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GREAT COMMISSION International Colleges and Seminary Cainta, Rizal

Theism Rev. Mario Cleto G. Songalia Instructor

Prelim Exam
Name _____________________________________________ ______________________________________ Date I. _____________________________________________ ____ Score _________________________

True or False: Write T if the statement is true and F if it is false on the space provided for 3 points each.

1. ________ Man everywhere believes in the existence of a Supreme Being or beings to whom he is morally responsible. 2. ________ Moral Argument points to an unseen Hand, guiding, governing and controlling the destinies of the nations. 3. ________ Ontological Argument is the belief that God is all and all is God. 4. ________ Teleological argument asserts that man has an emotional nature and that his conscience in him says, “You shall and “You shall not.” 5. ________ The Argument from Congruity presents that the 9 Arguments are all in agreement. 6. ________ Anthropological Argument holds that all matter besides having physical properties also has the principle of life in it. 7. ________ Man can be an intellectual and a moral being depending on his education. 8. ________ Belief in a self-existent, personal God is in harmony with all the facts of our mental and moral nature. 9. ________ Biological Argument holds to the scientific fact that life can only come from pre-existent life. 10. ________ Scripture attempts to prove the existence of God.
II. Matching Type. Write the letters only on the space provided for 1 point each.

1. __________ The belief in the eternity of matter 2. __________ The Argument from Being b. 3. __________ The Argument from Cause Anthropological 4. __________ The Argument from Conscience d. 5. __________ The Argument from Scripture 6. __________ Then belief that all matter is God. 7. __________ The Argument from Design Pantheism 8. __________ The belief that all physical properties have a principle of life in it. Argument 9. __________ The greatest revelation of God’s existence 10 ._________ It simply means agreement, correspondence, Harmony. J.
III. Essay (10 points each)

a. Pantheism Biblical c. Hylozoism e. Congruity f. Cosmological g. Materialistic h. i. Christological Moral


Prove that man is an intellectual and moral being.

(You may use the back of this page for your answers) .