Gardiner G1 M17 M17-M17 or Z4 D36 G43 D58 Q3 I9 G17 N35 D21 O4 V28 Aa1 F32 S29 or O34 N27 N29 V31 W11 X1 V13 D46 I10



Translation Glottal stop heard in German words (ah) ey yeh ah ou b p f m n r h as in English hu, emphatic h ch, like Scotish loch ch, like German ich s sh que, like q in queen k hard g t tu, originally tsh d je, originally dj

Known As Aleph yodh y ayin waw b p f m n r h dotted h third h fourth h s shin backward k k g t second t d second d

1 1 1 or 7 \

y a w b p f m n r h H x X s S q k g t T d D

q #

h 1

t M < $ B

e or B v n ? U ! f


! ! ! ! ! !! V 4 !! V !! 8 V !! V 4 !! L !! L V

Gardiner G1 G1 G1 G1 G1 G1-X1-N5-Z1 G1-X1-N5 G1-X1-Z5-N5 G1-X1-N5-Z1 G1-X1-F9 G1-X1-F9-N5 F3-X1-N5 M17-G1-X1-F9-N5 G1-G1-N23-Z1 G1-G1-X1-G1-D40-A14 G1-M17-Z7-P5 N1-Q3-X1-G17-G1-M17-Z7-P5 G1-S29-Aa2 M17-S29-Aa2 G1-M17-M17-X1-G37 G1-X1-A24 G1-D36-G43-Q6 G1-D36-G43-F27 G1-D36-D58-X1-G37


! FV 1 !! L V !! h 4 !!! !`. !1:` R# ! 1!1 :` !e C 1eC !1 1!E !! 8 !\ K & !\ K ] !\ q ! E

A A A A At At At At At At At At At AA AAtA Aiw pt m Aiw Ais Ais Ayt Ayt Aaw Aaw Aabt

Translation enclitic particle vulture, bird in general vulture, bird in general tread striking-power striking-power moment, instant, time in general moment, instant, time moment, instant, time in general moment, instant, time in general moment, instant, time in general moment, instant, time in general moment, instant, time in general mound of ruins Nubian chieftain ? windy ? a windy sky ? viscera viscera blanch ? blanch container for papyri container oppression


E !\ q ! T 5 jK+

G1-D36-D58-X1-F17-G37-Z2 F40-G43-Y1 F40-Y1 F40-G43 F40-G43-D41 F40-G43-Y1-Z2 F40-X1-Y1 F40-X1-G43-Y1-Y1-Y1 F40-X1-G43-Y1-Z2 F40-X1-G43-N18 F40-X1-X2-X6-W22 F40-G43-M17-M17-A24 F40-Z7-D40 G1-F40-G43 F40-Z7-X1-D36 F40-G43-G43 F40-G43-M17-M17-A24-D46-X1-Z1 F40-G43-X1-D36-Z1-Y1-Z2 F40-Z7-Z6 F40-G43-X1-T30 F40-G43-V28-A24 U23-D58-D54 U23-D58-D54 U23-D58-G43-D54 U23-D58-G43-Q7 U23-D58-G43-T30

j+ jK jKa jK+5 j!+ j! K+++ j! K+5 j!Kc j!" & ` jK1 18 j:` !j K j:!\ jKK jK 1 18f! 4 jK! \4+5 j:9 jK!> jK<8 ]qn ]qn ]q Kn ]qK' ]q K>

Aabt Aw Aw Aw Aw Aw Awt Awt Awt Awt Awt Awy Awy Awy Awy Awy Awy Drt Awt a Aw Awt AwH Ab Ab Abw Abw Abw

oppression long of space, time long of space, time long, length of space, time length of space length of space length of time, space length of time gifts, food gifts gifts, food extend, present, announce, arouse extend the arm announce someone extend the arm arouse oneself, masturbate lay hands on gifts death long-knife do violence tarry, stray avoid, cease cessation brand, scorch brand slaves, cattle verb intransitive verb transitive verb verb verb verb noun noun adjective adjective

]q!W ]q!-> ]q!`!p5 ]q!` ]q !>!p 5 ]q" :q ]q]q" 8 ]q 118 ]q 11] ]q8 ]K: ]q K: ]qK3 :q K} 3 ]q 3 ]q KU ] q :KP j ]qPj ]q`Q ]KQ ]q :Lj ]Pq `Q ]qB\

U23-D58-X1-Y4-S15 U23-D58-X1-Y3-T30 U23-D58-X1-S24-A1-B1-Z2 U23-D58-X1-S24 U23-D58-X1-T30-A1-B1-Z2 U23-D58-A2 R15-D58 U23-D58-U23-D58-A2 E24 U23-D58-M17-M17-E24 U23-D58-M17-M17-F27 U23-D58-E24 U23-G43-E26 U23-D58-G43-E26 U23-D58-G43-T19 R15-D58-G43-N33A-T19 U23-D58-T19 U23-D58-G43-F18 U23-D58-E26-G43-W6-N25 U23-D58-W6-N25 U23-D58-S24-O49 U23-G43-O49 U23-D58-Z7-Aa2-N25 U23-W6-D58 S24-O49 U23-D58-Aa1-D36

Abt Abt Abt Abt Abt Abi Abi AbAb Aby Aby Aby Aby Abw Abw Abw Abw Abw Abw Abw Abw Abw Abw Abw Abw Abw Abx

brand brand family family family desire, wish for desire, wish for be delighted panther panther panther panther elephant elephant ivory ivory ivory ivory Elephantine Elephantine Elephantine Elephantine Elephantine Elephantine Elephantine unite, mix, link, mingle, be merged, engage locality locality locality locality locality locality locality verb collective noun collective noun noun

!q B

G1-D58-Aa1 U23-Aa1-D58-Z9-Y1 N11 N11-N14-D46-N5-Z1 N11-N14-D46-W4 N11-N14-D46-X4 U23-D58-N26-O49 N26-U23-O49 U23-N26-N24 R15-D58-N26-G43-K1 U23-D58-N26-G43-K1-Z1 G1-Q3-V28-Z5 G1-Q3-D46-G38 G39 H1 G1-Q3-D46-D54 G1-I9-D36-E28 G1-I9-D36-E28-A1 G1-I9-D21-M17-M17-Q7 G1-G17-Q7 G1-I9-D46-D56 G1-W19-M17-A24 G1-G17-D36-G38 G1-G17-D36-X1-D40 G1-G17-D36-X1-D36 G1-G17-D36-G43-X1-D40

]Bq<+ \ \_ fV4 \_ fN \_ f$ ]q kQ k]Q ]ki :q kKp ]q kKp4 !# < 8 !# fF
G X !# fn !h\ < !h\ < ! !h M 1 1 ' !1 ' !hfo !]18 !1\ F !1\ ! ` !1\ ! \ !1\ K ! `

Abx Abx Abd Abd Abd Abd AbDw AbDw AbDw AbDw AbDw ApH Apd Apd Apd Apd Afa Afa Afry Am Afd Ami Ama Amat Amat Amat

link arms join a god month month monthly festival monthly festival Abydos Abydos Abydos a fish a fish swine, pigs duck, bird duck, bird in general duck, bird in general rush forward gluttony glutton boil burn, burn up part of animal leg mix a perching bird ramus of jaw, fork of bone, hinged bone ramus of jaw, fork of bone, hinged bone ramus of jaw, fork of bone, hinged bone

verb transitive verb transitive

locality locality

collective noun

used in offering formula


!11i !11! i !11K \ 5 !aeE5 !aet !M,8

G1-G17-G17-D49 G1-G17-G17-X1-D49 G1-G17-G17-G43-D36-Z2 G1-F31-S29-G37-Z2 G1-F31-S29-S44 G1-D21-T12-A24 M17-D21-T12-D40 G1-M17-D21-T12-A24 G1-D21-M17-M17-X1-S43 G1-D21-X1-N1 G1-O4-M17-M17-D54 G1-O4-G43-G37 G1-O4-G37 M17-O4-Z7-G37-Z2 M17-O4-Aa2-G37 G1-O4-Aa2-G37 M17-O4-G37 M17-O4-C7-Z5 G1-O4-Z7-G37-A1 G1-O4-Aa5-X1-G37-Z2 G1-O4-D46-G37 G1-O4-D46-A2 G1-V28-N18-Z2 V28-G1-Z8 G1-V28-X1-N23 V28-G1-X1-N21-Z2

1 M,` !1 M,8 !M1 1!s !M!R !$ 1 1 n !$ K E !$ E 1$:E5 1 $ LE !$ LE 1$E 1$'8 !$ : E ! !$ F ! E 5 !$ fE !$ f" !<c5 < !; !<! h < !! f 5

Amm Ammt Ammw Ams Ams Ar Ar Ar Aryt Art Ahy Ahw Ahw Ahw Ahw Ahw Ahw Ahw Ahw Ahmt Ahd Ahd AH AH AHt AHwt

seize, grasp, attack grasp, fist gripings medical falsehood club, mace, wield the Ams drive away, oppress drive away from oppress the poor staff heaven, sky descend misery, trouble, injury, pain, illness misery, trouble misery, trouble pain pain misery, trouble illness sufferer sorrow quiver, palpitate, be weak be weak type of bread type of bread field, arable land, earth, mound fields, arable lands, earth, mould plural variant of iwms

!<L&!! !< 1 1~

G1-V28-U6-O6-X1-O1 G1-V28-M17-M17-N35A M8-Aa1-X1 M8-X1-N5 G1-M8-Aa1-X1 G1-Aa1-M15 M15-L2-X1-O49 G1-Aa1-M15-L2-X1-O49 L2-X1-G1-Aa1-M15-O49 G1-Aa1-Y1 G25-Z1 G25-Aa1-A51 G25 G25-Aa1 G1-Aa1 G25-Z1-A52 G25-Aa1-Y1 G25 G25-Aa1-X1-Y1 X1-G25-Aa1 Aa1-G25-X1-Z2 G25-Aa1-G43-Y1-Z2 G25-Y1-Z2 G25-Aa1-Y1-Z2 G25-Aa1-Y1

(B ! (! V !(B ! !B / /y!Q !B / y ! Q y ! !B / Q !B + 94 9BS
9 9B !B 94T 9B+ 9 9B!+ !9B B9!5 9B K+5 9+5 9B +5 9B+

AH Hwt AHy Axt Axt Axt Ax Ax bit Ax bit Ax bit Ax Ax Ax Ax Ax Ax Ax Ax Ax Axt Axt Axt Axw Axw Axw Axw

tomb - shaft wave flood Inundation-season Inundation season Inundation season papyrus thicket Chemmis Chemmis Chemmis the spirit - state the spirit-state spirit spirit spirit spirit spirit be a spirit, become a spirit, glorious, splendid, beneficial, useful, profitable, fame be, become a spirit, beneficial, useful, profitable what is good, profitable, useful what is good, profitable, useful what is good, profitable, useful power of god, mastery over work power of god power of god power of god locality locality locality


9 B 5K !9B h4 f94 B9!f 9B!l 9!l 9B!> 9B! ' 9B 1 1!!

G25-Aa1-Z2-G43 X1-G25-Aa1-N23-Z1 N21-G25-Z1 Aa1-G25-X1-N21 G25-Aa1-X1-I13 G25-X1-I13 G25-Aa1-X1-D6 G25-Aa1-X1-Q7 G25-Aa1-M17-M17-X1-O1 N27-X1-O1 N27-X1-O1 G25-Aa1-X1-Z8 G25-X1-N27-O1 N27-N27-A40 G25-Aa1-X1-Z8-U33-M17 X1-G25-Aa1-Z8-Z8-A40 N27-X1-G4 N27-X1-O1-G4-A40-Z3 G1-Aa1-G4-N33A G25-Aa1-G4-B53-B53-B53 G1-Aa1-G43-N8 N8-G7 N8-G43-A40 G25-Aa1-N8 M17-G1-Aa1-G43-N8 G1-Aa1-G1-Aa1-M2

l! ! l! ! 9B!; 9 ! l! llH 9B!;g 1 ! 9B ;;H l! $ l! !$H6 !B $} 9 B $} } } !B K Y Y' YKH 9B Y 1 !B K Y !B !K"

Axw Axt Axt Axt Axt Axt Axt Axt Axyt Axyt Axt Axt Axt Axty Axty Axty Axtyw Axtyw Axtyw Axtyw Axw Axw Axw Axw Axw AxAx

power of god arable land arable land arable land uraes-serpent uraeus - serpent eye of god flame still-room ? still - room horizon horizon, tomb of king horizon, tomb of king horizon-dweller horizon - dweller horizon - dweller horizon - dwellers a remote people horizon - dwellers horizon - dwellers horizon - dwellers a remote people sunlight, sunshine sunlight, sunshine sunlight, sunshine sunlight, sunshine sunlight, sunshine grow green plural plural

!B !B _ _ _ !B !B #5 !B h+ !B hB h ' !b \ k !b \ ! k !b q " ! e "n $ 5 ! e "n ! B "n !e I !e L

G1-Aa1-G1-Aa1-N14-N14-N14 G1-Aa1-G1-Aa1-M3-Z2 G1-Aa1-I9-Y1 G1-Aa1-I9-Aa1-I9-Q7 G1-F32-D36-D51 G1-F32-D36-X1-D51 G1-F32-D58-A2 G1-S29-V2-D54-X4-Z2 G1-S29-V2-D54 G1-O34-V2-D54 G1-S29-G41 G1-S29-Aa2 Q1-X1-B1 H8-X1-B1 Q1-X1-G7 G1-Q1-X1-B1 G1-O34-D58-F3 G1-S29-D58-Q7 G1-S29-D58-M17-M17-G43-Q7-Z3 G1-S29-Aa1-U2 G1-S29-X1-F51 G1-O34-Aa1-U2-D40 G1-S29-Aa1-U1 G1-S29-Aa1-D36 G1-N37-Z7-W22-Z2 G1-N37-D21-Q7

AxAx AxAx Axf Axfxf AXa AXat AXb As As As As As Ast Ast Ast Ast Asb Asb Asbyw Asx As Ast Asx Asx Asx AS ASr

stars spars of ship ? fever of appetite ? be fiery scratch, srape, carve, engrave scratch, scar swallow a type of cake, bread hurry, flow fast, hasten, overtake, quickly hurry, flow fast, hasten, overtake, quickly bald-headed vulture bald, viscera Isis Isis goddess Isis goddess Isis goddess fierce, glowing of radience fierce, glowing of radiance flames sickle testicles reap reap reap a type of drink roast divinity divinity divinity variant of iAs and Ais verb and adverb verb

!!p _!p !!' !! ! p !Bq F !e q ' !e q 1 1 K ' 6 !e B H !e ! s !BB H ` !e B G !e B \ !v: ` 5 !v M '

!v M s !v M ! s !B M ! R !n E !n : E 5 !n E !n < K ~ !n e & !n f_ H !?\ !? M D !? M m5 !? M H 6 !? M ' } !! 8 !! b !! 1 1 ! o p !g 1:!# !! hJ

G1-N37-D21-F51 G1-N37-D21-X1-F51 G1-O34-D21-X1-N1 G1-N29-G37 G1-N29-Z7-G37-Z2 G1-N29-G37 G1-N29-V28-G43-T7A G1-N29-S29-V6 G1-N29-D46-N14-A40 G1-V31-D36 G1-V31-D21-E128 G1-V31-D21-I14-Z2 G1-V31-D21-A40-Z3 G1-V31-D21-G7-N33A G1-X1-A24 G1-X1-I3 G1-X1-M17-M17-X1-D56-B1 G1-U33-M17-Z7-X1-M3 G1-X1-I9-F7D S8 G1-X1-I9-G43-S8 G1-X1-I9-S8-Z2 G1-X1-I9-G43-F7 G1-V13-B5D G1-V13-M17-M17-B5 G1-X1-M17-M17-X1-D56-B1


!! hK P !! hP 5 !! hK J !-t !- 1 1 t !! 1 1 ! o p

ASr ASrt Asrt Aq Aqw Aqw AqHw Aqs Aqd Ak Akr Akrw Akrw Akrw Ayt Adw ATyt ATwt Atf Atfw Atfw Atfw Atfw AT AT AT

roast, roast meat, a roast roast joint heaven, sky perish, come to grief ruin, misfortune misfortune battle-axe a type of garment a star be bent of elbow Aker, the earth, earth-gods earth - gods earth - gods earth - gods blanch aggressor nurse bed be crowned Atef crown Atef-crown Atef crown Atef crown nurse nurse nurse verb noun divinity

!- 1 1 ! t !-! X !-K ! # !g 1:!# !-# ) !! # ) !! # } `

G1-V13-M17-M17-X1-B5D G1-V13-X1-Q18 G1-V13-G43-X1-M3 G1-U33-M17-Z7-X1-M3 G1-V13-Q3-A9 G1-X1-Q3-A9 G1-X1-Q3-A125-D40 A9-A24 G1-X1-Q3-G43-A9-A24 A9-Z7-Y1-Z2 A9-Q3-Z7-Y1-Z2 G1-X1-Q3-G43-X1-A9-D40-Z2 G1-X1-Q3-M17-M17-X1-A9 G1-X1-Q3-A9-M3 G1-D46-D54 G1-D46-I3 G1-D46-G43-I3-A1 G1-D46-G43-D36-A1 G1-X1-I3 G1-D46-Aa2 G1-D46-X1-Y1-A24 G1-D46-X1-Z5-A24 M17-F51-F51-F51 M17-M2-Z2 M17-Z1-M2-Z2 A1

)8 !! # K ) 8 ):+5 )#:+5 !! # K ! ) `5 !! # 1 1 ! ) !! # ) # !fn !fb !fK b! !fK \ ! !! b !fL !f! +8 !f! 8 8 1sss 1"5 14"5 !

ATyt ATwt ATwt ATwt ATp ATp ATp ATp Atpw Atpw Atpw Atpwt Atpwt Atp Ad Ad Adw Adw Adw Ad Adt Adt i i i i

nurse bed bed bed load, be laden load a ship load a ship be heavy laden with trouble load, cargo cargo cargo load, cargo cargo coffer quiver, palpitate be savage, be aggressive, be angry, attack, anger aggressor aggressor aggressor decay prepare a sleeping place prepare flesh reeds, leaves reeds, leaves of reeds I, me, my suffix pronoun noun noun

1 H R 1! " 1" 1: 1 !! g g!4 1 !! g 2 1 !! g ! 4 1 !! 7 1 !! o 1!o o! 4 h L!4 + 1 !! 8 5 + 1 !K! L 5 1 !! . >!!b >!!b }!!a 1 !> > 1 !K>

M17 A40 A50 M17-A1 M2 M17-A2 M17-A26 M17-G1-X1-F37 F37-X1-Z1 M17-G1-X1-F37-F51B M17-G1-X1-F37-X1-Z1 M17-G1-X1-R12 M17-G1-X1-N30 M17-X1-N30 N30-X1-Z1-N23 O44-X1-Z1 M17-G1-X1-Z5-Y1-Z2 M17-G1-G43-X1-O44-Y1-Z2 M17-G1-X1-G14 R19-X1-X1-W24 R19A-X1-X1-W24 S152-X1-X1-W23 M17-G1-A30 A30 M17-G1-G43-A30

i i i i i i i iAt iAt iAt iAt iAt iAt iAt iAt iAt iAt iAwt iAt iAtt iAtt iAtt iAi iAw iAw

I,me,my I,me,my I,me,my I,me,my I, me, my O!, say, utterance O! back, spine of man, animal back, spine of man, animal,middle of river, lake back, spine of man, animal back, spine of man, animal, middle of river, lake standard for cult objects mound, ruin mound, ruin mound, ruin office, function office, function offices, functions a milk - goddess milk, cream milk, cream milk, cream adore adoration adoration

suffix pronoun suffix pronoun suffix pronoun suffix pronoun sportive writing


plural divinity

1 !> 1>6 1 ! > }6 1 !K > +5 1 !!f 5 1 !! 1 1 ! " 1 !!! B 1 !!! r 1 !!! " 1 !!! # 3 1 !K3 1 !K3 1 K !7 3 1 !K! 3 3! 1 !K3 ! 1 !3 1!1 1!p 1!1 1!3p 1 !! 3 1 !! K L ] 5 : :q7a :qj :qa ]q7a

M17-G1-A30 M17-A30-Z3 M17-G1-A30-Y1V-Z3 M17-G1-G43-A30-Y1-Z2 M17-G1-G1-N21-Z2 M17-G1-G1-M17-M17-X1-M2 M17-G1-G1-X1-M34 M17-G1-G1-X1-S42 M17-G1-G1-X1-M2 M17-G1-G1-X1-M3 A19 M17-G1-G43-A19 M17-G43-G1-Z4-A19 M17-G1-G43-X1-A19 A19-X1 M17-G1-G43-A19-A1 M17-G1-A19 M17-G1-M17-M17-X1-B1 M17-G1-M17-M17-X1-A19-B1 M17-G1-X1-A19 M17-G1-X1-G43-O44-F27-Z2 R15 R15-D58-Z4-D41 R15-D58-N25 R15-D58-D41 U23-D58-Z4-D41

iAw iAw iAw iAw iAA iAAyt iAAyt iAAyt iAAyt iAAyt iAwi iAwi iAwi iAwt iAwt iAw iAw iAyt iAyt iAyt iAwt iAby iAby iAby iAby iAby

adoration adoration adoration adoration mounds of rubble rod, reed, rushes rod, reeds, rushes rod, reeds, rushes rod, reeds, rushes rod, reeds, rushes be aged, attain old age, old age be aged, attain old age, old age be aged, attain old age, old age old age old age old man old man old woman old woman old woman herds left hand, east, eastern, the left side of left hand, east, eastern, left-side of left hand, east, eastern, the left side of left hand, east, eastern, the left side of left hand, east, eastern, the left side of verb and noun verb and noun

:q!j :!

R15-D58-X1-N25 R15-X1 R15-X1-D58-O49-X1-Z1 M17-G1-D58-X1 R15-D58-T19-F51-Z2 R15-D58-X1-Z4 X1-R15-Z4 R15-D58-X1-N25 M17-G1-D58-U33 R15-D58-X1-O39 R15-D58-X1-Z4-N23 R15-D58-G1-A1-B1-Z2 R15-G4-Z2 R15-D58-X1-G4-N23-Z1 R15-D58-G4-N25 R15-G4-N21-Z1 R15-P5 R15-P5-X1 R15-D58-X1-P5 M17-G1-D58-P5 R15-D58-X1-X1-N25 R15-X1-X1 R15-D58-X1-N23-X1-Z1 R15-D58-X1-X1-M3 R15-D58-Z7-F27-Z3

iAbt iAbt iAbt iAbt iAb iAbty iAbty iAbty iAbty iAbty iAbty iAbtyw iAbtyw iAbtyw iAbtyw iAbtyw iAb iAbt iAbt iAb iAbtt iAbtt iAbtt iAbtt iAbw

the East the East the East the East finger, toe nail east, eastern, left-hand east, eastern, left - hand, the East east, eastern east, eastern east, eastern left - hand Easterners Easterners the east of the east of the east of the east wind the east wind the east wind the east wind the East the East the East snare ? leopard

1 !q ! :q 3 s5 :q!7 !:7 :q!j 1 !q g :q!G :q!7h : q !! p 5 : $5 :q!$h4 : q $j : $f 4 :` : `! :q!` 1 !q ` :q!!j :!! :q! h!4 :q!!# :q :]6

1 !1! 1 !1p !1p 1 !1 r 1!MK"5 1!MM? 1 ! M M <E 1!MM!K 1<M!K 1!MM!=r5 1!M!; 1 !B K Y YKH 1 !B K H 1 !e < !BC 1eC 1e< 1 !v" 17n @ 1 !n ! "5 1 !?K3 6 1 !?: 4 j 1 !?q ; 1"?q ;" 1 !?q 1 1 , ; 5

M17-G1-G17-V1 M17-G1-G17-T30A G1-G17-T30A M17-G1-G17-S42 M17-G1-D21-G43-M2-Z2 M17-G1-D21-D21-D7 M17-G1-D21-D21-D4-G37 M17-G1-D21-D21-X1-M43 M17-D4-D21-X1-M43 M17-G1-D21-D21-X1-D5-N33-Z2 M17-G1-D21-X1-D3 M17-G1-Aa1-G43-N8 N8-G43-A40 M17-G1-Aa1-G43-A40 M17-G1-S29-A28 G1-O34-Aa2 M17-S29-Aa2 M17-S29-A28 M17-G1-N37-A2 M17-G23-N29-A32B M17-G1-N29-X1-M2-Z2 M17-G1-V31-G43-A19-Z3 M17-G1-V31-Z7-A20-N25 M17-G1-V31-D58-D3 M17-A2-V31-D58-D3-A2 M17-G1-V31-D58-M17-M17-B77-D3Z2

iAm iAm iAm iAm iArw iArr iArr iArrt iArrt iArrt iArt iAxw iAxw iAxw iAs iAs iAs iAs iAS iAq iAqt iAkw ikw iAkb iAkb iAkby

bind the sacrifice bind the sacrifice bind the sacrifice offer to rushes plants be dim, be weak of heart be dim of eye, be weak of heart vine vine grapes lock of hair sunshine, radiance radiance as a god radiance as a god bald bald bald bald call, summon leap leeks, vegetables the aged stone-quarry mourning, wailings mourning, wailings plural mourners

1 !-p E 1 !! p 1 !-K p ! 5 1 !! Kp ! 5 1 !! $! 5 1 !! $p 1 !f1 ! 1 !fE 1 !f! 8 U 1f! U
U 1 !f! 8 E 5 1 !f! 8 ~ 1 !f! 8 ! 1 !f! c h 4

M17-G1-V13-D57-G37 M17-G1-X1-D57 M17-G1-V13-G43-D57-O1-Z2 M17-G1-X1-G43-D57-O1-Z2 M17-G1-X1-G4-O1-Z2 M17-G1-X1-G4-D57 M17-G1-D46-A17-A1 M17-G1-D46-G37 M17-G1-D46-X1-Z5-N4 M17-D46-X1-N4 N4 M17-G1-D46-X1-Z5-G37-Z2 M17-G1-D46-X1-Z5-N35A M17-G1-D46-X1-Z5-V1 M17-G1-D46-X1-N18-N23-Z1 M18-M17-D54 M17-G43 M18-M17-D54-G43-Z4 M18-M17-Z4-D54-U33-M17 M18-M17-D54-G17-R4-X1-Q3 G17-M18-M17-D54-N35 M18 M18-Z4-D54 M18-M17-Z4-D54 M18-M17-M17-D54

iAT iAT iATw iATw iATw iAtyw id idw iAdt iAdt iAdt iAdt iAdt iAdt iAdt ii iiw iiw ii ii m Htp m ii n ii ii ii ii

be injured, be distorted, be missing, abate be injured, be distorted, be missing from, abate of fever shambles shambles shambles mutilation boy pestilence dew, pouring rain, pestilence, affliction, influence pouring rain dew intruders influence net tract of land come, return welcome welcome welcome come in peace, return safely as the consequence of, as the outcome of come, return come, return come, return come, return

21n 1K 2 1 nK7 217ng 1 2 1 n1/! # 1 2 1 nt 2 27n 217n 211n

211!E5 211!E 211!n 2 1 1 ! nE 5 [11 1\w 1\w 1\~ 1\~` 1\K~ 1\:~V 6 1\K~ M" 4 `4 1\K~6" 4 `4 1\K~ M4 1\\K` 1\qT \\qT 1\qS 1\Tq+ \Tq \ q S+s! L 1\qTl 1 \ q S+ 1\qT

M18-M17-M17-X1-G37-Z2 M18-M17-M17-X1-G37 M18-M17-M17-X1-D54 M18-M17-M17-X1-D54-G37-Z2 D35-M17-M17 M17-D36-O24A M17-D36-O24A M17-D36-N35A M17-D36-N35A-D40 M17-D36-G43-N35A M17-D36-Z7-N35A-N5 D154 M17-D36-G43-N35A-D21-X2-Z1W22-Z1 M17-D36-G43-N35A-D154-X2-Z1W22-Z1 M17-D36-G43-N35A-D21-Z1 M17-D36-D36-G43-D40 M17-D36-D58-W10 D36-D36-D58-W10 M17-D36-D58-F16 M17-D36-W10-D58-Y1 D36-W10-D58 D36-D58-F16-Y1-K4-X1-Aa2 M17-D36-D58-W10-S36C M17-D36-D58-F16-Y1 M17-D36-D58-W10

iyt iyt iyt iyt ii ia ia iai iai iaw iaw iaw r iaw r iaw r iaw r iaaw iab iab iab iab iab iab XAt iab iab iab

mishap, trouble, harm, wrong mishap, trouble, harm, a wrong which is done mishap, trouble, harm, a wrong which is done mishap, trouble, harm, a wrong which is done old negative particle tomb mastaba ascend, arise wash wash, wash out an inscription etc washing breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast cover up bowl bowl heap up corn with a pitchfork be united, assemble, join, unite, present present to inter, bury assemble of persons be united be united verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive

1\q } 1\h \\h` \\h:` 1\tbK" 1\tb 4+ 1\ Mp 1\ M!k \ M!k \\ M!k 1\ M!! PH 1<1W 1\<} 1\<\ 1\ <8\ 1 \v" 1K 1K0 Kn ch4 )K\ 1K11} )K" )K. )KE

M17-D36-D58-O30U M17-D36-I9 D36-D36-I9-D40 D36-D36-I9-Z7-D40 M17-D36-N35-W24-G43-A2 M17-D36-N35-W24-Z1-Y1 M17-D36-D21-N31 M17-D36-D21-X1-I12 D36-D21-X1-I12 D36-D36-D21-X1-I12 M17-D36-D21-X1-O1 N62A-A40 M17-V28-N62-G7C M17-D36-V28-C114A M17-D36-V28-N11A M17-D36-V28-T24-N11A M17-D36-N37-A2 M17-G43 M17-G43-A16 G43-D54 N18-N23-Z1 E9-G43-P1 M17-G43-M17-M17-P19 E9-G43-A2 E9-G43-E14 E9-G43-G37

iab iaf iaf iaf ianw ianw ar iart iart iart iart iaH iaH iaH iaH iaH aS iw iw iw iw iwi iwi iw iw iw

be united wring out, squeeze out wring out clothes, squeeze out juice wring out clothes, squeeze out juice greeting ?, woe to greeting mount up uraeus uraeus uraeus abode of god moon god moon god moon moon moon pilot is, are hump-back ? come, return island be boatless, strand, leave boatless, helpless, deprived strand, leave boatless lament, cry out dog wrongdoing, injustice

verb intransitive

verb transitive

quarter of town. heritage inheritance. heritage inheritance. heritage inheritance. succeed. heritage inheritance. leg of beef leg of beef inherit. heritage inheritance. substitute wrongdoing wrongdoing wrongfully house. long-horned cattle beef female representative. heritage plural . public places dog dog thigh. )KlR] )K\Kns )\n )\n )\Kn K\n )\Kn! 1\n )K\n ) K \ K 2p 5 ! \ ) n )\ ! n+ 5 ! \ ) n n! +5 )! n+ )!Kn )K\ \ ! n+5 E9-G37 M17-V4-G1-E1 M17-V4-G1-F51 M17-V4-G1-M17-M17-X1-B1 E9-G43-M17-M17-X1-G37-Z2 E9-X1-G37-Z2 G17-E9-X1-G43 E9-G43-M17-M17-X1-O1 E9-G43-E9-G43-E14 E9-G43-Z4A-O50-F27 E9-G43-D36-G43-F44-F51 E9-D36-F44 E9-D36-F44 E9-D36-G43-F44 G43-D36-F44 E9-D36-G43-F44-A1 M17-D36-F44 E9-G43-D36-F44 E9-G43-D36-G43-A1-B1-Z2 E9-D36-X1-F44 E9-D36-X1-F44-Y1-Z2 E9-D36-X1-F44 F44-X1-Y1-Z2 E9-X1-F44-Y1 E9-X1-G43-F44 E9-G43-D36-D36-X1-F44-Y1-Z2 iw iwA iwA iwAyt iwyt iwyt m iwyt iwyt iwiw iwiw iwaw iwaw iwa iwa iwa iwaw iwaw iwaw iwaw iwat iwat iwat iwat iwat iwat iwat wrongdoing ox. sanctuary.)E 1 $ !! 1$!s 1$!1 1!p )K1 1!E5 )!E5 1)!K )K1 1!! )K)K. act as heir inherit from someone succeed someone heir heir heir heirs heiress inheritance.

colour. disposition pillar pillared hall pillared hall pillared hall bow bow tribesmen tribesmen tribesmen noun . disposition complexion. colour. -5 <!46 <<< E9-D36-X1-Z5-Y1-Z2 E9-G43-D36-D40 E9-D36-M17-M17-X1-F44-A1-Z2 E9-D36-X1-A1-Z2 M17-D36-M17-M17-X1-A1-Z2 E9-G43-D36-G43-S21 M17-G43-D58-X1-N18 M17-G43-I9-F51-F51-F51 M17-I9-F51 M17-Z7-I9-F51B-Z2 M17-I9-F51B-Z2 M17-G43-F31-S29-A2 M17-F31-S29-A2 G1-F31-S29-G37-Z2 M17-E34-N35-D3 M17-E34-N35-F27 M17-E34-N35-D3-Y1 O28-Z1 O28-O28-O28-X1-O1 O28-W24-M17-M17-X1-O1 E9-G43-N35-M17-M17-X1-O1 O28-X1-Z1 O28-X1-T10 O28-Z1-Z2-T14-A13-Z2 O28-X1-Z1-Z3 O28-O28-O28 iwat iwa iwayt iwayt iwayt iwaw iwbt iwf iwf iwf iwf iwms iwms iwms iwn iwn iwn iwn iwnyt iwnyt iwnyt iwnt iwnt iwntyw iwntyw iwntyw inheritance. 1B t] 1B t. colour. nature. disposition complexion.+ <4 <<<!! <b11!! )Kt1 1!! <!4 <!* < 4 5. meat flesh of man flesh of man meat misstatement misstatement misstatement complexion. heritage reward troops troops troops ring crumb of bread flesh. nature. nature.)\! 8+5 )K\` )\ 1 1 ! n! 5 )\!!5 1\11!!5 )K\K] 1Kq !c 1Khss s 1hs 1 :h25 1 h25 1Kae" 1 ae" !aeE5 1B t.

... which.... Esna Heliopolis sanctuary sanctuary conceive a child.....<}<}<} < t! Q <t1Q < t7Q < 11!Q <bQ )Ktt! )tt! )M} )KD Mq )KD M8 )M1 1! r5 ):M 1 1! r o ):$ a` )K<~ )<~ )K <K~ )K7 K# )B} )K7 Kl )Kvv r 1KU M!j [!7E [K! 1K[! 1K[ g 1 O28-A462-O28-A462-O28-A462 O28-N35-X1-O49 O28-N35-M17-O49 O28-N35-Z4-O49 O28-M17-M17-X1-O49 O28-W24-O49 E9-G43-N35-N35-O1 E9-N35-N35-O1 E9-D21-B12 E9-G43-G36-D21-B2 E9-G43-G36-D21-Z5 E9-D21-M17-M17-X1-N33-Z2 E9-Z7-D21-M17-M17-X1-N33-M33A E9-Z7-O4-D41-D40 E9-G43-V28-N35A E9-V28-N35A E9-G43-V28-G43-N35A E9-G43-M23-G43-M3 E9-O34-U91 E9-G43-M23-G43-U38A E9-G43-N37-N37-N33 M17-G43-W11-D21-X1-N25 D35-X1-Z4-G37 D35-G43-X1 M17-G43-D35-X1 M17-G43-D35-U33-M17 iwntyw iwnt iwni iwni iwnyt iwnw iwnn iwnn iwr iwr iwr iwryt iwryt iwh iwH iwH iwHw iwsw iwsw iwsw iwSS iwgrt iwty iwty iwty iwty tribesmen Denderah Hermonthis Hermonthis Latopolis. which. become pregnant conceive a child.not who........... water field-plots.not who. become pregnant beans beans load moisten.....not...not.... which. inject....... flood moisten inundation balance of scales balance balance gruel realm of the dead who.not who..not........ become pregnant conceive.. which...not.not locality locality locality locality locality ...

suppose refuge . will. thirst after something be thirsty. floor. thirst after something be thirsty. mind. suppose think. does not exist what is not. suppose think. intelligence.[!!E5 [K!! 1K[!! )K! $L5 )! tf4 )Kfn )Kf! n d4 1q(] 1qU( 1q" 1q 1~ 1q(" 1q(~8 1q("! 1q(~"! 1q(!~ 1!q~ 1q!#~" 1q!~" 1q!( 1q(!" 1q" 1q(" 1q#" 1q! D35-X1-X1-G37-Z2 D35-G43-X1-X1 M17-G43-D35-X1-X1 E9-G43-X1-G4-Aa2-Z2 E9-X1-N35-N21-Z1 E9-G43-D46-D54 E9-G43-D46-X1-D54 F34-Z1 M17-D58-E8-F27 M17-D58-N4-E8 M17-D58-A2 M17-D58-M17-N35A M17-D58-E8-A2 M17-D58-E8-N35A-A24 M17-D58-E8-A2-A1 M17-D58-E8-N35A-A2-A1 M17-D58-E8-X1-N35A M17-X1-D58-N35A M17-D58-X1-E3-N35A-A2 M17-D58-X1-N35A-A2 M17-D58-X1-E8 M17-D58-E8-X1-A2 M17-D58-A2 M17-D58-E8-A2 M17-D58-E3-A2 M17-D58-O1 iwtt iwtt iwtt iwtyw iwtn iwd iwdt ib ib ib ibi ibi ibi ibi ib ib ibt ibt ibt ibt ibt ibt ib ib ib ibw what is not. flooring separate x from y separation heart. thirst after something thirsty man a thirsty man thirst thirst thirst thirst thirst thirst think. mood. understanding. does not exist corruption ground. desire. thirst after something be thirsty. does not exist what is not. wish kid goat kid goat be thirsty.

shelter refuge. tusk stream with liquid. shelter tent of purification halliard of ship ? halliards of ship halliards of ship halliards of ship ladanum ladanum ? ladanum ? Ibhet Ibhet Ibhet-stone Ibhet stone tooth tooth.1q@ 1q(/ / 1q /K< 1 q = !K< 1q jK]4 1q (:! 1q K! 1q! 1q K2 1q K7! 5 1q K! 1q KK! 5 1q KK! 5 1q MKa5 1q#1` 1q M1 r5 1q$!j 1 q $ !! j 1q$!7G 1 q # $ !K ! 7 r 5 U4 1q <U4 1q( <~8 1q # <~U5 1 q -! o M17-D58-A32 M17-D58-E8-Y6 Y6 M17-D58-Y6-G43-E28 M17-D58-G29-G1-G43-E28 M17-D58-F40-G43-F27-Z1 M17-D58-E8-Z7-O1 M17-D58-G43-O1 M17-D58-O1 M17-D58-G43-O18 M17-D58-G43-Z4-V1-Z2 M17-D58-G43-V1 M17-D58-G43-G43-V1-Z2 M17-D58-G43-G43-V1-Z2 M17-D58-D21-W1-W23-Z2 M17-D58-E3-M17-W22 M17-D58-D21-M17-N33-Z2 M17-D58-O4-X1-N25 M17-D58-O4-G1-X1-N25 M17-D58-O4-X1-Z4-O39 M17-D58-E3-O4-G1-G43-X1-Z4N33-Z2 F18-Z1 M17-D58-V28-F18-Z1 M17-D58-E8-V28-N35A-A24 M17-D58-E3-V28-N35A-F18-Z2 M17-D58-V13-X1-D56 ibA ibA ibA ibAw ibAw ibAw ibw ibw ibw ibw ibwy ibwy ibwy ibwy ibr ibr ibr ibht ibht ibhty ibhty ibH ibH ibH ibH ibTt dance draughtsman draughtsman Barbary sheep Barbary sheep Barbary sheep refuge. be suffused with blood stream with liquid. be suffused with blood part of leg locality locality . shelter refuge.

1#!K M17-D58-E8-V28-G43-N35A M17-D58-V28-N35A M17-D58-S29-S57 R15-D58-S29-S57 M17-D58-V13-T26 M17-D58-X1-T26 M17-Q3-Y1 M17-Q3-Y1 M17-Q3-Y1 M17-Q3-Y1 M17-Q3-Y1-I10-X1-Z1 M17-Q3-X1-Y1 M17-Q3-G43-Y1-Z2 M17-Q3-X1-U9 M17-Q3-X1-Q1-X1-Z2 M17-Q3-X1-F27-B1 M17-Q3-G40-G1-O1-Z1 M17-G40-X1-O1 M17-Q3-G43-O49 N36-N23-Q3-Z7-O49 M17-Q3-G43 M17-Q3-I9 M17-Q3-N35 M17-Q3-V28-E12 M17-Q3-X1-G43 ibHw ibHw ibs ibs ibT ibT ip ip ip ip ip Dt ipt ipw ipt ipt swt ipt ipA ipAt ipw ipw ipw ipf ipn ipH iptw libationer libationer headdress of king headdress of king bird-trap bird . estimation collect one's wits. recognize. pigs these locality locality demonstrative adjective demonstrative adjective demonstrative adjective collective noun demonstrative . allot exact. muster. detail. having his wits about him census payments grain-measure of 4 heqat Temple of Karnak Twelfth month name and festival private office private office Akhmim Akhmim these those these swine. make reckoning. claim. reckon up. recover one's senses. take heed of set in order. assess.trap count.1q ( <K~ 1q <~ 1qe} :qe} 1 q -: 1q!: 1#+ 1#+ 1#+ 1#+ 1# +i! 4 1#!+ 1# K+5 1#!O 1#!!!5 1#!]p 1 # H !! 4 1H!! 1#KQ uh#:Q 1#K 1#h 1#t 1#<. assemble. accounting. examine.

shape. therewith. therein. cloth couch flee flee there. grief grief grief Tell el-Farun Nebeshah wine of Imt adjective demonstrative adjective demonstrative adjective demonstrative adjective verb locality . shape moan moan groaning.1#!K! 1#!h 1#!t 1# fK#5 !# f#5 1hs 1 hfa5 1 hf! 5 1 hfG 1 hfGd 1 hf7 ad 1 hf7a &#! 4 1 hfn 1 hf7 ao n 11 11F F4 1F12 1F1" 1F~" 1F1!" 1F1"5 1F1K+5 1F1!2 7Q 11!T M17-Q3-X1-G43-X1 M17-Q3-X1-I9 M17-Q3-X1-N35 M17-Q3-D46-G43-M3-Z2 G1-Q3-D46-M3-Z2 M17-I9-F51 M17-I9-D46-D41-Z2 M17-I9-D46-X1-Z2 M17-I9-D46-O39 M17-I9-D46-O39-S28 M17-I9-D46-Z4-D41-S28 M17-I9-D46-Z4-D41-V6-M3-X1-Z1 M17-I9-D46-D54 M17-I9-D46-Z4-D41-D56-D54 M17-G17 M17-G17-Aa5 Aa5-Z1 M17-Aa5-G17-F51B M17-Aa5-G17-A2 M17-Aa5-N35A-A2 M17-Aa5-G17-X1-A2 M17-Aa5-G17-A2-Z2 M17-Aa5-G17-G43-Y1-Z2 M17-Aa5-G17-X1-A18-Z4-O49 M17-G17-X1-W10 iptwt iptf iptn ipdw ipdw if ifd ifdt ifd ifd ifdy ifdy ifd ifd im im im im im im imt imw imw imt imt these those these furniture furniture flesh quadruple a four. side form. shape form. therefrom form. quartette rectangular cloth couch.

which is in who is in. which is in. who existed aforetime.F!T 1F!2 2! 1 F1 r 54 1F1 1 1! +5 1 1~uf4 1 1:1\~u h 1>17 > >1 _ Aa5-X1-W10 M17-Aa5-X1-A18 A18-X1 M17-Aa5-G17-N33-Z2-Z1 M17-Aa5-G17-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 M17-M17-N35A-N36-N21-Z1 M17-M17-Z7-G17-D36-N35A-N36N23 M17-Z11-G17-Z4 Z11 Z11-G17 H8 H34 M17-Z11-F34-Z1 H8-F34-Z1 M17-Z11-G17-M17-M40-O34-O1 M40-G17 M17-Z11-G17-Z4-D36-Z1 Z11-G36-D21-X1-O1 Z11-G17-G36-D21-X1 Z11-G36-D21-X1-O1 Z11-G17-G43-X1-Aa2 Z11-G17-D53 M17-X1-Z11-O1-Z1 Z11-G17-X1-O1-Y1-Z2 Z11-G17-X1-Y1-Z2-O1-Z1 imt imty imty im imyt ym ym imy imy imy imy imy imy ib imy ib imy is imy is imy a imy wrt imy wrt imy wrt imy wt imy bAH imy pr imy pr imt pt wine of Imt foster-child foster child of king of Lower Egypt gesso ? pigment sea sea who. testament } 1>d4 _d 4 1 >1 1 H B! H1 1>17\4 >DM!! >1D M! >DM!! >1K!L >1m 1!>!4 >1! !+5 > 1! +5! 4 . in which is who is in. which is in in which is in which is favourite favourite councillor councillor regional officer ? designation of priestly phyle starboard of ship the West name of Anubis-fetish who is in the presence. ancestor will. testament will. testament will.

1 > K5~ M17-Z11-G43-Z2-N35A Z11-G17-X1-N35-I10-S29-X1-G37 G17-D21 G17-D21-X1 G17-D21-Z1-F16-F25-H6-K6 >1! tie ! E 1M 1M! 1M4S[ ]u >1 Mth! 5 >17 Mth >17$ M:V4h >1G!4 >1G!4 >1! G! 4 hl >[! 1>1#B ! 1>1#B ! >K! [1 1#! 4 1#B ! . 1#! ! ! ! > 5K#B ! n! 6 >1b ! s >1! !!\4! Z11-G17-D21-N35-I9-A1-Z2 Z11-G17-Z4-D21-N35-I9 Z11-G17-Z4-O4-D21-Z7-N5-Z1-I9 Z11-G17-F4-X1-Z1 Z11-G17-F4-X1-Z1 Z11-G17-X1-F4-X1-Z1-I9-I13 Z11-W17-A1 M17-Z11-G17-M3-Aa1-X1 M17-Z11-G17-M3-Aa1-X1 Z11-D19-X1 W17-G17 G17-M3-X1-Z1 G17-M3-Aa1-X1-A12 G17-M3-X1-A1-A1-A1 Z11-Z2-G43-M3-Aa1-X1-D54-A1-Z3 Z11-G17-F32-X1-F51 Z11-G17-Q1-X1-O1-D36-Z1-A1 imyw mw imt nDst imy r imyt r imy r ab wHmt Swt nSmt imy rn .f imy xmt imy xt imy xt imy xnt imy xnt imy xt imy xt imyw xtw imyw xtw imy Xt imy st a aquatic animals stern of ship overseer forewoman of gang Overseer of horn. who is on duty for the day who. which is in front.f imy rn . mould of conduct Royal Uraeus she who is on his front chamberlain following afterof time who are in attendance on. which was before pattern.f imy hrw . hoof. superintendant. member of the bodyguard.f imy HAt imy HAt imt HAt . feather and scale livestock feminine list of names list of names sentry. posterity those of later times. posterity viscera acolyte. chamberlain chamberlain member of the bodyguard member of the bodyguard those of later times. helper .

place !. be gracious. cause ! 'negates the verb' 'negatives the verb' belongs to me of mine. charmed with be delighted with. well-disposed. be delighted. belongs to me between. in the midst of between. gentle.>1 ! 1>1K6 a h4 1>1K6 a h4~ 1F1\ >1[ 11[ 1111 t! 1 1 1>K! g 1 1>K! >17!: >1! 1>!K M>17 1G! > 1G! ! 1! 1 G!! 1 !! 1 1G! ! 1+ 1 !1! 1 !G! 1 1 G! 1 1 !! 1 Z11-V17-A1 M17-Z11-G17-G43-Z3-N16-N23-Z1 M17-Z11-G17-G43-Z3-N16-N23-Z1N35A M17-Aa5-G17-D36 Z11-G17-D35 M17-G17-D35 M17-G17-M17-M17 N35-A1-M17-G17 M17-Z11-G43-X1-U33-M17 M17-Z11-G43-X1 Z11-G17-Z4-X1-Z7 Z11-G17-X1 M17-Z11-X1-G43 D21-Z11-G17-Z4 M17-U1-X1-E30 M17-U1-M1 M1-G17-M1 M17-U1-G1-M1 M17-G1-M1-G17 M17-U1-M1 M1-G17-Y1 M17-G1-G17-M1 M17-G1-U1-M1-G17 M17-U1-M1-G17 M17-G1-M1-G17 imy sA imyw tA imyw tA mw imi imi imi imy n . in the midst of female ibex. female of any animal a type of tree a tree a tree a tree kind. in the midst of between. pleasing.i imy imiwti imiwti imytw imytw imytw r imy imAt imA imA imA imA imA imA imA imA imA imA attendant snakes of land and water give !. charmed be gracious pleasing to pleasing to be delighted with. in the midst of between. among among between. charmed with imperative .

veneration. splendour brilliance. kindliness. kindliness. hut tent tent tent tent spinal cord spinal cord honour. graciousness. splendour brilliance. graciousness charm. splendour tent. kindliness.! +: 4 1G1! ! + 1 !! 1! H!} 1 !! 1! ! 1! +5 !!+ 1 !1! ! + ! 1K Y5 !KY ! XY5 1 ! 5KV ! 1KF Y ! 1K! ! 1! ! K! 1! FK! 1 G!1! 1 GKi 4 i4 1HBi4 i4 i!4 1GiF 1 1 1iB 1iB 11 M1-Y1-D2-Z1 M17-U1-G17-X1-M1-Y1 M17-G1-M1-G17-X1 U2-X1-M46B M17-G1-M1-G17-X1 M1-G17-X1-Y1-Z2 M1-X1-Y1 M17-G1-G17-X1-M1-Y1 M1-G17-G43-N8-Z2 M1-G43-N8 M1-Aa5-N8-Z2 M17-M1-Z2-G43-N5 M1-G17-G43-Aa5-N8 M1-G17-G43-O1 M1-G17-O1 M1-G43-O1 M17-M1-Aa5-G43-O1 M17-U1-G1-G17-O1 M17-U1-Aa1-F39A-Z1 F39A-Z1 M17-U2-Aa1-F39A-Z1 F39A-Z1 F39A-X1-Z1 M17-U1-F39A-Aa1-M17-M17 M17-F39A-Aa1 M17-F39A-Aa1-M17-M17 imA Hr imAt imAt imAt imAt imAt imAt imAt imAw imAw imAw imAw imAw imAw imAw imAw imAw imAw imAx imAx imAx imAx imAxt imAxy imAxy imAxy gracious of countenance charm. the blessed state of being dead honour. kindliness. graciousness charm. splendour brilliance. kindliness. graciousness favour toward someone brilliance. favour charm. graciousness charm. splendour brilliance. graciousness charm. kindliness. veneration honour be honoured be honoured be honoured verb verb .

t! p 1 .t[ 1 . conceal. hide secret.t8 8 9!j 9 noun noun . right .1GiB 1 Gi B K' 1iB iB 11! i 1 1KS6 1HB 1 1i<+! 1HB i4 1 1:3!5 1iB! 1F1K\ 1F1\ \ 1! 1:\ M17-U1-F39A-Aa1 M17-U1-F39A-Aa1-G43-G7 M17-F39A-Aa1 F39A-Aa1-M17-M17-X1 F39A-M17-M17-G43-A51A-Z3 M17-U2-Aa1-M17-M17-F39A-Z9-Y1A1 M17-U2-Aa1-F39A-Z1-M17-M17-Z7A19-A1-Z2 M17-F39A-Aa1-X1 M17-Aa5-G17-G43-P1 M17-Aa15-G17-P1 P1 M17-M1-G17-Z7-P1 M17-Y5-N35 M17-Y5-N35-G7 M17-Y5-N35-X1-B1 M17-Y5-N35-A4C M17-Y5-N35-D35 M17-Y5-N35-X1-A4C M17-Y5-N35-W24-Z7-A4C M17-Y5-N35-X1-O1 R14-Z1 M17-Y5-N35-R13 R13 R14-X1-N25 R14 imAxy imAxw imAxw imAxyt imAxyw imAxyw imAxyw imAxyt imw imw imw imw imn imn imnt imn imn imnt imnw imnt imn imn imn imnt imnt be honoured revered oneof the blessed dead revered one of the blessed dead revered one of dead women revered ones of the aged living revered one of the aged living revered one of the aged living revered one of dead woman ship. hidden secret secret secret place right hand.t$ 1 . the West the West the West verb plural plural 1 .t 1 . right .side. the west right -hand. right side.t! ! 94 1 .t' 1 . ship-load ship ship ship create Amun Amaunet secret.t! $ 1 . hidden.side. the West right -hand.tb :$ 1 .

1 . kindly disposed kindly disposed.t 1 1 ! +5 1 . western.t! j 9!7j }! '!7 9!7` 8` 8!` 9!!j }!!j 'g1 8$ ]!$ 1 .t$ 9$5 1 . the West the West right -hand the west wind the west wind the west wind the West the West Westerner used about the dead Westerners Westerners Westerners Westerners daily offerings daily offerings be deaf netherworld netherworld pleasant. pleasant Imseti a son of Horus Imseti Imseti one of the Four sons of Horus one of the Four plural plural plural plural .t! +5 1M MX 1F<!! P<!! 1 ae"d 4 )d 4 11Fe g ' 11e g ' 11e!' W!j W!Q!4 G7C-X1-N25 G7C-X1-O49-X1-Z1 M17-Y5-N35-X1-N25 R14-X1-Z4-N25 G264B-X1 G7-X1-Z4 R14-X1-Z4-P5 R13-P5 R13-X1-P5 R14-X1-X1-N25 G264A-X1-X1-N25 G7-U33-M17 R13-G4 H6-X1-G4 M17-Y5-N35-G4 R14-G4-Z2 M17-Y5-N35-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 M17-Y5-N35-X1-Y1-Z2 M17-U7-D21-F21 M17-Aa5-V28-X1-O1 Aa15-V28-X1-O1 M17-F31-S29-A2-F34-Z1 E9-F34-Z1 M17-G17-Aa5-S29-U33-G7 M17-G17-S29-U33-G7 M17-G17-S29-X1-G7 imnt imnt imnt imnty imnty imnty imnty imnty imnty imntt imntt imnti imntyw imntyw imntyw imntyw imnyt imnyt imr imHt imHt ims ib ims ib imsti imsti imsti the West the West the West right hand.

quarry tribute of subject lands. tribute.dues to be paid. buy. carry off. overcome. hold aloof eyebrows valley valley cordage of ship cordage of ship sons of Horus0 one of the Four sons of Horus divinity divinity . delay. bring away. bring about. reach. fetch. gifts from palace.FBg 1H 1F1DMD 1t 1K ct c c c t < : M! p' c RH c p' cb5 c tbK+5 c tbK+5 c 11!" c tbK36 1c tb K" 6 1pt! p 1t! p 1ptn 1ptE7 1pt! j 1p!j 1pt! 5 1ptt! 5 Aa5-O34-U33-M17-A40 M17-Aa5-G17-M36-D21-O36 M17-N35 M17-S3 W25-N35 W25 W25 W25-N35-V28-D2-D21-X1-N31-G7 W25-N1-A40 W25-N31-G7 W25-W24-Z2 W25-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 W25-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 W25-M17-M17-X1-A2 W25-N35-W24-G43-V19-Z3 M17-W25-N35-W24-G43-A2-Z3 M17-K1-N35-X1-K1 M17-N35-X1-K1 M17-K1-N35-D54 M17-K1-N35-D13-Z4 M17-K1-N35-X1-N25 M17-K1-X1-N25 M17-K1-N35-V1-Z2 M17-K1-N35-N35-V1-Z2 imsti imDr in in ini ini ini in Hrt in Hrt in Hrt inw inw inw inyt inw inw int int ini in int int in in Imseti rampart by. attain a place. appoint. reach. use bring. use Onuris Onuris Onuris produce of a region. appoint. produce of region. model the bulti-fish the bulti . gifts. buy. so says bring. remove something overcome trouble. so says by. attain.quarry of hunter refrain of song ? matting pattern. remove. carry off.

rock. slab. stackade fence. water-mint ? stone.1t\} 1pt\! s 1ptq D D4 1ptq ! #5 D6 1ptq D` 1 p tq = !" 1t# L 1t# KJ / 1t# 2 1t# K/ 1t# K/' 1t# ' 1ptB1] 1" tt5 1b t5 1ptt?"5 1tMG 1 t M Gt M 4 ~ 1"tM1 188 1"tM. complexion we we thyme ?. block sea-shell shudder shudder shudder pomegranate tree and fruit divinity indepentdent pronoun independent pronoun . hues of sky.! M17-N35-D36-D147 M17-K1-N35-D36-X1-F51 M17-K1-N35-D58-O36 O36A-Z1 M17-K1-N35-D58-X1-M3-Z2 O36A-Z3 M17-K1-N35-D58-O36-D40 M17-K1-N35-D58-G29-G1-A2 M17-N35-Q3-Aa2 M17-N35-Q3-G43-A42 E15 M17-N35-Q3-A18 M17-N35-Q3-G43-E15 M17-N35-Q3-G43-E15-G7 M17-N35-Q3-C7 M17-K1-N35-T34-G17-F27 M17-A2-N35-N35-Z2 M17-W24-N35-Z2 M17-K1-N35-N35-V31-M2-Z2 M17-N35-D21-O39 M17-N35-D21-O39-N35-D21-Z1N35A M17-A2-N35-D21-M17-M17-Z5-A24 M17-A2-N35-D21-G14 M17-Z7-N35-D21-Z7-Z5 M17-N35-O4-Y5-M1 ina inat inb inb inbt inbt inb inbA inp inpw inpw inpw inpw inpw inpw inm inn inn innk inr inr n r mw inry inry inry inhmn chin chin wall wall fence. stockade wall of a place be dumb decay royal child royal child royal child royal child of princess Anubis Anubis skin of man or animal. development.plural . 1:tM:8 1 t$ .

belonging to me hinder. collect. come together unite the Two Lands. collect. shank. collect. gather together unite the Two Lands. gather together unite the Two Lands. embrace. restrain fetter fetter fetter fetter fetter misery noun verb verb independent pronoun . embrace lotus-leaves ? calf of leg. hind-leg bright-red linen bright red linen bright red linen testicles unite. gather together I am. enclose. thigh. collect. collect. 1pt<! ` c t0 !e ! r 5 1pte ! o 1pte 7d 1pte d 1ptB7d 1te K s s 1ptn X \ 1tn X 1ptn ` 1 ptn k` 1tn } b? 1pt! 7on 1t! t! î 1 p t-! 1t! ! 1pt! 8 1 t-! ! 1pt! ! ! 1ptf:E M17-K1-N35-O4-G17-D36-N35-Z4M1 N35-O4-Z4-U2-D4-G1-G1-N33-Z2 M17-K1-N35-V28-D13-D13 M17-K1-N35-V28-D3 M17-K1-N35-V28-V1-D40 W25-N35-M16-G1-S29-X1-N33-Z2 M17-K1-N35-S29-X1-D56 M17-K1-N35-S29-Z4-S28 M17-K1-N35-S29-S28 M17-K1-N35-O34-Z4-S28 M17-N35-S29-G43-F51-F51 M17-K1-N35-N29-D32-D36 M17-N35-N29-D32 M17-K1-N35-N29-D40 M17-K1-N35-N29-D51-D40 M17-N35-N29-V110 W24-V31 M17-K1-N35-X1-Z4-D56-D54 M17-N35-X1-N35-X1-D55 M17-K1-N35-V13-V1 M17-N35-X1-V1 M17-K1-N35-X1-A24 M17-N35-V13-X1-V1 M17-K1-N35-X1-X1-V1 M17-K1-N35-D46-Z7-G37 inhmn nhm inH inH inH inHAst inst insy insy insy inswy inq inq inq inq inq ink inty intnt inT inT inT inTt inTt indw pomegranate tree and fruit pomegranate tree and fruit eyebrows eyebrows surround. linger hold back.1pt$ 1\t7! t$ 7 H <!! r 5 1pt<EE 1pt<. gather together unite the Two Lands. gather together.

keeper door ..1ptfEx 1ptfE! 1 pti' 1 ci+: 4 1M 1 M7 1 M5 1 M7Q Q\!! Q? 1 M=\? 1 M7 O =?! Q*!4 Q eG! M eG! 1 M7Q Mfoo Q$#+ 1 M7Q G!4 1 M7z1Ke Q B ! +5 1 M7 Q I4 ! 1 MQ e @1+! Oe@ 1Q M! +' tq ! s 1M1 1 M!O M17-K1-N35-D46-G37-Z3A M17-K1-N35-D46-G37-A1 M17-K1-N35-I10-C7 M17-Aa27-I10-Y1-D2-Z1 M17-D21 M17-D21-Z4 M17-D21-Z2 M17-D21-Z4-A49 A49-D36-X1-O1 A49-O31 M17-D21-O29-D36-O31 M17-D21-Z4-A47-O29-O31-A1 A49-T10-X1-Z1 A49-F35-F4-X1 D21-F35-F4-X1 M17-D21-Z4-A49-D21-D46-D56-D56 A49-O4-Q3-Y1 M17-D21-Z4-A49-F4-X1-Z1 M17-D21-Z4-N41-G17-G43-P10 A49-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 M17-D21-Z4-A49-Aa8-Z1-O1 M17-D21-A49-S29-T32-G17-Y1-A1 A47-S29-T32 M17-A49-D21-X1-Y1-V7-N35-D58X1-F51 M17-D21-M17 M17-D21-X1-A47 indw ind inD inD Hr ir iry iry iry iry at iry aA iry aA iry aA iry pDt iry nfr HAt iry nfr HAt iry rdwy iry hp iry HAt iry Hmw iry xt iry sA iry sSm iry sSm irt Snbt iri irit misery the afflicted man be afflicted hail to.keeper bowman keeper of the diadem keeper of the diadem one in attendence on custodian of laws pilot helmsman overseer. thereto thereof. administrator keeper of cattle-pens functionary functionary pectoral companion female companion . if thereof. thereto relating to hall-keeper door-keeper door .. as to.

take action. form shape.` <! 4 << <<K7 < <! <M! 1 <K U 4 1<U UK+5 1<MK! <1 16 <MK+5 <1<MK! 1<1 1!w 1<1 1!O 1<M!K 1 M# `5 1 M#K M17-D21-X1-A49-Y1 M17-D21-X1 M17-D4-X1-A47 M17-D21-X1-Y1 A47-X1-Z2 A47-Y1-Z2 M17-D21-A1-A49-Z3 M17-D21-T12-D40 D4-X1-Z1 D4-D4 D4-D4-G43-Z4 D4 D4-A1 D4-D21-A1 M17-D4-G43-A53-Z1 M17-D4-A53 A53-G43-Y1-Z2 M17-D4-D21-G43-E1 D4-M17-M17-Z3 D4-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 D4-M17-D4-D21-G43-E1 M17-D4-M17-M17-X1-E92 M17-D4-M17-M17-X1-U9 M17-D4-D21-X1-M43A M17-D21-Q3-W22-Z2 M17-D21-Q3-M43 irt irt irt irt irt irt iryw Ar irt irwy irwy iri ir irr irw irw irw irw irw irw iri irw iryt iryt iArrt irp irp levy the cattle . purpose duty of someone duty of someone duty of someone duty of someone duty of someone crew of boat drive away eye eyes eyes create. achieve. milch-cow tax-corn vine wine wine . prepare. nature shape. do. beget. act. form cattle-tax cattle . use. form. treat doer of good evil doer shape. construct.1 M!Q+ 1 M! 1 <! O 1 M!+ O!5 O+5 1 M!Q6 1 cattle .

colour.! E 1$1n 1$$ 11" 1"$$ 11< <1$$ 1 1" 1"$ $ 1 1M5 M17-D21-Q3-W21 M17-D21-I9 M17-D21-V31 M17-D21-X1 M17-D21-V13-N35 M17-D4-X1-G4-N33-Z2 M17-D4-G4-N33-Z2 M17-D4-G4-S28 M17-D4-G4-A2-Z3 M17-D21-X1-X1-W20 M17-D4-X1-X1-W22 M17-A2-M17-M17-O4-M17-M17-A2 M17-O4-M17 M17-O4-G43-O1 M17-O4-D58-A32 M17-O4-G1-D58-A32 M17-O4-D58-G43-A32-Z3 M17-O4-G1-D58-G43-A17-D54-Z2 M17-O4-G17-A24 O4-M17-G17-D36 M17-O4-G14-X1-G37 M17-O4-G17-D54 M17-O4-O4-M17-M17-A2 M17-A2-O4-O4-M17-M17-A28 D4-M17-O4-O4-M17-M17-A2 M17-A2-O4-O4-M17-M17-W3-Z2 irp irf irk irt irTn irtyw irtyw irtyw irtyw irTt irTt yhy yhy ihw ihb ihb ihbw ihbw ihm ihm ihmt ihm ihhy ihhy ir ihhy ihhy wine enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle blue. colour. a blue mineral blue-dyed linen mourning milk milk Oho ! Oho ! camp dancing ritual dancing ritual ritual dancers ritual dancers restrain restrain detention linger.1 M#_ 1 Mh 1 M? 1 M! 1 M -t 1 <! $ r 5 1 <$ r 5 1 <$d 1 <$" 6 1 M!!^ 1 <! ! ` 1"11$ 11" 1$ 1 1$K! 1$q@ 1 $ !q @ 1$q K@ 6 1 $ !q K 1 n5 1$ 18 $ 11\ 1$ . blue mineral ? blue. lag rejoicing rejoicing rejoice a festival .

