, Jessica Teisch, Kevin Gus­
tafson, Trisha White, Susie Carson,
Vicki Panessa, and Megan Phares.
Jones. Erica
Jones. julie
Jones, Kerby
Katcher, Jennifer
Kemp, Denise
Kimball, Britt
Kim, Sonya
Kirkland. Shannon
Klatt , Donna
Kogen, Jerri
Kraus, Matthew
Krueger, Charles
Kuntz, Micheal
Kuster, Susan
Laderman, Anne
Lane. Anthony
Langevin, Tracie
Lawrence, Brett
Leafer. Kimberly
Lee. Joseph
Le". Scott
Leshowitz. Micheal
Levinson. Benjamin
Liver. O.
152 Jones-Liver
Frosh Stick Together
• • •
Levin, Marc
Lewis, Amy
Leyba, Deborah
Lindberg, Brent
Linn, Jennifer
Linthicum, William
Lipschultz, David
Logue, Kandice
Long, Kathleen
Low, Danton
Mackay, Donald
Mackenzie, Rachel
Maclennon, Christy
Maloich, Nicholas
Manley, Michelle
Manross, Stephen
Mason, Mary
Massey, Johnathon
The headline, "Frosh Stick Together" really de­
scribes the spirit of the class of 1988. For example, this
year's frosh football team did a terrific job on the field
and really put up a fight. They played three home
games and five away games. Although the turn out
wasn't much they were still cheered on by their friends.
Pictured at the left are Drew Smith (no helmet), Mike
Sands (76), Rob Bush (82), and Jim Gibson (61). Pic­
tured above are Shannon Kirkland and Denise Kemp,
two girls just enjoying the camera.
Levin-MAAAAV 1~ ~
Mattia, Michele
McArthur, Lisa
McBee, Monica Rae
McBride, Shannan
McNutt, Daniel
Measel, Edward
Meloy, Rhonda
Menard, Caroline
Meyer, Michael
Mickle, Yvette
Middaugh, Billiedean
Miller, David
Miranda, Dee Dee
Mitchell, Tanya
Mocerino, Charles
Moe, Zachery
Mueller, Lisa
Mulchay, John
Nabity, Derek
Nadler, Matthew
Nadolski , Nicholas
Naumont, Michelle
Nickle, Michelle
Nienstedt , Karen
Novak, Nancy
Nowak, Anton
O'Reilly, Michael
Williams participates in
drama rehearsal.
154 MaHia-O'Rf!!iIIv
Shown at left are many freshman thor­
oughly enjoying one of the many pep as­
semblies. On the opposite page Janelle
a scene during a
Enthusiastic Freshman
Olson. Scott
Ong. JoAnn
Orcutt , Scott
Owen. Jennifer
Pacioni. Ronald
Palmer. Stacey
Panessa. Vicki
Paoli. Peter
Paris. Lucy
Parker. David
Patmore. Tamara
Patterson. Kristy
Pentland. Wally
Perdik. Penny
Perry. Stephen
Phares. Megan
Pierson, Chamois
Pomeroy. Mike
Potts. Gregory
Pshaenich. Melanie
Quintanta. Mia
Ramage. Kelly
Olson-Ramaoa 1~ ~
Rapp, Steven
Reed, Bradley
Revivo, Ricki
Rieck, Allison
Rigberg, Jodi
Rockowitz, Glenn
Ryder, Tracey
Rydzewski, Jacqueline
Sand, Michael
Schoffman, Mary
Schultz, Todd
Serror, Johanna
Shanahan, William
Skelton, Brittin
Skinner, Kevin
Slowey, Christopher
Smith, Laura
Spiegel, Scott
Splaha, Daniel
Splain, James
Stepanski, Tammy
Stephanson, Sheri
Stephens, Gregory
Stig, Sherri
Stockton, Gary
Stolworthy, Adrian
Strickland, Joseph
Stroth, Robert
Sullivan, Josette
Sutcliffe, Erin
The 1984-85 freshman class
held a fundraising car wash, They
made a lot of money and had a
great time doing it. The car wash
was held at 48th St. and Indian
School Rd. Pictured at right are
Chamois Pierson, Bridgette Carl­
strom, Shannon Kirkland, Denise
Kemp, Julie Jones and Brad Reed.
______:156 BaDD-Sutclifte
Dreaming Of Their Senior Year
The Freshman Girls Tennis Team did
a wonderful job on the court. Pictured
here is Tanya Mitchell during a long and
hard practice. The look on her face
shows how hard the girls work. We all
know that the girls really love it out
there. We luv ya!
Sutherland, Richard
Tassoni, Micheal
Taylor, Jennifer
Teisch, Jessica
Thomas, Tiomthy
Tregor, Genevieve
Trevor, Evelyn
Turley, Michelle
Turner, Allison
Updike, Traci
Valentine, Christine
Valiquette, Tammy
Waggoner, Caremellia
Walker, Craig
Walker, Timothy
Wallock, Joseph
White, Mark
White, Tricia
Williams, Janelle
Williams, Wendy
Wingfield, Britton
Withers, Catherine
Witt, Heather
Yancy, JC
Yancy, Janice
Yetman, Hillary
Young, Taylor
Zakas, Christine
Ziska, Kristina
Sutherland-Ziska 157
- ~ -
• • •
A Place for
1. Coach Howard and Troy Kochis watch the
cheerleaders practice. 2. Angela Tassoni is
shocked by a yearbook photographer. (Exactly
what did you say Mr. Cowie?) 3. Erin Moore, sole
senior on the softball team prepares to make a big
Athletics 1!=iQ
• • •
There They Go Again
Title Number Seven!
The Titans produced an excellent team this
year, both in size and in spirit. Going into the city
meet, the girls were undefeated and the guys
had won four; the girls won the city meet, the
guys placed fourth. Then, in the divisionals, the
girls won again and the boys placed third. Final­
ly, the state meet, and what has come to be an
annual event happened once more: the girls won
another state championship, their seventh in the
past eight years. (For identities of the super
team, see the facing page.) Right, a Titan
churns the water to froth - typical of this
year's team's great efforts.
160 Swimming
! ,
-. . . I
Facing page, center, shows Jodi Carl; the team pic, back
row: Chris Cooper, Josh Butner, Rachel MacKenzie, John
Mark, Glen Michael, Erika Gilsdorf, Julie Carson, Annette
Hornung, Tom Carlson, Scott Hammond, Kent Lassen; mid­
dle row: Mindy Smith, Karen Chapko, Jenny Armstrong,
Dianne Miller, Sally Carl, Kelly Goldberg, Erin Leonhart,
Alexia Hotis, Jason Price; front row: Cathy Lawrence, Stacy
Morgan, Elizabeth Neff, Erica Jones, Karla Hotis, Jody Garl,
Denise Dittmore, Benjamin Levinson, Brad Cohen, and Tim
Thomas. This page, top, a group including Erika G., John,
Karen, Kent, Brad, Josh, Annette, Jenny get psyched up
before a meet. At left, Chris Cooper waits for the starter's
pistol to begin a relay race; directly above, Karla Hotis
relaxes by listening to a favorite tape between races.
Swimming 161
Hard Work Shows Results for Swimmers
No pain, no gain could have been the
motto for this year's swimmers. They
had long, daily practices after school,
and many opted for two-a-day wor­
kouts, which called for an early morning
session. The hard work paid off, though
- especially in distance events, the
butterfly, and relays. At right is Erika
Gilsdorf; below, several girls - among
them, Denise Dittmore, Julie Carson,
Karla Hotis, Karen Chapko, Erica
Jones, and Jodi Carl - meet underwat­
er for a group portrait. At lower right,
Sharon George, Alexa Hotis, Marit Kom­
medal, and John Mark in a relaxed mo­
AHS Girls Opps AHS Boys
Horizon 90 74 62
Cactus 99 72 81
Casa Grande 103 68 93
Washington 101 54 75
Cactus 105 61 96
Agua Fria 78 76 74
Casa Grande 102 63 83
Moon Valley 108 57 87
- . ~ , !
162 Swimming
Divers Few in Number ... But oh, So Good!
The divers did their part this year, also. The three girls,
all of whom are freshmen, got their share of the points and
showed promise of great deeds for next year. The girls,
shown above at left, are Michelle Turley, Kristin Halter,
and Jolynn D' Allesandro. For the boys, junior Sean
Cooney was the standout; he is shown at top doing a back
dive (as is Michelle directly above), one of the compulsory
dives done in competition. At left, Sean and Kristin chat
while waiting their turn on the board during a meet.
Cross Country Run's Ahead
11 Wins - 3 Losses (girls)
Arcadia Opponent
21 Tolleson 40
17 Casa Grande 45
36 Central 43
21 Camelback 40
37 Cactus 41
22 Alhambra 34
68 Coronado 33
68 Saguaro 41
52 Horizon 27
52 Chaparral 59
1. Members of the team are, bottom row: Matt Carter, Craig
Hayes, David Crimmins, Jon Beile, Clark Gilbert, and J.D.
Ghelfi. Second row: Anthony Jones, Kimi Haynes, Angela
Tassone, Katie Ewing, Miki Clark, Amy Bogner, Debbie
Hamby, and Phil Davis. Third row: Julie Jones, Tracy Ryder,
Tona Edwards, Susie Whyte, Lara Diettrick, Sara McAlister,
and Brittin Skelton. Fourth row: Coach Doug McSpadden,
Eric Reade, Charles Peters, John Davis, Coach David Archi­
bald, Joe Mitrick, Bob Fortner, and Greg Ghelfi. 2. Anthony
Jones takes a break after a long race. 3. Angla Tassoni is in
the lead. 4. Susie Whyte and Lara Diettrick seems to enjoy
the long practices. 5. Bob Fortner and Eric Reade look
____164 Cross Country
11 Wins - 5 Losses
26 Tolleson 40
28 Casa Grande 27
34 Central
34 Cactus 49
19 Camelback 42
15 Cactus
31 Trevor Brown
31 South 79
24 Alahambra 36
24 Agua Fria 74
53 Coronado 20
53 Chaparral 73
53 Saguaro
57 Corona Del Sol 36
57 Horizon 40
57 Chaparral 94
The Arcadia boys' and girls' cross country teams
both had a great season, with excellent returning
runners, and the talented new help. The team came
out of a long, hard season achieving a winning re­
cord. Both teams went all the way to the state meet
and did an exceptionally good job. At the city meet,
the girls placed third and the boys placed second,
which was the best effort made in fifteen years. At
divisionals, the girls showed their strength and came
in first while the boys finishing with a respectable
third place. The team members had to be very com­
patible since they had practice every day after
school; also the boys practiced in the mornings.
Cross Country 165
Hard Working Titans Strive for Victory
The Arcadia Varsity Football team had a disappointing 3-6-1
season. In five out of their six losses, the Titans were only one
touchdown from victory. The Titans worked well with each
other this year, combining 12 seniors, 8 juniors, and 2 sopho­
mores to form the starting line up. The Titans came very close
to the playoffs this year, but came up one touchdown short at
Cactus, losing 14-21. For Homecoming game, Arcadia crushed
Carl Hayden 35-0. The highlight of the game was Steve Rosholt
rushing for over 200 yards. The Titan's other victories were at
Greenway 26-19, and Casa Grande 28-26. Against the fifth
ranked team in the state, the Titans were winning throughout
the game until the end of the fourth quarter when Tolleson
scored a touchdown and a two point conversion with thirty
seconds left in the game.
