Kyle McElvany 3/21/2008

cut down number of sets B) Common 3 day programs a.the notes below from Ken Mannie are from the Northwest Ohio Football Coaches Clinic on March 7th 2008 . 4-6 weeks of 10-12 reps C. 4 days per week. • • Monday. Thursday. Why do you do what you are doing ? b.Michigan State University Tips for Offseason Training: A) Frequency a. Wednesday. 3 days per week.Lower.pros: target certain areas. speed program possibly.pros: better recovery.- Spartan 4th Quarter Program: Earning the Jersey Ken Mannie. 4-6 weeks of 6-8 reps E) Define Your Objectives . Coach what you know c. b.Full Must be coaching someone every rep Olympic lifts require more supervision C) Specific Lifts a. 4-6 weeks of 8-10 reps D.Head Strength & Conditioning.full body. Should vary over the course of the year B. Best way to apply to other sports D) Reps A. Have equipment that is directed towards the type of workout you want d. weekend.Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • .

1-2 days a week B. Be realistic with your goals D. Need cycles to build more muscle muscle tissues G. You CAN increase speed by proper technique and coaching Teaching Aspects of Coaching Rod Marinelli.Head Coach of the Detroit Lions • Coaches are teachers • • • • • Set your expectations high and fight like hell to get it Learning to teach is the most underestimated aspect to coaching a team How do you plan to present material ? Must have the ability to make the complex simple and the irregular. Teach run mechanics D. not create F. handouts. Three groups at once C. Be smart B. etc) • Team Building Blocks. video. Hip flexability is crucial to speed E. Facilitate.Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 A. Train with purpose and most importantly enthusiasm C. regular Must be as creative as possible to get through to everyone (power points.What is Your Vision? . Document and display results E. cut ups. Testing with specific rest time periods used F) Speed Program A.

showing up ready to work. Get offs 3. Stance 2. every single day Get them to buy into YOU Become a “smart” team: coaches responsibility Stress this everyday: FINISH EVERYTHING • Being a coach on the field • • • • Repetition is the key to learning. but you can control their attitudes 1st rule to being great. Vision.focus on little to see a lot .Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • • • • • • • • The goal? How HARD can you play? Want to lead the NFL in effort Complete at 100mph during every drill You cannot control talent. not screaming.becomes what you repeatedly do=habits Habits are built through consistency Daily maximum effort is how you develop mental toughness. not senseless conditioning Develop the person first. Development of hands on run and pass rush 6. Pad level – hand placement 5. then the player • Break down your position by skills • • What fundamental techniques must you master to be good at your job ? For example: Defensive Lineman: 1. Change of direction-plant and re direct 4.

Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • Drill Work is the key to development • • • • • • • • • Progression: build your position from the ground up Drills should only focus on 2-3 techniques max How do you start and most importantly finish your drills? Have a mix of high tempo and teaching drills If the drill is competitive.protects it Belief. ask your question then call on a name (keeps everyone attentive) Be creative as a teacher o o o Always change environment Move around the room Video Playbook: by position including techniques and schemes • Why Camp ? • • Character. make sure you are still teaching technical skills When conditioning: use schemes and relevant skills Good position coaches can teach in a group setting Develop the mindset in the players: one snap at a time. easier to get started and set up • Be a classroom coach • • • • Give information to players in a orderly outline Get feedback from your players In film or meetings. let it go and move on to the next play Drills: you should be able to stop game tapes to point out drills in action Communicate WHY you are doing what you are doing Always tag drills with a name.lifts talent .

gives last minute stamina - Your best friend in this profession is the one who brings out your best - FINISH EVERYTHING Program Building Joe Palka. High Recruiting Nights o o o o Meet and greet with parents O and D presentations Weight Room / Demo / Tour Pizza and show highlight film • Invite 8th graders to be guest at games .Head Coach at Whitmer High School (Ohio) • Recruiting • Jr.multiples talent Focus.sharpen talents Teamwork.directs talent Mental toughness.improves talent Coach-ability.expands talent Practice.Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • • • • • • Preparation.

