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Global Competence is the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to understand and act creatively and innovatively on issues of global signicance. INVESTIGATE THE WORLD Students investigate the world beyond their immediate environment. RECOGNIZE PERSPECTIVES Students recognize their own and others perspectives. COMMUNICATE IDEAS Students communicate their ideas effectively with diverse audiences. TAKE ACTION Students translate their ideas and ndings into appropriate actions to improve conditions. Students:
O Identify and create

O Identify an issue, gener-

O Recognize and express

O Recognize and express

ate a question, and explain the signicance of locally, regionally, or globally focused researchable questions.
O Use a variety of lan-

their own perspective on situations, events, issues, or phenomena and identify the inuences on that perspective.
O Examine perspec-

how diverse audiences may perceive different meanings from the same information and how that affects communication.
O Listen to and commu-

opportunities for personal or collaborative action to address situations, events, issues, or phenomena in ways that improve conditions.
O Assess options and plan

guages and domestic and international sources and media to identify and weigh relevant evidence to address a globally signicant researchable question.
O Analyze, integrate, and

tives of other people, groups, or schools of thought and identify the inuences on those perspectives.
O Explain how cultural

nicate effectively with diverse people, using appropriate verbal and nonverbal behavior, languages, and strategies.
O Select and use appro-

synthesize evidence collected to construct coherent responses to globally signicant researchable questions.
O Develop an argument

interactions inuence situations, events, issues, or phenomena, including the development of knowledge.
O Articulate how differ-

priate technology and media to communicate with diverse audiences.

O Reect on how effec-

actions based on evidence and the potential for impact, taking into account previous approaches, varied perspectives, and potential consequences.
O Act, personally or col-

based on compelling evidence that considers multiple perspectives and draws defensible conclusions.

ential access to knowledge, technology, and resources affects quality of life and perspectives.

tive communication affects understanding and collaboration in an interdependent world.

laboratively, in creative and ethical ways to contribute to improvement locally, regionally, or globally and assess the impact of the actions taken.
O Reect on their capac-

ity to advocate for and contribute to improvement locally, regionally, or globally.

The Global Competence Matrix was created as part of the Council of Chief State School Ofcers EdSteps Project in partnership with the Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning.
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