Although the Titans ended with a disappointing 3·6·1 record, they
did have something to be proud of. They had eight seniors named to
the All City first and second teams. The Titans gained a lot of respect
by always contending in all but one of their games. 1. Brad Holmes,
#75, and Chris Adams, #72, are shown putting on a hard pass rush
against Cactus. 2. In the team picture below, front row: John Reese,
Chris Adams, Ken Hakes, Brad Holmes, Evan Northbrook, Scott
Watko. Seated: Ball boy Brian Howard, Coach Majeski, Andrew Na­
bity, Wes Spencer, Jon Belsher, Andrew Cook, Rich Dwyer, Kinnon
Sandlin, Bob Divis, Jon Kealy, Jim Adcox, Trainer Dave Wohl. Stand­
ing: Coach Howard, Coach Brown, Duane Behrmann, Jeff Dana, An­
toine Bluth, Ed Sipes, Paul Porter, Darin Bourgeois, Eric Hitchcock.
Coach Bourgeois, Coach Fredricks. Back row: Jim Porch, George
Trezos, Ken Belnap, E.G. Carlstrom, Steve Rosholt, Mark Hunsaker,
Tim Wampler, Pat Naumann, Dean Cerimeli, Troy Kochis .
3 Wins - 6 losses - 1 Tie
Arcadia Opponent
10 Paradise Valley 14
8 Sunnyslope 10
26 Greenway 19
7 Camelback 14
7 South Mountain 40
35 Carl Hayden 0
7 Agua Fria 14
20 Tolleson 20
14 Cactus 21
28 Casa Grande 26
1. Steve Rosholt outruns the Casa Grande defender for a
large gain. 2. There is an intense moment for Head Coach
Garry Howard as he watches a play develop. 3. Ken Bel­
nap looks back onto the field after making a first down.
Varsity Football 167
Pictured clockwise from
bottom right are the sen­
iors, Steve Rosholt (#38),
running back First team All
City and All Metro Honor­
able mention All State, and
Scottsdale Football player
of the Year; E.G. Carlstrom,
line backer, (First team All
City and First team All Met­
ro); Ken Belnap, defensive
back, (first team All City
and Honorable mention All
Metro); Troy Kochis wide
receiver and defensive
back (All City W.R., second
team All Metro W.R. and
D.B., honorable Mention All
State W.R.); Dean Cerimeli
Defensive Back (First team
All City and Second team
All Metro L.B.; Mark Hun­
saker, second team All City
offensive line defensive
line, line backer; Tim
Wampler, offensive and de­
fensive line; Antoine Bluth
wide receiver and defen­
sive back; Andrew Nabity.
defensive back; Scott
Watko, wide receiver place
kicker and defensive back;
Pat Nauman, offensive line
and defensive line; Duane
Behrmann, wide receiver
and defensive end; Jim
Porch, Defensive line; Ken
Hakes, offensive line and
defensive line; (First team
All City, First team All Met­
ro, and All State) Eric Hitch­
cock, linebacker, (second
team All City); George Tre­
zos, offensive line.
Not pictured is Chris Ad­
ams, a defensive lineman.
Jun,ior Varsity Football Team
Surprises Many Opponents
The Junior Varsity Football team worked extremely
hard this year and showed great promise for the future.
The twenty Juniors and Sophomores that made up the
team ended the season with a disappointing 2 wins, 5
losses, and a 1 tie record. The top offensive players on
the J.V. team were running back Tom Judd, quarter­
back Bart Nadolski and, tight end Mark Formanek. The
outstanding defensive Jay Vee players were defensive
end Brian Swan and linebacker Dan Owen. The Junior
Varsity team showed a lot of pride this season by never
quitting and always trying to improve so that they can
play Varsity Football next year.
1. Jon Belsher is shown returning a punt for a large gain. 2.
Pictured is the Junior Varsity Team. Top Row: Coach Ed
Grass, Jason Shorb, Ryan Mar tin, Tom Judd, Coach Lloyd
Caster, Brian Swan, Dan Owen, James Johnson and Coach
Lee Ferguson. Middle Row: Mike Forte, Ted Atkinson, Steve
Rooney, Bart Nadolski, Mark Formanek, Brad Booker, Rod­
ney Thompson. Bottom Row: Buddy Hammond, Jason Kim,
Scott Herr, Dennis Caster, Paul Graves, Matt Rainey. Not
pictured is Robert Miller.
J.V. Football 169
JV Show Their Talent
1. Scott Herr (#81) kicks the ball as
a last resort at the fourth down. Paul
Grases (#34) and Bart Nadolski
(# 15) block the opponent. 2. Dan
Owen (#53) hits the opposing
teammate to keep him from catch­
ing the ball. 3. Matt Rainey (#63)
blocks two of the players from the
other team for his offensive back­
110 __ _________________ __
Freshman Gain Experience
The Freshman football team of 1984-1985
had great potential and true Arcadian spirit.
Practices were from 3:00-5:00 daily and the
team's season ended with a record of 0-8.
Coach Schaefer said the problems that occured
were because of the weak defensive ends.
Derek Nabity and Greg Belsher were two of the
outstanding players on the team. The team had
a great time, and consisted of many players
with tremendous athletic abilities. Even after all
the injuries, such as John Belnap's good memo­
ries and experience. On behalf of the Freshman
football team and Arcadia thanks Coach
Schaefer and Coach Morales.
1.) The team from left to right, starting with the top
row, is Mike Corey, Mike Bowd, Tim Walker, Mike
O'Reily, Bret Holmes, Greg Belsher, Brad Reed,
John Belnap and Coach Shaefer. Middle row: Mario
Dominquiz, Kerby Jones, Keith Gustafson, Glenn
Burger, Stacy Palmer, John Drum and Derek Nabity.
Bottom row: Scott Caster, Nick Nadolski, Jeff Caroli
and Joel Johnson. Not pictured and Bob Bush, Kevin
Ford and Bryan Brooks. 2.) John Belnap, Freshman
defensive linebacker.
______~ _ Freshman Football 71
Seven Out Of Ten? Hey, That's Pretty Good!
The "Tough-'n-Together" Titans compiled a very respect­
able 7-3 record for their season and captured 3rd place at
the annual Arcadia Tournament. However, they fell on hard
times in the Divisional Tournament, losing to a very tough
Central team. However, with seven juniors on the team,
things are looking up for the next year's team.
1. Pictured in the team photo, top row: Jan Rubin, Karen Pomren­
ing, Becky Molen, Karen Smith, Tess Montgomery and Coach
Sandy Haddock. Bottom row: Stacy Sewel, Teresa Paschal, Nat­
alie Nadolski, Kathy Barry, Rhonda Pesce and Carolyn Carns .
L--___112 Yarsitv Vollevball
2. Karen Pomrening (# 1), Jan Rubin
(#23) and Tess Montgomery (#24) wait
to see where the ball will end up after
Teresa Paschal (# 18) digs it out for one
of them to set . 3. Natalie Nadolski and
Karen successfully defend the net. 4.
Tess, Karen, Natalie, Teresa and Becky
Molen Gather for a pep talk following a
hard-fought point. 5. Tess sets the ball for
Becky to slam over the net back to the
opposing team. 6. Teresa intently keeps
an eye on the ball during her serve.
Varsity Vollevball 173
1. Teresa Montgomery sets the ball as Jan Rubin looks on. 2.
Teresa Paschal prepares to bump the ball as Teresa, Karen
Pomrening, and Natalie Nadolski watch. 3. Pictured in the
team shot are back row: Molly Dikinson, Wendy Brennan,
Suzanne LeSatz, Lori Luther, Kristen Calvert , and Coach Til ­
lis. Front row: Stephanie Sebald, Shelly Pass, Andrea Marin,
and Lorinda Strack.
The J.V. Volleyball team worked extremely hard this
year . They ended the season with five wins and seven
losses. The teams they beat this year were North,
South Mountain, Alhambra, and Carl Hayden twice. An­
drea Marin and Wendy Brennan doubled as setters and
co-captains. Suzanne LaSatz was blocker and hitter,
and the defensive specialists were Kris Calvert, Steph­
anie Sebald, and Shelly Pass. The J.V. team showed a
lot of promise, and should prove helpful to the Varsity
team next year.
That's the Way the Volleyball Bounces
This year's Freshman Volleyball team worked very
hard. The thirteen team members were: Cheryl Hegel,
Josette Sylivan, Sharon Pierson, Heidi Goble, Kristi
Colson, Kelly Carruthers, Janet Fineler, Debbie Hamby,
Kirsten Hohn, Lisa Mueller, Jenny Hill, Amy DelDuca,
and Michelle Nickle.
1. Wendy Brennan bumps the ball as Suzanne Le Satz watch·
es. 2. Kristi Colson blocks the ball as Amy Del Duca and
Jenny Hill back her up. 3. Suzanne Le Satz bumps the ball
while Kris Calvert, Andrea Marin, Wendy Brennan, and Lor­
inda Strack watch on.

Golfers Swing Into Action
The golf team put forth a great effort that led to a season which
ended with 4 wins, 1 tie, and 7 losses. Kevin Skinner was an asset
to the team. Golfing his way to the number one position, he helped
to continue the tradition of low scores and high rankings.
1. Tony DeFalco shows his unique style. 2. Kevin Schaffer is
shown awaiting the landing of his ball. 3. Arcadia's golf team, top
left: Tony DeFalco, Mr. Hallman (coach), Kevin Schaffer, John
Overby. Bottom left: Kevin Skinner, Joy Wright, and Norm Wil­
3 Wins - 7 Losses - 1 Tie
Arcadia Opponent
238 Camelback 234
238 Trevor Browne 224
228 Cas a Grande 228
228 Carl Hayden 316
229 Maryvale 207
229 Casa Grande 229
229 Tolleson 274
235 Maryvale 231
235 Alhambra 242
229 Tolleson 297
234 Camelback 231
234 Tolleson 284
233 Trevor Browne 222
233 Central 197
225 Trevor Browne 222
220 Casa Grande 224
218 Maryvale 216
204 Carl Hayden 276
254 Coronado 240
254 Tempe 263
254 Mesa 264
reshman Tennis Team Aces Season
The Freshman Girls' Tennis
Team had a successful year.
The team started out with a
victorious spirit, and it contin­
ued throughout the entire sea­
son. The girls ended the sea­
son with a perfect 7-0 record.
The freshmen gained much
skill and experience, and they
will be a valuable asset to Ar­
cadia in the future.
(1) Top row: Evelyn Trevor , Ricki
Revivo, Jodi Rigberg, and Beth
Belfer. Bottom row: Coach Fish­
er, Felisa Israel , Tanya Mitchell,
Tamie Mason, Yvette Mickle, and
Allison Turner. Not pictured is Mi­
chelle Hammond. (2) Caught in
action is Jodi Rigberg . (3) Beth
Belfer keeps her eye on the ball.
__iiiiEiiiiii....._________1 [eshman :rennis j 77
Varsity Baseball Hits High,
The Baseball season was just getting under­
way when the yearbook went to press. The
Varsity team played a mere four games, winning
two, losing one and tieing one. The team con­
sisted of five seniors, eight juniors and two
sophomores. They practiced vigorously every
day after school and they played two and some­
times three games a week. The team was led by
pitchers Mike Lewis and Shawn Wheeler. Lead­
ing hitters were Mike Lewis, Will Yount and John
Reese. The team was expected to contend for
the Metro Division title.
1. Scott Faas, Andrew Cook , Ed Sipes, Bill Brann, Steve Egan, Mike
Lewis, Jim Owens, John Reese and Rick Dywer watch the game,
except for the one who saw a girl ... with a camera! 2. Andrew Cook,
Dave Burkett , Troy Kochis, Rick Dwyer, John Reese, Ed Marin, Bill
Brann, Dave Wohl, Mike Lewis, Steve Egan, Eric Shelton, Jim Owens
and Will Yount discuss weekend plans while Coach Schifino watches
the game. 3. Jim Owens demonstrates his hitting abilities by hammer­
ing a ball out to left field . 4. Ed Marin, Dave Wohl , Troy Kochis, Will
Yount , Scott Faas, Shawn Wheeler , Ed Sipes, Andrew Cook and Bill
Brann listen intently to Coach Schifino' s strategy plans. 5. Torin John­
son hustles out to first base. 6. John Reese stretches to catch a ball
to make an out .
