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Louis County Police Association

The St. Louis County Police Association (SLCPA) finds recent revelations regarding the St. Louis County Police Department Crime Laboratory and other issues raised by Chief Fitch alarming. "On one hand Dooley campaign manager John Temporiti says his call to Commissioner Saracino was not to exert undue influence on the Crime Lab/Chief Fitch matter." said Gabe Crocker, President of the SLCPA, "But, he readily admits to the Post-Dispatch that he was potentially influencing a separate matter before the Police Board." This is a dangerous precedent, Crocker stated. There should be absolutely no political influence over our Board of Police Commissioners. Crocker stated, The writing is on the wall. Chief Fitch now has a target on his back. The Dooley Administration could restock the Police Board to further an apparent attempt to remove Chief Fitch. This would allow the Dooley Administration to appoint their own Chief of Police, most likely from an outside candidate pool. The SLCPA and its members stand in full support of Chief Fitch as he attempts to bring these matters to light in an open and transparent way. As noted in earlier Post-Dispatch articles, Chief Fitch had attempted to bring these matters to light back in January only to be rebuked by the Dooley Administration. Now, we are seeing the same headhunting and bullying tactics that were used to remove Chief Jerry Lee when he went public with his disagreements with the Dooley Administration. The SLCPA requests that the St. Louis County Council adopt a resolution in support of Chief Fitch. Should any criminal wrongdoing be discovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation the SLCPA fully supports rigorous prosecution to the fullest extent of the law no matter how high up the ladder of County Government the investigation leads. We stand behind our Chief 100% on this matter, stated Crocker. The public should be outraged at what I consider to be one of the most clear cut examples of inappropriate conduct by elected officials that I have ever seen.

Media Inquiries Gabe Crocker President of the St. Louis County Police Association (SLCPA)