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Lesson Plan 6 Megan Curry Grade level- 6th and 4th Curriculum Goals: The theme we will be exploring

over the nine weeks is heroes. We will examine the role of heroes in our modern society on a local and global scale. We create a collective denition of what a hero is, the personality traits of a hero, and different categories that heroes might fall into. Through activities, artmaking, and art appreciation students will think about problems and situations where a hero might be needed. We will explore small personal issues as well as larger global issues. Students will then imagine themselves as the heroes that come in and save the day. They will begin to see themselves as active members of society. The students will realize that they can make a difference in this world and someday become a hero to someone. Illinois Fine Art Goals 26.B.3d Visual Arts: Demonstrate knowledge and skills to create 2- and 3-dimensional works and time arts (e.g., lm, animation, video) that are realistic, abstract, functional and decorative. Students will begin learning how to create a 3 dimensional work of art using polymer clay. The nal product will be a realistic representation of themselves as heroes. Learning Objectives: Creative Objective: Given Sculpey, the students will be able to explore the new media and also begin thinking about how they would like their nished piece of artwork to look. Affective Objective: Given the theme heroes and the opportunity to create a sculpture of them selves as heroes coming in a saving the day, students should be able to see that they are active members of society and can be heroes of everyday situations. Vocabulary/ Concepts: Sculpey- a type of polymer clay which can be baked in the oven to harden Sculpture- The art or practice of shaping gures or designs in the round or in relief, as by chiseling marble, modeling clay, or casting in metal. Gesture- A motion of the limbs or body made to express or help express thought or to emphasize speech Materials (5 points) Teacher materials-PowerPoint presentation -YouTube videos - a claymation video of a person simply having fun with the material. - a video of a person making a pirate out of sculpey -Sculpey -Clay working tools -Zip lock bags -Handout for gesture drawing

Student materials-Sculpey -Clay working tools -Handout -Pencils MotivationToday I will have the students work in pairs to create a quick gesture drawing of how they would like their nal sculpture to look. One student will act out the gesture while the other student quickly draws in on their handout. We will then play a really fun exploratory game where the students can get familiar with the new material. Procedure and Estimated Time/Dialogue with the students Introduction (10 minutes)- We will have a short recap of what we have done over the past ve weeks. I will then introduce what we will be doing for the remainder of the course. The next three weeks we will be working with the Sculpey. We have made the background scenes of our situations where heroes might be needed and now it is time to create the 3D sculpture of you as the hero. This sculpture is going to be around nine inches tall, which is pretty large. Today we are going to explore the material similarly to how we did with the oil pastels. I will show them a short PowerPoint that explains what gesture is. I will explain to the students that I want the position/gesture that their nal sculpture is in to reect what is going on in their oil pastel background. For example, if they have a background scene of a burning building their person in the foreground might have their hands stretched upwards like they are waiting to catch someone or they might have them hunched over with their hands on the side of them like they are holding a huge water hose. Activity 1 (10 minutes)- I will pass out a handout that has space for the students to draw the gesture that they would like their nished sculpture to be in. The students will get together with another student to complete the assignment. Each student will take their time drawing and modeling. One student stands in the position that their partner would like to have their sculpture in so that he/she can make a quick gesture drawing. Alright students we are going to have some fun while guring out how we would like our sculptures to look. Remember what we discussed in the PowerPoint about having the sculpture relate to what is going on in the oil pastel background scene. You can take turns having your partner stand in the position that you would like your sculpture to be in and quickly sketch this in the space provided for you on your handout. Activity 2 (20 minutes)- I will explain to the students that this time is for exploring with the new material and having fun. Alright students, all I want you to do is simply play with the material. Check out what it can and cannot do. See what happens when you mix different colors together, see what the clay tools can do, and explore what sorts of shapes you can make. Think about the size of the sculpture we are going to make. How will you manipulate the materials in order to achieve the result you want? Think about three dimensionality. I want these people to look like they exist in real space, not in some crazy pancake world.

When we make our nal sculptures, I want each of them to have a gesture that reects what is going on in your drawing. Right now we are going to make some quick gesture models with the clay. Think about it almost as when we were doing our preliminary sketches. We had the basic outline of where everything was going to go, but not the details. That is exactly what we are going to be doing but with clay instead of pencils. Clean-up- (5 minutes)- Students will break apart the different parts of clay so that they have a pile of green, yellow, blue, and brown. With the help of three students, we will walk around with the big plastic bags and collect each color. I will also walk around with the tool bags and collect those. Students will go to the bathroom to wash their hands if needed. ClosureWe will discuss what we have done today and also what to expect in the weeks ahead. Who liked the activities we did today? Are you all excited about working with the clay or not? What things did you learn about the clay? How is that going to impact your nal sculpture? Do any of you have an idea for the gesture you would like to have your sculpture be in? Why do you think that would be a good pose for your sculpture? How does it relate to what is going on in your scene? Over the next two weeks I would like you all to think about the gesture that you would like to have the sculpture of yourself be in. Once we get started on this project we will not have too much time to work on it. We will have two class periods to actually construct out sculptures so it is important that you know how you want your sculpture to look so that you can get started right away the next time I see you all. AssessmentsFor this lesson I will assess students on how well they participated while we were discussing as a class. I would also assess them on whether or not they were paying attention during the demo and actively participating during the activities. I will also be able to assess student learning through the questions I ask and the discussion we have during closure. Preparation time- (10 minutes) Modications/accommodations I am condant that my lesson will stick to the time constraints that I have set up. The gesture drawing activity can be altered simply by having them sketch more or less times (depending on the time available).