Freshmen Hit It Home!
The 1985 Freshmen Baseball
Team did a tremendous job on the
field. The team practiced every day
after school and was always ready
for the opposing team. The boys'
coach, Dave Niel, helped the boys
a great deal in getting their perfor­
mance and their attitude up to the
needed standards.
1. The 1985 Freshmen Baseball Team:
(top row) Coach Dave Niel, Jason Eng­
strom, Nick Nadolski, Tommy Dane,
Paul Brandenburg, Brian Hoese, Mike
Doug, Matt Krous, David Burnett, (bot­
tom row) John Paul Mulchay, Jeff Car­
oli, Scott Gower, Mike Lishowitz, Matt
Grabo, Tim Thomas, Gordon Davis,
Glenn Burger. 2. Glenn Burger swings
his way to victory ... 3. Glenn Burger
greeted by Tommy Dane, Jeff Caroli,
Matt Grabo, Jason Engstrom, Tim
Thomas and Paul Brandenburg after an
astounding home run.
180 Freshman Baseball
JV Is Really Swingin'
Arcadia's Junior Varsity Baseball
Team put up a terrific fight against
every team they played. The team
consists of five juniors and twelve
sophomores. The coach of this dy­
namic team was Pat Gammill who
was very enthusiastic toward the
boys' attitude. This year's star player
was Ted Atkinson who played a tough
game every time he was on the field .
1. Ted Atkinson, Scott Hammond, Jim
King , Jeff Hayden, Gill Bendelglass, Mike
Priniski, Joe Hernandez, and John Correy
watch the game very anxiously. 2. The
1985 Junior Varsity Baseball Team: (top
row) Mike Forb , Jason Shorb , Brian
Swan, John Correy, Scott Hammond, Ted
Atkinson, Mike Priniski , Gil Bendelglass,
Coach Pat Gammill , (bottom row) Dan
Hakes, Jason Abt , Paul Graves, Jim King,
Kevin Shaffer, Bryant Coleman, Joe Her­
nandez, (kneeling) Tom Carlson and Jeff
JV Baseball 181
Varsity Hoops
The Varsity Girls' Basketball team began their season with two impres­
sive wins. Unfortunately, the yearbook went to press after they had only
played two games, so that's as far as the record goes. Their first was an
overwhelming 14-point smash over rival Camelback. The second was an
exciting OT victory at Chaparral. With only one senior, Ginger Jarvis, the
team is young and looks to be just a awesome for the next couple of
years. Be sure to get out and catch some thrilling basketball action at
some of their games!!
1. Andrea, Becky, Ginger, Stacey, Michelle, Lisa, Mia, Dawn, and
Kris listen to the Coach plot strategy for a game. 2. Ginger controls
a jump ball. 3. The Varsity Girls ' Basketball Team: Laura Sherman,
Coach Lou Hallman, Dawn Woffinden, Becky Molen, Ginger Jarvis,
Lisa Mueller, and Kevin Turbin. Bottom Row: Andrea Marin, Kris
Doss, Michelle Mattia, Stacey Coar, and Mia Onodera. 4. Becky
Molen snags a rebound as Andrea, Ginger, and Dawn prepare to
help. 5. Becky rejects a shot. 6. Lisa Mueller controls a tip while
Becky, Dawn, and Andrea watch. 7. Dawn Woffinden fakes the shot
as Ginger Jarvis and Michelle Mattia post up.
1. " Now, here's my plan." Clockwise are Coach Yee,
Lisa Ebert, Emilie Johnson, Kathy Long , Michelle
Nickle, Michele Turley , Josette Sullivan, Sheri Lees,
and Kristi Colson. 2. Lisa Ebert puts up a shot and a
sharp left jab. 3. Michelle Nickle shoots over a de­
fender as Lisa prepares for a possible rebound . 4.
This time, Michelle N. releases a free throw as Emilie
and Lisa watch. 5. In the team picture, standing:
Coach Yee, Sheri Lees, Michelle Nickle, Kristi Col ­
son, Michelle Turley, and Emilie Johnson; kneeling
are manager / scorekeeper Laura Sherman, Josette
Sullivan, Lisa Ebert, and Kathy Long. 6. Lisa drives in
for a layup that adds two more points to our score. 7.
Coach Yee keeps track of what goes on out on the
floor, as Kristi Colson, Lisa Ebert, and Emilie John­
son get a rest.
1R4 .I.Y
J. V. Girls Go For It!
The JayVee girls began the season with two non-confer­
ence games. They did very well, but unfortunately lost both.
The outstanding players were Kristi Colson, Lisa Ebert, and
Sheri Lees. Coached by Richard Yee, the team is made up of
eight players, six of whom are freshmen. We can look for­
ward to a super varsity team, since this group shows con­
stant improvement. At press time the team was preparing for
Chandler, and if their attitude and effort are any indication,
they'll win!
J.V. Girls B s
---- - --- - - - --------------- -----
• • •
Tennis is their racket
The Boy's Tennis team, under the direc­
tion of Coach Ed Hickey, had a very suc­
cessful season. They worked hard and
performed very well. They had many tough
matches, but were always able to pull
through. The team's star player, Kevin
Turner, had an outstanding season. He is
playing first on Varsity and has a record of
2-1. At present, the team is ranked number
one in the Metro Division and is looking
forward to going to the State competition.
Along with the star player is a newcomer,
Steve Lees, who moved here from Los
Angeles in August. He has been playing
tennis for approximately eight months and
has a winning record of 4-0. Keep up the
good work guys!
This year's team consists of 13 hard-working energetic
guys who put up a good fight against their opponents. 1.
Kevin turner hits the ball gracefully. 2. Tom Judd care­
fully concentrates on the ball. 3. Jeff Isaly enthusiasti­
cally swings for the ball . 4. Rob Withers makes a dyna­
mite return to his opponent. 6. The 1985 Boy's Tennis
team: (Top row) Tim Gibson, Steve Lees, Jeff Isaly, Jay
Francis, Rick Kealy, Tom Judd, Bob Withers, Ryan Mar­
tin , (Bottom row) Brent Lindberg, Kevin Skinner , David
Lipschultz, Doug English, and Charles Peters.
Going Great
The Girls' Tennis team got off to a good start
with a 5 win-O loss record. The team is under the
direction of Mrs. Fisher, who has been coaching
the team for three years. The team is lead by Dee
Dee Gage and Julie Bowe, who are the only two
seniors on the team. Because there are eight
freshmen on the team, it looks to be promising in
the years to come.
188 Girls' Tennis
1. Monica Young waits patiently but anxiously for a
serve from her opponent. 2. Amy Jallo stretches to
return the ball. 3. Members of the team are (top row):
Suzanne LeSatz, Johanna Serror, Michelle Rigberg,
Dee Dee Gage, Tanya Mitchell, and Allison Turner.
Middle row: Amy Jallo, Barbara Howard, Julie Bowe,
Beth Belfer, and Jodi Rigberg. Bottom row; Jenny
Maxwell, Tina Ljungberg, Yvette Mickle, and Mi­
chelle Haumount. Not pictured are Kristen Calvert,
Melissa Jones, Catherine Withers, and Monica
Young. 4. Yvette Mickle hits the ball to her opponent.
5. Catherine Withers smiles after she wins her chal­
lenge match. 6. Dee Dee Gage does it again!
Girls' Tennis 189
Tracksters Lookin' Tough
Track season, unfortunately, just gets underway
each year at about the time the Olympian must go to
press, so very littly coverage can be given. What can
be said about this year's team, though, is that it is
larger in numbers than it has been for years, which is
a very good sign both for this season and for the
years to come.
1. Not perfect form, but it ' s still early in the season, and
Greg Ghelfi gets good distance anyway. 2. Team mem­
bers, back row: Coach Eccles (far left), then Bond Wyatt ,
David Parker, Dennis Caster, James Brooks, Bob Fortner,
Jon Biele, John Mark, Tom Dennett, Joe Mitrick, Craig
Haynes, Clark Gilbert , Scott Herr, Todd Holmes, Ian Bra­
sure, Jeff Blum, Coach McSpadden. Next row: Anthony
Jones, Bobby Stroth, Mike Corey, Mike O'Reilly, Bi,lly
Bowen, Elliott Jones, John Matchette, Coach Archibald.
Next row: Josh Butner, Bob Stuckey, David Crimmins, Jon
McDaniel, Brad Hair , Mike Brklacich, Kevin Brown, Chris
McMahon, Lee D' Andrea. Front : Glenn Onodera, Glen Mi­
chael, Steve Rosholt , Don Graves, E.G. Carlstrom, 'Kinnon
Sandlin, Eric Reade, and Wess Spencer . (Not shown: Jeff
Dana, Matt Carter, Mark Hertzberg, Jon Keating, and Ken
Belnap.) 3. Jan Rubin , champion weight thrower, warms up
at the shot put ring . 4. Wes Spencer, up and over with room
to spare. 5. E.G. isn ' t really aiming with that discus - or is
he? 6. The girls' team, back row: Coaches Archibald and
McSpadden, then Bridgette Carlstrom , Heidi Goble, An­
gela Seeman, Brittin Skelton, Sarah Francis, Madelene
Manley, Terri McClane, Karen Pomrening , Jennifer Owen ,
Jan Rubin, Coach Eccles. Middle: Roslyn Buchanan, Erica
Jones, Jenny Armstrong , Kim Haynes, Tracey Ryder, Julie
Jones, Lisa Shelly, Renee Brenchley, Rachel MacKenzie,
Mia Quintana, Lori Luther . Front row: Sarah Carlstrom, Kim
Westley, Katie Ewing, Angela Tassoni , Miki Clark, Lori
Reiman , Kristin Halter, and Kris Komnedal.
190 Track
More Leapers and Lopers
1. Karen Pomrening prepares to land from
what seems to be a successful high jump. 2.
Eric Reed runs confidently two steps ahead
of his opponents during the early laps. 3.
Kimi fay es and Miki Clark run side by side,
stride by stride to the finish line while the
coach times their progress.
192 Track
Girl Gymnasts Get Going
With most of the team freshmen and sophomores, it was a building
year for Coach Tom Cadigan. Jolynn D' Alessandro and Sonya Corey
are shown here dur,ing a practice session. Team members are, back
row: Lisa McCreary, Jenn Shroyer, Susie Lustgarten, Dina Griffin, Val
Conti, and Sonya Corey. Standing: Coach Cadigan, Susan Kuster,
Adriann Stolworthy, Laura Owens. Seated: Erin Sutcliffe, Lydia Ehlen­
berger, Kelly Brennan, Leticia Astorga, Debbie Bex, Jolynn D'Ales­
sandro, and Hillery Yetman.
~ v
Softball Catches On!
The 1985 Girls' Varsity Softball Team
consists of one senior, six sophomores,
and seven freshmen, who participated in
twelve games, one non-league tourna­
ment and one Christmas tournament.
The team ended the season with 3 wins,
10 losses and placed fifth out of a six
team division. The girls practiced for
hours after school and put up a good
fight against the opposition. Mrs.
Hughes, their coach, did a wonderful job
in coaching and inspiring the team. Erin
Moore, co-captain, was the team's star
player along with Andrea Marin, pitcher.
Both were chosen personally by Mrs.
1. Mary Butner, Becky Boyd, and Debbie Hamby are taken by
surprise . .. SURPRISE! 2. 1985 Girls' Varsity Softball Team:
(top row) Mary Butner, Beth Grady, Lisa Mueller, Kristy Col­
son, Becky Boyd, Debbie Hamby, Michele Mattia, Mrs.
Hughes, (bottom row) Britin Skelton, Leslie Brown, Lorinda
Strack, Andrea Marin, Erin Moore, and Lisa Vidal. 3. Kristy
Colson concentrates on an ant while Lisa Mueller talks to
Debbie Hamby. 4. Erin Moore dives for that ground ball. 5.
