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Model 35R68 (14D) Rigid Planetary Axle

Rigorous structure for mining trucks and mining load haul dumpers.

1591. or dimensions at any time without notice. 1235. GBW 378/30.941 LCB 13200.778. Static Load Capacity (Kg). We reserve the right to change or modify our product specifications.143. No-spin Posi-Torque™ Installation Dimensions (mm) A – Flange to Flange B – Overall Length C – Wheel Pilot Diameter D – Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter 14D2149 1222. ©2012 Dana Limited OHS14D-092012 .800 Nm 29. Dynamic 4.1 459 511 14D1441 1082. configurations.286 Application Policy Capacity ratings.Spicer Model 35R68 (14D) Rigid Planetary Axle ® The Spicer Model 35R68 (14D) rigid planetary axle increases operator safety in mining load haul dumpers and mining trucks. resulting in improved work site safety •  Torque biasing differentials capable of applying high tractive force to rugged and rocky terrain for maximum productivity •  Wide axle ratio range to meet specific engine. Posi-Stop™ 13150 . and specifications vary depending upon the model and type of service. Robust structural and torsional capacity are field proven through rigorous applications for over 40 years. 4. transmission. 6.857. 7C.4.7 459 400 Technical Data Planetary Reduction Ratio Bevel Set Ratios Maximum Output Torque Load Capacity (Kg). 1550. and tire specifications C A D B Design Features Axle Mounting Input Flange Options Double Reduction Planetary Wheel End Service Brakes Differential Options Pad. 1710. 5. Drop Gear 4. features. Trunnion 6C.160 Sales Office – Italy Zona Industriale Arco. contact your representative for application approval.889. 5.5 1578. Application approvals must be obtained from Dana. 1600.056 18.5 1412. Standard. Italy 38062 www.941 3. ® Features and Benefits: • Narrow axle housings to meet mine tunnel width constraints •  Wet brakes system with sump or forced cooling capabilities increases brake life with minimal wear solutions •  Spring-applied Posi-Stop™ brakes for increased control against brake failure.8.dana.