! h4 \B . what ? make to flourish bank of river bank of river bank of river bank of fortress extinguish. annul ignorant ones unwearying adjective title of the priests of Hathor title of the priests of Hathor title of the priests of Hathor . therefore.1<D 1<!! 1 <l{ !! 1<" 11<n 1 < !` 1< 11m 1< 1<m 1<7K 1 <K! 1<K 1 <KE 1 <K!44! 1 z B1 1<!!h 1B+ 1B 1/`5 1B 1!j 1B .! h5 \B 1!e 1B 1[ 1B 1E5 1 B 15' M17-V28-F1 M17-V28-X1-E1 M17-V28-D52-N42-X1-E1A M17-V28-A2 M17-M17-V28-D54 M17-V28-G1-D40 M17-V28-M17-M17-A239 M17-V28 M17-V28-A239 M17-V28-Z4-G43 M17-V28-G43-O1 M17-V28-G43 M17-V28-G43-G37 M17-V28-G43-X1-Z1-Z1-A1 M17-N41-O34-A17 M17-V28-X1-X1-N23 M17-Aa1-Y1 M17-Aa1-M17-M15-D40-Z2 M17-Aa1-G17-X1-N25 M17-Aa1-G14-X1-N23-Z1 D36-Aa1-G14-X1-N23-Z2 D36-Aa1-G17-X1-N20 M17-Aa1-G17-D35 M17-Aa1-G17-G37-Z2 M17-Aa1-G17-Z2-A7 iH iHt iHt iH yH aHA iHy iHy iHy iHy iHw iHw iHw aHwty iHms iHtt ix ixi ixmt ixmt ixmt ixmt ixm ixmw ixmw bull cow cow Ah ! Hey ! fight sistrum-player sistrum player sistrum player sistrum player stable for animals a measure of metal weakness cultivator attendant land-tax then.

workshop. dusk twilight. landmark tomb. archive. archive. workshop. council chamber. circumpolar twilight. workshop. company of soldiers. council-chamber. tomb. council chamber. dusk twilight. testicles palace crew of ship. archive tomb. council chamber. archive. dusk go ! go ! go ! work devastation among boundary-stone. dusk twilight. gang of workmen crew of ship company of rebels imperative imperative plural . landmark boundary stone. ixmw wrD ixm sk ixm sk ixmw skw ixm sk ixxw ixxw ixxw ixxw is is is ir is HAq m ist ist is is isi is iswy ist ist ist ist the unwearying stars the indestructible star the circumpolar star indestructible star the circumpolar indestructible stars indestructible star i. tomb. workshop.e.1 B F[ 5D M f' _ 5 1B 1[e ?_ 1B 1e =?_ 1 KB 1[ 5e = ?_ 5 M17-Aa1-Aa5-D35-Z2-G36-D21D46-A7A-N14-Z2 M17-Aa1-G17-D35-S29-V31-N14 M17-Aa1-G17-S29-V29-V31-N14 M17-G43-Aa1-G17-D35-Z2-S29V29-V31-N14-Z2 D36-Aa1-G17-G43-S29-V31-N14 M17-Aa1-Aa1-G43-N8 M17-Aa1-Aa1-G43-N2-Z2 M17-G43-Aa1-Aa1-N2-Z2 D36-Aa1-Aa1-Z7-N2 M17-O35-D54 O35 M17-O35 D4-M17-O35-D54-M16-G1-N29D36-G17 M17-O34-X1-M35 M40-X1-Z1 M17-M40-O34-O1 M17-M40-S29-O1 M17-M40-S29-Z4-O1 M17-M40-O34-O194A-O1-Z1 M17-S29-F44-Z7-X1-D283-Z2-F51 M40-X1-O11 M40-X1-Z1-A1-Z2 M40-X1-G43-A1-Z2 M40-X1-Z1-A14 \B 1Ke ?_ 1BBKY 1B B KS5 1KB B S5 \B B:S 1 Cn C 1C < 1 Cn0 !n \ 1 1 B! C H!4 1 H B! 1He! 1 He7! 1 H B} !4 1 e n:! } 5s H!+ H!4!5 H!K!5 H!4.

ancient old. lie light lie light on light .minded lightness of tongue enclitic particle bald old.H 1 H B" 1He" 1 H B"d 4 1H!" 1e 1e< 1 He "+ 1e6 1eK6 1eK!" 1 H e K! "+5 1 He 1 1:! "5& 1 He :"5 1e:" 1 H e nK nK 1He} 1 H e K+5 1 e Kn+5 1 He K"+5 n! 1eq!! 1eq!} 1eq!# 1e#> M40 M17-M40-O34-M2 M17-M40-S29-M2 M17-M40-O34-M2-F34-Z1 M17-M40-X1-M2 M17-S29 M17-S29-A28 M17-M40-S29-M2-Y1 M17-S29-M22 M17-S29-G43-Z3 M17-S29-G43-X1-M2 M17-M40-S29-G43-X1-M2-Y1-Z2 M17-M40-S29-M17-M17-Z7-X1-M2Z2-V6 M17-M40-S29-Z7-M2-Z2 M17-S29-Z7-A2 M17-M40-S29-F44-G43 F44-G43 M17-M40-S29-F147 M17-M40-S29-G43-Y1-Z2 M17-S29-G43-F44-Y1-Z2 M17-M40-S29-G43-M2-Y1-Z2 F44-X1 M17-S29-D58-X1-O1 M17-S29-D58-X1-Q12 M17-S29-D58-X1-M3 M17-S29-Q3-T30 ist is is is ib ist is iAs is is isw iswt iswt isywt isw isw isw isw isw isw isw isw iswty isbt isbt isbt isp gang of workmen be light of weight. stool stool hew. rags reeds non-enclitic particle reward reward reward reward reward reward representative throne throne. ancient ancient ones ancient times ancient times old clothes. cut noun noun noun noun noun .

wrong-doing. morning meal possessions. falsehood wrong. 1 e h! 7E! 1BM} 1e M# 1e M! # 1e7KM4 1enn 1enon 1e? e? 1e! 1e ! t:` 1eeg e1e! 1 v" 1 v! <+5 1 v! 5 1 v! r5 1' tt" M17-S29-Q3-X1-M3 M17-S29-Q3-X1-F27 M17-S29-Q3-X1-G43-T65 M17-S29-Q3-D21-Z1 M17-S29-I9-X1-G37 M17-O34-I9-X1-Z8 M17-S29-I9-X1-Z4-G37-A1 M17-O34-D21-M46 M17-S29-D21-M3 M17-S29-D21-M1-M3 M17-S29-M23-G43-D21-Z1 M17-S29-N29-D54 M17-S29-N29-D56-D54 M17-S29-V31 S29-V31 M17-S29-X1 M17-S29-X1-N35-Z7-D40 M17-S29-V13 S29-U33 S29-V13 M17-S29-X1 M17-N37-A2 M17-N37-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 M17-N37-X1-Z2 M17-N37-X1-N33-Z2 M17-V7-N35-N35-A2 ispt ispt ispt ispr isft isft isfty isr isr isr issr isq isq isk isk ist istn isT isT isT isT iS iSt iSt iSt iSnn quiver for arrows quiver for arrows quiver for arrows whip wrong.enclitic particle saliva possessions.enclitic particle non .enclitic particle non . wait for linger non-eclitic particle non . linger. morning meal possessions. morning meal warcry verb intransitive .enclitic particle non-eclitic particle strap up. falsehood evil-doer tamarisk tree tamarisk tamarisk Assyria hinder.1e#!# 1e#!] 1e#!K} 1e# M4 1 e h! E 1 Bh! . bind non-eclitic particle non . wrong doing.

well-to-do. skilful.1 v7Q 1 &ve ! 1 &B! " 1 vf! K r5 1 vfG 1 `f} 1 vf! K 1 vff r r r 1n M+ 1n M+! 1n <K~ !n < K ~ 1 dfD KC 1"?K5 j 511! 3 1?3 1"?q . water meadow what ?. excellence a trustworthy man. superior wealth. wiseacre battle-axe battle . virtue. pleasing. trustworthy.axe builder stone-quarry quarryman quarryman quarryman mourning shield shield cup. wherefore ? what ? Balanos. excellent. jar jar draw water from well etc hoe interrogative . fruit of the ished tree fruit of various trees fruit of the Ished tree Ished tree Ished tree sweat trust. Ished tree." 1e1]4 1?1] 1?tT 1 T t!} 1?t8 1" ?tb K# M17-N37-E23-O49 M17-V6-N37-S29-X1 M17-V6-O34-X1-A2 M17-N37-D46-M1 M43-N33-Z2 M17-N37-D46-M39B M17-F30-D46-M46 M17-N37-D46-X1-M43A M17-N37-D46-D46-N33-N33-N33 M17-N29-D21-Y1 M17-N29-D21-Y1 M17-N29-D21-Y1-A1 M17-N29-V28-G43-T7A G1-N29-V28-G43-T7A M17-Aa28-D46-D12-G43-A35 M17-A2-V31-G43-A21A-N25 A21A-M17-M17-A1 A19 M17-V31-A19 M17-A2-V31-D58-D3-A2 M17-I6-G17-F27-Z1 M17-V31-G17-F27 M17-V31-N35-W10 M17-D28-N35-G1-W112A M17-V31-N35-A24 M17-A2-V31-N35-W24-G43-M3 iSrw iSst iSst iSd iSd iSd iSd iSd iSdd iqr iqr iqr iqHw iqHw iqdw ikw iky iky iky iAkb ikm ikm ikn ikn ikn iknw the precinct of Mut at Karnak .

be overcast. now realm of the dead realm of the dead barley.1??K! 1U#U U#U 1U M 1U M! 1U M!j 1KU M!j P A6 o : o B 1!A 1 ! h! !h 3 1 ! h! !3 3! bb' M17-V31-V31-G43-A1 M17-W11-Q3-N4 W11-Q3-N4 M17-W11-D21 M17-W11-D21-X1 M17-W11-D21-X1-N25 M17-G43-W11-D21-X1-N25 U10 M33-V22 M33A-M26 M33A-M34 M17-X1-M33 M17-X1-I9-A1 X1-I9 R8-M17-X1-I9-A1 X1-R8 R8-X1 I3-I3-G7 M17-X1 M17-X1-G7 U33-M17-M17-A21A M17-U33-G43-G7 M17-U33-M17-M17-A304 M17-A2-U33-M17-M17-A40 M17-U33-M17-M17-X1-A23 M17-U33-X1-X1-M12-Z1-Z2-I12 1! 1!' g 115 1 gK' 1g 11} 1"g 11H 1g 11!7 1 g ! ! . 4 5k ikkw igp igp igr igrt igrt igrt it it mHw it Sma it it it it it nTr it nTr it nTr ity ity ity ity ity ity ity ityt ityt xAw councillors ? clouds. further / anymore after negatives moreover. corn barley. corn in general barley of Lower Egypt barley of Upper Egypt barley. soar cloudwards be overcast of sky also. corn father father god's father a title god's father god's father sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign queen-regnant queen of thousands .

mystery row of men. box river river river river river river river river measure of length. disk of the sun solar goddess be in apposition. niche. divinity divinity .U1H 1!]H !UFKH 1U1:E5 U15-G17-A40 M17-X1-D37-A40 X1-U15-Aa5-G43-A40 M17-U15-G17-Z7-G37-Z2 M17-X1-N35-N5 M17-V13-N35-X1-N5 M17-X1-N35-D19-A24 M17-X1-N35-A24 M17-X1-N35-W24-Z7-A24 M17-V13-N35-W24-G43-D40-A13B M17-X1-N35-W24-G43-D19-Y1 M17-X1-W24-G43-Y1 M17-X1-D21-X1-O1 M17-X1-D21-X1-O157 M17-X1-D21-X1-O20 M17-X1-D21-X1-O32 M17-X1-D21-G43-N36 M17-X1-D21-N36 M17-X1-D21-G43-N37-Z2 M17-X1-D21-Z7-N36-N23-Z1 M17-X1-D21-E23-N36-N21-Z1 M17-X1-D21-M17-M17-N35A-N36N23 M17-X1-D21-N36-N35A M17-X1-Z7-D21-N35A-N36-N23-Z1 M17-X1-D21-G43-N35A-N36-N21Z1 1! tV 1 -t! V 1! tK8 1! t8 1! tb :8 1 -tb K`1! tbKK+ 1!bK+ 1! M!! 1! M!} 1! M!4 1! M!@ 1! MKu 1! Mu 1 ! MKv5 1! M:uh4 1! M7uf4 1! M1 1~uh 1! Mu~ 1!:M~uh4 1! MK~uf4 itm itmw itmw itmw itn itnt itn itn itnw itnw itnw itnw itrt itrt itrt itrt itrw itrw itrw itrw itrw itrw itrw itrw itrw Atum Atum Atum suffocation sun. mystery secret. oppose oppose opponent opponent secret. of shrubs conclave of Upper Egypt conclave of Lower Egypt chapel.

draw off. sweet savour. draw. fragrance. draw out drag pull out eye fortress strain fly up take. rob take for use thief steal thief opponent fly up fly up boy boy girl take be deaf censing. spend. take possession of. move.burning verb .H 1!!I 1f1 1 !f}! 1f11!1 1 O!1 1 k` 1fX 1f! U 1|! M17-X1-D21-G43-M4-M4-M4-N5N5-N5 M17-X1-D21-G43-M6 M17-V13-D21-G43-M5B D21-M17-X1-D21-M6-Z2-N5-I9 M17-X1-V28-A24 M17-X1-V28-V1-D40 M17-X1-V28-U31 M17-X1-V28-U31-O1 M17-X1-Aa1 M17-X1-X1-G41 V15-A24 V15-X1-D40 V15-X1-Z7-A24-A1 M17-G47-G1-A24 M17-G47-G1-A24-A1 M17-V13-N35-W24-G43-D40-A13 M17-V13-V13-G40 M17-X1-X1-G41 M17-D46-A17 M17-G1-D46-A17A-A1 M17-D46-M17-M17-X1-A17 M17-G47-G1-M17-M17-D51-D40 M17-D46-F21 M17-D46-X1-N4 M17-D46A-X1 itrw itrw itrw r itrw . pull out. incense . pass. remove. pull off. influence censing.f itH itH itH itH atx iTT iTi iTi iTw iTA iTA itnw iTT iTT id id idyt iTAy idi idt idt seasons seasons seasons at his proper times drag. incense-burning.conduct.1! MK$$$VVV 1! MK& 1-MK% M 1 ! M & 5V h 1! <8 1! <!` 1! <e 1 ! < e! 1!B 1!!I /8 /!` /!:8! 1 O!8 1 O!8 ! 1 -tb K`1 -. arrest. conquer.

serve instead of. uterus womb. vulva. shore of flood the Two Banks Egypt the Two Banks Egypt the Banks of Horus Egypt red linen red linen serve instead of. uterus smooth pestilence pestilence pestilence pestilence river-bank. serve as lieutenant-commander govern . replace govern. replace. riparian land. fragrance assault wrath ? bull cow cow cow cow cow womb.|! 1f8 1f! 8 1f}D z!! z!o z!e o!4! z!8 z!o o2 1f! 1fKR 1 !fg ` 1f:U 1 !fE 1fq K ff ffhh %ff 1f]1d f1 ]d 1ftX+ 1ft4 1ftX` 1ftX` D46A-X1 M17-D46-A24 M17-D46-X1-A24 M17-D46-H25-F1 N41-X1-E1 N41-X1-F45 N41-X1-U31 F45-X1-Z1-E1 N41-X1-Z5 N41-X1-F45 F45-F51B M17-D46-G1 M17-D46-G43-N1 M17-G1-D46-F37Aa-D40 M17-D46-Z7-N4 M17-G1-D46-G37 M17-D46-D58-N21A N21-N21 N21-N21-N23-N23 G5-N21-N21 M17-D46-W19-M17-S28 D46-M17-W19-S28 M17-D46-N35-F21-Y1 M17-D46-N35-V20 M17-D46-N35-F21-D40 M17-D46-N35-F21-D40 idt id idt id idt idt idt idt idt idt idt idA idw idw idw idw idb idbwy idbwy Hr idbwy idmi idmi idn idn idn idn sweet savour. vulva.

man marsh .nest hall ? verb and noun . tendons punishment punishment the Delta marshes the Delta marshes the Delta marshes marsh-man marsh .5 1f<Kh 1f<KQ 1f < K/"Q 1f< 1 1/! /K! 1f< 1 1/Q! 1f < KQ! 1 DM!! F21-W24-D40 F21-N35-Z7-W24 F21-W24-N35 F21-W24 F21-N35-Y1 M17-D46-N35-F143 M17-D46-D21-V37-E1-Z2 D52-V37-E1 D52-E1-Z1-N35-V37 D21-Z1-M17-D46-D21-V37-Y1 V37-D21-E1-N33A M17-D46-D21-F21 M17-D46-F21 M17-D46-V37 M17-D46-D21-G43-F51-Z2 V37-D21-M17-M17-X1-G37 M17-D46-D21-M17-M17-X1-F21-Y2Z2 M17-D46-V28-G43-N23 M17-D46-V28-G43-O49 M17-D46-V28-G43-M15-M2-O49 M17-D46-V28-M17-M17-M15-A1 M15-G43-A1 M17-D46-V28-M17-M17-M15-O49A1 M17-D46-V28-G43-G49-O1 M17-M36-D21-X1-O1 idn idnw idnw idn idn idn idr kA idr kA n idr r idr idr idr idr idr idrw idryt idryt idHw idHw idHw idHy idHy idHy idHw iDrt serve as lieutenant .Xb` Xt:b Xbt Xb Xt+ 1ft} 1fME!5 lE! l!4tE M4 1fME+ E M!} 1fMX 1fX 1fE 1fMKs5 EM11!E 1fM1 1!X. stitching withhold marsh .commander deputy deputy deputy proxy lay out enclosures ? herd of animals bull of the herd Head Bull ? bull of the herd Head Bull ? cattle .list herd stitch. stitching stitch.

trace warrant. record. member of body intervertebral joints . state item. house house slaughter-house brew-house orchard school. piece track. register king's record scribe Place of Records place of records archive dyke dyke wooden rod bowl dragoman limb. trace track. chamber.\4 \h \4 \4 \4 \4on \4 \4 \+ 7 ! t\t-! !!\+ !!!\. hand. certificate. school . certificate warrant. \4~ \~ \# \T \a \! s \!7 ss \!! \! \! 1hs \! <n! \! t! #! 4! \!!eq_ D36-Z1 D36-I9 D36-Z1 D36-Z1 D36-Z1 D36-Z1-D56-D54 D36-Z1 D36-Z1 D36-Y1 M23-X1-N35-D36-N35-Y3-A1 Q1-X1-D36-Y1 Q1-X1-O1-D36-Y2 D36-Z1-N35A D36-N35A D36-M3 D36-W10 D36-S25 D36-X1-F51 D36-X1-Z4-F51-F51 D36-X1-O1 D36-X1 D36-X1-M17-I9-F51 D36-X1-V28-N29-X1 D36-X1-N35-X1-M3-X1-Z1-O1 D36-X1-O1-S29-D58-N14 a af a a a a a a a sS a n nsw st a st a a a a a a at aty at at at iwf at Hnqt at nt xt at sbA arm. province condition. forearm his command region.

rich. elder son elder son majordomo greatness speak boastfully a great thing a great thing a great thing greatly greatly greatly excess over. there. difference in mathematical excess over. there.\!! # \!!eM!+ =4# =\# | =\ !+ = =+ =\+ |!} | !}! =\ !! | !}! t ! 4 =\ !+ 1=\ !+ M 4 =\ !! + =! =\! =\ !K + = =\ !+ === =\ 1 1+5 =\ !p =\p =\!1 1p D36-X1-X1-X3 D36-X1-O1-D45-D21-X1-Y1 O29-Z1-M3 O29-D36-M3 O29V O29-D36-G1-Y1 O29 O29-Y1 O29-D36-Y1 O29V-G1-Y1V O29V-G1-Y1V-A1 O29-D36-G1-A1 O29V-G1-Y1V-A1-N35-O1-Z1 O29-D36-G1-Y1 G17-O29-D36-G1-Y1-D21-Z1 O29-D36-G1-X1-Y1 O29-X1 O29-D36-X1 O29-D36-G1-G43-Y1 O29 O29-D36-G1-Y1 O29-O29-O29 O29-D36-M17-M17-Y1-Z2 O29-D36-G1-N31 O29-D36-N31 O29-D36-G1-M17-M17-N31 at t at Dsrt aA aA aA aAi aAi aAi aAi aAi aA aA aA n pr aA m aA r aAt aAt aAt aAw aAw aAw aAy aAy aA aA aA bake-house the Holy Chamber the celestial Hall of judgement column. there. pillar column. plentiful. much. yonder . yonder here. yonder here. pillar as part of ship great. difference in mathematical here. senior great of size great of size great of size great of quality magnate. pillar column.

donkey female ass. donkey ass. donkey ass. female donkey costly stone. desirable. metal metal stone vessel stone vessel stone vessels linen cloth valour ? evil influence causing disease divine seed sperm pleasing. of things pleasant of persons pleasant of persons selfish plural =\l] =lz!' =! r =!G =! _ =!T =! rLS Q =!8! \ !\ ~ =\ !\ m =\ !\ m =\ !q K + =\q 3 \ !q 3 ! =\q 3 .=\ ?4 # ? =? =\? =?4 # =\K7?? M4 ?? M4 =\K7?? Ml 1 1 # =l' ' O29-D36-O31-Z1-M3 O31 O29-O31 O29-D36-O31 O29-O31-Z1-M3 O29-D36-G43-Z4-O31-O31-D21-Z1 O31-O31-D21-Z1 O29-D36-G43-Z4-O31-O31-D21Z4A-M17-M17-M3 O29-D52-E7 E7 O29-D36-D52-F27 O29-D52-N41-X1-E7 O29-X1-N33 O29-X1-O39 O29-X1-H8 O29-X1-W10 O29-X1-N33-W2-W9-W7 O29-X1-Z5-V1 D36-G1-D36-N35A O29-D36-G1-D36-D53 O29-D36-G1-D36-D53 O29-D36-G1-D58-M43-Y1 O29-D36-D58-M19 D36-G1-D58-M19-M1 O29-D36-D58-M19 aA aA aA aA aA aAwy r aAwy r aAwy rwy aA aA aA aAt aAt aAt aAt aAt aAwt aAt aAa aAa aAa aAb aAb aAb aAb door door door door door the two leaves of the door the two leaves of the door the two leaves of the door ass.

! ?1! p =\ !U ! o =!U ! } =\ !U \ =\ !U o =\ !U o \ =\ !f! " \ !f! " =\ !V i =\ !f: +8 \\\ \\1" \\ M4! O29-D36-G1-D58-X1-M43-Y1-Z2 O29-D36-G1-D58-X1-M43-X4-Z2 M19-X1-Y1-Z2 O29-D36-D58-X1-M19-Y1-Z2 O29-D36-G1-D58-X1-M19-Y1-N33A O29-Q3-Q3-I103 T14-G17-N63A T14-G17-A1 T14-G17-A13 O31-G17-A40 O29-D36-G17-T14-A13 O29-D36-G1-G17-T14-A1 O29-D36-G1-G17-T14-A1 O31-G17-X1-B1 O29-D36-G1-W11-X1-D56 O29-G1-W11-X1-F123 O29-D36-G1-W11-D36 O29-D36-G1-W11-D56 O29-D36-G1-W11-D56-D36 O29-D36-G1-D46-X1-X2 D36-G1-D46-X1-X2 O29-D36-G1-N5-I10 O29-D36-G1-D46-Z7-Y1-A24 D36-D36-P1 D36-D36-M17-A2 D36-D36-D21-Z1-A1 aAbt aAbt aAbt aAbt aAbt aApp aAm aAm aAm aAm aAm aAm aAm aAmt aAgt aAgt aAg aAg aAg aAdt aAdt aAd aAd aa aai aai selfishness food. provisions Apep throwstick Asiatic Asiatic Asiatic Asiatic Asiatic Asiatic Asiatic woman hoof. pallid royal barge jabber caller divinity .1?1H =\1. pallid be pale. provisions.=\ !q ! K +5 =\ !q ! K $5 3! +5 =\q ! 3+5 =\ !q ! 3 +} =##} .1} . claw. foot hoof thrash thrash thrash type of bread ? a type of bread be pale.=\ !1. offerings offerings offerings food.1! . ! =\ !1.

goats. goats goats goats herds in general men verb and noun verb and noun .\\:" \\K7= \\K7? \\K> \\qT \t< \ \ q S` \\h` \\t7! \\t78 \\t\@ \\ M!k aK" a \a 1MaK" \K! n nK!( .:!85 . goats small cattle.!!! D36-D36-Z7-A2 D36-D36-G43-Z4-D5 D36-D36-G43-Z4-D7D D36-D36-G43-D6 D36-D36-D58-W10 D36-N35-D4 D36-D36-D58-F16-D40 D36-D36-I9-D40 D36-D36-N35-Z4-O1 D36-D36-N35-Z4-A24 D36-D36-N35-D36-E32 D36-D36-D21-X1-I12 S25-G43-A2 S25 D36-S25 G17-D21-S25-G43-A2 D36-G43-X1-S38 S38-G43-X1-E8 T14-Z7-X1-Z5-Z2 T14-X1-Z2-E1 T14-G43-X1-E1-Z2 T14-Z7-X1-Z5-Z2 D36-G43-X1-E28-N33A D36-X1-D52-E28-Z2 S38-G43-X1-D52-Z2 D36-X1-G43-T14-A1-A1-A1 aaw aawy aawy aawy aab ain aab iaf aany aany ian iart aw aw aw imy r aw awt awt awt awt awt awt awt awt awt awt flutter of heart sleep sleep sleep bowl eye comb the hair wring out camp coop up.:!85 \K!<} \!l<5 nK!l5 \!K. confine ? baboon uraeus dragoman dragoman dragoman caravan leader crook. sheep. herds small cattle goats small cattle. sheep. ! 5! .K! !5 . sceptre small cattle.

he who is robbed robber. rob someone robbery robber. rob.f awAy awA awA awA awAyt awaw awaw awn awnw awnw awn ib awnt awg ab steal. rob someone steal goods. care for ? look after. rapacity. rot a fermented drink ? ring ring be covetous. he who is robbed robber robber robber female robber brigand reap look after. despoil plunderer plunderer be rapacious. rob someone steal goods. care for go bad. robbery steal goods. avarice stave parch grain horn .\ $ !8 \$` 1 $ !8 =\ $ !8 \ $ !! \ \$!1 18! \$1 1 \ $ !8 \$!1 1E! \$!1 19 \$!1 1!9 \ $ !\ < M h \$1 1` \$` \ $ !i ` \ $ !C \$!1 1!Ca5 \K\K] \\] \B t8 \B tb :8 \B:8 \B t8d 4 \B t! # \KU ' \ q S4 D36-V4-G1-A24 D36-V4-D40 M17-V4-G1-A24 O29-D36-V4-G1-A24 D36-V4-G1-X1-D36 D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-A24-A1 D36-V4-M17-M17 D36-V4-G1-A24 D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-G37-A1 D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-Z6 D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-X1-Z6 D36-V4-G1-D36-D4-D21-I9 D36-V4-M17-M17-D40 D36-V4-D40 D36-V4-G1-D49-D40 D36-V4-G1-Aa2 D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-X1-Aa2-W23Z2 D36-G43-D36-G43-S21 D36-D36-S21 D36-E34-N35-A24 D36-E34-N35-W24-Z7-A24 D36-E34-Z7-A24 D36-E34-N35-A24-F34-Z1 D36-E34-N35-X1-M3 D36-G43-W11-Q7 D36-D58-F16-Z1 awAi awAi awAi awAi awAt awAy awAy awAy awAy awAy awAyt awA irr .

5 \q KT rT \q K+5 \sK TK T +5 s T5 \q KT +5 \T q K+5M4 S+5 M 4 . present offering-stone attachment. purity purification purity impurity impurity offerings offerings offerings breakfast breakfast breakfast sceptre sceptre command a ship .S4 1M4S[ ]u F16-Z1 G17-D21-Z1-F16-F25-H6-K6 \ q S+5 \qS \Tq \qG \ q ! S+ \!q _ \q! } \ q S. connections a funerary ritual object forked staff victims purification. hoof.5 T4M \= r r4 \q= r` D36-D58-F16-Y1-Z2 D36-D58-F16 D36-W10-D58 D36-D58-O39 D36-D58-X1-F16-Y1 D36-X1-D58-H8 D36-D58-X1-O30U D36-D58-F16-A14-Z2 D36-D58-G43-F17 D59-F17 D36-D58-G43-Y1-Z2 D36-D60-G43 F17-G43 F17-Y1-Z2 F17-Z2 D36-D58-G43-F17-Y1-Z2 D36-F17-D58-G43-Y1-Z2-D21-Z1 F16-Y1-Z2-D21-Z1-Z8-Z2 F17-Z1-D21 D36-G29-S42 S42-Z1 D36-D58-G29-S42-D40 ab imy r ab wHmt Swt nSmt ab ab ab abA abt abt abwt abw abw abw abw abw abw abw abw abw abw r abw r abw r abA abA abA horn Overseer of horn. feather and scale livestock meal unite unite.

\q=!r` rq} \q r+ \q= r \q=} \q!rG r4G \qG \q rG \ q = !} \=} \q rY \q\" rS q\\+ \ q \ S+ \ q \ S" \q\q rrf \q\qT+ \q\q 1 1! \q K8 \q! } \q K! } \ q q Sb \qq` D36-D58-G29-G1-S42-D40 S42-D58-Y1V D36-D58-S42-Y1 D36-D58-G29-S42 D36-D58-G29-Aa81 D36-D58-G1-S42-O39 S42-Z1-O39 D36-D58-O39 D36-D58-S42-O39 D36-D58-G29A-G1-Q37 D36-G29-R30 D36-D58-S42-N8 D36-D58-D36-A2 D59-F16 D58-D36-D36-Y1 D36-D58-D36-F16-Y1 D36-D58-D36-F16-A2 D36-D58-D36-D58 D59-D59-N21 D36-D58-D36-D58-W10-Y1 D36-D58-D36-D58-M17-M17-X1 D36-D58-G43-Z5 D36-D58-X1-O30U D36-D58-G43-X1-O30U D36-D58-D58-F16-D42 D36-D58-D58-D40 abA abA abA abA abA abA abA abA abA abA abA abA aba aba aba aba aba abab abab abab ababyt abwt abwt abwt abb abb present to. exaggeration become excited ? threshold ? appear ?. boasting. boasting.stone offering . make presentation. exaggeration boast. exageration boast. exaggeration boast.stone offering . boasting.stone offering .stone glitter boast. provide present one's hands in ritual gesture provide with present to make presentation to offering . exaggeration boast. shine ? region of collar-bone lettuce staff of office staff of Office use the pitchfork knock on door ? . boasting.stone offering .stone offering . boasting.

equip with.Aa20. man a vessel. equip with. man a vessel provide. equip with. acquire.jar wine jar traverse a waterway. aquire. incur injury provide. incur injury provide.Aa20-Y1-Z2 Aa 20-D21-X1-W22 D36-Q3-D21-X1. workmen sailors sailors. man a vessel. equip. incur. incur injury equipment jewellery jewellery jewellery equipment of offerings type of jar a type of jar sailors.Aa20-A1-A1-A1 D36-Q3-D21-G43-Aa20-A1-Z2 abH abH abxn abS abS api api apy apnnt apnnt apnnt apr apr apr apr aprw aprw aprw aprw aprt aprt aprt aprw aprw aprw fill up fill up frog wine .Aa20-W22 Aa20-D21-G43-A1-Z2 Aa20. man a vessel. aquire.1q <\ \# Mp+ \q B t] \q v_ \q vg \#n \#? \# 1 1 9 \# tt! m # \tt! m \# tt] UM+ \#+ \# M+ \# MU+ U MK+5 UK} UMK UM} \# M! U+5 UM! ` \# M! U` ]MK!5 UUU!!! \# MKU!5 M17-D58-V28-D36 D36-D58-V28-W24a D36-D58-Aa1-N35-F27 D36-D58-N37-W21 D36-D58-N37-W59 D36-Q3-D54 D36-Q3-H5A D36-Q3-M17-M17-N58 D36-Q3-N35-N35-X1-I14C Q3-D36-N35-N35-X1-I14 D36-Q3-N35-N35-F27 Aa20-D21-Y1 D36-Q3-Y1 D36-Q3-D21-Y1 D36-Q3-D21-Aa20-Y1 Aa20-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 Aa20-G43-N33A Aa20-D21-G43 Aa20-D21-N33A D36-Q3-D21-X1. workmen . aquire. pass by fly the Winged Disk slug ? slug slug provide.

honey bee fly insect fly fly buzz of insect cover cover royal head-cloth royal head . tear off devour. tear off encampment sweet clover ? bee. breathe in. attractive ? chest furniture chest swallow. absorb. know swallow verb and adjective verb noun noun .cloth brewer brewer female brewer brewer brewer lead to.\#KM4 \# (!1 1 x \ h!` \ h!2 \h!1 1 ! \ h!7 "5 \h7 y \hhz G4 \hhG \hhy \ht8 + \ht+} \ht! } \ht! d \ht! 8 \h! l} E!7 \h! ! \h! D D!78 \hf+ \h! i& \hf! & \1M" \1" D36-Q3-G43-D21-Z1 D36-Q3-M8-G1-M17-M17-L1 D36-I9-G1-D40 D36-I9-G1-F51B D36-I9-G1-M17-M17-O1 D36-I9-G1-Z4-M2-Z2 D36-I9-Z4-L2 D36-I9-I9-L3 G39-Z1 D36-I9-I9-G39 D36-I9-I9-L2 D36-I9-N35-A24-Y1 D36-I9-N35-Y1-T67 D36-I9-N35-X1-S57B D36-I9-N35-X1-S28 D36-I9-N35-X1-Z5 D36-I9-X1-Z4A-A417 A37-X1-Z4 D36-I9-X1-X1 D36-I9-X1-A36 A36-X1-Z4-A24 D36-I9-D46-Y1 D36-I9-X1-I10-Q6 D36-I9-D46-X1-Q6 D36-G17-F10-A2 D36-G17-A2 apr apSAy afA afA afAy afAy afy aff aff aff aff afn afn afnt afnt afnt afty afty aftt afty afty afd afDt afDt am am an Asiatic people beetle devour ?.cloth royal head .

. brain shrew finger/toe nail. magnificent beautiful beautiful beautiful the pleasant man writing .stick smear container for bread etc. be discreet. pleasing.board baboon complain.M \1M"d 4 \1\8 \1\! h5 \ 1\ !! / \ 1!! # \1\!/ \ 1\ 1k` \1\1U \11 _ \1\1:]4 \t! k \t! Y <S! 4 } \t! Z \t! ] \ t=+ \t@+ \t@ \t? \ t=+! \t7# \t\@ \t\ 1 1" \t\t" F10 D36-G17-F10-A2-F34-Z1 D36-G17-D36-A24 D36-G17-D36-X1-N23-Z2 D36-G17-D36-G1-X1-T15 D36-G17-G1-X1-M3 D36-G17-D36-G1-T15 D36-G17-D36-G17-D51-D40 D36-G17-D36-G17-Aa20 D36-G17-G17-H8 D36-G17-D36-G17-Z7-F27-Z1 D36-N35-X1-D51 D36-N35-X1-U19A D4-F16-X1-Z1-N33A D36-N35-X1-U20 D36-N35-X1-S21 D36-N35-D5-Y1 D36-N35-D8-Y1 D36-N35-D8 D36-N35-D7 D36-N35-D5-Y1-A1 D36-N35-Z4-M3 D36-N35-D36-E32 D36-N35-D36-M17-M17-A2 D36-N35-D36-N35-A2 am am ib ama amat amaAt amaAt amaA amam amam amm amamw ant ant ir anwt ant ant an an an an an any ian anay anan know become faint. complaint noun noun noun . be kind. dissemble smear mud. socket for jar beautiful. neglect. regret. mud-flat throw . complaint complain. bright of face. claw nail of finger or toe trim the nails pick ring of gold. muddy ground.stick throw-stick throw the throw .

\t\t s \tb K? \b{ b \ @ W24-D36-D8 \tq " \tq 1 1! " \ttî \ttn \tt}}! \t5E j4 j tB x j tB (j [j >Hj >j V <j tB j tB ! j tB K7 j6 jjj j K5 jh j4 D36-N35-D36-N35-F51 D36-N35-W24-G43-D7 D36-W24-D8A W24-D36-D8 D36-N35-D58-M2 D36-N35-D58-M17-M17-X1-M2 D36-N35-N35-D55 D36-N35-N35-D54 D36-N35-N35-F114-F114-X1 D36-N35-G21-D13 S34-Z1 S34-N35-Aa1-L1 S34-N35-Aa1 X8-S34 F25-S34 V30-A40-S34 V30-S34-A54 D4-S34-N35-Aa1 S34-N35-Aa1-A1 S34-N35-Aa1-G43-Z4 S34-Z3 S34-S34-S34 S34-G43-Z2 S34-A223 S34-Z1 anan anw anw anw anb anbyt ann ann annt anH anx anx anx di anx wHm anx nb anx nb anx ir anx anx anxw anxw anxw anxw anx anx chin Ainu a source of Limestone Ainu ? source of Limestone Ainu ? source of Limestone reed . come back. repeat again.stalk for matting measure for reed-stalks turn back. life given life repeating life living again Lord of life sarcophagus make provision for someone person the living the living the living the living captive captive locality locality locality verb . return. bring back turn back rump eyebrow sandal strap beetle live.

5 j tB ! ! O j tB ! ? ? \ t n !f \ t$a 5 \t$} \t! $} \tfE \tf! E \tia 4 } \tfa r r r S34-A223-D40 S34-N35-Aa1-N16-N16-N23-N23 S34-N35-Aa1-A2 S34 S34-Z1-V12 S34-M2 S34-Z1-M2 S34-V12-Z1-Z8 S34-N35-Aa1-O39-Z2 S34-S34-F21-F21 S34-Z1-N34 S34-N35-Aa1-X1-D10 S34-D10 S34-N35-Aa1-X1-U9-Z2 S34-N35-Aa1-X1-Z8-Z2 S34-N35-Aa1-X1-X1-U9 S34-N35-Aa1-X1-E31 E31 D36-N35-N29-X1-B7C D36-N35-G4-W23-Z2 D36-N35-G4-N33A D36-N35-X1-G4-W40 D36-N35-D46-G37 D36-N35-D46-X1-G37 D36-N35-I10-W23-Z1-N33A D36-N35-D46-W23-N33-N33-N33 anx anx tAwy anx anx anx anx anx anx anxw anxwy anx anxt anxt anxt anxt anxt anxt anxt anqt antyw antyw antyw and andt and and captive Memphis swear. be diminished the few of people unguent an unguent . j" j4" j . oath swear garland garland garland garland blocks of alabaster ears mirror eye of deity eye of deity corn corn corn goat goat Anukis myrrh myrrh myrrh few. fewness.jh` a j tB a h h j tB " j j4. scarcity. j tB G5 jjXX j4s j tB ! B jB j tB ! O5 j tB ! .4.

hinder parts of man. combine. extend. ascend mount up.\tk:b \tkK Y \tiO \tfKS \tfKV \ Mp \ Mpn 1\ Mp \ M:p5 \ Mp \ M$pn \ M" \M7" \ M!" \ M!. leather uraeus jaw jaw. penetrate mount up. hindquarter leaf of double door chin ? bag. contain bag combine combine enclose noun verb verb . enclose. ascend proximity proximity they who ascend ? reed pen reed pen roll of papyrus roll of papyrus.4 \ M!k \M!V \ M!2 \M!Y \M11!# \M\ Ms \ MhA A \ MhA ` \ MhE ` \ Mhi D36-N35-N26-Z7-W24 D36-N35-N26-G43-N8 D36-N35-I10-N49 D36-N35-D46-G43-N2 D36-N35-D46-G43-N5 D36-D21-N31 D36-D21-N31-D54 M17-D36-D21-N31 D36-D21-Z7-N31-Z2 D36-D21-N31 D36-D21-G4-N31-D54 D36-D21-M2 D36-D21-Z4-M2 D36-D21-X1-M2 D36-D21-X1-V12-Z1 D36-D21-X1-I12 D36-D21-X1-F19 D36-D21-X1-F51B D36-D21-X1-F22 D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-M3 D36-D21-D36-D21-F51 D36-D21-I9-V33 V33 D36-D21-I9-V33-D40 D36-D21-I9-V37-D40 D36-D21-I9-D49 anDw anDw anDw anDw anDw ar ar ar arw arw artyw ar ar art art iart art art art arrwt arar arf arf arf arf arf jar dawn dawn dawn dawn mount up. anus hinder part. ascend.

n \ Mn 6} \ Mn. perceive. gain full knowledge of. be wise. be wise.34 .\ M MK!F \ M MK!Z \MM11!! \M11!# \M11!G \M11!! \ M\ 1 1!! \M11!F# \ Mn. gain full knowledge of. gain full knowledge of.+ \ Mn. skilled in know. home bent don a garment don a garment don a garment know.n" \ Mn . perceive.+ .11V \. skilled in swear basket ? last day of the month last day of the month last day of the month last day of the month last day of the month last day of the month rope . skilled clever know. be wise.n +d 4 6 \ Mn.+ .4 \<! D36-D21-D21-G43-X1-O38 D36-D21-D21-G43-X1-Q38 D36-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1 D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-M3 D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-O39 D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1 D36-D21-D36-M17-M17-X1-O1 D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-O38-M3 D36-D21-N29-V12-Y1 D36-D21-N29-V12-Y1 V12-N29 D36-D21-N29-O22-Y1V D36-D21-N29-V12 V12-N29-Y1-F34-Z1 O22 D36-D21-N29-V12-Y1 V12-N29-A2 D36-D21-N29-V12-V19-Z1 V12-N29-M17-M17-N5 O180-M17-M17-N5 V12-M17-M17-N5 D36-V12-M17-M17-N5 D36-D21-N29-O22-N5 D36-D21-N29-M17-M17-V12-Z1 D36-V28-V1 arrwt arrwt arrwt arrwt arrwt arrwt arryt aryt arq arq arq arq arq arq ib arq arq arq arq arqy arqy arqy arqy arqy arqy aH gate gate gate leaf of double door lintel lintel hall of judgement dwelling. .1 1V \ Mn 6V \ Mn 1 1.n 1 1V }11V . perceive.

snare wipe off.1<! +\! +! . temple palace. wipe away wipe off. snare entrap. temple palace. temple entrap. wipe away farm land cultivator cultivator cultivators cultivator cultivator fight. snare entrap. weapons of war shirt of mail fight fight fight ply the sounding pole go to war take care take care be wary of noun plural .! 1<8 \<8` 1<8 \<8 1<8 8!5 8! h! 8!! 8K$`5 "! 7 1 < K! l! Z8 Z8 ae e ] tZ8 Z !8 \<! 1 < !\ Z8M M1# Z8\4 Z !8 -K Z !8 -t Z8:4 M17-V28-V1 O11-D36-O1 O11-O1 O12-O1 M17-V28-T24 D36-V28-T24E-D40 M17-V28-T24E D36-V28-T24E M17-V28-T24E T24-X1-Z2 T24-X1-N23-A1 T24-X1-A1 T24-G43-G4-D40-Z2 M2-X1-Z4 M17-V28-G43-X1-Z4A-A1 D34-A24 D34-A24 F31-S29-S29-F27-N35-D34-A24 D34-G1-A24 D36-V28-G1 M17-V28-G1-D36 D34-A24-U7-D21-M17-M3 D34-A24-D36-Z1 D34-G1-A24-V13-G43 D34-G1-A24-V13-N35 D34-A24-D2-Z1 aH aH aH aH aH aH aH aH aH aHt aHwty aHwty aHwtyw aHwty aHwty aHA aHA mss n aHA aHA aHA aHA aHA mri aHA a aHA Tw aHA Tn aHA Hr rope palace.

raise oneself . weapons arrows. service attendant Female Attendant attending stand . Z!!6 ZK+ Z+4 Z !K + Z !! ! Z! Z!\ Z !p Z8~# Z8~s4 Z !: ! 7 8 Z!K. Z!7K` a\n a a \ Kn5 a\: \ a\K a n5 a\K+5 a\ a11! \ a5K bKH D34 D34-X1-A1-Z3 D34-G43-T11 D34-T11B-Z1 D34-G1-G43-T11B D34-G1-X1-O1 D34-X1 D34-X1-P1 D34-G1-K1 D34-A24-N35A-M3 D34-A24-N35A-N34-Z1 D34-G1-Z7-X1-Z4-A24 D34-X1-G43-A12 D34-X1-Z4-G43-D40 P6-D36-D54 P6 P6-D36-G43-D54-Z2 P6-D36-Z7 D36-P6-D36-G43 P6-D54-Z2 P6-D36-G43-Y1-Z2 P6-D36 P6-M17-M17-X1 D36-P6-A21-G43 P7-G43-A40 aHA aHAt aHAw aHAw aHAw aHAt aHAt aHAt aHA aHA mw aHA mw aHAwty aHAwty aHAwty aHa aHa aHaw aHaw aHaw aHaw aHaw aHa aHat aHaw aHaw warrior warriors arrow. lifetime stand positions of things. arise. attend. ceremonial stations of persons ceremonial stations of persons proper positions of things proper positions of things attendance. rise up. weapons arrows. stand up.pole warrior warrior warrior stand. helper . stand erect. stand by. weapons battleground battleground warship fish lates niloticus sounding pole sounding .

\BR \B\ \B!? . space of time lifetime. space of time lifetime. wealth. period. space of time brazier brazier raise up. allotments heaps stela stela measure for beer spinal ridge tomb tombs ships ships the fleet ships lifetime. space of time lifetime. period. period. hang men fly swoop of falcon verb collective noun plural \B ' \B. period. portion. allotment portions. quantity mathematics. space of time lifetime. period. space of time lifetime. riches portion.5 ''' a4G a4 ab4 a!4 s a\!! a+5 a\K\45 bK]5 H !b K]5 a\!5 a\KV4 ao a\V4 aKVu aKV h4 a\n o P6-D36-M35 P6 P7-Z8-Z2 X7-X7-X7 P6-Z1-O39 P6-Z1 P6-W24-Z1 P6-X1-Z1-F51 P6-D36-X1-O1 P6-Y1-Z2 P6-D36-G43-P1-Z1-Z2 P7-G43-P2-Z2 G40-G1-P7-G43-P2-Z2 P6-D36-X1-Z2 P6-D36-G43-N5-Z1 P6-I114 P6-D36-N5-Z1 P6-G43-N5-N36 P6-G43-N5-N23-Z1 P6-D36-D54 I114 D36-Aa1-Q7 D36-Aa1-R1E D36-Aa1-N1 D36-Aa1-H5 D36-Aa1-X1-H5A aHa aHa aHaw aHaw aHa aHa aHa aHat maHat aHaw aHaw aHaw pA aHaw aHat aHaw aHaw aHaw aHaw aHaw aHaw aHaw ax ax axi axi axt heap. period. space of time lifetime. allotment.a\C a b. period.

\B .chamber audience chamber audience chamber audience chamber audience chamber summon summon . \b 1b \b 1:"5 \ b 1:`5 \B 1:"5 \\b:g!7! \Bb!7 \\b!! \\b!7! \\tb: g ! \v" \ !\ v" D36-Aa1-G17-Q7 D36-Aa1-G17-Q7-N35A D36-Aa1-G17-N35A D36-Aa1-G17-F10 D36-Aa1-G17-Z7-M2-Z2 D36-Aa1-Aa15-G12 D36-Aa1-G14-X1-N23-Z2 D36-Aa1-Aa1-Q7 D36-Aa1-Aa1-Z7-N2 D36-F32-G41 D36-F32-T14-G41 D36-F32-H5 D36-F32-G17-G7 D36-N37-G17-G7 D36-Aa1-Aa15-G12 D36-F32-G17-I3 D36-F32-G17-Z7-M2-Z2 D36-F32-G17-Z7-P5-Z2 D36-Aa1-G17-Z7-M2-Z2 D36-F26-W24-Z7-U33-X1-Z4-O1 D36-Aa1-W24-X1-Z4 D36-F26-W24-X1-O1 D36-F26-W24-X1-Z4-O1 D36-F26-N35-W24-Z7-U33-O1 D36-N37-A2 D36-G1-D36-N37-A2 axm axm axm axm axmw axm axmt axx axxw aXi aXi aXi aXm aSm axm aXm aXmw aXmw axmw aXnwty aXnwty aXnwty aXnwty aXnwty aS aS extinguish.! h5 \BB ' \B B:S \bI \b. quench thirst front of neck twigs image river .I \b\ \b 1' \v1' \B P. fly away fly.\B1' \B 1'~ \B 1~ \B 1M \B 1:"5 \B P. fly away evaporate. destroy quench thirst extinguish. fly away image of god image of god image of god voracious ? spirit twigs twigs twigs audience . consume twilight fly.

the masses multitude of persons the many. the masses chatter. much. often many. much. multitude many. plentiful. multitude many. much. numerous. multitude many. quantity. numerous. quantity. much. multitude multitude of people. be loquacious noisy noisy dove ? obnoxious ? abundant adjective \ v!` ` !! ! 5 `!!p5 `!5 `5M4" `!5c :" ` !5B M 7 K c " `} \ v!C \v! l . quantity. ordinary. ordinary. the many.oil lizard many. larynx act as pilot act as pilot groan cedar cedar cedar cedar cedar . ordinary. numerous. plentiful.\v\ vM s 1 \ v" G! 1 \v" \vC " \vI C! \vC \vb b b I \vC K \v` ` !5 =! 8v5 ` !5 ` `5 D36-N37-D36-N37-F10-F51 M17-D36-N37-A2-F4-X1 M17-D36-N37-A2 D36-N37-Aa2-A2 D36-N37-M41 Aa2-M1 D36-N37-Aa2 D36-N37-W24-W24-W24-M41 D36-N37-Aa2-W1 D36-N37-I1 I1-G1-Z2 O29-X1-Z5-N37-Z2 I1-G1-Z2 I1 I1-Z2 D36-N37-G1-I1 I1-G1-X1-A1-Z2 I1-X1-A1-B1-Z2 I1-X1-Z2 I1-Z2-D21-Z1-A2 I1-G1-Z2-P8-Z7-A2 I1-G1-Z2-Aa1-D21-E23-G43-P8-A2 I1-G229 D36-N37-G1-Aa2 D36-N37-X1-Z4A aSaS aS HAt aS aS aS aS aS aS aS aSA aSA aSAt aSA aSA aSA aSA aSAt aSAt aSAt aSA r aSA xrw aSA xrw aSA aSA aSty voicebox. plentiful. plentiful. numerous. numerous quantity. ordinary. company of guests.

5 Cn :. correct. come in.5 \n!j j+ \n!j j+ \n!j j+ \n jj} \ n ! j j }d 4 \n! \n!1 1 j j+ \n!1 1! j j+ \ n !! j j 1\ n !! j j . exact sense stright-dealing.Cn n C G35-N29-D54 G35 D36-N29-D54 G35-D54 G35-N29-D54-D21-O1-Z1 G35-N29-D54-F34-Z1 G35-N29-D54-F34-Z1-A1 G35-N29-Y1-F34-Z1 G35-N29-D54-D21-Z1-A1 G35-N29-D54-A1-B1-Z2 G35-M17-M17-X1 G35-X1 G35-N29-X4-Z2 G35-G43-Z8-Z2 G35-N29-Z7-Z8-Z2 D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-Y1 D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-Y1 D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-Y1 D36-N29-D50-D50-Y1V D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-Y1V-F34-Z1 D36-N29-G1 D36-N29-G1-M17-M17-D50-D50-Y1 D36-N29-G1-M17-M17-X1-D50-D50Y1 D36-N29-G1-X1-D50-D50 G17-D36-N29-G1-X1-D50-D50 aq aq aq aq aq r pr aq ib aq ib aq ib aq r aqw aqyt aqyt aqw aqw aqw aqA aqA aqA aqA aqA ib aqA aqAy aqAyt aqAyt m aqAyt enter. provisions. food provisions. income. accurate. use aright. straight-forwardness precise. revenue provisions. go straight forward. food precise. run aground. straightness. charge. have the entree. be noticed enter into enter into enter into wedding become intimate intimate friend intimate friend one over-familiar in speech ? friends female servant female servant loaves. food. set of sun. progress. accurate straightforward use aright a straight-dealer true balancing true balancing exactly verb transitive adjective \nn Cn Cn nM!4 Cn nd 4 Cn nd 4 ! Cn +d 4 Cn nM4! Cn n! p 5 C11! C! Cn $5 CK.

destroy slaughter.i! " :fM ` :fM 8 \i! >5 . h D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-V1-Z1 D36-N29-G1-V1 D36-W11-X1-N33A D36-W11-G43-X1-N33-Z2 D36-W11-X1-M33A D36-W11-N35-W78 D36-X1-Aa1-A24 M17-X1-Aa1 D36-X1-Aa1-Z7-W22-A24-A1-Z2 D36-D46-G43-K3-Z1 V26-Z1-M3 D36-I10-V26-M3 D36-V26-D46-M3 D36-I10-V26-Y1 V26-Y1 V26-D46-Y1 D36-I10-V27 V26-D46-Y1V D36-V27-I10-X1-A2 V26-D46-U7-D40 V26-D46-U7-A24 D36-I10-X1-T30-Z2 V27-X1-A15A V26-I10-N23-Z1 V26-N23 D36-I10-V27B-N23 aqA aqA agt agwt agwt agn atx atx atxw adw aD aD aD aD aD aD aD aD aDt aD aD aDt aDt aD aD aD a type of rope a type of rope a resinous varnish ? a preparation of grain a preparation of grain pedestal for vase strain strain mash etc brewers Buri fish spool. destroy hack up. massacre slaughter. reel spool. massacre edge.!g :ih4 :h \i. margin of cultivation edge. reel be safe. margin of cultivation . margin of cultivation edge.\n!j j! 4 \ n !! \U!} \UK! r5 \U! o \U t} \!B8 1!B \!B:`8!5 \ fKr4 :4# \i:# \:f# \i:+ :+ :f+ \i. :f} \. reel spool. become whole be safe be safe perceive perceive offence ? hack up.

grease fat. armlet crucible ? property not not they. region enclitic negative particle enclitic negative particle 3rd person plural suffix pronoun suffix pronoun noun :5 Kf4 . their they. guilt guilt guilty man. grease fat. grease fat. their district. grease fat. grease fat. wrongdoer armband. grease fatten ? winnowers Buri fish Buri fish Buri fish administrator administrator administrator guilty. them. them.: iG5 :fG :b5 :fb5 :f7 r5 \i:b 5 :i8 :i1 1:8 \i:k :f:p4 \fKp4 ru :fM `u \iM `u \ b !:8 \ b !` \ b !`! \it! T \it! I K K K[ K5 V26-I10-O39-Z2 V26-D46-O39 V26-W24-Z2 V26-D46-W24-Z2 V26-D46-Z4-N33-Z2 D36-I10-V26-W24-Z2 V26-I10-A24 V26-I10-M17-M17-Z7-A24 D36-I10-V26-N26 V26-D46-Z7-K1-Z1 D36-D46-G43-K1-Z1 K3-N36 V26-D46-U7-D40-N36 D36-I10-U7-D40-N36 D36-U28-G1-Z7-A24 D36-U28-G1-D40 D36-U28-G1-D40-A1 D36-I10-N35-X1-W10 D36-I10-N35-X1-Aa8 G43 G43 G43-D35 G43-Z2 Z7-Z2 G43-N21-Z1 aD aD aD aD aD aD aD aDyw aDw aDw aDw aD mr aD mr aD mr aDAw aDAw aDA aDnt aDnt w w w w w w fat.

superintendent district .superintendent cord brood on. long ago. long ago. for a long time past.:h 1MKh4 1Mh4! $ !! ! $ !" $ !p p $p $ !8 $ !:: pn $ !p $p p $ !n $ !! p p! 4 $!p <$ !! pt : 4 $ !! p> <! $ ! p % pj5 %p! ! j $!' $!1 ' $ !\ K` $ !K ~ Z7-N23 G17-D21-G43-N23-Z1 G17-D21-N23-Z1-A1 V4-G1-X1-V1 V4-G1-A2 V4-G1-N31 N31 V4-N31 V4-G1-A24 V4-G1-Z7-Z7-N31-D54 V4-G1-N31 V4-N31 N31 V4-G1-D54 V4-G1-X1-N31 N31-X1-Z1 V4-X1-N31 D4-V4-G1-X1-N31-N35 D2-Z1-V4-G1-X1-N31-V30 D4-X1-V4-X1-N31 G5-N31-N25-Z2 G5-N31-X1-X1-N25 V4-G1-Q7 V4-G1-M17-Q7 V4-G1-D36-G43-D40 V4-G1-G43-N35A w imy r w imy r w wAt wA wA wA wA wA wA wA wA wA wA wAt wAt wAt ir wAt n Hr wAt nb irt wAt wAwt Hr wAwt Hr wAi wAi wAaw wAw district. for a long time past. go far from. way prepare a way for on every side to escort Roads of Horus Roads . Fortress roast ? grain roast ? grain captain ? of ship wave of the sea . way road. go far from.E. go fall into a condition fall into a condition fall into a condition fall into a condition road. long ago.Horus a N. way road. for a long time past. go far from.of . conspire against. for a long time past. go far from. long ago. long ago. region district . for a long time past. schemer far from.

endure.rope of clap-net set down.clothes high-lying agriculural land high . apply. necklace locality .lying agricultural land body of the Red Crown bake ? draw . lay aside. patient. stow. swaddling . benevolence oblations oblations wreath. tooth rooted to the spot cloth ?. stack. clemency. lay down. institute. enter. permit bow the head live long. garland. discard leave aside. be patient see entries under wAH see entries under wAH see entries under wAH be kindly. overlook. store up. wait. socket of eye. ignore.$ !$ !" $$!! $$! 4 $ !$ !! ' $$!j $$ 1 1!j $ !q " $ !q " $ !q ! $ !q ! h $q ! h $ !q ! 5 $ !1 ' $!M!! =<+ =<+ = <+94 =<+ = =<\ $!<=8 = < +d 4 $ < = K ! $5 $<!} = <:" V4-G1-V4-G1-A2 V4-V4-X1-V1 V4-V4-X1-V20 V4-G1-V4-G1-X1-Q7 V4-V4-X1-N25 V4-V4-M17-M17-X1-N25 V4-G1-D58-M2 V4-G1-D58-M2 V4-G1-D58-V1 V4-G1-D58-X1-N23 V4-D58-X1-N23 V4-G1-D58-X1-Z2 V4-G1-G17-Q7 V4-G1-D21-X1-V1 V29-V28-Y1 V29-V28-Y1 V29-V28-Y1-D1-Z1 V29-V28-Y1 V29 V29-V28-D36 V4-G1-V28-V29-A24 V29-V28-Y1-F34-Z1 V4-V28-V29-G43-X1-X4-Z2 V4-V28-X1-R33 V29-V28-Z7-M2 wAwA wAwAt wAwAt wAwAt wAwAt wAwAi wAb wAb wAb wAbt wAbt wAbt wAm wArt wAH wAH wAH tp wAH wAH wAH wAH wAH ib wAHwt wAHwt wAHw take counsel cord cord fiery one ? Wawat Northern Nubia Wawat root of plant. leg. pitch.