Kristy Colson swings that mighty bat! 6. Lisa Vidal: pain in her
face and power in her bat! 7. Andi Marin gives it her best shot.
New Coaches Assist in Comeback

Wrestling was cancelled at the be­
ginning of the year because coaches
were not available but, due to the few
that did want to wrestle and the help
of the district manager, wrestling was
put back on the curriculum. Starting
three weeks late, with coaches Mick
Barone and Dino Barber, the Arcadia
Wrestling Team came back with the
score of 1-6-1. This season's score
compared to the past is the best
since 1980. Although the team didn't
come out with a big winning record,
personal goals were attained. Nick
Rice and Andrew Nabity were two of
the outstanding wrestlers along with
Jeff Caroli who showed a lot of prom­
1. Andrew Nabity raises his hand in victo·
ry over Cactus High . 2. Nick Rice takes
his opponent down to the mat for a pin to
add 6 pOints to the scoreboard .
38 Cent ral 26
4 Alhambra 54
24 S. Mountain 4 1
9 Carl Hayden 54
36 Agua Fria 36
24 Tolles on 42
46 Casa Grande 60
17 Carl Hayden 56
Wrestling could be called the
most demanding of sports. It re­
quires the strength and stamina of
a long distance runner, the muscles
of a weight lifter, and the quickness
of a sprinter. In a brief six minutes
of a match (which seems like eter­
nity), every muscle is strained; the
battle is a combination of brains
and brawn. Wrestlers must not only
beat their opponents but, they must
wage a battle against themselves
to lose weight. The bitter taste of a
dry and empty stomach is part of
the self discipline involved but when
your hand is raised in victory at the
end of the match, you know it was
all worth it.
3. This year's wrestling team: top row:
Lee Wallace, Andrew Nabity, Lance
Jones, Nick Rice, Kieth Gustafason,
Todd McFetters, Scott Stevens, Matt
Grabo. Middle row: Mick Barone, Lisa
Ebert, Carrie Thomas, and Dino Bar­
ber. Bottom row: Nick Nadolski, Glenn
Onodera, Tim Thomas, Matt Carter,
Jeff Caroli, T J Weinrich, Derek Nabity,
and Glenn Burger. Not pictured are
Dana Walker, Kelly Goldberg, and Gina
Villborgh. 4. To the left is head coach
Mick Barone and his assistant Dino
Barber, concentrating on the match
during a home meet.
Rock'em, Sock'em, Soccer
In 1981, the Arizona Interscholastic As­
sociation recognized soccer as an Arizona
High School sport. Since then, the Arcadia
soccer team has been growing in talent
and number, steadily and strongly, season
after season. The team doubled almost
overnight from thirteen players last year,
to twenty-two this year. Three coaches
have worked with the team. Coach Watko,
who coached for the first two seasons,
organized and headed the team. Following
Coach Watko was Coach Garippa, and
this year's coach was Coach Schaefer.
4 Wins - 5 Losses
Arcadia Opponent
2 Aqua Fria 7
5 Casa Grande 3
3 Gilbert 5
3 Cactus 7
2 Agua Fria 6
Gilbert 3
5 Casa Grande 2
3 Tolleson 1
3 South 2
198 Soccer
1. Jason Glasner runs with the ball
while an opponent runs after him, and
another attempts to take over the ball.
2. Jason Price is shown in action steal­
ing the ball from two South Mountain
players and passing to another Arca­
dia teammate. 3. Jason Glasner makes
a swift steal from a South Mountain
player while Kevin Ford, running to the
right of Jason, is prepared to take the
ball. 4. Steve Koskela prepared to
kickoff in a home game at Arcadia, the
camera man managed to catch the si­
lent moment of concentration seconds
before the start of the game. 5. The
team included, top row: Scott Ham­
mond, Bill Brann, Jason Shorb, Matt
Engstrom, R.J. Rairigh, Perry Brooks,
Mark Marinello, Ward Brookhart, and
Jeff Haydon. Middle row: Buddy Ham­
mond, Jason Price, Scott Watko,
Steve Koskela , Jeff Brookler, Gus Kor­
kotselos, and Mia Onodera. Bottom
row: Jason Glasner, Mike Tassoni,
Steve Abt, Thom Dane, Kelly Wardell,
and Kevin Ford .
Zing Go The Strings!!
The Varsity Guys' Basketball Team this year had
several new players to add to the successful veter­
ans from last year. Although there were only four
returning, the new combination proved quite suc­
cessful. Their final record was 6-4 league and 11-11
overall. They started out rather slowly, but staged a
spurt near the end and clinched a play-off spot with a
decisive victory over Casa Grande. They went on to
a big win over Cactus to end up second in the divi­
sion. The division tournament then began with Arca­
dia hosting Camelback. The varsity team was direct­
ed by Head Coach Richard Vee who has been
coaching basketball at Arcadia for several years.
1. Troy Kochis intently brings the ball down
the court, while trying to do a Michael Jor­
dan immitation (Check out the tonue). 2. Dan
Colson concentrates on the basket before
he aces the shot. 3. Sean Lake attempts a
lay up, (while simultaneously practicing his
pom kicks), as Mark Formanek screens out
the opponent. 4. Mark Formanek muscles
away a rebound while Steve Rosholt and
Troy Kochis demonstrate their uncanny abil­
ity to stand intensely. 5. The Arcadia Varsity
Guys' Basketball Team is pictured. Top row:
Jay Vee Coach Rob Millsop, Steve Rosholt,
Troy Kochis, Antoine Bluth, Mark Formanek,
Duane Behrmann, Dan Colson, Sean Lake,
Don Graves, and Head Coach Richard Vee.
Bottom row: Statistician Tony Nowak, Assis­
tant Trainer Tammy Smith, Andrew Harts­
field , Paul Kerr, Scott Faas, Torin Johnson,
Statistician Claudia Higgs, and Trainer Da­
vid Wohl.
1. Sean Lake rises above the crowd to
display his remarkable shooting form,
as Duane Behrmann heads for the re­
bound. 2. Steve Rosholt executes a
flying reverse lay up that even Larry
Nance would be envious of. It's obvi­
ous his opponent is duly impressed. 3.
Sean Lake, Antoine Bluth, and Steve
Rosholt listen closely while Coach Vee
designs a master plan that will ensure
a victory.
J.V. Has Toug,h Year
The J.V. Basketball Team had a tough year, ending with
a record of 7 -12. 1. Josh Knight and # 14, Bryant Coleman,
trap a Tolleson player in the corner. 2. Peter Driggs gets
fouled as he puts up a shot and Alex Myers and Josh
Knight get ready for a rebound. 3. Team picture, top row:
Coach Millsop, Dave Peterson, Jon Belsher, Peter Driggs,
Josh Knight, Rick Kalinowski. Bottom row: David Olden,
Doug Harrell, Bryant Coleman, and Mex Myers.
1. Peter Driggs is about to shoot a free
throw and # 52 Dave Peterson, # 54 Dave
Olden and # 42 Josh Knight are ready to
get the rebound if necessary. 2. Rick Ka­
linowski pul.ls down a rebound and # 54
Dave Olden, is there ready to help if need­
ed. 3. Josh Knight grabs a rebound over
Dave Peterson as Dave Olden and Bryant
Doleman Watches on. 4. # 14 Bryant Co­
leman, Peter Driggs, # 52 Dave Peterson,
and # 42 Josh Knight go to the ball as a
Carl Hayden player comes down with the
rebound . 5. Here, playing a tough zone
defense is # 14 Bryant Coleman, # 52
Dave Peterson, # 54 Dave Olden and # 12
Rick Kalinowski .
Frosh Have A Great Season
The Arcadia Freshman Basketball Team had a
very good season and ended with a record of 12
wins and 6 losses.
1. Team picture, top row: Coach Boyd, Chris Goble, Jon
Corderman , Clark Gilbert , David Anderson , Greg
Belsher, David Lipschultz, Tim Walker, Coach Morris.
Bottom row: Bob Stroth, Mike Q' Reily, Kevin Skinner,
Scott Caster, Mike Corey, John Paul Mulchay, and
Darin Hassin. 2. Bob Stroth puts up a shot as # 32 Mike
Corey watches. 3. The Titan basketball players go over
the plays one more time, just before the game.
• • •
A Place For
1. 'Mamzell' Foss, a ticket seller at basketball
games, would be nervous having all that loose
money around if it weren't for the alert vigilance of
Killer , her trained attack dog who rides shotgun
and guards the money box. 2. Mrs. Stamm, spon­
sor of Interact, and Sarah Tobiason, secretary,
show-off last year's Interact sweatshirts. 3. Mr.
Schifino enjoys himself thorollghly at the Food
F a c u l t ~ 207
Faculty, Staff, Principals: What a Team!
For twenty-six years Arcadia
High School has been building a
reputation for excellence, both
academic and extra-curricular. Dis­
play cases stuffed full with tro­
phies, including city and / or state
championship awards in football,
golf, swimming, and basketball as
well as plaques naming over one­
hundred National Merit Scholar Fi­
nalists and several Presidential
Scholars attest to that reputation.
Most of the credit goes to the stu­
dents whose great efforts and tal­
ents resulted in those awards;
however, an additional portion of
credit must go to those whose pic­
tures you see in this section of the
book and to those faculty, staff,
and administration members who
preceded them. Some members of
the team, such as Mr. Barber and
Mrs. Bentley, are new this year;
others, such as Mr. Hallman and
Mrs. Burrell, have been at AHS
since the school opened. But here
they are, and we salute them for
the job they do.
Pete Anselmo, Bus. Ed.
Dave Archibald, Guidance
Jan Autenreith, Eng.
Juanita Baker, Registration
William Barber, Eng .
Phyllis Bechtol, Library
Sheila Bentley, Eng.
Faye Berk, Guidance
Stan Brown, Sci.
Cal Bruins, Principal
Patricia Buchanan, Receptionist
Ann Buenger, Attendance
Margaret Burrell, Art
Jan Cable, Home Ec.
Wm. Camwell, Soc. Studies
208 Anselmo-Camwell
If it happened to be Mrs. Kraus you wanted to talk
to, you probably had to wait your turn, as this friendly
lady was and is a favorite on campus. On the facing
page (1), she and Michelle Vale check out Michelle' s
proposed schedule for second semester. Arcadia's
administrative team, at left (2), is made up of Mr. Cal
Bruins and Ms. Brenda Collins. Smiling as usual, they
do their job of keeping things running smoothly with
apparent ease. The first person usually seen by visi­
tors to Arcadia is Mrs. Buchanan (3), pictured below.
She always has a smile, a cheerful greeting, and a
telephone line for those who need to make emergen­
cy calls. Other front office workers include Mrs. Sei­
fert , Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Buenger, Mrs.
Moler, and Mrs. Baker.
Ruth Cheshire, Bookstore
Lee Cook, Driver Ed.
Brenda Collins, Asst . Principal
George Cowie, Eng.
Terry Coyle, P.E.
Joanne Cross, S.S. Library
Pat Curtis, Sci .
Carol Dobson, Math
Stan Dunn, Math
Cindy Foss, For. Lang.
Cheshire-Foss 209
Cobe Frobes, LRC
Diana Goff, For. Lang .
Sandy Haddock, Sci.
Joan Hageman, Fine Arts
Claudia Hagen, Eng.
Lou Hallman, Matl1
Kerry Hammer, Cat. Mgr.
AI Heywood, For. Lang.
Ed Hickey, Bus. Ed.
