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Agenda for internship

 To know the current position of Metadata Corp and its position in the value chain  Relative market share  Areas of core competency and revenue generation  Identifying point of parity (POP) and point of differentiation (POD) of Metadata Corp  To study the present market scenario  Awareness level among various business and organizations  Demand for CRM in the market  Willingness to pay  Analyze the market scenario by studying market dynamics such as:  Competitors present in the market  Strategies followed by competitors on various fronts such as marketing, pricing and targeting the customers  Study the nature of international markets and domestic markets  Market dynamics  Requirements of both the markets  Comparison of both international and domestic market  On growth and expansion potential  Finding out gap between actual and potential market growth  Finding out ways to bridge the gap between these for domestic penetration  Further segmentation of domestic market for identifying the target customers  Formulating marketing strategies to capture these target customers  Studying the impact of changing environment  Concept of cloud computing  SWOT( Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) analysis of cloud computing and on site implementation  Identifying areas for further growth