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CES - Current Employment Statistics (Readme file


The data provided are combined with those of many other respondents to produce
monthly estimates
of the number of persons employed in each industry, the average hourly earnings,
and the weekly
hours for which they are paid. Many economic decisions are based on our estimates
of employment,
hours, and earnings. Timely participation assures the accuracy of these important

Data Uses:

* By business:

Compare their current employment and payroll trends with the industry as a whole,
plan and respond to changes in the business cycle, guide decisions on plant
locations, sales,
and purchases negotiate labor contracts based on industry hourly earning and
weekly hours.

* By policymakers:

Council of Economic Advisors, assess the current state of the economy and
recommend actions
to the Federal Reserve Board, guide decisions affecting interest rates and money
supply, the
Joint Economic Committee of Congress, determine the impact of legislative
initiatives state
and local government officials, and to monitor their industry trends and compare
them with the
rest of the country.

* Major component of other economic indicators:

Gross National Product (GNP), Productivity Indexes, and Composite Index of Leading
Indicators. Firm responses are kept strictly confidential and are used only for

Tables are in text format.

File names are displayed as listed below.

Source _ Area _ Period _Periodtype

Current Employment Statistic (CES)

Ga Georgia Statewide
ALB Albany MSA
ATH Athens-Clarke County MSA
ATL Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta MSA
AUG Augusta-Richmond COunty MSA
BRU Brunswick MSA
COL Columbus MSA
DAL Dalton MSA
GAI Gainesville MSA
HIN Hinesville-Ft. Stewart MSA
SAV Savannah MSA
VAL Valdosta MSA
WAR Warner Robins MSA

2000 - 2004 using the last two characters of year. (ex: 00 = 2000; 01 = 2001)

a Annual
01 January
02 February
03 March
04 April
05 May
06 June
07 July
08 August
09 September
10 October
11 November
12 December

0302 March 2002
0904 September 2004
01a 2001 Annual

Questions concerning information listed within CES tables contact; -or-

Georgia Department of Labor
Workforce Information & Analysis Division
148 International Blvd
Atlanta, Ga 30303
Phone (404) 232-3875