Evelyn Hill, Library
2 :1 n r::'roblP-s-Hili
Faculty, Faculty, Everywhere
• • •
Ubiquitous, that's what they are. (Ubiquitous: Existing or
being everywhere at the same time; constantly encoun­
tered). They're to be found in the classrooms and at extra­
curricular activities, on campus or orr off campus. For exam­
ple, Mr. Brown (pic. 1) explains to an attentive Liz Bains and
Helen Hanscomb just what will happen to them if they don't
follow exactly the procedures called for in their chemistry
experiment. Mrs. Reith (pic. 2) has the attention of her read­
ing class as she conducts a vocabulary drill. Among those
present are Jim Stewart, Michael O'Reilly, Derek Nabity,
Tanya Mitchell, Ed Meisel, Babs Howard, Kirsten Hohn, and
Kevin Herndon. Faculty members are not to be found in
classrooms only. Cross Country Coach Archibald (3) was
observed making a photographic record during a meet, and
an entire row of faculty (4) can always be found at a pep
assembly. This group consists of Mr. Heywood, Mr. Lukian,
Mr. Barber, Mr. Camwell, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. McKinney­
Wain, Mrs. Hageman, and Mr. Schifino.
Marfa Holland, Eng .
Dorothy Hoover, Home Ec .
Suzanne Jones, LRC
Bud Kiekenveld , Security
Jered Kimbell, Eng .
Gene Knelange, Guidance
Donna Knepper , Sci .
Betty Knotts, LRC
Mary Lou Kraus, Office
Mary Kubida, Sci.
Robert Larabell, Eng.
Helen Loos, Security
Robert Lukian, Soc. Studies
Donna Lyons, Office
Bryce McKinney-Wain, Eng.
Alice McLaughlin, Bus. Ed.
Chuck McMahon, P.E.
Bill Meyer, Soc. Studies
Myrna Moler, Office
Naomi Moss, Nurse
Renata Mousseaux, For. Lang.
Helen Muirhead, Eng.
Bret Niedens, Fine Arts
Don Penfield, Guidance
Lola Penfield, Bookstore
. . . . . . = : : . : : : : . : : : ~ - ~
Talk About Scary!
In response to an invitation by student government,
many faculty members joined in the costume fun of
Halloween day. Some were completely disguised; for
example, Granny Frobes (pic. 1), who daringly dis­
plays a very shapely ankle for our photographer.
Most were still recognizable, though: Mrs. McKin­
ney-Wain was found wearing spurs and about to take
a ride on " that there Punker" (Mrs. Bentley) she had
roped . Elsewhere the same day, two witches (pic. 3)
in the forms of Mrs. Reith and Mrs. Cable escort a
willing Riding Hood (Mrs . Hoover) off to find
Grandma. However, nothing so frightened Mr. Kne­
lange or Mr. Tamasauckas (4) as the sight of each
other - and just look at those masks - as they
meet unexpectedly at a corner .
Joanna Peterson, Office
Jay Phillips, Bus. Ed.
Susan Radley, Math
Maretta Ramirez, LRC
Martha Reith , English
Candy Riddle, English
Jerry Rutz, Math
Therese Sallac, Library
John Schaefer, Math
Tom Schellhase, Sci.
~ _ _____________________________ft_& _____ ... _I.... ___ ~ ! i I ~
Faculty, Staff Guide Students To Success
On various occasions, students find it necessary to use
the resources of the library. Library resources include the
knowledge, talents, and good will of Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Bechtol,
and Mrs. Sallac, the last of whom is shown here (pic. 1)
helping Gina Viliborghi and Jeff Wilson in a search through
the card files. Mr. Coyle, P.E. teacher, wraps a towel over
his shoulders (2) and takes a quick break between freshman
P.E. classes. Mr. Meyer, favorite geography teacher and
student council advisor, also is a believer in exercise. Here
(3) he is seen going for a brisk stroll down the Walk of Olives
with the sophomore class officers. From left: Kristin Calvert,
Lisa Hodak, Mr. Meyer, Jennifer Aylesworth, and Stephanie
Skip Schifino, Soc. Studies
Jane Schindler, LRC
Myron Scotten, Soc. Studies
Pat Seifert, Office
Pat Settlemoire, Sci.
Tom Shore, Soc. Studies
Sharon Shurtz, LRC
Carol Stamm, P.E.
Wayne Starkey, Maint.
Roy Steele, Maint.
Elaine Stone. Math
Charlotte Swett. LRC
Walt Tamasauckes. Ind. Arts
Jerry Taylor. P.E.
Miss Calculation. Math
Sandra Trookman. Math
Harry Wilkinson. Psychologist
Shirley Williams. LRC
Stone-Williams 215
• • •
Here We All Are
Abt, Jason P. 124, 181
Abt , Steven P. 42
Acklin, Michael E. 134
Adams, Chris W. 71 , 34, 102, 166
Adams, Christopher 42, 43, 57 , 95,
Adcox, Jim A. 124, 166
Agelakos, Helen 146
Aityata, Nadia Marie 58
American Field Service 96
Amster , Kate L. 124
Amster, Margaret E. 124
Anand, Michael R. 124
Anderson, David S. 146, 205
Anderson, Toby 146
Anderson, Brock 42
Armstrong, Jennifer 146, 160, 161
Arcadia Student Political Union 97
Arcadian 120
Artman, John 146
Ashcraft, Michael
Astorga, Leticia 146, 193
Atchison, Amy 42
Atkinson, Theodore 134, 169, 181
Atkinson, Joeseph 124
Attebery, James 114, 115, 134
Aul, Beth 42, 95, 114, 115
Aung Khin, Sundee 32, 124, 133
Aung Khin, Tahya 134
Aylesworth, Jennifer 33, 71, 134,
Baily, Robert 124, 146
Baily, Kimberly 114, 115
Bains, Elisabeth 42
Baltimore, Dawn 124
Band 114, 115
Barbeito, Marisa 146
Bardzik, Nicole 146
Barry, Kathleen 124, 172
Batt, Alan 124
Bayus, Heather 124
Beaman, John 42
Beckley, Amy 124
Beckley, t<imberly 82, 98, 121, 124
Behrens, Nicole 42
Behrens, William 134
Behrmann, Duane 42,72, 166, 168,
Beifer, Beth 146, 177, 188
Belnap, Kenneth 3, 64, 79, 167, 166,
42,22, 168, 37, 9
Belnap, John 146, 171
Belsher, Jon 13, 12
Benisch, Kerith 134
Bennett, Max 146
Benton, Bryon 146
Beresford, Charles
Bernas, Jill 124, 125, 108, 109
Bernas, Michael 42, 57
Bertolin, Dana 134
Bex, Daniel 134
Bex, Debra 146, 193
Bichekas, Tiffani 91, 99, 125
Biele, Jonathan 134, 164
Biggs, Amy 125
Bindelglas, Gil 125, 8
Bird, David 134
Blake, Sally Jo 5, 134
Blakely, Joe 43
Blasi , Kendall 134
Bley, Kimberly 146
Block, Allyson 147
Bloemker, Jane 43, 45, 98
Bloomer, Erika 134
Blum, Jeffrey 190
Bluth, Antoine 5, 45, 58, 166, 168,
210, 202
Bluth, Antoinette 58
Bodine, Kris 117, 147
Bogner, Amy 164, 147
Bohnert, Scott 147
Bond, Kim 118
Booher, Bert 125
BookElr , Brad 114, 115,134,169
Borselli, William 147
Bouquet , Amanda 138, 106, 135
Bourgeois, Darin 125, 166
Bowe, Julie 13,3, 188, 78,43, 45,
70, 30,68, 102, 103
Bowles, Jacki 134
Boyd, Rebecca 195, 147
Bracken, Catherine 43, 11
Bradford, John 115
Bradford, Paul 43, 57
Bradford, Gregory 135
Bradford, Jeffery 135, 125, 121, 114
Brandenburg, Paul 147, 180
Brann, William 125, 178, 179
Branscum, Michael 125
Brasure, Ian 125
Brasure, James 43, 66, 28, 30, 96,
99, 87
Bratt, Sharon 112, 43, 48, 67 , 87,
104, 105, 30, 32, 99, 69, 75
Bray, Alan 147
Breckley, Michael 147
Brenchley, Renee 3, 13, 71 , 147
Brennan, Carrie 95, 34, 35, 37, 125,
116, 131, 11
Brennan, Kelly 147, 193
Brennan, Wendy 135, 174, 175
Brklacich, Michael
Brody, Heather 37,95, 112, 135
Bronstein, Craig 35
Brookhart, Howard 135, 94
Brookler, Jeffrey 147
Brooks, Harold 125
Brooks, Perry 43, 27
Brooks, Robert 147
Brooks, James 147, 135
Brown, Carol 43, 54, 71, 166
Brown, Jennifer 35, 85, 147
Brown, Kevin 147
Brown, Leslee 7, 99, 135, 195,7
Brown, Amanda 147
Brown, Mark 119
Bruner , Lisa 43
Bryant, Ronald 95, 112, 125
Bryson, Stephanie 125, 116, 209
Buckallew, Chandl 135
Buckner, Tami 135
Bulkeley, Christy 3, 12, 43, 55, 30,
70, 71, 73, 79, 108, 109, 9
Bumpers, Elizabeth 104, 125, 123
Bunce, Martha 44, 120, 121
Bunger, Susan 135
Bunger, Jennifer 135
Burckhardt , Richard 114, 115, 135
Burger, Glenn 147, 171, 180, 197
Burkett, David 42, 43, 44, 45, 178,
71 , 27,30, 178,74,69
Burton, Mark 125
Burton, Steve 135
Bush, Robert 147, 153
Buttera., Scott 135
Byers, Lisa 147
Calculus Club 94
Calvert , Kristen 71, 98, 134, 135,
174,175,188, 215
Campbell, Kelly 40, 44, 108, 109
Cannice, Peter 3, 37, 42, 44 , 22, 37,
69,71 , 98, 112
Caprio, Shelly 148
Carden, John 148
Carl , Jody 97 , 135, 160, 162
Carl, Sally 44, 160
Carlson, Thomas 135, 160, 181
Carlson , Celeste 125, 34, 35
Carlstrom, Bridgette 148, 156
Carlstrom, Sarah 98
Carlstrom, Edward 5, 44 , 78, 166,
Carns, Carolyn 44 , 67 , 30, 74, 96, 99,
Carns, Daniel 135
Carroll , Susanne 125, 131
Carruthers, Kelly 148, 175
Carson, julia 160, 162,44,71, 117,
95, 99
Carson, C. Susie 152, 148
Carter, Mattew 148, 164, 197
Caster, Dennis 169, 135
Caster, Scott 147, 171 , 205
Cate, Jodi 125
Cauthen, Melissa 125, 27, 90
Caya, Carlo 148
Cederlof, Jill 106, 135, 27, 5
Cerimeli, Dean 166,44, 168,3,69
Cervinek, Monica 135, 98
Cetrone, Rebecca 44
Chadwi ck, Ri chard 135
Chandler , Anthony 148, 95
Chapko, John 44, 119, 135
Chapko, Karen 160, 161 , 162
Chapman, Brandon 148
Chapman, John 135
Charbeneau, Robert 125, 112, 95
Charnow, Barbara 135
Cheeney, Nichole 136
Cheeney, Nichole 136
Cheer 209
Childree, Cynthia 44, 119
Chinn, Keith 136, 117, 114, 115
Chinn , Teresa 126
Chloupek, Anne 148
Chloupek, Katherine 45, 98
Christensen, Sandra 136
Christensen, Thomas 136
Christy, Jason 148
Chudnow, Freda 136
Clark, Brian 126
Clark, Miki 126, 132. 164,32,71,4,
Clayton, Tracy 136
Cleere, Eileen 45, 120, 121
Cline, Julie 136
Coar, Kathryn 126,95, 106, 101, 12
Coar, Stacy 136. 183, 102
C.O.E. 119
Cohen, Bradley 160, 97, 148
Cohen, Philip 136
Cole. Sherry 136
Coleman, Katharine 136, 45. 95
Collier, Sheila 126
Colman, Bryant 4, 203, 102, 141,
181,204. 5
Colson, Daniel 201
Colson, Kristine 157, 195, 175, 114,
115, 184, 185
Conklin, Danielie 28, 126
Conley, Michelle 126
Conley. Aubie 136
Conley, Kim 126
Connor, Allan 45
Conti, Valerie 136, 99, 102, 193
Cook, Andrew 126. 166. 178, 179
Cooney. Sean 163,117
Cooper, Charles 136, 160. 93
Corderman, John 148, 205
Corey, Jon 136, 181
Corey, Michael 171, 205
Corey, Sonya 45, 72. 102, 193
Cosgrove, James 126
Courtnay, Paula 126, 112,37,98. 11
Courtnay. Thomas 148
Cowie, Lynn 45, 42, 71 . 95, 106. 12,
Coyle, Kathryn 136, 102
Crall, Timothy 136
Cramer, Tracy 45. 90. 99, 48, 67.