=" $ < S""" =<S $!<=! K=T =KT =!! = < 11!5 = < 11!" = < !O5 = 11!O $B/ $ !B / "5 $ !B / $B $ !B 7 / ! $ !B / ! $/. be content be inundated of land. be content of persons columned forecourt columned forecourt columned forecourt sceptre sceptre sceptre dominion. p4 $e p p4# p p!i >!Q p!7Q p!7e V29-M2 V4-V28-S11-M2-M2-M2 V29-V28-S11B V4-G1-V28-V29-V1 G43-V29-S12 V29-G43-S12 V29-X1-O1 V29-V28-M17-M17-X1-Z2 V29-V28-M17-M17-X1-M2 V29-V28-X1-U9-Z2 V29-M17-M17-X1-U9 V4-Aa1-M15 V4-G1-Aa1-M15-M2-Z2 V4-G1-Aa1-M15 V4-Aa1 V4-G1-Aa1-Z4-M15-O1 V4-G1-Aa1-M15-O1 V4-M15-O27 S40-Z1 V4-S29-S40 S40-Z1-M3 S40 S40-X1-N24 R19-X1-O49 S40-X1-Z4-O49 S40-X1-Z4-S29 wAHw wAHw wAHw wAHw wAH wAH wAHt wAHyt wAHyt wAHyt wAHyt wAx wAx wAxi wAxi wAxy wAxy wAxy wAs wAs wAs wAs wAst wAst wAsty wAsty wreath. garland wreath. garland necklace necklace fillet of gold fillet of gold processional station temenos corn corn corn flood flood be inundated. have dominion Thebes Thebes the Theban the Theban locality noun and verb noun .

make to flourish green fresh fortunate.i+ . pale. be strong. raw. honour honour shouting a religious festival Wag festival a religious festival Wag festival a religious festival Wag festival a religious festival Wag festival a religious festival conspirators ? papyrus plant papyrus plant papyriform column wadj amulet green. happy fortunate man a green stone malachite ? a green stone. malachite green linen green linen noun verb noun adjective adjective adjective . decayed ruin be honoured. . happy.! d &. sturdy. make green. fortunate. .i+! . fresh.5 V4-G1-S29-S40 S40-G37 S40-G17-G37 V4-G1-N37-A28 V4-N37-A30-Y1 V4-G1-W11-A2 V4-G1-W11-W3 V4-W11-W3 V4-G1-W11-W4 V4-G1-W11-X4H G43-W11-W3-N5 V4-G1-X1-G43-A482-Z2 M13A-Z1-M2 M13A-Z1 O206 M13-Z1-O39 M13-I10-Y1 M14 M13-Y1 V4-I10-M14 M13-I10-Y1-A1 M14-O39 M13-G43-N33A M14-X1-S28 V6-M14-Z2 wAsi wAsi wAsi wAS wAS wAg wAg wAg wAg wAg wAg wAtw wAD wAD wAD wAD wAD wAD wAD wAD wAD wAD wAD wADt wADt be ruined. hale.$ !e p pE p1E $ !v< $v> + $ !U " $ !U M $UM $ !U N $ !U $ KU MV $ !! K} 5 E4" E4 Q -4G .G -K} .+ M13-Y1 $i. decayed be ruined.

me. my 1st singular dependent pronoun .paint green eye .paint green eye .:+5 ..+ -4 pk: r5 $ik?} $iE K?} }& M14-Z7-Y1-Z2 M14-Y1 M13-D7A N31-N26-Z7-N33-Z2 V4-I10-N26-D7-N33A V4-I10-M13A-G43-D7-N33A M222-X6B M222 M13-X1-Z2 V4-G1-I10-X1 M13-M17-M17-X1-I12 M13-X1-I13 M13-X1-Z4-I12-I12-V30 M14-M17-M17-X1-O1 M13-M17-M17-X1-O1 M14-G36-D21-N36 M14-G36-N36 M13-G36-N36 M13-I10-G36-N35A-N36 M14-G36-D21-M17-N35A-N36-N21Z1 V4-I10-I10-X1-M13 M14-I10-X1-M2-Z2 G43-A1 } -!5 $ !i! -11!k -!l -!7kk> .Du -Du .D M 1~uf4 $ii! . happiness happiness green eye .iD~u .D Mu .i! "5 K! wADw wADw wADw wADw wADw wADw wAD pr wAD ? wAD pr wAD ? wADt wADt wADyt wADyt wADyty wADyt wADyt wAD wr wAD wr wAD wr wAD wr wAD wr wADDt wADDyt wi success.paint an offering loaf an offering loaf rawness bow of ship Edjo Cobra goddess cobra goddess the two serpent goddesses of Upper and Lower Egypt hall of columns hall of columns the Great Green Sea the sea the sea the sea the sea vegetation vegetation I.paint green eye .11!! -11!! .

push away. single sole. push away. single sole. unique. set aside one. push away. me I. single sole. sole unique.K K1 K1U K7 K K 1 !g G43 G43-M17 G43-M17-A53 G43-Z4 G43 G43-M17-G1-P4A P4A G43-M17-K1-N35-D41-D40 G43-M17-K1-N35-D36 G43-M17-K1-N35-D41-D54 T21-D36-Z1 T21V T21-Z1 G43-D36-T21-Z1 T21-Z7-D36-Z1-G37 T21-Z1 T21-Z1-D36 T21-D36-G37 T21-D36-X1-Z4-G37 T21V T21-D36 T21-X1-Z1 T21-X1-X1 G43-T21-U33-M17 T21-D36-X1-A13 wi wi wi wy wy wiA wiA win win win wa wa wa wa wai wai wai wai waty waty waty waty waty sbA waty waty I. one only one unique. single lone star captive dependent pronoun dependent pronoun admirative particle admirative particle g K 1 pta` K 1pt\ K 1 ptan 5\4 w 54 K\5 4 5 :\4E 54 54\ 5\E 5\!7E w 5\ 5!4 5!! K5 g 1 5\!- verb verb verb . set aside thrust aside. one only. single sole. one only. sole be alone be alone be alone be alone sole. set aside thrust aside. me mummy case how ! how ! sacred barque sacred barque thrust aside.

bathe. cleanse. purify oneself. bathe. purification. purification. cleanse.slab meat . purification pure. kitchen. cleanse. purification. bathe. purify oneself. purify oneself. cleanse. bathe. purity Wab priest wab priest priestess serve as priest serve as priest priestly service priestly service place of embalment. purification. cleanse. refectory offering . cleanse. purity pure. purity pure. tomb. purification. private apartments private apartments privacy privacy soldier pure. purify oneself. purity pure. purify oneself.5!7? 54\? 5!!l K =\ !" 5\\K 5 \\K! 5 4\K5 K\\:!E} K\K` s~ & & s K\s KTq s~! s! } s~ s &q K! s!~ s~!! ss!s T21-X1-Z4-E31 T21-Z1-D36-E31 T21-X1-X1-I13 G43-O29-D36-G1-A2 T21-D36-D36-G43 T21-D36-D36-G43-O1 T21-Z1-D36-G43-Z2 G43-D36-D36-Z7-X1-G37-N33A G43-D36-G43-D40 D60-N35A A6A A6 D60 G43-D36-D60 G43-F17-D58 D60-N35A-A1 D60-A1 D384 D60-N35A D60 A6-D58-G43-X1 D60-X1-N35A D60-N35A-X1-O1 D60-V13 D60-X1-F51 waty waty watt waA waaw waaw waaw waawt waw wab wab wab wab wab wab wab wab wabt wab wab wabwt wabwt wabt wabt wabt goat goat royal uraeus curse privacy. purify oneself.offering . bathe. bathe. purity pure.

be bent.plateau desert . lower leg. foot foot desert . quarter.plateau desert . leg. part plural plural plural .plateau administrative division. fly fugitive flight flight flight flight hastiness of speech hip joint.sK!2 s\11! _ sq 1 1! s5 s ~ K s5! sKd sd s~Kd K\h8 K\h:` K\t! :\ MC! K\tC! K\tC! K\ Mon K\ Mo n! K\ M!o o!5 K\ M!o5 K\ M ! o n5 K\ M:o" K \ M ! o G43-D36-D21-X1-D56 o! s K\ M!oj K\ M! h K\ M ! Gj o! h D60-G43-X1-F51B D60-D36-M17-M17-X1-H8 D60-D58-M17-M17-X1-F51-Z2 D60-N35A-G43-F51-Z2-X1 D60-G43-S28 D60-S28 D60-N35A-G43-S28 G43-D36-I9-A24 G43-D36-I9-Z7-D40 G43-D36-N35-M1 Z7-D36-D21-Aa2-M1 G43-D36-N35-Aa2-M1 G43-D36-N35-Aa2-M1 G43-D36-D21-D56-D54 G43-D36-D21-D56-D54-A1 G43-D36-D21-X1-D56 D56-X1-Z2 G43-D36-D21-X1-D56-Z2 G43-D36-D21-X1-D56-D54-Z2 G43-D36-D21-Z7-D56-A2 G43-D36-D21-X1-D56 D56-X1-F51 G43-D36-D21-X1-D56-N25 G43-D36-D21-X1-N23 G43-D36-D21-X1-O39-N25 D56-X1-N23 wabt wabwt wabwt wabwt wabw wabw wabw waf waf wan wan wan wan war war wart wart wart wart warw wart wart wart wart wart wart meat offering meat offerings meat offerings meat offerings sacred robe sacred robe sacred robe bend down. rush forth. curled up subdue nations juniper juniper juniper juniper flee. subdue.

explore a region open up. determined open open reveal a matter open up. overflow. be excessive stride briskly eastern.o oK! o! 11! o!! K\ <\ \< \r5 ` q = !+ ` M= `=+ `q} ` q = !n `R! `q!+ `qa` `q=!1 1!p ` q = !! +p Kq tV Kq tY Kq tn Kq tb KV Kq tbKR Y Y2 D56 D56-G43-A1 D56-X1-M17-M17-X1 D56-X1-X1 G43-D36-V28-N11A N11-V28 N11-N33-Z2 U26-D58-G29-G1-Y1 U26 N46-G29 U26-G29-Y1 U26-D58-Y1V U26-D58-G29-G1-D54 U26-N1-O1 U26-D58-X1-Y1 U26-D58-W23-D40 U26-D58-G29-G1-M17-M17-X1-B1 U26-D58-G29-G1-X1-Y1-B1 G43-D58-N35-N5 G43-D58-N35-N8 G43-D58-N35-D54 G43-D58-N35-W24-G43-N5 G43-D58-N35-W24-G43-D26 N8 N8-F51B wart wartw wartyt wartyt waH waH waH wbA wbA wbA wbA wbA wbA wbA wbAt wbA wbAyt wbAyt wbn wbn wbn wbnw wbnw wbnw wbnw quarter of necropolis administrator. glitter.almond ?. carob ? earth . shine. glitter. carob ? drill stone.almond ?. open. the east wound wound wound . appear. explore a region open court of temple opening butler maidservant maidservant rise.almond ?. appear. shine. be excessive rise. expose. reveal. attendant administratrix administratrix earth . carob ? earth . overflow.

be scalded burn. separate. top-knot. but except household. take open judge contestants. P# 1 1!. divide. schedule inventory. open up. schedule verb verb . crowd household. schedule inventory. discern. heat. schedule inventory. crowd inventory. judge.4 N8-W24-Z7-D26 G43-D58-N35-W24-G43-F51B G43-D58-N35-W24-G43-Aa3 G43-D58-Aa1-Z9-Y1 G43-D58-Aa1-Z9-S28 G43-D58-D46-Q7 G43-D58-D46-X1-Z5-Q7 F13-X1-Z1 F13-N16 F13-Q3-X1-D3A F13-Q3-Z9 G43-Q3-F13 F13-Q3-A2 Z9-Y1-S29-X1 F13-Q3-Z9-Y1-S29-X1 F13-Q3-X1-Y1 F13-Q3-Z9-T30 F13-Q3-M17-M17-Z9 F13-Q3-G43-Z9-D2-Z1 F13-Q3-G43-Z9-D21 F13-Q3-G43-X1-A1-B1-Z2 F13-Q3-X1-A1-B1-Z2 F13-Q3-G43-X1-Y1-Z2 F13-Q3-X1-Z9 F13-Q3-X1-Z9-V12 F13-Q3-M17-M17-X1-V12-Z1 wbnw wbnw wbnw wbx wbx wbd wbdt wpt wpt tA wpt wpi wpi wpi wp st wp st wpt wpi wpy wpr Hr wpw r wpwt wpwt wpwt wpwt wpwt wpwt wound wound wound be bright be bright burn. burning horns. P#< K#P P#" <+e ! P#<+e ! P#!+ P#<> P# 1 1< P#K<:4 P#K< M P#K!!p5 P#!!p5 P#K! +5 P#!< P#!<. top. head-dress.Yb:R Kq tbK2 Kq tbKD Kq B <+ Kq B <d Kq f' Kq f! 8 ' P!4 Pa P#!. brow. inaugurate. distinguish. petitioners specify it details of it specify it details of it judgement cut off decision except. part. zenith farthest South top knot of hair open.

agent. P#!< <P# ! " < t\ P#K!.' 1#PKg' PpppH Pp! 5H 8 P#! $!4 RM QM Pv< r r r K# v< F13-X1-Z1-Y5-N35-X1-D56-D56 F13-X1-Z1-N35-X1-F32-X1-Z1 F13-Q3-G43-X1-A2 F13-Q3-X1-Z9-A2 F13-Q3-G43-X1-D54 F13-Q3-X1-D54 F13-Q3-X1-Y2 F13-Q3-X1-Z9 D4-F13-Q3-X1-A2-V28-N35-D36 F13-Q3-G43-X1-V12 F13-Q3-Z7-X1-Z9-A2-Z3 F13-Q3-G43-X1-Z4-D54-A1 F13-Q3-X1-A1 F13-Q3-X1-Z4-Z9 F13-Q3-X1-Z4-D54-A1 M17-F13-Q3-X1-Y2-G7 M17-Q3-F13-G43-U33-G7 F13-N31-N31-N31-A40 F13-N31-X1-Z2-A40 F102 F13-Q3-X1-M4-X1-Z1 F15-W3 F14-W3 F13-N37-Z9-N33-N33-N33 G43-Q3-N37-Z9 wpt mnty wpt nt Xt wpwt wpwt wpwt wpwt wpwt wpwt ir wpt Hna wpwt wpwt wpwty wpwty wpwty wpwty wpwty wpwty wp wAwt wp wAwt wpt ra wpt rnpt wpt rnpt wpt rnpt wpS wpS the space between anus and genitals centre of torso vertical message. news ? message business. bystander Wepwawet Wepwawet first day of the month and its Festival New Year's day and its Festival New Year's Day and its Festival New Year's Day and its Festival strew. agent. commissioner. business. agent. bystander messenger. mission.t! o o P! 4 t! b ! 4 P#K!" P#!<" P#K!n P#!n P#!. scatter strew. agent. commissioner. bystander messenger. mission business. commissioner. mission business. bystander messenger.P! 4 . agent. bystander messenger. mission punish task except messenger. commissioner. mission business. behest. commissioner. bystander messenger. commissioner. agent. scatter divinity divinity . P#:!<"6 P# K! 7 n! P#!! P#!7< P# ! 7 n! 1P#!. task.

be skilled. open up. support.Kh!s K h!G " K h!" Kl!+ Kl! +d 4 Kl!! Kl!... pass by.# Bt11!. pass away.hearted gateway gateway thick cloth thick cloth mass of men thick wall. clear vision. neglect neglect fault. public appearance hasten. G43-I9-G1-F51 G43-I9-G1-G39-A2 G43-I9-G1-A2 G43-D52-X1-Y1 G43-D52-X1-Y1-F34-Z1 G43-D52-X1-O1 G43-D52-X1-T14-T14-O1 G43-D52-X1-S28-Z2 G43-D52-X1-V1 G43-D52-X1-O36-A1-Z2 G43-D52-X1-X1-O36 G43-D52-X1-X1-T14-T14 G43-D52-X1-Z4-T14-T14-O1 E34-Z1 E34-N35-O31-D40 E34-O31 M3-E34-N35-O31-D36 E34-N35-O31-D2-Z1 E34-N35-D54 E34-N35-Z4-D54 E34-N35-X1-D54 E34-N35-G37 E34-N35-D3-Y1 E34-N35-D3-M3 E34-N35-M17-M17-X1-D3 wfA wfA wfA wmt wmt ib wmt wmt wmt wmt wmt wmtt wmtt wmtt wn wn wn xt wn wn Hr wni wni wnt wn wn wn wnyt lungs talk about. talk. discuss. thickness thick wall thick wall Hare open.+ B t. Kl!7. pass by. rip open open up quarry etc free moving pole ? open the sight of..! B4 B t?` B? #B t?\ B t?: 4 B tn B t7n B t! n B tE B t. hurry.! Kl! d5 Kl!! Kl!D!5 Kl!!D Kl!!. pass away hasten. hurry. subject of conversation support a plea thick stout . blame be stripped off of branches be stripped off of branches of trees baldness of eyebrows verb .

watcher. move about. service duty. traverse travel about travel about travel about move about of child in womb flower flower . astronomer hour watcher. nod. service duty.B t! ! B tb! _ V E34-N35-X1-O1 E34-N35-W24-X1-N14-N5 N14-X1-Z1 N14-X1-N5 E34-N35-W24-X1-N14-Y1 E34-N35-W24-X1-N14 E34-N35-W24-G43-X1-N14-N5-Z1 N14-X1-Z1-A1-Z2 E34-X1-N14 N14-X1-Z1 E34-N35-X1-N14-Z2 N14-N5-X1-A1-Z3 E34-N35-W24-X1-N14-A1-Z2 E34-N35-W24-X1-Z4-N14 N14 N14-M17-M17 E34-N35-W24-X1-D4 E34-N35-X1-Z4-N14-N5 E34-N35-W24-X1-N14-N5-D4 E34-N35-E34-N35-D3 E34-N35-E34-N35-A90 E34-N35-E34-N35-D54 E34-N35-E34-N35-D1 M42-N35-M42-N35 M42-N35-D58-M96 E34-N35-D58-M2 _!4 _!V B tb ! _ + B tb! _ B tbK! _ V4 _!4!5 B!_ _!4 B t! _ 5 _V!!6 B tb! _ ! 5 B tb! 7_ _ _11 B tb! < B t! 7_ V B tb! _ V< B tB t. astronomer hour watcher. astronomer hour watcher. staff priesthood priesthood priesthood priesthood staff of workers hour . astronomer sway to and fro. B tB t} B tB tn B tB t9 J tJ t J tq } B tq " wnt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwt wnwty wnwty wnwty wnwty wnwty wnwty wnwn wnwn wnwn wnwn wnwn wnb wnb sanctuary in temple hour hour hour duty. travel about. astronomer hour watcher. service priesthood. astronomer hour watcher.

right side of right . fodder food.5 J " K $5 >PO5 B t1P r 5! > " O r 5! >11 1! ' ''11! ' 917a } 9a 91a B tt B t! wnpw wnf wnf wnf ib wnw wnm wnm wnm wnm wnm wnm wnmt wnmt wnmt wnmw wnmw wnm wnm wnmyt wnmyt wnmy wnmy wnmy wnmy wnn wnt triumph be joyful be joyful be frivolous foetus eat. feed on. right. feed on food.hand. right right . fodder food.hand side. right. exist that non-enclitic particle .hand side. consume eat eat eat eat eat of. right side of be. B thd B th.d 4 B tb:1 >1" E34-N35-Q3-G43-D40 E34-N35-I9-V12 E34-N35-I9-S28 E34-N35-I9-V12-F34-Z1 E34-N35-W24-Z7-A17 Z11-G17-A2 M42-A2 Z11-A2 X7-X7-A2 E34-N35-G17-A2 Z11-Y1 M42-X1-A2-X2-X4-Z2 Z11-G17-X1-X4-Z2 M42-A2-X1-Z8-Z2 M42-A2-G43-X4-Z2 Z11-Aa15-U9-Z2 E34-N35-G17-U10-N33-Z2-E1 Z11-A2-U9-N33-Z2-E1 Z11-G17-M17-M17-X1-Q7 X7-X7-M17-M17-X1-Q7 R14-G17-Z4-D41 G264B R14-D41 R14-G17-D41 E34-N35-N35 E34-N35-X1 J" >" ''" B t1" >+ J ! " " $5 > 1! $5 J "! .B t# K` B th.hand side. fodder food. right side of right . right side of. sustenance food. right. sustenance fattened ox ? fattened ox devouring flame devouring flame right .

relality true being. really indeed. relality true being. relality Onnophris a name of Osiris Onnophris Onnophris be clothed.cloth ? clothing jackal sledge sledge short .[B t! B t! B tt! B tK\+ B tHL \Y+ JHL B tL + J tK\ B tt eKH B tt eH J tt eH B tB d J tB d B tB . reality true being. dress a vase be clothed in be clothed in roll of cloth roll of cloth mummy .d` B tB 8 B tB d B tB 1 1! . relality true being.4 B tB K. really true being. don clothing.d B tv] B tvV B tv:# J k!5 J bk!5 3k:!5 Jkb((( JkK!!p5 D35-E34-N35-X1 E34-N35-X1 E34-N35-N35-X1 E34-N35-U5-D36-Y1 E34-N35-U2-Aa11-D36-H2-Y1 M42-U2-Aa11 E34-N35-Aa11-Y1 M42-N35-U5-D36 E34-N35-N35-F35-G43-A40 E34-N35-N35-F35-A40 M42-N35-N35-F35-A40 E34-N35-Aa1-S28 M42-N35-Aa1-S28 E34-N35-Aa1-V12-S28-D40 E34-N35-Aa1-Z5 E34-N35-Aa1-S28 E34-N35-Aa1-M17-M17-X1-V12-Z1 E34-N35-Aa1-G43-V12-S28 E34-N35-N37-F27 E34-N35-N37-U16 E34-N35-N37-Z7-M3 M42-N26-E1-Z2 M42-W24-N26-E1-Z2 Z11A-N26-Z7-E1-Z2 M42-N26-W24-E8-E8-E8 M42-N26-G43-X1-A1-B1-Z2 n wnt wnnt wnnt wn mAa wn mAa wn mAa wn mAa wn mAa wnn nfrw wnn nfrw wnn nfrw wnx wnx wnx wnx wnx wnxyt wnxw wnS wnS wnS wnDw wnDw wnDw wnDw wnDwt there is/are not indeed.horned cattle short horned cattle short horned cattle goats associates divinity divinity enclitic particle enclitic particle . assume ones body.

sufficiency of food. important great greatness of size.i wrt wr wr wr wr ib wr mAw wr mD Smaw wr HkAw wrt HkAw wrt HkAw wrt HkAw wr HkAw wr xrp Hmwt wr swnw associates ships hold hold of ship hollow. many. depression hollow. magnate. excess of supplies. magnate great one. what is important. depression swallow bird great. ruler of foreign land great one.J tb kK! !! } J tiK! i B ti! Ki B tf:! h46 Jk7! D DM D DM DM! if! D M! DM! DM M42-N35-W24-N26-G43-X1-E1-A1N33A M42-N35-I10-G43-X1-P30 E34-N35-I10-X1-G43-P30 E34-N35-D46-Z7-X1-N23-Z1-Z3 M42-N26-Z4-E1 G36 G36-D21 G36 G36-D21 G36-D21-X1 I10-D46-A1-G36-D21-X1 G36-D21-A1 G36-D21 A19-A1 G36-D21-F34-Z1 G36-D21-U1-Z2-A1 G36-M28 G36-D21-V28-D28-Z2-A40 G36-D21-X1-V28-D28-Z2-S2 G36-D21-X1-V28-D28-Z2-S2-S4 G36-D21-X1-V28-D28-Z2-I13 G36-D21-V28-D28-Z2-U19 G36-D21-S42-U24 G36-D21-T11-W24-G43-Z3-A1 wnDwt wnDwt wnDwt wndwt wndwt wr wrr wr wr wrt Dd . how much ? greatness of rank. much. very I say something important great one. eldest. chief. magnate insolent Greatest of Seers Magnate of the 'Ten of Upper Egypt' Great of Magic Great of Magic of crowns Great of Magic of crowns Great of Magic of uraeus instrument for 'Opening of the mouth' Greatest of the Master Craftsmen master physician 3! DMd 4 D M G5! D< D M < T 5H D M ! < T 5J D M ! < T 5JL D M ! < T 5l D M < T 5Y DMr^ D M+bK6 ! . much.

.. awnings crown crown chariot. awnings roofing.DM44444 DM!k DM!J DM!L D!} D!} D!! DM1s DM DM2 D M 1 1! #5 DM11!d D M1!KD!5 D M1!KD!f5 D M1![[[ DMM!J DMM!N DMM11!1 1! DM!1 DM11!1 DMM!1 DMM11!# DM<a8 DM<K` DM<K6 G36-D21-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 G36-D21-X1-I12 G36-D21-X1-S2 G36-D21-X1-S4 G36-X1-P13 G36-X1-P111 G36-X1-E1 G36-D21-M17-F51 G36-D21 G36-D21-F51B G36-D21-M17-M17-X1-M3-Z2 G36-D21-M17-M17-X1-S28 G36-D21-G17-X1-G43-O36-X1-Z2 G36-D21-G17-X1-G43-O36-X1-N21Z2 G36-D21-G17-X1-O169-O169-O169 G36-D21-D21-X1-S2 G36-D21-D21-X1-S6 G36-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-T17 T17-X1 G36-D21-X1-T17 G36-D21-M17-M17-X1-T17 G36-D21-D21-X1-T17 G36-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-M3 G36-D21-V28-W23-A24 G36-D21-V28-W1-D40 G36-D21-V28-W1-Z3 wr diw wrt wrt wrt wrt wrt wrt wri wri wri wryt wryt wrmwt wrmwt wrmwt wrrt wrrt wrryt wrryt wrryt wrryt wrryt wrryt wrH wrH wrH Greatest of the Five Great One of uraeus.. smear on anoint Someone with.. . smear on ointment . awnings roofing... wagon chariot chariot chariot chariot chariot anoint someone with.. of goddess Crown of Upper Egypt Crown of Lower Egypt sacred barque sacred barque sacred cow portion of meat portion of meat portion of meat door posts cloth for straining liquids roofing.

tire weariness escape.j .rest spend the day. fall off of scab throw down fence throw down fence crown of head cauldron cauldron cauldron cauldron oasis. grow weary.DM<b5 DM<!a5 DM< 11a8 DMe# D MvV D Mv} DMv1 1V! D Mi} D Mf' E D Mf:' E5 K$E K$a K$ !E K$!E K$ !$ !" K$q <` K$ t} K$ tC K$ tE ` K$ tt9 K<!a K < !! a K<!} K < !! Q G36-D21-V28-W24-Z2 G36-D21-V28-X1-W23-Z2 G36-D21-V28-M17-M17-W23-A24 G36-D21-S29-M3 G36-D21-N37-N5 G36-D21-N37-Q43 G36-D21-N37-M17-M17-N5-A1 G36-D21-I10-D81 G36-D21-D46-A7-G37 G36-D21-D46-Z7-A7-G37-Z2 G43-O4-G37 G43-O4-D41 G43-O4-G1-G37 G43-O4-X1-G37 G43-O4-G1-O4-G1-A2 G43-O4-D58-Z9-D40 G43-O4-N35-O118 G43-O4-N35-A35 G43-O4-N35-O37-D40 G43-O4-N35-N35-D1 G43-V28-X1-W23 G43-V28-G1-X1-W23 G43-V28-X1-W115 G43-V28-G1-X1-W7 Aa2-X1-N25 Aa2-X1-T14-N25 wrH wrHt wrHy wrs wrS wrS wrSy wrD wrD wrdw whi whi whi wht whAhA whb whn whn whn whnn wAHt wHAt wHAt wHAt wHAt wHAt ointment ointment anointer head . sentry be weary. oasis region verb verb C!j C!. miss. grow weary. be lacking escape be undone of heart failure arrogance ? pierce.region oasis. fail. spend much time. wake. tire. spend one's time. be awake wake. be awake watcher. oasis . be undone. die be weary. hole throw down fence.

C ! $. fowler fishermen. relatives family. go home loose fetters release someone. kindred loose fetters.!Q K<!Q K<!j K< 11!!p5 :<:!.!p5 _\! \ K<7\i K<\i _\"d 4 _\n _ _\ K<\t _\!p _\ p 5! _5 _Kn Aa2-X1-G4-T14-A1-B1-Z2-N25 G43-M16-G1-A24 G43-M16-D40 G43-V28-G1-D40 G43-M16-G1-M2 G43-M16-G1-Aa2-A24 G43-V28-M17-M17-X1-O49 T14-X1-O49 G43-V28-X1-O49 G43-V28-X1-N25 G43-V28-M17-M17-X1-A1-B1-Z2 Z7-V28-Z7-X1-T14-A1-B1-Z2 G43-V28-M17-M17-T14-A1-B1-Z2 G43-V28-Z7-T14-A1-B1-Z2 P4-D36-V1-D36 G43-V28-Z4-D36-P30 G43-V28-D36-P30 P4-D36-A2-F34-Z1 P4-D36-D54 P4 P4-D36 G43-V28-D36-K5 P4-D36-X1-K1 P4-D36-K1-Z2-A1 P4-Z2 P4-G43-Z2B wHAtyw wHA wHA wHA wHA wHA wHyt wHyt wHyt wHyt wHyt wHyt wHyt wHyt wHa wHa wHa wHa ib wHa wHa wHa wHa wHa wHa wHaw wHaw oasis . ! p 5j K0 !8 K0` K < !` K0 !" K0 !C 8 K< 11!Q . release. kindred family. pluck flowers. kindred.!p5 K<:. return from.dwellers hew stone. skilled investigate investigate investigate fish synodontis schall fish synodontis schall fisherman. cut crops hew stone hew stone pluck flowers cut crops village village village village family.!p5 K< 1 1. kindred family. fowlers fowlers . something capable.

legal register herald. of actions repeat repeat repeat. fowlers fishermen. fowlers distribute rations ? disappear of inscriptions hoof ass ass repeat. fowlers fishermen.K<\K! _\:KGp`!6 _\:Kp5 G43-V28-D36-G43-A1 P4-D36-Z7-G43-G39-K1-D40-A1-Z3 P4-D36-Z7-G43-K1-Z2 P4-D36-X4-Z2 G43-V28-G43-V28-Z9-G37-Z2 F25-X1-Z1 F25-G17-E7 F25 F25-G17-Y1 F25 F25-G17-Y1-D36-Z1 F25-G17-A2 F25-G17-M17-M17-X1-A2 F25-G17-G43-A2-A1 F25-A1 F25-G43 F25-G17-A1 D35-N35-F25-G43-X1-Z4-I9 _ \ $5 K<K<<E5 [!4 [1' [ [1+ [ [1+\4 [1" [111!" [1K"! [! [K [1! [t[K!7h [t[1!h D35-N35-F25-G17-X1-I9 [t[1K!4h D35-N35-F25-G17-G43-X1-Z1-I9 [11 1 1!"6 F25-G17-G17-M17-M17-X1-A2-Z3 wHaw wHaw wHaw wHa wHwH wHmt wHm wHm wHm wHm wHm a wHm wHmyt wHmw wHmw wHmw wHmw nn wHmwty .f wHmmyt fishermen. reporter.f nn wHmwty . legal register herald. register herald. bruit abroad continued howling herald. reporter.f nn wHmwty . of speech. legal register there will never be his like again there will never be his like again there will never be his like again repetitions of something said .

!E KB . fool ignorant. fool dockyard. incompetent person. act stupidly ignorant. be patient with :B M!! KB fC . quell tulmult. tent pole hall of columns full blast of storm ? throw off earth. tent pole column. endure. !` K . KB S :!.S KB !S K . purge the body seek seek seek be foolish. beat a mat. fool ignorant.# KB 1R K B . !! : . !E ! K. kill rebels fetish of Kos fetish of Kos night night darkness column. tent pole column. shake out linen. act stupidly be foolish. !# KB # K. !E : . carpenter's workshop carpenter's workshop dockyard be painful. empty out. tent-pole column. incompetent person.K < e >` KB . !E ! KB M 1 1! \#5 KB M!" wHs wx wx wx wx wxt wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxA wxryt wxryt wxr wxd cut off hair. G43-V28-S29-T30-D40 G43-Aa1-R16 R16 G43-Aa1-N2 Z7-G1-M12-N2 G43-Aa1-X1-N2 G43-M12-G1-M3 G43-Aa1-M3 G43-M12-M3 G43-Aa1-M17-O211 G43-Aa1-M12-G1-O1 Z7-M12-G1-P5 G43-M12-G1-D40 G43-M12-G1-D54 G43-M12-D54 G43-M12-G1-Aa1-D54 G43-Aa1-M12-G1-G37 Z7-M12-G1-G37 G43-Aa1-M12-G1-G37-A1 G43-M12-G37-A1 G43-M12-G1-G37-A1 G43-Aa1-D21-M17-M17-X1-P1-M3Z2 G43-Aa1-D21-X1-Q2C Z7-Aa1-D21-O1-O1 G43-Aa1-D46-Aa2 . !B n KB . suffer.E! K . incompetent person. !n K.n K . !` K .

KB f} KB fJ+ G43-Aa1-D46-Y1V G43-Aa1-D46-Aa9-Y1 Z7-Aa1-D46-Z7-Aa2-Z2 Aa2-Z2 Z7-Aa1-D46-X1-Aa2 G43-S29-T30 G43-S29-X1-T30C T30C G43-S29-O1 O1-D21-D54-G17-G43-S29-O1 Z7-S29-X1-V12 Q1-D4 Q1-D4-A40 F51A-D21-A40 Q2-D4-C98A D4-Q2 G43-S29-I9-G41-D54 G43-S29-I9-D55 G43-S29-I9-G41 G43-S29-I9-Z7-G41-D54-A1 G43-O34-I9-G43-G41 F12-X1-Z1 F12-X1-Z1-F51B F12-S29-D21-D40 F12 F12-S29 :B f:C5 C5 :B f! C Ke> Ke!> > Ke! ! M n1Ke ! :e!. small window height of pyramid letter Osiris Osiris Osiris Osiris Osiris be slack. influential. !< ! <H J MH "<} <" Ke hIn Ke hî Ke hI Ke h:In! KBhKI O!4 O!42 Oe M` O Oe wxd wxd wxdw wxdw wxdt wsi wst wst ws pr n ws wsty wsir wsir wsir wsir wsir wsf wsf wsf wsfw wsfw wsrt wsrt wsr wsr wsr be painful. be patient with foebearance pain pain pain tosaw sawdust sawdust crack. ignore. endure. wealthy. suffer. chink. powerful. sluggish. rich in years powerful strong verb transitive verb transitive divinity divinity divinity verb . sluggishness neglect neglect sluggard sluggard neck neck strong. neglect.

power strength. riches. power strength. court hall. court hall. power oar oar oar cup broad. extensive of monuments. wide. court hall. power strength. court noun . breadth extensive of riches breadth ornamental collar ornamental collar barge barge barge hall.O8 K Oe M Oe M+ Oe M`! OM! Oe M! Oe MK`5 O Oe `5 Oe M\ OBMKc Oe K Oe M# KeB T KeB T+ T+ S KeB S S KeB T\ KeB \ KeB !T\ -! ! / V T!! F12-A24 G43-F12-S29-D21 F12-S29-D21-Y1 F12-S29-D21-D40-A1 F12-D21-A1 F12-S29-D21-A1 F12-S29-D21-G43-D40-Z2 F12 F12-S29-D40-Z2 F12-S29-D21-D36 F12-O34-D21-G43-P8 F12-S29-G43 F12-S29-D21-M3 G43-S29-Aa1-W10 G43-S29-Aa1-W10-Y1 W10-Y1 S11 G43-S29-Aa1-S11 S11 G43-S29-Aa1-W10-P1 G43-S29-Aa1-P1 G43-S29-Aa1-X1-W10-P1 O13-X1-O1 O15 O307 W10-X1-O1 wsr wsr wsr wsr wsr wsr wsrw wsrw wsrw wsrw wsrw wsrw wsrw wsx wsx wsx wsx wsx wsx wsx wsx wsxt wsxt wsxt wsxt wsxt powerful powerful powerful wealthy man wealthy man wealthy man strength.

dilapidation be dilapidated. ruin travel freely. be unhindered. . ruin. desolate a place be destroyed be destroyed be helpless ? urinate widgeon ? fatten fatten fatten utter plaudites. pass fluid pass fluid. be destroyed. with free access free of hands be unhindered fall out.KBvm KvC G43-O34-N37-D53 G43-N37-Aa2 Z7-N37-N37-D53 G43-O34-N37-X1-D53 G43-S29-N37-X1-Aa3A G43-O34-N37-X1-D53-N35A-Aa2-Z2 G43-O34-N37-G37 G43-O34-V13-G37 G43-S29-X1-G37 G43-S29-V13-N35-D54 G43-O34-X1-N35-D54 G17-G43-S29-V13-N35-D54 G43-S29-V13-N35-D54-D36-Z1 G43-S29-V13-N35-D56-D54 G43-N37-D3 D3 G43-N37-G37 G43-N37-G37-F34-Z1 G43-N37-Aa2 G43-N37-G1-X1-G42 G42 Z7-M8-G1-D51-D40 G39 G43-M8-G1-A2 G43-M8-G1-G43-N2-Z3 G43-M8-G1-G43-G41-N2 :vvm KBv! m Ke v! D KBv! m~C 5 KBvE KB-E Ke!E Ke -tn KB! tn 1Ke -tn Ke -tn\ 4 Ke -to n Kv. deal arbitrarily with travel freely unhindered. KvE KvEd 4 KvC K v!! J J wsS wsS wsS wsSt wsSt wsSt wsS wsT wsT wsTn wsTn m wsTn wsTn a wsTn wS wS wS wS ib wS wSAt wSA wSA wSA wSA wSAw wSAw urinate. recite praises darkness darkness verb and noun verb verb transitive verb intransitive :(!k` G K(!" K(!K S 6 K(!K I S . urinate urinate urine urine urine die out of a race be dilapidated.

make an offering of food and drink wring the neck of poultry poultry for table poultry for table dry up. assent to.Kv\ U" Kv\" Kvq <" Kvq " Kvq ! <" Kvq K< ! Kv<q ! Kvq 1 1 ! < r5 :v18 Kv1X Kv1 3 Kv1Y" Kv1K Y1Kb KvtX ` KvtV Kvb K Kvtb KX 6 KvMV KvME Kv1M K`f" Kvf" KUU" KU 1} G43-N37-D36-F18-A2 G43-N37-D36-A2 G43-N37-D58-Z9-A2 G43-N37-D58-A2 G43-N37-D58-X1-Z9-A2 G43-N37-D58-G43-Z9-A1 G43-N37-Z9-D58-E1 G43-N37-D58-M17-M17-X1-Z9-N33Z2 Z7-N37-G17-A24 G43-N37-G17-H1 G43-N37-G17-T19 G43-N37-G17-H2-M2 G43-N37-G17-G43 H2-G17-G43-W24 G43-N37-N35-H1-D40 G43-N37-N35-G54 G43-N37-W24-G43 G43-N37-N35-W24-G43-H1-Z3 G43-N37-D21-N5 G43-N37-D21-G37 G43-N37-G17-F10 G43-F30-D46-A2 G43-N37-D46-A2 G43-W11-F18-A2 G43-W11-M17-D82 wSa wSa wSb wSb wSbt wSbw wSb wSbyt wSm wSm wSm wSm wSmw wSmw wSn wSn wSnw wSnw wSr wSr wSm wSd wSd wgi wgi chew. accused question someone chew chew verb verb and noun verb and noun . question someone. be barron. answer for conduct answer response ? comforter ? bull beads mix prove ?. test ear of corn ear of corn jar of metal jar of metal as beer measure wring the neck. eat a morsel eat a morsel answer. be despoiled be despoiled throat address someone.

wrapping bandages. bandager embalmer. bind wrappings bandage embalm mummy . misery feebleness. misery woe bandage. crushed grain cut open. gut fish etc feebleness. weakness. gut fish etc. cut open. weakness. wrappings place of embalming embalmer. bind bandage.:U 1 1!V :U!V KU!1 1!U KU 1 1!U" KU 1}}} :U !:U # KU !1 1K#5 KUq Y KU#\ KU1P KU e >\ :U !e p ` KAAE KUU KAA!E C\ C!8 K! F C5 :!C K!C` C!K& K! d $:d4 5 K!C K!C! C\! Z7-W11-M17-M17-X1-F19 Z7-W11-X1-F19 G43-W11-G1-M17-M17-X1-F18 G43-W11-M17-M17-X1-F18-A2 G43-W11-M17-P93-P93-P93 Z7-W11-G1-Z7-F18-M3 G43-W11-G1-M17-M17-G43-M3-Z2 G43-W11-D58-N8 G43-W11-Q3-D36 G43-W11-G17-U10 G43-W11-S29-T30-D36 Z7-W11-G1-S29-T30A-D40 G43-V33-V33-G37 G43-W11-W11 G43-V33-V33-X1-G37 Aa2-D36 Aa2-X1-A24 G43-X1-V38 Aa2-Z2 Z7-X1-Aa2 G43-X1-Aa2-D40 Aa2-X1-G43-V6 G43-X1-U30-G4-Z7-S28-Z1-Z2 G43-X1-Aa2 G43-X1-Aa2-A1 Aa2-D36-A1 wgyt wgyt wgyt wgyt wgiw wgiw wgiw wgb wgp wgm wgs wgs wgg wgg wggt wt wt wt wt wt wt wt wtyw wt wt wt jaw jaw jaw talker ribs of ship ? ribs of ship ribs of ship rise of sun triturate grind to powder crush grain. bandager verb and noun . bind bandage..

extend protection . lift up. implant an obstacle.C! `! /K! C ! K!B on K!B n K!B o K! B Ko n! K!K!!m K! -m+ K!!Kl4 K-! Km} K-B m K-B m` K-e m" K-B m+ K m` m K-B m" K-B m" c K K-BK m" ! Kf<` Kf<` Kf<` Kf<` Kf<` Aa2-X1-D40-A1 E15-G43-X1-Aa2-A1 G43-X1-Aa1-D56-D54 G43-X1-Aa1-D54 G43-X1-Aa1-D56 G43-X1-Aa1-G43-D56-D54-A1 G43-X1-V13 G43-X1-X1-D53 G43-X1-V13-D53-Y1 G43-X1-X1-G43-D52-Z1 G43-V13-X1-G43-D53-N33A G43-V13-O34-U39 G43-V13-O34-U39-D40 G43-V13-S29-U39A-Q2B G43-V13-O34-U39-Y1 G43-U39-D40 U39I G43-V13-O34-U39-A2 G43-V13-O34-U39-A2-P8-G43 G43-V13-O34-G43-U39-A2-A1 G43-D46-Z9-D40 G43-D46-Z9-D40 G43-D46-Z9-D40 G43-D46-Z9-D40 G43-D46-Z9-D40 wt wt inpw wtx wtx wtx wtxw wtT wtt wtT wttw wTtw wTs wTs wTs wTs wTs wTs wTs wTs xrw wTsw wdi wdi wdi wdi wdi embalmer. be bent on a purpose throw . weigh. send forth the voice give out a noise. appoint as. display. delate deliver a verdict accused person place. lift up of voice / of crowns in coronation wear crown wear crown wear crown lay an information. plant trees lay a fire. extol. lift up raise. instil terror. announce raise. put. bandager a priest flee flee flee fugitive beget beget beget begetter offspring raise. shoot an arrow. wear. utter a cry. deal harm. injury stir up strife. commit offence.

record royal titulary record royal titulary record royal titulary be heavy. cook butler. weigh. cook butler. be sluggish. of affairs be heavy heavy block of stone offer to offer to offer to offer to . cook butler. press the hand against peasant butler. tardily delay delay delay delay be sluggish of wound instal. cook butler. become difficult weigh on someone. cook cupbearer serving maid delay.b:! Kf# Kb bK bK11! Kfhpn Kihn Kfhn KfhGn KihG+5 : ih!I n Kft+ Kft} Kft< Kftf G Kftf + Kftf r5 Kft! g G Kft+ + ++ pt Kftf + Kf<`\4 Kff< b#K11} bK8!5 b#K11} G43-D46-Z9-D40-D36-Z1 G43-D46-D46-Z9 W24-Q3-G43-M17-M17-A415 W24-G43-A24-A1-Z2 W24-Q3-G43-M17-M17-A415 W24-Z7-A1 G43-D46-Q3-G43-W24 W24-G43 W24-G43-M17-M17-X1 G43-D46-I9-N31-D54 G43-I10-I9-D54 G43-D46-I9-D54 G43-D46-I9-G39-D54 G43-I10-I9-G39-Y1-Z2 Z7-I10-I9-G1-G41-D54 G43-D46-N35-M11 G43-D46-N35-D245 G43-D46-N35-Z9 G43-D46-N35-U32-O39 G43-D46-N35-U32-Y1 G43-D46-N35-U32-N33-Z2 G43-D46-N35-X1-U33-O39 G43-D46-N35-M11-Y1 M11-Y1 F46-N35 G43-D46-N35-U32-Y1 wd a wdi wdpw wdpw wdpw wdpw wdpw wdpw wdpwyt wdf wdf wdf wdf wdf wdf wdn wdn wdn wdn wdn wdn wdnt wdn wdn wdn wdn extend the hand to do something.

KftbK+ G43-D46-N35-W24-G43-Y1 wdnw offerings .

pour off offering table offering table offering offering offering table offering table offering table offering table offering table offering table gall-bladder. commend someone to. < 9K. pour off pour out. decree someone to allot. E <K. pour off pour out. enjoin an instruction. Kf<K}" `& Kf < K $5 .+ +t+ Kft+ + :ftb :f +5 Kft! + :ftf +5 + KfM!j Kf<} Kf<Y :f<8 9<b\ Kf<K. entrust a matter verb verb . 9<KX 9<b: 8 <K. pour off pour out. Kff _ 8 K+ 8 K+ M11 M11-N35-Y1 G43-D46-N35-M11-Y1 Z7-D46-N35-W24-Z7-U32-Y1-Z2 G43-D46-N35-X1-M11 Z7-D46-N35-U32-Y1-Z2 M11 G43-D46-D21-X1-N25 G43-D46-V28-U50A G43-D46-V28-W15A Z7-D46-V28-A24 V25-V28-W24-D36 G43-D46-V28-G43-R1 V28-V25-G43-R3 G43-D46-V28-G43-U50A-X2-W22-X6 G43-D46-V28-G43-X4-Z2 R3 M13A-V28-G43-R3 V25-V28-G43-W14 V25-V28-W24-Z7 V24-V28-G43-R3 V24-G43-I10-V28-G43-R3 G43-D46-D46-H8 V24-G43-Y1 V24-G43-Y1 wdnw wdnw wdnw wdnw wdnt wdnt wdn wdrt wdH wdH wdH wdH wdHw wdHw wdHw wdHw wdHw wdHw wdHw wdHw wdHw wdHw wdd wD wD offerings offerings offerings offerings offering offering offerer region pour out. make a command. decree something to. 8 Ki<K. commit. gall command.

decree command. govern command. precept written decree.4 8 K: 9K+ EK+ 9 Ki+ 8 K!+ 9!+ EK!+ 9!. expedition. journey campaign. expedition. control. despatch written decree. decree command. control. despatch see other entries under wD command etc see other entries under wD command etc see other entries under wD command etc command. journey campaign. stray of cattle campaign.8 K+ 8 K. decree command. despatch. decree command. pilot.4 9!K} 9 Ki! + 8 s +5 9K+s fK 9K+s fK 8!s+ 8 ! s f:+ 8 K+94 8 Ki` 9} 9Kn 911!n 9K11!n 911!\ 8 KK!5 V24-G43-Y1 V24-G43-V12-Z1 V24-G43-O26 V25-G43-Y1 M13A-G43-Y1 V25-G43-I10-Y1 V24-G43-X1-Y1 V25-X1-Y1 M13A-G43-X1-Y1 V25-X1-V12-Z1 V25-X1-G43-Y1V V25-G43-I10-X1-Y1 V24-S43-Y1-Z2 V25-G43-Y1-S43-D46-G43 V25-G43-Y1-S43-D46-G43 V24-X1-S43-Y1 V24-X1-S43-D46-Z7-Y1 V24-G43-Y1-D1-Z1 V24-G43-I10-D40 V25-A200 V25-G43-D54 V25-M17-M17-X1-D54 V25-G43-M17-M17-X1-D54 V25-M17-M17-X1-P1 V24-G43-G43-E1-Z2 wD wD wD wD wD wD wDt wDt wDt wDt wDt wDt wD mdw wD mdw wD mdw wDt mdw wDt mdw wD tp wD wD wDi wDyt wDyt wDyt Hww command. govern command command command give orders ? act as pilot. decree command. pilot someone depart. decree command. expedition cattle noun noun noun noun noun noun verb noun noun verb transitive ancient misspelling . written decree.

prosperity well . uninjured.being. prosperity well . 9Ke K b !+ K b !+ bK Kb } K b !}d 4 K b !}d 4 ? M ] K b !}d 4 jbe \ i: +K b !} \ i: +K b !} K b !: + bK Kb } K b !: ++ \ ! Kb ! : b !! Kb } V25-G43-O26 V25-G43-O39 V25-G43-Y1 V25-G43-V12-O26 V25-X1-Z1-Y1-O39 V24-G43-I10-O26 V25-G43-V12 V25-G43-Y2 V25-G43-W70 G43-U28-G1-Y1 G43-U28-G1-Y1 U28-G43 G43-U28-Y1V G43-U28-G1-Y1V-F34-Z1 G43-U28-G1-Y1V-F34-Z1-V31 D21-D37-G43-U28-G1-Y1V-F34-Z1 S34-U28-S29 D36-I10-V26-Y1-G43-U28-G1-Y1V D36-I10-V26-Y1-G43-U28-G1-Y1V G43-U28-G1-Z7-Y1 U28-G43 G43-U28-Y1V G43-U28-G1-Z7-Y1-O11-D36-O1 G43-U28-O1 Z7-U28-G1-O1 G43-U28-S95 wD wD wD wD wD wD wD wD wD wDA wDA wDA wDA wDA ib wDA ib . be prosperous & healthy safe & sound of persons prosperous & flourishing of affairs well-being. prosperity well . 9K.being.being of the Palace official's title storehouse storehouse pectoral adjective verb verb verb .9K: 9KG 9K+ 9K.: 9! 4+G 8 Ki: 9K.k rdi wDA ib anx wDA snb aD wDA aD wDA wDAw wDAw wDAw wDAw aH wDA wDA wDA stela stela stela stela stela stela inscription inscription jug hale. prosperous remain over of balance in calculations remain over of balance in calculations remain over of balance in calculations be glad may it please you inform may he live.

have judgement against. divorce by judgement divorced woman divorced woman judge. assign. judge between open door. judgement epithet of Seth . set of sun cut cords. attain a rank.} b Kz K b !! B B Kc 1 1!! K b !K +5 Kb 5 Kb K+5 K b !n Kb n Kb !n M l! ! b Kn Ki\ V+ Ki\ V8 Ki\ V V\+ Ki\ V+ Ki\ V+ Ki\. proceed. set of sun go to the horizon die go. devote to. set out. set out. litigate. divorce by judgement judgement. cut out sandals cut off head. discern. proceed. set out. remove discern he who is judged judgement. cut off head be parted of lips of wound judge.n VH Ki\! V" h " Ki\! Vp V! +p Vs fK"6 S95 U28-G43-L3 G43-U28-G1-X1-D10 D10 G43-U29-M17-M17-X1-O1 G43-U28-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 G43-U28-Z2 G43-U28-G43-Y1-Z2 G43-U28-G1-D54 G43-U28-D54 G43-U28-G1-D54-D21-N27-X1-O1 U28-G43-D54 G43-I10-D36-Aa21-Y1 G43-I10-D36-Aa21-A24 G43-I10-D36-Aa21 Aa21-D36-Y1 G43-I10-D36-Aa21-Y1 G43-I10-D36-Aa21-Y1 G43-I10-D36-T14-D54 Aa21-A40 G43-I10-D36-X1-Aa21-A2 M3B-A2 G43-I10-D36-X1-Aa21-B1 Aa21-X1-Y1-B1 Aa21-S43-D46-G43-A2-Z3 wDA wDA wDAt wDAt wDAyt wDAw wDAw wDAw wDA wDA wDA r Axt wDA wDa wDa wDa wDa wDa wDa wDa wDa wDat wDat wDat wDat wDa mdw pectoral pectoral the uninjured eye of Horus the uninjured eye of Horus mythical abode of Amen-Re amulets. proceed. have judgement. attain a rank. be parted of lips of wound. protective spell amulets amulets go. cut off head. attain a rank. set of sun go.

litigate with judge. turn back. a reversion offering reversion of offerings from temple to tomb. a reversion offering reversion of offerings from temple to tomb. divert. reversion-offering divert offerings. desist. a reversion offering divert offerings. direct. litigate with judge judge judge mussel ?. Vs. compose oneself. turn back. recur illness turn to turn to turn turn fold over turn back turn the hand away. compose oneself. turn away from. turn oneself about reversion of offerings from temple to tomb. desist. a reversion offering verb verb & noun verb & noun verb & noun 8 q K Mfo 8qfB! KB!" `& iq Ko V24-D58-N21A-D21-D46-D56 V24-D58-N21-Aa1-X1 N21A-Aa1-X1-X2-W22-X6A . action. turn oneself about turn the hand away. turn. recur fold over. Ki\ V+ MK! R W M4 1! 1 V\+M 1 1!+ V11! _ VK\!8 8qpn Kfq p n Kfq p n eq 8qe 8qKî Kiq K :fq p n 8 Kiq 8n 8 q p n\ 4 Kfq p n\ 4 8qKo eo Aa21-S43-D36-Y2 Aa21-S43-Y2 G43-I10-D36-Aa21-Y1-D21-G43-X1-N1 Aa22-D21-Z1-M17-X1-M17 Aa21-D36-Y1-D21-M17-M17-X1-Y1 Aa21-M17-M17-X1-H8 Aa21-G43-D36-X1-Z5 V24-D58-F46-D54 G43-D46-D58-F46-D54 G43-D46-D58-F46-D54 N20-D58 V24-D58-N20 V24-D58-N21A-D55 G43-I10-D58-N21A Z7-D46-D58-F46-D54 V24-G43-I10-D58-Z5-D54 V24-D58-F46-D54-D36-Z1 G43-D46-D58-F46-D54-D36-Z1 V24-D58-N21A-D56 N20-D56 I10-D58-G43-D56 wDa mdw wDa mdw wDa rwt wDa rwt wDa rwt wDayt wDayt wDb wDb wDb wDb wDb wDb wDb wDb wDb wDb a wDb a wDb rd wDb rd wDb rd wDb rd wDb xt wDb xt judge. revert.Vs\. a reversion-offering reversion of offerings from temple to tomb. shell to hold ink? shell to hold ink ? fold over. revert to divert offerings.

BA souls of dead. deed of power verb verb verb noun noun . sea-shore sea shore river bank riparian lands delay flood. BA soul.9q :q B ! +5 :K 9qp 8qK4 9 q e5 8qeh4 9q Kp f5 KihFn Kitb :~ <9b\ 9<' 9<? 9<1 K8 < Ki< 8K<} 9<2 -<2 9 <K. BA soul. riparian-lands. inundation pour out cast metal door of cast metal wean. weaned child wean wean wean weaned child of royalty weaned child of royalty offering table place place soul. a reversion offering Master of Largess folded cloth river-bank. BA soul. power. q q4 =4 =49 ~=9 U4 U4H6 V25-D58-Z7-F48-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 D2-N21A V25-D58-F46 V24-D58-N21A-Z1 V25-D58-N20-Z2 V24-D58-N20-N23-Z1 V25-D58-G43-F46-N21-Z2 G43-I10-I9-G38-D54 G43-I10-N35-W24-Z7-N35A V28-V25-W24-D36 V25-V28-Q7 V25-V28-O31 V25-V28-A17 G43-V24-V28 G43-I10-V28 V24-G43-V28-D82 V25-V28-A18 M13-V28-A18 V25-V28-G43-R3 D58 D58-Z1 G29-Z1 G29-Z1-Z6 W10A-G29-Z6 G53-Z1 G53-Z1-A40-Z3 wDb xt Hry wDb wDb wDb wDb wDb wDb wdf wDnw wDH wDH wDH wDH wDH wDH wDH wDH wDH wdHw bw bw bA bA bA bA bAw divert offerings.

possess a soul ram ram leopard leopard leopard skin hack up the earth. devastate hoe crops symbol of Hathor symbol of Hathor guardian of hathor ? a title devotee of Hathor bush. destroy. be a soul be a soul. hoe crops. apertures of head adjective adjective noun . wisp of corn virility foot-ewer damp damp galley inshore eddy ? inshore eddy inshore eddy hole socket of eye.> >+5 >K+5 = U4 G30 G30-Y1-Z2 G30-G43-Y1-Z2 G29 G53-Z1 R7-E10 E10 D58-G29-G1-F27 D58-G29-X11-E24 D58-G29-F9-F27 D58-G29-G1-U7-D40 G225 G29-G1-X1-F62 G29-Y8A S38-Y8A F62-X1-M17-M17 D58-G29-G1-X1-M2 D58-G29-G1-G1-Z7-X1-D53 D58-G29-M17-M17-F36A D58-G29-G1-M17-Z7-N35A D58-G29-G1-M17-M17-N35A D58-G29-G1-Z7-P1 D58-G29-G1-D58-G29-G1-X1-N35A D58-D58-X1-N35A D58-D58-X1-N23 D58-G29-D58-G29-G43-D12 2* * q = !] q=}8 q=L] q = !M ` } = !! } =} n} }! 1 1 q = !! " q = !!: ! m q=11f q =!1:~ q=!1 1~ q = !: \ q = !q = !! ~ qq!~ qq!h q =q =KD bAw bAw bAw bA bA bA bA bA bA bA bA bA bAt bAt HqA bAt bAtyt bAt bAAwt bAy bAiw bAiw bAw bAbAt bAbAt bAbAt bAbAw souls of dead power power possess a soul.

to the East jar jar Bubastis Bubastis Bastet Bastet Bastet devour tree moringa arabica tree moringa arabica moringa oil moringa oil moringa oil moringa oil locality locality divinity divinity divinity locality adverb . in front. later on. apertures of head phallus.q =q =K! q=!<m 1m+\4 1m+ 1q = < m+ D Mm+ l4. to the East Bahu: a region originally west of Egypt. later on. K!! K!!p q=eK =n! nq! q = !n ! b 5 qnb5 nq!b5 =n!b5 D58-G29-D58-G29-G43-O1 D58-G29-G1-V28-D53 G17-D53-Y1-D36-Z1 G17-D53-Y1 G17-D58-G29-V28-D53-Y1 M36-D21-D53-Y1 D52-Z1-Z8 D58-G29-G1-F32-G43-D5-N25 G29-O39-N25 G29-O39-D4-N25 D58-F32-G43-D4-N25 D58-S29-W10B G29-S29-W10B W1-X1-O49 D58-G29-Q1-X1-O49 W1-X1-X1-C164 W1-X1-X1 W1-X1-X1-B1 D58-G29-S29-W1 G29-N29-M1 N29-D58-M1 D58-G29-G1-N29-M1-W24-Z2 D58-N29-W24-Z2 N29-D58-M1-W24-Z2 G29-N29-M1-W24-Z2 bAbAw bAH m bAH a m bAH m bAH Dr bAH bAH bAXw bAXw bAXw bAXw bAs bAs bAst bAst bAstt bAstt bAstt bAs bAq bAq bAq bAq bAq bAq hole socket of eye. formerly in the presence of. glans in the presence of in the presence of. in front of. formerly before. in front. the East Bahu: a region originally west of Egypt. q = !b K =j = Gj = G<j q b K<j qeT =eT K!Q q=!!Q K!!. in front of. later on. formerly measure of capacity Bahu: a region originally West of Egypt. to the East Bahu: a region originally west of Egypt. later on.

bright. be slack. works of craftmanship. impost. wages work. taxes servant maidservant tomorrow precinct a cake be weary. enslave work. task. taxes. languor. bright bright fortunate work. execution of a design. clear of character. remissness slackness. remiss be slack. languid. pay taxes. innocent. languor. white. revenues. languid weariness. task work. remissness male genitals the languid ones the dead the languid ones the dead verb verb verb noun noun noun . labour of captives. be dazzled of sight. remiss be weary. slackness. fortunate bright oily. carry out a task. taxes revenues. slackness. remissness weariness. revenues. workmanship. work for someone. task.q = !n ! =n} q = !n + qn! q=n+ =?` =?K`5 =?`5 =?K+5 =?! +5 =?! 5 =?! =?!p q=T_ 2=T411!! =?=? r5 q = !U ' qU' q = !U 7 ' E q = !U ' ' qU7E q = !U U m q = !U 1 1 ' H 6 q = !U ' H 6 D58-G29-G1-N29-M1 G29-N29-M46B D58-G29-G1-N29-Y1 D58-N29-M1 D58-G29-N29-Y1 G29-V31-D40 G29-V31-G43-D40-Z2 G29-V31-D40-Z2 G29-V31-G43-Y1-Z2 G29-V31-X1-Y1-Z2 G29-V31-X1-Z2 G29-V31-A1 G29-V31-X1-B1 D58-G29-D28-N14 R7-G29-D28-Z1-M17-M17-X1-O1 G29-V31-G29-V31-N33-Z2 D58-G29-G1-W11-A7 D58-W11-A7 D58-G29-G1-W11-Z4-A7-G37 D58-G29-G1-W11-A7 A7 D58-W11-Z4-G37 D58-G29-G1-W11-W11-D53 D58-G29-G1-W11-M17-M17-A7-A40-Z3 D58-G29-G1-W11-A7-A40-Z3 bAq bAq bAq bAq bAq bAk bAkw bAkw bAkw bAkt bAkt bAk bAkt bkA bkyt bAkbAk bAgi bAgi bAgi bAgi bAgi bAgi bAgg bAgyw bAgyw oily. work horses. task work.

q = !U < q = !U ~ q = !U e " q U e :"5 q =U7 :s q U7 K} =4f! 8" q = !f! T q = !c b q 1!c =1f =1!f q 1!G q 1!f y!4 y!b5 y!8 y!8k y!7M y L D58-G29-G1-W11-D4 D58-G29-G1-W11-N35A D58-G29-G1-W11-S29-M2 D58-W11-S29-Z7-M2-Z2 D58-G29-W11-M23-Z7-N34 D58-W11-M23-G43-T8A G29-Z1-D46-X1-Z5-M2 D58-G29-G1-D46-X1-W10 D58-G29-G1-U29-W24 D58-M17-X1-N18 G29A-M17-N21 G29-M17-X1-N21 D58-M17-X1-O39 D58-M17-X1-W88 L2-X1-Z1 L2-X1-W24-Z2 L2-X1-Z5 L2-X1-Z5-I12 L2-X1-Z4-A45 L2 S4 D58-M17-X1-S4 M23-X1-L2-X1 D58-M17-N41-F18-A2 D4-D58-M17-N41-F18-Y1-Z2 D58-M17-W10-F18-X1-A2 q 1!L 7 !y! q 1zU" <q 1 z U+5 q 1TU!" bAg bAg bAgs bAgs bAgsw bAgsw bdt bAdt bDA bit bit bit bit bit bit bit bit bit bity bity bity bity nsw bity bi ir biw bit sight ? thick of fluids thorn bush ? thorn bush dagger dagger bed of gourds etc.... qualities . ladle. dipper jar a loaf a loaf a loaf block of stone vase in oval form bee honey Crown of Lower Egypt goddess of Lower Egypt King of Lower Egypt king of Lower Egypt king of Lower Egypt king of Lower Egypt king of Upper & Lower Egypt good deed set a good example character.

qualities character. qualities character. a mine mining region. iron ? metal bronze ?. a mine mining region. a mine the produce of a mine the produce of a mine noun . iron ? consisting of bronze ? consisting of bronze consisting of bronze consisting of bronze a mineral not metal a mineral not metal a mineral not metal a mineral not metal a mineral not metal gritstone beer vessel quarry mining region. qualities character. a mine mining region. iron ? metal bronze ?. qualities metal bronze ?. qualities character.q 1!" q 1!U V! +5 q 1 T ! }6 q 1 !! U +5 q 1 !f z q 1zG q 1 f U G} qzU qzg!1 qzgK q zV!1 zqG zq_ qz! zq U_ qTUr5 V!G qz!T q 1!zj q Uz K5j q 1zj q 1zUj q 1 !K G5 q UTKn q 1 z G5 D58-M17-X1-A2 D58-M17-X1-F18 U16-X1-Y1-Z2 D58-M17-W10-X1-Y1V-Z3 D58-M17-G1-X1-F18-Y1-Z2 D58-M17-G1-N21-N41 D58-M17-N41-O39 D58-M17-N21-F18-O39-N33A D58-N41-F18 D58-N41-Z24-G1-M17 D58-N41-Z24-G43 D58-N41-U16A-G1-M17 N41-D58-O39 N41-D58-N14 D58-N41-X1 N41-D58-F18-N14 D58-W10-F18-N33-Z2 U16-X1-O39 D58-N41-X1-W10 D58-M17-X1-N41-N25 D58-F18-N41-G43-Z2-N25 D58-M17-N41-N25 D58-M17-N41-F18-N25 D58-M17-G1-G43-O39-Z2 D58-F18-W10-G43-Z2B D58-M17-N41-O39-Z2 bit bit bit bit bit biA biA biA biAy biAy biAy biAy biA biA biA biA biA biAt biAt biAt biAw biAw biAw biAw biAw biAw character.

marvels miracle marvellous person of king no no heaven verb infinitive verb verb verb . marvels wonders. firmament heaven. marvel at wonder. miracle wonder. firmament heaven. marvel at wonders. marvels miracles. marvels wonders. marvel at wonder. firmament heaven. firmament heaven. marvels miracle. marvel at wonder. marvels miracles.q 1zU qzG qzG1 q Uzj q 1Ke q 1 !z f r 5 q 1Kg q Uz 1 1!j q 1 1V+ V!5 q 11!V q 1 1V+ q 1!1 1 q 1KTV+5 V5 q 1K6 q 1TKV5 q 1TU 1 1! 8+5 V+! 5 q 1! V+} q 1 1! V+5 q 1T!U+ q 1! 7V+5 1q 1 !T U+5" 1q 1" q 1Kg D58-M17-N41-F18 D58-N41-O39 D58-N41-O39-M17 D58-F18-N41-N25 D58-M17-G43-N20 D58-M17-G1-N41-N21-N33-Z2 D58-M17-G43-N22 D58-F18-N41-M17-M17-X1-N25 D58-M17-M17-U16-Y1 U16-X1-Z2 D58-M17-M17-X1-U16 D58-M17-M17-U16-Y1 D58-M17-G1-M17-M17 D58-M17-G43-W10-U16-Y1-Z2 U16-Z2 D58-M17-G43-Z3 D58-M17-W10-G43-U16-Z2 D58-M17-W10-F18-M17-M17-X1-Z5-Y1-Z2 U16-Y1-X1-Z2 D58-M17-X1-U16-Y1-N33A D58-M17-M17-X1-U16-Y1-Z2 D58-M17-W10-X1-F18-Y1 D58-M17-X1-Z4-U16B-Y1-Z2 G17-D58-M17-G1-W10-F18-Y1-Z2-A2 G17-D58-M17-A2 D58-M17-G43-N22 biA biA biA biA biA biA biA biAyt biAi biAi biAi biAi biAi biAw biAw biAw biAw biAyt biAyt biAyt biAyt biAyt biAty m biA m biA biA heaven. firmament heaven firmament wonder. marvels miracles. marvels wonders. firmament heaven.

flood inundation. flood inundation.q 1Kyx q =!1 1R7:G q 1q 1" q 1q 1" q 1q 1p q 1tE q 1tE q 1t! E q 1t! E: 4 d 4 q 1?& q ?! > q 1?\ q 1?&\ q\q\~ q\q\> q\q\+ q\q\!~ q \t! X q \t! 2 q \ <K~ q\<+ q\<@ r<@ @ @ D58-M17-G43-L2-Z3A D58-G29-G1-M17-M17-O50-Z4-Z7-G39 D58-M17-D58-M17-A2 D58-M17-D58-M17-A2 D58-M17-D58-M17-T30A D58-M17-N35-G37 D58-M17-N35-G37 D58-M17-N35-X1-G37 D58-M17-N35-X1-G37-D2-Z1-F34-Z1 D58-M17-V31-G6 D58-V31-X1-G158 D58-M17-V31-P1 D58-M17-V31-G6-P1 D58-D36-D58-D36-N35A D58-D36-D58-D36-A30 D58-D36-D58-D36-Y1 D58-D36-D58-D36-X1-N35A D58-D36-N35-X1-H1 D58-D36-N35-X1-F51B D58-D36-V28-G43-N35A D58-D36-V28-G11 D58-D36-V28-G32 D59-V28-G32 G32 D58-D36-V28-G32-N35A G32 q \ < @~ biw byby bibi bibi bibi bin bin bint bint Hr ib bik bikt bik bik baba baba baba babat bant bant baHw baHw baHw baHw baHw baHw baH wasp wasp acclamation symptom of disease symptom of disease bad. flood inundation. evil evil evil what is displeasing falcon female falcon falcon' ship of the king falcon' ship of the king drink drink drink stream neck neck inundation. flood inundated land adjective noun noun . flood inundation. flood inundation.

inundate have abundance. notable verb noun noun noun verb verb q\ <p" qK q q4 q Kj q K> 1q K5 4 q Kp5 q K} q K!p q K!E q K!q" q K!q5 q :7q5 q K 1 1 $pE 6 q $ !! q 7 !:7 > . abomination detest . abominate.supplied. be well-supplied. be well . G32-N35A-N36-N23 D58-D36-V28-N35A-G32 G32 G32-Y1V D58-D36-V28-G39-Z8 D58-D36-V28-N35A-A40 D58-D36-V28-G32-Y1 G32 D58-D36-V28-K1-A2 D58-G43 D58 D58-Z1 D58-G43-N25 D58-G43-V30 G17-D58-G43-T21-Z1 D58-G43-K1-Z2 D58-G43-M70 D58-G43-X1-K1 D58-G43-X1-G37 D58-G43-X1-K2-A2 D58-G43-X1-K2-Z2 D58-Z7-Z4-K2-Z2 D58-G43-M17-M17-G4-K1-G37-Z3 D58-V4-G1-A1 D58-Z4-G1-Z7-Z4-A30 q\<~H q \ < @+ @ baH baH baH baH baH baH baHi baHi baH bw bw bw bw bw nb m bw wa bw bw bwt bwt bwt bwt bwt bwytyw bwA bwA basin for irrigation abundance abundance abundance abundance abundance as deity have abundance. notable magnate. be inundated.@~u h q\<~@ @ @} q \ <G. flood. inundate be detested place place place place in reference to desert everyone all together detest detest detest . be inundated. abominate abomination abomination abomination those who are abominated magnate. flood.

hollows above collar-bone region of collar-bones collar-bones wig shoulder length ? wig shoulder length ? wig shoulder length ? Babel negative particle harp harp heron heron hard sandstone. become erect of male. qq M4j qt q t! 0 q t! # q tb K? q tbKG q tb K G! q tq t8 q tq t! 8 q tq t! # q th} q ths q th_ q ttm q ttn q tt r5 D58-V4-G1-X1-N23-Z1 D58-V4-G1-Z7-X1-A30-N23-Z1 D58-D58-X1-O1 D58-D58-X1-M2-Z2 D58-D58-M17-M17-X1-F51 D58-D58-X1-F51 D58-D58-Z7-Z4-F51-F51 D58-D58-Z7-X1-D3 D58-D58-M17-M17-X1-D3 D58-D58-G43-M17-M17-X1-D3 D58-D58-D21-Z1-N25 D58-N35 D58-N35-X1-Y7 D58-N35-X1-M3 D58-N35-W24-G43-G31 D58-N35-W24-G43-G39 D58-N35-W24-G43-O39-X1 D58-N35-D58-N35-O24 D58-N35-D58-N35-X1-O24 D58-N35-D58-N35-X1-M3 D58-N35-I9-Aa3B D58-N35-I9-F51 D58-N35-I9-H8 D58-N35-N35-D53 D58-N35-N35-D54 D58-N35-N35-N33-Z2 bwAt bwAt bbt bbt bbyt bbt bbwy bbwt bbwt bbwt bbr bn bnt bnt bnw bnw bnwt bnbn bnbnt bnbnt bnf bnf bnf bnn bnn bnn hiding-place for wild fowl hiding .place for wildfowl hole. cavity herb inula gravedens region of throat.q $ !! h 4 q $ !:! > h 4 qq!! q q !"5 qq 11! s qq!s q q :7 s s qq :!. qq 11!. overflow become erect of male. qqK11!. pellet noun noun locality . overflow bead. corn-rubber Benben stone the sacred stone of ON pyramidion stem of ship? gall gall gall beget.

pleasant sweet.q tt _ q tt! r5 q :t5M>5 >A >4O5 qtM1> qt1 >r5 qtM1! > >!F q t1: >b5 q t1:b5 q tM 1 >+ >4+ qtM q >t #! 4 q t M 1 >} qtM1! > q >! q t1! >+ > ! $5 \!! >! r} q tM 1 1!7 >8!5 Mq tMK! q tv# q t! 7u q t! 7} D58-N35-N35-H8 D58-N35-N35-X1-N33-Z2 D58-Z7-N35-Z2-D21-D6-Z2 M30-M33 M30-Z1-U9-Z2 D58-N35-D21-M17-M30 D58-N35-M17-M30-N33-Z2 D58-N35-D21-M17-X1-M30 M30-X1-M54 D58-N35-M17-Z7-M30-W24-Z2 D58-N35-M17-Z7-W24-Z2 D58-N35-D21-M17-M30-Y1 M30-Z1-Y1 D58-N35-D21 D58-M30-N35 M3-X1-Z1-D58-N35-D21-M17-M30-Y1V D58-N35-D21-M17-X1-M30 D58-M30-X1 D58-N35-M17-X1-M30-Y1 M30-X1-X4-Z2 D36-X1-O1-M30-X1-N33-N33A D58-N35-D21-M17-M17-X1-Z4-M30-A24A1-Z2 D21-D58-N35-D21-G43-O1 D58-N35-N37-M3 D58-N35-X1-Z4-E35 D58-N35-X1-Z4-E51 bnn bnnt bnr bnr bnr bnr bnr bnrt bnit bnrt bniw bniw bnr bnr bnr bnr xt bnr bnrt bnrt bnrt bnrt at bnrt bnrytyw r bnrw bnS bnty bnty bead. pleasant fruit tree sweetness sweetness sweetness date-cakes cake room confectioners outside doorpost two baboons which greet the morning sun two baboons which greet the morning sun noun noun noun noun noun . pellet pellet globe of the eye dates dates dates dates dates date-palm date-wine date . pleasant sweet. pleasant sweet.

