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Hinduism Study Guide: Atman: The essence of Self.

The essence of the eternal and unchanging; it is indistinguishable from the universe. Brahman: High Priest in the Caste System. Brahman also relates to Atman, in which it is the ultimate, divine being of the universe. And it is found within the atman. Varna: The four classifications of the Caste system: Brahmins, rulers/warriors, artisans, and laborers. And the Untouchables. It is one’s social position or caste. Jati: Refers to anyone that is inside of the caste system. Flood defines it as “birth”, and refers to social class, and all categories of beings. Members of jati share the same “substance”, and are ranked hierarchically. Flood defines this hierarchy as a very “complex social reality which incorporate within them many sub-divisions”. Upanishad: