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Red Springs Middle Curriculum Plans

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Grade Level: 8th Subject:

February 27-March 2nd, 2012_______
Prepared By: E.Johnson Materials/Other Resources: Eyes on the Prize film Textbook DVD Player Paper Pencil

Social Studies

Learning Goals - NCSCOS Objective (What do students need to learn?): .02 Evaluate the importance of social changes to different groups in North Carolina. 7.05 Evaluate the major changes and events that have effected the roles of local, state, and national governments. 9.01 Describe contemporary political, economic, and social issues at the state and local levels and evaluate their impact on the community. 9.02 Identify past and present state and local leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds and assess their influence in affecting change.9.03 Describe opportunities for and benefits of civic participation. Review Pre-Assessment Strategies


What skill/concept will be revisited? How will a connection be established with new concept? Students will build on their internet safety.

Instructional Strategies
How will they learn it? Students will build on their internet safety.

What do the students know? Students will build on their internet safety.

Assessment/Instructional Monitoring
How will you know they’ve learned it? Students will build on their internet safety.

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Students will discuss what they learned at the museum. During the walk of shame, what emotion did the walk of shame evoke? How did you feel seeing the Greensboro four meeting, dormitory and counter tops?

Students understand how students and young people have contributed to a change in America and the US, through non-violent protest.

Student will each sit in their groups and read documents on the Greensboro 4 young girls, Bull Conner and the protest in Birmingham. Students will then be told to Create a program for the girls’ funerals (one document). Students will create a newspaper article for the protest. Students will create a FB for Bull Conner and a letter to the President about the deaths and student involvement. Students who cannot write may create a picture for the four girls funeral and write at least one sentence. Students will create a collage for the student protest. Students will still make a funeral program with help of classmates and teacher.

Student will be assessed on brochures, funeral programs, newspaper articles and a face book page. All student work will be posted.

Students will watch Eyes on the Prize and discuss what is taking place. Students will complete watching Eyes on the Prize. Teacher Absent Students will work on non-fiction literature and answer all questions 3/ 01 How did the image of children being attacked by dogs change the view of America? Why is that important? Students will continue to observe how children have changed and shaped the Civil Rights Movement. . How did children cause change? What effect did children gave on the Civil Rights Movement? What message do you believe the involvement of children paint for you Students will be evaluated on their poetry which will be posted out in the hall. Freedom Riders etc. 4 Little Girls. Emmett Till. Teacher Absent Students will work on non-fiction literature and answer all questions Students will be evaluated on how children have shaped and changed the Civil Right Movement. Greensboro 4. 3/ 02 Teacher Absent Students will work on non-fiction literature and answer all questions Teacher Absent Students will work on nonfiction literature and answer all questions Remediation What will you do if they don’t learn it? Students who struggle will receive one on one attention from teacher to explain key concepts and why certain decisions are being made.2/ 29 Students will answer how did the presence of children shape and change the Civil Rights Movement. Students who struggle with understanding of the Civil Rights Movement will be taken into a small group and see pictures and tactile objects to understand the Civil Rights Movement Acceleration What will you do if they already know it? Students who are advanced will be asked to help any students who do not understand. Birmingham 4 and Montgomery protestors changed the Civil Rights Movement Students will discuss how each group or event a child was involved in the movement caused a big change. Students will also discuss and review all events. Students will each create a poem which reflects the chronological time period of the Civil Rights Movement from Emmett Till to present. Students will also be asked to do research into particular subjects such a March on Selma or SNCC and they will present them to fellow Classmates. Students will discuss why students and children involvement causes big change. Rosa Parks. Ruby Bridges. Lil Rock 9. Students will discuss how children Emmett Till.