q t! 7S S q t! ! S s5 q MDD q$!k q $ !n q$n q $ !:n! q <8+ q <7` q < t> q < tU q < tbK" q < tbKU UB# UB! q <Ue q < BU# Nt# q <en q <e` q <eo Uf! Q Uf! 7 Uf! Q q B t! q B t! H5 D58-N35-X1-Z4-D27-D27 D58-N35-X1-X1-D27-F51-Z2 D58-D21-D12-D12 D58-O4-X1-S35 D58-O4-G1-D54 D58-O4-D54 D58-O4-G1-Z7-D54-A1 D58-V28-A24-Y1 D58-V28-Z4-D40 D58-V28-N35-T30 D58-V28-N35-F18 D58-V28-N35-W24-G43-A2 D58-V28-N35-W24-G43-F18 F18-O34-E3 F18-O34-E1 D58-V28-F18-S29 D58-V28-O34-F18-E3 Aa13-N35-E3 D58-V28-S29-D54 D58-V28-S29-D40 D58-V28-S29-D56 F18-D46-X1-O49 F18-D46-X1-Z4 F18-D46-X1-O49 D58-Aa1-N35-O1 D58-Aa1-N35-X1-F5-O21B bnty bntwt br bht bhA bHA bhAw bH bH bHn bHn bHn bHn bHs bHs bHs bHs gs n bHs bHs bHs bHs bHdt bHdty bHdty bxn bxnt pair of breasts. nipples deep-bosomed of women eyes flabellum flee flee fugitive forced labour forced labour cut off limbs. Edfu in Upper Egypt He of Behdet the winged Sun Disk He of Behdet the wingd sun . drive off foes drive off foes howl of dog howl of dog calf calf calf calf side of veal hunt hunt hunt Behdet town in the Delta.disk country mansion pylon .

reveal a secret enter introduce someone into instal secret secret image of god secret image of god secret image of god flow forth of water flow forth of water influx of foreign migrants result. consequence morbid discharges flame flame protect verb verb noun verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive noun plural . greywacke ? heat ? pride ? as a bad quality introduce someone into. greywacke ? basalt ?.@ q B t! H! q B t! H X q B tb KG q b tG q b t>G qBBK' qbqb8 q Bp q Bp q Bp q epn q ep+ q ep+ qpK qep q e pnH qen q epn qen qe:pn q e :pn5 qeK' qe' q 0! O32 D58-Aa1-N35-X1-F5-O1 D58-Aa1-N35-X1-F5-O137 D58-Aa1-N35-W24-G43-O39 D58-F32-N35-O39 D58-F32-N35-D6-O39 D58-Aa1-Aa1-G43-Q7 D58-F32-D58-F32-A24 D58-O34-K1 D58-O34-K1 D58-O34-K1 D58-S29-K1-D54 D58-S29-K1-Y1 D58-S29-K1-Y1 D58-K1-G43 D58-S29-K1 D58-S29-K1-D54-A40 D58-S29-D54 D58-S29-K1-D54 D58-S29-D54 D58-S29-Z7-K1-D54 D58-S29-Z7-K1-D54-Z2 D58-S29-G43-Q7 D58-S29-Q7 D58-V16-G1 bxnt bxnt bxnty bxnw bxnw bxnw bxxw bXbX bs bs bs bs bs bs bsw bsw bsw bsi bsi bsi bsw bsw bsw bsw bsA pylon pylon pylons basalt ? greywacke ? basalt ?. initiate into inter. instal. bring in a state of affairs.

spit out vomit. rapid rebellion rebellion rebellion rebels be hostile to someone ? recalcitrance ? spine spinal column be pregnant be pregnant be pregnant lock of hair pregnant woman tomorrow. spittle malted barley ? rebel against rebel against rebel against cataract.q BtT q e ?> q e ?Kd 5 Ce ?KL q e ?Kp p p q vR q vKR5 q (!O5 q v-8 q v! K vq ! K ` ~ q v-8 q v! :K q v! K q v! d ` q v! d ! $. qT!q qTVk D58-O34-N35-W10 D58-S29-V31-T30 D58-S29-V31-G43-F34-Z2 D58-S29-V31-G43-Aa2 D58-S29-V31-G43-T30A-T30A-T30A D58-N37-D26 D58-N37-G43-D26-Z2 D58-M8-G1-U9-Z2 D58-N37-V13-A24 D58-N37-X1-D19 N37-D58-X1-D19-D40 N35A-D58-N37-V13-A24 D58-N37-X1-Z7-D19 D58-N37-X1-D19 D58-N37-X1-U30-D40 D58-N37-X1-U30-X1-G4-A14-Z3 D58-N29-Y1 D58-N29-D58-N29-Z7-D54 D58-N29-M23-Z7-F51 D58-N29-M23-G43-F51 D58-D28-B2 D58-D28-B2A D58-D28-B2-Y1 D58-D28-D3 D58-D28-X1-B2 D58-D28-N5-Z4B bsn bsk bskw bskw bskw bSi bSw bSA bST bST bST mw bST bStw bSTw bSTw bSttyw bq bqbqw bqsw bqsw bkA bkA bkA bkA bkAt bkA gypsum ? disembowel entrails entrails entrails spit. morning verb verb verb . 6 qn+ q nq n:n qn7:s qn7Ks qTq qTq qTq+ qT.

remiss hair shipwrecked man wrongdoing wrongdoing wrongdoing wrong. defy insolent man defiant man. rebel defiant man. defy disobey. crime wrong. forsake run verb transitive verb intransitive . rebel sink of the heart ? squalor ? escape ? escape abandon. q ! tb ` q -tb K\ ! q -tb KK 4 q ! ?n q ! ?C5 q !?!?n q !?q !?n q -n q/! D58-G29-D28-N14 R7-G29-Z1-D28-Z1-M17-M17-X1-O1 D58-W11-A7 D58-V31-V31-D3 D58-W11-G1-Z7-N35A-A1 D58-W11-M23-G43-G37-Z2 D58-W11-S29-G37 D58-W11-O34-G37 D58-X1-U30-G1-G37 D58-X1-U30-Z9-G37 D58-X1-U30-G1-Z9-G37-A1 D58-X1-U30-G1-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 M34-X1-Z4-U9-Z2 D58-X1-N35-D19-A24 D58-V13-N35-D56-D54 D58-X1-N35-D19-A24-F34-Z1 D58-X1-N35-W24-G43-D19-A14 D58-X1-N35-W24-D40 D58-V13-N35-W24-G43-D36-A1 D58-V13-N35-W24-G43-D19-Z1 D58-X1-V31-D54 D58-X1-V31-Aa2-Z2 D58-X1-V31-X1-V31-D54 D58-X1-V31-D58-X1-V31-D54 D58-V13-D54 D58-V15-X1 bkA bkyt bAgi bkk bgAw bgsw bgsw bgsw btA btA btA btAt bdt btn btn btn ib btnw btnw btnw btnw btk btk btktk btkbtk bT bT morning precinct be slack. rebel defiant man. injury emmer disobey. rebel defiant man.q=T_ 2=4T411!! qU' q ??. q U !:~ ! q U7 KE5 qUeE q U B E D58-W11-O34-G37 q ! d !E q!d<E q ! d !< E ! q ! d !! < +5 B ! 7O5 q ! tK8 q -to n q ! tK8d 4 q ! tbKK. crime wrongdoer harm.

melon jar jar jar mast-head stiff roll of linen penis mat base for statue Pe belonging to Pe spokesman of every Pe-ite verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive locality . weak.q ! d !o n q ! d !n q -` q -! : m q f4 r5 B f! O5 q f! B B!7O =4f! 8" q fv' q fv} q fv' : 4 q fv! ' q ffKT l"5 q ffKlK"5 q b !b qb} q = !b b q b !! 5# q b !G ls #4 #G #Q #Q M#Q> D58-X1-U30-G1-D56-D54 D58-X1-U30-G1-D54 D58-V13-D40 D58-V13-X1-Z7-I14 D58-D46-R9-N33-Z2 M34-D46-X1-U9-Z2 D58-D46-X1-M34 M34-X1-Z4-U9 G29-Z1-D46-X1-Z5-M2 D58-D46-N37-A7 D58-D46-N37-O120 D58-D46-N37-A7-D2-Z1 D58-D46-N37-X1-A7 D58-D46-D46-G43-D28-D52-M2-Z2 D58-D46-D46-G43-D52-G43-M2-Z2 D58-U28-G1-W24 D58-U28-X11 D58-G29-G1-U28-W24 D58-U28-G1-V1-Z2-M3 D58-U28-G1-O39 D52-F51 Q3-Z1 Q3-O39 Q3-O49 Q3-O49 D21-Q3-O49-V30 bT bT bT bTw bd bdt bdt bdt bdt bdS bdS bdS Hr bdSt bddw kA bddw kA bDA bDA bDA bDA bDA bDA p p p py r py nbw run run abandon. exhausted become faint. weak. faint . exhausted downcast.. forsake incurable disease or person natron emmer emmer emmer bed of gourds etc.hearted weakness water melon water . become faint.

fly up fly. the he of yours my 'past tense' marker 'past tense' marker 'past tense' marker fly. heaven your Queen this.i pAw pAw pAw pA pA pAt pAwt pAwt pAyt pAat gods of Pe gods of Pe sky.5 H !K! & .6 # H!1 1!# #\! h . fly up cake. the this.k pAy . the this.k tn pA pA pA pA pAy pAy . heaven sky.346 # 1 1KQ #4KQ #!R R # ! R?! t H! H # H! R8-Z1-Z3-Q3-M17-M17-G43-O49 Q3-Z1-G43-O49 Q3-X1-N1 N1 Q3-X1-N1-V31-X1-N35 G40-G1 G40 Q3-G40-G1 O1 G40-G1-M17-M17 G40-G1-M17-M17-V31 G40-G1-M17-M17-A1 Q3-G40-G1 G40 G40-G1 Q3-G40-G1-H5 G40-G1-H5 Q3-G40-X1-X6 G40-G1-G43-X1-Z8-Z2 G40-G1-G43-X1-X6-Z8-Z3 Q3-G40-G1-M17-M17-X1-M3 Q3-D36-X1-N23 py nTrw pyw nTrw pt pt pt . the this. loaf used in offerings offerings offerings lock ? on door irrigable land ? plural plural possessive adjective possessive adjective auxillary verb with past meaning auxillary verb with past meaning auxillary verb with past meaning demonstrative & definite particle demonstrative & definite article demonstrative & definite article plural ! H!1 1 H!1 1? H!1 1! # H! H H! # H !\ H !\ # H!& H !K ! .

be turned over of sole of foot be turned over of sole of foot be turned over of dislocation of collar-bone thin part of bone in skull water pot water pot water pot verb plural noun adjective plural . gossip ? burden of illness scratch She who scratches a lion goddess Pakhet She who scratches [a lion goddess] Pakhet She who scratches [a lion goddess] be turned upside down. man of ancient family primaeval men of ancient families man of ancient family primaeval god primaeval god primaeval god primaeval gods falsehood ?.H\!8 #I\!G H!& G40-D36-X1-Z5 Q3-G41-D36-X1-G39 G40-X1-X6 X6-X1 G40-X1-G43-X6-N17-N33A Q3-G40-G1-X1-Z4-X6 Q3-G40-G1-X1-Z4-X6 G40-G4-X6-Z3 G40-X1-X6-U33-M17 G40-X1-Z4A-D12-X6 G40-X1-Z4-G43-X6-A40 Q3-G40-G1-G43-X1-X6-A40-Z2 G40-X1-G43-G4-N11-Z2 Q3-G40-G1-G43-A2 G41-G1-G43-X1-A9 Q3-G40-Aa1 Q3-G40-Aa1-X1-E23 E241 Q3-Aa1-X1-E23 G40-Aa1-D46-P1A G40-G1-Aa1-D46-A29 Q3-Aa1-D46-A29 Q3-G40-G1-N29-X1-D12 Q3-G40-O34-W23 Q3-O34-W10 G40-G1-O34-V102 &! H!K&b} # H !! 7 & # H !! 7 & H $& 6 H!& g 1 H ! lD & H!7K&H # H !K ! & H 5 H ! K$\5 # H !K" I!K! ) # HB # HB!7 n #B!7 HB f~ H !B f= # Kf= # H !n ! D # HBa # BT H !B} pAat pAat pAwt pAwt pAwt pAwty pAwty pAwtyw pAwty pAwty pAwty pAwty pAwtyw pAw pAwt pAx pAxt pAxt pAxt pAxd pAxd pAxd pAqt pAs pAs pAs irrigable land quail ? primaeval time primaeval time primaeval time primaeval god.

mankind a cake or loaf flames ? . of skull. of skull shell of turtle. mankind patricians. mankind patricians. potsherd shell of turtle. of skull potsherd potsherd squat ? knee-cap ball or cone of incense ball or cone of incense a loaf a loaf a flea tread in ? seed patricians.Hn& Zn& G40-N29-X6 H3-N29-X6 Q3-N29-X6 H2-N29-X1-Z5-S28-Z2 Q3-N29-X1-S28 G40-G1-N29-X1-S28 Q3-N29-X1-Z5-Z3A Q3-N29-X1-H2-S28-Z2 G41-G1-N29-M17-M17-X1-O39 Q3-N29-X1-D12 Q3-G40-G1-N29-X1-D12 Q3-N29-M17-M17-X1-O39 Q3-G40-G1-N29-X1-H3-D12 Q3-G41-G1-W11-A7 G40-G1-D46-D56-F51 G40-G1-D46-Y24 G40-G1-I10-Y24 Q3-G40-I10-X2 Q3-G40-G1-D46-X4 Q3-M17-M17-Z5 Q3-M17-S29 Q3-D36-X1-A1-B1-Z2 Q3-D36-X1-F51-A1-Z2 Q3-D36-X1-H8-A1-B1-Z2 Q3-D36-X1-X4 Q3-D36-G43-Q7-Z3 #n& Yn ! 8d5 #n!d H !n ! d #n!8x # n ! Yd5 I!n 1 1 ! G #n!D # H !n ! D #n 11!G # H !n ! Z D # I !U ' H !fo s H !f@ H !i@ # Hi" # H !f$ #118 #1e #\!!p5 #\! s!5 #\! _!p 5 #\!$ #\K'6 pAq pAq pAq pAqt pAqt pAqt pAqt pAqt pAqyt pAqyt pAqyt pAqyt pAqyt pAg pAD pAD pAD pAD pAD py pis pat pat pat pat paw a flat thin cake or biscuit a flat thin cake or biscuit a flat thin cake or biscuit fine linen fine linen fine linen fine linen fine linen shell of turtle. flake of stone.

swab up blood. water. he of turn upside down. household. whichever this. that Punt the people of Punt that yonder that yonder that yonder this. what ?. HHH #h # h7 # h!p #t # t\\ ~ Q3-D36-N35-N35-X1-I14 Q3-G43 Q3-G43 Q3-G43-M17-M17 Q3-E34-N35-X1-N25 Q3-E34-N35-G4-T14-A40-A40-A40 Q3-I9 Q3-I9-Z4 Q3-I9-G1-N31 Q3-N35 Q3-N35-D36-P1 P1A Q3-N35-D36-M17-M17 Q3-N35-D36-M17-M17-X1-N36 Q3-N35-D36-N35-D36-P1A Q3-N35-W24-G43-F27 Q3-N35-S29-Z9-D40 Q3-N35-S29-N23 Q3-N35-S29-X1-N33-Z2 Q3-N35-N29-D36 Q3-N35-N29-W33-W57 Q3-N35-N29-D105 Q3-N35-N29-N35A-D36 O1-Z1 O1-Z1-A1-B1-Z2 apnnt pw pw pwy pwnt pwntyw pf pf pfA pn pna pna pnay pnayt pnana pnw pns pns pnst pnq pnq pnq pnq pr pr slug ? this who ?. expend provisions bale out a boat bale out a boat bale out water house.# \tt! m #K #K #K11 # B t! j # B t$. pull out hair clay scum ? bale out a boat. palace. poke at someone. temple household demonstrative demonstrative demonstrative demonstrative interrogative demonstrative locality # t\ 1 1 # t\ 1 1! u # t\t\~ # tb K] # te <` # te h # te ! r5 # tn \ # tn }} # tn } # tn ~\ !4 !4!p5 . turn the eyes against someone turn upside down reversal ? cataract turn over & over mouse cut off a joint.

Palace. Pharaoh Pharaoh House of Life Temple Scriptorium. Court. Palace Great House.B ! +5! 4 1M!4 1!! != =! != !j! z !j !D} !4DM!4 !4y!} y!! !4+! 4. Palace of King of Upper Egypt Temple Temple Temple National shrine of Lower Egypt at Pe National Shrine of Lower Egypt at Pe upper part of building . Temple. School National shrine of Upper Egypt at El-Kab National Shrine of Upper Egypt at El-Kab Palace of King of Lower Egypt Palace of King of Lower Egypt library National shrine of Lower Egypt at Dep National Shrine of Lower Egypt at Dep House of Gold Treasury funerary workshop funerary workshop King's Palace. School House of Life Temple Scriptorium. !b4 !b! !4 T} !4 ehM V 7 ! t!4 W 7!! !47!t !4 tB M4 !4 tB M '! !4: MR Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-O1-Z1 G17-D21-O1-Z1 G17-O1-O1 O1-O29 O29-O1 O1-O29 O1-S34-O1 O54 O1-S34 O1-G36-O157 O1-Z1-G36-D21-O1-Z1 O1-Z1-L2-X1-A301 L2-X1-O1 O1-Z1-Y1-X1-Z1-V12 O1-W24-O20 O1-W24-O1 O1-Z1-S12-N33A O1-Z1-F35-I9-D21 O62 M23-X1-N35-O1-Z1 O64 M23-X1-O1 O1-Z1-M23-X1-N35 O1-Z1-N35-O34-D21-O20 O1-Z1-N35-O34-D21-Q7-O1 O1-Z1-D2-D21-N1 xt pr imy r pr imy prwy pr aA pr aA pr aA pr anx pr anx pr anx pr wr pr wr pr bity pr bity pr mDAt pr nw pr nw pr nbw pr nfr pr nfr pr nsw pr nsw pr nsw pr nsw pr nsr pr nsr pr Hry property steward member of the administration Great-House. School House of Life Temple Scriptorium.

come & go cut away a joint of meat go up. !4i! a !4 ti! a !4 ti! t !M1 1!!5 !Mn !Mn ! MnCn n Cn n! M n (! Mn !Mn !MnM ! M n$ !n nî !n } O1-T3-O1 O2 O1-Z1-W18-N35-X1-Z4-D19-O1-B1-Z2 O1-D19-O1 O1-Z1-U31-X1-Z2 O1-Z1-T28-D21-Z4 O1-U13-A1-B1 O1-Z1-D46-V4-N14-X1-O1 O292 O1-G27 O1-Z1-I10-X1-N16 O1-Z1-N35-I10-X1-N16 O1-Z1-N35-I10-X1-N35 O1-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1-Z2 O1-D21-D54 O1-D21-D54 O1-D21-D54-G35-N29-D54 G35-N29-D54-O1-D21-D54 X8-O1-D21-D54 O1-D21-D54 O1-D21-D54-D21 O1-D21-D54-O4-G1-D54 D54-D55 O1-D54 I24B pr HD pr HD pr xnty pr xnty pr xnty pr Xry pr Sna pr dwAt pr dwAt pr dSr pr Dt pr Dt pr Dt pryt pri pri pr aq aq pr di pr pri pr r pr hA pr hA pr pr treasury treasury harem harem harem ground floor labour establishment robing room robing room Red House Treasury of Lower Egypt estate. ascend to collective noun verb verb . ascend to. be subtracted mathematical advance against a position in war ascend & descend come & go go up. come out. foundation houses go. come & go come in & go out. escape from. be renowned of name come out. ascend.!#! " !4 \t! 7K!p 5 !K! !4 e! 5 !4 < M7 !S!p !4 f$_ ! ! U !. be subtracted mathematical go up. be issued of supplies come in & go out. foundation estate. foundation estate. burst forth of storm.

seed. surplus heliacal rising of Sothis . result motion. posterity fruit. in sense of offspring. posterity . seed. outcome. procession.r prt spdt pry pry pryt prw prw prw n r prw prw prw n r prw prw prw Hr prw pr a pr a .5 !M!V ! M!S} SM! y S! r5 O1-D21-X1-D54 O1-D21-X1-X4 O1-D21-X1-D54-G17-D21 O1-D21-X1-D54-M44-X1-N14 O1-D21-M17-M17-D54-A1 O1-D21-M17-M17-D54-E2 O1-D21-M17-M17-X1-C7 O1-D21-G43-D54 O1-D54-Z2 O1-D21-G43-D54-N35-D21-Z1 O1-D21-D54 O1-G43-D54 O1-D21-G43-A2-N35-D21-Z1 O1-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 O1-D21-G43-D54-Z2 O1-D21-G43-Y1-Z2-D2-Z1 O1-D21-G43-N17-Z2 O1-D21-D54-D36-Z1 O1-D21-D54-D36-Z1-V31 O1-D21-X1-D36-D40 O3 O1-D21-X1-D54-D21-P8-G43-Z8-Z2 O1-D21-X1-N5 O1-D21-X1-U13-N33A U13-D21-X1-N33AV U13-X1-N33-Z2 prt prt prt m. outcome.. outcome. in sense of offspring.. champion ferocious bull crisis ? motion.. surplus more than land emerged from inundation be active get on with your work ! activity invocation offerings invocation offerings the month of Peret Winter fruit.. procession. in sense of offspring. result outcome. prosperity fruit..k prt a prt xrw prt r xrw prt prt prt prt ritual procession ritual procession from.. result utterance motion.. procession.. result utterance excess....Sirius hero.!M!n !M!$ ! M! n1 M !M!nL!_ ! M 1 1 n! ! M 1 1 n" !M11!' ! MKn !n5 ! MKnt M4 !Mn !Kn ! MK"tM4 ! MK+5 ! MKn5 ! M K+5: 4 ! MKb5 ! Mn\ 4 ! Mn\ 4 ? !M!\` # ! M! nMc K.. seed.

house etc rear. spear. contest. stern of ship. spear fish hit someone with comment. surround. hind quarters hinder parts. finish. attain. end hinder parts. surround. in sense of offspring. seed. contest. reargaurd of army. contest. attain wealth. end by. end by. hind quarters end rectum rectum stern-warp of ship stern-warp of ship .! M! m} ! M! 8P5 #M1%` # M 1`5 ` B# M 1 f4 #! M 1 % `5 !Bt$ # Mvr5 #$ g 1 Yn Yn Yn Y #<Y #<Yn Y:7 s Y:7 s Y YK11s YK 1 1K+ Y:11! s Y11!2 YK7 1 1!! 4 YK!! O1-D21-X1-D53-N33A O1-D21-X1-Z5-U10-Z2 Q3-D21-M17-M5-D40 Q3-D21-M17-D40-Z2 S24-O34-Q3-D21-M17-N21-Z1 Q3-X1-D21-M17-M5-D40-Z2 O1-O34-N35-X4 Q3-D21-N37-N33-Z2 Q3-O4-U33-M17 F22-D54 F22-D54 F22-D54 F22 Q3-V28-F22 Q3-V28-F22-D54 F22-Z7-Z4-F51 F22-Z7-Z4-F51 F22 F22-G43-M17-M17-F51 F22-G43-M17-M17-G43-Y1 F22-Z7-M17-M17-X1-F51 F22-M17-M17-X1-F51B F22-G43-Z4-M17-M17-X1-V1-Z1 F22-G43-X1-V1 prt prt pri pri ts pri pri psn prS phti pH pH pH pHwy pHwy pHwy pHwy pHwy pHwy pHwy pHwy pHwyt pHwyt pHwyt pHwyt fruit. caught hinder-parts. attack. posterity fruit. caught reach. end by. caught reach. contest a will. surround. posterity battlefield battlefield fighting battlefield loaf minium red oxide of lead magic word reach a person or place. attack someone. surround. hit. hind-quarters. finish. spear. attain. spear. hit. in sense of offspring. attack. finish doing something end by doing something. back of jaw. caught reach. seed. hit. finish. attack. attain.

power of god. sever burst open of cist chair lion goddess type of grain a type of drink a type of drink divinity verb transitive verb intransitive . power of god. power of god.king physical strength.king cut up.king physical strength.king physical strength. cut open.king physical strength. power of god. power of god.king physical strength.Y11!! Y!M YKKf5 zzz YYYzzz Y KKf 51 YYYuuu YYY Y:~u zzzu5 # < M!n # < MMn Y!7\ LL L!7 #!<L #<!LL # <!7LL #<Y!78 # < i< # < i< # # iKW #B!7 #B!r r r # B !T #BT F22-M17-M17-X1-V1 F22-X1-D21 F22-G43-G43-N21-Z2 N41-N41-N41 F22-F22-F22-N41-N41-N41 F22-G43-G43-N21-Z2-G17 F22-F22-F22-N36-N36-N36 F22-F22-F22 F22-Z7-N35A-N36 N41-N41-N41-N36-Z2 Q3-V28-D21-X1-D54 Q3-V28-D21-D21-D54 F22-X1-Z4-D36 F9-F9 F9-X1-Z4 Q3-X1-V28-F9 Q3-V28-X1-F9-F9 Q3-V28-X1-Z4-F9-F9 Q3-V28-F22-X1-Z4-A24 Q3-V28-I10-Z9 Q3-V28-I10-Z9 Q3-T3-I10-G43-Q16 Q3-Aa1-X1-E23 Q3-Aa1-G1-N33-N33-N33 Q3-Aa1-G1-W10 Q3-Aa1-W10 pHwyt pHt r pHww pHww pHww pHww m pHww pHww pHww pHww pHrt pHrr pHty pHty pHty pHty pHty pHty pHty pHD pHD pHDw pAxt pxA pxA pxA stern-warp of ship ending at the far north the far north the far north northward to marshlands marshlands marshlands marshlands course of runner run physical strength. power of god. king physical strength. power of god.

!+ # +# #B f= p Mn p Mn p Mn p Mn p #ð M # vp p Mo #b Mp p M n1 p M nt # b p nt p0R4444 p M! r5 #b M! p +5 #b M!p V Q3-Aa1-M12-G1-V11-Y1 Q3-Aa1-M12-G1-Y1 Q3-Aa1-Y1 Q3-Aa1-M12-Y1V Q3-Aa1-Y1-F34-Z1 Q3-Aa1-M12-G1-O39 Q3-Aa1-M12-G1-V11-M3 V11-M3 Q3-Aa1-D46-A29 F46-D21-D54 F46-D21-D54 F46-D21-D54 F46-D21-D54 F46 Q3-F47-D21 Q3-N37-F46 F46-D21-D56 Q3-F32-D21-F46 F46-D21-D54-G17 F46-D21-D54-N35 Q3-F32-F46-D54-N35 F46-M16-O50-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 F46-D21-X1-N33-Z2 Q3-F32-D21-X1-F46-Y1-Z2 Q3-F32-D21-X1-F46-N5 pxA pxA pxA pxA pxA ib pxA pxA pxA pAxd pXr pXr pXr pXr pXr pXr pXr pXr pXr pXr m pXr n pXr n pXr sp 4 pXrt pXrt pXrt purge. enclose. !G # B . unroll a papyrus twist / distort what is said turn. circumambulate walls. pervade hearts. enclose go about in. reveal a secret purge. turn about turn. turn about surround. turn about turn. remedy transitory state description of life verb verb verb verb verb . reveal a secret clean of heart pavement decking of ship decking of ship be turned upside down turn.# B . revert to go round about four times prescription. turn about turn. reveal a secret purge. !+ #B+ #B . revert to serve.} #B +d 4 # B . pervade serve. pass to. remedy prescription. pass to. reveal a secret purge. travel around / traverse a region perambulate a hall. !+ + # B . revolve of sun. move about of limbs surround. turn about.

5 #b M!!5 q M!7n p MDM~u p MDu p MnD Mu h 4 #bb+ # BT #e ' #B' # he ' # hB ' # Bh' '' # he ! ' # he K ' # Bt$ # Bt& !Bt # #B<U" # BB n # BB n # BB < HG4G4<` # Bv< F46-X1-Z1-A24-A1-Z2 Q3-F32-F46-X1-A12-Z2 Q3-F32-D21-X1-A1-Z2 F48-D21-X1-Z4-D54 F46-D21-G36-D21-N35A-N36 F46-D21-G36-N36 F46-D21-D54-G36-D21-N36-N23-Z1 Q3-F32-F32-Y1 Q3-O34-W10 Q3-S29-Q7 Q3-O34-Q7 Q3-I9-S29-Q7 Q3-I9-O34-Q7 Q3-O34-I9-Q7 Q7 Q3-I9-S29-X1-Q7 Q3-I9-S29-G43-Q7 Q3-O34-N35-X4 Q3-O34-N35-X6 O1-O34-N35-X3 Q3-O34-V28-F18-A2 Q3-O34-Aa1-D54 Q3-O34-Aa1-D54 Q3-O34-Aa1-Z9 G40-G39-Z1-G39-Z1-Z9-D40 Q3-O34-N37-Z9 pXrt pXrt pXrt pXrty pXr wr pXr wr pXr wr pXX pAs psi psi psi psi psi psi pst psw psn psn psn psH psx psx psx pss psS frontier patrol frontier patrol frontier patrol traveller River Euphrates River Euphrates River Euphrates control ? horses water pot cook cook cook cook cook cook mode of cooking preparation of food & drink a loaf a loaf a loaf bite. share with verb & noun verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive . be strewn with be distraught results of labour divide.p!48!5 #bp !. sting disarray one's hair be distraught.

matting of reeds part.#ev # vB<+ # Bv<1c K! # Bv<+5 # Bv< +5tU M < S # Bv! <+5 # BvK< +5! # Bv! < 3 # Bv! 7 <+ # e v b ?hb #evb #evb #eUR # BU U" #eUR # Bfg s # e i555 # e i r ! 555 555! # e i ! xxx Z!333H6 Z!H5 Z!36 Z ! 53 g ! 5553 3 3 Q3-S29-N37 Q3-N37-O34-Z9-Y1 Q3-O34-N37-Z9-G17-P8-G43-A1 Q3-O34-N37-Z9-Y1-Z2 Q3-O34-N37-Z9-Y1-Z2-N35-W11-D21V28-N2 Q3-O34-N37-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 Q3-O34-N37-G43-Z9-Y1-Z2-A1 Q3-O34-N37-X1-Z9-V19 Q3-O34-N37-X1-Z4-Z9-Y1 Q3-S29-N37-T106-V31-I9-N17 Q3-S29-N37-T106 Q3-S29-N37-T106 Q3-S29-W11-D26 Q3-O34-W11-F18-A2 Q3-S29-W11-D26 Q3-O34-D46-F37-F51 Q3-S29-I10-Z2-Z2-Z2 Q3-S29-I10-N33-X1-Z2-Z2-Z2 Z2-Z2-Z2-X1 Q3-S29-I10-X1-Z3A-Z3A-Z3A N9-X1-R8-R8-R8-A40-Z3 N9-X1-A40-Z2 N9-X1-R8-Z3 N9-X1-Z2-R8 F37J-X1-Z2-Z2-Z2-R8-R8-R8 psS psS psS m xrw psS psS n grH psSt psSw psSt psSty psS psS psS psg psg psg psd psD psDt psDt psDt psDt psDt psDt psDt psDt divide divide break silence division midnight sharing out. portion arbitrator carpet. share. spit at spit on.Obsidian ritual instument for Opening of the mouth ritual instument for Opening of the Mouth ceremony spit on. spit at spital upper back nine group of nine group of nine group of nine Ennead of gods Ennead of gods Ennead of gods Ennead of gods Ennead of gods verb verb noun . division ritual instrument made from kfA .

spine back. spine the new moon & its festival the new moon & its festival the new moon & its festival the new moon & its festival the new moon & its festival the new moon & its festival festival of the 15th of the month split heads. wood fracture bones. metal.********* * ! 555 #eiY # Bf Y # BfV # e iiii # Bfh # Bff #fe Ki4 # Bf2 # Bfi # Bfg2 Z t$$ Z $M ZtM Z t$MV Zt! $M # BftZ : 4 5lt! MV # vt< # vt?# # vt< ` # vvn # vv< # vv} T10-T10-T10-T10-T10-T10-T10-T10-T10 T10-X1-Z2-Z2-Z2 Q3-S29-I10-N8 Q3-O34-D46-N8 Q3-O34-D46-N5 Q3-S29-I10-F39-F39-F39 Q3-O34-D46-F38A Q3-O34-D46-F36C Q3-D46-S29-G43-F39A-Z1 Q3-O34-D46-F51B Q3-O34-D46-F39A Q3-O34-D46-F37J-F51B N9-N35-G4-X4 N9-G4-W3 N9-N35-W3 N9-N35-G4-W3-N5 N9-N35-X1-G4-W3 Q3-O34-D46-N35-N9 N63-V20-Z2-Z4A-N35-X1-W3-N5 Q3-N37-N35-Z9 Q3-N37-N35-T31-M3 Q3-N37-N35-Z9-D40 Q3-N37-N37-D54 Q3-N37-N37-Z9 Q3-N37-N37-D291 psDt psDt pDwt ? psD psD psD psDw psDw psDw psDw psDw psDw psDw psDntyw psDntyw psDntyw psDntyw psDntyw psDntyw 15 nt Hb ??? pSn pSn pSn pSS pSS pSS the Nine Bows traditional enemies of Egypt the Nine Bows shine shine shine back. spread out awnings straddle spread oneself over . spine back. spread oneself over. spine back. slice bread split metal split wood straddle. spine back. spine back. separate combatants. spine back.

mouth of valley. trample enemies trample enemies trample enemies see. arena. be open of wounds open open be open of wounds open hearted open hearted honest honest honest entrance of building. reveal. of horizon. behold see.#n MQ K4 h#n 1Q Kf# n M 1#! # U !X ` #UX #UZ` #U 11R # U !X `d 4 # U !< d 4 # U !X `: 4 # U !X +: 4 # U !< : 4 # U !X #U!h4 #UXf4 # U @ e4 #UT # U !T #UU!] #!#!n #!#!8 #!#!<` #! M> BB #!M$ Q3-N29-D21-O49 G43-Z1-N23-Q3-N29-M17-O49 G43-N21-Q3-N29-D21-M17-M3-O1 Q3-W11-G1-D32-D40 Q3-W11-D32 Q3-W11-N9-D40 Q3-W11-M17-M17-D26 Q3-W11-G1-D32-D40-F34-Z1 Q3-W11-G1-Z9-F34-Z1 Q3-W11-G1-D32-D40-D2-Z1 Q3-W11-G1-D32-Y1-D2-Z1 Q3-W11-G1-Z9-D2-Z1 Q3-W11-G1-D32 Q3-W11-G1-N23-Z1 Q3-W11-D32-N21-Z1 Q3-W11-Y24-N20-Z1 Q3-W11-W10 Q3-W11-G1-W10 Q3-W11-W11-X1-F27 Q3-X1-Q3-X1-D54 Q3-X1-Q3-X1-A24 Q3-X1-Q3-X1-Z9-D40 Q3-X1-D21-D6 D10C-D10 Q3-X1-D21-M4B pqr w pqr w pqr pgA pgA pgA pgA pgA ib pgA ib pgA Hr pgA Hr pgA Hr pgA pgA pgA pgA pgA pgA psst ptpt ptpt ptpt ptr ptr ptr precinct of Osiris at Abydos district of Peker precinct of Osiris at Abydos ? district of Peker open. battlefield entrance of horizon mouth of valley battlefield bowl bowl toad or frog tread roads. behold see. behold verb verb verb .

what ? who ?. flatten stamp flat. be stretched out in obeisance cast to the ground knee box.#! $? #! M1> #! M1&< #! M&" !#7&" #! M 1&`5 #!<H #!< #!Bn #!B} # fo s oe #4 # fB. behold see. casket box. diffuse perfume stretch cord in foundation ceremony stretch cord in foundation ceremony stretch out man on ground be glad divinity interrogative interrogative . what ? battlefield Ptah create cast to the ground. behold see. casket stamp flat. stretch out man on ground extend oneself in effort. draw bow. put down someone carried. o4#4 #fe o #fe 8 # fe ! r #fe Ki4 # fe :! o h5 # i) # i) ) # f) # in # i)d 4 Q3-X1-M4B-D7 Q3-X1-D21-M17-D6 Q3-X1-D21-M17-M6-D4 Q3-X1-D21-M6-A2 X1-Q3-Z4-M6-A2 Q3-X1-D21-M17-M6-D40-Z2 Q3-X1-V28-A40 Q3-X1-V28 Q3-X1-Aa1-D54 Q3-X1-Aa1-D77 Q3-D46-D56-F51 D56-S29-M3-Z1 Q3-D46-O34-R3I D56-Z1-M3-Z1 Q3-D46-S29-D56 Q3-D46-S29-A24 Q3-D46-S29-X1-N33 Q3-D46-S29-G43-F39-Z1 Q3-D46-S29-Z7-X1-D56-N23-Z2 Q3-I10-T9 Q3-I10-T9 T9 Q3-D46-T9 Q3-I10-D54 Q3-I10-T9-F34-Z1 ptr ptr ptr ptr ptr pri ptH ptH ptx ptx pd pds pds pds pds pds pdst psDw pdswt pD pD pD pD pD pD ib see. behold who ?. flatten pellet back sand dunes ? stretch cord in foundation ceremony. casket box. stretch out arms.

its raise. lift up. ! 5 )! . him. for incense sharpen a knife he.!p5 ). ! 5 # f)r5 |! 4 ) h h7 h!) ` Q3-I10-T9-D2-Z1 T10-X1-Z1 T9A-X1 T9A-X1-Z1 T9A-X1-Z1-M3 T10-Z1-X1-A1 T10-X1-Z4-D40 T10-X1-Z1-T14-A1-Z2 N1-T10 N1-T10-X1-Z1 S24-O34-D40-T10-X1-Z1 T9-X1-Z4-T14-A1 T9-X1-G4-T14-A1-Z2 T10-X1-T14-A1-B1-Z2 T9-T14-A1-Z2 T9-X1-T14-Z6-Z2 Q3-D46-X1-T9-T14-A1-Z2 Q3-D46-T9-N33-Z2 T9A-X1-Z1 T9 I9 I9-Z4 I9-G1-A9-D40 A9-A24 I9-G1-D40 pD Hr pDt pDt pDt pDt pDty pDty pDt Hry pDt Hry pDt Tsw pDt pDty pDtyw pDt pDt pDt pDt pD pDt pDi f fy fAi fAi fAi unwrinkled. weigh. it. carry. ! 5 *!. present.!5 R* R* ! 4 ` B`* ! 4 )! 7 .# i): 4 *!4 |! |! 4 |! 4 # *4!! *!7` *!4. its his.sighted. support. 95 # f! ). tribute carry. far . ! )! $. prescient bow bow bow bow bowman bowman troop of soldiers troop commander troop commander troop captain foreigner foreigners foreigners foreigners foreigners foreigners measure for pigment measure for textiles. deliver taxes. his. support weigh verb suffix pronoun suffix pronoun dual verb verb verb collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun )8 h!` .

become maggoty noun & verb noun & verb noun & verb . become maggoty snake. faint recompense ? food offerings a Syrian people a Syrian people a Syrian people a Syrian people acute ? snake. h!? s I9-G1-A131A I9-G1-O30 I9-G1-A9 I9-G1-A9-D40-P5-Z7 I9-G1-X1-A9 I9-G1-M17-M17-X1-A9 I9-G1-M17-M17-X1-A9-Y1-Z2 I9-G1-M17-M17-A9-X1-M3 I9-M17-M17-X1-A9 I9-F40-G43-X4-Z2 I9-F40-G43-Y1-Z2 I9-G1-V31-D3 I9-G1-V31-F51 F51 I9-G1-V31-A1 I9-N35-G37 I9-N35-I9-W24-G43-Y1 I9-N35-Aa1-G43-X4-Z2 I9-N35-Aa1-G43-V12-Z2 I9-Aa1-G43-V12-Z2 I9-N35-Aa1-G43-T15-Z3 I9-N35-Aa1-G43-V12-T14-A1-B1-Z2-N25 I9-N35-Aa1-U20-F34-Z1 I9-N35-V13-I14 I9-N35-X1-I14 I9-N35-X1-I9 s h!?! htE hthb K+ htB K $5 htB K. become maggoty intestinal worm. ! p 5j htB Zd 4 ht-m ht! m ht! h fAi fAi fAi fAi TAw fAt fAyt fAyt fAyt fAyt fAw fAw fAk fAk fAk fAk fn fnfnw fnxw fnxw fnxw fnxw fnxw fnx ib fnT fnT fnT weigh present deliver taxes. tribute 1 sail. splendour..h !t h!> h!) h!) ``: h!! ) h!1 1 ! ) h!1 1 ! ) +5 h!1 1 )! # h11!) hj K $5 hjK+5 h!?.verb 2 the wind rose ? verb verb verb financial interest ? weight ? reward portable shrine portable shrine food-supplies ? magnificence. intestinal worm.5 hB K. magnificent be shorn pubic region pubic region shorn man be weak.5 htB K /6 htB K.

wealth reward.K4 D19-Z1 I9-N35-D46-D19 I9-N35-I10-Aa27-D19 D19-Z1-M17-M17-C3 I9-N35-D46-M17-M17-D19 I9-Aa1-V12-D54 I9-Aa1-V12-D54 I9-Aa1-S28 V12-D54 I9-Aa1-X1-O30-D3 I9-Aa1-D36-D49 I9-S29-Q7 I9-N29-G1-X4 I9-N29-G1-X4-Y1 I9-N29-Y1 I9-N29-F22-D40 I9-N29-G1-Y1-Z2 I9-N29-X4 I9-V31-D3-G37 I9-V31-A24 I9-V31-X1-Z4-D3 I9-W11-N35-A81 I9-W11-G1-A81 I9-X1-G37 I9-X1-G37 htfK hti\ K K4 1 1# htf 1 1 K hB .n hB . get rid.n hB ! >. wealth be empty. be wasted through oppression be wasted through oppression shorn priest defecate.nosed loose. loosen of speech. hU t} hU !} h! E h! E fnD fnD fnD fnDy fnDy fx fx fx fx fxt fxa fsi fqA fqA fqA fqA fqA fqA fk fk fkty fgn fgn ft ft nose nose nose long nosed. destroy obliterate. hB \i he ' hn !$ hn !$+ hn + hn Y ` hn !+5 hn $ h?. Beaky Beaky. shit disgust show dislike noun verb verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive noun noun . leave behind one. long . fail to do something loose.E h?8 h?! 7. release set out. wealth reward. release. shit defecate. depart to wig ? grasp cook a cake reward. wealth reward. cast off. wealth reward.n hB d .

as. pull up plants. as.h! h! n h! ! W" h! ! i" h! ! i h! ! ! h! ! Kp5 hf<` hf\ hfR hf! ~ hfK4 4 4 4 hf4 4 4 4 hf! 4 4 4 4 hf4 4 4 4 b K hfn < hfn < hfn <` hfn ! 1 11 1\ 1^ 1^ 1\? 1\ I9-X1-I9-X1-D54 I9-X1-X1-F20B-A2 I9-X1-X1-I10-A2 I9-X1-X1-F39 I9-X1-X1-V1 I9-X1-X1-G43-K1-Z2 I9-D46-Z9-D40 I9-D46-D36 I9-D46-D26 I9-D46-X1-N35A I9-D46-G43-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 I9-D46-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 I9-D46-X1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 I9-D46-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-W24-G43 I9-D46-N29-Z9 I9-D46-N29-Z9 I9-D46-N29-Z9-D40 I9-D46-N29-V1 G17 M17-G17 G17-D36 G17-D38 G17-D38 G17-D36-V31 G17-D36 ftft ftt ftt ftt ftt fttw fdi fdi fd fdt fdw fdw fdt fdnw fdq fdq fdq fdq m im m m m mk m leap obliterate inscription obliterate inscription lint lint fish pluck flowers. pull out hair.enclitic particle non-enclitic . portion waste seed sever. when. together with not translated not translated behold behold behold verb noun verb plural verb verb verb noun enclitic particle enclitic particle non . quartette fourth sever. divide. wear out of sandals slice. by means of. though. together with in. namely. as. though. from. when. namely. remove remove sweat sweat four four four feminine. waste seed. divide. uproot trees. part. by means of. part with. out of. from. out of.enclitic particle non . with. as.

k mi mA mA .1\ 1t1\ 1^ t1\ ] 11\ :41\ M1\ M1\ 1 1 1[ 1< 1M\ 1\ 1\t? 1n H4 H4#e G! H4#e Y K H!J H!} H <!! G17-D36 M17-N35-G17-D36 G17-D38 N35-G17-D36 W19-M17-G17-D36 D2-Z1-G17-D36 D21-G17-D36 G17 G17 G17-D35 G17-D4 G17-D21-D36 G17-D36 G17-D36-N35-V31 G17-D54 U2-Z1 U2-Z1-M3-S29-F4-X1 U2-Z1-M3-S29-F22-G43 U2-X1-M195 U2-X1-M46 U2-D4-G1-G1 U3 U2-D12-D12 U2-D4-G1-G1 m in m m nm mi m Hr m rm m m m m ir m rdi m m n . regard. what ? who ?.s pHw ? mAwt imAt mAA mAA mAA mAA who ?. look upon. see to the performance of a task. what ? who ? who ?.. look at particle interrogative interrogative interrogative interrogative interrogative interrogative interrogative m of predication negative imperative negative imperative negative imperative imperative imperative verb transitive I HDD H <!! intransitive . look upon. see to. what ? how ? why ? to what purpose ? in the position of do not do not do not let not take ! take to yourself come ! stern of boat its bow of ship its stern of ship shaft of spear. look on see. measuring rod charm see. regard. see. regard.s HAt mA . look upon. look on look on at event . inspect. inspect. see to. inspect work etc.

mAw .G!!< M H <!t H <K5 H <!! MI:t MI! tH <K5h M H <K5t <H <K51 <H <K<51 H <!K : 4 s H <} 4 GrrrK G# < G!1 6 6 G16 GK6 G!1 ] H <!K] 5 H <! 6 H<< BG6 G1<e6 G!1 < e ] }<e[K G!1 6 < e [ KU+ U1-G1-G1-D4-D21 U2-D4-G1-N35 U2-D4-G43-Z2 U2-D4-G1-G1 D21-U3-Z7-N35 D21-U3-G1 N35-U2-D4-G43-Z2-I9 D21-U2-D4-G43-Z2-N35 D4-U2-D4-G43-Z2-G17 D4-U2-D4-G43-D4-Z2-G17 U2-D4-G1-G43-D2-Z1-N34 U2-D4-F81-Z1 U1-N33-N33-N33-G43 U1-T3-E28 U1-G1-M17-E22 E22 U1-M17-E22 U1-G43-E22 U1-G1-M17-F27 U2-D4-G1-G43-F27-Z2 U2-D4-X1-E22 U2-D4-V28-O34-G39-E22 U1-M17-V28-S29-E22 U1-G1-M17-V28-S29-F27 E238-V28-S29-Aa18-G43 U1-G1-M17-E22-V28-S29-Aa18-G43-F18Y1 mAA r mAA n mAw mAw r mAw n r mAw n mAw .HsA mA .HsA mA .mAw . take heed of look at aspect.HD mAi mAi mAi mAiw mAi mAiw mAt mA . appearance in the sight of in the sight of at the sight of him in the sight of make inspection of.HsA mA . look into verb intransitive make inspection of.HsA mA . appearance aspect.Hr mA mAw mA .mAw .n ir .f r .HsA look toward. look into mirror oryx oryx oryx lion lion lion lions lion lions lioness Fierce lion fierce lion fierce lion fierce lion fierce lion plural plural plural .m mAw .m ir . take care of.

true to. loyal truly. be in order of balance TRUE truth truth real real true.xrw mAa .xrw mAa . righteousness truth truth truly right .# 11m K\+ K\+ L q KHL q4K\} GL \! HL \Y+ L+ K\+ K\c K" K\B Mc L{ L\{ K\c K" HLc K\! ]+5 ]!4 L!+ HL\!8+ 1K\! ]+5 ] G3-M17-M17-D53 U5-D36-Y1 U5-D36-Y1 Aa11 D58-G43-U2-Aa11 D58-Z1-U5-D36-Y1V U1-Aa11-D36-G1 U2-Aa11-D36-H2A-Y1 Aa11-Y1 U5-D36-Y1 U5-D36-P8-G43-A2 U5-D36-Aa1-D21-P8 Aa11-P8H Aa11-D36-P8H U5-D36-P8-G43-A2 U2-Aa11-P8 U5-D36-X1-H6-Y1-Z2 H6-X1-Z1 Aa11-X1-Y1 U2-Aa11-D36-X1-Z5-Y1 G17-U5-D36-X1-H6-Y1-Z2 H6 C10 U2-Aa11-D36-X1-C10 U5-D36-X1-Z4-H6-H6 mAy mAa mAa mAa bw mAa bw mAa mAa mAa mAa mAa mAa . be triumphant. true of voice deceased. justified justification.xrw mAat mAat mAat mAat m mAat mAat mAat mAat mAaty foetus true of speech.xrw mAa . orderly management right . righteousness right .doing.xrw mAa .doing. vindication. righteousness. be justified. pleasing. really. be justified. vindication.xrw mAa . loyal to rightful of property. righteousness rightness. rightly deceased. true of voice deceased. triumph truth. just. rightly belong to. orderly management judgement dual noun noun adverb adverb adverb adjective & verb adjective & verb * HL\!* K\!7 ] ] . right-doing. triumph justification. real. justice. rightness. justified deceased. vindicated. righteous.doing. vindicated against someone.

extend. gifts products temple of head temple of head a place to eavesdrop put the temple to. set out lead. guide. tribute. throw out. paddle.nTr mAat mAaw mAatyw mAatyw mAa mAa mAa mAa mAaw mAaw mAa mAa rdi mAa r rdi mAa r mAa mAa mAa mAa mAa mAa mAa mAa mAa mAaw judgement Prophet of Maat aright just men. extend limbs. steer. send. send. paddle water set out on journey lead. paddle. throw out rope from ship steer ship. direct. guide. send. direct. offer. present. offering. the righteous the blessed dead just men. steer.K\!7 ] ]kk 3j] HL\K+ H L \ ! $+! 5 K \ $* 5 K\+ K\n K\+ K\n K\Kr5 K\+5 HL\Y K\82 M\HL\YM M\HL\YM HL\n U5-D36-X1-Z4-H6-H6-I12-I12 R8-U36-H6 U2-Aa11-D36-G43-Y1 U2-Aa11-D36-X1-G4-Y1-A1-Z2 U5-D36-G4-C10-Z2 U5-D36-Y1 U5-D36-D54 U5-D36-Y1 U5-D36-D54 U5-D36-G43-N33-Z2 U5-D36-Y1-Z2 U2-Aa11-D36-H2 U5-D36-Z5-F51B D21-D36-U2-Aa11-D36-H2-D21 D21-D36-U2-Aa11-D36-H2-D21 U2-Aa11-D36-D54 U2-Aa11-D36-D54 U2-Aa11-D36-D54 Aa11-D54 U4-D36-Y1 U2-Aa11-D36-N23 U5-D36-H2-N23 U5-D36-Z4-H2-N23-Z1 U5-D36-N37-N21-Z1 U2-Aa11-D36-G43-H2-P5 mAaty Hm . despatch. make presentation to fit to be offered fit to be offered products. throw out. direct. extend. the righteous the blessed dead present.. offer. make presentation to. despatch. pay attention to lead. despatch.. guide. set out bank of river or lake bank of river or lake bank of river or lake bank of river or lake breeze dual adverb verb verb adjective adjective verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive HL\n HL\n Ln J\+ HL\h K\Yh K\7Yh4 K \vf 4 HL \KY` .

K\` K\K` K\:#5 G!1 1 C ! # GK! J U5-D36-P5 U5-D36-G43-P5 U5-D36-Z7-M3-Z2 U1-G1-M17-M17-Aa2-X1-M3 U1-G43-X1-M195 U2-X1-M195 U1-G1-F40-Z7-X1-T19B-M3 U1-G1-G43-X1-N8-Z3 U1-G1-F40-X1-G43-Y1-Z2 U1-G1-G43-Z4-Y1 U2-Y1 U1-G43 U1-G1-Y1 U1-G1-G43-X1-Y1 U1-X1-Y1 G17-U1-X1-G43-Y1 N35-U1-G1-G43-X1-Y1 W19-N35-W19-U2-X1 W19-N35-U1-U1 U1-G1-G43-X1-N21-Z2 U2-D4-I9-D46-X1 U1-U1-M54 U1-U1-M54A U2-U2-G1-G43-U26-Z2 U1-G1-U1-G1-Z7-M1-Z3A mAaw mAaw mAaw mAyt mAwt mAwt mAwt mAwt mAwt mAwy mAwy mAwy mAwy mAwt mAwt m mAwt n mAwt min mi mAwt ??? min mAwt mAwt mAfdt mAmA mAmA mAmAw mAmAw breeze breeze type of wood sheath of sword shaft of spear. anew new anew this day anew this day new land Mafdet a cat goddess ? dom-palm dom-palm dom . staff.palms plural plural divinity adjective adjective & verb adjective & verb adjective & verb adjective & verb adjective & verb H!J G!j : ! 3 # G!K ! Y 6 G!j ! K +5 G!K7 + H+ GK G!+ G!K! + G! + 1G! K+ tG!K! + ]t]H! ]tGG G!K! f 5 H <hf! GGF GG} H H !K ` 5 G!G!:! x . be renewed new new new a new thing a new thing newly.palms dom . measuring-rod measuring rod shaft of spear rays of light rays of light new. stalk of corn.

pauper wretched man.E5 I MK>! G!< & G!< " G!< h4 GB } B GK G!b ' G!B ' G!! ! o Ge ! o Ge } G!e o G!n ! a Gn ! a# G!n ! # mAmA .E! G!1 M. 8 G!M.E H <! M . hock of animal kneel kneel ladder ladder ladder plural locality . 1 1 E! G1 M.n xAnnt mAnw mAr mAr mAr mAr mAr mAr mAr mAir mArw mAH mAH mAH mAx mAxw mAx mAx mAst mAst mAs mAs mAqt mAqt mAqt dom-palm the Western mountain dispossess someone of wretched man. pauper wretched man.E! GM.t !F U1-U1-N35-M12-N35-N35-X1-M54 U1-W24-W24-W24-N25 U2-D4-G1-D21-T12-A24 U1-G1-D21-T12-G37-A1 U1-G1-M17-D21-T12-M17-M17-G37-A1 U1-M17-D21-T12-G37 U2-D4-G1-D21-T12-G37-A1 U1-G1-M17-D21-T12-G37-A1 U1A-D21-T12 U1-G1-M17-D21-T12-G37-Z2 U3-D21-G43-D6-O1 U1-G1-V28-V6 U1-G1-V28-M2 U1-G1-V28-N23-Z1 U1-Aa1-M182 Aa1-U1-G43 U1-G1-F32-Q7 U1-G1-Aa1-Q7 U1-G1-Q1-X1-D56 U1-S29-X1-D56 U1-S29-D159 U1-G1-S29-D56 U1-G1-N29-X1-P6 U1-N29-X1-P6-M3 U1-G1-N29-X1-M3 Gb b b j H <! M . pauper wretched man.t GGt . G!1 M. pauper misery viewing place in sun cult wreath wreath pasture sheaf sheaf burn burn knee of man. E ! G!1 M. hock of animal knee of man. pauper wretched man. pauper wretched man.

according as as if the like likewise. accordingly likewise.1\n ! a# H!!" G!g M 1 1 ! p 5 G!g M 1 1 ! o p n5 G17-D36-N29-X1-P6-M3 U2-X1-X1-M2 U1-G1-U33-D21-M17-M17-X1-B1-Z2 U1-G1-U33-D21-M17-M17-X1-D56-B1D54-Z2 U1-V13-W23 U1-X1-Aa2 U1-G1-X1-O39 U1-X1-W8 U1-G1-W7-V13-A2 U120-W7 U1-V13-W7 U1-V13-A30 G17-M17-D54 G17-D36-M17-D54 G17-D39-N35A N35A-M17-M17-N35A G20-M17-M17-G43-N35A W19-M17 W19 G17-W19-M17 W19-M17-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 W19-M17-M17 W19-M17-Y1 W19-M17-A1 W19-X1 W19-X1-Z4-Y1 mAqt mAtt mAtryt mAtryt mAT mAT mAT mAT mAT mAT mAT mAT mi mi miw mw myw mi mi m mi mi xt my my mi mit mity ladder mandrake ? female mourners female mourners granite granite granite granite proclaim proclaim proclaim acclaim come ! come ! waters water semen. according as like. seed of man like. similar to adverb adverb adverb preposition preposition imperative imperative G-a G! C G!! G G! R G!Q -" }Q G-Q G-> 11n 1\ 1n 1_ ~ ~11~ 4 1 1K~ ]1 ] 1]1 ] 1B ! +5 ]11 ]1+ ]1! ]! ]!7+ . accordingly the equal of someone copy of document equal to.

accordingly type of land daily fare noun . hither. similar to equal to. like this. similar to equal likeness the like the like thereof likewise likewise a drink spines spines spines loom ? cat cat cat oar axe axe seed corn of emmer ? seed corn of emmer ? seed corn of emmer ? today here.]1! ]! 1 1 ]! :+! ]!7S ]!!+ ]!!+1 M7 1]!!+ M ]!!+ ]11!b5 ]!B8 8 8 G!Bp p p 1 1 !BK p 5 ]1\!! ]1K]11!] ]1K] u4 hK <c ]q !' ]d !' 1717 r5 11r r r 11 1 r5 ]tV ] 1 t!" ] 1t! h4 ] 1t! b 5 W19-M17-X1 W19-X1-M17-M17 W19-X1-Z7-Y1-A1 W19-X1-Z4-A51 W19-X1-X1-Y1 W19-X1-X1-Y1-M17-D21-Z4 G17-W19-X1-X1-Y1 D21-W19-X1-X1-Y1 W19-M17-M17-X1-W24-Z2 W19-G1-O34-Z5-Z5-Z5 U1-G1-O34-T30A-T30A-T30A G17-M17-G1-O34-G43-T30A-Z2 W19-M17-D36-X1-O1 W19-M17-G43-E13 W19-M17-M17-X1-F27 W19-M17-G43-F27 N36-Z1-N23-G43-V28-P8 W19-D58-X1-T7 W19-F34-X1-T7 G17-Z4-G17-Z4-N33-Z2 G17-G17-N33-N33-N33 G17-G17-M17-N33-Z2 W19-N35-N5 W19-M17-N35-G1-A2 W19-M17-N35-X1-N23-Z1 W19-M17-N35-X1-W24-Z2 mity mity mitw mity mitt mitt iry m mitt r mitt myt miAsw miAsw miAsw miat miw miw miw mawH mibt mibt mymy mymy mymy min minA mint mint equal to.

charge of. possession.utq s utd q u htq s ]a!! ]1<!! u4 a\!! ]1e! s4 1B! s} uhe! s ]BK! J ] 1B! 8k 1\ 1\t! ! 1\!\ 1\K <c 1\ <c u4 hK <c 4445!5 4 4 4q 1 1!!6 444!! 4 4 4 1 1!!5 1\= 4 4 45 444s 444 1\h3 N36-N35-D58-N34 N36-N35-F34-D58 N36-N23-N35-D58-N34 W19-P6-X1-O1 W19-M17-V28-X1-O1 N36-Z1-P6-D36-X1-O1 W19-M17-S29-X1-F51-Z1 G17-O34-X1-F51-N33A N36-N23-S29-X1-F51 W19-O34-G43-X1-S2 W19-M17-O34-X1-Z5-I12 G17-D36 G17-D36-N35-X1-X1 G17-D36-X1-P1 G17-D36-G43-V28-P8 G17-D36-V28-P8A N36-Z1-N23-G43-V28-P8 V20-V20-V20-A21-A1-Z2 V20-V20-V20-D58-M17-M17-X1-O1-Z3 V20-V20-V20-X1-O1 V20-V20-V20-M17-M17-X1-O1-Z2 G17-D36-G29-V20-V20-V20-T21 V20-V20-V20-N34 V20-V20-V20 G17-D36-I9-V19 minb minb minb maHat miHat maHat mist mist mist miswt miswt ma m a ntt mat mawH mawH mawH mabAyw mabAyt mabAyt mabAyt mabA mabA mabA maf axe axe axe tomb chapel tomb liver liver liver crown of Upper Egypt crown of Upper Egypt in the hand. from seeing that type of boat oar oar oar the Thirty a judicial body House of the Thirty House of the Thirty House of the Thirty harpoon harpoon harpoon headsman's block preposition noun . together with.

successful tomb. cenotaph above ground level tomb. successful success fortunate. cenotaph above ground level tomb. semen loyal to him I speak in exactness urine urine spittle be watery be watery placenta Muu .! p M -! p 5 ~KK manxt manDt manDt manDt manDt manDt mar mar mar mar maHat maHat maHat maHat maHat makA mw Hr mw . successful.f Dd .class of Ritual dancers noun .1j tK! U 1:!^ 1:\tiK! ^ G17-S34-N35-Aa1-X1-Aa20 G17-V26A-X1-P3 G17-V26A-D36-N35-I10-G43-X1-P3 V26-X1-P3 G17-V27-X1-P3 G17-V27-D46-X1-P121 G17-D36-D21-M32-Y1 G17-D36-D21-Y1 G17-D36-D21-M32-Y1V Aa15-D36-D21-D46-V29-Y1V G17-P6-X1-O1 W19-P6-X1-O1 P6-D36-X1-O1 G17-P6-D36-X1-O1 N36-Z1-P6-D36-X1-O1 G17-D36-V31-G1-A24 N35A D2-Z1-N35A-I9 I10-D46-A1-N35-N35A N35A-M17-M17-X1-D53 N35A-M17-M17-X1-N35A N35A-M17-M17-X1-D53-D21-Z1 N35A-Z7-M17-M17 N35A-M17-M17-N35A G14-X1-B1-D21-V13-A1-B1-Z2 N35A-G43-G43 :!^ 1.!^ 1. cenotaph above ground level tomb. cenotaph above ground level tomb. rain. flourishing fortunate. cenotaph above ground level brave water.i n mw mwyt mwyt mwyt r mwy mwy mwt rmT mww pendant day barque of sun god day barque of sun god day barque of sun god day barque of sun god day barque of sun god fortunate.f! } 1\ M @+ 1\ M+ 1\ M @ } P\ Mf= } 1a!! ]a!! a\!! 1a\!! u4 a\!! 1\ ?!8 ~ :4~h if! t~ ~11!m ~11!~ ~1 1!mM4 ~:1 1 ~11~ .

palace guard. protector of poor palace guard turquoise turquoise turquoise turquoise turquoise among.! G 1_ Kth! 5 1\th8 ! 5 1hT ! } 1h?! } _ h?! } 1_ h?! } 1\ h!?! } 11 2_ 1\1\ 11 11 11r r r 11 1 r r r 1\1\] 27] !t? . therein among.! p .corn seed . established.corn giraffe giraffe take to yourself be firm. therein therein transport cattle seed . enduring of king verb intransitive preposition preposition preposition adverb divinity .class of Ritual dancers mother mother mother mother mother Mut goddess weight garrison.1KK!5 . therein among.t+ mww mwt mwt mwt mwt mwt mwt mwt mwnf mwnf mfkAt mfkAt mfkAt mfkAt mfkAt mm mm mm mm mm mymy mymy mmy mmy mn n . G17-G43-G43-A1-Z2 G14-X1-B1 G14 D52-X1-B1 D39-X1-B1 G17-D39-X1-B1 X1-G16B G14-X1-O39 G17-D39-G43-N35-I9-A1-Z2 G17-D36-N35-I9-A24-A1-Z2 G17-I9-D28-X1-N33A G17-I9-V31-X1-N33A D39-I9-V31-X1-N33A G17-D39-I9-V31-X1-N33A G17-D36-I9-G1-V31-X1-N33A G17-G17 G18-D39 G17-D36-G17-D36 G17-G17 G17-G17 G17-G17-N33-N33-N33 G17-G17-M17-N33-N33-N33 G17-D36-G17-D36-F27 G18-Z4-F27 T1-N35-V31 Y5-N35-Y1 l!p _!p 1_ !p !0 .k mn Muu .

remain in.t! } .t! p . suffer. suffer in part of the body. calamity pain pain swallow bird thigh of man.n . including at the fixed rate of so . be vested in establish. press with fingers as far as as well as.tb :E 5 . someone a sample thereof the like something I have proved it myself content of receptacle daily be ill.t+ 1.t! + B ! .t+1 M.t! E 6 . be ill of. be attached to. suffering malady distress.t+ .t! < 5 Bt7 % n.t+! 1 M7 .t+ M.t! V .t! o . suffer from.t! E .& .t} Y5-N35-Y1 Y5-N35-Y1 D21-Y5-N35-Y1-G17 D21-Y5-N35-Y1 G17-Y5-N35-Y1 Y5-N35-Y1-A1 Y5-N35-X1-B1 Y5-N35-Y1-A1-M17-D21-Z4 Y5-N35-X1-Y1 Aa1-X1-Y5-N35-X1-Y1 D4-N35-A1-Y5-N35-X1-Y1-M17-G17-A1 Y5-N35-X1-Y1 G17-Y5-N35-X1-N5 Y5-N35-G37 Y5-N35-G37-A1 Y5-N35-X1-G37-Z2 Y5-N35-X1-Z9-Z2 O34-N35-Z4-X5-D54-Y5-N35-X1-G37-Z3 Y5-N35-W24-Z7-G37-Z2 Y5-N35-G37-Z2 Y5-N35-X1-G37 Y5-N35-X1-D56 Y5-N35-X1-F114 Y5-N35-M17-W23 Y5-N35-W27B mn mn r mn m r mn m mn mn mnt mn iry mnt xt mnt ir .t+! . someone so-and-so. be troubled about sick man malady.t+ .tE .. what is harmful.tE 5 .t! + <t! .i mnt m mnt mn mn mnt mnt sny mnt mnw mnw mnt mnt mnt mni mni be fixed. stick fast in. haunch of ox haunch of ox jar.t! + 1.i mnt im .tE ! .t! + 1 1! . measure of capacity jar verb intransitive verb transitive feminine noun .so.t! E 5 .t 1 a . dwell in.

t 1 ! ] # .t 1 ] . whipping post mooring post.t 1 ] 9 . .t! Z . attach to.t 1 ] \ .t 1 ] W . revive the dead moor ship endow with die die mooring post.t 1 ! Z Z . root of disease herdsman herdsman dual verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive .t 1 1 ! # JK! OK` Y5-N35-Z9-W24 Y5-N35-M17-Z9-W24 Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-P1 Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-P1 Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-Y2 Y5-N35-M17-D40 Y5-N35-M17-Z6 Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-P1 Y5-N35-M17-X1-Aa28-M3 T14-Z1 Y5-X1-Aa28 Y5-N35-M17-X1-Aa28 Y5-N35-M17-G1-D41 Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-A55 Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-A54 Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-Z6 Y5-N35-M17-G43-X1-Aa28-O49 Y5-N35-M17-X1-S18 S18 Y5-N35-X1-S18 Y5-N35-M17-M17-D56-D56 Y5-N35-M17-M17-A9-A1-Z2 Y5-N35-M17-M17-X1-M3 A42-G43-A1 A47-G43-D40 mni mni mni mni mni mni mni mni mnit mnit mnit mnit mniA mni mni mni mniwt mnit mnit mnit mny mny mnyt mniw mniw jar.t 1 1 o o .t 1 ] \ . marry to.t 1 ] \ .t 1 ! ] . endow with save the drowning.t 1 9 .t 1 < b .t 1 !a .t 1 1 ) ! 5 .. whipping post mooring . measure of capacity moor ship.t 1 ` .post mooring post.t 1 K! dQ .! ] .t 1 ] V . measure of capacity jar.t< b . whipping post a part of the arm death death death harbour necklace sacred to Hathor necklace sacred to Hathor necklace sacred to Hathor thighs corvee root.4 .