30 kids 6 weeks – once a week Open to all levels 80% Attendance = tshirt • Scout • • • • Attend all lower level games Assign 1 coach to each particular team Offer to let lower level coaches help coach team camps Attend lower level banquets and offer to speak or have a player speak • Youth Camp • • • • • Varsity coaches lead group Players and lower level coaches also help Multiple awards at end of camp Each participant receives practice jersey identical to varsity team At conclusion of camp. form tunnel.March 6 stations.Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • • • On sidelines. in locker room before games. autograph session • QB Academy • • • • • Feb. hold coaches clinic for lower level coaches • Winter and Spring . bus trips Jr High weight lifting program twice a week Youth night. invite group on field for stretches.

dinner. grades. effort. t-shirts QB School: o o • Chalk talk. shirts) and yearly prizes (spring ball trip. quizzes Open gym on Fridays All position groups have some sort of meeting once a week o May be for fun. or work • Weightroom BCS • • • • 10 teams of 10 Seniors are captains and hold draft Attendance. film. hold team combine • Victory Camp • • Go away for camp Hold fundraisers for this opportunity . community service. clubs. and competitions are sources of points Monthly (dinner. competition (3 on 3 basketball. etc). jersey and locker privilages) • Mini Camp • • • • • • During last week of school in June 2 days after school Recruit new kids Gives momentum for summer Also holds fundraiser blitz during this time On a 7 on 7 day.Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • • • Weight lift 3 days a week Record boards. dodgeball.

team dinner or breakfast Friday game day attire: shirt and tie • Community • • • Community Reading Program Grade School Spelling Bee with players running it Attend band banquet • School • • • Discipline (answer every email) Grade checks. 30 kids • The Player-Coach Relationship • • • Meet with your position group for at least 1 hour a week Team meals at coaches houses Do The Right Thing cards (a card with all coaches contact information on it) • Practice • • • • • • Detailed scripts and plans Fast pace. study table Build relationship with faculty and other coaches . short practices JV doing same thing as varsity on other side of field Film practices and review 1-2 times per week Friday: before school walk through.Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • • Practice and team building activities 6 stations.

wish list posted.involve anyone who wants to be involved • Staff • • • • Gives responsibility and holds them accountable Flexability: no meetings on . short practices All decisions made with 1 goal in mind: to get better Allow kids at practices and camps Toledo Whitmer Websitehttp://www. meet staff.Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • All sports use same core lifts • Website • • • Emphasize history Keep it up to date Football Alumni Night: free beer and food.whitmerfootball. watch old highlight films • Extras • • • • In home visits with 8th graders Mini helmets to key people Gear up everyone Accept volunteers.

1 back gun • QB Power • Works well spreading defenses with 1 back set .Offensive & Recruiting Coordinator @ Adrian College • QB Run Game Plays: • • • • • • Iso Power Dart (Tackle Pull) Speed Option Counter Sweep (Outside Zone) • QB Iso • • • • • Can run to 1 or 3 tech vs. even front Will run from empty with motion back Mostly ran from 2 x 2 set with 10 or 12 personnel Backs align same side Favorite formation: double tight.Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 QB Run Game from the Spread Jeff Hancock.

looking for man coverage • Dart (Tackle Pull) • • • • • • This is their way of running the zone read Run to 1 tech side RB Steps: open-crossover-plant RB MUST follow the puller Can run option off this play as well If play side LB begins to constantly scrape. adjust to tackle trap and play side tackle releases to play side LB • QB Counter • • Runs off dart Blocking same as dart .Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • • • • Backs align to same side Run to side with inside shade DL of TE QB reads fullbacks execution Also can motion slot into 1 back set for kick out block • Speed Option • • • • • • Likes to run to 1 tech for easier combos Doesn’t get too specific in exact steps for QB Run with 1 back or empty Slows DE’s rush Back aligns opposite side With motion backs.

edu . CONTACT ME AND I CAN ADD THEM TO THIS FILE WITH CREDIT TO YOU kmcelva@utnet.Adrian College Football Clinic March 21st 2008 • • Runs to 1 tech Give path goes at unblocked DE • QB Sweep • • • • • OZ blocking Run to boundary because most teams overload the field Goal is to outflank to the boundary Using wingbacks works well Run speed option from wing to counter tendencies IF ANYONE HAS NOTES FROM ANY OF THE OTHER SPEAKERS AT THIS CLINIC.utoledo.

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