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Most people are familar with their Sun Sign, but few know much about the other planets, all of which have an effect upon our lives. By using the information in this guide you will be able to work out the position, and meaning, of all nine planets for any day between now and the start of 2020. The planets move through the twelve signs of the Zodiac at different speeds creating numerous combinations, all of which have an effect upon you. The slower moving planets have a far more pronounced influence and can affect whole generations. In Astrology there are twelve signs, and you are probably familiar with the basic characteristics of your own sign. This is a very generalised description, of course, as all of humanity is simply classified into twelve groups, but all the same, they do contain information that is very pertinent to you. This Starguide is the same. Without working out a personal horoscope using the date, time and place of your birth it is impossible to give detailed information. However, this Starguide will show your future trends, and be at least as accurate as the predictions in your daily newspaper.

How To Use Your Starguide
The numbers 1 to 12 on the circular chart on the cover represent the twelve houses of our Zodiac which the planets pass through in their orbit around the Sun. Write your Sun Sign in House number 1, and then go around the chart entering the other signs in the following order: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. For instance, if you are a Gemini, you would write Gemini in the 1st house, Cancer in the 2nd, Leo in the 3rd and so on, ending up with Taurus in the 12th. Now look up the Sun in the Tables of Planetary Positions for the date you require. For instance, September 29th shows the Sun to be in Libra. Check the chart you have just completed to see what house Libra is in, and then read the predictions in the section on the Sun in that particular house. For example, if you are an Aries, you would read Sun in 7th House.) Let’s take another example, for instance, August 3rd, 1992. In the Table of Planetary Positions, Mercury is shown to be in Leo. Check your chart and read what it says. A Sagittarian would read Mercury in 9th House. Follow through the other planets in the same way, and you will have a comprehensive picture for any day between now and the year 2020.

The Sun The Sun is the largest and most important planet in our solar system. A lucky time of uear. A new influence will come into your life at this time who could be watching your work closely. The focus is on work and service at this time. A good time of year for taking up new interests as you will find it easy to absorb new ideas. bringing happiness through the success of someone dear to you. giving life. hot and authoritative. Sun In the First House. lover. A successful time for all sporting activities. A number of matters relating to money matters will be important. but also a time for spending. The desire to use sunny colors will be strong. vitality and wellbeing. It is highly positive. However. parties and other entertainments will be very enjoyable for you. also. and you will be called upon to do some detailed work. It is likely that letters you write or conversations you have will be of more significance than usual. and you will find yourself thinking of diets. You will have the desire to improve your home in some way. You will find yourself full of energy and keen to start new projects. Communication is important. Health and hygiene come into this period. Sun In the Fifth House. Sun In the Third House. A good time of year to change jobs. child. It is a time for work relating to future security. The time of year relating to real estate. An important time. particularly your own home. and this is the time of year when you are placed in the forefront. exercise and possibly new sports to improve your health. Sun In the Second House. or even adding on. The most important time of year for you financially. maybe by wall papering. and the best time for travel. Social activities. The Sun is always in the First House on your birthday. People whose work involves helping others will feel inner sources of strength aiding them. The success could be in . which is fortunate as you will be tempted to take the odd risk. Sun In the Seventh House. Sun In the Sixth House. guard against being too impulsive. love affairs and artistic endeavours. Any house the Sun focuses on is important. It is a time for advancement and progression. Sun In the Fourth House. Hard work at this time will be well rewarded. or someone else very close to you. This could be your marriage partner. especially as you will find yourself sparkling and making the most of every opportunity.

You will find yourself thinking about where you stand at this time. and you could feel vaguely unsettled. and intuition very high. Your ideals will be high at this time. Money matters will be important and can involve other people’s finances. and concentrate on your successes. stronger person.The Sun the form of a promotion. New social contacts will be made. . The time to aim for a promotion or increase in pay. You will find your work important. Do not be too hard or critical on yourself. a title or a win. This is best done quietly and on your own. This could include legacies. The desire for travel will be very strong. This is the time to bring attention to yourself so that you are noticed. This introspective period is important and you will emerge from it a warmer. generally of a philosophical nature. mortgages. Sun In the Tenth House. and your ability to express yourself heightened. Interest in psychic phenomena and the occult will be high at this time. This person will bring happiness and new interests. You may suddenly become interested in some serious study. insurance claims and taxation. You may find yourself part of a team working towards a common goal. Your feelings will be strong at this time. The best time of year for dealing with those in authority. giving the opportunity for longheld desires to be realised. You will find that you can both do this dispassionately for your long term benefit. Sun In the Eighth House. Your sympathetic understanding will be needed to help a friend. and work with your partner on solving any difficulties. Sun In the Eleventh House. Sun In the Twelfth House. A good time to meet someone new whose enthusiasm and joy for life lifts you up to new heights. This is a time to examine all close relationships. A chance meeting with a well travelled. Sun In the Ninth House. interesting person will act as the catalyst to the exact nature of this study.