8K` O .t 1 } K .t\ ! ! .tb K+5 A24-G43-D40 A47 Y5-N35-M17-U58-G43 Y5-N35-Aa20-M17 Y5-N35-D36-B5 Y5-N35-D36-D27A Y5-N35-D36-X1-D27 D27A-X1 Y5-N35-D36-X1-B1 Y5-N35-D36-X1-A352 Y5-N35-D36-Z4-D27 Y5-N35-D27-D36 Y5-N35-D36-X1-E1 Y5-N35-D36-X1-D27-E1 R22-R12-A40 R22 Y5-N35-G43-G7 Y5-N35-W24-O39 Y5-W24 Y5-N35-W24-V1 Y5-N35-W24-X1-G39 Y5-N35-X1-G41 Y5-N35-M17-M17-X1-G39 Y5-N35-W24-G43-G39-M33A Y5-W24-W24-W24 Y5-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 mniw mniw mniw mni mni mnat mnat mnat mnat mnat mnay mnay mnat mnat mnw mnw mnw mnw mnw mnw mnwt mnwt mnwt mnw mnw mnw herdsman herdsman herdsman act as herdsman nurse nurse nurse nurse nurse male nurse male nurse male nurse milch cow milch cow Min god Min god Min god type of stone.t\ ~ .t\ ! p .t 1 1 ! G .t\ ! S ! A7H A .tb G .t\ ! S ~! .t! I .tK' .tb KG o .t\ 7 S .tS \ .b b b .tb ! .t\ t .b .t U 1 . quartz ? type of stone. quartz ? thread pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeons monument monuments divinity divinity divinity verb verb noun noun noun noun noun noun .t\ ! } .tb ! G .

tb K! . assult troops. soldiers trained 1 1 ! 4 6 . infantry. move about of army.ttb K! .b b b ! ! ! . earthquake. infantry.! ! ! .b b b 1 1 + .th!! ! 5 . infantry. plantation trees. be shifted of boundary cattle Wood pitch fortress fortress fortress Memphis scribe's palette scribe's palette wax locality 1 ! 1 .th M! [ .t$ f. M! = . assult troops. soldiery trained soldiers. assult troops.t < r 5 Y5-W24-W24-W24-M17-M17-Y1 Y5-W24-W24-W24-M1-M1-M1 Y5-M1-M1-M1 Y5-W24-W24-W24-M1A Y5-N35-W24-G43-M1 Y5-N35-W24-G43-O1 Y5-N35-I9-G1-X1-A12-Z3 Y5-N35-I9-G1-X1-A1-Z2 Y5-N35-I9-M17-X1-M17-A12-Z3 Y5-N35-I9-M17-M17-X1-A20-Z3 Y5-N35-I9-X1-A1-Z3 Y5-N35-I9-X1-A21-Z3 Y5-N35-I9-D21-X1-M29 Y5-N35-I9-D21-X1-S107 Y5-N35-Y5-N35-D54 Y5-N35-Y5-N35-X1-E1-Z3 Y5-N35-N35-W24-Z2 Y5-N35-N35-W24-G43-O1 Y5-N35-N35-W24-O1 Y5-N35-W24-G43-O1 Y5-N35-F35-I9-D21-O24-O49 Y5-N35-O4-I10-Y3 Y5-N35-O4-D46-Y3 Y5-N35-V28-N33-Z2 mnwy mnw mnw mnw mnw mnnw mnfAt mnfAt mnfAt mnfAt mnfAt mnfAt mnfrt mnfrt mnmn mnmnt mnn mnnw mnnw mnnw mn nfr mnhD mnhD mnH abundant of monuments epitaph of King trees.t.6 . plantation trees.. infantry. 6 .tb K! .th! 5 6 . soldiers trained! ! 6 . soldiery band for arm or ankle band for arm or ankle move quickly of person. plantation trees.t! !6 .t$ . infantry. assult troops. soldiers trained soldiers.tb K! . assault troops.ttb 5 .t e h M8 Q . assault troops. plantation fortress trained soldiers.ttb ! . soldiery trained soldiers.b b b f .th!! .

^t5 < r5 . potent of king etc. excellent of occasions. virtues of someone willingness of heart do good be joyful ? be joyful over ? the third month type of fabric.t < " . go well with affairs thoroughly pleasing to the heart excellence. well established...tB \+ . splendid of buildings. trusty of officials. clothing adverb noun & verb .tK \` \ .tB 1 .tB + .tB \+ .tB ! d D38-N35-G21-V28-N33-Z2 Y5-N35-V28-M2 Y5-N35-V28-Z4-M15-M2 Y5-N35-V28-G43-Z3 Y5-N35-Aa1-V1-D40 Y5-N35-Aa1-U22 Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 Y5-N35-Aa1-Y1 Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-D40 U22 Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1V-N35 Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 Y5-N35-Aa1-Y1-F34-Z1 Y5-N35-Aa1-G43-U22-Y1-Z2 Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 U22-Z2 Y5-N35-Aa1-Y1 Y5-N35-Aa1-X1-U22 D4-Y5-N35-Aa1-X1-U22-Y1-Z2 Y5-N35-Aa1 Y5-N35-Aa1-G17 Y5-N35-Aa1-X1 Y5-N35-Aa1-X1-S28 mnH mnH mnH mnHw mnx mnx mnx mnx mnx mnx mnx mnx mnx n mnx mnx ib mnxw mnxw mnxw mnxw mnxt ir mnxt mnx mnx m mnxt mnxt wax papyrus plant papyrus plant froth ? on lips string beads chisel potent of king. devoted.tB ! \+5 . virtues of someone excellence. efficacious of commands well disposed. well famed.tB K \+5 .t < K6 .t B \ }t .tB \+ .tB \ ..tB \+ \5 .tB ! ` .tB .tB + .t < 7 /" . potent of king etc.tB \+ .. costly of material lavish of worship.tB ! \ <.tB +d 4 .tB ! . virtues of someone excellence. virtues of someone excellence. potent of king etc.

tn ! a .t0 X .t-K. type of fabric lack ? jar for liquids cartouche ochre red or yellow ? come to an end jar ? fan cool place.tfS S Ds .t$.t? M ! ] 4 .t! ! G . ! 5 .te ! E . . clothing clothing.t-KH .tn q ! . 5 .! K} 6 .* . chapel bull's tail worn by king diorite pottery vessel Montu god Montu god Montu god Bedouin Bedouin Bedouin Bedouin breast breast breast eyeball ? cheek noun divinity divinity divinity .tv! r 5 .t-K' .tO!! ` .tn q l .tiS .t! :' .tn .tB ! c c .$Q 6 .tn q Y ! .ti! K Y5-N35-Aa1-X1-S27 S27 Y5-N35-S29-X1-G37 Y5-N35-V16-W14 Y5-N35-N37-V10 Y5-N35-N37-X1-N33-Z2 Y5-N35-N29-V12 Y5-N35-N29-X1-W23 Y5-N35-N29-D58-S36 Y5-N35-N29-D58-W15-O1 Y5-N35-N29-D58-O1 Y5-N35-V31-D21-X1-F27-Z1 Y5-N35-X1-X1-O39 Y5-N35-G47-G1-X1-W22 Y5-N35-V13-G43-C7 Y5-N35-X1-Z7-G7 Y5-N35-V13-G43-A40 Y5-N35-V13-G43-T14-A1-Z2 Y5-G4-A49-Z3 Y5-N35-G4-T14-A14-Z2 Y5-X1-G43-C248-Z3 Y5-N35-I10-D27 Y5-N35-D46-D27 D27 D12-F51 Y5-N35-I10-X1-D19 mnxt mnxt mnst mnsA mnS mnSt mnq mnqt mnqb mnqb mnqb mnkrt mntt mnTAt mnTw mnTw mnTw mnTw mnTw mnTw mnTw mnD mnD mnD mnDt mnDt type of fabric.

t =i13 . ailment sorely sick man pains pyramid pyramid pyramid canal. artificial lake canal. ill. painful painful to painful to have compassion! S s .. be sorry for be displeasing to! s .t = 3 .t D M s ]1ME ]1ME M ]1MEt ]1MEd 4t ]1ME:4d 4t ]1ME ]1M' ]1ME! ]1M!E5 ]1M8 8 ]18 u4 uf4 M M:~ u4f} u4fs uh!p5 Wu4 Wu h4 Ru! p 5 Y5-N35-D46-X1-F51 Y5-N35-D46-X1-D27-F51 Y5-N35-M29-I10-G17-V19 Y5-N35-M29-V19 Y5-N35-M36-D21-F51 U23-G17-D21-G37 U23-G17-D21-G37-D21 U23-G17-D21-G37-N35 U23-G17-D21-G37-F34-Z1-N35 U23-G17-D21-G37-D2-Z1-F34-Z1-N35 U23-G17-D21-G37 U23-G17-D21-C7 U23-G17-D21-G37-A1 U23-G17-D21-X1-G37-Z2 U23-G17-D21-O24 O24 U23-G17-O24 N36-Z1 N36-N21-Z1 U7-D21-Z7-N35A N36-Z1-N21-R103 N36-Z1-N21-N34 N36-N23-A1-B1-Z2 F20-N36-Z1 F20-N36-N23-Z1 N1-N36-A1-B1-Z2 mnDt mnDt mnDm mnDm mnDr mr mr r mr n mr ib n mr Hr ib n mr mr mr mrt mr mr mr mr mr mrw mr mr mrw imy r mrw imy r mrw Hry mrw cheek cheek basket basket stomach sick. artificial lake canals. artificial lakes libation trough libation trough weavers Overseer of weavers Overseer of weavers foreman of weavers noun noun adjective noun adverb plural . diseased.

will. servants. desire wife love. wish. underlings. desire love. will. partisans. underlings. desire in order that in order that the well-beloved the well-beloved the well-beloved the well-beloved the well-beloved milk jar bind bind strip of cloth noun noun noun verb verb . partisans. desire love. will. underlings weavers. underlings bulls love. servants. wish. want. underlings. underlings weavers. supporters partisan. supporters servants. partisans. desire love. want. servants.uh!p5 uf!p6 uh:!p5 u M M!!p5 M M11!!p5 u!5 u h!5 M M" L Mu L M! M MK!" M M!5 L M!" tM MK! " 1M MK!" M MK!7"! LK!7 M MKg 1 M Mu!! M MK1 1!7 M Ma M M! ` M M! d M MK! N36-N23-A1-B1-Z2 N36-N21-A1-B1-Z3 N36-N23-Z7-A1-B1-Z2 N36 U7-D21-X1-A1-B1-Z2 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-A1-B1-Z2 N36-X1-Z2 N36-N23-E1-Z2 U7-D21-A2 U6-D21-N36 U6-D21-X1 U7-D21-G43-X1-A2 U7-D21-X1-Z2 U6-D21-X1-A2 N35-U7-D21-G43-X1-A2 G17-U7-D21-G43-X1-A2 U7-D21-G43-X1-Z4-A2-A1 U6-G43-X1-Z4 U7-D21-G43-U33-M17 U7-D21-N36-X1-X1 U7-D21-G43-M17-M17-X1-Z4 U7-D21-W23 U7-D21-V1-D40 U7-D21-V1-S28 U7-D21-G43-V1 mrw mrw mrw mr mrt mrt mrt mrw mri mri mryt mrwt mrwt mrwt n mrwt m mrwt mrwty mrwty mrwty mrwty mrwty mr mr mr mrw servants. supporters servants. supporter weavers.

! M M! 16 1t M MK# U7-D21-G43-S28 U7-D21-X1-D41 U7-D21-X1-D6-G7 U7-D21-X1-P4 U7-D21-X1-O1 U7-D21-F10-X1-F51 U7-D21-M17-M3 U7-D21-M17-N35A-D40 U7-D21-M17-M17-D52-E2 U7-D21-D53-E2 U7-D21-M17-M17-E101 U6-D21-G36-O5 O5-G36-A40 O5-G36-D21-E1 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-N23-Z1 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-N21-Z1 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-N23-Z1 S29-N35-D58-Y1V-U7-D21-M17-M17-X1N23-Z1 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-I3-Z2 U6-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-I3-Z2 G17-D21-Z1-M17-M17-N35-G1-A13 D38-D21-Z1-M17-M17-N35-G1-A20 G17-D36-D21-Z1-M17-M17-N35-G1-T14A1 U7-D21-V1-M17-Z3-M17-N35 U7-D21-G43-M3 mrw mrt mrt mrt mrt mrt mri mri mry mry mry mr wr mr wr mr wr mryt mryt mryt snb mryt mryt mryt mryn mryn mryn mryn mrw strip of cloth Meret Musician goddess Meret Musician goddess a type of boat street throat. shore height of triangle the coast is clear crocodiles crocodiles Syrian warrior Syrian warrior Syrian warrior Syrian warrior a type of wood collective noun collective noun divinity divinity . quay. sandbank ?.pole run aground of ship fighting bull fighting bull fighting bull Mnevis Bull Mnevis Bull Mnevis Bull bank. shore. larynx sounding .M MKd M M!a M M! >' M M!_ M M!! M MM! s M M1# M M1~` M M 1 1l" M Mm" M M11} L MD% %DH %DM! M M1 1! h4 M M1 1!f4 M M1 1! h4 e t q }M M 1 1 ! h 4 M M 1 1 ! b5 L M M 1 1 ! b5 1 M 4 1 1 t!^ M 4 1 1 t!4 1\ M 4 1 1 t!. bank.

neglectful be forgetful. neglectful of be forgetful. neglectful be forgetful. grease oil.5 M M<!b5 K6 S! M M<E 1\ 7 4 ?!q : g 1 # _ M4?q ! K 1$7E 1^$ 1$E ^$ 7E 1\$ 7E 1$7Ed 4 1$!E} 1\$ ! Ed 4 M M ! 7 << 1$ 1!! ^$ ! K! p 5 U6-M17-M17-M3 U6-D21-M41 U7-D21-G43-N25 U7-D21-G43-N25-S29-N35-D58-Y1 U7-D21-G43-N23-Z1-Z2 U7-D21-G43-D21-M17-M17-X1-G27 U7-D21-D21-X1-O38 U7-D21-D21-X1-O5-O1 U7-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-Z8-Z2 U7-D21-V28-X1-W24-Z2 W1-Z3 W9-X1 U7-D21-V28-G37 G17-D36-E23-Z1-V31-G1-D58-Z7-U33M17-M3 D39-D21-Z1-V31-D58-X1-G43 G17-O4-Z4-G37 G17-D38-O4 G17-O4-G37 D38-O4-Z4-G37 G17-D36-O4-Z4-G37 G17-O4-Z4-G37-F34-Z1 G17-O4-X1-G37-N33A G17-D36-O4-X1-G37-F34-Z1 U7-D21-X1-Z4-D4-D4 G17-O4-M17-X1-E1 D38-O4-X1-G43-A1-B1-Z2 mrw mrw mrw mrw snb mrw mrwryt mrrt mrrt mrryt mrHt mrHt mrHt mrH mrkbt mrkbt mhy mhy mhy mhy mhy mh ib mht mht ib mrty mhit mhwt a type of wood a type of wood desert the coast is clear harbours ? black stork street. avenue of statues lumps ? of incense oil. M MM!F M MM!%! M M M 1 1! . neglectful the heart is forgetful has defective action forgetfulness. negligence negligence of poor heart action eyes milch cow family verb noun . neglectful be forgetful. avenue of statues street. grease unguent decay of buildings chariot chariot be forgetful.L 11# L MI M MKj M M K je tq + M MKh45 M MKM1 1!.

be complete. finish be full. capture carry off captive verb transitive verb intransitive . D 6+d 4 6+d 4 1 6` c t16` D46-N35-S29-U32-O39-G17-O4-G43-X1Y1-Z2 G17-D36-O4-G1-N35-M3 G17-O4-D21-W22 G17-D36-O4-D21-W19 D38-O4-M17-W24-Z1 D42-Z1 D36-Z1 A17-Z2-N35-D42 V22-D42 D36 D42 V22-D36 V22-N16 D41 V22-Y1 V22-Y1 V22-Y1-D21-D46-D56-D56 V22-Y1-F35-I9-D21 V22-Y1-G17 V22-Y1-Aa1-I9-X1 V22-X1-Y2-D12 V22-Y1-F34-Z1 V22-Y1-F34-Z1-G17 V22-D40 W25-N35-G17-V22-D40 dns mhwt mhn mhr mhr mhr mH mH Xrdw n mH mH mH mH mH mH tA mH tA mH mH mH rdwy mH nfr mH m mH xft mHt mH ib mH ib m mH in m mH guarded of speech coffer milk jar milk jar milk jar forearm forearm small children ? cubit cubit cubit cubit land cubit one hundredth of one aroura land cubit one hundredth of one auoura fill. hurry ! render good account full measure act according to the complete eye of Horus one who is trusted. complete. lay hold of.fte f G1$ K ! +5 1\ $ !t# 1$ M ` 1\$ M ] ^$ 1b4 b4 \4 1 5tb 6b \ b 6\ 6a a 6+ 6+ 6+ Mfoo 6+ e h M 6+1 6+B h! 6! . confidant trust in seize. pay in full. be full of. make whole. grasp instructions.

bedrowned weak in action overflow of Nile swim. inundate land.f mH mHi mHi mHt mHt mHty mHty mHty mHt m inlay be concerned for. swim inundate land inundate land launch a vessel drown. ponder on guardian guardian guardian guardian guardian bowl fan ? drown. bedrowned.6+ 6\" 6\" 6\ < 7 H" 6 161 1H 611H 6\ < H 6\ 1 1 H 6\ < 1 1 H 6! T 6! l 6<~ <16 6<}v 6<~ 16< d 4 h6 < ~ 16<~ 16<}~ 6! ~ 6! / 6! 7 h 6! 7 h 6! 6! 7 h1 V22-Y1 V22-D36-A2 V22-D36-A2 V22-D36-V28-Z4-F37B-A2-Z3 G17-V22-M17-M17-A40 V22-M17-M17-A40 V22-D36-V28-A40 V22-D36-M17-M17-A40 V22-D36-V28-M17-M17-A40 V22-X1-W10 V22-X1-S36 V22-V28-N35A V28-G17-V22 V22-V28-D117-N37 V22-V28-N35A G17-V22-V28 F34-Z1-I9-V22-V28-N35A G17-V22-V28-N35A G17-V22-V28-A96-N35A V22-X1-N35A V22-X1-M15 V22-X1-Z4-N23 V22-X1-Z4-N23 V22-X1 V22-X1-Z4-N23-G17 mH mHi mHi mHi mHy mHy mHy mHy mHy mHt mHt mHi mHi mHi mHi mHi ib . overflow of Nile. take thought for. launch a vessel flood waters the Delta marshes northern North North northward to verb verb noun verb verb transitive verb verb locality adjective noun noun . ponder on care take thought for.

s mHw . ! 5 6< 11!` 6! ` 6 < 1 1 ! `~ /11!" /!" 6< ! /"6 6<K/ 0 / 6</ a6<K/ 0eK Le /KB 6<~eH 6\ < 7 H"5 6\ < 8 6<K" 6< 1 1!p5 6! p5 61 1!p5 V22-X1-Z4-N23-D21 V22-X1-X1 V22-G4-Z2 V22-X1-G4-N23-T14-A1-Z2 V22-V28-M17-M17-X1-P5 V22-X1-P5 V22-V28-M17-M17-X1-P5-N35A M15-M17-M17-X1-M2 M15-X1-M2 V22-V28-X1-M15-M2-Z3 V22-V28-G43-M15 M16 M15 V22-V28-M15 N16-V22-V28-G43-M15 M16-S29-S3 S4-S29 M15-S3-O34 V22-V28-N35A-S29-A40 V22-D36-V28-Z4-F37B-M2-Z2 V22-D36-V28-Z5 V22-V28-G43-M2 V22-V28-M17-M17-X1-K1-Z2 V22-X1-K1-Z2 V22-M17-M17-X1-K1-Z2 mHt r mHtt mHtyw mHtyw mHyt mHyt mHyt mHyt mHyt mHyt mHw mHw mHw mHw tA mHw mHw . storm from the north. clump of papyrus papyrus plant.6! 7 h M 6! ! 6$5 6! $ h.s mHw . 'norther' north wind storm from the north papyrus plant.s mHw . Lower Egyptian Lower Egypt Lower Egypt Lower Egypt Lower Egypt Crown of Lower Egypt Crown of Lower Egypt Crown of Lower Egypt Crown of Lower Egypt flax flax linen thread fish fish fish collective noun collective noun collective noun noun & adjective noun noun noun noun . clump of papyrus Lower Egypt. clump of papyrus papyrus plant.s mHy mHaw mHw mHyt mHyt mHyt northward to north northerners northerners north wind.

6 < :]p! 10 !9 1\ 0 !9 6B tb > 6tk 6tb 1 < t8 6tk 6tk 6t 1 1 ! k 1\ < "t?! 1B + 1^B 1\ , !: < 8 1 , !! l 1K!! l 1\ , !! m# 1\ , !! . . l c! PB ! c 1\B !l 1\ , !. . + 1\ !. . l 1\ !. . " 1\ , !. . +

V22-V28-Z7-P2-K1-A1 G17-M16-G1-D1 G17-D36-M16-G1-D1 V22-E34-N35-W24-T30 V22-N35-I12 V22-N35-W24 G17-V28-N35-Z5 V22-N35-I12 V22-N35-I12 V22-N35-M17-M17-X1-I12 G17-D36-V28-M2-N35-V31-A1 G17-Aa1-Y1 G17-D38-Aa1 G17-D36-M12-G1-Z7-Z9-A24 G17-M12-G1-X1-U38 G17-Aa1-G1-X1-U38 G17-D36-M12-G1-X1-U39-M3 G17-D36-M12-G1-X1-T14-T14-U38 U92-X1 Aa15-Aa1-X1-U92 G17-D36-Aa1-X1-U38B G17-D36-M12-G1-T14-T14-Y1 G17-D36-G1-T14-T14-U38B G17-D36-G1-T14-T14-A2 G17-D36-M12-G1-T14-T14-Y1

mHw mHA mHA mHwnw mHn mHn mHn mHn mHn mHnyt mHnk mx mx mxA mxAt mxAt mxAt mxAt mxAt mxAt mxAt mxA mxA mxA mxA

hunter back of the head back of the head slaughter coil of serpents coil of serpents coil of serpents the coiled one a serpent spirit a board - game the Coiled one partner ? respect someone respect someone make fast, bind balance balance balance balance balance balance balance match, equal, adjust, counterpoise, make level match, equal, adjust, counterpoise, make level match, equal, adjust, counterpoise, make level be like verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive feminine feminine noun & verb noun & verb noun & verb

1\ , !. . +d 4 t 1\ , !: ! 1\B t1! r5

G17-D36-M12-G1-T14-T14-Y1-F34-Z1N35 G17-D36-M12-G1-Z7-O1 G17-D36-Aa1-N35-G17-X1-N33-Z2 O47-X1-N33-Z2 O48-N35-X1-N33-Z2 O47-N35-G14-X1-N33A G17-W17-N35-X1-D19 G17-Aa1-D21-N36 G17-Aa1-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 G17-Aa1-S29-U35-M3 G17-Aa1-X1-D58-X1-O39 G17-Aa1-X1-G17-X1-S20-V97 G17-K4-G1 G17-K4-G1-P1 G17-D36-F26-N35-X1-P1 G17-F32-N35-X1-P4 G17-D33-N35-X1-P4 G17-D36-F26-N35-X1-Z4-P1-A1 G17-F26-N35-X1-P1-U33-A40 G17-F32-N35-U33-M17-P1 G17-F26-N35-G43-X1-P1-A40 G17-D33-N35-X1-P1-U33-M17-G7 G17-D36-T28-D21-N23-Z1 G17-Aa1-D21-N36 G17-D36-T28-D21-O1 D350-F32-N29-M17-M17-F51

mxA ib n mxAw mxnmt mxnmt mxnmt mxnmt mxnt mxr mxrw mxsf mxtbt mxtmt mXA mXA mXnt mXnt mXnt mXnty mXnty mXnty mXnty mXnty mXr mXr mXr mXqy

like in disposition to shed carnelian ?, jasper ? carnelian ?, jasper ? carnelian ?, jasper ? carnelian ?, jasper ? face, upper part of face low - lying land business peg to secure net an ornament of gold a closed or sealed receptacle incline one's heart to a boat ferry boat ferry boat ferry boat ferryman ferryman ferryman ferryman ferryman low lying land low - lying land storehouse, barn shoulder blade noun

O! r5 Pt ! r 5 O t.! } 1[t! K 1B Mu 1B MK+5 1B e i# 1B !q ! G 1B !1!\ }

1s! 1s!\ 1\\t! \ 1b t! _ 1Yt! _ 1\\t! 7\! 1\t! \ g H 1b tg 1\ 1\tK! \H 1Yt! \ g 1' 1\ < M h4 1B Mu 1\ < M! }bn 11s

1\ < M: h 1 < M+5 1B MK+5 1 < MK+5 1\ < MK+5 <1 < M K+5 1b !K s5 1b !:} 1 Cn 1 C`

G17-D36-T28-D21-Z7-N23 G17-T28-D21-Y1-Z2 G17-Aa1-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 G17-T28-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 G17-D36-T28-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 D4-G17-T28-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 G17-F32-X1-G43-F51-Z2 G17-F32-X1-Z7-N33A G17-O35-D54 G17-O35-D40 D38-O35-D54 G17-D36-O35-Z4-D54 Aa15-D38-O35-D58-D54 G17-G39 G17-O34-G39 G17-O35-D54 G17-D36-O35-Z7-D54-Z3 D38-O35-D54-M23-G43 G17-O34-X1-O30U F31-X1 F31-S29-B3 F31-S29-B3 B3

mXrw mXrw mxrw mXrw mXrw m mXrw mXtw mXtw ms ms ms ms ms msA msA ms msw msw mst mst msi msi msi

a low place dealings, business, ordinance, arrangement of building dealings, business, ordinance, arrangement of building dealings, business, ordinance, arrangement of building dealings, business, ordinance, arrangement of building govern a land, do one's business, provide for someone intestines, colon intestines, colon bring, present to, bring away booty, extend hand, take aim bring, present to, bring away booty, extend hand, take aim bring, present, bring away booty, extend hand, take aim bring, present, bring away booty, extend hand, take aim bring, present, bring away booty, extend hand, take aim bring, present to, bring away booty, extend hand,, take aim bring, present to, bring away booty, extend hand, take aim betake oneself carriers, bearers carriers, bearers a staff apron of fox-skins bear, give birth, calve of gazelle, lay of bird, be born create of god, bring forth of field, make, fashion calve of gazelle verb verb verb

^ Cn 1 \ C7 n P ^ Cq n
1G 1BG 1 Cn 1 \ C: n6 ^ Cn7 K 1B! }

a! aer aer r

ar ae8 a1 ae8 ae!r aK! a!G!p ae 1 1! ae 1t! s aeK!r ae:!85 [1+aeK!r a e K! ! <M a!! !M V 4 t a e K! 5)p aK!!1 a# ae" ae" a !i! K ae f! K a e f!! r L 1e Ri! K ae 1 1!I5

F31-B3 F31-S29-Z5 F31-A17 F31-S29-Z5 F31-S29-X1-B3 F31-G43-X1 F31-X1-G39-A1-B1 F31-S29-M17-M17-X1 F31-S29-M17-N35-X1-F51 F31-S29-G43-X1-B3 F31-S29-Z7-X1-Z5-Z2 F25-G17-Y1-F31-S29-G43-X1-B3 F31-S29-G43-X1-Q1-D4-W3 F31-X1-Q1-X1-W3 N5-Z1-N35-F31-S29-G43-X1-Z2-O9-B1 F31-G43-X1-X1-A17 F31-E3 F31-S29-M2 F31-S29-A2 F31-G1-I10-X1-D19 F31-S29-D46-X1-D19 F31-S29-D46-G1-X1-N33-D20 G17-S29-Aa17-I10-X1-D19 F31-S29-M17-M17-X1-G41-Z2

msi msi ms ms mst mswt mswt mswt msint mswt mswt wHm mswt mswt wsir Hb mswt Ast Hb sw n mswt nbt Hwt mswtt ms ms ms msADt msADt msADt msADt msyt

be born bear, give birth child child mother children, offspring, young of animals children, offspring children, offspring, young of animals spermatic cord birth birth be born again, repeating of birth birthday of Osiris birthday of Isis birthday of Nephthys girl child calf bouquet surely, indeed nostril nostril nostril nostril waterfowl

verb verb

collective noun collective noun

enclitic particle

ae!G5 ae 1 1! ;5 aK!" `& ae 1 1!M aK1 1!M ae 1 19!M a!9#!M a e 1 1 ! S ;59 ! MV ae=!! 1BD M} >4 1} aKn ; aeqq< aeqq" aeqq}n ae t\ ae t8 aBt` ae tb: 3 8! atb :@! aet<î 1B<b 1e <b 1e <] ae B t! ae B tI

F31-S29-X1-G39-Z2 F31-S29-M17-M17-X1-Z8-Z2 F31-G43-X1-X2-W22-X6 F31-S29-M17-M17-X1-W3 F31-G43-M17-M17-X1-W3 F31-S29-M17-M17-D1-X1-W3 F31-X1-D1-Q3-X1-W3 F31-S29-M17-M17-X1-N2-Z8-Z2-D1-X1W3-N5 F31-S29-O29-X1-A1 G17-O34-G36-D21-D118-V30-Z1 G17-A115 F31-G43-N29-Z8 F31-S29-D58-D58-E28 F31-S29-D58-D58-A2 F31-S29-D58-D58-E92A-D54 F31-S29-N35-D36 F31-S29-N35-A24 F31-O34-N35-D40 F31-S29-N35-W24-Z7-T19-A24-A1 F31-N35-W24-Z7-V32-A1 F31-S29-N35-V28-D55 G17-O34-V28-I3 G17-S29-V28-I3 G17-S29-V28-F27 F31-S29-Aa1-N35-O1 F31-S29-Aa1-N35-G41

msyt msyt msyt msyt msyt msyt tpt msyt tpt msyt tpt ms aAt mswr mswr mswq msbb msbb msbb msn msn msn msnw msnw msnH msH msH msH msxn msxn

waterfowl supper supper a festival a festival the First Mesyt a Festival the First Mesyt a Festival the First Mesyt a Festival prospector ? drinking bowl drinking bowl type of bread turn to, serve someone, deal with turn to serve someone spin ?, plait ? spin ?, plait ? spin ?, plait ? harpooner harpooner rotate, turn backwards, turn away crocodile crocodile crocodile abode of gods abode of gods

ae B tZ ae B t! G ae B t! G ae B t} ae B t! 8k ae B t} aB t! a e B t! Gk ae B t! ' aeKM! aB $[ aB $[_ aeB!Z aee} aee & aeed ae e ] tZ8 ae e stZ8 1Bv! d + aenG an!j an!G an!Q!4 an!! aeT] ae ? 1" ts f!

F31-S29-Aa1-N35-Q38 F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-O39 F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-O39 F31-S29-Aa1-N35-D68 F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-Z5-I12 F31-S29-Aa1-N35-G119 F31-Aa1-N35-X1 F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-O39-I12 F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-G7 F31-S29-Aa1-D21-O1 F31-Aa1-G4-U21 F31-Aa1-G4-U21-N14 F31-S29-Aa1-X1-F23 F31-S29-S29-A330 F31-S29-S29-V6 F31-S29-S29-S28 F31-S29-S29-F27-N35-D34-A24 F31-S29-S29-N34-N35-D34-A24 G17-O34-N37-X1-U30-Y1 F31-S29-N29-O39 F31-N29-X1-N25 F31-N29-X1-O39 F31-N29-X1-O49-X1-Z1 F31-N29-X1-O1 F31-S29-D28-F27 F31-S29-V31-M17-A2-N35-S43-D46-X1

msxn msxnt msxnt msxnt msxnt msxnt msxnt msxnt msxnt ms xr msxtyw msxtyw msxtyw mss mss mss mss n aHA mss n aHA msStA msq msqt msqt msqt msqt mskA mski n mdt

abode of gods bearing-stool ?, birth-place ? breeding place of cattle ?, abode of gods, necropolis birth - place abode of gods birth - place necropolis Meskhenet goddess of birth Meskhenet goddess of birth young boys of the tomb adze used in Opening-of-the-mouth constellation of the Plough constellation of the Plough totter tunic tunic mail - shirt mail - shirt framework ? of chariot leather the Milky-Way ? the Milky Way the Milky Way the Milky Way skin, leather, animal hide slander ? divinity divinity

1e = ?!! } 1e ?!! ^ B?! ! \ ae ?!K [ ae ?!K 1 [ a -K ae $! 7 H a$! 7 UH

G17-S29-V29-V31-X1-X1-P46 G17-S29-V31-X1-X1-P3 O34-V31-X1-X1-P1 F31-S29-V31-X1-G43-S107 F31-S29-V31-X1-G43-M17-S107 F31-V13-G43 F31-S29-G4-X1-Z4-A40 F31-G4-X1-Z4-A53-A40 F31-V13-Q3-X1-O18 G17-S29-V13-Q3-X1 F31-S29-X1-Q3-X1-M3 F31-S29-D46-X1-D56-F51 G17-S29-D46-G17-X1-N33-Z2 F31-I10-G14-X1-N33-Z2 A17-N26-G14-X1-N33-Z2 D7 F31-S29-D46-G14-X1-N33A F31-S29-I10-A2 F31-S29-D46-A2 F31-S29-I10-G37 G17-F31-S29-D46-A2 F31-S29-I10-I10-X1-A2 F31-S29-D46-M17-M17-X1-G37 F31-S29-D46-G43-A2 F31-S29-D46-D46-X1-G37-B1 F31-S29-M36-D21-F21

a -# ! 2 1e -# ! ae!#!# ae f! o s 1e f1! r5 ai.! r5 1 k.! r5 ? ae f.! } ae i" ae f" ae iE 1 ae f" ae ii! " aef1 1!E ae fK" ae ff! Ep ae DMX

msktt msktt msktt msktw msktw msTw msTw msTyw msTpt msTpt msTpt msdt msdmt msdmt msdmt msdmt msdmt msDi msDi msDi m msDd msDDt msDDt msdw msddt msDr

night-barque of sun god night-barque of sun god night-barque of sun god armlet armlet offspring offspring offspring portable shrine portable shrine portable shrine haunch, thigh black eye paint black eye paint black eye paint black eye paint black eye - paint dislike, hate dislike, hate dislike, hate unwillingly what is hateful of conduct what is hateful of conduct rival rival ear feminine verb verb

X4 ,!5 1v\,5 j tB t,! 5 ,\ ,n5 , 4 v\n 1v\n ! k 1v\Ks4 1\vM7K Y _ v7S PvM7KS 1\vMKS 1\vM7KS 1\vM7K!V5 1v7! Y _ `f! P\`f! f 4 P\?\ 1\?8 1\?+ 1\?8B Kc+ 1\?` 1?! 1\?!+

F21-Z1 A12-A1-Z2 G17-N37-D36-A12-Z2 S34-N35-Aa1-N35-A12-A1-Z2 A12-P1 A12-D54-Z2 A12 G20-N37-D36-D54 G17-N37-D36-N29-X1-U37 G17-N37-D36-G43-N34-Z1 G17-D36-N37-D21-E23-G43-N8 D39-N37-E23-N2 Aa15-N37-D21-E23-G43-N2 G17-D36-N37-D21-G43-N2 G17-D36-N37-D21-E23-G43-N2 G17-D36-N37-D21-E23-G43-X1-N5-Z2 G17-N37-E23-X1-N8 D39-F30-D46-X1 Aa15-D36-F30-D46-X1-N21-Z1 Aa15-D36-V31-P1 G17-D36-V31-A24 G17-D36-V31-Y1 G17-D36-V31-A24-Aa1-G43-D43-Y1 G17-D36-V31-D40 G17-V31-X1 G17-D36-V31-X1-Y1

msDr mSa mSa anx n mSa mSa mSa mSa mSa mSaqt mSw mSrw mSrw mSrw mSrw mSrw mSrwt mSrwt mSdt mSdt mk mki mki mk xw mk mkt mkt

ear soldiers, army, infantry, gang of workmen soldiers, army, infantry, gang of workmen private soldier make an expedition, expedition expedition expedition march, travels shoulder blade sword evening evening evening evening evening evening meal evening meal ford ford boat guard, protect, look after horse guard, protect guarded & protected protector thoracic spine protection, correct position of limbs, proper station for standing verb & noun noun noun

1\?+2 1\?! 1\?! 78 1\?!7`! 1T S! 1T !! ! 1\?!# 1\?!# 1\ ?0 !9 1^?0 9 1?e } 1\?e } P_ U !. . P\ U !_ P_ U 11

G17-D36-V31-Y1-F51B G17-D36-V31-O1 G17-D36-V31-X1-Z4-A24 G17-D36-V31-X1-Z4-D40-A1 G17-D28-O230-X1 G17-D28-G1-X1-O1 G17-D36-V31-X1-Q3 G17-D36-V31-X1-Q3 G17-D36-V31-M16-G1-D1 G17-D38-V31-M16-D1 G17-V31-S29-R88A G17-D36-V31-S29-W78A Aa15-D39-W11-G1-T14-A14 Aa15-D36-W11-G1-F29 Aa15-D39-W11-M17-A17 Aa15-W11-W11 G17-X1-A14 A14 A14-X1 G17-X1-D12 G17-X1-A55 G17-Z6-X1 G17-X1-A14 G17-X1-Z6 G17-X1-X1-A14 G17-X1-X1-Z6-N42-X1-B1

mkt mkt mkty mkty mkAt mkAt mkAt mkt mkHA mkHA mks mks mgA mgA mgA mgg mt mt mt mt mt mt mt mt mtt mtt Hmt

correct position of limbs proper station for standing protector, guardian protector, guardian support, pedestal support, pedastal support, pedastal thoracic spine back of the head turn the back to, ignore, eschew evil, be neglectful of sceptre container for documents skirmisher ? skirmisher ? skirmisher ? cluck of bird die, perish, death die, perish, death die, perish, death die, perish, death die, perish, death die, perish of ship, death dead man, mortal man dead man dead woman dead woman

PU U 1!.

. .! 1!D 1!W 19! 1!. 1! 9 1!!. 1! ! 9{ ! p

poison. seed... discussion reward reward reward anatomical noun verb noun noun .+t! d 4 l!7! l! t0 l! 7! t1 ! 5 1\O4m l! :! m5 l!K!5 1! mK! l! B t!4 l!l!X" l! t.+ l!b!+ lb! D52-X1-Z5 D52-X1-B1 D52-H8 D52-X1-Z5 D52-X1 D52-X1-Z4 D52-X1-Z4-T14-T14-Y1 D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-Y1 D52-X1-T14-T14-Y1 D52-X1-Z4-Y1 D52-X1-Z4-T14-T14-Y1 D52-X1-M17-M17-X1-T14-T14 D52-X1-X1-N5-Z1 D52-X1-X1-T14-T14-Y1-N35-X1-F34-Z1 D52-X1-Z4-A1 D52-X1-N35-V16 D52-X1-Z4-A1-N35-V17-A1-Z2 G17-D36-G47-Z1-D53 D52-X1-Z7-X1-D53-Z2 D52-X1-G43-X1-Z2 G17-X1-D53-G43-X1 D52-X1-E34-N35-E1-Z1 D52-X1-D52-X1-F21-A2 D52-X1-N35-T14-T14-Y1 D52-X1-W24-X1-Y1 D52-W24-X1 mt mwt mt mt mt mty mty mty mty mty mty mtyt mtt mtt nt ib mty mty n sA mty n sA mTA mtwt mtwt mtwt mTwn mtmt mtn mtnwt mtnwt vessel. l!!V4 l! ! . progeny. duct. pill strip ? of cloth strip ? of cloth strips ? of cloth straightforward.exact.. precise. precise straightforward.+ l!. regular of seasons. precise regular of seasons exactitude. customary of diet. progeny arena discuss.+ l!7+ l! 7..... usual of form straightforward.+ l! 1 1!. ill-will semen seed. exacxtness rectitude exact moment affection ? controller controller of a priestly phyle controller of priestly phyle penis semen. muscle mother bolus. lump.+ l! M.l!8 l!p l_ l!8 l! l!7 l! 7.

1-t.! l! M K. renown testimony witness witness visible testimony flood flood midday concubine concubine flout. exhibit virtues. vex disagree with someone land .. l!! l! MK. renowned fame." l! M7 l!. . b ! . .+5 l! 1 1! l! M. renown fame.. G17-V13-N35-T14-W24-X1-Y2 D52-X1-N35-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-A2 D52-X1-D21-Z4 D52-X1-T14-T14-Y1 V25-G43-O39-D52-X1-T14-T14 D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-A2 D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-Y1-Z2 D52-X1-M17-M17-X1 D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-A2-Z2 D52-X1-M17-M17-T14-T14 D52-X1-X1 D52-X1-D21-G43-T14-T14-A2-A1 D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-A1 D52-X1-D21-G43-T14-T14-A2-A1-G17D4-D4 D52-X1-D21-Z7-T14-T14-N35A-N36-N23 D52-X1-Z4-T14-T14-N35A D52-X1-D21-X1-N5 D52-X1-V28-N35-X1-B1 D52-X1-V28-M2-N35-X1-B1 G17-G47-G1-A2 G17-G47-G1-A2-F34-Z1-D21 G17-D36-G47-X1-D40 G17-G47-G1-G17-S28 G17-V13-M42-N35-E1 l! t1 1! +5 l! M.....~u h l!7. renown fame.+ 9 K Gl! . l! M."! l! M.~ l! M!V l! < t! p l! < "t! p 1O!" 1O!" d 4 M 1\O! ` 1O!1d 1-J t! mtnwt mtnwt mtr mtr mtr mtr mtr mtr mtr mtr mtr mtrt mtrw mtrw mtrw m irty mtrw mtrw mtrt mt Hnt mt Hnt mTA mTA ib r mTAt mTAm mTwn reward reward testify concerning.. instruct testify concerning testify concerning instruct be famous."5 l! 1 1. charge tasks... " ! 1<< l! M:." l! M..heritage ? a woman's garment arena noun noun verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive . renown fame.

plea speak. speech. 1\! t. address someone speak. speech. plea speech.! tp 1\! t. address someone. way road.I+! 1_ -tj 1\! tj s4# s4! s K6 TK s fK" sK s f7" s f! " s f! 5 s 1fK s fK" s fK"1 s fK" < t\ ifs 4 5 D52-X1-E34-N35-E1-Z1 G17-V13-N35-G41-N31 G17-D36-V13-N35-N31 D52-X1-N35-N31-N23 Aa15-D36-X1-N35-T14-N31-D54 G17-D36-X1-N35-T14-G41-N31-Z2 D4-G17-V13-N35-G41-N31 D4-G14-X1-N35-N31 G17-D36-X1-N35-T14-G41-A1 G17-D36-X1-N35-T14-G41-Y1-A1 G17-D39-V13-N35-N25 G17-D36-X1-N35-N25 S43-Z1-M3 S43-A20-A1 S43-G43-Z3-S12-G43 S43-D46-G43-A2 S43-G43 S43-D46-Z4-A2 S43-D46-X1-A2 S43-D46-X1-Z2 S43-G17-D46-G43 S43-D46-G43-A2 S43-D46-G43-A2-G17 S43-D46-G43-A2-V28-N35-D36 I10-D46-S43-Z1-Z2 mTwn mTn mTn mTn mTn mTn ir mTn ir mTn mtn mtn mTn mTn mdw mdw iAw mDw nbw mdw mdw mdw mdw mdw mdw mdw mdw m mdw Hna Dd mdw arena road.Ip5 <1-tIp <. word. plea speak. plea speak. plea speak against dispute with recitation noun verb verb verb locality locality .I! 1\! t. way. way road. address someone. speech.l! B t!4 1-tIp 1\ -tp l! tp h P\! t. word. word. plea speech. rod staff of old age supporter of an aged parent goldsmiths speak. word. word. course road. speech. address someone. address someone. way course obey obey sheikh sheikh Mitanni Mitanni staff.

words. affair speech. script word of God. talk. script speech. script sacred writings written si1t 3 s fK" 3s. forceful of character firm . written characters. content of letter. s fK+53 3s 3s.4 3 s f+5 s f! " s f! } s f! + B tI" ts f! " s f:! 7" ! s!7` 1fe > 1fe > 1_ fB+ 1fe >` 1fe > 1fe >d 4 4 D: 4 S43-I10 S43-I10-M17-N35 R8-S43-D46-G43-A2 R8-S43-Y2 S43-D46-G43-Y1-Z2-R8 R8-S43 R8-S43-V12-Z1 R8-S43-D46-Y1-Z2 S43-D46-X1-A2 S43-D46-X1-N33A S43-D46-X1-Y1 Aa1-N35-G41-A2-N35-S43-D46-X1-A2 S43-D46-Z7-X1-Z4-A2-A1 S43-X1-Z4-D40 G17-D46-S29-T30 G17-D46-S29-T30 G17-D39-D46-O34-Y1 G17-D46-S29-T30-D40 G17-D46-S29-T30 G17-D46-S29-T30-F34-Z1 V20 G36-M26-V20 V21-N35A V21 Dd mdw Dd mdw in mdw nTr mdw nTr mdw nTr mdw nTr mdw nTr mdw nTr mdt mdt mdt xn n mdt mdwty mdwty mds mds mds mds mds mds ib mD wr mdw Smaw mD mD recitation recitation by word of God. legal plea. words matter. script word of God. acute of vision. cut down quarry sharp of knife. forceful of character firm-planted of foot. divine decree. affair proverb talker. divine decree. written word. sacred writings. written characters. script written characters. sacred writings. speaker taker. written characters. divine decree.planted of foot cut down quarry spiteful the number ten magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt deep deep verb transitive 5~ 5 . sacred writings. acute of vision. speaker sharp of knife. matter.

!5 _b K6 V21-Y1 G17-I10-X1-V19-N23-Z1 X1-O289-N35A G17-I10-X1-V19-V19-V19 V21-X1-O1 G17-I10-X1-V19 V19 O289-X1-O1-E1-Z2 G17-I10-X1-W1B I10-X1-Z1-W1B Y1-X1-Z1 Y1-X1-Z1-V12 G17-U28-X1-Y2 Y2-Z1 D21-Y2-A1 M17-D21-Z1-Y1-Z1 D4-Y1-X1-Z1 R8-Y1 Y1-X1-Z1-N34 Y1-X1-Z1 G17-U28-X1-U27 G17-U28-G1-G43-N25 G17-D36-U28-G43-T14-N25-Z2 G17-U28-G1-G43-T14-A1-Z2 G17-D36-U28-G1-M17-M17-Z7-T14-A1Z2 D39-U28-G43-Z3 mD mDt mDt mDwt mDt mDt mDt mDt mDt mDt mDAt mDAt mDAt mDAt iry mDAt iry mDAt ir mDAt mDAt nTr mDAt mDAt mDAt mDAw mDAw mDAw mDAw mDAw deep depth depth bonds byre byre byre stalled cattle oil oil papyrus roll. book. dispatch letter. 1b !.roll letter. j5 1b !K . dispatch papyrus . ! 5 1\b !1 1:.4 M. .5+ 1i! 3 h4 !}~ 1i! 333 5! ! 1i! 3 3 }! !!5 1i! K i! 4 K +! 4 +! 4. Police locality locality noun noun noun . letter.! 1 M4+4 <+! 4 3+ +! 4s +! 4 1b ! a 1b !K j 1\ b K . Police Medjay. Police Medjay. dispatch letter carrier letter carrier read a book aloud god's book chisel chisel chisel Medja Medja Medjay.

to persons. wall in treasure shut out storms. wall in treasure fillet fillet fillet fillet ? invest with insignia hew timber. 1i<R G17-U28-Z7-D58-D40 G17-U28-G1-D58-X1-V30 G17-U28-D58-X1-D3-M3 G17-M36-D21-O36 G17-M36-D21-M17-O36 G17-I10-V28-V12 G17-D46-V28-V12 G17-I10-V28-S10 S10-X1 S10-V28 T7-V28-D40 S10-V28-T31-D40 G17-D39-D46-V28-T7-D40 T7 S10A-D40 T7-A1 G17-I10-X1-I9-X1-U22 G17-D36-I10-D46-Aa24-D40 G17-D36-I10-D46-Aa24-D40 Aa23-D46-A24 G17-D36-I10-D46-Aa24-D40-V4-G1-X1N31 Aa23-Y1 D21-Aa23-D46-G43-N35-F34-Z1-N35 N35 R! R< '<` R <?` 1_ f < '` ' R` '! 1i! h! \ 1\ifY` 1\ifY` Xf8 1\ ifY``$ !! p X+ MXfKtd 4 t mDAb mDAbt mDAbt mDr mDr mDH mDH mDH mDHt mDH mDH mDH mDH mDH mDH mDH mDtft mDd mDd mDd mDd wAt mDd r mDdw n ib n n expel foes bailer of boat drainer for bilge ? shut out storms. build ships hew timber. press on with press on with orders be loyal. for. build ships hew timber. dew.# 1DMD 1DM1D 1i< . because. build ships hew timber. in sun. strike the mouth in funerary ritual practice a virtue. build ships hew timber.1b :q ` 1b !q ! > 1b q !. obedient to press on according to the will of to. build ships hewer of stone. time. hit. belongs to preposition t . 1f<. carpenter chisel used in Opening-of-the-mouth ceremony press hard on.

i imy ny nt nw ny ny n n ny ny nAbt n n wnt n is nt nt nt nt nt nt because belongs to me of. for it. if not. our. because of it we. unless Crown of Lower Egypt Crown of Lower Egypt Neith goddess Neith goddess Neith goddess water divinity divinity divinity negative particle genitival adjective masculine genitival adjective feminine genitival adjective plural adverb used after an imperative adverb used after an imperative plural pronoun plural pronoun suffix pronoun dual suffix pronoun plural b4 t7 t11 t5 t t7 t5 t!q ! . they. belonging to of. for it. because of it therefore. us two. they . [ [B t! [1e t! L t! 8' t! Ck C!p t! 8k t! 8~ .tt! ! t! 11 1 1 t t! N35-N35-X1-X1 N35-A1-M17-G17-M17-M17 N35 N35-X1 W24-Z1 N35-Z4 N35-M17-M17 N35-Z2 N35 N35-Z4 N35-Z2 N35-G1-D58-X1-D3 D35 D35-E34-N35-X1 D35-M17-S29 N35-X1-S4 N35-X1-Z5-G7 N35-X1-R24-I12 R24-X1-B1 N35-X1-Z5-I12 N35-X1-Z5-N35A n ntt n . us. us two. belonging to of. them we two. our we two. our. us. belonging to therefore. our we.them tress of hair not there is not indeed not.

avoid. parry missile. throw down an enemy. rebuff darken sun shrink from shrink from underside of arm wrong doing ibex ibex ibex ibex ostrich ostrich ostrich ostrich bowl demonstrative.i nAt niAw nAw ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni niA nit niAw niAw niAw niAw niw niw niw niw niw this. here. turn back evil get rid of wrong. the. rebuff.t! t!1 1! t!! ! tj> tjK` t1a t1a t11} [t1!a [1 [t1 1 t1a t 1 1 :a` at 1 s t1!E6 t1jK> tj> tMj:]4 } t1KB atKB a:G t 1 :aG t 1 :ab N35-G1 N35-G1-M17-M17-A1 N35-G1-X1-O1 N35-F40-E30 N35-F40-G43-P5 N35-M17-D41 N35-M17-D41 N35-M17-M17-D120 D35-N35-M17-X1-D41 D35-M17 D35-N35-M17-M17 N35-M17-D41 N35-M17-M17-Z7-D41-D40 D41-N35-M17-F51 N35-M17-X1-G37-Z3 N35-M17-F40-G43-E30A N35-F40-E30 N35-D21-F40-Z7-F27-Z1 F88 N35-M17-G43-G34 D41-N35-G43-G34 D41-Z7-G39 N35-M17-Z7-D41-G39 N35-M17-Z7-D41-W24 nA nAy . neuter & plural possessive adjective verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive . these. hither my weaving room ibex breeze drive away. darken ? sun throw down an enemy parry missile drive away.

recite. townsmen citizens. town local of gods local of gods local of gods citizens. dub summons he will be dubbed as a he who is summoned. make invocation call to. evoke. townsmen be glad ? Greeting ! Greeting ! Greeting ! make summons. summon summon. town city. reckoner evil doer evil doer verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive noun . townsmen citizens. invoke.a4 T t1K tKK t! Q Q Q ! 4Qk Q!4 Q QQ Q$ Q ! $6 Q ! $! 5 Q ! 5! p 5 Q!4!o t)) t7t7} tt} t1t1 t1e" t1e"t te : t 1 e " ! Kh1 t1eK" t 1 ?a! 1t?E! D41-Z1-W10 N35-M17-G43 N35-G43-G43 N35-X1-O49-N50 O49-X1-Z1-N50-I12 O49-X1-Z1 O49 O49-O49 O49-G4 O49-X1-G4-Z3 O49-X1-G4-A1-Z2 O49-X1-Z2-A1-B1-Z2 O49-X1-Z1-A1-Z2A N35-E9-E9 N35-Z4-N35-Z4-A85 N35-N35-A85 N35-M17-N35-M17 N35-M17-S29-A2 N35-M17-S29-A2-N35 N35-M17-S29-A2 N35-S29-A26 N35-M17-S29-A2-X1-G43-I9-G17 N35-M17-S29-G43-A2 N35-M17-V31-D41-A1 M17-N35-V31-G37-A1 niw niw niw niwt niwt niwt niwt niwty niwty niwty niwtyw niwtyw niwtyw niwiw nyny nyny nyny nis nis n nis nis nis tw .f m nisw nik nik bowl primaeval waters primaeval waters lower heaven lower heaven city.

these time.goddess. mix smoothly undecorated serpent cat . convey someone expedition be lenient mooring post smooth. belonging to Nut sky . smoothness of complextion. traverse waterway. the sky Nut sky .fish of.t1?m t? 1m t1! 1!n t! 1 ! 1 n t1! 1!" t\\ t\! \ t\E t\ 1 1! # t\\-+ -+ t\Km t\ Mp b4 b ! Rp b b b ! Rp b ! RH b~ b b b R~ Y4 Zb ! Y tYb K tYb KV Yb K_ Vk MtYb KV N35-M17-V31-I14 N35-V31-M17-I14 N35-M17-X1-M17-X1-D54 N35-X1-M17-X1-M17-D54 N35-M17-X1-M17-X1-A2 N35-D36-P1 N35-D36-X1-P1 N35-D36-G37 N35-D36-M17-M17-X1-M3 N35-D36-D36-Y3-Y1 Y3-Y1 N35-D36-G43-I14 N35-D36-D21-K1 W24-Z1 W24-X1-N1-B1 W24-W24-W24-X1-N1-B1 W24-X1-N1-A40 W24-N35A W24-W24-W24-N1-N35A U19-Z1 U20-W24-X1-U19 N35-U19-W24-G43 N35-U19-W24-G43-N5 U19-W24-G43-N14-N5-Z4B D21-N35-U19-W24-G43-N5 nik nik nitit nitit nitit nai nat nai nayt naa naa naw nar nw nwt nwt nwt m Xnw nnw nwt nwt nw nw nw r nw a serpent demon a serpent demon impede impede stammer travel. undecorated. the sky Nut goddess within primaeval waters adze adze this. for a while time at the proper time demonstrative pronoun divinity masculine plural divinity .goddess.

cord cord yarn for weaving care for. pool water. bring back someone bring back someone dishevel. tYb K<o tYb K<n! Zb ! ! r r r b!!5 tYb :! ! 5 tYb K! ` t$3 t[/ tYb K 1 1 ~ tYb :~ tYb ~u Yb 1 1 u tYb K 1 1 ! ~ Yb ! v tYb :! ~ tYb K 1 1 n tYb Kn tB t} N35-U19-W24-Z7-A17 N35-U19-W24-G43-G37-Z2 N35-U19-W24-G43-D4 N35-V4-G1-D5 N35-U19-W24-D4 N35-U19-W24-G43-D4-A1 N35-U19-W24-G43-D4-E14C N35-U19-W24-G43-D4-D56 N35-U19-W24-G43-D4-D54-A1 U20-W24-X1-V1-N33-N33-N33 W24-X1-V1-Z2 N35-U19-W24-Z7-X1-V1-Z2 N35-U19-W24-G43-V1-D40 N35-V4-E19 N35-U21-E15 N35-U19-W24-G43-M17-M17-N35A N35-U19-W24-Z7-N35A N35-U19-W24-N35A-N36 U19-W24-M17-M17-N36 N35-U19-W24-G43-M17-M17-X1-N35A U19-W24-X1-N37 N35-U19-W24-Z7-X1-N35A N35-U19-W24-G43-M17-M17-D54 N35-U19-W24-G43-D54 N35-E34-N35-A90C nw nw nw nw nw nw nw nw nw nwt nwt nwt nwi nwA wpwt nwA wpwt nwy nwy nwy nwy nwyt nwyt nwyt nwy nwy nwn be weak weakness see. take care of. flood. collect. assemble adze of Wepwawet used in Opening of the mouth adze of Wepwawet used in Opening of the mouth water. pull at hair verb verb transitive . look hunter hunter hunter hunter yarn for weaving. pool water. flood. come to someone. flood. pool. be dishevelled. wave pool wave return to a place. pool waters of canal. pool water. look see. look see. flood.tYb :1 tYb KE5 tYb K< t$ != tYb < tYb K<! tYb K<.

tJ t tYb K < ! #! 4 ttYb K < ! b<! tYb K < ! ` tYb :B ' tYb :B ' tYb B. make a travesty of awry awry swaddling clothes of child squeeze out oil ointment ointment unguents unguents unguents unguents unguents unguents ointment maker verb verb transitive verb intransitive . be dishevelled. act perversely. tYb :fn tYb :f<E <tYb Kf <tYb :f:n5 1tYb Kf 1tYb :f:n5 tYb :f! d tYb f} tYb :f! C 5 tYb :i! r Yb KiK} r5 tYfa 5 tYb Kf6 YK =iC 5 tYb KfK 6 Yb =1 tYb :f! 7 ` 8 ' N35-M42-N35 N35-U19-W24-G43-V28-V1 M3-X1-Z1-N35-N35-U19-W24-G43-V28V1 W24-V28-V1 N35-U19-W24-G43-V28-V1-D40 N35-U19-W24-Z7-Aa1-Q7 N35-U19-W24-Z7-Aa1-Q7 N35-U19-W24-O34-Z8 N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-D54 N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-Z9-G37 D4-N35-U19-W24-G43-D46 D4-N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-Z7-D54-Z2 G17-N35-U19-W24-G43-D46 G17-N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-Z7-D54-Z2 N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-X1-S28 N35-U19-W24-D46-Aa23T N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-X1-Aa2-Z2 N35-U19-W24-Z7-I10-X1-N33 U19-W24-G43-I10-G43-M171-N33-Z2 N35-U19-D46-W23-Z2 N35-U19-W24-G43-D46-Z3 U19-G43-M29-I10-Aa2-Z2 N35-U19-W24-G43-D46-W1B-Z3 U19-W24-M29-G17 N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-X1-Z4-W22-A24G7 nwn nwH xt n nwH nwH nwH nwx nwx nws nwd nwd ir nwdw ir nwdw m nwdw m nwdw nwdt nwdw nwdt nwdt nwdw nwdw nwdw nwdw nwdw nwdw nwdty dishevel. vacillate vacillate swing awry. act perversely. make a travesty of swing awry. pull at hair rope. band of metal 100 cubits a rod of cord band of metal bind enemies heat be scorched sheet ? of metal turn aside.

master. Owner Lord. mistress lady. Owner Lord. owner Lord. Master.of . Owner husband sarcophagus Lord-of-Life sarcophagus Lord-of-Life Lord-of-All Lord .tq ! \ t>q ! >4 >>> >! 5 0 K>>> 0 !K5>! } > >H >' >! >! >j tB & >j tB V >MDMH >MDM' >W W }5 >! >! p >! !4 >! p a h 4 >! k # ! R >! M D Mk >! & ! !' ) 0 N35-D58-V1-D36 N35-V30-D58-X1-V30-Z1 V30-V30-V30 V30-X1-Z2 M16-G43-V30-V30-V30 M16-G1-G43-Z2-V30-X1-N33A V30 V30-A40 V30-G7 V30-A1 V30-A1 V30-S34-N35-Aa1-Q6 V30-S34-N35-Aa1-A54 V30-D21-M36-D21-A40 V30-D21-M36-D21-G7 V30-G7C-G7C G139-E21E V30-X1 V30-X1-B1 V30-X1-O1-Z1 V30-X1-B1-N16-N23-Z1 V30-X1-I12-Q3-X1-N1 V30-X1-D21-M36-D21-I12 V30-X1-O6-X1-O1-G7 O9 G16 nb nbt nbwt nbwt HAw nbwt HAw nbwt nb nb nb nb nb nb anx nb anx nb r Dr nb r Dr nbwy nbwy nbt nbt nbt pr nbt tA nbt pt nbt r Dr nbt Hwt nbt Hwt nbty tie basket the isles of the Aegean the isles of the Aegean the Aegean Islanders the Aegean Islanders lord.All The Two Lords Horus & Seth The Two Lords Horus & Seth lady. mistress wife queen Lady of the Land Lady of Heaven Mistress-of-All Nephthys goddess Nephthys goddess The Two Ladies Nekhbet & Edjoyet divinity divinity divinity . Master. Master.

model. fashion melt metal cast objects in metal the Golden One epithet of Hathor gold collar gold collar goldsmiths Ombos Ombi Kom Ombo protector locality locality verb verb verb . everybody everyone. every.>! 4 > 5\4> 5 \4 11> B! 4 > q K>! p 5 : 4 >! p 5 B ! +5>! t>q ~ tq /~ tTq ~ Tr5 Tq K5 & ( V30-X1-Z1 V30 T21-D36-Z1-V30 T21-D36-Z1-M17-G17-V30 O34-A1-Z1-V30 D58-G43-V30-A1-B1-Z2 D2-Z1-V30-A1-B1-Z2 Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-V30-X1 N35-V30-D58-N35A N35-D58-A15-N35A N35-S12-D58-N35A S12-N33-Z2 S12-D58-G43-Z2 O6E G8 S12-D58-D40 S12-D58-A10A N35-V30-D58-A15-N37 S12-D58-M17-M17-A141 S12-N33-Z2-I12 S12-M17-M17-X1 N35-D58-M17-M17-X1 S12-N33-Z2-M17-M17-Z3 S12-X1-O49 S12-D58-M17-M17-X1-O49 N35-D58-M17-M17-D51-D40 Tq ` Tq * t>q / v Tq 1 1 } T r 5k T1 1! tq 1 1! Tr51 16 T! Q Tq 1 1 ! Q tq 1 1 k` nbt nb wa nb wa im nb s nb bw nbw Hr nbw xt nbt nbi nbi nbi nbw nbw Hwt nbw Hr nbw nbi nbi nbi nbi nbw nbyt nbyt nby nbt nbyt nby lordship. everybody everyone. all everyone. authority of king any. anything swim swim swim gold gold Mansion of Gold. gild. Goldsmith's workshop Horus of Gold gild melt metal. each every one of them everyone. each one. everybody everything. cast objects in metal.

burn flaming one of Uraeus reed be hot guard guard zizyphus zizyphus band doors with metal band doors with metal band doors with metal plait. tq f. } ] f D }.H t q f K . wrap up tress of hair destructive the Evil One those of bad character be wet umbilical cord a cake or a loaf flutter hem . ! 5 t# I~ t# H !K:5 tH!T t# I !# I ! t# t# ! d N35-D58-G29-G1-M3 N35-D58-M17-M3 M17-S3-M17-G43-R7-G29-Z1-M3 N35-D58-G29-G1-D3 N35-D58-M17-M3 N35-D58-M17-Q7 N35-D58-M17-X1-Q7 N35-D58-M17-X1-T19-M2 N35-D58-M17-D58-M17-Q7 N35-D58-N35-D58-D40 S12-D58-S12-D58-D40 N35-D58-S29-M1 N35-D58-S29-M3 N35-D58-D46-D51-D40 N35-D58-D46-V1-D40 N35-D58-D46-D3 N35-D58-D46-D3 N35-D58-D46-X1-D3 N35-D58-I10-A24 N35-D58-D46-D3-A40 N35-D58-D46-G43-D3-N33A-Aa28-D46D12-Y1V-T14-A1-Z2 N35-Q3-G41-N35A N35-Q3-G40-G1-G43-Z7-Z2 N35-G40-X1-W10 N35-Q3-G41-G1-Q3-G41-G1 N35-Q3-N35-Q3-X1-S28 nbA nbA nbA nbA nbi nbi nbit nbit nbibi nbnb nbnb nbs nbs nbd nbd nbd nbd nbdt nbD nbd nbdw qd npA npAw npAt npApA npnpt carrying pole carrying pole carrying pole wig ? reed. measure of 2 cubits flame. tq f! .tq = !# tq 1 # 1K1K2=4# tq = !. tq 1 # tq 1 ' tq 1 ! ' tq 1! 3 " tq 1q 1 ' tq tq ` Tq Tq ` tq e ! tq e # tq fk` tq f! ` tq f. tq i8 tq f.

wrong . basis brim of well. flat slab. those that. those that. wind breath. flat slab.t# M o t# 1 o t# M 1 o t# M o H t# M 1H t# M! h5 t# M! c5 t# < : s5 t# i)> t# f)> t# i! > th th! th!p th!# K th!h!n thE th 1 1 ! 1thE th 1 1 ! th1 1" th" th! `: th:! `6 th 1 1 ! 3 th! ] N35-Q3-D21-M33A N35-Q3-M17-M33A N35-Q3-D21-M17-M33A N35-Q3-D21-M33A-A40 N35-Q3-D21-M17-A40 N35-Q3-D21-X1-N23-Z2 N35-Q3-D21-X1-N18-Z2 N35-Q3-V28-Z7-F51-Z2 N35-Q3-I10-T9-T30 N35-Q3-D46-T9-T30 N35-Q3-I10-X1-T30 N35-I9 N35-I9-G1 N35-I9-G1-N31 N35-I9-G1-Q3-G43 N35-I9-G1-I9-G1-D54 N35-I9-G37 N35-I9-M17-M17-E1 G17-N35-I9-G37 N35-I9-M17-M17-E1 N35-I9-M17-M17-A2 N35-I9-A2 N35-I9-X1-P5-Z7 N35-I9-Z7-X1-P5-Z3 N35-I9-M17-M17-X1-V19 N35-I9-X1-F27 npr npr npr npr npr nprt nprt npHw npD npD npDt nf nfA nfA nfA pw nfAfA nf nf m nf nfy nfy nfy nft nft nfyt nfyt grain grain grain grain grain as god brim of well. lymph nodes slaughter slaughter sharp knife that. wind fan fan verb verb verb demonstrative demonstrative demonstrative .doing wrong. groin.doing wrongfully wrongfully wrongfully wrongfully breath. wrong . those thus it was creep wrong. basis iliac region.

