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Author Biography Kayla has been an expat in Taiwan for five years.

She speaks Chinese, but not usually in her apartment unless there is a repair man visiting. When she’s not hiking, biking or doing yoga, she sits by her four large windows on a brown sofa reading on her Kindle. Several times an hour, the Taipei MRT slides by the windows, mirroring her busy mind. In the afternoon, Kayla goes the private American school where she works. She has a blue classroom with a brown desk for herself and green desks for students. Monday through Friday, she and a handful of Taiwanese kids read tales of mystery, adventure, myth and truth together. Then, they write their own. Adult writing is new to Kayla. Her first pieces can be found on her EN 226’s wiki and saved in her Google Docs drive. She finds writing to be like meditation. It’s hard. There are layers of the self to explore in the practice and they take time to peel away. Like peeling an onion, this can make her cry with joy (yay I’m cooking!), cry with pain (onions are stinky) or cry merely with awe at the presence of the onion. Kayla is inspired by Natalie Goldberg’s fusion of writing and Buddhist practice, Tenzin Palmo’s living in a cave alone for twelve years, the Dalai Lama for his laughter and compassion, and by her dog, Luna, for morning kisses and for mastering forgiveness.