Your domestic life will be important and your time at home will be busy. New interests come and go. if any. Your mind will be full of ideas making it hard to concentrate on the more mundane aspects of your life. There will be many dealings with other people at this time. Mercury In the Fourth House. and afterwards will not know where it all went. in which you find it difficult to settle into anything. You will be inclined to attempt too much at this time. will need your attention. Your mind will be concentrating on financial matters and how to make extra money. not always for the better. A restless period for you. and there is the possibility of increased responsibilities. and whilst most will be favorable. Quick enthusiasms which pass almost as soon as they have begun. Listen to these ideas as some may prove worthwhile. Mercury In the First House. Investigate it carefully before you commit yourself. Mercury In the Sixth House. You may find yourself collecting for a charity at this time. This could cause worry. and your partner may not be easy to understand in this period.Mercury Mercury is known as the “Planet of Reason”. Your brothers and sisters. a few may not. You will change familiar routines. Mercury In the Seventh House. . Mercury In the Fifth House. The activities of your children will also be important. You may help some of the people you work with sort out their problems. Your mind will be focussed on your work at this time. You will be happiest working on creative activities in this period. There will be the opportunity of a speculation which may not pay off. You will be tempted to take the advice of others. Mercury In the Third House. ruling your thoughts and communications in all senses of the word. You will also be spending money in this period. Mercury In the Second House. Try to do just one thing at a time and you will accomplish much more.

Mercury In the Tenth House. Interest in ESP and psychic phenomena will increase in this period through a chance introduction or something you have read. These will be platonic friendships. or someone you know. Insurance or bank matters will be important. to work things out for yourself. could find yourself in the news. You may have the desire to be on your own during this period. Mercury In the Eleventh House. Mercury In the Ninth House. and you will have to visit them as they will be confined in some way. and you could find yourself happily discussing topics that you did not know existed a few weeks previously. Mercury In the Twelfth House. You. You will find yourself enthusiastic and eager to learn. . A happy social time in which you will make new friends. Rely on your intuition at this time. Someone may need your help.Mercury Mercury In the Eighth House. A good time in which to widen your interests. rather than emotional ones. Do not confide too much to others. You will have a brief association with someone interested in politics and public life. especially in the arts and sciences. The desire to travel will be strong and will prove very worthwhile if you are able to do it.

bringing feelings of peace and harmony. Venus In the Eighth House. something special and out of the ordinary. bringing the realisation of the value of a harmonious home and family. You will sort out your priorities at this time. You will need glamor and romance in your life in this period. love and unity. You may spend money on fashionable clothes or an exciting evening out. You may not find it easy to make up your mind at times and waste nervous energy in reaching for decisions. Venus In the Seventh House. Artistic interests will blossom in this period. and this will rebound to your benefit. Your social activities will center around the home and may even inspire you into tackling that fiddly decorating job you had been putting off. You will feel an all-embracing oneness with the Universe at this time. Venus In the First House. If single there is the danger of scattering your affections and forgetting the people closest to you. . or finding more congenial employment. Indulge yourself in this happy period. Venus In the Sixth House. Venus In the Fifth House.Venus Venus is the Planet of Love and represents harmony. This period covers harmony at work and you may find yourself trying to improve your working conditions. There could be problems with finances at this time. You will be extremely cooperative and helpful to others. Venus In the Second House. Venus In the Fourth House. but fortunately Venus will help smooth the way for you. You will be flattered by the attentions of others and inclined towards romantic dreaming. particularly with business or romantic partners. Luxury will be important to you at this time and you will be given. It governs our social and love life. A time for improving your relations with others. Happiness and affection will come to you in this period. or buy. Your intuition will guide you in making the right decision. Venus In the Third House.

Venus In the Eleventh House. . new interests. An excellent time for all social activities. A quieter time for you. Venus In the Tenth House. You will feel vibrant and alive . A time where you will be using social contacts for business reasons. A vague feeling of unease could prove unsettling. Venus In the Ninth House. The best time of the year for forging romantic attachments. You.Venus This period favors cultural and aesthetic activities. casual basis. but will be without foundation. may be having a secret romantic relationship. This will work only if you keep everything on a light. when your attentions will center on people less fortunate than you.ready for all invitations. interesting people who will stimulate your curiosity into unusual areas. or hamper. You will mix socially with well travelled. A too matter-of-fact outlook could destroy. Venus In the Twelfth House. or a close friend.

If married there may be frequent ups and downs at this time with both of you saying things you did not intend to. especially when travelling. and exhausting. especially where money is concerned. If single there could be a brief association with someone obsessed with physical sports. You may have to work longer hours. but this will be a reaction to a temporary forgetfulness on your part. A busy period for you which you will find stimulating. A step towards self-employment could be made. You will have a strong desire to get out and do things at this time. however. and a renewed interest in your garden will keep you busier than intended. as your abundance of energy may irritate some. You will be more than usually impulsive at this time. Mars In the Third House. You will find yourself being too frank and honest at times. and you will get results. causing strain and friction with someone close to you. This obsession. Guard against financial setbacks by avoiding impulsiveness. plus their high opinion of themselves. its strong power is normally directed into worthwhile areas. However. You will be full of self-assurance at this time. . Try and avoid arguments. makes this friendship brief. Be careful of mistakes made by others. A marvellous time to find something to help boost your income. particularly on the road. It gives great determination and drive. Mars In the Seventh House. Mars In the Fifth House. Your children could cause problems. You will find yourself doing all sorts of repair jobs. Mars In the First House. Mars In the Sixth House. Mars In the Fourth House. especially where your emotions are concerned. Try not to rush too much. Try and keep calm and relaxed until this difficult period is over. Do not become too involved with any one person as romantic arguments are possible. An uneven period for you. A time for activity around the home. Aggression and Violence.Mars Mars is known as the Planet of Action. Mars In the Second House. unintentionally hurting people as a result. This period centers around your work and there could be complications regarding the detailed nature of this at this time. Your enthusiasm will be high.

. and new friends being made. and this is a good time to do this. so try and keep your own counsel. or at the least. significant progress will be made in reaching them. Your energy level will be lower than usual at this time.Mars A time to be cautious. A very progressive period. mortgages or taxation. Mars In the Twelfth House. You will prefer working quietly by yourself rather than rushing out into a frenzy of hectic social activities. Interest in the occult will be high in some. Mars In the Eighth House. Mars In the Eleventh House. Make sure your family are not forgotten at this time. There could be problems with insurance. Ambitions may be realised. but may not last for very long. Your mind will be reaching ahead at this time. even though your innermost feelings direct you otherwise. Someone you know could well be in hospital or confined to bed at this time. while others will be tempted to drink more than usual. The slowness of officialdom over these matters will make you tense and impatient. and you may feel like solitary introspection or quiet activities. A good social period with old friends reappearing. Study along philosophical lines is indicated. providing the change means advancement and financial improvement. There may be pressure on you at work in this cycle. Mars In the Ninth House. You will find them more impulsive than you are at this time. Try not to overdo things as your enthusiasm will be pushing you along encouraging you to attempt more than usual. You may be tempted to change jobs. giving you new ideas and plenty of enthusiasm. Mars In the Tenth House. offering advice only when it is asked for.