.supplied... sailor blow out of nose remove unroll ? beautiful. well . good. kindness. well good.. goodness good good pleasing holiday. happiness. lawful happily. kindly of face. good. good fortune good beauty adverb . good. what is good. goodness.. happy / well / good condition. fair. happy day it is well with a happy event a good beginning successfully not good things. kindness good things penis beauty. good / fine / goodly quality necessary. good / fair character. beautiful etc.`th 1 1 ! `K8 ! th!K th\n ththt! ehM ehM ehM e qKehM qe B t+ e ehM:4d 4 $ MKV4 ehM ehMt B# R e h M 94e M94 e ehM#K eh M! +5 e M! el e4 ehM e P5-N35-I9-M17-M17-X1 P5-G43-A24-A1 N35-I9-G1-D19 N35-I9-D36-D54 N35-I9-N35-I9-N35-V1 F35-I9-D21 F35-I9-D21 F35-I9-D21 F35 D58-G43-F35-I9-D21 D58-F35 Aa1-N35-Y1-F35 F35-I9-D21-D2-Z1-F34-Z1 O4-D21-G43-N5-Z1-F35-I9-D21 F35-I9-D21-N35 O34-Q3-O50-F35-I9-D21 D1-Z1-F35 D21-D1-Z1-F35 F35-I9-D21-Q3-G43 F35-I9-D21-X1-Y1-Z2 F35-D21-X1 F35-D52 F35-Z1 F35-I9-D21 F35 nfyt nfw nfA nfa nfnfn nfr nfr nfr nfr bw nfr bw nfr xn nfr nfr Hr ib hrw nfr nfr n sp nfr tp nfr r tp nfr nfr pw nfrt nfrt nfr nfr nfr nfr fan skipper of boat.

young people Book ofthe Dead goodness goodness young men of army. recruits young men of army. recruits young men of army. bottom end. bottom. goodness. there is not end. recruits fair women fair women cattle cattle cattle cattle crown of Upper Egypt diadem crown of Upper Egypt crown of Upper Egypt Nefertum the lotus god Nefertum the lotus god zero not not.e4} e4 eee e45 e6 ehMK15 e!5 eK+5 eK15 ehM!p6 e M!p6 eh M! !5 e!5 e! !5 e M! !5 eI eG! 4 e#!J e# ehM!UH eUH e et e#K ehM11! e11! F35-Z1-Y1V F35-Z1 F35-F35-F35 F35-Z1-Z2 F35-Z3 F35-I9-D21-G43-A17-Z2 F35-A1-Z2 F35-G43-Y1-Z2 F35-G43-A17-Z2 F35-I9-D21-X1-B1-Z3 F35-D21-X1-B1-Z3 F35-I9-D21-X1-E1-Z2 F35-X1-Z2 F35-X1-E1-Z2 F35-D21-X1-E1-Z2 F35-S1 F35-F4-X1-Z1 F35-T3-X1-S2 F35-T3 F35-I9-D21-X1-U15-A40 F35-U15-A40 F35 F35-N35 F35-Q3-G43 F35-I9-D21-M17-M17-X1 F35-M17-M17-X1 nfr nfr nfrw nfrw nfrw nfrw nfrw nfrw nfrw nfrwt nfrwt nfrt nfrt nfrt nfrt nfr nfr HAt nfr HDt nfr HDt nfr tm nfr tm nfr nfr n nfr pw nfryt nfryt goodness heart & wind-pipe beauty. low divinity divinity . recruits young men of army.

traverse travel.rope ground level. detach. traverse travel. traverse travel. back part of building deficiency slacken bow. traverse travel. traverse verb . rob with. base end period of time end. steal with vats travel. steal with go wrong of plans. loosen leap who ? who ? slaughter house slaughter house slaughter house dwarf dwarf dwarf go wrong of plans. loosen detach. rob with.MehM11! ehM11! M ehM11!!4 e MK eee eee4! eKE5 th! 8 th! ! ` th! h! n t1\ tB1^ tB1!= tB1K!!6 =! tB1c c t~ tB1E tB1p tB1Kuf5 tB11n t%1\ tB1n tB11a tB11%\ D21-F35-I9-D21-M17-M17-X1 F35-I9-D21-M17-M17-X1-D21 F35-I9-D21-M17-M17-X1-V1-Z1 F35-D21-G43 F35-F35-F35 F35-F35-F35-Z1-O1 F35-G43-G37-Z2 N35-I9-X1-A24 N35-I9-X1-V1-D40 N35-I9-X1-I9-X1-D54 N35-G17-D36 N35-T34-G17-D38 N35-T34-G17-X1-T29 N35-T34-G17-G43-X1-O1-Z3 T29C-O1 N35-T34-G17-A282 A282 N35-N35A N35-T34-G17-G37 N35-T34-G17-K1 N35-T34-G17-G43-N36-N21-Z2 N35-T34-G17-M17-D54 N35-O5-G17-P1 N35-T34-G17-D54 N35-T34-G17-M17-D41 N35-T34-G17-M17-O5-D36 r nfryt nfryt r nfryt nfrw nfrw nfrw nfrw nft nft nftft nm nm nmt nmt nmt nmw nmw nmw nm nm nmw nmi nmi nmi nmi nmi to its end down to tiller .

go to & fro be poor deprive of. low of cattle shout of people. ! 5 t B 1 1 : a. ! 5v\ r 5 tB11" tB11%" tB1\" =1\ tB1\F t B 1\58 tB1\W t! . private person. private person. humility orphan.t B 1% \ ! 6 v\ r 5! p 5 t B 1 1 : a5v\ r 5. freeman of low degree orphan. Sandfarers shout of people.a tB1tB1n tB1<1E tB1<1E tB1<1E tB1<1E! B<1 tB1< 111 t} 1 < KE 5! B1< 11!E B1e} } Bed B!!` B1! ! ` N35-T34-G17-O5-D36-A1-Z3-N37-D36N33-Z2-A1-B1-Z2 N35-T34-G17-M17-Z7-D41-Z2-N37-D36N33-Z2-T14-A1-Z2 N35-T34-G17-M17-Z7-D41-T14-A1-Z2N37-D36-N33-Z2 N35-T34-G17-M17-A2 N35-T34-G17-M17-O5-A2 N35-T34-G17-D36-A2 M29-G17-D36 N35-T34-G17-D36-O38 N35-T34-G17-D36-E21-A24 N35-T34-G17-D36-A55 N35-X1-G14-T90 N35-T34-G17-N35-T34-G17-D54 N35-T34-G17-V28-A17-G37 N35-T34-G17-V28-A17-G37 N35-T34-G17-V28-A17-G37 N35-T34-G17-V28-A17-G37-A1 T34-V28-A17 N35-T34-G17-V28-M17-M17-A17 N35-M170-G17-V28-G43-G37-Z2-A1 T34-G17-V28-M17-M17-X1-G37 T34-G17-S29-S57C S57C T34-S29-S28 T34-Q1-X1-W22 T34-G17-Q1-X1-W22 nmiw Sa nmiw Sa nmiw Sa nmi nmi nma nma nma nma nma nmwt nmnm nmH nmH nmH nmHy nmHy nmHy nmHy nmHyt nms nms nms nmst nmst Bedouin. partial. freeman free woman ? the royal Nemes head cloth the royal Nemes head cloth clothe with the head cloth type of jar type of jar verb intransitive verb transitive noun verb . question go to sleep net quake. Sandfarers Bedouin. partial. Sandfarers Bedouin. private person. freeman orphan. question question be one-sided. freeman orphan. low of cattle be one-sided. private person. quiver. question be one-sided. deduct from poverty. partial.

movements. traverse stride over. journeys. actions. movements. inert.tB1!n tB!n tB18!n n! 4 nnn t B 1! ! n5 n5 } ! ! n5 t B 1! $pn tB1!!p 66 66t [t 66t11' 66tt' 66t 66ttb:' 66bK' 5 6 6 tt 1 1 :' 95 tt 1 1:' ! 5 66tb:' ! 5 b b b R~ b b b RH ttb b b K N35-T34-G17-X1-D54 N35-T34-X1-D54 N35-T34-G17-Z5-X1-D54 D54-X1-Z1 D54-D54-D54 N35-T34-G17-X1-X1-D54-Z2 D54-Z2 V84-X1-X1-D54-Z2 N35-T34-G17-X1-G4-K1-D54 N35-T34-G17-X1-X1-K1 M22-M22 M22-M22-N35 D35-N35 M22-M22-N35-M17-M17-A7 M22-M22-N35-N35-A7 M22-M22-N35 M22-M22-N35-N35-W24-Z7-A7 M22-M22-W24-G43-A7-Z2 M22-M22-N35-N35-M17-M17-Z7-A7-Z6Z2 N35-N35-M17-M17-Z7-A7-A1-Z2 M22-M22-N35-W24-Z7-A7-A1-Z2 W24-W24-W24-N1-N35A W24-W24-W24-N1-A40 N35-N35-W24-W24-W24-G43 nmt nmt nmt nmtt nmtt nmtt nmtt nmtt nmytw nmytw nn nn nn nny nny nny nnw nnw nnyw nnyw nnyw nnw nnw nnw stride over. inert. settle of flood-waters be weary. legal procedure stride. journeys. hither not be weary. traverse stride over. these. journeys. actions. settle of flood-waters be weary. inertness of the dead inert ones the Dead inert ones the Dead inert ones the Dead primaeval waters primaeval waters. journeys. hither this. these. movements. Nun god primaeval waters negative particle . movements. inertness of the dead weariness. dribble of fluid. journeys. legal procedure intruding ? intruding ? this. legal procedure stride. dribble of fluid. actions. actions. traverse. legal procedure stride. drag of foot. movements. here. stride. drag of foot. actions. legal procedure stride. here. inert weariness.

b b b KR~ 66t! VQ 66QQ t66! Q tt B 1E 66tt B 1E [ ty1 s ttv1 s4 66ys tt? tM!. overawe fear someone fear. disturbance fear. dread. disturbance fear. disturbance ? fear. dread. disturbance fear.\ tMK. go wrong of plans.6 tMK. dread. error err. go wrong of plans.8 tMn tM` tM [` W24-W24-W24-G43-N1-N35A M22-M22-N35-X1-N5-N50 M22-M22-O49-N50 N35-M22-M22-X1-N50 N35-N35-T34-G17-G37 M22-M22-N35-N35-T34-G17-G37 D35-N35-N40-G17-F51 N35-N35-N37-G17-F51-Z1 M22-M22-N40-F51 N35-N35-V31 N35-D21-X1-G14 N35-D21-X1-G39 N35-X1-D21-Z5-G39 N35-D21-D40 N35-D21-M17-M17-H4-D40 N35-D21-H4-D40 N35-D21-G43-G14-A24-Z3 H4-Z2 N35-D21-G43-H4-D40-Z2 N35-D21-H4-D40 N35-D21-G14-D36 N35-D21-G43-G14-Z3 N35-D21-G43-G14-A24 N35-D21-D54 N35-D21-D40 N35-D21-H4-D40 nnw nnt nnt nnt nnm nnm nnSm nnSm nnSm nnk nrt nrt nrt nri nri nri nrw nrw nrw nrw nrw nrw nrw nr nr nri primaeval waters lower heaven lower heaven lower heaven err. on my part vulture vulture vulture fear someone. dread. tM!G t! M8G tM` tM 1 1 [` tM [` tMK. disturbance terrible one charge after enemy charge after enemy protect verb verb intransitive . dread. disturbance ? fear. dread. overawe fear someone. error spleen spleen spleen belongs to me.86 [5 tMK [`5 tM [` tM.

!6 tM! tM1&V tM1&VM1&V t$ E t$ ! ! t$ ! +5 t$ K t$ ! ! t$ 7E r5 t$ E r5 t$ K7! 5 t$ KE t$ K5 t$ 1 1 E r5 <t$ KE t$ # n t$ # m t$ # V t$ # KV t$ # V t$ # + t$ # " t$ # n t$ 1" N35-D21-M17-M17-X1-H4-D40 N35-D21-G14-E1-Z3 N35-D21-A1 N35-D21-M17-M6-N5 N35-D21-M17-M6-N5-D21-M17-M6-N5 N35-O4-G37 N35-O4-X1-O1 N35-O4-X1-Y1-Z2 N35-O4-G43 N35-O4-X1-M1 N35-O4-Z4-G37-N33-Z2 N35-O4-G37-N33-Z2 N35-O4-G43-Z4-A1-Z2 N35-O4-G43-G37 N35-O4-G43-Z2 N35-O4-M17-M17-G37-N33-Z2 D4-N35-O4-G43-G37 N35-O4-Q3-D54 N35-O4-Q3-D53 N35-O4-Q3-N5 N35-O4-Q3-G43-N5 N35-O4-Q3-N5 N35-O4-Q3-Y1 N35-O4-Q3-A2 N35-O4-Q3-D54 N35-O4-G17-A2 nrit nr iHw nr iHw nr nr rr nh nht nht nhw nht nhy nhy nhy nhw nhw nhw ir nhw nhp nhp nhp nhpw nhpw nhp nhp nhp nhm protect ox herd ox .tM 1 1! [` t M. a few loss loss loss show less of a bad quality pulsate copulate rise early in the morning.herd time. a little. early morning early morning early morning mourn care for care for shout. a little. a few some. thunder of sky verb verb . refuge magical protection the protection of king's arm sycamore tree. tree in general some. return of the year periodically escape death shelter. a few some. a little.

j t$ B} t$ B` t$ e m> t$ B 1 } t$ e 9 t$ f$ f" 5<" t<" 5<!" t0 !" t0 !! " t0 !C t < 0 !C t < !C t0 !C t 1 t M G N35-O4-G17-A27 N35-O4-G17-A24-D54 N35-O4-Z4-U2-D4-G1-G1-N33-Z2 N35-O4-G17-O4-G17 N35-O4-G17-O4-G17-D40 N35-O4-N35-O4-G1 N35-O4-D21-Z4-A20 N35-O4-D21-N35-N25 N35-O4-D21-N35-G1-N36-N25 N35-O4-D21-Z4-T14-N25 N35-O4-G1-D21-Z4-N35-G1-T14-N25 N35-O4-O34-A103 N35-O4-O34-D40 N35-O4-S29-U39-D6 N35-O4-O34-M17-D77 N35-O4-S29-E25 N35-O4-D46-O4-D46-A2 G21-V28-A2 N35-V28-A2 G21-V28-X1-A2 N35-M16-G1-A2 N35-M16-G1-X1-A2 N35-M16-G1-Aa2 N35-V28-M16-G1-Aa2 N35-V28-G1-Aa2 N35-M16-G1-Aa2-N35-M17-N35-D21- nhm nhm inhmn nhmhm nhmhm nhnhA nhry nhrn nhrn nhrn nhrn nhsi nhsi nhsi nhsi nhs nhdhd nHi nHi nHt nHA nHAt nHA nHA nHA nHA n inr shout dance for joy ? pomegranate roar. alarming. abnormal alarming abnormal ? dry rock ? verb locality locality verb . t$ 18n t$ 7 H <!! r 5 t$ 1$ 1 t$ 1$ 1` t$ t$ ! t$ M74 t$ Mtj t$ M t!uj t$ M7. perverse. prayer pray for. prayer prayer shake ? palpitations ? of heart contrary. terrible.t$ 1. thunder thunder quake noble of Nahrin Naharin Naharin Naharin Naharin wake wake wake wake hippopotamus throb pray for.j t$ ! M 7 t!.

assume an office. yoke. for ever divinity non enclitic particle . rescue.bud sceptre potter's wheel take away. combine attributes. for ever eternity. save. withdraw oneself surely. a sad matter sadness dangerous waters neck harness. assuredly rejoice resemble resemble a loaf. requisition yoke . carry off. provide. for ever eternity.t0 !C d 4 ! t0 !! C d 4 E 5 t0 C ! d 4 t0 !C ~ u h t5 < q ! s 5<q<` tK < q K! t5 < q KT T T V 5<q!" 5<q!* 5<q!) t5q ! l t<q!l 5<#G t{ 18 t{ 1\t t5 < t" t: M t<: M t: M} 5<V< `5 5<<V t<V< <V< O39 N35-M16-G1-Aa2-F34-Z1-A1 N35-M16-G1-X1-Aa2-F34-Z1-G37-Z2 N35-M16-Aa2-X1-F34-Z1 N35-M16-G1-Aa2-N35A-N36-N23 N35-G21-V28-D58-X1-F51 G21-V28-D58-Z9-D40 N35-G43-V28-D58-G43-E1 N35-G21-V28-D58-G43-D28-D28-D28D30 G21-V28-D58-X1-M2 G21-V28-D58-X1-M10 G21-V28-D58-X1-M9 N35-G21-D58-X1-Aa51 N35-V28-D58-X1-Aa51 G21-V28-Q3-O39 N35-N42-G17-A24 N35-N42-G17-D36-N35 N35-G21-V28-N35-A2 N35-D2-D21 N35-V28-D2-D21 N35-D2-D21-A478A G21-V28-N5-V28-W22-Z2 G21-V28-V28-N5 N35-V28-N5-V28 V28-N5-V28 nHA ib nHAt ib nHAt ib nHA nHbt nHb nHbw nHbw kAw nHbt nHbt nHbt nHbt nHbt nHp nHm nHmn nHn nHr nHr nHr nHH nHH nHH nHH sad man sadness. appoint.bud sceptre lotus .oxen the god Nehebkau & his Festival bud of lotus plant bud of lotus plant bud of lotus lotus . a cake sesame oil eternity.

tusk tusk tooth teeth. tusks succour. !?4 tB . protection miserable complaint.! . brief ? of sufferings youth abstract pendulous fish . flail. protect. for ever eternity.e79 t5 < e t<e7. !B . !:p tB . for ever eternity. lamentation youthful. protection succour. tB . !B . small ?. assign property to noun noun noun adjective . flail pendulous ruffle hair open a mine.shaped pendant knife flail. !u tB . for ever Nubian Nubian Nubian Nubian tooth. !B .! t5 < i! U ti < ! U t5 < f! U ti < 1 1! U5 tB ` tB j h" tB " tB K! " tB E tB ! E tB .t5 < t5 < V < tU < < V h t5 < e 7. protect. !u tB B & u tB . !B n tB q < N35-G21-V28 N35-G21-V28-N5-V28 N35-G43A-V28-V28-N5-N23 N35-G21-V28-S29-Z4-T14-A1 T14-S29-Z4-Z6 N35-G21-V28-S29-A13 N35-V28-S29-Z4-T14-A1 N35-G21-V28-I10-X1-F18 N35-I10-V28-X1-F18 N35-G21-V28-D46-X1-F18 N35-I10-V28-M17-M17-X1-F18-Z2 N35-Aa1-D40 N35-Aa1-A97-N23-A2 N35-Aa1-A2 N35-Aa1-G43-X1-A2 N35-Aa1-G37 N35-Aa1-X1-G37 N35-Aa1-M12 N35-Aa1-M12-G1-Z7-K1 N35-Aa1-M12-G1-T31-Z1 N35-Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-M12-G1-S45 N35-Aa1-Aa1-G6 S45 N35-Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-M12-G1-S45 N35-Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-D54 N35-Aa1-D58-Z9 nHH nHH nHH nHsy nHsy nHsy nHsy nHDt nHDt nHDt nHDwt nx nx nx nxwt nx nxt nxA nxAw nxA nxAxA nxAxA nxnxA nxAxA nxAxA nxb eternity.

the younger locality locality locality locality locality locality locality locality . to cover.. . crepitate of broken bones Nekhen Hieraconpolis Nekhen Hieraconpolis Nekhen Hieraconpolis Nekhen Hieraconpolis Nekhen Nekhen someone from Nekhen. Nekhenite shrine carnelian carnelian young. titulary. a Nekhenite someone from Nekhen. El Kab El Kab Nekhbet goddess Nekhbet goddess draw back door bolt. a Nekhenite someone from Nekhen. 6qbQ 6Qq 6qb!0 6!q tB q B q < tB q tB q < OQ O4 PQ Pt! P O tQ ! 4 PQ 1 1 PQ K O4K P+ P! Pt ! r 5 O t.tB q <f4 tB q <+ tB q ! <+5 tB q ! + tB q ! <.! } tB t1 N35-Aa1-D58-Z9-N21-Z1 N35-Aa1-D58-Z9-Y1 N35-Aa1-D58-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 N35-Aa1-D58-X1-Y1 N35-Aa1-D58-X1-Z9-V12 M22-D58-W24-O49 M22-O49-D58 M22-D58-W24-X1-G16A M22-X1-D58 N35-Aa1-D58-Aa1-D58-Z9 N35-Aa1-D58-N35-Aa1-D58-Z9 O47-O49 O47-Z1 O48-O49 O48-N35-O1 O48 O47-N35-O49-X1-Z1 O48-O49-M17-M17 O48-O49-G43 O47-Z1-G43 O48-G11 O48-O1 O48-N35-X1-N33-Z2 O47-N35-G14-X1-N33A N35-Aa1-N35-A17 nxb nxb nxbt nxbt nxbt nxb nxb nxbt nxbt nxbxb nxbxb nxn nxn nxn nxn nxn nxn nxny nxny nxny nxny nxn mxnmt mxnmt nxn fresh land stipulation titulary. throw open doors. overlaid titulary. a Nekhenite someone from Nekhen. crepitate of broken bones draw back door bolt. youthful.. throw open doors.

hard confident strong of arm. hard strong.tB tE tB tK1 tB t1 tB t1 ! tB tb K1 6 tB t1 tB B & tB B 5 t#K! 8 8 ` t#B ! 8 d 4 t#B ! 8 \4 t#B ! 8: 4 t#B ! 8c K" t#B ! 8 ! t#B ! ! ` t#B ! K`5 t#B ! ` `5 tb R\ tS 1 W24 W tWe 2 ! ! ! W24 N35-Aa1-N35-G37 N35-Aa1-N35-G43-A17 N35-Aa1-N35-A17D N35-Aa1-N35-A17-A1 N35-Aa1-N35-W24-G43-A17-Z3 N35-Aa1-N35-A17 N35-Aa1-Aa1-G6 N35-Aa1-Aa1-A21A N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24 A24 D40 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-F34-Z1 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-D36-Z1 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-D2-Z1 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-P8-G43-A2 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-A1 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-X1-D40 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-G43-D40-Z2 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-D40 D40-Z2 N35-F32-D26-D36 N35-W9-G17 F20-F51B-Z1 F20 N35-F20-S29-F51B Q1-X1-O1-F20-F51B-Z1 nxn nxnw nxnw nxnw nxnw nxnw nxx nxx nxt nxt nxt nxt ib nxt a nxt Hr nxt xrw nxt nxtt nxtw nxtw nxtw nX nXnm ns ns ns st ns young. stiff.. adult. victory. old age strong.. victorious. champion violent reis ? strong man. hard strong. victorious. hostages victory bodily fluid one of the seven sacred oils tongue tongue tongue speech verb & noun . stiff. .the younger child child child youth abstract youth abstract flail be old.. stiffness strength. victory. youthful. hostages strength. victorious. stiff. champion victory.

throne seat. throne seat. king King King of Upper & Lower Egypt King king Kings Kings Kings kings be king be king kingship kingship kingship . throne seat.tW! U U!4 U!! U!" tWe ' te R !p tWe 7K! #4 tWBK! s tWBK! # tWe 7K! s4 tWe K! ' 7!t I 7 ! tH 7 !y! tBK' } 7 !t1 1:'6 7 1 1K6 7 ! 1 1KK6 7!t1 1H6 7!t11+ 7! 11+ 7 ! t1 1! +5 7!5 7!11 N35-F20-X1-W11 W11-X1-Z1 W11-X1-O1 W11-X1-Q2 N35-F20-S29-Q7 N35-S29-Aa17-G1-T30A N35-F20-S29-Z4-G43-X1-M3-Z1 N35-F20-O34-G43-X1-N34 N35-F20-O34-G43-X1-M3 N35-F20-S29-Z4-G43-X1-N34-Z1 N35-F20-S29-G43-X1-Q7 M23-X1-N35 A41 M23-X1-N35-A40 M23-X1-L2-X1 N35-O34-G43-G7 A299B M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-Z7-G7-Z3 M23-M17-M17-G43-Z3 M23-X1-M17-M17-G43-A43B-Z3 M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-A40B-Z3 M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-Y1 M23-X1-M17-M17-Y1 M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 M23-X1-Z2 M23-X1-M17-M17 nst nst nst nst ns nsA nsywt nsywt nsywt nsywt nswt nsw nsw nsw nsw bit nsw nsw nsyw nsyw nsyw nsyw nsy nsy nsyt nsyt nsyt seat. king king of Upper Egypt. throne flame type of knife javelin javelin javelin javelin flame King of Upper Egypt.

lick lap up. lick wounds wounds royal serpent royal serpent royal serpent flame flame flame flame flame of Uraeus againt enemies. be inflamed of wounds anger ? anoint injury do damage to type of bread shrub Alkanna Tinctoria expel from. drive apart husband & wife. put away a woman. divorce. expel from issue from wound.7 11!+ 7! 11!+ 7 !t1 1:8!5 tWe q " Wq tWq tWB# Kp 5 tB# Kp 5 tB M! l te M! l tWB M! k tWe M ' te M ' tWe ' tWB M! ' tWB M7 ' tWe M" tWB M\ te e W!7" tWB$"5 tvn tvpn tv:R tv:! R M23-M17-M17-X1-Y1 M23-X1-M17-M17-X1-Y1 M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-Z7-A24-A1-Z2 N35-F20-S29-D58-A2 F20-D58 N35-F20-D58 N35-F20-O34-Q3-G43-T30A-Z2 N35-O34-Q3-G43-T30A-Z2 N35-O34-D21-X1-I13 N35-S29-D21-X1-I13 N35-F20-O34-D21-X1-I12 N35-F20-S29-D21-Q7 N35-S29-D21-Q7 N35-F20-S29-Q7 N35-F20-O34-D21-X1-Q7 N35-F20-O34-D21-Z4-Q7 N35-F20-S29-D21-A2 N35-F20-O34-D21-D36 N35-S29-S29 F20-X1-Z4-X2 N35-F20-O34-G4-M2-Z2 N35-N37-D54 N35-N37-K1-D54 N35-N37-Z7-D26 N35-N37-Z7-X1-D26 nsyt nsyt nsyw nsb nsb nsb nspw nspw nsrt nsrt nsrt nsr nsr nsr nsrt nsry nsr nsr nss nsty nstyw nS nS nSw nSwt kingship kingship priests of Arsaphes ? lap up. lick lap up. pemphigus mucus noun noun verb noun .

storm. storm. tn 1' tn 1! ' nSt nSy nSA nSw nSp nSmt nSmt nSmt nSmt nSmwt nSmwt nSmwt nSmwt nSni nSni nSni nSni nSni nSnt nSnS nqawt nqawt nqwt nqm nqm nqmt hairdresser dress hair grains of sand a vessel pant sacred barque of Osiris sacred barque of Osiris green felspar green felspar scales of fish scales of fish scales of fish scales of fish rage. tv1 1. disaster rage. foul weather. foul weather. foul weather. storm.` t(!r5 tvKb 4 tv# K " tv1! } k tv1! G tv1! r5 tv1K! r5 tv1 1 1 ! p5 u5 u N35-N37-X1-D3 N35-N37-M17-M17-D3-D40 N35-M8-G1-N33-Z2 N35-N37-G43-W24-Z1 N35-N37-Q3-D19-A2 N35-N37-G17-X1-P36B P36 N35-N37-G17-X1-O39 N35-N37-G17-X1-N33-Z2 N35-N37-G17-G43-X1-N33-Z2 N35-N37-G17-M17-M17-X1-K1-Z2 K6-Z2 K6 N35-N37-N35-E21 N35-N37-N35-A24 N35-N37-N35-N4G N35-N37-N35-Z4-E21 N35-N37-N35-E244 N35-N37-N35-X1-E21-N4E N35-N37-N35-N37-D40 N35-N29-D36-Z7-X1-D51-N33-Z2 N35-N29-G43-X1-N33-Z2 N35-N29-G43-X1-N35A N35-N29-G17-D3 N35-N29-G17-C7 N35-N29-G17-X1-C7 tvt5 tvt8 tvtU tvt7 5 tvt} tvt! 5U tvtv` tn \:! kr5 tn K! r5 tn K! ~ tn 1. foul weather. foul weather. disaster rage. disaster the doomed ? tear up documents notched sycamore figs notched sycamore figs moisture be bald suffer. disaster rage. storm. disaster! . storm. be afflicted affliction .

think about meditate on. advantage some. break up breach in dam breach of law. break up break open. injury. take counsel meditate on. crime loss long horn bull long horn bull turn aside. a little break open. think about. profit. execute sentence some. piece of wood. divert diaphragm intracranial diaphragm conspire overflow noun plural . be injured harm. something. injury do harm. a little. break up break M\ tn M:34 t?m t?!" t?7" t?!7 " t?!! " t?t?4 t?tp t?tp E 8 }t ? t p t?! <+ t?! :E5 tU < tU !< 8 tA A < tU ! <8 tU 1 1! C tU KC E tU !:! tU K! tU q < t! t! s t! t! ] t< 1R7 tPBPB+ N35-N29-D21-D36 N35-N29-D21-Z7-V19-Z1 N35-V31-D53 N35-V31-G1-A2 N35-V31-Z4-A2 N35-V31-G1-Z4-A2 N35-V31-G1-X1-A2 N35-V31-N35-T31-Z1 N35-V31-N35-D57 N35-V31-N35-D57-G37 V24-Y1V-N35-V31-N35-D57 N35-V31-X1-Z9-Y1 N35-V31-X1-Z7-G37-Z2 N35-W11-Z9 N35-W11-G1-Z9-A24 N35-V33-V33-Z9 N35-W11-X1-Z9-A24 N35-W11-M17-M17-X1-Aa2 N35-W11-G43-Aa2-G37 N35-W11-G1-Z7-E1 N35-W11-G43-E1 N35-W11-D58-Z9 N35-X1-N35-X1-F51 N35-X1-N35-X1-F27 N35-G28-G17-O50-Z4 N35-Aa15-O34-Aa15-O34-Y1 nqr nqrw nk nkA nkA nkA nkAt nkn nkn nkn wD nkn nkt nktw ngi ngi ngi ngt ngyt ngw ngAw ngAw ngb ntnt ntnt ngmgm ngsgs sift sieve copulate meditate on. think about plot sword harm.

ritual it is the fact that..... routine..k n it .. belongs to you you you independent pronoun independent pronoun feminine independent pronoun feminine independent pronoun independent pronoun independent pronoun plural independent pronoun plural independent pronoun . belongs to him which he.. screech of falcon who. which you. scorch. rite. duty.f ntf nts nts ntsn ntsn ntS ntk ntT ntT overflow cackle of goose... ritual. parch he.. which that impede custom. to his father besprinkle she she they they besprinkle you...f nty . organize rite... habit.. execution of task..tPBP5 tU U " t! 7 t! ! t! 1 ! 1 n t! \4+5 t! \+5 t! # : t! q W t! h t! h t! ? t! h t! h~8 t! e t! B t! e t5 t! Bt t! v~8 t! ? t! t! ! N35-Aa15-O34-Aa15-Z2 N35-W11-W11-A2 N35-X1-Z4 N35-X1-X1 N35-X1-M17-X1-M17-D54 N35-X1-D36-Z1-Y1-Z2 N35-X1-D36-Y1-Z2 N35-X1-Q3-Z7 N35-X1-D58-F20 N35-X1-I9 N35-X1-I9 N35-X1-V31 N35-X1-I9 N35-X1-I9-N35A-A24 N35-X1-S29 N35-X1-O34 N35-X1-S29-N35-Z2 N35-X1-O34-N35 N35-X1-N37-N35A-A24 N35-X1-V31 N35-X1-V13 N35-X1-X1 ngsgs ngg nty ntt nitit nt a nt a nt pw ntb ntf nty ...

sacred divine. sacred divine. divinity divine eye divine. 34 3H 3e 3| 3' 333 t&&& 3! M!k 3 M!8k 3!M 3! M!B 3! M7+ 3M 3! M+ 3 3! M:# 3! M78! 33! M!7Y 3! M1 1! r5 3 M! r5 t--K! 5 N35-X1-V13-N35-Z2 N35-X1-X1-N35-Z2 N35-V13-N35-V13-X1-T12 R8-Z1 R8-A40 R8-F35 R8-O29V R8-G7 R8-R8-R8 N35-M6-M6-M6 R8-X1-D21-X1-I12 R8-D21-X1-Z5-I12 R8-X1-D21 R8-X1-D21-X1-D10 R8-X1-D21-Z4-Y1 R8-D21 R8-X1-D21-Y1 R8 R8-X1-D21-Z7-M3 R8-X1-D21-Z4-Z5-V1 R8-R8-X1-D21-X1-Z4-U19 R8-X1-D21-M17-M17-X1-N33-Z2 R8-D21-X1-N33-Z2 N35-V13-V13-G43-V1-Z2 ntTn ntTn nTnT nTr nTr nfr nTr aA nTr nTr nTrw nTrw nTrt nTrt nTr nTrt nTry nTry nTry nTry nTrw nTry nTrty nTryt ntryt nTTw you you bladder god god the good god the great god god gods gods goddess goddess godhood.t! -t5 t! ! t5 t-t-! . sacred divine. sacred sacred pole magic cord adze used in Opening of the mouth natron ? natron ? bonds independent pronoun plural independent pronoun plural plural .

extent area. protect save. consult. make good harm. ask advice save. utter enquire about something take counsel. appoint someone verb transitive verb intransitive verb verb verb noun . call upon. serfs serf. protect save. guard against magic. extent sip serf. protection. protect. protector save. enquire about.t! ! K! tfq } tiq " tfq :` tfq 1 1 ! d tfq K! h4 5 tfq ! h} tfq fq n n } ti! 4 ti! ! p 5 cb \ tic cb :O5 cb 5 cb K} cb ! lp 6 ti\ b " \b" \b \b\ \ t\ ti\ b + \b+ ti\ b + N35-X1-X1-G43-V1 N35-D46-D58-D118 N35-I10-D58-A2 N35-D46-D58-Z7-D40 N35-D46-D58-M17-M17-X1-S28 N35-D46-D58-G43-X1-N23-Z1-Z2 N35-D46-D58-X1-N23-N33A N35-D46-D58-D46-D58-N29-N29-D82 N35-I10-X1-Z1 N35-I10-X1-A1-B1-Z2 Aa27-W24-D36 N35-I10-Aa27 Aa27-W24-Aa7-U9-Z2 Aa27-W24-Z2 Aa27-W24-G43-A143A Aa27-W24-X1-Z4A-B1-Z3 N35-I10-Aa27-W24-A2 Aa27-W24-A2 Aa27-W24 Aa27-W24-D36 Aa27 N35-Aa27 N35-I10-Aa27-W24-Y1 Aa27-W24-Y1 N35-I10-Aa27-W24-Y1 nTTw ndb ndb ndb ndbyt ndbwt ndbwt ndbdb nDt nDt nD nD nD nD nDw nDtyw nD nD nD nD nD nD nD nD nD bonds sip sip band door with metal bunt ? of sail area. protect protection confer office. serfs grind grind flour flour miller maidservants ? take counsel. ask advice.

M4 ti\ b K! +5M4 \!KM4 \ i! M4 ti\ " : 4 \: \ b+: 4 \b":4 \b!:4 \ i: ti\ b " B M! + \ b"B M! +5 \ ibB M! \b!7` ti\ g \b!! \bd ti\ tb !M " tb !< 5 tb !G tb G tb " ti 1 1! E N35-I10-Aa27 Aa27-W24-A2-D21-Z1 N35-I10-Aa27-Y2-D21-Z1 N35-I10-Aa27-W24-G43-X1-Y1-Z2-D21Z1 Aa27-X1-G43-D21-Z1 Aa27-I10-X1-D21-Z1 N35-I10-Aa27-A2-D2-Z1 Aa27-D2 Aa27-W24-Y1-D2-Z1 Aa27-W24-A2-D2-Z1 Aa27-W24-X1-D2-Z1 Aa27-I10-D2 N35-I10-Aa27-W24-A2-Aa1-D21-X1-Y1 Aa27-W24-A2-Aa1-D21-X1-Y1-Z2 Aa27-I10-W24-Aa1-D21-X1 Aa27-W24-X1-Z4-D40 N35-I10-Aa27-U33 Aa27-W24-X1-X1 Aa27-W24-S28 N35-I10-A27 N35-U28-G1-F10-A2 N35-U28-G1-Z9-Z2 N35-U28-G1-O39 N35-U28-O39 N35-U28-M2 N35-I10-M17-M17-X1-G37 nD nD r nD r nDwt r nDwt r nDwt r nD Hr nD Hr nD Hr nD Hr nDt Hr nDt Hr nD xrt nD xrt nD xrt nDty nDty nDtt nD nD nDA nDAw nDA nDA nDA nDyt confer office on take counsel. consultation. pay one's respects. protect.ti\ \b" M4 ti\ . question. protection greet protect greet gifts gifts greet. greeting ! greeting ! greet protector protector protectress thread thread parch with thirst chips of stone measure for loaves & dates measure for loaves & dates measure for loaves & dates baseness . oracle. greet greet counsel. consult. greeting counsel counsel greet.

hold fast imprisonment. consult. citizen. follow journeys. citizen low estate verb transitive noun verb tie E! ti\ e E! tie KE5 . dim of eyes. dull of ears. draw tight lips of wound grasp. odour. comfortable. catch. advice. observe regulations grasp. poor of appetite. suppression of wrong imprisonment tooth little / small of size. counsel grasp. little / small of 1 1! H =1! =f =1} = ti1+ ti =1 = 1 }d 4 =11 1 1! m5 ti =11! m titi\ b " t\ b +t\ b+ \b\b" tDM8 tDM8 tD` tDM!8 tD! ti < ! U tie E E N35-N26-M17-M17-X1-F5 M29-G17-M1 M29-M1A M29-G17-Y1V M29 N35-I10-G17-Y1 N35-I10-M29-G17 M29-G17-Y1V-F34-Z1 M29-G17-G17-M17-M17-X1-D53-Z2 N35-I10-M29-G17-G17-X1-D53 N35-I10-N35-I10-aA27-W24-A2 N35-Aa27-W24-Y1-N35-Aa27-W24-Y1 Aa27-W24-Aa27-W24-A2 N35-M36-D21-A24 N35-M36-D21-A24 N35-M36-D40 N35-M36-D21-X1-A24 N35-M36-X1 N35-I10-V28-X1-F18 N35-I10-S29-G37 G37 N35-I10-S29-G37-A1 N35-I10-Aa27-S29-G37-A1 N35-I10-S29-G43-G37-Z2 nDyt nDm nDm nDm nDm nDm nDm nDm ib nDmmyt nDmmyt nDnD nDnD nDnD nDrw nDrw nDrw nDrt nDrt nHDt nDs nDs nDs nDs nDsw baseness carob tree ? carob tree ? sweet of flavour. comfortable of patient sweet of flavour. dull of ears. counsel consult someone advice. take advice. joy joyful passion passion confer. pleasing well. dim of eyes. hold to orders. arrest. hale. odour pleasant. pleasing. poor of appetite commoner. hale. well. pleasant. take possession. good fellow in half contemptuous address commoner. hold fast.

more than. at. concerning. from verb transitive preposition .tiBiB ' M N35-I10-O34-I10-O34-Q7 D21 nDsDs r burn to.

according as indicates futurity to. so that. until. concerning. way or or temple. goose shaped cake. intent chatter water's edge water's edge goose. more than. at. chapel conjunctive 1/320th HqAt conjunctive conjunctive . actions hands. utterance. beside. language. speech. goose shaped incense chest joints arm and leg end. until. actions gate gate gate combat entry into land path. chapel temple. according as a part in fractions fractions mouth. opening.M M 1M M M4} M4 ` !5 M 4 M4~ M4 M4F M4d 4 M4\!7 ss M4\4 M4\\ M4\\:7 M4\\! M4\4! M4\7K M4\4#! 48 M4? M 4 $ !! p M4#K M#K M4!4 M! D21 D21 M17-D21 D21 D21-Z1-N33A D21-Z1 I1-G1-Z2-D21-Z1 D21-Z1-N35A D21-Z1 D21-Z1-G38 D21-Z1-F34-Z1 D21-Z1-D36-X1-Z4-F51-F51 D21-Z1-D36-Z1 D21-Z1-D36-D36 D21-Z1-D36-D36-Z7-Z4 D21-Z1-D36-D36-O1 D21-Z1-D36-Z1-O1 D21-Z1-D36-Z4-G43 D21-Z1-D36-Z1-M3-X1-Z1-A24 D21-Z1-O31 D21-Z1-V4-G1-X1-N31 D21-Z1-Q3-G43 D21-Q3-G43 D21-Z1-O1-Z1 D21-O1 r r r r r r aSA r r r r r ib r aty r awy r awy r awy r awy r awy r awy r a xt r aA r wAt r pw r pw r pr r pr so that. limit. near hands.

chief master.M4!Q M4*!4. chief master. ! 5 M 4 )! . chapel foreigners foreigners foreigners river mouth river mouth river mouth master. chief weapons quite. entirely. at all ford ? ramp necropolis uterus mellay mellay mellay mellay see under wDa-rwt side sun everyday Re Re divinity divinity plural . 95 M4G! 4~ MG!4u M 4 G! 5~ u M4: M7R M4R M4:R M4#! 4 M4e7p M4 Bv7 nh4 M 4 e ! d ! "n M 4 """ j M4tz ! 4 M 4 b !K8 5 M4b K8 Mb K`5 M4b 1 1K`5 M11! 74 1!a M\V4 V4> M\W M\VH D21-Z1-O1-O49 D21-Z1-T10-X1-Z1-T14-A1-Z2 D21-Z1-T9-T14-A1-Z2 D21-Z1-T9-X1-T14-Z6-Z2 D21-Z1-F4-X1-Z1-N35A D21-F4-X1-Z1-N36 D21-Z1-F4-X1-Z2-N35A-N36 D21-Z1-D2-D21-Z4-N1 D21-Z1-N1 D21-Z1-D2-N1 D21-Z1-M3-X1-Z1 D21-Z1-S29-Z4-N31 D21-Z1-O34-N37-Z4-D54-N23-Z1 D21-Z1-S29-X1-U30-G1-V2-D54 D21-Z1-V2-V2-V2-N25 D21-Z1-N35-N41-X1-Z1 D21-Z1-U28-G1-G43-A24-Z2 D21-Z1-U28-G43-A24 D21-U28-G43-D40-Z2 D21-Z1-U28-M17-M17-G43-D40-Z2 D21-M17-M17-X1 E23-Z1-M17-X1-D41 D21-D36-N5-Z1 N5-Z1-V30 D21-D36-G7C D21-D36-N5-A40 r pr r pDtyw pDtyw pDtyw r HAt r HAt r HAt r Hry r Hry r Hry r xt rssy r sSy r stA r stAw r n idt r DAw r DAw r DAw r DAw rwt rit ra ra nb ra ra temple.!5 M 4 ).

clap hands palpitate of heart clap hands dance dance.V4H " W4 M\VH M\!Vp 74 7474 g 1 747!7! MK!@ M! l! M:!7R MK!7@@ MK!7R MK!@ MK!7! 1MK!7RM MK! R! M:!7R MK!R M $ !p M$ MK@ M::n M 1K} MK!\ MK!< N5-Z1-A40 C2 N6-Z1 D21-D36-N5-A40 D21-D36-X1-N5-B1 E23-Z1 E23-Z1-E23-Z1-U33-M17 E23-Z1-E23-X1-Z4-O1 D21-G43-X1-O32 D21-X1-Z4A-O1 D21-Z7-X1-Z4-N1 D21-G43-X1-Z4-O32D-O32D D21-G43-X1-Z4-N1 D21-G43-X1-O32D D21-G43-X1-Z4-O1 G17-D21-G43-X1-Z4-N1-D21 D21-G43-X1-N1-A1 D21-Z7-X1-Z4-N1 D21-G43-X1-N1 D21-V4-G1-N31 D21-V4 D21-G43-A32 D21-Z7-Z7-D54 D21-M17-G43-D92 D21-G43-X1-D36 D21-G43-X1-A28 ra ra ra ra rat rw rwty rwty rwt rwty rwty rwty rwty rwty rwty m rwty r rwty rwty rwt rwA rwA rwi rwi rwi rwt rwt Re Re Re Re Sun god sun goddess of queen lion double-lion god lion's den gate two gates two gates two gates outside outside outside absent from outsider. stranger see under wDa-rwt consider doing something consider doing something dance. stranger outsider. palpitate divinity divinity divinity divinity dual dual dual noun noun noun verb intransitive verb transitive noun . palpitate of heart.

string sinews hard. strong. permanent. succeed. bow-string cord bow . hall court of law.shaft stairway stairway tomb . MKf. depart. something. prevail over hard hard noun verb verb verb . pass away. tomb . persistent prosperous. hall court of law.! M8 K. hall court of law. M8 i. MKf.M!K} MK1n MK1n MKn MK1on MKKn MK1!n MKK! n5 MK1K 7M11!! 7!! 711!! SM11!! M KfKH} MKfH MKffff MKf. .! 5 M8 i. hall stairway. effective. successful. escape harm advance against serve someone leave a place interruption departure vineyard ? court of law. enduring. advance against. . D21-X1-G43-D92 D21-G43-M17-D54 D21-G43-M17-D54 D21-G43-D54 D21-G43-M17-D56-D54 D21-G43-G43-D54 D21-G43-M17-X1-D54 D21-G43-G43-X1-D54-Z2 D21-G43-M17-M43 E23-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1 E23-X1-O1 E23-M17-M17-X1-O1 U13-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1 D21-G43-D46-G43-O40-N33A D21-G43-D46-O40 D21-G43-D46-N21-N21-N21 D21-G43-D46-T12-O1 D21-V24-G43-T12 T12 D21-G43-D46-T12 D21-G43-D46-T12-V1-Z2 D21-V24-I10-T12 D21-V24-I10-T12 T12-Y1 D21-G43-D46-T12 rwt rwi rwi rwi rwi rwi rwit rwwt rwi rwyt rwyt rwyt rwyt rwdw rwdw rwdw rwdw rwD rwD rwD rwDw rwD rwD rwD rwD dance go away.+ MKf. leave a place. serve someone expel / drive off / remove someone.shaft cord. prosper. firm.

permanent prosperous. @ + MKf+ . M#KC M#] M# 1 1!p M# 1 1!p M#K! M#!/ M#K!} D21-D46-T12-Y1 T12 T12-A24 D21-D46-T12-M32-Y1 D21-G43-D46-Y1 T12-A24 D21-G43-D46-I7-Y1 D21-V24-T12 D21-G43-D46-T12-D40 D21-D46-T12-Y1-Z2 D21-G43-D46-X1-T12-Y1 D21-D46-X1-T12-Y1-Z2 T12 T12-X1-O39 D21-G43-D46-X1-O39 T12-G43-D40 T12-G43-D40 M31-G43-D40 D21-D46-G43-T12 D21-Q3-G43-Aa2 D21-Q3-F27 D21-Q3-M17-M17-X1-B1 D21-Q3-M17-M17-X1-B1 D21-Q3-G43-X1 D21-Q3-X1-B73 D21-Q3-G43-X1-O286 rwD rwD rwD rwD rwD rwD rwD rwD rwd rwd rwdt rwdt rwdt rwDt rwdt rwD rwDw rwDw rwDw rpw rpw rpyt rpyt rpyt rpyt rpyt enduring. sandstone control. . .Mf.` Mf. permanent enduring.8 Mf.K` . prosper prosperous.K` ?K` MfK. prosper prosperous. prosper successful. firmness success success success hard stone. sandstone hard stone.+5 . presiding goddess of city presiding goddess of city presiding goddess of city presiding goddess of city . administer agent agent agent rot rot female statue female counterpart of diety.!G MKf! G .+ Mf! .+ . MKf. firmness strength.+5 MKf! . succeed prevail over strength. prosper prosperous.8 MKff+ M8.

ta h M. arm.ta a Mta a24 M}t M. half of sheet of water side. uprights of ladder. arm. uprights of ladder. uprights of ladder. heir noble. uprights of ladder. arm. heir not to be translated not translated not translated not translated fish fish weep. gang of rowers verb verb verb feminine feminine feminine feminine enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle . uprights of ladder. heir noble.tap 5 D21-Q3-D36 D21-Q3-D36-X1-H8 D21-Q3-D36-X1-X1 D21-X1-Q3-X1-D36 D21-X1-X1-Q3-D36-X1 D21-I9 D21-V31 D21-A1 M17-D21-I9 D21-G17-K1 D21-D21-G17-K1-Z1 D21-G17-D4 D21-G17-D9 D9 D21-G17-G43-D9 D21-G17-G43-X1-D4-Z2 D21-G17-M17-M17-X1-D9A D21-G17-G43-D9 D143B-G43 D21-Y5-N35-D41 D41 D21-N35-D41 D41-F51B-Z1 D21-D210-N35 D21-Y5-N35-D41-N23 D21-Y5-N35-D41-B1-Z2 rpat rpat rpat rpat rpat rf rk ri irf rm rm rmi rmw rmw rmw rmwt rmwt rmw rmw rmn rmn rmn rmn rmn rmn rmn noble. heir noble. side side.M#\ M#\! _ M#\!! M!#!\ M!!#\! Mh M? M! 1 Mh M1p M M1p4 M1< M1A A M1KA M 1K! <5 M11 1!A M1KA }K M. heir noble. arm. side shoulder. side shoulder. side shoulder. beweep weep weep weeping tears tears weeper weeper shoulder. arm. side shoulder.

mankind. carry. match.b a M. mankind men. match. support. mankind. aroura shoulder. mankind. supporter processional shrine companion companions department. Egyptians man. mankind men. mankind. bearer. men. men. Egyptians men. mankind. equal bearer.tb K! a5 at 1 1 ! h4 M4 . men. Egyptians man.ttj M1 M1<` M -! M 1-} M P-! p M!!p5 -M!p5 !!! [!5 MU!5 M -! ! 5 M -! ! 5 [!p 5 MU!!5 D21-Y5-D42 D41 D21-Y5-N35-D41 D210-N35 D210-N35 D21-N35-D41 D21-N35-D41 D41-N35-O16 D42-W24-G43-U33-M17 D21-Y5-N35-W24-G43-X1-D41-Z2 D41-N35-M17-M17-X1-N23-Z1 D21-Z1-Y5-N35-N35-N25 D21-G17-D21-G17-Z9-D40 D21-V13-A1 D21-G17-V13-N33A D21-Aa15-V13-A1-B1 D21-X1-A1-B1-Z2 V13-D21-A1-B1-Z2 A1-A1-A1 H4-X1-Z2 D21-U15-A1-Z2 D21-V13-X1-A1-Z2 D21-V13-X1-A1-Z2 H4-A1-B1-Z2 D21-U15-X1-A1-Z2 iry rmn dmD rmn rmni rmni rmni rmni rmni rmn rmnwty rmnwtyw rmnyt rmnn rmrm rmT rmT rmT rmT rmT rmT rmT rmT rmT rmTt rmTt rmTt total of each half of rod. support. mankind collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun plural verb noun verb noun . men. Egyptians man. men. match. men. equal. carry. supporter shoulder. mankind. support. supporter shoulder. Egyptians man. Egyptians man. Egyptians man. carry. mankind. men. Egyptians man. domain Lebanon chastise man.M. mankind. Egyptians man. mankind.ta }t }t Mta Mta at0 bb K g 1 M. men. men. equal bearer.

mankind name name name of king young one of animals calf calf year the five epagomenal days New Year's Day young. fresh of water young. mankind men. fresh of water young. fresh of water young. vegetables herbs. fresh of water youthful vigour young man colt herbs. vegetables collective noun collective noun collective noun adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb .M -! ! p 5 M -! ! o M -! p 5 Mt Mt" Mt* Mt Mt1 1# Mt1 1! $!4 $! 5l: K P!4 $!4 Mt# 1 1 $1 D D11+ Mt# D" Mt# % 1 Mt# 7&1 Mt# KD. fresh of water young. fresh of water young. fresh of water young. mankind men. Mt# K % 1 Mt# $1 ! Mt# $& D! T"5 M#!D D21-V13-X1-A1-B1-Z2 D21-V13-X1-A1-Z2A D21-V13-A1-B1-Z2 D21-N35 D21-N35-A2 D21-N35-V10 D21-N35 D21-N35-M17-M17-E3 D21-N35-M17-M17-E1 M4-X1-Z1 M4-X1-Z2-Z4A-D2-G43 F13-X1-Z1-M4-X1-Z1 D21-N35-Q3-M17-M17-M4-A17 M7A M7A-M17-M17-Y1 D21-N35-Q3-M7A-M2 D21-N35-Q3-M5B-A17 D21-N35-Q3-Z4-M6-A17 D21-N35-Q3-G43-M7A-Y2 D21-N35-Q3-G43-M5-A17 D21-N35-Q3-M4-A17-A1 D21-N35-Q3-M4B-E6A M7A-X1-W10-M2-Z2 D21-Q3-X1-M7A rmTt rmTt rmTt rn rn rn rn rny rn rnpt 5 Hryw rnpt wpt rnpt rnpy rnpy rnpy rnpy rnpy rnpy rnpy rnpw rnp rnp rnpwt rnpwt men.

trust in collective noun divinity divinity divinity . rely on. M MK!. extol joy. nurse bring up. trust in lean on. nurse bring up. trust in rely on. vegetables herbs. rely on. exultation caress bring up. MM!^ 6 MM1! M M1! r5 M$ t5 M$ ta M$ ta` M7A-X1-M39-Z2 D21-N35-Q3-M17-M17-X1 D21-N35-Q3-X1-M2-Z2-M7A D21-N35-N35-A2 D21-N35-N35-G43-X1-A2-Z3 D21-N35-M22-M22 D21-N35-N35-B6 D21-N35-N35-A2 D21-N35-N35-A18 D21-N35-N35-X1-B5D D21-N35-N35-X1-I12 D21-N35-W24-X1-X1-I13 D21-W24-G43-X1-X1 D21-N35-Z7-X1-X1-I12 D21-N35-Z7-X1-X1-I12 D21-D21-M6 M6-D21 D21-M17-M6-N5 D21-D21-M17-E12 D21-D21-G43-X1-E12 D21-D21-X1-F28-Z3 D21-D21-M17-X1 D21-D21-G17-X1-N33-Z2 D21-O4-N35-A21 D21-O4-N35-D41 D21-O4-N35-D41-D40 rnpwt rnpwt rnpwt rnn rnnwt rnn rnn rnn rnn rnnt rnnt rnnwtt rnn rnn rnnwtt rr rr rr rri rrwt rrt rrit rrmt rhn rhn rhn herbs. vegetables rejoice over.D!G5 Mt# 1 1! M t# ! "5D Mtt" MttK! " 6 Mt66 Mttu Mtt" Mtt2 Mtt! t Mtt! k Mtb! ! l MbK!! Mt:! ! k Mt:! ! k MM& &M M1&V MM1. vegetables herbs. nurse wet-nurse the nurse-goddess Renenutet the Harvest-goddess Renenutet the Harvest-goddess Renenutet the Harvest-goddess name of the ninth month time time time boar sow swine animal piggishness ? mandrake ? lean on.

mankind verb transitive . common folk. common folk. mankind subjects. the Two Combatants Horus and Seth the Two Combatants of human contestants the Two Female Companions Isis and Nephthys know. learned man knowledge. opinion wise man knowledge. number knowledge copulate. Inquire !. commonfolk. learn know of inform wisdom wise. to 'know' a woman 'know' a woman king's acquaintance king's aquaintance king's aquaintance king's aquaintance subjects.M$ tn M$ tan M$ ta` M <K!5 M <KHH [[ M<!7pp MB+ M B }1 M\ MB} MBB!+ M B +B ! +5! MB+ MB +! MB!+ MB g MBm MB m+ 7!tMB+ H 7! MB MB 7 ! tH MB 1 1 ! 8! p 5 711! MB 1 1!5 D21-O4-N35-D54A D21-O4-N35-D41-D54 D21-O4-N35-D41-D40 D21-V28-G43-A1-Z2 D21-V28-G43-A40-A40 A59B-A59 D21-V28-X1-Z4-B1-B1 D21-Aa1-Y1 D21-Aa1-Y1V-G17 D21-D36-D21-Aa1-Y1V D21-Aa1-Aa1-X1-Y1 D21-Aa1-Y1-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-A1 D21-Aa1-Y1 D21-Aa1-Y1-A1 D21-Aa1-X1-Y1 D21-Aa1-U33 D21-Aa1-D53 D21-Aa1-D53-Y1 M23-X1-N35-D21-Aa1-Y1 M163 M23-X1-D21-Aa1 D21-Aa1-M23-X1-N35-A40 D21-Aa1-M17-M17-X1-G24-A1-B1Z2 G23-M17-M17-X1 D21-Aa1-M17-M17-X1-Z2 rhn rhn rhn rHw rHwy rHwy rHty rx rx m rdi rx rx xt rx xt rx rx rxt rxt rx rxt rx nsw rx nsw rx nsw rx nsw rxyt rxyt rxyt wade wade wade comrades. mates the Two Companions. mankind subjects. be aware of. amount.

!-6 -!g5 8KQ 8K` 7! ! p 5 MB ! 7! p 5 MB K! 7! 6 G23-X1-A1-B1-Z2 D21-Aa1-X1-G23-A1-B1-Z2 D21-Aa1-G43-X1-G23-A1-Z3 D21-Aa1-Aa1-Z4-Y1 D21-Aa1-S29-T30A-D36 D21-Aa1-O34-T30A D21-Aa1-X1-D36 G167-X1-Z4-A24-A1 N16-N16-D21-Aa1-X1-X1-O49 D21-S29 D21-S29-T13-D4 T13-D4 D21-O34-T13-D7 D21-S29-T13-D6 U40-D6-D1-Z1 X8-T13-D1-Z1-A1 X8-T13-D4-D1-Z1 T13-G43-D4 D21-S29-T14-F27-G43 D21-O34-T13-Z7-X1-D4-Z2 T13-Z7-X1-D4 D21-S29-G43-X1-T13-D4 D21-S29-T14-X1-A13-Z3 T13-X1-A15A-Z2 M24-G43-O49 M24-G43-P5 rxyt rxyt rxyt rxxy rxs rxs rxt rxty tAwy rxtt rs rs rs rs rs rs tp di rs tp di rs tp rsw rsw rswt rswt rswt rst rst rsw rsw subjects. be watchful. mankind subjects. mankind celebrated slaughter slaughter wash clothes washerman ends of the earth not translated wake. dream awakening dream sacrificial victims ? sacrificial victims the South land south-wind enclitic particle . common folk. mankind subjects. common folk.]K M B -: ! <5 -:!< MeK! -< Me. vigilant be watchful.MBB7+ MBep\ MB Bp MB!\ }!78! aa MB !!Q Me Me -< -< MB-? Me -> n>94 ( -94! ( -<9 4 -K< Me. vigilant foreman foreman watch / guard of sentries. common folk. vigilance vigilance awakening. vigilant wake wake be watchful.

at all joyful joy joy joy rejoice joy incline. fish quite. south of. south of. M24-Z4-N23 M24 D1-Z1-M24 M24-Z4A-N21 M24-G43-T14-A1-B1-Z2 M24-N21-Z2 M24-G43-N21-Z2 D21-O34-I9-G41-Z2 D21-Z1-O34-I9-G39-K1-Z2 D21-S29-S29-Z4-N31 D21-O34-N31 D21-Z1-S29-Z4-N31 D21-N37-D19-A2 D21-N37-G43-X1-D19-Y1-Z2 E23-H6-H6-H6 E23-N37-G43-X1-Z2 D21-N37-D19-O50-Z4A D21-N37-D21-N37-X1-Z5-D19-Z2 D21-N29-D41 D21-N29-M17-M17-Z7-D41 D21-N29-G43-D41-D54 D21-N29-D41-D54 D21-N29-G43-D41-A13A D21-N29-Z2 D21-N29-M17-M17-A15A-Z2 D21-N29-M17-M17-D41-D54-A14 rsy rsy tp rsy rsy rsyw rsyw rsyw rsf rsf rssy rssy rssy rS rSwt rSwt rSwt rSrS rSrSt rq rqy rqw rqw rqw rqw rqw rqw southern. South southern. at all quite. defy fierce ? tilting of balance. affluence catch fowl. south of. entirely.87h 8 948 8 lf 8K.!p5 8f5 8Kf5 MBhI5 M4 BhGp5 Mee7p MBp M4e7p MvK " MvK! K +5 7]]] 7vK! 5 MvK R l Mv Mv! 8K 5 Mna Mn 1 1:a Mn Kan Mn an Mn KaMn5 Mn 1 1g5 Mn 1 1 an. South the South of southern. entirely. entirely. enmity tilting of balance opponent opponent opponent opponent . South Southerners Southerners Southerners catch of fowl. at all quite. turn aside from. fish.

of ancients creep snake a creeping plant light fire festival of Burning heat flames conspiracy ? baker baker baker confine.MnK! Mn\Mn aE d 4 Mn ! kd 4 M? M?V M?V M?V h M? M?n M?M?m M? M?"6 M?< ' M?< '$ M?<! ' M?<K'6 M!!. but now. now time of king time of king. but now. but enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle . now but. restrain blockhouse now. M! < ! 7 e! L!7! e! 7 \ ! M! <e e D21-N29-G43-A1 D21-N29-D36-A13G D21-N29-D41-G37-F34-Z1 D21-N29-X1-D51-F34-Z1 D21-V31 M17-D21-V31 D21-V31-N5 D21-V31-N5-N23 D21-V31-D21-V31-D54 D21-V31-D21-V31-I14 D21-V31-D21-V31-M2-Z3 D21-V31-V28-Q7 D21-V31-V28-Q7-X4 D21-V31-V28-X1-Q7 D21-V31-V28-G43-Q7-Z3 D21-X1-X1-A14 D21-X1-V28-X1-Z4-U31-A1 D20-X1-Z4-A1 U31-X1-Z4-D36-A1 D21-X1-V28-U31 U31 D21-X1-V28-U31 D21-V13 M17-D21-X1 D21-V13-N35 M17-D21-V13-N35 M! <e M1 M! M -t 1 M -t rqw rqw rq ib rqt ib rk irk rk rk rkrk rkrk rkrk rkH rkH rkHt rkHw rtt rtHty rtHty rtHty rtH rtH rtH rT irt rTn irTn opponent opponent disaffected man ill will but. but now. restrain confine.

put. prompt put in the charge of command. fell an enemy verb dual . appoint.Ij Mfo o oo 94o4 ! !!o4 MfKoooH H Mf@ Mf. tomb-shaft stairway stairway stairway steps of throne steps of throne tomb-shaft tomb-shaft stairway shoot of tree grow grow give. send letter. steps of throne. station stairway. place. permit. place in one's heart.H Mfooo Mf:7oo MfH Mf!4 a MfoH Mf@4 Mf@ Mf. regulations rank.M -tb Kj M! tb j ! tb :. cause. be biased. appoint. call one's attention to be partial. grant determine. call the attention. M] M]1d 4 M]:4\4 M]1:4 M ] : 4 N4 D21-V13-N35-W24-G43-N25 D21-X1-N35-W24-N25 X1-N35-W24-Z7-T14-G41-N25 D21-D46-D56 D56 D56-D56 D1-Z1-D56-Z1 Q1-X1-O1-D56-Z1 D21-D46-G43-D56-D56-D56-O40 O40A D21-D46-O32D D21-D46-T12-O40A D21-D46-D56-D56-D56 D21-D46-Z7-Z4-D56-D56 D21-D46-O40A D21-D46-O1-Z1 N16-D21-D46-D56-O40A D21-D46-M32-Z1 D21-D46-M32 D21-D46-T12 D21-D37 D21-D37-G17-F34-Z1 D21-D37-D2-Z1-D36-Z1 D21-D37-G17-D2-Z1 D21-D37-D2-Z1-Aa13-Z1 rTnw rTnw rTnw rd rd rdwy tp rd st rd rdw rdw rdw rdw rdw rdw rdw rdw tA rdw rd rd rd rdi rdi m ib rdi Hr a rdi m Hr rdi Hr gs Retenu Syria Retenu Syria Retenu Syria foot foot feet instructions.

grant give. grant a type of plant mellay efflux of body efflux of body courtyard ? courtyard ? husband portal . appoint. permit. place. annul draw a weapon give. help put an end to speak give commands to turn the back to put a stop to. appoint. put. expel be anxious about given life give in addition to give a hand to. put. appoint. grant give. grant give.M]1a h4 M] Mah4 M]:4ah4 M]d 41R4 (j M]:4 M]\4t M]Y7:2 M] M4 M]:4t M]R4t M]R4 M M] Bvn \ ^ ( M( Mf1! "5 Mb K`5 MkKC5 MkKR5 $4 $! $l $!R D21-D37-G17-N16-N23-Z1 D21-D37-D21-N16-N23-Z1 D21-D37-D2-Z1-N16-N23-Z1 D21-D37-F34-Z1-G17-Aa17-Z1 X8-S34 D21-D37-D2-Z1 D21-D37-D36-Z1-N35 D21-D37-F22-Z4-Z7-F51B D21-D37-D21-Z1 D21-D37-D2-Z1-N35 D21-D37-Aa17-Z1-N35 D21-D37-Aa17-Z1-D21 D21-D37-O34-N37-D54 D36 D38 X8 D21-X8 D21-D46-G17-X1-M2-Z2 D21-U28-G43-D40-Z2 D21-N26-G43-Aa2-Z2 D21-N26-G43-D26-Z2 O4-Z1 O4-O1 O4-D52 O4-X1-N1 rdi m tA rdi r tA rdi Hr tA rdi ib m sA di anx rdi Hr rdi awy n rdi pHwy rdi r rdi Hr n rdi sA n rdi sA r rdi sS rdi rdi rdi rdi rdmt r DAw rDw rDw h h hi ht bury land from ship. cause. cast forth. put. cause. cause. neglect. place. set aside cast ashore rope. place. cause. permit. give birth. leave alone. appoint. put. permit. permit. place.