Crane, Gretchen 45
Creighton, Alison 45, 121
Crimmins, David 148, 164
Critser, Timothy 126, 112
Croom, Scott 148
Cross, Douglas 136
Cross, Maria 148
Crossman, Avery 45,27.90.97. 12
Crump, Alice 45
Curtis, Holly 136
Curtis, Laurie 126
Czerwinski , Sheila 45. 118. 121, 98
DAlessandro, Jolynn 148, 163. 193
D Andrea. Lee 126
Dajani , Sami 104, 96
Dalzell, Michael 136, 95
Dana, Jeffrey 126, 166
Dana, Julie 148
Dane, Thomas 149. 180
Davies, Degler 126,95
Davis, Basil 136,98
Davis, Erin 126
Davis, Gordon 149, 180
Davis, Jeffrey 45. 57
Davis, John 126, 164
Davis, Karen 131, 126
Davis, Philip 45, 164
Day, Carol 45, 57
De Brosse, Philip 45
De Falco, Anthony 126, 176
De Loach, Melinda 131, 126, 133,29
Decesari, Barbi 126
Deihl, Penelope 40, 71 , 108,109, 12
Deihl, William 136,114,115

Delanoy, Kerrie Ann 127
Deli, Norman 127
Dellorfano, Anthony 149, 175, 37
Deliorfano, Robert 46. 97
Delta 98
Denison, Shelley 45, 46
Dennett, Carolyn 136,99
Dennett, Thomas 136
Denton, Kendall 136, 106, 99, 4, 141.
Dickinson, Molly 136. 106, 99, 174,
Diettrich, Lara 136, 164
Dittmore, David 54, 36
Dittmore, Denise 136, 162,99, 160
Divis. Robert Joseph 127, 166
Dixon. Justin 127,68, 12
Dollar. Wade 127
Dodge, Jennifer 136
Dominguez, Mario 152, 149, 114.
115, 171
Dondero, Gina 46
Donnally, Greg 136. 117
Dooley, Mark 127
Doornbos, Vernon 149
Doss, Kristina 127, 183, 182. 12
Dowd, Michael 149, 180, 171
Drake , Laurel 46, 1 t8
Draney. Mindie 46
Driggs. Peter 136, 203. 204
Driver, Eric 149
Drum, George 112, 57, 46, 95
Drum, Lisa 127, 115
Drumm. John 149, 171
Drysdale, Michael 127
Dunlap. Robin 137, 11
Dwyer, Richard 127, 166, 178
Eaton, Timothy 46. 95
Eaton, Kia 137, 97
Ebert, Gretchen 137
Ebert , Lisa 137, 197, 114, 145, 184,
Echols, Dawn 127, 104
Edwards, Tona 137, 164
Egan, Stephen 53, 46, 103, 178
Ehlenberger, Lidya 149, 193
Eichenauer, Keith 46
Eichenauer, Kris 137
Eighmey. Tracey 112, 4, 46
Elliott. Edward 137
Elliott, John 149
Elliott, Mandee 127
Elmer, Cindy Ann 149
Endrizzi, Philip 127
Engleman. Glenn 137
English, Douglas 149, 180
English. Gregory 46, 12
Engstrom, Jason 149, 180
Engstrom, Matthew 127, 94
Evans. David 97
Evans, Teresa 149
Ewing, Katherine 127, 164,71,29
Faas, Scott 127.201. 178. 179
Fagan, Cecily 149, 151
Fairfield, Michele 137
Fawcett, Christine 137
Feld, Anne 137
Fenton, John 149
Ferguson, Dawn 137,5, 141
Fernald, Joseph 149
Ferwerda, Val 149
Figueroa, Edward 119
Fineler, Janet 46
Findor, Janet 149
... _ 0_ .... _r+ :t"O:7. '--__ ___
Firotto, Edward 137
Fischer, Steven 137
Fisher, Christy 137
Flag 117
Fleetwood, Lori 149
Fleischer. Jeffrey 46, 71, 81
Fleming. Robert 46, 119
Fleming, Vincent 46, 119
Flickinger, Rodney 137, 117. 114,
115, 9
Flores. Daniel 137
Flynn. Courtney 112, 46, 45
Ford. Jill 137
Ford, Kevin 149
Ford, Lisa 4, 112.46, 108, 109, 98,
99, 5
Formanek, Mark 137,201 , 169
Forte, Michael 138, 169
Fortner, Robert 138
Foss, Mmle 207. 209
Foster, Barbara 138
Francen, Richard 127
Francis, Jay 187
Francis, Sarah 138, 98
Fredricks, Coach 98
Friedland, Julie 138
Friedman, Jennifer 138,99. 102
Funkhouser, Amy 138
Furguson, Lee 169
Gaffney, Travis 149, 152, 114. 115
Gage. Diana 57 , 47.66, 64 , 99, 108,
109, 188, 189,27, 30
Galusha, Paulette 149
Garn, Jonathan 135
Gelvin, Paul 127
General , Brett 127
George, Sharon 127. 162
Ghelfi, J.D. 150, 164, 37
Ghelfi, Gregg 164, 47, 119, 97
Gibson, James 150, 164, 205, 150
Gibson, Timothy 127
Gilbert , Clark 150, 164, 205
Gilkey, Deborah 47
Gillstrap, Jennifer 131, 121, 122
Gillstrap. Donna Jo 51 , 58
Gilsdorf, Erika 160, 161, 162,47,71 .
95, 99, 92
Gilsdorf , George 150
1') 7 a
Gittner, David 138
Glasner, Jasin 150
Goble, Christian 150,205
Goble, Heidi 150, 175,37
Goldberg, Kelly 138, 116, 197, 101 ,
Goldstein, Caryn 138,99
Goss, Craig 47
Gough, Douglas 138
Gower, Stacy 47
Gower, Scott 150, 180
Grabo, Matthew 138,97, 127, 180
Graby, Elizabeth 138, 195
Grant, Trevi 150,71,97,99
Grass, Ed 169
Graves, Paul 138, 169, 102. 181
Graves, Donald 127, 201
Greene, Diana 150. 152,96, 99, 114,
Gregory, Joseph 47, 95, 37, 11
Griffin, Dina 138, 193
Griswold, Daniel 47
Grose, Laura 127
Gross, David 138
Grossman, Mark 138, 114, 115
Guisto, Lisa 127,71, 123
Gunderson, Jill 150, 152,99, 102,9
Gustafson, Keith 150, 197, 114, 115,
Gustafson, Kevin 150, 114, 115. 152
Guys and Dolls 152
Hair. Brad 138
Hakes. Daniel 138
Hakes, Kenneth 166, 168, 72, 181
Hale, Eric 47 , 102
Hall , Karen 150.28, 157
Hall, Margaret 47
Hall, Anthony 47
Halley, Michael 138, 114, 115
Halter, Kristin 150, 163
Hamby. Debra 150, 164, 175, 195
Hammer. John 47
Hammond. George 71, 169, 120
Hammond, Scott 138, 160, 181
Hancock, Christopher 138
Hancock, Eric 150. 115
Hankerson, Stephen 48
Hanscomb, Helen 48, 41. 71, 83, 95,
~ ~ - - - - ~ ~ - - - - - -
Hantz, Dane 138
Harbaugh, Marc 150
Hardy, Gregory 48, 57
Harper, Stephanie 12
Harrell, Douglas 138, 203
Hartin, Deanna 48
Hartsfield, Andrew 201
Hartsfield, Angela 150
Hassig, Darin 150,205
Haumont, Michelle 188
Hauser. Christine 118
Havens, Carie 138
Havens, Scott 45, 48
Haydon, Jeffrey 139, 181
Haynes, Craig 164
Hayes, Tricia 145
Haynes, Kimi 191
Haynes, Tanya 150
Haynes, Craig 139
Hearrold, Thang 139
Hegel, Cheryl 150, 174
Heikkinen, Darci 139, 146, 115
Heller, David 48, 66, 30, 74. 96. 99
Heller, Jennifer 98
Helphinstine, David 139, 150
Helphinstine. Melody 150
Hendin, Lori 150
Hendin, Julie Ann 48, 22, 28
Hendricks, Tresa 48
Hensley, Candice 139, 104, 116.98
Hernandez. Joe 181
Herndon, Kevin 151,95,210
H.E.R.O. 118
Herr, Scott 139, 169, 170
Herr, Craig 150
Herring, John 97
Hertling, Eric 151
Hertzberg, Marc 151
Heuane, Cha Thay 151
Heywood, Joey 139, 97
Heywood, Karen 139, 114, 115
Heywood, Timot hy 157
Hi ckman, Syrena 48
Higgs, Claudia 201, 120, 121, 115
Hiking High 97
Hill , Jennifer 157, 175
Hi!!, Laura 112, 116
Hill , Suzanne 48
Hirsch, Lisa 133
Hirsch , Leah 139,32,71,97, 12
Hitchcock, Eric 48, 168, 95
Hobby, Brian 48
Hodak, Lisa 139, 136. 70, 222, 134,
Hodge, Gregory 157
Hoese, Brian 157, 180
Hogin, Kelly 157
Hogsett , Darrin 157
Hohn, lisa 133, 132, 32, 71 ,29.3,65,
68, 99
Hohn, Kirsten 157, 175, 210
Holland, Christine 71, 95. 109
Holland, Mrs . 95
Holmes, Bradley 166
Holmes, Todd 157
Holmes, Bret 139, 171
Homan, Thomas 49
Hoover, Kaye 139
Hopkins, Amy 139, 121, 101
Hornung, Annette 160, 161
Hotis, Alexia 139, 160, 162, 95
Hotis , Karla 157, 160, 162, 161. 199
Houze, Victor 139, 114, 115
Howard, Barbara 139, 188, 210
Howard, Denice 121. 128. 29, 98,
Howe, Rebecca 98
Hunsaker, Mark 166, 49. 168, 95. 27.
Hunter, Colette 49, 66, 106, 96, 99,
Hunter, Jennifer 28, 27, 30, 85, 90
Ingle, Shana 139
lossi , Marj orie 139
Interact 99
Isaly, Jeffery 186, 187
Israel, Robin 95, 121
Israel , Felisa 157, 177
Jallo, Amy 188
Jarvis, Ginger 28, 112, 48,49, 99,
87, 104, 183, 183, 72
Jason, Robin 40
Jazz Band 49
Johns, Barney 49
Johnson, Bryan 139
Johnson, Emilie 139,99, 114, 184,
Johnson, Gregory 49
Johnson, James 139, 169
Johnson, Joel 157, 171
Johnson, Kyra 139
Johnson, Michele 157
Johnson, Pamela 7
Johnson, Rebecca 139. 98, 95. 98.
Johnson, Valerie 49
Johnson, Lisa 47, 49, 27, 104, 105,
Johnson, Tor in 20 I, 76, 179
Jones, Anthony 157, 164, 97
Jones, David 49, 54, 37
Jones, Elliott 131, 112, 95, 35, 34,
37, 97, 99, 82
Jones, Erica 152, 160, 162
Jones, Julie 152, 171, 156
Jones, Kerby 152, 171
Jones, Melissa 136, 1 " , 27, 98.
