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Anindhita Illuri 9/29/11 Shahala Middle School Mrs.


Writing, Government, and Stable Food Supply Characteristics of Sumer and the USA
Sumer and the USA both are highly developed civilizations. Both are similar in some characteristics of civilization, and different in some characteristics of civilization. Some of the characteristics of civilization are styles of writing, a stable food supply, and also a government. Writing Sumerian in the modern era instead of English would have been very strange. First of all, Sumerians use the cuneiform alphabet, while we use the English alphabet, and instead of using pencils, Sumerians used styluses, a hard, hollow, and thick reed with a wedge at one end. They also used wet clay tablets instead of paper. Sumerians listed household goods, court activity, and sales and purchases, like we do. Sumerians also wrote stories like the Epic of Gilgamesh, similar to the stories and novels we write. Government was also different. Imagine having priest-kings instead of presidents! In Sumer, the people of the priest-king’s city-state had no say in who shall be the king, while in the USA, citizens can vote on who should be the president. In the USA, a president has cabinet members, who are in charge of different departments of government. The priest-king would appoint different elected officials to deal with agriculture, defense, etc, like the cabinet members do in the USA. In Sumer, the priest-king would sometimes ask the court officials about matters, and sometimes would even ask permission to do something from the elected official, similar to what the US president does with Congress. Hammurabi, the Akkadian king who ruled Sumer gave the world the very first written code of law, similar to the Constitution of the USA.

Both civilizations are very similar in this characteristic of civilization. The Sumerians grew wheat. They also raised cattle.Stable food supplies are very similar between Sumer and the USA. we may unearth more interesting similarities and differences between the two civilizations: Sumer and the United States of America. As we research and study more about these two civilizations. and vegetables. like the farmers in the USA do. . barley. fruits. goats. and sheep for milk and meat. Sumerians used canals to irrigate their fields.