. drip. affairs time life-time in the neighbourhood of of the enviroment of near plural interjection interjection verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive M$K5 D21-O4-G43-Z2 . ha ! Ha ! Ho! come down. life-time. befall of age. come and go a popular resort. $ 11!R $ !K8 $ !) $ !K +5 $ !+5 $ !V 5 1$ K5 O4-X1-O27 O4-G1 O4-G1-D54 O4-G1-D54 O4-G1-D54 O4-G1-D54 O1-D21-D54-O4-G1-D54 O1-D21-D54-O4-G1-D54-I9 O4-G1-D54-D21-N16-Z1-N21 O4-D54 O4-G1-X1-N1 O4-G1-G43-X1-N4-Z3A O4-G1-M17-M17-X1-O1 N1 O4-X1-N1 O4-X1-O27 O4-M17-M17-X1-N1 O4-G1-G43-A24 O4-G1-A9 O4-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 O4-G1-Y1-Z2 O4-G1-N5-Z2 G17-O4-G43-Z2 N35-O4-G43-Z2 ht hA hA hAi hAi hAi pr hAi pr hA .. belongings.. tackle dangerous animal ascend and descend.. go down.. thronging crowds flag. cease come down. $! $ !n $ !n $ !n $ !n ! M n$ !n ! M n$ !nh $ !n M a4 f $n $ !! R $ !K! U x $!1 1!! R $!R $!.$!. descend tackle etc. drop accede to office. stable portal portal portal portal corvee corvee time.f hA r tA hAi hAt hAwt hAyt hAyt hAyt hAyt hAyt hAw hAw hAw hAw hAw m hAw n hAw r hAw portal ho ! . ceiling ceilings portal. fall. environment.. circumstances. grasp the meaning of charge down upon enemy. descend. neighbourhood. fail..

shout jubilate interjection . relatives kindred kindred kindred species of wild fowl send someone. $ !?N $ !? 1 M M $ !-e a $ -e X $ 1l! $l $ 1 1l! $ 11" $ 11{ $ 1 1$ tbK@ O4-Y1-Z2 O4-G1-G43-A1-B1-Z2 O4-G43-A1-B1-Z2 O4-G1-A1-B1-Z2 O4-G1-M17-M17-A1-B1-Z2 O4-G1-Z7-D54-G39-Z2 O4-G1-D58-D54 O4-D58-D54 O4-D58-D54-N35 O4-D58-D54-D21 O4-G1-D58-U13-D54 O4-G1-D58-X1-U13-A32-D54 O4-G1-D58-M17-M17-X1-U13-D54 O4-G1-D21-X1-F28-Z2 O4-G1-V31-D21-W3 O4-V31-Z8 O4-G1-V31-W4 O4-G1-V31-M17-D21-W3 O4-G1-V13-S29-W23 O4-V13-S29-W14 O4-M17-D52-A1 O4-D52 O4-M17-M17-D52-A1 O4-M17-M17-A2 O4-M17-M17-A32A O4-M17-M17-O4-N35-W24-G43-A32 hAw hAw hAw hAw hAw hAw hAb hAb hAb n hAb r hb hAbt hAbyt hArt hAkr hAkr hAkr hAkr hATs hATs hi hi hi hy hy hy hnw neighbourhood. shout Hail !. something send to someone send to a place. something send someone. enviroment kindred. send for tread dance ? treading under foot ? herds of game a religious festival a religious festival a religious festival a religious festival kind of jar a type of jar husband husband husband hail !.$ +5 $ !K! p 5 $K!p5 $ !! p 5 $!1 1!p5 $ !: nG 5 $ !q n $qn $ q nt $qnM $ !q Sn $ !q ! S@ n $ !q 1 1 ! Sn $!M!^ 5 $ !? M M $?.

triturate beat up.1$ 1 ae n5 1$!aen $ !ta8 ! 5 G17-O4-M17-F31-S29-D54-Z2 G17-O4-G1-F31-S29-D54 O4-G1-N35-D41-A24-A1-Z2 O4-M17-M17-O50-Z4A O4-Z7-O4-Z7-D54 O4-G43-X1-Q7 O4-D58-U13 U13 O4-D58-U13-D54 O4-D58-D54 O4-G1-D58-U13-D54 O4-D58-U13-D54-F34-Z1 O4-D58-U13 O4-D58-Z4-G26A O4-D58-G26 O4-D58-N35-Z4-M3-Z2 U13-N35-Z4-M3 O4-D58-N35-U13-M3 O4-D58-N35-X1-W24 U13-N35-X1-W24 O4-D58-O4-D58-D54 O4-D58-O4-D58-U13-D54 O4-D58-O4-D58-U13-A24 O4-D58-N29-D36 O4-G1-D58-N29-D36 O4-Q3-Y1 $ 1 1Rl $:$:n $K! ' $qS S $q Sn $qn $ !q Sn $ q Snd 4 $qS $q7| $q: $ q t7#5 St7# $ q tS# $ q t! b St! b $q$qn $q $ q Sn $q $ q S8 $qn\ $ !q n \ $#+ m hims m hims hAn hyhy hwhw hwt hb hb hbi hbi hbi hb ib hb hby hby hbny hbny hbny hbnt hbnt hbhb hbhb hbhb hbq hbq hp humbly humbly rely on make acclamation scurry be burnt plough plough tread out grain. ordinance noun noun verb verb verb . tread a place. measure of capacity a jar traverse country traverse county drive out pain beat up. travel to. enter into someone tread a place travel to far-ranging of desire ? humiliate ? ibis ibis ebony ebony ebony a jar. triturate law.

chest halt.cry war-shout. relatives associates.cry. cease jar. chest box. approve document. quacking of wild-fowl war .<$ # + $1' $ 1! $5 $1:" `5 $1$ 1!" $ 1$ 1! 5`5 $1$ 15 $ t% $ t" $ t& $ t&# $ t2 $ t+ $ tb Kb $be $t11< $ 1 1$ tb K{ $ tb :! p 5 (!p5 $ tb:~6 $ ttH $ tt] $ tt9 $ tt. chest box. cajole ? attend to. consider. family waves deer deer attend to. measure of about half litre praise of god or king praise of god or king jubilation associates. chest box. chest box. $ tt9" D4-O4-Q3-Y1 O4-G17-Q7 O4-G17-X1-X4-Z2 O4-G17-Z7-X2-W22-Z2 O4-G17-O4-G17-X1-A2 O4-G17-O4-G17-X1-E21-D40-Z2 O4-G17-O4-G17-Z2 O4-N35-Q5 O4-N35-Q2 O4-N35-Q6E O4-N35-Q6E-M3 O4-N35-O18 O4-N35-Y1 O4-N35-W24-G43-W24 O4-W24-A73 O4-N35-M17-M17-A28 O4-M17-M17-O4-N35-W24-G43A32A O4-N35-W24-Z7-A1-B1-Z2 A8-A1-B1-Z2 O4-N35-W24-Z7-N35A-Z3 O4-N35-N35-F5 O4-N35-N35-F27 O4-N35-N35-D1 O4-N35-N35-Y2 O4-N35-N35-D1-A2 ir hp hm hmt hmw hmhmt hmhmt hmhmt hn hn hn hn hn hn hnw hnw hny hy hnw hnw hnw hnw hnn hnn hnn hnn hnn keep the law. consider . carry out the law be burning fare for conveyance emolument war . family. assent to. consider attend to. trust in. quacking of wild-fowl box.

pleasantness day. at peace take care ! contented peace. satisfied. daytime day. of heat of sun. downhearted suppress one's desires poultry pen blast of fire. be quiet. at peace pleasing be quiet. of disease wade steal. be immersed. of disease blast of fire. scanty call out ? adoration ape female ape verb verb infinitive adjective . pleasantness satisfactorily peace. be deficient.4 $ M#~ $ M#+ $ M~! $$' $$7' $e]nn $neE $!" $!!} $!:] $!!] O4-N35-N35-D41-D40 O4-D21-D40 O4-D21-Y1 O4-D21-Y1 O4-D21-A2 D4-O4-D21-Y1V O4-D21-Y1V-F34-Z1 O4-D21-X1-Y1 D21-O4-D21-X1-Y1 O4-D21-X1-A2 O4-D21-G43-N5-Z1 N5-Z1 O4-D21-G43-N5-Z1-F35-I9-D21 O4-D21-G43-M17-M17-X1-V12-Z1 O4-D21-Q3-N35A O4-D21-Q3-Y1 O4-D21-N35A-O1 O4-O4-Q7 O4-O4-Z4-Q7 O4-S29-D37-N29-D54 O4-N29-S29-G37 O4-X1-A2 O4-X1-X1-E51 O4-X1-Z7-F27 O4-X1-X1-F27 hnn hr hrw hrw hrw ir hrw hr ib hrt r hrt hrt hrw hrw hrw nfr hrwyt hrp hrp hrmw hh hh hsmq hqs ht htt htw htt assent to milk be pleased. suppress one's desires. happy day journal sink. of heat of sun. content. daytime holiday.$ tta` $ M` $ M+ $ M+ $ M" <$ M } $ M }d 4 $ M!+ M$ M!+ $ M!" $ MKV4 V4 $ MKV4 ehM $ MK1 1!.

tomb tomb the desert god O! non . O! would that !. dance at funeral screech of falcon screech of falcon screech of falcon wail mourn mourn mourning mourners would that !. dismiss appellant. excavate stone assault attack footstool a plant charge of army bregma front of the head bread food heart mourn. obstruct someone.enclitic particle non enclitic particle verb verb verb verb verb verb verb noun noun . wail. screech of falcon.$ -! $ fa` $ fa` $ f\ $ f~# $ ft" $ f$ fn $ f" < !$ 0 !! $5 0!d < !< << < !I 0 !< <!1 <!e < !} 0 11!E 0 !K < 5 0 !" <! 0 !! ! < !! 2 }H O4-V13-X1 O4-D46-D41-D40 O4-D46-D41-D40 O4-D46-D36 O4-D46-N35A-M3 O4-D46-N35-M2 O4-D46-O4-D46-D54 O4-D46-A2 V28-G1-X4 M16-G1-X1-X4-Z2 M16-X1-F34 V28-G1-A28 V28-A28 V28-G1-G41 M16-G1-A28 V28-G1-M17 V28-G1-A73 V28-G1-D81 M16-M17-M17-X1-G37 M16-G1-G43-A28-Z2 M16-G1-A2 V28-G1 M16-G1-X1-O1 V28-G1-X1-O18 N76A-A40 htt hd hd hd hdmw hdn hdhd hd AH HAt HAty HAi HAi HAi HAi HAi HAi HAi HAyt HAw HA HA HAt HAt HA female ape attack. punish. prevail over.

run aground of ship be naked nakedness nakedness naked man naked man naked man bandage flood water carrion .}i < !} ' 0 !9 M 0 !9 0 !9 ! 0 !! 0! 0!1 1H 011 0!1! 0 K>>> 0 !\ <!1 1d 0 !K! d 0 !1 1 ! d6 0 !7 Kd! 0 !7 d! < 0 !! ! 0!1 1!d 0!1 1!~ 0 ! 1 1 K >!6 0 !K +5 < 0 K+5 0 !K+5t 10 !K+5 0 !K+5: 4 N76A-N24 V28-G1-N76A-G7 M16-G1-D1 D21-M16-G1-D1 M16-G1-D1-O1 M16-G1-O1 M16-G1 M16-G1-M17-M17-A40 M16-M17-M17 M16-G1-M17-O1 M16-G43-V30-V30-V30 M16-G1-P1 V28-G1-M17-M17-S28 M16-G1-G43-X1-S28 M16-G1-M17-M17-X1-S28-Z3 M16-G1-Z4-G43-S28-A1 M16-G1-Z4-S28-A1 V28-M16-G1-X1-A1 M16-G1-M17-M17-X1-S28 M16-G1-M17-M17-X1-N35A M16-G1-M17-M17-G43-T30-G1-Z3 M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 V28-M16-G43-Y1-Z2 M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-N35 G17-M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-D2-Z1 HA HA HA r HA HA HA HA HAy HAy HAi HAw nbw HA HAy HAwt HAwt HAwy HAwy HAwty HAyt HAyt HAyw HAw HAw HAw n m HAw HAw Hr the desert . increase most of in excess of more than divinity noun . behind.god the desert god occiput. excess. surplus wealth. Isles go ashore. back of ear. around behind outside outside in attendance protector protector outer parts ? of house Aegean Islanders. increase.birds wealth.

central chest . prow of ship. the best of. nomarch. superior to get in front of starting with river mouth beginning local prince. chief. foremost. before. in front of. mayoress local princess. mayor local princess. vanguard of army beginning of region. except vintage the lower orders a special offering a special offering a special offering forehead. $!R G!4e i<o G!7d M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-D2-Z1-F35-I9D21 N35-M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 G17-M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-D2-Z1 V28-M16-G1-G43-M43A-Z3 M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-N36-Z2-A1-B1Z2 M16-G1-Z7-Y1-Z2-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 M16-Aa1-X1-X2-W22 M16-Y1V-Z2-Aa1-X1-Y1 F4-X1-Z1 F4-X1-Z1 G17-F4-X1-Z1 D21-F4-X1-Z1 D4-F4-X1-Z1 F4-X1-Z1-D21 D21-Z1-F4-X1-Z1-N36 F4-D36 F4-D36-A1 F4-X1-D36 F4-X1-X1-D36 F4-D36-Z1 F4-X1-Z1-D2-Z1 F4-X1-M12 M4-X1-O50 F4-X1-Z1-S29-I10-V28-D56 F4-X1-Z4-F34 HAw Hr nfr n HAw m HAw Hr HAw HAw mr HAw xt HAw xt HAw xt HAt HAt m HAt r HAt ir HAt HAt r r HAt HAt a HAty a HAtt a HAtt a HAty a HAt Hr HAt xA HAt sp HAt sDH HAty surpassing in beauty excessive in addition to.0 !K+5: 4 e h M t0 !K+5 10 !K +5: 4 < 0 !K K 6 0 !K +5u5! p 5 0 !:+5B ! +5 0 K! " ` 0 }5B ! + G!4 G!4 1G!4 MG!4 <G! 4 G!4 M M4G! 4u G\ G\! G!\ G! ! \ G\4 G!4: 4 G! . female nomarch. thought . forepart of animal. mayoress the finest of forehead herdsman regnal year shinbone heart. female nomarch. before in front of.

thought bow-warp of ship bow-warp of ship unguent unguent strife strife strife touch of ship on land a bad quality the foremost the foremost the foremost secret. mysterious keep silence about secret place ? open mouthed catch fish. thought heart. to hide secret. fish waters fishermen type of wine type of wine type of wine decoy-duck. central chest.0!d < !! 7 d G!! ! G!73 G!! K G!} 0 !\ 1 1 ! 8 0\7E 0 !\ 1 1 ! E 5 0 !\ \ n < !\ 4 q 8 GK!7n G:! on G4! K! 0 !# d < 0 !# + 0 !# d M 4 : 4 0 !# ! 0 !# f M 4 H 0 !1S ` 0 !1Ip 8 0 !1KT 8 ST <T < !~ T 0 ! M :<G M16-X1-F34 V28-G1-X1-Z4-F34 F4-X1-X1-V1 F4-X1-Z4-V19 F4-X1-X1-W1 F4-X1-N33A M16-G1-D36-M17-M17-X1-A24 M16-D36-Z4-G37 M16-G1-D36-M17-M17-X1-G37-Z2 M16-G1-D36-D36-D54 V28-G1-D36-Z1-D58-A24 F4-G43-X1-Z4-D54 F4-Z7-X1-D56-D54 F4-Z1-X1-G43-X1 M16-G1-Q3-S28 V28-M16-G1-Q3-Y1 M16-G1-Q3-S28-D21-Z1-D2-Z1 M16-G1-Q3-O1 M16-G1-Q3-D46-D21-Z1-A40 M16-G1-G17-G51-D40 M16-G1-G17-G41-K1-A24 M16-G1-G17-G43-G52-A24 G51-W10 G28-W10 V28-G1-N35A-W10 M16-G1-D21-Z7-D4-G39 HAty HAty HAtt HAtt HAtt HAtt HAayt HAayt HAayt HAaa HAab HAwty HAwty HAwty HAp HAp HAp r Hr HAp HApd r HAm HAm HAmw HAmw HAmw HAmw HArw heart. fish waters catch fish. bait in general adjective . mysterious. central chest.

carry off captives carry off captives easy prey plunder plunder captives plunderer be glad touch of ship on land rejoice over cloak cloak fine linen fine linen fine linen cloudiness of sky bleariness of eyes bleariness of eyes bleariness of eyes fish trap. trap fish fish-trap lust flesh verb noun noun . stumble stumble stumble plunder goods.0 !0 !n 00n 0 !R 7 î 0 !n \ < 0 !n 8 1 C0 n ` 0 n `5 0 n ! `5 0 n `-6 0 !n : 8 ! <0U" 0 !U n 0 !U !U + <!g 1d < !! d 0 !$d 0 $Kd6 0!g 1 & 0!g 1U <0!g 1= 0 !! < <0!g 1U < !f ` < 0 !f# < !fl <\s M16-G1-M16-G1-D54 M16-M16-D54 M16-G1-O50-Z4-D55 M16-G1-N29-D36 V28-M16-G1-N29-A24 M17-O35-M16-N29-D40 M16-N29-D40-Z2 M16-N29-X1-D40-Z2 M16-N29-D40-A13-Z3 M16-G1-N29-Z7-A24-A1 V28-M16-W11-A2 M16-G1-W11-D54 M16-G1-W11-G1-W11-Y1 V28-G1-U33-M17-S28 V28-G1-X1-S28 M16-G1-G4-S28 M16-G4-G43-S28-Z3 M16-G1-U33-M17-V6 M16-G1-U33-M17-N4 V28-M16-G1-U33-M17-D5 M16-G1-X1-D4 V28-M16-G1-U33-M17-N4 V28-G1-D46-T89 V28-M16-G1-D46-M3 V28-G1-D46-D52 V28-D36-F51 HAHA HAHA HAHA HAq HAq is HAq HAq HAqt HAqw HAqw HAg HAg HAgAg HAti HAti HAtyw HAtyw HAtyw HAti HAti HAti HAti HAd HAd HAd Ha go astray. capture towns.

i Haw nTr Ha Hat Hat Hai Hai Hai Hai Hai Hai Hawt Hawt HaAw HaAw HaAw Haaw Haaw Haawt Haaw Haww Haww Hapy Hapy body all people myself the King in person palace wick of lamp wick joyful rejoice rejoice rejoice rejoice rejoice joy joy children children children rejoice rejoice joy ships ships ships Nile Nile adjective verb verb verb verb verb .< \ 25 < \ 2> < ss s! 3sss <\! <\!! <\}! <\<" <\<" <\K <\<+ <\+ <\11<+ <\K!<6 <\!<n < =\ !1 ! 5 < |!E 5 <|\K1! <\\K<+ <\\< <\\K!< <\KK\5 <\^5 <\K^5 <\#~ <#u V28-D36-F51B-Z2 V28-D36-F51B-V30 V28-F51-F51-F51-A1 R8-F51-F51-F51 V28-D36-O1 V28-D36-X1-V1 V28-D36-D133-X1 V28-D36-A28-A2 V28-D36-A28-A2 V28-D36-G43 V28-D36-A28-Y1 V28-D36-Y1 V28-D36-M17-M17-A28-Y1 V28-D36-G43-X1-A28-Z3 V28-D36-X1-A28-Z2B V28-O29-D36-G1-A17-A1-Z2 V28-O29V-G1-G37-Z2 V28-O29V-D36-G43-A17-A1 V28-D36-D36-G43-A28-Y1 V28-D36-D36-A28 V28-D36-D36-G43-X1-A28 V28-D36-G43-G43-P1-Z2 V28-D36-P3-Z2 V28-D36-G43-P3-Z2 V28-D36-Q3-N35A V28-Q3-N36 Haw Haw nb Ha .

tread road etc.. smite.. defeat in argument. gather crops thresh corn. flap wings. drive off cattle drive in mooring post.throw against.5 <KU+ <KU5 <98 <98 <98 9\ V28-D36-Q3-Z4-N36 V28-D36-Q3-Z4-N36-N35A-A40 V28-D36-Q3-D21-N35A-N37-Z2 D2-Q3 V28-D21-Q3-N37-A40 V28-D36-U28-G1-A24 V28-D36-U28-G1-A24 V28-D36-U28-G1-G43-X1-G37-A24Z3 V28-G43-A40 V28-G43-F18-Y1-A40 V28-G43-G7 V28-G43-G43 V28-G43 V28-G43-Z4A-A2 V28-G43-D3-Z2 V28-G43-Z8-Z2 V28-G43-A40 V28-F18-Z2 F18-Y1-Z8-Z2 V28-G43-F18-Y1 V28-G43-F18-Z2 V28-A25-A24 V28-A25-A24 V28-A25-A24 A25-D36 Hapy Hapy Hapy Hapy Hapy HaDA HaDA HadAwt Hw Hw Hw Hww Hww Hww Hww Hw Hw Hw Hw Hw Hw Hwi Hwi Hwi Hwi Nile Hapy Nile god Nile Nile Nile plunder robbery robbery Authoritative Utterance Authoritative Utterance royal ordinance proclaim proclaim proclaim beat of wings food food food food food food beat. srike. roam the earth beat. clap. smite verb verb verb verb verb noun divinity .5 < K.5 <KH <U5 U+. strike.<\#7u <\#7u~H < \# M~v5 :# < M# vH < \ b !8 < \ b !8 < \ b !K! E 8 6 <KH < KU+H <K' <KK <K < Kl" <K.

overflow. overflow surge up. rain rain combat combat a class of bulls. overflow. cattle in general would that ! would that ! temple. administrative centre. overflow surge up.<K8 <" <!\ <!` <}?8~ <8 <:8 <8` <8?8~ <911!~ < 8t7 M: 4 ` < 8?8t7 M: 4 8 < Kl!5 < KK!5 < K 1 1K!6 <K7 <K &!! &!! }!! &!! & : ! ! 5D M 1 1 ! ! 6 &!!#\!!!5 & V28-G43-A24 V28-T2 V28-X1-D36 V28-X1-D40 V28-A90D-Z12-A24-N35A V28-A24 V28-Z7-A24 V28-A24-D40 V28-A24-Z12-A24-N35A V28-A25-M17-M17-X1-N35A V28-A24-N35-Z4-D21-D2-Z1-D40 V28-A24-Z12-A24-N35-Z4-D21-D2Z1-A24 V28-G43-D52-E1-Z2 V28-G43-G43-E1-Z2 V28-G43-M17-M17-G43-E1-Z3 V28-G43-Z4 V28-G43 O6-X1-O1 O6-X1-O1 O90A-X1-O1 O6F-X1-O1 O6-Z7-X1-O1-Z2-G36-D21-M17M17-X1-O1-Z3 O6-X1-O1-Q3-D36-X1-O1-A1-Z2 O6G Hwi Hwi Hwt a Hwt Hwi Hwi Hwi Hwi Hwi Hwyt Hw ny r Hr Hw ny r Hr Hww Hww Hww Hwy Hwy Hwt Hwt Hwt aAt Hwt anx Hwt wryt Hwt pat Hwt nt drive off cattle flap wings extending the arm stroke of falcon surge up. overflow surge up. rain surge up. funerary chapel administrative district. estate palace. cattle in general a class of bulls. cattle in general a class of bulls. tombchapel Mansion of Life Royal living Quarters the Great Mansions Law Courts Mansion of the Patricians a shrine Mansion of the Red Crown a Temple verb verb noun non .enclitic particle non enclitic particle . temple.

smell offensive. offensive. young man child. spoil enjoyment putrefaction putrefaction short short apprehensive short men child. temple chapel in tomb. alabaster quarries in Hare Nome. temple Memphis a mine foul. young man child. sculptor's workshop Mansion of Gold temple at Abydos temple temple Hathor goddess Hathor name of the Fourth month chapel in tomb. rot. Goldsmith's workshop Mansion of Gold a temple at Abydos. in temple chapel in tomb. young man plural divinity divinity noun .&& & t! L & &Tr5 &T 3&!! 3& &: M) * &: M) 'T '!T! #!<'T &!!T4#! <H &!!j < $ !C < $ !!! C 5 < $ !K! D <K\E <\E <K\Ed 4 < \Ka! 5 < B t1 < J t1 < B tJ 1 O6-O6-O6-N35-X1-S4 O6E O6-S12-N33-Z2 O6-S12 R8-O6-X1-O1 R8-O6 O6-D2-D21-C9 O10 O6-D2-D21-C9 O7-D28 O7-X1-D28-O1 Q3-X1-V28-O7-D28 O6-X1-O1-D28-Z1-Q3-X1-V28-A40 O6-X1-X1-N25 V28-V4-G1-Aa2 V28-V4-G1-G1-X1-Aa2-Z2 V28-V4-G1-G43-X1-Aa3 V28-G43-D36-G37 V28-D36-G37 V28-G43-D36-G37-F34-Z1 V28-D36-G43-D41-A1-Z2 V28-E34-N35-A17 V28-M42-N35-A17D V28-E34-N35-M42-A17 Hwwt nt Hwt nbw Hwt nbw Hwt nbw Hwt nTr Hwt nTr Hwt Hr Hwt Hr Hwt Hr Hwt kA Hwt kA Hwt kA ptH Hwt kA ptH Htt HwA HwAAt HwAAt Hwa Hwa Hwa ib Hwaw Hwn Hwn Hwn Mansions of the Red Crown Mansion of Gold. putrefy.

youthful vigour youthful vigour rib-roast pupil of eye poor. despicable person poor. plunder festival festival festival festival festival festival festival jubilee jubilee jubilee jubilee noun . humble man. Ne ff 7 7N e ff7 N < q e ffMV V28-M42-X1-N35-A17 V28-M42-N35-W24-X1-A17-B1 V28-M42-N35-A17 V28-E34-N35-A17 V28-E34-N35-F51 V28-M42-N35-X1-Z1 V28-G36-D21-G43-G37-A1 V28-G36-D21-G43-G37-Z2 V28-G36-D21-G43-A17-A1 V28-G36-D21-G43-A17-G37-A1 D58-G43-V28-D21-G36-G43-G37 V28-G36-D21-G43-G37-F34-Z1 V28-G36-D21-G43-A2 V28-G43-X1-I9-A24 V28-G43-X1-I9-V1-D40 V28-D58-W4 W4 V28-D58-W3 V28-W3-D58 V28-N5-W3-D58 W3 V28-D58-Y2 W4-S29-D46-N21-O23 O23-W4 S29-D46-N21-O23-W4 V28-D58-S29-D46-N21-W3-N5 Hwnt Hwnt Hwn Hwn Hwn Hwnt Hwrw Hwrw Hwrw Hwrw bw Hwrw Hwrw ib Hwrw Hwtf Hwtf Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb sd Hb sd Hb sd Hb sd maiden maiden be rejuvenated. refreshed. decry ? rob. humble man. humble man.< J ! t1 < J tb ! 1 p < J t1 < B t1 <Bts < J t! 4 <D MKE! <D MKE5 <D MK1! <D MK1E! q K< MDKE <D MKEd 4 <D MK" < K! h8 < K! h! ` <qN N <qM < Mq < VMq M <q. despicable person the meanest of birds poor. despicable person evil poor of understanding speak ill ?. plunder rob.

make festival mourn ritual book ritual book lector priest festival offerings festival offerings festival offerings festival offerings festival offerings catch of fish and fowl catch of fish and fowl catch of fish and fowl catch of fish and fowl waddle play draughts play draughts target target target . N! + <<q <q 11!N M! 5 N1 1! <qN1 1!5 <q 11!@x < q NGp 5 V28-D58-W3-D40 V28-W3-D58 V28-D58-W3-Y1 V28-D58-W3-D32-D40 V28-D58-M17-M17-W4 W4-M17-M17 V28-D58-W4-M17-M17 V28-D58-W3-A24 V28-D58-X1-W3-V12 W4-X1-Y1 V28-T28-D58 V28-D58-M17-M17-X1-W4 W3-X1-Z2 W4-M17-M17-X1 V28-D58-W4-M17-M17-X1-Z2 V28-D58-M17-M17-X1-Y24-Z3A V28-D58-W4-G39-K1-Z2 G39-K1 V28-D58-G39-K1-Z2 V28-W3-D58-G39-Z2-K1-Z2 V28-D58-G29-G1-D58-G29-G1-D54 V28-D58-D36-T14-T14-Y1 V28-D36-D58-D40 V28-D58-G43-Z26 V28-D58-G43-O39 V28-D58-Z5 Gp <q Gp5 < Mq G5p 5 < q = !q = !n <q\.+ <\q` <q Kp <q KG <q8 Hb Hb Hb Hb Hby Hby Hby Hb Hbt Hbt Xry Hbt Hbyt Hbyt Hbyt Hbyt Hbyt Hb Hb Hb Hb HbAbA Hba Hba Hbw Hbw Hbw celebrate a triumph celebrate a triumph celebrate a triumph celebrate a triumph be festal. make festival be festal. make festival be festal.< q M` < Mq < q M+ < q MX ` <q 11N N1 1 <qN1 1 < q M8 < q !M..

hide. cloth. covering garment. don garment. ply one's oar Hapy a son of Horus Hapy one of the four sons of Horus Hapy one of the four sons of Horus divinity divinity divinity . clothes. steer. furnish house. clothing.<qq!~ <qqf~ <qed < q e d: 4 < q e d9 4 <qed d5 < q e :d45 <qe!K d! K < q Bd` <q eKT <#u <qe 11!d <#!e q5 F!4 c!4 <#!F <#!c F!c /8<#!e ie MeF! 5 F# 1 1H F#H <#F11 V28-D58-D58-X1-N35A V28-D58-D58-N21-N35A V28-D58-S29-S28 V28-D58-S29-S28-D2-Z1 V28-D58-S29-S28-D1-Z1 V28-D58-S29-S28 S28-Z2 V28-D58-S29-Z7-S28-Z1-Z2 V28-D58-S29-X1-G43 S28-X1-G43 V28-D58-O34-S28-D40 V28-D58-S29-G43-Aa19 V28-Q3-N36 V28-D58-S29-M17-M17-X1-S28 V28-Q3-X1-P10 Aa5A-Z2 Aa5-X1-Z1 P8-X1-Z1 V28-Q3-X1-Aa5 V28-Q3-X1-P8 Aa5-X1-P8 V15-A24-V28-Q3-X1-P10 I10-S29-D21-D45-Aa5-X1-Z2 Aa5-Q3-M17-M17-A40 Aa5-Q3-A40 V28-Q3-Aa5-M17-M17 Hbbt Hbbt Hbs Hbs Hr Hbs Hr Hbs Hbs Hbsw Hbswt Hbswt Hbs Hbsw Hapy Hbsyt Hpt Hpt Hpt Hpt Hpt Hpt Hpt iT Hpt Dsr Hpwt Hpy Hpy Hpy water water clothe. be clothed. cover up be inaccessible to pleas cover the face cover the head garment. clothes. clothing deception ? cloth cloth bear flabellum bundle ? Nile wife oar oar oar oar oar oar oar travel by boat row.

wife woman. armful embrace cross-timber of door leaves. ribs of boat open mouth open mouth range hills. wife take a wife. to marry verb and noun . a great quantity climb sit woman. ribs ? of boat cross-timbers of door-leaves.<#KF! q#! <F#G! F#K!7n <#U! <#!n <#!X!n < # ! )! n <#!X <#!X\ < # ! KX #5 < # ! K#5 < #fQ 0 !# f < hn < h!Km < hjKm < h! m < h!! 0 < h!! n g < hfn < hf' V28-Q3-G43-Aa5-E1 Aa5A-Q3-E1 V28-Aa5-Q3-G39-E1 Aa5-Q3-G43-X1-Z4-D54 V28-Q3-W11-X1 V28-Q3-X1-D54 V28-Q3-X1-D32-X1-D54 V28-Q3-X1-T9-X1-D54 V28-Q3-X1-D32 V28-Q3-X1-D32-D36 V28-Q3-X1-G43-D32-M3-Z2 V28-Q3-X1-G43-M3-Z2 V28-Q3-D46-D25 M16-G1-Q3-D46 V28-I9-D54 V28-I9-G1-G43-I14 V28-I9-F40-G43-I14 V28-I9-X1-I14 V28-I9-G1-X1-A16A V28-I9-G1-X1-D54 I8 V28-I9-D46-D54 V28-I9-D46-A7 N42-X1-B1 O34-X1-B1-N41-X1-B1 D4-N41-X1-B1 {!p B! p z ! p <z ! p Hpw Hpw Hpw Hpwty Hpgt Hpt Hptt Hptt Hpt Hpt Hptw Hptw Hpd Hpd Hf HfAw HfAw HfAt HfAt HfAt Hfn Hfd Hfd Hmt st Hmt ir Hmt Apis Bull Apis Bull Apis Bull runner a leaping dance travel course of sun or moon course of sun and moon embrace. of lion snake snake intestinal worm crawling posture crawling posture 100.000 .

retreat turn back ! retreat steer steering oar steering-oar steering-oar steering-oar helmsman helmsman stand ? for target servant servant servants enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle .k Hm xt Hm Hmw Hmw Hmw Hmw iry Hmw Hmy Hmt Hm Hm Hmw queen god's wife title of queen queen Queen womb. indeed coward homosexual retire. uterus assuredly. indeed assuredly. uterus womb. indeed assuredly.7z! 3z! 7z!p 7 ! t{ ! z!o z!! z1 z1\ z18 z1m z1!7m z1î z 1î0 !9 ? z 1#B ! î z1e z1:e e z1e <z1K# 1 M7z1:e z 1 1 1e! j!4# j! j4! j:! M23-N41-X1 R8-N41-X1 M23-N41-X1-B1 M23-X1-N35-N42-X1 N41-X1-F45 N41-X1-E1 N41-G17 N41-G17-D36 N41-G17-A24 N41-G17-D53 N41-G17-X1-Z4-D53 N41-G17-D55 N41-G17-D55-M16-G1-D1-V31 N41-G17-M3-Aa1-X1-D55 N41-G17-P10 N41-G17-Z7-P10 P10 N41-G17-P10 V28-N41-G17-G43-M3 M17-D21-Z4-N41-G17-Z7-P10 N41-G17-M17-M17-P10-A1 U36-X1-Z1-M3 U36-A1 U36-Z1-A1 U36-Z7-A1 Hmt nsw Hmt nTr Hmt nsw Hmt nsw idt idt Hm Hm Hm Hm Hmty Hm Hm HA tp .

craft of sculptor skill be skilled.service Majesty of king Majesty Majesty Majesty of Queen copper. carpenter craftsman. expert. figuratively for Firmness of Character coppersmith skill. expert. carpenter craftsmen craftsmen Master Craftsman craftsmen work collective noun . carpenter craftsman. expert.j!p j!4p 3j }! W } 1 1`! }+5 j4 jH j4' j! s4} s!7` ^!4 ^!+ ^K+ ^K+d 4 ^KK! ^K ^! ^K!!5 ^!4!6 Dr^! ^ KK$`! 5 ^ lK+ U36-X1-B1 U36-X1-Z1-B1 R8-U36 D375-A1 D31 D375-M17-M17-D40-A1 D375-Y1-Z2 U36-Z1 U36-A40 U36-Z1-G7 U36-X1 N34-Z1-N33A N34-X1-Z4-D40 U24-X1-Z1 U24-X1-Y1 U24-G43-Y1 U24-G43-Y1-F34-Z1 U24-G43-G43-A1 U24-G43 U24-A1 U24-G43-X1-A1-Z2 U24-X1-Z1-A1-Z3 G36-S42-U24-A1 U24-G43-G43-G4-D40-A1-Z2 U24-Z4A-G43-Y1 Hmt Hmt Hm nTr Hm kA Hm kA Hm kA Hm kA Hm Hm Hm Hmt Hmt Hmty Hmt Hmt Hmw Hmw ib Hmww Hmww Hmww Hmwt Hmwt wr xrp Hmwt Hmwtyw Hmwy female servant female servant prophet soul priest soul priest soul priest soul . minerals. skilful ingenious craftsman.

garnet carnelian.^! 4+5M4 ^! 4+5M4 ^! M < 1!@ < G!_ < G!! f r 5 <H! r5 < G!U ! r 5 <1U!5 j KK j~ <zKe!z <11s4 <ze' ' z B' <ze} z1er <ze':4 < 1B' z B! S ze!# z B1 ! 5 <zel z B1 1' +! z1er!p5 U24-X1-Z1-Y1-Z2-D21-Z1 U24-X1-Z1-Y1-Z2-D21-Z1 U24-X1-D21 V28-G17-G1-Y24 V28-U1-G1-H8 V28-U1-G1-X1-U32-N33-Z2 V28-U2-X1-N33-Z2 V28-U1-G1-W11-X1-N33-Z2 V28-G17-W11-X1-Z2 U36-G43-G43 U36-N35A V28-N41-G43-S29-X1-T62 V28-G17-G17-N34-Z1 V28-N41-S29-A7 A7 N41-O34-A7 V28-N41-S29-A285 N41-G17-S29-B3 V28-N41-S29-A7-D2-Z1 V28-G17-O34-A7 N41-O34-X1-A51 N41-S29-X1-A3 N41-O34-A17-A1-Z2 V28-N41-S29-D52 N41-O34-M17-M17-A7-Y1-A1 N41-G17-S29-B3-A1-B1-Z2 Hmt r Hmt r Hmt r HmA HmA HmAt HmAt HmAgt HmAgt Hmww Hmww Hmwst Hmm Hmsi Hmsi Hmsi Hmsi Hmsi Hms Hr Hmsi Hmst Hmst Hmsw Hms Hmsy Hmsyw magic . garnet fuller washer of cloth ? fuller washer of cloth? female counterpart of the KA surgeon's knife ? sit. and so forth ball ball salt salt carnelian. sit down. Position sloth penis guest guests plural verb transitive . and so forth etcetera. dwell in. seat someone sit down sit down sit down dwell in besiege town occupy a place session seat in sense of Rank.spell etcetera.

watercourse swampy lake. business. craft. govern.<1U!} < "tD < "t+ < "t+ D < "tD + < "tD E < "t! D +5 < "t! + D ! +5 >! < "t! D +5 < "tb K`! 6 < Ntb :! l! < "tn < "t! v < "t! 8u h < t! T T! < "t! + < "t! 7D D DD < "t! 7D D pp < "t! 7D D D!7 < "t! 7p V28-G17-W11-X1-N33A V28-M2-N35-V36 V28-M2-N35-Y1 V28-M2-N35-Y1 V36G V28-M2-N35-V36-Y1 V28-M2-N35-V36-G37 V28-M2-N35-X1-V36-Y1-Z2 V28-M2-N35-X1-Y1 V36-X1-Y1-Z2 V30-A1-V28-M2-N35-X1-V36-Y1-Z2 V28-M2-N35-W24-G43-D40-A1-Z3 V28-U8-N35-W24-Z7-X1-Z4A-A1 V28-M2-N35-D54 V28-M2-N35-X1-N37 V28-M2-N35-X1-Z5-N36-N23 V28-N35-X1-W10 W10-X1 V28-M2-N35-X1-Y1 V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-V36-V36 V36-V36 V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-V36-V36-N31N31 V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-V36-V36 V36-X1-Z4 V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-N31 HmAgt Hn Hn Hn Hn Hn Hn Hnt Hnt Hnt nb Hnt Hnw Hnwty Hn Hnt Hnt Hnt Hnt Hnt Hnty Hnty Hnty Hnty Hnty Hnty carnelian encumber. craft. eternity dual dual dual dual . the two ends of space the two sides/ends of time the two sides of time. commend someone. the two ends of time. obstruct provide. command. services occupation. business. craft. an attack swampy lake. business. equip. services craftsman military Commanders servant go speedily. control oneself charge someone with task. eternity the two sides of time. the two sides. services occupation. watercourse cup cup space of time. the two ends of time. occupy oneself occupy one's hands with business control oneself control one's mouth occupation. the two ends of space the two sides. lifetime the two sides / ends of a space.

the two ends of time. together with them together with. eternity. therewith. therewith. possessions. the two sides of time. and. continually. eternity canal rush plant rush spear spear together with. chattels. and together with. goods bowl jar goods. the two ends of time. bowl. chattels. possessions mistress mistress mistress mistress horn horn barque of Sokar barque of Sokar ribs dual dual dual noun noun plural .< "t! lD < "t! g 1. together with them jar. < Nt! 7n < "tb:~u h4 <"t1" < "t" < "t 1 1! _ <t11! ^ < t\ <t < t\5 < "tbK ` < "tKT < Ntb Ka < "tbK+5 <b!k T! <b!p < tb ! p < #tb! } < "tS < Ntb Kj < "tb : 1 1} < "tb : s5 V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4A-V36 V28-M2-N35-X1-U33-M17-Y2 V28-U8-N35-X1-Z4-D54 V28-M2-N35-W24-Z7-N35A-N36N23-Z1 V28-M2-N35-M17-M2 V28-M2-N35-M2 V28-M2-N35-M17-M17-X1-T80A V28-N35-M17-M17-X1-T80 V28-N35-D36 V28-N35 V28-N35-D36-Z2 V28-M2-N35-W24-G43-W22 V28-M2-N35-G43-W10 V28-U8-N35-W24-G43-W23 V28-M2-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 V28-W24-X1-I12 W10-X1 V28-W24-X1-B1 V28-N35-W24-X1-B1 V28-M3D-N35-W24-X1-O120 V28-M2-N35-F16 V28-U8-N35-W24-G43-P60C V28-M2-N35-W24-Z7-M17-M17P114 V28-M2-N35-W24-Z7-F51-Z2 Hnty Hnty Hnty Hnw Hni Hni Hnyt Hnyt Hna Hna Hna Hnw Hnw Hnw Hnw Hnwt Hnwt Hnwt Hnwt Hnwt Hnwt Hnw Hnw Hnw the two sides of time. and. the two ends of time. eternity the two sides of time.

constricted constricted meanness meanness mean. circumsized penis hinder. salivary glands ? narrow. circumcised penis phallus.< tq :` < "tq ! h5 < "t11! ! p 5 Y!5 <11! Y5 Y11!!p 5 Y!p5 <tB1 B1n < ttN4 < "tt# < "ttl < "ttm2 < "t < "tî < "t < î < "t"tn < "t < "tD n! < "t"t! _ < "tU U s < "te E < "te pE < te d 4 < "te Ed 4 < "e \4 < T tB?! ` < "tB?! . mankind creep hoe hoe penis. detain dawdler ?. mankind the sun-folk of Heliopolis. ungenerous tie up ? braided lock of hair braided lock of hair . mankind the sun-folk of Heliopolis. < "tB?! ? V28-N35-D58-Z7-D40 V28-M2-N35-D58-X1-N23-Z2 V28-M2-N35-G17-G17-X1-A1-B1-Z2 N8-X1-Z2 V28-G17-G17-X1-N8-Z2 N8-G17-G17-X1-A1-B1-Z2 N8-A1-B1-Z2 V28-N35-T34-G17-T34-G17-D54 V28-N35-N35-U8-Z1 V28-M2-N35-N35-M3 V28-M2-N35-N35-D52 V28-M2-N35-N35-D53-F51B V28-M2-N35-V28-M2-N35-D55 V28-M2-N35-V28-D55 V28-M2-N35-M2-N35-D54 V28-M2-N35-V28-M2-N35-V36-D54A1 V28-M2-N35-M2-N35-X1-H8 V28-M2-N35-W11-W11-F51 V28-M2-N35-S29-G37 V28-M2-N35-S29-N31-G37 V28-N35-S29-F34-Z1 V28-M2-N35-S29-G37-F34-Z1 V28-M2-S29-D36-Z1 V28-W10-N35-O34-V31-V1-D40 V28-M2-N35-O34-V31-X1-D3 V28-M2-N35-O34-V31-X1-D156 Hnb Hnbwt Hnmmt Hnmmt Hnmmt Hnmmt Hnmmt Hnmnm Hnn Hnn Hnn Hnn HnHn HnHn HnHn HnHn HnHnt Hngg Hns Hns Hns ib Hns ib Hns a Hnsk Hnskt Hnskt convey land confines of district the sun-folk of Heliopolis. detain hinder. mankind the sun-folk of Heliopolis. mankind the sun-folk of Heliopolis. detain hinder. cripple ? swelling tonsils ?.

bier bed bed bed of life where the sun sets scale-pan of a balance scale-pan of balance scale-pan of balance be covetous. <n!` ` < t?_ _ _+ _bbb < "t?_ _bbb < t?! _ bb b _!G _!5 < "t?:_ 4 < "t? 1 1 ! ad < "t? 1 1! _ !5 < t?! d _ ! !j tB ! < "t?K_ < "t?K= < "t?K} < "t! 7D 8 <DK!b V28-M2-N35-O34-V31-G4-D156D156-D156-Z2 V28-M2-N35-S29-V31-M17-M17-G4D3-A40-Z3 V28-M2-N35-O34-V31-M17-M17-X1D3 V28-N29-X1-W22 W22 V28-N35-V31-D39 D39 D39-Y1 D39-W24-W24-W24 V28-M2-N35-V31-D39 D39-W24-W24-W24 V28-N35-V31-X1-D39-W24-W24W24 D39-X1-M39 D39-X1-Z2 V28-M2-N35-V31-Z7-D39-Z1 V28-M2-N35-V31-M17-M17-X1-D41S28 V28-M2-N35-V31-M17-M17-X1-D39O1-Z2 V28-N35-V31-X1-S28 D39-X1-O1-S34-N35-Aa1-O1 V28-M2-N35-V31-G43-D39 V28-M2-N35-V31-G43-V29 V28-M2-N35-V31-G43-U91 V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-V36-A24 V28-V36-S3-X1-I3 Hnsktyw Hnsktyw Hnskyt Hnqt Hnkt Hnk Hnk Hnk Hnk Hnk Hnk Hnkt Hnkt Hnkt Hnkw Hnkyt Hnkyt Hnkyt Hnkyt anx Hnkw Hnkw Hnkw Hnty Hnty wearers of the side-lock of hair wearers of the side-lock of hair she who has braided hair beer beer to present someone.< " tB? $???5 < "te ? 1 1 $. greedy be covetous.H6 < "tB? 1 1 ! . offer something. make offering. greedy . be burdened offer something to offer something to make offering to make offering to offerings offerings offerings offerings diplomatic gifts bed.

sight divinity divinity :4 : 4 >! p 6 : 4 >! 6 ]:t ]1:t ]1:t < M:4 :4M . greedy greed greed be in need porcupine ? porcupine ? lizard foreign commander. under the supervision of face. sight everyone everyone give commands to lay a charge upon. command someone appoint someone to office. equerry of foreign prince foreign commander equerry of foreign prince Horus Horus of Queen breastbone palm of hand Falcon of Gold Falcon of Gold face. call the attention of under the control of.< "t! 8 < "t! b8 < "t! b < "! < "t! d !E < "t! !] 4 < "t! 7] < "t! d !7 K ` < t! d 1 1` < t! K 1 1 <"tg 1 18 %H %! < "t! !s f4 ( !( V28-M2-N35-X1-A24 V28-M2-N35-X1-I3-A24 V28-M2-N35-X1-I3 V28-M2-X1 V28-M2-N35-X1-U30-G1-G37 V28-M2-N35-X1-G1-F27-Z1 V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-F27 V28-M2-N35-X1-U30-G1-M23-G43I1 V28-N35-X1-U30-M17-M17-D40 V28-N35-X1-G43-M17-M17 V28-M2-N35-U33-M17-M17-Z5 G5-A40 G5-X1 V28-M2-N35-X1-G1-F51 D46-Z1 G8 X1-G8 D2-Z1 D2-Z1-V30-A1-B1-Z3 D2-Z1-V30-A1-Z3 D37-D2-N35 D37-G17-D2-N35 D37-G17-D2-N35 T28-D21-D2-Z1 D2-Z1-D21 Hnty Hnty Hnt Hnt HntA HntA Hnti HntAsw Hnty Hnty Hnty Hr Hrt HntA Hnt Hr nbw Hr nbt Hr Hr nb Hr nb di Hr n di m Hr n di m Hr n Xr Hr Hr be covetous. greedy be covetous.

having on it. having authority over. midst of which is in the middle / midst of. from. remainder remainder arrears immediately immediately epagomenal days the five epagomenal days an offering loaf a breed of cattle a breed of cattle a breed of cattle garden Arsaphes Arsaphes prepostion with suffixes : MRb ! h$ : MR4D :S4 : MR! : M! Rvf 4 : MRvhh' : Mvh' divinity divinity . inmost parts of.:4 : M7R :R :M : MR! :d :d : M7RP! 4 :d!. who dwell in. :4\4 : 4\4+5 :\ ME5 : M!\4E5 :4\4K7 :4\4 : MK $! $! 5l: K D2-Z1 D2-D21-Z4-N1 D2-N1 D2-D21 D2-D21-N1-A1 D2-F34 D2-F34 D2-D21-Z4-N1-F13-X1-Z1 D2-F34-X1-O27 D2-Z1-D36-Z1 D2-Z1-D36-Z1-Y1-Z2 D2-D36-D21-G37-Z2 D2-D21-X1-D36-Z1-G37-Z2 D2-Z1-D36-Z1-G43-Z4 D2-Z1-D36-Z1 D2-D21-G43-M4-X1 M4-X1-Z2-Z4A-D2-G43 D2-D21-N1-F32-X1-I9-X4 D2-D21-Aa17-Z1-F1 D2-Aa18-Z1 D2-D21-Aa17-E1 D2-D21-X1-N1-N37-N21-Z1 D2-D21-N1-N37-N23-I9-G7 D2-D21-N37-I9-G7 Hr Hry Hry Hry Hry Hr ib Hry ib Hry wpt Hrt ib Hr a Hr a Hr a Hrt a Hr awy Hr awy Hryw rnpt Hryw rnpt Hry Xt . in. and. on account of. concerning. at. middle. through.f upon. headman upper master head man in the middle.f Hry sA Hry sA Hry sA Hrt S Hry S . upper.f Hry S . because who / which is upon. who is higher. contents of torso summit of head central hall of temple in default ? arrears.

: MKv\ 7 r. ! 5 : MKv\7 rQ 6 : MKv\7 r.,5 : MRa h4 ! :494 : M974 :9 : MR9 4 : MKR : M: : MR t: MKR M: MKR 1: M 1 1!R 1: M!R : M!R :!R : M!j : M!4 : ! MRj vh: M!R :4! <: Mp <: Mp : M:\p M

D2-D21-G43-N37-D36-Z4-N33-T14A1-Z2 D2-D21-G43-N37-D36-Z4-N33-A49Z3 D2-D21-G43-N37-D36-Z4-N33-T14A12-Z2 D2-D21-N1-N16-N23-Z1-A1 D2-Z1-D1-Z1 D2-D21-D1-Z4-Z1 D2-D1 D2-D21-N1-D1-Z1 D2-D21-G43-N1 D2-D21-Z7 D2-D21-N1 N35-D2-D21-G43-N1 D21-D2-D21-G43-N1 G17-D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-N1 G17-D2-D21-X1-N1 D2-D21-X1-N1 D2-X1-N1 D2-D21-X1-N25 D2-D21-X1-O20 D2-X1-D21-N1-N25 N37-N23-D2-D21-X1-N1 D2-Z1-V1 V28-D2-D21-N31 V28-D2-D21-N31 D2-D21-Z7-Aa19-N31-D21

Hryw Say Hryw Say Hryw Say Hry tA Hr tp Hry tp Hry tp Hry tp Hrw Hrw Hrw n Hrw r Hrw m Hryt m Hryt Hrt Hrt Hrt Hrt Hrt S Hrt Hr Hr Hr Hrw r

Bedouin Bedouin Bedouin survivor on behalf of who is upon, having authority over, chief, headman, master who is upon master of a servant upper part, top upper part, top upper part, top upward up above above above, in advance of sky, heaven sky, heaven tomb, necropolis tomb tomb tomb garden a rope aboard a ship distant be far from apart from, besides, as well as adjective verb

pM : MT8 : MT8 <: MT8 : M 1 1!T`5 T!5 T11!5 : M11!T <: M!86 <: M!T86 : M1 1!TE5 : M 1 1 ! T `5d 4 : MT` 1: MT` < M# vH : h$ U+7474"6 : MM!" : Me! r5 :!!D : M!! : M!7n : M!n + + +t

N31-D21 D2-D21-Aa19-A24 D2-D21-Aa19-A24 V28-D2-D21-Aa19-A24 D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa19-D40-Z2 Aa19-X1-Z2 Aa19-M17-M17-X1-Z2 D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa19 V28-D2-D21-X1-A24-Z3 V28-D2-D21-X1-Aa19-A24-Z3 D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa19-G37-Z2 D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa19-D40-Z2F34-Z1 D2-D21-Aa19-D40 G17-D2-D21-Aa19-D40 V28-D21-Q3-N37-A40 D2-I9-X4 F18-Y1-E23-Z1-E23-Z1-A2-Z3 D2-D21-D21-X1-M2 D2-D21-S29-X1-N33-Z2 D2-X1-X1-D12 D2-D21-X1-X1 D2-D21-X1-Z4-D54 D2-D21-X1-D54 C11 C11 C11-N35

Hrw r Hr Hr Hr Hryt Hryt Hryt Hryt Hryt Hryt Hryt Hryt ib Hr m Hrt Hapy Hrf Hrr Hrrt Hrst Hrtt Hrtt Hrty Hrty HH HH HH n

apart from, besides, as well as terrible, terrify terrify someone terror, dread terror, dread, respect terror, dread, respect terror, dread, respect terror, dread, respect terror, dread, respect terror, dread, respect respect terror prepare, make ready, be ready in readiness for Nile kind of bread roar of lion flower carnelian ? lump of lapis lazuli lump of lapis lazuli travel by land travel by land Heh god million, a great number many verb divinity adjective verb

< <7n 1 < < 7 ntd 4 <<n <<58 <V< X X!4 <Xe!b < X B" X X+ < X B! " X! Xe!" < XB! + XXX < XB11"! } X11! < X B! Xe 11! < X BK" < X ! l" < X11!5 < XBK g 1

V28-V28-Z4-D54 G17-V28-V28-Z4-D54-N35-F34-Z1 V28-V28-D54 V28-V28-A21-A24 V28-N5-V28 W14 W14-X1-Z1 V28-W14-S29-X1-W24 V28-W14-O34-A2 W14 W14-Y1 V28-W14-O34-X1-A2 W14-X1 W14-S29-X1-A2 V28-W14-O34-X1-Y1 W14-W14-W14 V28-W14-O34-M17-M17-A2-A1 A349 W14-M17-M17-X1 V28-W14-O34-A1 W14-S29-M17-M17-A1 V28-W14-O34-G43-A2 V28-W14-X1-Z4A-A2 V28-W14-M17-M17-X1-Z2 V28-W14-O34-G43-U33-M17

HHy m HHy n ib HHy HH nHH Hsi Hst Hst Hsi Hsi Hsi Hst Hst Hst Hst Hswt Hsy Hsy Hsyt Hsy Hsy Hsy Hsty Hsyt Hswti

seek, search for, be missing with ingenious mind seek, search for, be missing from breaking the force ? of a wave in wreck eternity spin yarn water jar water jar favour / praise someone favour someone, praise someone0 favour someone, praise someone favour, praise favour favour praise favours favoured one, praised one favoured, praised one, spin favoured, praised one favoured, praised one favoured, praised one favoured, praised one praise concubines favourite adjective noun feminine verb verb noun noun noun noun noun - plural verb

XX < X Bn Xen < Xe7n 1 < X Bnh < X Bn: 4 h < X Bn: 4 1 <eC5 <e} < XB7" <Xe" < e aK! XK <XB < X B! < e a! p < X11!a < Xe` <e} <em < BG !~ < e R !~ < BG <G <G!} <!!}

W14-W14 V28-W14-O34-D54 W14-S29-D54 V28-W14-S29-Z4-D54 G17-V28-W14-O34-D54-I9 V28-W14-O34-D54-D2-Z1-I9 V28-W14-O34-D54-D2-Z1-G17 V28-S29-Aa2-Z2 V28-S29-D207 V28-W14-O34-Z4-A2 V28-W14-S29-A2 V28-S29-D41-G43-A1 W14-G43 V28-W14-O34 V28-W14-O34-X1 V28-S29-D41-X1-B1 V28-W14-M17-M17-X1-D41 V28-W14-S29-P5 V28-S29-A361 V28-S29-A359 V28-O34-G39-G1-N35A V28-S29-Aa17-G1-N35A V28-O34-G39 V28-G39 V28-G39-X1-E101a V28-Q1-X1-E101A

Hswti Hsi Hsi Hsi m Hsi .f Hs Hr .f Hs Hr m Hs Hsi Hsi Hsi Hsw Hsw Hsw Hst Hst Hst Hs Hs Hs HsA HsA HsA HsA HsAt HsAt

favourite turn back, turn away turn back, turn away turn back, turn away the evil doer coming to meet him courageous face an enemy excrement sing sing sing minstrel minstrel minstrel minstrel minstrel minstrel be cold be cold be cold milk, mucus, dough mucus dough dough a cow goddess a cow goddess


verb verb

verb verb verb

feminine feminine feminine

divinity divinity

# i! V < BG!! } b 5 < X BK\~ < <eq< C4 <eqC <eqC+ C+ <eq KC+ C+ CK. <eqC4$ L4 ! < B# i <e# h4 < e .tf r 5 < B.t4 fy fs} < e .tf R f tR fR < B.t$5 <en> <en!> <n!`

T3-I10-X1-N5-V28-O34-G39-G1-X1E101A-W24-Z2 V28-W14-O34-G43-P1-N35A Z9 V28-S29-D58-Z9 Aa2-Z1 V28-S29-D58-Aa2 V28-S29-D58-Aa2-Y1 Aa2-Y1 V28-S29-D58-G43-Aa2-Y1 Aa2-Y1 Aa2-G43-A14 V28-S29-D58-Aa2-Z1-X4 Aa2-Z1-A1 V28-O34-Q3-N24 V28-S29-Q3-N23-Z1 V28-S29-Y5-N35-U32-N33-Z2 V28-O34-Y5-N35-R9 U32-N33AV U32-N34-N33A V28-S29-Y5-N35-U32-D26 U32-N35-D26 U32-D26 V28-O34-Y5-N35-X4-Z2 V28-S29-N29-T30 V28-S29-N29-X1-T30 V28-N29-X1-W22

HDt HsAt Hsw Hsb Hsb Hsb Hsb Hsb Hsb Hsbw Hsb Hsbw Hsb Hsb Hsp Hsp Hsmn Hsmn Hsmn Hsmn Hsmn Hsmn Hsmn Hsmn Hsq Hsqt Hnqt

milk spell for protection against water one quarter number, one quarter of an aroura break, smash, fracture fracture breaak, smash count, reckon, reckon with offenders count, reckon reckoning, account account doom a type of bread workman garden garden natron, bronze, amethyst natron bronze bronze menstruation menstruation menstruate type of food cut off head etc, cut out heart etc, behead chopper beer verb noun

<n!f nn!k <n!p <n!8' n!4 nn! <n!n n n !! n! n n !' n n !H n n !M n&!Q n n !+ nn nn!+ nn!k nn!O Q O! 4 O .O OO <n ME <n ME <n M"

V28-N29-X1-I7 S38-N29-X1-I12 V28-N29-X1-B1 V28-N29-X1-Z5-G7 S38-X1-Z1 S38-N29-X1 V28-N29-X1-S38 S38-N29-G1-A1 S38-A1 S38-N29-G1-G7 S38-N29-G1-A40 S38-N29-G1-A45 S38-O6-X1-O49 S38-N29-G1-Y1 S38-N29 S38-N29-X1-Y1 S38-N29-X1-I12 S38-N29-X1-U9 U11 U9-X1-Z1 U9 T14-U9 U9-U9 V28-N29-D21-G37 V28-N29-D21-G37 V28-N29-D21-A2

Hqt Hqt Hqt Hqt HqAt HqAt HqAt HqA HqA HqA HqA HqA HqA Hwt HqA HqA HqAt Hqt HqAt HqAt HqAt HqAt HqAt HqAti Hqr Hqr Hqr

Heqat frog goddess Heqat frog goddess Heqat frog goddess Heqat frog goddess sceptre sceptre sceptre Ruler ruler ruler ruler ruler district governor rule over, govern rule over, govern rulership Heqat frog goddess corn-measure of 4.54 litres corn-measure of 4.54 litres corn-measure of 4.54 litres corn-measure of 4.54 litres corn-measure of 4.54 litres double corn-measure of 4.54 litres each be hungry, hunger hunger be hungry noun verb divinity divinity divinity

<n M"! <n ME! < T !: " 6 <T5 < T !" 6 < T 1 1+H < T +6 H Y7 < ?t+ < ?tbK" < ?tbK" <?b+ < ?bK < ?tb : r5 <UUs <!;` <!!! &!! &!!j < -! ! &&& U+O4 s < ! d !` < ! d !d <!d!& < ! d !KE 5

V28-N29-D21-A2-A1 V28-N29-D21-G37-A1 V28-D28-G1-Z7-A2-Z3 V28-D28-Z2 V28-D28-G1-A2-Z3 V28-D28-M17-M17-Y1-A40 V28-D28-Y1-Z3-A40 F22-R12 V28-V31-N35-Y1 V28-V31-N35-W24-G43-A2 V28-V31-N35-W24-G43-A2 V28-V31-W24-Y1 V28-V31-W24-W1 V28-V31-N35-W24-Z7-N33-Z2 V28-W11-W11-F51 V28-X1-D3-D40 V28-X1-X1-O1 O6-X1-O1 O6-X1-X1-N25 V28-V13-X1-O1 O6-O6-O6 F18-Y1-G47-Z1-F51 V28-X1-U30-G1-P5 V28-X1-U30-G1-S28 V28-X1-U30-G1-V6 V28-X1-U30-G1-G43-G37-Z2

Hqr Hqr HqAw HqAw HqAw HkAy HkAw HqAw Hkn Hkn Hknw Hknw Hknw Hknw Hgg Ht Htt Htt Htt Htt Htwt HtA HtA HtA HtA HtAw

hungry man hungry man magic, magic spells magic, magic spells magic, magic spells magician god of Magic god of Magic be joyful, acclaim acclaim someone praise to king / god, thanksgiving praise to king / god a sacred oil a sacred oil saliva ? become entangled of hair mine, quarry mine, quarry mine, quarry mine, quarry mines, quarries armpit sail, awning sail, awning shabby, threadbare, wrinkled wrinkles ? plural divinity

<!7' <! 11!Ms <!!M < ! \#4 <!KT5 /4 /{ /!# /" ` /;6 3 /! #:;5 !#3" `; / -. /! # ! ;5 / 7!/(
/!# /!# /! # 1j tB /!#d 4:4 /!# /

V28-X1-Z4-Q7 V28-X1-M17-M17-X1-F10-F51 V28-X1-X1-F10 V28-X1-D36-M3-Z1 V28-X1-G43-W10-Z2 R4-Z1 R4-R3P R4-X1-Q3 R4-X2-W22 R4-Z8-Z3 R8-R4-X1-Q3-Z7-Z8-Z2 -X1-Q3-R8-X2-W22-Z8 R4-O13D-R3Q R4-X1-Q3-X1-Z8-Z2 R4 M23-X1-R4-X8 A57 R4-X1-Q3 R4-X1-Q3 R4-X1-Q3-G17-S34-N35-Aa1 R4-X1-Q3-F34-Z1-D2-Z1 R4-X1-Q3 R4

Hty Htyt Htt Hta Htw Htp Htp Htp Htp Htp Htpw nTr Htp nTr Htp wsxt Htpt Htp Htp di nsw Htp di nsw Htp Htp Htp m anx Htp ib Hr Htp Htp

smoke throat windpipe, throat bed bowls altar altar altar offerings offerings god's offerings, divine offerings god's offerings, divine offerings forecourt offerings offerings boon, offering an offering the king gives an offering the King gives be pleased, be happy, be gracious, pardon, be at peace be peaceful, become calm, go to rest, set set of sun, go to rest, die of people be well-disposed toward satisfy, make content, pacify, occupy throne, rest in tomb, assume titulary satisfy, make content, pacify, occupy throne, rest in tomb, assume titulary verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive

/!#+ </!# /

R4-X1-Q3-Y1 V28-R4-X1-Q3 R4 V28-R4-X1-Q3 V28-R4-X1-Q3 R4-X1-Q3-Y1 R4-X1-Q3-Y1 G17-R4-X1-Q3-F35-I9-D21-G36D21-X1 R4-X1-Q3-G43-Y1-Z2 R4-Z2 R4-R4-R4 R4-X1-Q3-Y1 V28-R4-X1-Q3 D4-R4-X1-Q3-G43-Y1-Z2 D21-D37-R4-X1-Q3-G43-Y1-Z2-N35 R4-X1-Q3-X1-Y1 R4-X1-Q3-X1-M2 R4-X1-Q3-X1-M203 R4-X1-Q3-X1-W22 R4-X1-Q3-G4-Z8-A40-Z2 R4-X1-Q3-M17-M17-G43-A4-Z3 R4-M17-M17-Y1-Z2 R4-X1-Q3-M17-M17-A1-Z3

Htp Htp Htp Htp Htp Htp Htp m Htp nfr wrt Htpw Htpw Htpw Htpw Htpw ir Htpw rdi Htpw n Htpt Htpt Htpt Htpt Htptyw Htpyw Htpyw Htpyw

</!# </!# /!#+ /!#+ 1/! # ehMD M!
/! #K+5 /5 /// /!#+ </!# </ ! # K+5 M ] /! # K+5t /!#!+ /!#!" /!#!} /!#! ` /! # $;H5 /!# 1 1K$6 / 1 1+5 /!# 1 1!6

satisfy, make content, pacify, occupy throne, rest in tomb, assume titulary satisfy, make content, pacify, occupy throne, rest in tomb, assume titulary be pleased with, be happy, be gracious to, pardon someone, be at peace, peaceful, become calm be pleased with, be happy, be gracious to, pardon someone be at peace, peaceful, become calm be pleased with, be happy, be gracious to, pardon someone be at peace, peaceful, become calm in very good peace a greeting peace, contentment, good pleasure peace, contentment, good pleasure peace, contentment, good pleasure peace, contentment, good pleasure peace, contentment, good pleasure make peace make submission to graciousness, peace, mercy bundle of herbs bundle of herbs bowl for bread offerings the peaceful ones the blessed dead non- combatants non-combatants non-combatants

verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive

. celebrate festival verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive . be destroyed perish. be contracted medical lashings bring to an end. chariotry tax. quench thirst destroy enemies. levy.... complete period of time.. horses.. levy. quench thirst yoke of oxen yoke of oxen span of horses... tax. quench thirst destroy enemies. provide a temple tax. provide a temple with. chariotry span of horses..... be destroyed perish. horses.. enemies. provide a temple with. tax. be destroyed destroy...<!!# <! !1G+ <!U+ <U1IE <!! <!!U < ! PE <!U1E <U1IE <U[G <!U[ <!U1G <! M! < -M8!6 <! M& <! M& < ! M&&5 <! M&+ <! M+ <! MD" <-M1 % <! M! <& MK! ! ! <ge_ <! _e V28-Q1-X1-M3 V28-Q1-X1-G17-G39-Y1 V28-X1-U15-Y1 V28-U15-G17-G41-G37 V28-Q1-X1 V28-Q1-X1-U15 V28-Q1-Aa15-G37 V28-X1-U15-G17-G37 V28-U15-G17-G41-G37 V28-U15-D35-G39 V28-X1-U15-D35 V28-X1-U15-G17-G39 V28-X1-D21-E1 V28-V13-D21-Z5-E1-Z3 V28-X1-D21-E6 V28-X1-D21-E6A V28-X1-D21-M6-E6A-Z2 V28-X1-D21-M6-Y1 V28-X1-D21-Y1 V28-X1-D21-M7A-A2 V28-V13-D21-M17-M5B V28-X1-D21-V1 V28-M6-D21-G43-V1-V1-V1 V28-U33-S29-Aa30 V28-X1-Aa30-S29 Htmt Htm Htm Htm Htm Htm Htm Htm Htm Htm Htm Htm Htr Htr Htr Htr Htrw Htr Htr Htr Htr Htr Htrw Hts Hts chair provide provide with perish... be destroyed perish. be destroyed perish. celebrate festival bring to an end. levy. provide a temple with. levy. bind together. chariotry span of horses. complete period of time. quench thirst destroy enemies..