People will tend to confide in you at this time. You will be full of magnanimity and generosity. Your financial situation should improve at this time. Cultural activities will also appeal. Jupiter In the Third House. A good time for improvement in all areas of your life. Luck should be on your side provided you keep the bets well within affordable levels. A good time for single people to meet that special someone. Jupiter In the Seventh House. Relationships that start now have a better than average chance of becoming permanent. You will be able to influence others with your powers of self expression. too. A good time to invest in real estate. You will solve many problems that have been troubling you for some time. There is the possibility of short travel in good company. Jupiter In the Second House. Jupiter In the Fifth House. This is the time of year to buy a Lotto ticket or take a little gamble. smiling face. Jupiter In the Sixth House. You will experience an unusual amount of good news. there will be the desire to move into something larger. Problems over money should be resolved in this period. greeting everyone with a happy. Your organisational talents will be in demand. You family and home life will be especially important at this time. with enthusiasm high. It lends encouragement and friendly assistance. Jupiter In the Fourth House. Partnerships of all kinds are helped in this period. Your working conditions should improve at this time. Nothing will seem difficult. If renting. but only if you avoid extravagance. Jupiter In the First House. or to alter the one you are living in now. A fortunate time for you. It can also be very lucky. This is an excellent time to move house. casting a soft warm glow over our lives.Jupiter Jupiter is known as the Planet of Benevolence. A good period. . but take good advice first. Cooperation with others will provide benefits all around. You will have a carefree attitude towards most things in this cycle. and you will get unexpected help from an unusual quarter.

Success in study is indicated for students. and an excellent time for people thinking of self-employment to test the water. A wonderful time to make new friends and meet interesting and different people. Jupiter In the Eighth House. All of these new friends will be people you can trust. An excellent social period. A time for self-employed people to move further ahead. particularly people who enjoy being secretive. Jupiter In the Eleventh House. and may deposit money in a secret place.Jupiter All money matters are favored at this time. This could be the time you receive money long owing to you. A good time for travel. You will have a strong sense of knowing where you are going at this important time. Jupiter In the Ninth House. and an excellent time to make money out of something you have made yourself. Jupiter In the Tenth House. enabling you to start afresh with fewer worries. Do not let too many opportunities pass you by. Problems with insurances or debts will clear up at this time. if possible. . perhaps an inheritance. Jupiter In the Twelfth House. One in particular could help you with a financial problem. You may feel like keeping part of yourself back at this time. You will feel like time on your own. You will be helping others. Business plans will prosper. A good time to become interested in spiritual matters.

with long delays and frustrations. or coming to you outside your work. Problems affecting marriage and close friendships could arise at this time and be disastrous in not watched closely. You will want to study and widen your horizons at this time. despite this. A bad time for any speculative activity for the same reason. and there is the possibility that income could lessen. Your work will be dull and monotonous in this cycle. Saturn In the Third House. enabling you to focus on the problems of life. it is a good time for long term planning. and you will find being forced into a routine helpful for you. There will be delays and frustrations with such items as insurance claims. Saturn will restrain your emotional and social activities. Saturn In the Sixth House. You could feel like changing your job. it is worth being extremely cooperative and understanding whilst you are in it. but this is not advised unless much better prospects appear elsewhere. However. and you may have to make a special effort to socialise. As this period occurs only once every thirty odd years. Saturn In the Fifth House. There may be problems relating to money owing to you. You will feel rather unsettled. Long term study is advocated. You could be too cautious financially at this time. but finding it very hard to do so. These will relate to future plans and goals.Saturn Saturn governs health conditions and deepens the mind. and have a number of major problems to resolve. Saturn In the Eighth House. Saturn In the Seventh House. mortgage matters and taxation. Saturn In the Fourth House. You will feel frustrated at this time as everything you undertake will take longer to accomplish than you originally thought. You will find yourself trying to save money. Saturn In the Second House. You will mature mentally in this cycle. . Saturn In the First House. Saturn enters this position once every twenty nine and a half years bringing you into a crossroads in your life. and patience will be necessary in coming to any decisions.

Your outlook on life will change at this time and you will look for the meanings behind things. and become a fascinating field of study. and you may not be very happy. . Saturn In the Twelfth House. Saturn In the Eleventh House. A degree of soul-searching will go on. and you will be forced to act more decisively than before. An interest in philosophy or the occult could begin. You will pause at this time to reevaluate yourself and your progress. making material pursuits seem less important. though you will benefit from this period ultimately. and people from your past could reappear. You will help old friends go through a difficult period. Saturn In the Tenth House. This is a time where a lot of progress can be made. but do not rush into things. Your own interests will change to a more spiritual level.Saturn Saturn In the Ninth House. You will have a lot of pressure put upon you at this time.

Anything unusual or out of the ordinary will hold great appeal. It relates to unorthodox matters. There will be brand new interests at this time. Your desire to change things for the better may not be appreciated by everyone.Uranus Uranus is known as the Planet of Altruism. If single you will enter into anunusual type of relationship. and your views regarding other subjects will alter radically. Uranus In the Fifth House. Uranus In the Sixth House.and possibly lucrative . Uranus brings sudden change. You will alter old habits and make new friends. If single there will be new attachments with people who are unusual. Outside circumstances will have a major bearing on your finances. . Strong relationships are unaffected. Exercise caution throughout this period. so there will be a major change in your personal life at this time. You will become involved in some form of creative activity that will become highly important . Uranus In the Fourth you. Changes could be good or bad. Take extreme care with financial matters at this time as sudden changes could affect these for better or worse. which could prove disastrous to shaky relationships. Interest in the psychic and occult worlds will be high. Uranus In the Eighth House. disruption and change. and any changes will be unexpected. Uranus In the Seventh House. or possibly slightly eccentric. This will affect home and family life. Uranus In the First House. This cycle occurs every 84 years bringing major changes with it. Uranus In the Third House. You will feel stifled by routine work and may make a sudden change to something more exciting. There will be a number of emotional ups and downs at this time. and the change will be totally out of your control. Uranus In the Second House.

Uranus In the Eleventh House.Uranus Uranus In the Ninth House. very private interest at this time which may make you appear secretive to others. possibly even a new career. There are likely to be dramatic changes in your working life. You will make friends with some unusual people with interests widely diffent from your own. A good time for travel. Be careful to remain scrupulously honest. as sudden changes could reveal anything unethical. Uranus In the Tenth House. You will become involved in a new. You will widen your horizons. significantly altering your outlook on life. . but investigate everything carefully first. You may well join a group engaged in humanitarian work. Uranus In the Twelfth House. especially to strange or unusual places. You will have the desire to make this change quickly.

Neptune In the Fourth House. A love of humanity.Neptune Neptune is known as the Planet of Divinity. Neptune In the Seventh House. Interest in health foods and writing. A receptive nature. A house near water. an unusual love affair. Impressionability. Neptune In the Sixth House. a love of nature and beauty. Ability to make money out of creative pursuits. mystical or intuitive abilities. a desire for travel. Its influence is more psychic than physical. A love of art and music. interest in music and high ideals. high ideals. As Neptune remains so long in each sign it is impossible to give more than a very general interpretation for each house. Neptune In the First House. Neptune In the Second House. Neptune In the Third House. The risk of being deceived by someone close. . Sensitiveness. platonic friendships. Healing powers used to assist friends. Neptune In the Fifth House. representing intuition and high ideals. psychic friends. A strong sense of tact. an affectionate nature.

strange turnings in your career. Neptune In the Tenth House. inner mind is affected by others. A time when luck can turn literally overnight. the risk of self-deception. Neptune In the Twelfth House. Development of psychic abilities. endless plans seldom carried out. Complications involving money matters. new friends who may try to use you. Interesting and educational travel. . The search for higher knowledge. Research and meditation. Your subconscious. Introduction to people involved in ESP. Involvement in mysticism.Neptune Neptune In the Eighth House. Neptune In the Eleventh House. Avoid contact with any so-called ‘secret’ societies. Noble hopes and aspirations. Neptune In the Ninth House.

Affects earning ability and possessions. Pluto In House Twelve. Pluto In House Nine. Pluto In House Eleven. Affects partnerships. murder. home and savings. Affects parents. Pluto In House Eight. Affects creative expression and children. Pluto In House Five.Pluto Pluto takes almost 250 years to circle the Zodiac so is beyond the scipe of a guide of this sort. Its evil side can create demonstrations. See where Pluto is in your Zodiac chart and see how Pluto is affecting your life in these areas. It never does anything by halves. Pluto In House Six. The influence of Pluto is still being assessed. It prefers to wipe the slate clean ready to make a new start. bombing and wars. Pluto In House Four. Affects your temperament and ego. Affects higher learning and spirituality. Affects work and service. Affects earnings. Pluto In House Seven. Pluto wields enormous power which can be directed towards total destruction or complete reconstruction. Affects communications. Pluto In House Ten. Pluto In House One. Affects latent talents and secrets. Pluto is the Planet of Transformation. hopes and friends. Affects career. . Pluto In House Two. Affects self-esteem and authority. Pluto’s influence has its affect on whole generations of people. and can even influence world conditions. Whatever the final outcome you may rest assured that the power of this planet is enormous. violence. Pluto In House Three.