Joos , Chandelle 49, 6, 7
Joos, Peter 140
Judd, Thomas 169, 186, 187
Julien, Suzanne 140
J.V. Cheer 110, 111
Kalinowski, Richa 203, 114 , 115,
140, 204
Kaplan , Dana 28, 67, 99, 86, 87
Katcher, Jennifer 152
Katsenes, Karyn 98, 99, 140
Kealy, John 166
Kealy. Richard 187
Keenan. Kara 49
Kehle, Maria 140
Kelly, Sean 140
Kelly. Kathryn 48
Kemp, Denise 152, 153, 156
Kennell , Rebecca 50, 23
Kerr, Paul 201
Kim, Jason 169, 95, 37, 140
Kim. Sonya 150. 114, 115
Kimball, Britt 152, 114, 115
King, James 140, 181
Kirkland, Brynn 136, 71, 111. 140
Kirkland, Shannon 152, 153, 156
Klatt, Donna 152
Klekner, Linda 50, 11
Klessig, Jill 50
Kobey, Guy
Kochis, Troy 93, 178. 179, 166, 50,
201, 168,52, 159
Kogen, Jerri 99, 152
Kohler, Kenneth 140
Kokalis, Jason 140
Komnedal, Marit Kis 50, 162, 191
Korkolselos. Gus 140
Kracht , James 50, 55, 57 , 119
Kraemer, Darrell 50
Kraus, Matthew 80, 152
Krieg, Jeffrey 50,95, 114, 115, 119
Kuk, Deanna 22, 50, 95
Kuntz, Michael 152
Kuster , Susan 152, 193
Laderman, Anne 28, 152
Lage, William 140
Lake, Sean 201, 202
Lambert, Elaine 30, 50, 66
Lambert, Tracy 50, 78
Lane, Anthony 152
Lang, Scott 50, 112, 114. 115
Langevin, Tracie 152
Laporte, Michael 50
Lassen, Kent 140, 160, 161
Latin Club 98
Lausten, Ernest 34, 35, 37, 50. 95
Lawrence, Brett 152
Lawrence, Catherine 140, 143, 160
Le Phuong, Kim 140
Le Satz, Suzanne 140, 174, 175
Leafer, Kimberly 152
Leal, Laura 121, 140
Lee, Joseph 152
Lee, Sean 140
Lee. Heidi 95, 98, 112
Lees, Sheri 140, 184, 185
Lees, Stephen 187
Leff , Scott 6, 152, 7
Lehmkuhl, Eric 13, 123, 140
Leibsohn, Seth 101, 140
Leonard, Amy 140, 11
Leonhart, Erin 140, 160
Leshowitz, Michael 152
Levin, Marc 153
Levinson, Benjamin 152, 160
Lewis, Amy 148, 153
Lewis, Michael 178
Leyba, Deborah 153
Licosati , David 50
Lindberg , Brent 153, 181
Lindemann , Jeffrey 140
Lindner, Kel ly 85, 140
Linn, Jenni fer 153
Linthi cum, William 153
Lipschultz, David 153, 205
Liver, O. 152
Livermore, Leanne 131
Ljungberg, Kristina 85, 98, 188, 140
Logue, Kandi ce 153
Long, Kathleen 153, 184, 185
Low, Damion 153
Lustgarden, Suzanne 98, 99, 141,
Lustgarden, Tamara 42, 54, 51 , 67 ,
71 , 30,82,98, 99, 97, 96
Luther, Lori 6, 141, 174, 7
Lytle, Loretta 141
Mackay, Donald 153
Mackay, Gary 43, 51, 71
Mackenzie, Rachel 153, 160
Maclennon, Chri sty 153
Maggart , David 51
Maseski, Coach 51
Makemson, Robert 51
Maloi ch, Nicholas 153
Maneth, Danielle 51 , 118
Manley , Madelene 45, 51,30, 67,
74, 96, 97, 99
Manley, Michelle 153
Mann, Lisa 43, 51, 71, 93, 95, 106
Manross, Stephen 153
Marin, Andrea 174, 175, 182, 183,
141 , 195,7
Marin, Eddie 45, 51 , 178, 179
Marinello, Mark 51
Mark, John 160, 161 , 162, 141
Mark, Glenn 112
Marquess, Dawn 141
Martin, David 112, 51
Martin, Ryan 141 , 169, 187
Martinez, Angelica 51
Marzonie, Scott 141
Mason, Mary 153
Massey, Jonathan 153
Matcha, Cynthia 141
Matchette, John 95, 112
Mathews, Michael 141
Mattia, Michele 154, 182, 183, 195
Maxwell , Jennifer 99, 14 1, 188
May, James 141
McAlist er, Sara 141, 164
McArthur, Lisa 116
McBride, Shannan 154
McCarty, Liana 51 , 98, 116, 11
McClane, Teri 61
McCreary, Lisa 52, 98, 193
McFetters, Todd 197
McGarry, Constance 133, 35, 34, 37
McLaughlin, Catherine 114, 115
McNutt , Daniel 154
Mcbee, Monica 154
Mcclane, Teresa 7
Measel , Edward 154, 210
Meka, Julie 141
Meloy, Rhonda 154
Menard, Caroline 145
Merrell , Jessi ca 52, 54
Merrell, Jennifer 141
Metz, Sandra 97, 114, 115
Meyer, Michael 154, 157, 114, 114
Michael , Glen 141 , 160
Mickle, Nannette 115, 115, 119, 95,
Mickle, Yvette 116, 154, 177, 188,
Midduagh, Bitliedean 154
MilAm Debra 52
Milam, Stephen 141
Miles, Diane 141
Miller, David 154, 160
Mil ler, Dianne 141
Miller, Kevin 141 , 97
Miller, Renee 141
Miller, Robert 169
Miller, Ronald 141
Minnick, Tami 118
Miranda, Dee Dee 154
Mit chell , Tanya 154, 157, 177, 188,
Mitrick, Joseph 142, 164
Mocerino, Charles 154
Moe, Zachery 154
196, 197
Nabity, Derek 154, 17 I, 197, 210
Nadl er, Matthew 52, 154
Nadler, Peter 52, 112, 114, 115, 117,
Nadolski , Bart 169, 170
Nadolski , Natalie 52, 172, 173, 174
Nadolski, Nicholas 154, 171, 180,
Naumann, Patrick 53, 95, 166, 168
Naumont , Michelle 154
Neal, Katherine 101 , 110
Nat ional Honor Society 86, 87
Neff, El izabeth 95, 142, 160
Neher, Lori 142
Molen, Rebecca 142, 182, 183, 172,
Monbleaux , Julyce 103
Montgomery, Teresa 52, 72, 172,
173, 174
Moore, Erin 45, 52, 98, 159, 195
Moorhead, Margaret 52
Morgan, Kelly 121 , 142, 145
Morgan, Stacy 160
Mueller, Robert 142
Muir, William 97, 142
Mulchay, John 154, 180, 205
Mundy, Kathleen 45, 52, 118
Munsil, Donald 35, 37, 82, 95, 112
Murphy, Denise 142
Muzzy, Robert 142
Myer, Alezander 142,203
Nabity, Andrew 52, 72, 166, 168,
Nelson, Laura 32, 71, 29, 68, 102,
104, 5
Newberg, Beth Anne 53
Newman , Timothy 53
Newsom, Sandra 104
Nickle, MiChelle 154, 184, 185
Nienstedt, Karen 154
Noble, Tracy 41 , 102, 116
Nocif era, Anthony 142
Nofer , Linda 71, 142
Northbrook, Evan 166
Novak, Nancy 154
Novoa, Carolina 53
Nowak, Anton 114,115,154,201
O' Brien, Christine 106
O'Connor, Kevin 142
O' Hare, Vincent 142
O'Reilly, Michael 154, 171, 205, 210
Occhino, Marla 45, 53, 91 , 98, 104,
105, 121
Ogden, Laura 97, 142
Ohlson, Elizabeth
Olden, David 203, 204
Olson, Scott 154
Olympian 104
Ong , Joann 154
Onodera, Glenn 71, 95, 99, 182, 183
Onodera, Mia 197, 142
Orcutt, Tamara 90
Ottosen, Amy 97, 98, 142
Overby, John 176
Owen, Jennifer 154
Owen, Dan 169, 170
Owens, Erin 112, Ill , 136, 142,5
Owens, James 178
Owens, Laura 49,53,91,98, 103
Pacioni, Ronald 146, 155
Palmer, Stacey 155, 171
Palmer, Veronica 142
Panessa, Vicki 114, 115, 153, 155
Paoli , Peter 155
Papadopoulos, Anthony 53
Paradis, Michell e 142
Par is, Lucy 155
Parker, Thomas 142, 155
Paschal , Teresa 172, 173, 174
Pass, Shelly Kaye 142, 174
Patmore, Tamara 155
Patterson, Robert 142
Patterson, Kristy 95, 155
Pearson, Rebecca 98
Peirce, Suzanne 53, 98
Pelgrim, Joey 7, 53, 98, 95, 68, 98
Pelgrim, Lisa 53
Pentland, Wally 155
Perdik, Penny 155
Perkins, Kenda 95, 98, 142
Perry, Stephen 155
Pesce, Rhonda 131, 172
Peters, Charles 99, 187, 164,66,68,
69, 96, 97
Peterson, David 131 , 203, 204
Peterson, Mark 131
Phares, Megan 144, 115, 152
Physics Club 96
Phillips, Laura 98, 99
Pierson , Chamois 71, 156, 175
Pitha, Stephanie 53
Polk, Laura Lee 142
Pom 106
Pomeroy, Mike 155
Pomrening, Karen 123, 172, 173
Pope, Cynthia 142
Pope, Steven 54
Popadopolous, Tony
Poplawski, Anne 143
Poplawski, Jennifer 54, 119
Porch, Jim 95, 166, 168
Porter, Paul 102, 103, 128, 95, 131,
Potts, Gregory 155
Pr ice, Da Myrle 131
Price, James 103
Price, Jason 160
Priniski, Michael 181, 131
Provencio, Gregory 143
Pshaenich, Melanie 99, 155
Quintana, Mia 155
Rainey, Matthew 143, 169, 170
Rairigh, R.J. 54
Ramage, Kelly 155
Ramsy, Larry 54
Rapp, Steven 156
Rasmussen, Jennifer 104, 105, 131
Rat inoff, Mara 143
Ray, Tiffany 54, 98
Reade, Eric 45, 164
Reade, Todd 143
Reed, Bradley 156, 171
Reese, John 143, 145, 166, 178,
Reese, Sheryl 54, 87, 99
Reiman, Lori 95. 101,96,131.221
Resinger, Christopher 131
Revivo, Allen 54
Revivo, Glen 143
Revivo, 'Ricki 156, 171
Reynolds, Kristina 121 , 143
Reznicsek, Suann 143
Rheinfelder , Paul 54
Rice, Andrew 114, 115, 131
Rice, Nicolas 104, 131, 197 , 196
Richard, Devin 54
Richardson, George 54
Richardson, Holly 143
Rieck, Allison 98, 156
Rigberg, Jodi 146, 156, 177, 188
Rigberg, Michelle 103, 131 , 188
Rinehart , Eric 131
Rockowitz, Glenn 156
Rockowitz, Jordan 114, 115
Roden , James 114, 115, 143
Rodriguez, Mandy 143
Roe. Danielle 34, 37, 95, 98, 143, 11
Romero, Carrol 111, 136, 143
Rooney, Stephen 143, 169
Rose. Diane 54
Rose, Jeffrey 35, 112
Rose, Sean 35, 36, 37,95, 112, 123.
