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Consumer Behaviour Survey

1. Need Recognition a. What motivated the purchase? b. What problems did the product solve? c. What functions would it facilitate? d. What attributes seemed important? e. How was the need triggered? Internal or external factors? f. How strongly was the need felt? Did you buy impulsively? 2. Information Search a. How was the search conducted? b. How much information was collected? c. What sources were used-> Commercial sources, experiential sources, personal sources, public sources? d. Which was the most convenient source to obtain information from? e. Which source did you consider most legitimate? f. When in the process was information gathered? g. Was the product bought impulsively without search? 3. Evaluation of purchase alternatives a. How many alternatives were evaluated? Why those? b. How was the final choice determined? Were the choices narrowed down to a few and then final decision taken? c. Are there substitute products whose price/quality was considered? d. What was the level of evaluation done? Was it very exhaustive? e. Was the purchase decision intuitive or did you use any calculation/logic? f. How did you assign relative importance/weightage did you assign to the product attributes? 4. Purchase decision a. Who all formed a part of the decision making unit? What role did they play? b. Was it a first time decision or review of previous decision? c. Was it a careful or casual decision? Was the amount of deliberation appropriate or not? d. Did you consider experience of other people? e. Were there social/cultural issues that impacted the decision? 5. Purchase experience a. Was the staff cooperative? Were you treated well? b. How well was information communicated to you? c. Quality of distribution channel?

ease of use. quality of the product. Would you recommend the product to family and friends? d. Rate your level of satisfaction with respect to features.6. etc. . What is the meaning of this product for you? c. Were your perceived expectations fulfilled after purchasing the product? b. Post purchase behavior a.