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According to Robotics and autonomous systems (2002), Infrared sensor is used for distance measuring in this project. This IR sensor is measuring and estimating distance from an object by using reflected light intensity. The intensity of reflected light is poor. This IR sensor is only working for very short distances and it has a poor range of resolution. Accuracy of the sensor is 0.5cm. But the additional advantage of the IR sensor is distance can be measure using two sensors together with more accuracy.

According to Robotics and autonomous systems (2002), Ultrasonic sensors are using widely because its low cost sensor and its sensitivity is 1m to 6m. The most popular ultrasonic sensor measurement method is based on time of flight. The time elapsed between emission and subsequent arrival is called time of flight method. This means that normally it has a large re response times. For a single measurement needed 35 ms to respond from 6m away wall. This sensor has good angular sensitivity and bad angular resolution.