131, 11
Rosenfeld, William 55, 75, 91 . 98
Rosholt , Steven 5. 55, 72. 166, 167,
168, 201 , 202
Rosner, Amy 55, 97. 99
Rosner. Kurt 143
Roth , Stephanie 33, 37, 55, 71
Rubin, Jan 95, 131 , 172, 174
Rubin, Lori 13, 43, 55, 43, 99, 102,
41,70,71,95, 106, 30
Rudin, Howard 131
Rutkin. Amy 71. 97, 143
Ryder, Tracey 71 , 156, 164
Rydzewski , Jacqueline 156
Rydzewski, Jennifer 143
Sabol. Robert 131
Sahnas, Athanasios 55, 37, 117
Sahnas, Demitri 101, 117 , 131
Sanders, Colleen 143
Sanders, Gail 131
Sandlin, Kinnon 5, 131, 166
Sandlin, Michell 29, 55
Sands, Micheal 153, 156
Sarantis, Vickey 143
Savage, Christine 55
Schaffer, Molly 37, 143
Schlenker, Brent 55, 117
Schmidt , Julie 114, 115, 131
Schoffman, Mary 156, 11
Schott, Karen 87 , 97, 99, 115. 143
Schott, Laura 55, 66, 106, 28, 30.
99, 87
Schroen, Mary 55, 45, 95, 212, 97
Schubach, Joe 102, 55
Schulz, Todd 156
Science Club 97
Sears, Lynda 111 , 71 , 136, 143
Sebald, Stephanie 131, 174
Sellers, Cheryl 131
Senula, Greg 143
Serrar, Johanna 156, 188
Sewell, Stacy 131 , 172
Shaffer, Kevin 13 1, 176, 181
Shanahan, William 156
Shassetz. Stacy 143
Shelly, Lisa 132, 95, 106,28,90, 96,
Spani sh Club 99
Spencer, Thomas 144, 166
Spencer. Katherine 82, 83
Spirit Club 98
Splaha, Daniel 156
Splain, James 156
Stack, Melinda 144
Stamatis, Gerri 91 , 98, 99, 104, 132
Starbuck, Michael 132
Starkey, Hope 144
Stein, Rhonda 70, 97, 144
Stepanski. Tammy 156
Stephanson. Sheri 156
Stephens, Dean 97, 98 , 99, 114, 144
Stephens, Gregory 114, 115, 156
Stephens , John 104, 133
Stevens, Tammy 144
Stevens, Scott 132, 197
Stewart, Robert 56
Stewart, Chad 144
Stig, Sherri 156
Stockton, Gary 156
Stodola, Bruce 58, 117
Stoller, Jennifer 102, 103, 144
Stolworthy, Adriann 56, 156, 96, 193
Storace. David 144
Strack, Lorinda 144, 174, 175. 195
Strength, Michelle 56
Shelton, Eric 56. 178
Shepard, Lance 45, 112, 95. 35, 37
Sherman, Julie 121 , 143
Sherman, Laura 132. 104, 183. 98,
Shi elds , Cynthia 143
Shimer , Christian 112, 95. 35
Shobe, Ray 56
Shorb, Jason 143, 169, 181
Shoup, David 97. 132
Shroyer. Jennifer 143, 193
Sigma Beta Chi 90
Sipes, Edward 178, 179. 132, 166,
104, 105. 123, 128
Skelton, Brittin 195, 156, 164
Skinner. Kevin 156, 187, 176. 205
Slowey, Chr istopher 156
Smith. Andrew 153
Smith , Dan 143
Smith, Deborah 28. 96, 97, 132
Smith , Karen 132, 172
Smith , Kathryn 132
Smith, Laura 156
Smith, Melinda 99, 102, 160, 144
Smith, Rebecca 95, 132
Smith, Robert 56
Smith, Sandra 30, 67 , 99
Smith, Suzanne 56
Smith , Wendy 56
Smith , Tamera 56, 201
Solberg, Caren 132, 104, 105
Soldo, John 132
Sorensen, Jennifer 132
Soto, Claudia 56
Strickland, Joseph 156
Stroth, Robert 156, 205
Stuart. James 144
Stuckey, Robert 144
Sucato, Danielle 118
Student Senate 56
Suiter, Deborah 132
Sullivan, Josette 132, 156, 175, 185.
Sullivan, Daniel 156
Sutherland, Richard 157
Sutton, Paige 144
Swan, Brian 144, 169, 181
Swan, Joseph 56
Swanson, David 56
Swanson, Leann 125, 132, 108. 109,
27 , 98
Switalla, Rhonda 144
Tassoni, Angela 56, 72, 97, 159,164
Tassoni , Mi chael 5, 157
Taylor , Jennifer 157
Tei sch, Jessica 14, 99, 37, 114, 115
152, 157
Telleria , Juan 51 , 57, 99
Teteak, St ephen 132
Thespians 97
Thomas, Cari Ann 144. 197
Thomas, Timothy 157, 160, 180, 197
Thompson, Rodney 144. 169
Tibbits, Alexa 112, 57, 70, 71, 95, 37
Till, Leslie 144
Tirban , Angela 57
Tirban , Kevin 144
Tobiason, Sarah 99, 103, 144,207
Tokoph, Mi chell e 132
Toothman, Kimberly 132
Tregor , Genevieve 97 , 99, 146, 157
Trevor . Evelyn 157, 177
Trezos. George 78, 57 , 95. 168, 166,
Troutman, Kelly 57 , 104, 116, 52,98.
101 , 11
Troxel , Tina 132
Trzeciak, Christopher 144
Tucker , Van Edward 121.57,53, 85
Turbin, Kevin 183
Turley, Michelle 157, 163, 114, 115,
184, 185, 11
Turner, Allison 157. 177 , 188
Turner, Kevin 132, 95, 72, 86
Turner, Leah 35, 95, 144
Turton, Shelley 144
Turton, Stephanie 132
Tyler , Brady 104, 105, 144
Updike, Karrie 132
Updike, Traci 157
Utzinger, Lisa 57
Vale, Michelle 41. 57 , 208
Valentine, Christina 157
Valiquette, Susan 133, 116, 123, 114
Valiquette, Tammy 133
Van Der Schenk, Caro 144
Van Vorst, James 144
Varsity Club 98
Venzor , Richard 145
Vidal , Lisa 145, 195
Viliborghi, Gina 197, 145,214
Villareal, Kara 99, 133
Visser, Anton 57
Volini , Joseph 145
Waggoner, Carmellia 157
Wagner, Michael 145
Walker, Dana 133, 104, 116, 197
Walker, Stephanie 71, 134.3, 145,
Walker, Timothy 157,205
Walker, Craig 157, 171
Wallace, Christian 133
Wallace, F.B. Lee 133. 197
Wallace. Michael 56
Wallock, Joseph 157
Waiter, Kelly 133
Walters, Mark 145
Wampler, Timothy 166,57, 168.27.
74,98, 103
Wardell, Kelley 133
Warren, Lance 57
Watko, Carrie 5, 145
Watko, Scott 45, 166, 58, 168
estley, Kimberly 145
heeler, Shawn 145, 179
White, Amanda 33. 105,35,37, 145,
.... hite, Tricia 114, 115, 152, 157
hite, Walter 6, 133, 7
.... hite, Daniel 133
hite, Lilli 145
hite, Mark 157
hiler, Jason 95
hyte, Suzanne 164, 145
iley, Stephen 133. 117
ilkinson, Brian 58
illiams, Norman 97,98, 102. 145
Williams, Janelle 157
Williams. Matthew 133
Williams, Wendy 151 . 28, 157
illiamson, Christine 57. 55, 45, 58,
0,71, 120,98, 102, 121, 103,30
ilson, Jeffrey 145, 214
ingfield, Britt on 157
ingfield, Cynthia 95, 112, 133
inikka, Beth 45, 58. 98, 102, 103
onikka, Chris 145
ontergalen, Joseph 133
mtergalen, Kathryn 145
Withers, Catherine 157, 189
Withers, Robert 58. 96. 176, 187
Witt. Heather 157
Woffinden, Dawn 133, 183. 182
Wohl , David 133, 166,201 . 178, 179
Wohlenhaus, William 133
Wolfenbarger. Jefl 45, 58
Woodson. Chuck 145
Wooten. Loretta 58. 108, 109, 120.
121,99, 12
Work. Alan 58,67, 117,30,99, 114,
Faculty, Staff
Anselmo. Pete 208
Ar chibald, Coach 117, 124, 164,208,
Autenreith, Jan 208
Baker, Juanita 208
Barber, Coach 197
Barber, William 208
Barone, Coach 197
Bechtol, Phyllis 208
Benlly. Sheila 208, 212
Berk. Faye 208
Boyd, Coach 205
Brown, Coach 166
Brown. Stan 208
Bruins, Cal 208
Buchanon. Patri cia 208
Buenger , Ann 208
Burrell, Margaret 208
Cable. Jan 118, 208, 213
Camwell, William 208
Chesire. Ruth 209
Collins. Brenda 209
Cook, Lee 209
Cowie. George 209
Coyle, Terry 209, 214
Wren, Elisabeth 133
Wr.ight , Jay 145, 176
Wyatt , Bond 145
Yancy. J.C 157
Yancy, Janice 157
Yang Kyein, Bing 145, 11
Yee. Richard 5, 184. 201
Yetman, Hillary 157, 193
Yetman, Jason 143
Young. Laura 58. 118
Young, Monica 145, 188
Young, Taylor 157
Yount, William 58.27. 178, 179
Zakas, Christine 157
Zakrzewski, Kinga 133. 98
Zeman, Scott 145
Zicafoose. Darin 133
Ziegler. Dana 95 . 145
Ziska, Krislina 157
Zuchowski , Karen 45, 58
Zukerman, Pamela 133
Cross, Joanne 209
Curtis, Pat 97. 209
Dobson, Carol 209
Dunn, Stan 209
Fisher, Coach 177
Foss , Cindy 207, 209
Frobes, Cobe 210
Goff , Diana 210
Haddock. Sandy 172, 210
Hageman, Joan 210, 172
Hagen, Claudia 210
Hallman, Lou 176. 183, 210
Hammer , Kerry 210
Heywood. AI 210
Hickey, Ed 210
Hill , Evelyn 210
Holland, Marfa 95
Hoover, Dorothy 211 , 213
Howard, Coach 159, 166, 167
Hughes, Coach 195
Jones, Suzanne 211
Kiekenveld, Bud 211
Kimbell , Jared 86, 211
Knelange, Gene 211, 213
Knepper, Donna 211
Knotts, Betty 211
Kraus, Mary 208, 211
Kubida, Mary 211
Larabell . Robert 212
Loos. Helen 212
Lukian. Robert 212
Larabell , Robert 212
Loos, Helen 212
Lukian, Robert 212
Lyons, Donna 212
McKinney-Wain. Bryce 212
McLaughlin, Alice 212
McMahon. Chuck 212
McMahon, Chuck 212
McSpadden, Coach 190, 191
Meyer , Bill 212,215
Millsop, Coach 201
Moler, Myra 212
Moss, Naomi 212
Mousseaux. Renata 212
Muirhead, Helen 212
Niedens, Bret 212
Penfield, Don 212
Penlield, Lola 212
Peterson, Joanna 213
Phillips, Jay 213
Radley, Susan 213
Ramirez, Maretta 213
Reith , Martha 213
Riddle, Candy 213
Rutz, Jerry 213
Sallac, Therese 213
Schaefer, John 213, 171
Schellhase, Tom 213
Schifino, Skip 214, 178, 179,207
Schindler, Jane 214
Seiferl. Pat 214
Settlemoire, Pat 214
Shore, Tom 214
Shurtz, Sharon 214
Stamm, Carol 214
Starkey, Wayne 214
Steele, Ray 214
Stone. Elaine 215
Swett, Charlotte 215
Tamasaukas, Walt 215
Taylor , Jerry 215
Tiggis, Coach 215
Trookman, Sandra 215
Wilkinson, Harry 215
Williams, Shirley 215
To . the Class of '85
Another year goes passing by
And Graduation js here.
To some this brings a joyous smile
To others, brings a tear.
For four years we have tread a path
From dawn to setting sun
But now the path gets steeper
And the climb is just begun.
We know not how this climb will go
Only time will tell.
And to the Class of '85
We hope your lives go well.
- The Editors