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Effective Interview Preparation

Effective Interview Preparation

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Published by Osmaan GóÑÍ
A interview guide for job seekers
A interview guide for job seekers

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Published by: Osmaan GóÑÍ on Aug 12, 2013
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Seminar Topic: Effective Interview Preparation Speakers : Dr.Kahsro Miah Mr.Faisol Chowdhury Mr.Faisol Wali : North South University : 7th June 2013

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Submitted By : Md.Osman Goni Ibrahim Khalil Suzana Amberin Id: 103 0927 030 Id: 103 0087 030 Id: 103 0635 030

Date: 12th June 2013

The employers judge an candidate via interview and decide whether the candidate is eligible for the job or not . In two days fair along with the stalls of Many corporate houses.” Mr.According to Mr. Most of the time the candidates neglect their previous organizations where they studied or worked for.So it’s very important to prepare for the interview . Kahsro Miah . students got to know loads of facts regarding interview Interview is the first step of getting a job. this creates a very bad impression on interviewer. “The moment we are doing this sort of mistakes . Mr. He also advised candidates for prepare a “Introduce yourself “ speech . One of the seminar was about “Effective Interview Preparation” . According to Mr.we are blocking our own road.He also emphasized on the first Sixty seconds of interview . Honorable speaker Mr.He said to the students “ It’s you who have to brand yourself “ . Faisol wali also focused on the mistakes of candidates during interview.Faisol wali . He advised students to tell their strengths with a proper background and to show the track record . it’s one of the most essential thing for the candidates to acquire as much as information he can about the company. According to him. He suggested students to get their self adjusted with the environment of the interview .Mr. another honorable Speaker mainly conducted the Questions and Answers session. held on 6th -7th June at North South University.. Most of the candidates don’t bother on gathering background information and this is where they make the biggest mistake . Faisol Wali suggested students to focus more on the areas where they good at . Faisol wali.which is a key factor for deciding whether the candidate getting the job or not . Dhaka.Because when the interviewer ask the candidate to Introduce yourself. Prospective Employees. Faisol Wali emphasized a lot on gathering Company background information.Conducted by Dr.Mr. Faisol Chowdhury and Mr. Faisol Chowdhury.The speakers talked about many tips and tricks for the effective interview preparation. loads of seminars took place regarding Career related issues. First sixty seconds of the interview will create an impression of the candidate which will exist till last. that moment the candidates are giving interviewers an idea about of themself . Faisol Wali .Effective Interview Preparation National Career Fair 2013. He talked about one of the most common mistakes.

with the interviews by observing their body language. If there is too many questions with limited time then he advised to give the answers which are not written on CV first then the others .room. facial expressions . This was a summary of the seminar “Effective interview preparation” . He suggested students to decide first what they are looking for .Last but most importantly Mr.be loyal to that . .He emphasized on answers the group questions sequentially. honesty what employers wants from employees’ . This session was very effective for the prospective job seekers . Its productivity and loyalty. Faisol Chowdhury advised students to be very smart And capable of reacting according to the context .If they are now looking for job then be committed for that .

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