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Since this poem is taken from the book, The Prophet, when Almitra asked Almustafa about love

, it says love should be allowed to enter into ourselves even if it shatters our dreams. Love can do a lot to us both positively and negatively like forming and destroying, crowning and crucifying, bringing joy and sorrow, us but know that love kneads and forms people into sacred bread for God’s sacred feast. And since we know what is in our hearts, love becomes fragments of Life’s heart. Most of us believe that we find peace and pleasure in love but it is the other way around for in love we laugh and weep. Love neither gives nor takes. Neither does it possesses nor is possessed. It is self sufficient, hence, people should strive to be in the heart of God and let love direct one’s course. We all have fallen in love and we know that love seeks only to fulfill itself, melting and singing like a running brook, bleeding willingly and joyfully and giving thanks for each new day of loving. After this, we rest and meditate and before going to sleep, say a prayer of gratitude for the person you love.