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Our previous Lúkúmí didn't denominate the chain of divination of Ifá he likes the agbo (coconut of water) except me as Òpèlè (cotyledons of the tree Òpèlè). Nevertheless, the metaphysical universality of Ifá is so wide that the original seeds can be substituted until with shell of the orange, when the he/she made him the own Awo the omí of Ifá (one of our predecessors of Ifá in Cuba); but the spiritual transfer is limited, although the message arrives to us. A question goes accompanied by a thought and for the ended, a spiritual exchange takes place between the human mind and the element the natural object and the answer that it corresponds with its natural representative ness. When they fall seeds of the tree of Òpèlè, when falling to the floor, the one one fractions of you of them the and they form in the earth to him it figures (odù) the that dog you interpreted ace to the message of the the salvation that the you/they offers the elementary spirits of the nature of the the one. When to the falls of the coconut of to the coconut tree, it is not fractioned. Bot. Express diferenta mensajes. The first one in the natural message and the second the message of the human mind.