< -! 1 <!!1 < -! ! V28-V13-X1-E17 V28-X1-X1-E17 V28-V13-X1-O1 HTt HTt Htt hyena hyena mine building noun .

be prostrate overthrow.<OT < --} < --! a < --! 2 < fq n < fq /` < iq / < fq <` #4 $4 # iV # #V #iY <#iY # iVa h4 # iV: 4 # iVn # in # T} V !#! # iVd #!d $!d #!8&x V28-G47-W10 V28-V13-V13-D210 V28-V13-V13-X1-D41 V28-V13-V13-X1-F51B V28-D46-D58-D54 V28-D46-D58-A15-D40 V28-I10-D58-A15 V28-D46-D58-Z9-D40 T3-Z1 T4-Z1 T3-I10-N5 T3 T3-N5 T3-I10-N8 V28-T3-I10-N8 T3-I10-N5-N16-N23-Z1 T3-I10-N5-D2-Z1 T3-I10-N5-D54 T3-I10-D54 T3-S12-N33A S14 O1-T3-O1 T3-I10-N5-S28 T3-X1-S28 T4-X1-S28 T3-X1-Z5-V6-Z3A HTA HTT HTT HTTt Hdb Hdb HDb Hdb HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD tA HD Hr HD HD HD HD pr HD HD HDt HDt HDt type of bread carry under the arm armpit armpit sit on. money treasury white clothes white linen white linen white linen . bright white. be prostrate mace mace white. bright white. money silver. bright white. bright dawn cheerful set forth at dawn set forth at dawn silver. seat oneself overthrow. bright white. be prostrate overthrow.

degrade be destroyed. child. annoyed damage. be a child fire fiery feminine verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive noun noun noun noun . waste.chapel white of the eye white of the eye jaw onions onions onions injure. destruction damage. perished. destruction damage. destruction damage.#!J $!I J I #!7ii #4! #4!G5 %! Y #D #VV # i:"5 # "} #K} # i< # i< # i<d 4 < i< < i<E %<E # i< # iiK! Y6 &!K Y5 B41 B 111 B!' B!!' T3-X1-S2 T4-X1-S1 S2 S1 T3-X1-Z4-S33-S33 T3-Z1-O1 T3-Z1-O1-G39-Z2 T5-X1-N8 T3-D12 T3-F19-F19 T3-I10-Z7-M2-Z2 T3-M2-N33A T3-G43-M201 T3-I10-Z9 T3-I10-Z9 T3-I10-Z9-F34-Z1 V28-I10-Z9 V28-I10-Z9-G37 T5-Z9-G37 T3-I10-Z9 T3-I10-I10-G43-X1-N8-Z3 T6-X1-G43-N8-Z2 Aa1-Z1-A17 Aa1-M17-M17-A17 Aa1-X1-Q7 Aa1-X1-X1-Q7 HDt HDt HDt HDt HDty HD HD Apdw HDt HD HD HDw HDw HDw HDi HDi HD ib HDi HDi HDi HDi HDDwt HDDwt x xy xt xtt the white crown the White Crown the White Crown the White Crown white sandals chapel bird . destroy. disobey. destruction brightness brightness placenta ?. eclipse. annul. fail be upset. be a child child. be lacking.

affair. property. offerings. possessions. flowers plants. !1 E . anything things. possessions. something. affair. property. matter. anything into. .B ! +5 B ! +51! ! ! B ! +5 1B ! +55 ! 4 ><! B ! ><B ! OB ! +5 <B ! +5 1B! K. anything all well and good things. matter. altogether Lord of Action Lord of Action overseer. little office. flowers plants land measure approx 10 Arouras. possessions. flowers plants. offerings. !! .5 .45 B . possessions. administrator do things things. flowers plants.! Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-G17-Q1-X1-O1 Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 G17-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-T21-X1-Z1 V30-D4-X1-Aa1-X1 V30-D4-Aa1-X1 A47-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 D4-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 M17-Aa1-X1 Aa1-Z8-Z2 M12 M12-Z1-Z2 Aa1-M12-G1-G43-Z2 F4-X1-Z1-M12 G17-D21-M12 M12-G43-M2-Z2 M12-Z1-M2-Z2 M12-G1-G43-M2-Z2 M12-M12-M12-M2-M2-M2 M12-G43-M3-Z2 M12-N16-N23-Z1 M12 M12-G1-A17-G37 M12-G1-O1 M12-O1 xt xt m st xt m xt wat nb irt xt nb irt xt iry xt ir xt ixt xt xA xAw xAw HAt xA imy r xAw xAw xAw xAw xAw xAw xA tA xA tA xA xA xA things. offerings. something. anything 1000 thousands thousands herdsman overseer of herds plants. type of Crown land land measure of 10 arouras be young. something. affair. matter. !K 5 G!4 . !K"5 . bureau office. matter.K#5 . affair. property. offerings. .4"5 .K"5 . bureau . . . as one thing. property. .""" . something.ah4 . 1M.

1 1 k` ` . .!1 1!CE5 . patrol measure. patrol measure. !! C 5 .+5 . measure.. !K ! . rule of conduct altar altar altar altar altar altar .B!!.!1 1. !! C E 5 B . B. ! !4 }!. !. !! h 4 . bureau office. B! . bureau office. examine patient.!1 1!.11!/ . rule of conduct plumb-line.!1 1! B .!}5 . bureau marsh corpse slaughter. !O .! . examine patient.O` . massacre disease disease disease measure. massacre slaughter.!1 1. bureau office. patrol measurements plumb-line. examine patient measure.. . O27 Aa1-O27 Aa1-O1 M12-G1-O27 Aa1-G1-O1-Z1 M12-G1-X1-N23-Z1 M12-G1-X1-Aa2-Z2 M12-M17-M17-X1-A15 M12-X1-A98-Z2 M12-G1-M17-M17-X1-Aa2-G37-Z2 M12-G1-X1-Aa2-G37-Z2 Aa1-M12-G1-X1-Aa2 M12-G1-D40 Aa1-M12-G1-U9 M12-M17-M17-D51-D40 D40 M12-U9-D40 M12-G1-M17-M17-T14-T14-Y1-Z2 M12-G1-M17-M17-T14-T14-V1 M12-G1-M17-M17-V1 Aa1-M12-G1-G43-X1-R1 M12-G1-M17-M17-R1 X1-R36A-Z1 L6-X1-R1 M12-Aa1-X1-X1-R2 M12-G1-M17-M17-X1-R1E xA xA xA xA xA xAt xAt xAyt xAyt xAyt xAyt xAyt xAi xAi xAi xAi xAi xAyw xAy xAy xAwt xAy xAwt xAwt xAwt xAwt office. !! C . B !! 4 . bureau office.!1 1. !` B .. examine patient. examine patient.

!\ Kn5 .KT B . . !q q V V R36A-X1-O1-Z2 M12-G1-D36-D40 M12-G1-D36-D40 M12-G1-D36-D54 Aa1-M12-G1-D36-D40 M12-D36-D54 Aa1-L6-G1-D36 Aa1-L6-D36 M12-G1-D36-D51 M12-G1-D36-D53 M12-G1-D36-G43-D54-Z2 M12-G43-W10 Aa1-M12-G1-W10-Z1 M12-G43-R36 Aa1-M12-G1-G43-X1-F27 M12-G1-G43-Z4-N2 Aa1-M12-G1-G43-N2 N2 O27 M12-G1-Z7-Z4-N2-Y1-A1 M12-G1-D58-E25 Aa1-M12-G1-D58-Z9 M12-G29-S29-N14-N14-N14 M12-D58-S29-G43-N14-Z2 M12-G1-D58-D58-F19-F19 xAwt xAa xAa xAa xAa xAa xAa xAa xAa xAa xAaw xAw xAw xAw xAwt xAwy xAwy xAwy xAwy xAwy xAb xAb xAbAs xAbAs xAbb altar . drip sweat throw harpoon hippopotamus strike down with disease cast off bonds despatch messages drip sweat urination discharges medical bowl bowl bowl hide of animal night night night night benighted traveller hippopotamus be bent of arm the starry sky the starry sky crookedness . !KS S . !\ m . harpoon hippo . !\ ` . !q 9 B . !\ ` . !:7 S +! . !q < . !K ! ] . !K 7 S B . strike down with disease.K} B .\n B } !\ K} \ .=e___ .!! ! 5 .q eK_5 . cast off bonds.chamber throw. !T 4 . thrust. abandon property despatch messages. !\ n B . !\ k . !\ ` . play ?.

swift hasten. !74 . !1a` .!M!Ep .!M!p . !1X . !18 ..7.1a . Mn . !B n . swift. n: 4 . !B n M 4 B . !Bn M12-G1-I9-D36-D40 Aa1-M12-G1-G17-D41 M12-G17-D41 M12-G1-G17-A24 M12-G1-G17-D32 M12-G1-G17-D41-D40 M12-N35-N35-X1-M54 M12-G1-D21-X1-G37-B1 M12-G1-D21-X1-B1 M12-G1-D21-Z4-D3 M12-D21-D54 M12-G1-E23-Z1-T14-N25 M12-E23-N25 M12-E23-G43-A13 M12-E23-A13 M12-G1-Aa1-D54 M12-Aa1-D54 Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-D54 M12-G1-Aa1-D54-F34-Z1 Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-D54-D21-Z1 Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-D54-D2-Z1 Aa1-Aa1-M12-D54-D2-Z1 M12-G1-Aa1-D36 M12-G1-M12-G1-P5-D36 M12-G1-O34-D54 xfa xAm xAm xAm xAm xAm mAmA n xAnnt xArt xArt xAry xAr xArw xArw xArw xArw xAx xAx xAx xAx ib xAx r xAx Hr xAx Hr xAx xAxA xAs grasp bend arm in respect. hurry impatient quick of speech impatience impatience spear fish winnow scramble ? locality locality .!M7. . !h\ ` B . hurry be speedy. j .tt! F . !B n .7K. !B \ . ! . !`\ .7j . bow down bend arm in respect bend arm in respect bend arm in respect bend arm in respect variety of date-palm widow widow be wifeless bolt of horses ? Khor Khor Khorian Khorian be speedy. !B nd 4 B . !1a . !B n: 4 B B . hasten.Kn B .

. be shining of kings rise of sun. desert-dwellers foreigners. desert-dwellers bryony ? bryony ? bryony ? office have pity on dough what ? how are you ? as.. !e ! j! 4 B .k xy .. ! p 5 j! $..6 . desert hill appear in glory of god or king.... ! 5 j$! ... !i r r r B7 B 7] fD+? B7B7 M12-G1-O34-Z9-N23-Z1 Aa1-O34-N21-Z1 M12-G1-S29-V1 N25-X1-Z1 Aa1-M12-S29-X1-N25 M12-S29-X1-N25 M12-Aa1-S29-V13-N25 D36-Z1-N25-X1-Z1 S38-G43-X1-E8-Z2-N25-X1-Z1 N25-X1-Z1-T14-A1-B1-Z2 N25-X1-G4-T14-A1-Z2 N25-G4-X1-A13-Z3 M12-G1-S29-M17-M17-X1-M2-Z2 M12-G1-N35-Z2-S29-M17-M17-X1M2-Z3 Aa1-O34-Aa18-G1-M17-M17-X1-M2Z2 M12-X1-Z4-O1 Aa1-M12-G1-X1-D58-D40 M12-G1-I10-N33-N33-N33 Aa1-Z4 Aa1-Z4-Aa28-D46-D12-Y1-V31 Aa1-Z4-Aa1-Z4 Aa1-M17-M17-X1-O1 N28-Z1 N28-D36-Y1 Aa1-D36-N28 xAs xAs xAs xAst xAst xAst xAst a xAst awt xAst xAstyw xAstyw xAstyw xAsyt xAsyt xAsyt xAty xAtb xAD xy xy qd . B e -j \ 4 j! 4 n K! ( 5j! 4 j! 4 . !e 1 1 ! "5 . !B< h 4 B Bf4 .. desert hill country. foreign land... desert-dwellers foreigners...e!j . foreign land. !t5e 1 1 ! "6 B BS!1 1 ! "5 .!7! B .. appear in glory of god or king. foreign land. desert desert region desert game foreigners....e!j . be B 11!! m4 m\+ B\m . foreign land. desert hill country.. xy xyt xa xai xai creek ? runnel ? creek ? runnel ? curl on front of Red Crown ? hill country. !! q ` . shelter hill rise of sun.

utensils. avoid. utensils. tackle of ship. implements weapons. tomb-equipment. tomb-equipment. funeral furniture. except protect.m\K+5 m\5 m\+5 m\:O m\:85 m m\:#5 m5 m#5 m\s5 m\K+5 m\1n B \1:M s B \1M s m\ M` BBB B cK+ Bc }+ BBB` B c+7K BK B c K +q = !n ! P B cK+5 N28-D36-G43-Y1-Z2 N28-D36-Z2 N28-D36-Y1-Z2 N28-D36-Z7-S7 N28-D36-Z7-Z5-Z2 N28 N28-D36-Z7-M3-Z2 N28-Z2 N28-M3-Z2 N28-D36-N34-Z2 N28-D36-G43-Y1-Z2 N28-D36-G17-D54 Aa1-D36-G17-Z7-F10-F51 Aa1-D36-G17-F10-F51 N28-D36-D21-D40 Aa1-Aa1-Aa1 Aa1-D43-G43-Y1 Aa1-D43 S167-Y1 Aa1-Aa1-Aa1-D40 Aa1-D43-Y1-Z4-G43 Aa1-G43 Aa1-D43-G43-Y1-D58-G29-G1-N29M1-A48 Aa1-D43-G43-Y1-Z2 xaw xaw xaw xaw xaw xaw xaw xaw xaw xaw xaw Xam xamw xamw Xar xw xwi xwi xwi xwi xwi xwi xwi bAq xw shining of kings appearance in glory appearance in glory appearance in glory crown crown crown weapons. exempt. tomb-equipment. implements weapons. set aside. utensils. utensils. funeral furniture. implements weapons. tackle of ship. tackle of ship. utensils. funeral furniture. implements weapons. exclude. funeral furniture. tackle of ship. tomb-equipment. funeral furniture. tackle of ship. implements approach throat throat rage exception.prevent protect protect exempt from dues protect prevent The Bright Protected One the reigning king protection verb . tomb-equipment.

beat up. beat flat. construct build up of bricks rich. beat flat. build.f Hr xw . construct build. build up. beat up. wealthy richman richman unique there is none beside him except me wealth of timber class of fishermen class of fishermen :BBB! B cKf! #5 B \KfK\! B KkK . construct. build up. construct.B c! +5 BcKm m Bc!! B cKKE5 B \KE B KeB B BcB B \B+ B \Ke8 BceB` B KfJ+ B fF B KfF + B \KfF + B :fJ+! B c : fs +5! 5\4:BBBh [tB t: B B B h Aa1-D43-X1-Y1-Z2 Aa1-D43-G43-S37 S37 Aa1-D43-X1-O1 Aa1-D43-G43-G43-G37-Z2 Aa1-D36-G43-G37 Aa1-G43-S29-A34 A34 Aa1-D43-O34 Aa1-D36-O34-Y1 Aa1-D36-G43-S29-A24 Aa1-D43-S29-A34-D40 Aa1-G43-D46-Aa9-Y1 Aa1-D46-O38 Aa1-G43-D46-O38-Y1 Aa1-D36-G43-D46-O38-Y1 Aa1-Z7-D46-Aa9-Y1-A1 Aa1-D43-Z7-D46-N34-Y1-Z2-A1 T21-D36-Z1-D2-Aa1-Aa1-Aa1-I9 D35-N35-E34-N35-D2-Aa1-Aa1Aa1-I9 D2-Aa1-Aa1-Aa1-A1 Aa1-D43-G43-D46-X1-M3-Z2 Aa1-D36-G43-D46-G43-D36-A1 Aa1-G43-N26-G43 xwt xw xw xwt xww xww xwsi xwsi xwsi xwsi xwsi xwsi xwd xwd xwd xwd xwd xwd wa Hr xw . wrongdoing pound.f nn wn Hr xw . beat up build.i xwdt xwdw xwdw protection fan fan sanctuary baseness. build. wealthy rich. stir pound. wealthy rich. stir pound. wrongdoing baseness. wealthy rich.

ravage. subvert law destroy. be hushed of voice. ravage. subvert law downcast carnage jar distort speech. lay waste. lay waste. subvert law destroy. lay waste. ravage. subvert law destroy. subvert law destroy. lessen reduce. be distorted of character / voice be distorted of character distort speech. ravage. be found guilty verb verb noun noun feminine verb noun verb verb verb . be distorted of character / voice be distorted of speech . exaction. lessening of moon / mouth place of execution destroy.Bq@ Bq<@ Bq!@ Bqq@ B q K<!5 Bq=!1 1!7p5 Bq< Bq< Bq<L Bq<` Bq<. lay waste. lay waste. lessen waste time deduction.5 Bqq!` B q t< B q t8 B q t<E Bq8t Aa1-D58-A32 Aa1-D58-Z9-A32 Aa1-D58-X1-A32 Aa1-D58-D58-A32 Aa1-D58-G43-Z9-A1-Z2 Aa1-D58-G29-G1-M17-M17-X1-Z4B1-Z2 Aa1-D58-Z9 Aa1-D58-Z9 Aa1-D58-Z9-U6 Aa1-D58-Z9-D40 Aa1-D58-Z9-Y2 Aa1-D58-X1-Z9 Aa1-D58-X1-Z9-O1 Aa1-D58-G29-G1-U7-D36 Aa1-D58-Z9 Aa1-D58-G29-G1-U7-G37 Aa1-D58-G225 Aa1-D58-U7-D40 Aa1-D58-G29-G1-U7-G37-D2-Z1 Aa1-D58-M17-M17-X1-A14-Z2 Aa1-D58-D58-X1-W22 Aa1-D58-N35-Z9 Aa1-D58-N35-A24 Aa1-D58-N35-Z9-G37 Aa1-D58-Z5-N35 xbi xbi xbt xbb xbw xbwt xbi xbi xbi xbi xbi xbt xbt xbA xbA xbA xbA xbA xbA Hr xbyt xbbt xbn xbn xbn xbn dance dance dance dance dancers dancers deduct. ravage. waste time. exact dues. lessen. Bq!< Bq!<! B q = !M \ Bq< B q = !M E Bq} BqM` B q = !M E : 4 Bq 11!. damage tomb. exaction reduce. reduce. subtract.

accusation accusation criminal criminal criminal tail tail beard bearded ones hack up earth hack up earth ploughlands ploughlands ploughlands ploughlands be hateful. H 6 B q BM ` BqeW BqeKh5 <5 <Kf5 B q B<K Bqi B q f! E5 B q fE Bqi Bqi B q i<E B#n B#n B#. B#11!. B#!W Aa1-D58-N35-X1-Z9-G37-Z2 Aa1-D58-Z5-N35-X1 Aa1-D58-N35-X1-Z4-A1 Aa1-D58-N35-X1-Z4-Z9-G37-A1 Aa1-D58-N35-X1-Z4-Z9-G37 Aa1-D58-O34-X1-F33 Aa1-D58-S29-M17-M17-X1-F33B-Z2 Aa1-D58-O34-G43-X1-D3 Aa1-D58-S29-G1-D3-T14-A40-Z3 Aa1-D58-O34-U7-D40 Aa1-D58-S29-U17 Aa1-D58-S29-G43-N23-Z2 Z9-Z2 Z9-G43-N21-Z2 Aa1-D58-O34-Z9-G43 Aa1-D58-I10 Aa1-D58-D46-X1-G37-Z2 Aa1-D58-D46-G37 Aa1-D58-I10 Aa1-D58-I10 Aa1-D58-I10-Z9-G37 Aa1-Q3-D54 Aa1-Q3-D54 Aa1-Q3-A14 Aa1-Q3-M17-M17-X1-A14 Aa1-Q3-X1-A55 xbnt xbnt xbnty xbnty xbnty xbst xbst xbswt xbstyw xbs xbs xbsw xbsw xbsw xbsw xbD xbD xbD xbD xbD xbD xpi xpi xpi xpyt xpyt crime. what is hateful be hateful. disfavour be displeased with displeasure.. what is hateful displeasure. disfavour travel encounter someone die death death verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive noun noun verb intransitive verb transitive . disfavour displeasure. B q e !.B q t! <E5 B q 8t! B q t! 7! B q t! 7<E! B q t! 7<E B q B! c B q e 1 1 ! c5 B q BK! .

be effective. continue of action exist. fermentation ? children children form. come into being. correct procedure amounts to fully cooked of meat who came into being of himself of sun god. come to pass take place. happen. be. be. be past. do as should be done. occur. come to pass take place. be. happen. continue of action exist. become. continue of action bring about accrue to act properly. be past. continue of action exist. come into being. change into. shape. occur. come into being. occur. occur. go by. be past.B#!9 B # Kn5 B # K! n5 B##+ B##11"6 B##B ##K!5 xM xM B#M B#M B#xM B#xM B# Mx B# Mx xM x Mt <! ] 1 x M x M1 xM x Me ih x M1116 x M!5 x MK U+5 Aa1-Q3-X1-Z6 Aa1-Q3-G43-D54-Z2 Aa1-Q3-G43-X1-D54-Z2 Aa1-Q3-Q3-Y1 Aa1-Q3-Q3-M17-M17-A2-Z3 Aa1-Q3-Q3-A13 Aa1-Q3-Q3-G43-X1-Z2 L1-D21 L1-D21 Aa1-Q3-D21 Aa1-Q3-D21 Aa1-Q3-L1-D21 Aa1-Q3-L1-D21 Aa1-Q3-D21-L1 Aa1-Q3-D21-L1 L1-D21 L1-D21-N35 D4-X1-W19-M17-L1-D21 L1-D21-G17 L1-D21 L1-D21-S29-I10-I9 L1-D21-M17-M17-A17-Z3 L1-D21-A1-Z2 L1-D21-G43-A53-Y1-Z2 xpyt xpw xpw xpp xpp xpp xppwt xpr xpr xpr xpr xpr xpr xpr xpr xpr xpr n irt mi xpr xpr m xpr xpr Ds . go by. modes of being verb intransitive verb intransitive plural verb transitive . become. change into. come to pass take place. be past. happen. go by. be effective. be effective. happen. be effective. come into being. become. come to pass take place. change into. become.f xpry xpry xprw death journeys journeys strange strange stranger strange things exist. go by. change into. be.

modes of being form. shape form. thigh. shape form. scarab Khopri Khopri Khopri Khopri the Blue Crown the Blue Crown foreleg. modes of being form.x5 x M5 xxx x K+5 UK+5 x M:U6 x M1 1 U' B # MK+5 <x M K U +5 x4 B# MMx x MM' x M' x M1H B#x M11H x MvO L1-Z2 L1-D21-Z2 L1-L1-L1 L1-G43-Y1-Z2 A53-G43-Y1-Z2 L1-D21-Z7-A53-Z3 L1-D21-M17-M17-A53-G7 Aa1-Q3-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 D4-L1-D21-G43-A53-Y1-Z2 L1-Z1 Aa1-Q3-D21-D21-L1 L1-D21-D21-G7 L1-D21-G7 L1-D21-M17-A40 Aa1-Q3-L1-D21-M17-M17-A40 L1-D21-N37-S7 S7 Aa1-Q3-N37-F23 F23-Z1 F23-F1 F23-N14-A40 Aa1-Q3-N37-F23-N14-A40 Aa1-Q3-N37-F23-A24 F24 Aa1-Q3-N37-F24-F51B Aa1-Q3-N37-Y1 O B # vZ Z4 ZD Z_H B # vZ _ H B # vZ 8 Ú B # vÚ 2 B # v+ xprw xprw xprw xprw xprw xprw xprw xprw ir xprw xprr xprr xprr xprr xprr xprr xprS xprS xpS xpS xpS xpS xpS xpS xpS xpS xpS form. scarab dung beetle. power be effective ? divinity divinity divinity divinity . shape assume a shape dung beetle. arm foreleg. shape. power stromg arm strength. shape. strength. shape. arm foreleg. thigh. modes of being form. arm constellation of the Great Bear constellation of the Great Bear strong arm. thigh. shape form. shape. modes of being form.

when. speech to someone when. in accordance with. speech to someone in front of. according to. in the presence of enemy verb preposition preposition verb verb and noun verb and noun verb and noun noun noun verb preposition adverb adverb . as well as. at the time of. according to. when. as well as. when. corresponding to in front of. corresponding to when. in accordance with. according to. at the time of. make captures in war booty booty a cake flood in front of. at the time of. !h\ ` B h\& B hB h8~ Bh B h! Bh B h! B!h B!h B ! hK B!h B ! h: 4 MB h! : 4 B h! 79 Aa1-Q3-N37-T16 Aa1-Q3-N37-T7B Aa1-Q3-D46-G43-F51-Z2 Aa1-I9-Z9-D40 Aa1-I9-G1-X1-X4-Z2 Aa1-I9-G1-G1-X1-Y1-Z2 Aa1-I9-D36-D49-Z1 Aa1-I9-D36-D49 D272-D40 M12-G1-I9-D36-D40 Aa1-I9-D36-D49 M12-G1-I9-D36-D40 Aa1-I9-D36-X6 Aa1-I9-Aa1-I9-Z5-N35A Aa1-I9 Aa1-I9-X1 Aa1-I9 Aa1-I9-X1 Aa1-X1-I9 Aa1-X1-I9 Aa1-X1-I9-G43 Aa1-X1-I9 Aa1-X1-I9-D2-Z1 D21-Aa1-I9-X1-D2-Z1 Aa1-I9-X1-Z4-Z6 xpS xpS xpdw xf xfAt xfAAt xfa xfa xfa xfa xfa xfa xfa xfxf xft xft xft xft xft xft xftw xftw xft Hr r xft Hr xfty schimetar. !h\ ` B h\i . in accordance with. battle-axe battle . make captures in war grasp. corresponding to when. make captures in war grasp.B # v0 B # v' B # fK s5 B h<` B h!! $5 B h!!! +5 B h\i4 B h\i }` .axe buttocks plunder food banks of waterway fist grasp. as well as. in the presence of in front of. speech to someone accordingly accordingly in front of.

harm someone.B ! h! B ! hB ! h} B 1n B1' B 1` B111G B 1K`6 B 1[ B 1[i! 4 B 1E B 11[ 1KB 1[ B 1[! B 1[ K! +5! AQ B B1Q B A14 BA! B P[! B B1! B B1[! AB 1[! 1B AH B 1E ` Aa1-X1-I9-A1 Aa1-X1-I9-A13 Aa1-X1-I9-A90 Aa1-G17-D54 Aa1-G17-Q7 Aa1-G17-P5 Aa1-G17-M17-M17-G39 Aa1-G17-G43-P5-Z3 Aa1-G17-D35 Aa1-G17-D35-I10-X1-Z1 Aa1-G17-G37 Aa1-G17-G17-D35 M17-G43-Aa1-G17-D35 Aa1-G17-D35-A1 Aa1-G17-D35-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-A1 R22-O49 Aa1-O34-G17-O49 Aa1-R22-G17-O20 Aa1-R22-O1 Aa1-Aa15-D35-O1 Aa1-O34-G17-O1 Aa1-O34-G17-D35-O1 R22-Aa1-G17-D35-O1 G17-Aa1-R22-A40 Aa1-G17-O37-D40 xfty xfty xfty xm xm xm xmy xmw xm xm Dt xm xm iwxm xm xmxt xm xsm xm xm xm xsm xsm xm xm xm enemy enemy enemy wild of animals ? warm be dry sand . be ignorant of. debar from. be unconcious of. ignorance swoon be unconcious of one's limbs know not. exclude locality locality verb verb passive participle passive participle . be ignorant of ignorant man ignoramus Letopolis Letopolis shrine shrine shrine shrine shrine shrine sacred image demolish buildings. be ignorant of know not.flea dust know not.

drive off butt. anticipate intend. expect. of staff. take thought for. grip of oar Hermopolis Ogdoad a ship a ship a ship three do for third time. treble revenues treble treble third third three quarters intend. penetrate water. plan. expect. expect. take thought for. expect. anticipate verb locality . anticipate intend. take thought for. plan. take thought for. anticipate intend. take thought for. plan. plan. plan.B 18 B 1C` AB !! b KBl! ! B H <!!1 B 1\} B 1\!# 44444444bQ 44444444 1 1KH6 llll g \ llllt! $\ ] xp xp ! \ B l!5 B l!5 B l!pk B l!~[ B l5b 5b O Bl B l! B l!" B l!6 B lP! [ Aa1-G17-A24 Aa1-G17-A35E-D40 R22-Aa1-X1-E1 Aa1-O34-D52-X1-E1 Aa1-U2-D4-G1-G1-A17 Aa1-G17-D36-D272 Aa1-G17-D36-X1-M3 Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-W24O49 Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-M17M17-G43-A40-Z3 Z4A-Z4A-Z4A-Z4A-U33-P1 Z4A-Z4A-Z4A-Z4A-N35-X1-G4-P1 N12-Z3A-Z1A-Z3A-Z1A-X1-P1 Aa1-D52-X1-Z2 Aa1-D52-X1-Z2 Aa1-D52-X1-Z1A-Z4B Aa1-D52-X1-N35A-D35 Aa1-D52-Z2-W24 Z2-W24 D23 Aa1-D52 Aa1-D52-X1 Aa1-D52-X1-A2 Aa1-D52-X1-Z3 Aa1-D52-Aa15-X1-D35 xm xm xmt xsmt xmAA xma xmat xmnw xmnyw xmntyw xmntyw xmntyw xmt xmt xmt xmt xmt nw xmt nw xmt rw xmt xmt xmt xmt xmt exclude harm someone cow cow shrink seize. collect of people. anticipate intend. expect. grasp.

halt. without direct one's hand against. anticipate intend. stop. anticipate in the absence of. rest on alight from flight. take thought for.B l! 5[ B l! 5+ B l!6 " 1B l! 5[ 1B l!6 " B tb B tI+ B tI! 9 4 B tb! 4 B ta (! B ta B to B td B tI" B tIn B tb K}6 B tb K! o B t! o B t! I5 B tb K! p 6 B t 1 1 ! Inp 5 B tb Ke E B tI B tIn Bt11I Aa1-D52-X1-Z2-D35 Aa1-D52-X1-Z2-Y1 Aa1-D52-X1-Z3-A2 G17-Aa1-D52-X1-Z2-D35 G17-Aa1-D52-X1-Z3-A2 Aa1-N35-I3 Aa1-N35-G41-Y1 Aa1-N35-G41-A1 D1-Z1-Aa1-N35-I3-X1-Z1 Aa1-N35-D41 X8-X1-Aa1-N35-D41 Aa1-N35-B47 Aa1-N35-D44 Aa1-N35-G41-A2 Aa1-N35-G41-D54 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-A338-Z3 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-X1-B47 Aa1-N35-X1-B47 Aa1-N35-X1-G41-Z2 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-X1-B1-Z3 Aa1-N35-M17-M17-X1-G41-D54-B1Z2 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-S29-G37 Aa1-N35-G41 Aa1-N35-G41-D54 Aa1-N35-M17-M17-G41 xmt xmt xmt m xmt m xmt xn xn xn tp xnt xn dt xn xni xni xni xni xnw xnwt xnwt xnwwt xnwwt xnwwt xnws xni xni xni intend. rest on verb verb verb verb verb verb verb noun . without in the absence of. plan. take thought for. plan. take thought for. rest on alight from flight. halt. expect. expect. drive cattle scowling of face ? rebel act of rebellion ? clap hands beating time play music play music play music play music musicians female musician female musician female musicians female musicians female musicians midge. stop. halt. plan. expect. stop. anticipate intend. gnat alight from flight.

gladden make sweet-smelling prostitute smell smell smell smell be friendly with. matter. midge snatch. utterance. make sweetsmelling belabour with blows. glad. smell pour water. abode resting .place. abode child gnat. affair benefactions festival outlay ? household resting . catch ball. present offering receive semen arrogance a cake breathe air.B t7I B tI" B t+ eh M B t! I+5 B t! ! B tb K! B tb KI! B tb K1 B tb Ke E B t# ` B t# K B th!! B thK # B tB1K" B tB1K" B tB1KC B tB1!Kp B tB1KK5 BtBK5 B tBP725 B tBP725 B tB1e' B tB1e5+ B tB1e! B tB1er! Aa1-N35-Z4-G41 Aa1-N35-G41-A2 Aa1-N35-Y1-F35-I9-D21 Aa1-N35-X1-G41-Y1-Z2 Aa1-N35-X1-O1 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-O1 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-G41-O1 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-A17 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-S29-G37 Aa1-N35-Q3-D40 Aa1-N35-Q3-D19 Aa1-N35-I9-G1-A1 Aa1-N35-I9-G43-X3 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-D19-A2 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-D19-A2 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-D19-Aa2 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-X1-D19-B1 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-G43-D19-Z2 Aa1-N35-T34-D19-Z2 Aa1-N35-T34-Aa15-Z4-R7-Z2 Aa1-N35-T34-Aa15-Z4-R7-Z2 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-A7 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-A21-Y1 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-X1 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-B3-A1 xni xn xn nfr xnt xnt xnw xnw xnw xnws xnp xnp xnfA xnfw xnm xnm xnm xnmt xnmw xnmw xnmw xnmw xnms xnms xnmst xnms resting herd speech. friendship be friendly with friend friend. steal. relative verb noun noun noun noun verb and noun verb .

t7] . prisoner criminal. relative type of beer type of beer mosquito nurse nurse nurse restrain restrain restrain prison. fortress. t574 ] Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-A21-A1 Aa1-N35-G17-S29-W24 Aa1-N35-T34-S29 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-A21-G41Y1-Z2 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-X1-X1-B1 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-X1-B5 Aa1-N35-T34-X1-X1-B1 Aa1-N35-M17-U31-D54 Aa1-N35-M17-D19-D40 Aa1-N35-D21-M17-D19-D40 U31-X1-O1 D19-X1-O1 Aa1-N35-X1-D19 D19-X1-Z1-O1-Z1 Aa1-N35-D21-U31-A2-A1 Aa1-N35-D21-M17-U31-G37 Aa1-N35-D21-M17-U31-A2-A1 Aa1-N35-D21-B1-Z2 O1-D19-O1 O1-U31-O1 Aa1-N35-D21-X1-U31-B1 Aa1-N35-D21-G43-X1-A1-B1 Aa1-N35-D21-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 Aa1-N35-E23-F27 M12-N35-E23-F27 M12-N35-Z2-E23-Z1-F27 xnms xnms xnms xnms xnmtt xnmtt xnmtt xnr xnr xnr xnrt xnrt xnrt xnrt xnr xnr xnr xnr xnr xnr xnrt xnrwt xnrwt xnr xnr xnr friend. council-chamber prison council-chamber prison. prisoner criminal. prisoner harem harem harem harem women of the harem women of the harem reins reins reins noun noun noun .B tB1e5! B t1e b BtBe B t B 1e 5 I+5 B tB1!!p B tB1!t BtB!!p B t 1 en Bt1K` BtM1K` e! ! K!! B t! K K!4!4 B t Me" ! B t M 1 eE B t M 1 e" ! BtMp5 !K! !e! B t M! ep B tMK!!p B t M 1 1! +5 B t7] . fortress criminal.

tenth month of the year Moon-god Khonsu stink rack for jars. out of in front of. spread of illness traverse region. south of. within. B tBn B t C_ B tBB B te 1 1! C 5 .BKM!!. spread of illness move in two directions scurf ? bryony ? Moon-god Khonsu. foremost principal of offices principal of offices foreland. foremost who / which is in front of. who is at the head of foremost. principal. principal. south. out of in the face of. among. among. out of first in time who is at the head of. pre-eminent in. travel. !t5e 1 1 ! " B t7 K' B t7 KH KtvpE \t! Z \5 \t! K \t! B t! 1\t! \t! B t! \t! \t! \t! 7 \t! 7 [ \t! 7K! \t! 7! \t! f4 Aa1-S3-D21-X1-X1-A14 Aa1-N35-O34-D54 Aa1-N35-O35-P4 Aa1-N35-O34-E177 Aa1-N35-S29-M17-M17-X1-Aa2-Z2 M12-G1-N35-Z2-S29-M17-M17-X1M2 Aa1-N35-M23-G43-G7 Aa1-N35-M23-G43-A40 Aa1-N35-N37-K1-G37 W18-N35-X1-Q38 W18-Z2 W18-N35-X1-D19 W18-N35-X1 Aa1-N35-X1 G17-W18-N35-X1 W18-N35-X1 Aa1-N35-X1 W18-N35-X1 W18-N35-X1 W18-N35-X1-Z4 W18-N35-X1-Z4 W17 W18-N35-X1-Z4-D19-O1 W18-N35-X1-Z4-O1 W18-N35-X1-N21-Z1 xnrtt xns xns xns xnsyt xAsyt xnsw xnsw xnS xnt xnt xnt xnt xnt xnt xnt xnty xnty xnty xnty xnty xnty xnty xnty xnty conspiracy ? traverse region. south of. travel. sideboard rack for jars. southern. protruding who / which is in front of. from. pre-eminent in. southern. southern part preposition preposition preposition adverb verb verb verb . brow in front of. who is at the head of foremost. from. protruding who is at the head of. sideboard face.

south. travel southward southward voyage orchard ? verb verb verb infinitive locality locality locality locality divinity adverb adverb . travel southward sail upstream. outstanding of mind Akhmim Nubia Khenti-Hety god eleventh month of year garden with trees Lebanon tenants ? the Southland Southerners sail upstream. earlier outer-chamber outer-chamber outer-chamber outer-chamber indoors Khenti a crocodile god be glad of heart. southern part out before.\t! $h M\t! K h4 \t! K+ \t! \t! 7K! e! ! W18-N35-X1-G4-N23 D21-W18-N35-X1-G43-N23-Z1 W18-N35-X1-G43-Y1 W18-N35-X1 W18-N35-X1-Z4-D19-O1 U31-X1-O1 Aa1-N35-X1-O1 W17-X1-D19-O1 G17-W18-N35-X1-Z4-D19-O1 W18-N35-X1-Z4-I3-G7 W18-N35-U33-M17-F34 R22-R12-D19-X1-O39 W18-N35-X1-V36-F35-N25 W18-N35-X1-F32-U33-Z4-G7 W18-N35-X1-F32-U33-Z4-G7 W18-X1-N37-Z1-N21 W18-X1-N37-Z1-N21-N25 W18-G4-N37-N21-Z1 W18-N35-X1-N16-Z1-N21-N25 W18-X1-G4-N16-N21-Z1 W17-N35-X1-P2 Aa1-N35-X1-P2 W18-N35-X1-P2 W18-N35-X1-U33-M17-M17-X1-P1 Aa1-N35-X1-N37-N21 B t! ! [!K! 1\t! 7K! \ t! 7 b' \tg 1d A7K!G \t! D ej \t! b g 7' \t! b g 7' \! v4 f \! v4 f j \$vf 4 \t! a4fj \! $af 4 [t! ] B t! ] \t! ] \t! g 1 1! \ B t! vf xnty r xntw xntw xntw xnty xnty xnty xnty m xnty xnty xnti ib xnt mnw xnt Hn nfr xnty Xty xnty Xty xnt S xnt S xntyw S xnt tA xntyw tA xnti xnti xnti xntyt xntS foreland. travel southward sail upstream. earlier before.

tread down foes. be glad. calf of leg tread ways etc. calf of leg lower part. near. requirements. further state. delight over walk about freely bend wood. offend ? throne throne throne shin of beef shin of beef with. concerns. offend ? tread ways etc. condition. affairs. desire. favour fall in military sense fall in military sense preposition auxillary verb non-enclitic particle non-enclitic particle non-enclitic particle . offend ? tread ways etc.B t! vK u B t! vK + B t! vK +d 4 1 B t! vn B tfM B tfo B tfo s B tfo B tfn B tfon B tfK" B tfH B tfKH B tin B tfn BM BM B M/ BM 1B M/ B M! +5 <! B M ! +5t B M ! +5d 4 B M/ / Aa1-N35-X1-N37-D19-N36 Aa1-N35-X1-N37-D19-Y1 Aa1-N35-X1-N37-D19-Y1-F34-Z1G17 Aa1-N35-X1-N37-D54 Aa1-N35-D46-U7 Aa1-N35-D46-D56 Aa1-N35-D46-D56-F51 Aa1-N35-D46-D56 Aa1-N35-D46-D54 Aa1-N35-D46-D56-D54 Aa1-N35-D46-G43-Q2 Aa1-N35-D46-O40 Aa1-N35-D46-G43-O40 Aa1-N35-I10-F44 Aa1-N35-D46-F44 Aa1-D21 Aa1-D21 Aa1-D21-A15 Aa1-D21 M17-Aa1-D21-A15 Aa1-D21-X1-Y1-Z2 D4-X1-Aa1-D21-X1-Y1-Z2-N35 Aa1-D21-X1-Y1-Z2-F34-Z1 Aa1-D21-A15 A15 xntS xntS xntS ib m xntS xnd xnd xnd xnd xnd xnd xndw xndw xndw xnD xnD xr xr xr xr xr xrt irt xrt n xrt ib xr xr orchard ? have enjoyment of. tread down foes. tread down foes. under a king. further and. further and. by of agent. products of a place look after someone wish. twist together flower-stems lower part. speak to. so says and. make glad delight in.

c K` c 118c:1189 c K 1 1K`5 Aa1-D21-G43-A15 Aa1-D21-A15 Aa1-D21-G43-A15-A14 A15 Aa1-D21-O1 Aa1-D21-G43-A15-N23-Z1-Z3 Aa1-D21-E23-Z2 Aa1-E23-N23-Z2 Aa1-D21-A15-N23-Z1 Aa1-D21-M17-M17-X1-E1-Z2 P8-G43-A2 Aa1-D21-P8-E23-G43-A2 P8-G43-Y2-S29-N35-Z2 Aa1-D21-P8-S29-N35-Z2 Aa1-D21-P8-A2-S29-N35-Z2 P9-Z4 P9 P8-I9-Z4 Aa1-D21-P8-I9-Z4 Aa1-D21-P8-E23-Z7-M17-M17-A24A1 P8-G43-A14 P8-G43-D40 P8-M17-M17-A24-A13 P8-Z7-M17-M17-A24-Z6 P8-G43-M17-M17-G43-D40-Z2 xrw xrw xrw xrw xr xrw xrw xrw xrw xryt xrw xrw xrw . noise so say they so say they so say they says says says says enemy enemy enemy enemy enemy war .fy xrw . noise voice.lying land butchery voice.lying land low . / B M! B MK/ h46 B M75 B7h5 B M/h4 B M 1 1! !5 c K" B Mc 7K" c K.fy xrw . necropolis ? low .sn xrw .lying land low .fy xrwy xrwy xrwy xrwy xrwy xrwyw enemy enemy enemy enemy tomb belonging to reigning xrw .fy xrw .e t5 B Mc e t5 B Mc " e t5 d7 d c h7 B Mc h7 B Mc 7: 1 18! c xrw .B MK/ B M/ B MK/.lying land low .

c:119 c K 1 1!`5 B Mc 1 1!8 r B M#d B M#d B M#d d r B M#dd 4 B M#d r r! B M!#d5 r4 h rh B M#K\ B M#K# BvM! B Mv} BvM" BBM B Bf4 B B7" B BS7 77 E P8-Z7-M17-M17-Z6 P8-G43-M17-M17-X1-D40-Z2 Aa1-D21-P8-M17-M17-X1-A24 S42 Aa1-D21-Q3-D44 Aa1-D21-Q3-D44 Aa1-D21-Q3-D44 D44 S42 Aa1-D21-Q3-D44-F34-Z1 Aa1-D21-Q3-D44 S42 S42-A1 Aa1-D21-X1-Q3-D44-Z2 S42-Z1-N23 S42-N23 Aa1-D21-Q3-G43-U22 Aa1-D21-Q3-G43-M3 Aa1-N37-D21-V1 Aa1-D21-N37-M181 Aa1-N37-D21-M2 Aa1-Aa1-F10 Aa1-O34-N21-Z1 Aa1-O34-Z4-M2 Aa1-O34-Aa18-Z4-Z4-Z4-G37 xrwyw xrwyt xrwyt xrp xrp xrp xrp xrp xrp xrp ib xrp xrp xrp xrpt xrp xrp xrpw xrpw xrS xrS xrS xx xs xsy xsy war war war baton of office govern. administrator controller. provide. taxes district ?. dedicate undertake works having authority controller. direct someone drive cattle. act as controller. estate mallet mallet bundle bundle bundle neck. administrator dues. administrator controller. control. administer. lead. make offering of. provide. throat creek bribe bribe . get ahead with work. undertake works bring. make offering of. estate ? district. dedicate bring.

f n . prevent punish punishment. ward off. repel. ward off. avoid anger. disapproval punish punishment. disapproval that he may confute himself contend against defend oppose. redress wrong reprove words. drive cattle. repress crime. oppose.B BS!1 1 ! "5 Beqir5 B Bq f} B e q iD Beqfr5 Beh i8 i8 Behh8 Behh8 i8 Aa1-O34-Aa18-G1-M17-M17-X1-M2Z2 Aa1-S29-D58-I10-N33-Z2 Aa1-O34-D58-D46-N33A Aa1-S29-D58-I10-D12 Aa1-S29-D58-D46-N33-Z2 Aa1-S29-U34 U35-A24 U35-A24 Aa1-S29-I9-U34-A24 Aa1-S29-I9-U34-A24 U35-A24 U35-A24 Aa1-S29-I9-U34-A24 Aa1-S29-I9-U34-A24 U35-A24-I9-N35-I9-I10-O34-I9 U35-A24-D21 U35-A24-D2-Z1 U35-A24-D36-Z1 Aa1-S29-I9-X1-U35 U35-X1-A24 Aa1-S29-U34-I9 G17-U35-G43-D54 U35-G43-D54-I9 xAsyt xsbD xsbD xsbD xsbD xsf xsf xsf xsf xsf xsf xsf xsf xsf xsf . divert water. opposition punishment punishment opponent at the approach of in meeting near him verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive intransitive verb with following preposition noun intransitive verb with following preposition noun i8 Behh8 Behh8 i8 hthiBh i8 M i8 : 4 i8 \ 4 B e h! i i! 8 Be hh 1iKn iKnh .f Ds . prevent drive away. blue-black of hair blue. redress wrong reprove words. repress crime. oppose. avoid anger.f xsf r xsf Hr xsf a xsft xsft xsf m xsfw xsfw . blue-black of hair spin yarn drive away. drive cattle. repel.f bryony lapis lazuli lapis lazuli blue. divert water.

drive away darkness. rod measurement embodiment of food embodiment of food staff-of-life plants orchard under the authority of under the authority of rod of cord linear measure of 100 cubits mast a type of tree furniture furniture furniture retire. evil etc . stick. evil etc .<iKn B e hh_ B e hhK! \ h!n B e hh! \ Bei1 1!\ Be M` BBM=` BBM=8 B BM=. clear a road. clear a road.` #! 4 #! 4 tj tB #B ! tj tB #! 4 tj "5 \! t! #! 4! M#! 4 M#B ! n #! 4 ttYb < ! #! 4 `K#4 #4t. retreat retire. evil etc . retreat collective noun collective noun collective noun verb verb l verb verb verb verb verb . remove dirt dispel. pole. drive away darkness. remove dirt dispel. clear a road. tree. mast. woodland. clear a road. remove dirt wood. #B ! K! ###5 #! 1 1! #5 #B ! 1 1 ! #5 #B ! n #B ! î D4-U35-G43-D54 Aa1-S29-U34-I9-P4 Aa1-S29-U34-I9-G43-X1-P1 U34-X1-D54 Aa1-S29-U34-I9-X1-P1 Aa1-S29-U35-M17-M17-X1-P1 Aa1-S29-D21-D40 Aa1-O34-D21-V29-D40 Aa1-O34-D21-V29-A24 Aa1-O34-D21-V29-V12-D40 M3-X1-Z1 M3-X1-Z1-N35-S34-N35-Aa1 M3-Aa1-X1-N35-S34-N35-Aa1 M3-X1-Z1-N35-S34-M2-Z2 D36-X1-N35-X1-M3-X1-Z1-O1 D21-M3-X1-Z1 D21-M3-Aa1-X1-D54 M3-X1-Z1-N35-N35-U19-W24-V28V1 M3-X1-Z1-P5-G43-M3-Z1 M3-Z1-N35-D3 M3-Aa1-X1-G43-X1-M3-M3-M3-Z2 M3-X1-M17-M17-X1-M3-Z2 M3-Aa1-X1-M17-M17-X1-M3-Z2 M3-Aa1-X1-D54 M3-Aa1-X1-D55 ir xsfw xsfw xsfw xsfw xsfw xsfw xsr xsr xsr xsr xt xt n anx xt n anx xt n anxw at nt xt r xt r xt xt n nwH xt TAw xt n Sny xtwt xtwt xtwt xti xti meet sail upstream sail upstream sail upstream sail upstream sail upstream dispel. drive away darkness. timber. evil etc . drive away darkness. remove dirt dispel.

storehouse. fort noun noun noun noun noun verb verb verb verb verb locality preposition . put a seal on. \4G B!\ B !1\ \ 18 B !1\ ` B !1\ ! N42-G17-M3-Aa1-X1-D55 M3-Aa1-X1-D54 M3-Aa1-X1-G4-D54-Z2-N16-N23-Z1 M3-Aa1-X1-G43-D54-Z2 M3-Aa1-X1-X1-O1-Z1 M3-X1-X1-O1 Aa1-X1-X1-O1-Z1 Aa1-X1-X1-D54-O1-Z1 M3-Aa1-X1-T31-D40 Aa1-X1-D51-D40 Aa1-X1-U30-G1-N25 Aa1-X1-U30-G1-D54 M3-Aa1-X1-G4-N23-Z1 M3-Aa1-X1-G4-M35-Z1 M3-Aa1-X1-G4-O40 O40 M3-O29-G39 Aa1-X1-G17-S20 S20 S20-Y2 S20-Z1-O39 Aa1-X1-S20 Aa1-X1-G17-S20 S20-G17-A24 Aa1-X1-G17-S20-D40 Aa1-X1-G17-S20-O1 Hm xt xt xtyw tA xtw xtt pr xtt pr xtt pr xtt pr xti xti xtA xtA xtyw xtyw xtyw xtyw xt aA xtm xtm xtm xtm xtm xtm xtm xtm xtm retreat through. mix ingredients seal seal chest. include. dais. dais. throughout.{ 1#B ! î #B ! n #B ! $n5a h 4 #B ! Kn5 #B ! ! !4 #! ! ! B!!!4 B ! ! n!4 #B ! ?` B ! k` B ! d !j B ! d !n #B ! $h4 #B ! $C 4 #B ! $H H #=G B !1\ \ \.floor threshing .servant house . terraced hillside platform. pervading who pervade the land menials house . contract with someone. poultry seal seal seal seal seal seal. terraced hillside an edible bird.floor platform.servant house .servant house . engrave Hatti creep up to threshing . close doors.servant carve. engrave carve.

northwards. reverse a contract. sole of foot bellies. come and go of pain backwards pluck plants rich travel downstream. sole of foot belly. body. bodies plural preposition noun noun noun noun noun . wombs. North downstream land .register waterfowl riches belly. body. womb.maker sealed chamber through turn back. flow of water. nullify. womb.\ 1! B !1! \! B !1\ + B !1!\ + \!+ \B!+ B !1!+ B 1!\ \ 4!5 B!111\! B!111!\! #! #! #B ! #K! î 1#B ! #B ! î B!! B fF B f\ 1B f\ B f! + B fk:G5 B i1 1+5 b!4 b bbb S20-G17-O1 Aa1-X1-G17-O1 S20-O1 Aa1-X1-G17-S20-Y1 Aa1-X1-G17-X1-S20-Y1 S20-X1-Y1 S20-Aa1-X1-Y1 Aa1-X1-G17-X1-Y1 Aa1-G17-X1-S20 S20-Z1-E1-Z2 Aa1-X1-G17-M17-M17-S20-A1 Aa1-X1-G17-M17-M17-X1-S20-O1 M3-X1-M3-X1 M3-Aa1-X1-M3-Aa1-X1-D55 G17-M3-Aa1-X1-M3-Aa1-X1-D55 Aa1-X1-X1 Aa1-D46-O38 Aa1-D46-P1 G17-Aa1-D46-P1 Aa1-D46-X1-Y1 Aa1-D46-N26-Z7-G39-Z2 Aa1-I10-M17-M17-Y1-Z2 F32-X1-Z1 F32 F32-F32-F32 xtm xtm xtm xtm xtmt xtmt xtmt xtmt xtm xtmw xtmy xtmyt xtxt xtxt m xtxt Xtt xwd xdi m xd xdt xdDw xDy Xt Xt Xtw chest fort fort contract contract contract contract contract valuables ? cattle seal .

generation. crookedness. crookedness. crookedly crooked. crookedly crooked. crookedly adjective and noun and adverb adjective and noun and adverb0 adjective and noun and adverb . people people belly of gods or men oxyrhynchus fish mormyrus kannume corpse corpse corpse heap of corpses heap of corpses disease marsh clothes peg ? resolute thwart someone thwart someone curl on Red crown curl on Red crown clavicle clavicle sickle crooked. 5 s!! C 6 s!! h s!!# s!!+ s!1 18 s!1 1" s!q ! ! sq ! s!q G s!q 8 s s!q G# s!q G s!q Ga s!q Ga S29-Aa1-D21-Y1V-F32-X1-Z1 M17-Z11-G43-Z2-F32-X1-Z1 F32-X1-Z1-A1-B1-Z2 F32-X1-Z2 F32-D12-X1 K4-X1-Z1-K5 K4-X1-Aa2 A55 K4-X1-G1-A14 K4-G1-M17-M17-X1-Aa2-Z2 K4-G1-X1-A14-Z2 K4-G1-X1-Aa2-Z3 K4-G1-X1-N23 K4-G1-G1-M3 K4-G1-G1-Y1 K4-G1-M17-M17-A24 K4-G1-M17-M17-A2 K4-G1-D58-X1-V1 K4-D58-V1 K4-G1-D58-U1 K4-G1-D58-Z5-F51 K4-G1-D58-U1-M3 K4-G1-D58-U1B K4-G1-D58-U1B-D41 K4-G1-D58-U1B-D41 sxr Xt imyw Xt Xt Xt Xt XAt XAt XAt XAt XAyt XAyt XAt XAt XAA XAA XAy XAy XAbt XAbt XAb XAb XAb XAb XAb XAb thought thoughts body of gods or man. crookedness.e B M }b ! 4 1 > K5b ! 4 b!4!p5 b!5 bD! s!4t s!C W s! !. s!1 1! C5 s!! .

allowance of milk approach approach approach shave barber barber figures inlaid in metal figures inlaid in metal navel .p s!M! p s!M! Ep s!s! g U s!?K d 4 . navel chew .6 b\\Kr5 b \1n b 1\n m\1n b\nk b\n :k8 kK b#KC5 C5 b # I !K C s b#C b # !] b#\" XAbb XAm XAmt XAmt XAmt xt XAr XAr XAr XArt XArt XArt XAXAti XAkw ib Xaaw Xam Xam Xam Xaq Xaqw Xaqw Xpw Xpw XpAw XpAw XpAw Xpa crookedness bend down arms in respect a type of beer a type of beer type of offerings sack.string. leather bag widow widow widow storm disaffected persons measure. navel navel . leather bag sack. navel navel . leather bag sack.s!q q V V s!1X s!1! ` 5 s!1! X s1}B ! +5 sM3 K4-G1-D58-D58-F19-F19 K4-G1-G17-D32 K4-G1-G17-X1-W22-Z2 K4-G1-G17-X1-D32 K4-G17-D200-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 K4-D21-V19 V19 K4-G1-D21-V19-Z1 K4-G1-D21-X1-D3-B1 K4-G1-D21-X1-B1 K4-G1-D21-X1-G37-B1 K4-G1-K4-G1-U33-N4 K4-G1-V31-G43-F34-Z1-A13-Z3 F32-D36-D36-G43-N33-Z2 F32-D36-G17-D54 F32-G17-D36-D54 N28-D36-G17-D54 F32-D36-N29-U37 F32-D36-N29-Z7-U37-A24 U37-G43 F32-Q3-G43-Aa2-Z2 Aa2-Z2 F32-Q3-G41-G1-G43-Aa2-F51 F32-Q3-Aa2 F32-Q3-G1-F27 F32-Q3-D36-A2 3 s!M34 s!M! .string.string.

home.procession sailors sailors sailor sailor interior. home.b # tD b 1\n b 1ea b tC F32-Q3-N35-F1 F32-G17-D36-D54 F32-G17-S29-D41 F32-N35-Aa2 F26-N35-S28 F26-N35-X1-F27 F26-N35-X1-O1 F26-N35-D54 D33-N35-P1 D33-N35-P1-A24 D33-N35-D40 D33-N35-X1-P1 D33-N35-X1-P1-Y1-Z2 D33-X1-P1 D33-N35-M17-M17-X1-A1-Z2 D33-N35-M17-M17-X1-D40-A1-Z2 D33-N35-W24-G43-A1 D33-W24-A1 F26-N35-W24-G43-O1 F26-N35-O1 F26-N35-O1-O49 F26-W24-O1-Z1 W24-N35A G17-F26-N35-W24-G43-O1 F26-N35-W24-G43-O1 D21-F26-N35-W24-G43-O1 \td \t! ] \t! ! \tn Yt\ Yt\8 Yt` Yt! \ Yt! \+5 Y!\ Yt11!!5 Yt1 1! `!5 Ytb K! Yb! \tbK! \t! \t!Q \b!4 b~ 1\tb K! \tbK! M\tbK! Xpn Xma Xms Xn Xn Xnt Xnt Xn Xni Xni Xni Xnt Xnt Xnt Xnyt Xnyt Xnw Xnw Xnw Xnw Xnw Xnw Xnw m Xnw Xnw r Xnw fat approach bend the back in respect be blistered tent hide. Residence Residence interior. abode. in the house of inside within. into adjective verb verb verb collective noun collective noun noun noun noun noun noun adverb . convey by water row row water procession water procession water . abode. abode. at. Residence within. Residence interior. home. home. Residence interior. skin burial chamber ? of tomb approach row. abode.

dependants. endowed with be united.clad people join. protect. enrich. cistern well. wear.nurse basin for irrigation ? well. cistern Khnum god Khnum god Khnum god Khnum god Khnum god noun verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive S 1+ S S 1]5 >5 S :!p5 S!5 S t1! 5 S tB1!5 Sp \tB1~u h4 S 1!v S!~ S!u S!{~ S 1:' SK S 1:$ S 1:J S 1:+ noun noun noun noun divinity divinity divinity divinity divinity . take. married couple ? citizens. enter. dependants. ! 5 S 1+ F26-W24-D36-D36 G17-F26-W24-D36-D36 F26-N35-W24-G43-N35A-N36 F26-N35-W24-G43-G4-F27-T14-A1Z2 W9-G17-Y1 W9-G17-Y1 W9 W9-G17-F27-Z2 E30-Z2 W9-Z7-A1-B1-Z2 W9-A1-Z2 W9-N35-G17-A1-Z2 W9-N35-T34-G17-A1-Z2 W9-B1 F26-N35-T34-G17-N35A-N36-N23Z1 W9-G17-X1-N37 W9-X1-N35A W9-X1-N36 W9-X1-N42-N35A W9-G17-Z7-G7 W9-G43 W9-G17-Z7-C4 W9-G17-Z7-F7 W9-G17-Z7-E11 Xnw awy m Xnw awy Xnw Xnwtyw Xnm Xnm Xnm Xnm Xnm Xnmw Xnmw Xnmw Xnmw Xnmt Xnm Xnmt Xnmt Xnmt Xnmt Xnmw Xnmw Xnmw Xnmw Xnmw embrace within brook skin . receive. married couple ? dry . be provided. associated with. dependants. be provided. married couple ? citizens. lie on be united. unite with. dependants. enfold. endue.\b\\ 1\b\\ \tb K~u \tb K$] . cistern well. endowed with herd herd citizens. cistern well. married couple ? citizens. associated with. enclose.

suffering from illness possessions. subject to someone's actions which is under. inhabitants of land. requirements. irritated medical inflamed. share. skill Myrrh relatives of family. uproar brawlers statue statue statue statue living semblance under. underlings. commands. interfere with persons. holding. requirements. carrying. confound truth inflamed. belongings. possessing. duty. portion. due 9from. lower. duty. confound truth inflamed. irritated medical tumult. possessing at head or foot. commands. uproar tumult. belongings. portion. irritated medical disturb. skill possessions. interfere with persons. having. uproar tumult. inhabitants of land relatives of family.} Ytt8 Ytt8 Ytt85 Ytt85 YttC Yttb K`5 Y ttb K5`5 Yttb KU`5 Y ttb :58 ! 5 Ytg6 YU Y!7U Yt! 6 Yt g 6j tB <M <M < M7 < M! +5 <! rM11y < M!p5 <!p5 < MK!5 E193A D33-N35-N35-A24 D33-N35-N35-A24 D33-N35-N35-A24-E21 D33-N35-N35-A24-E21 D33-N35-N35-Aa2 D33-N35-N35-W24-G43-D40-Z2 D33-N35-N35-W24-G43-E21-D40Z2 D33-N35-N35-W24-G43-N4-D40-Z2 D33-N35-N35-W24-Z7-E21-A24-A1Z2 D33-N35-U33-A22 D33-A53 D33-X1-Z4-A53 D33-N35-X1-A22 D33-N35-U33-A22-S34-N35-Aa1 T28-D21 T28-D21 T28-D21-Z4 T28-D21-X1-Y1-Z2 T28-X1 N33-D21-M17-M17-N33AV T28-D21-A1-B1-Z2 T28-A1-B1-Z2 T28-D21-G43-A1-Z2 Xnmw Xnn Xnn Xnn Xnn Xnn Xnmw Xnmw Xnmw Xnnw Xnty Xnty Xnty Xnty Xnty anx Xr Xr Xry Xrt Xrt Xry Xrw Xrw Xrw Khnum disturb. through of means. due 9from. underlings. share. household members men divinity verb verb verb verb preposition preposition .

in the charge of under the hand of. underside downwards below below testicles testicles under the hand of. lower part.< MKh4 < M7 < Mh5 t< MKh4 M< MKh4 M<M < MK7} < MK} < M\4 <\ < M\4! < M\4! < M!\E5 < M! \+5 3 < Mj 5 5 Mj #! 3=j } = #! < 3 $! o # M $! 5 T28-D21-G43-N23-Z1 T28-D21-Z4 T28-D21-N23-Z2 N35-T28-D21-G43-N23-Z1 D21-T28-D21-G43-N23-Z1 D21-T28-D21 T28-D21-G43-Z4-D283 T28-D21-G43-D283 T28-D21-D36-Z1 T28-D36 T28-D21-D36-Z1-A1 T28-D21-D36-Z1-V1 T28-D21-X1-D36-G37-Z2 T28-D21-X1-D36-Y1-Z2 R8-T28-D21-N25 R10 R10-D21-N25 R50-X1 R8-G131B-N25 G131 G131B R50-A1 T28-R8-G4-A1-Z2A R50-D21-G4-A1-Z2 Xrw Xrw Xrw n Xrw r Xrw r Hrw Xrwy Xrwy Xr a Xr a Xry a Xry a Xrt a Xrt a Xrt nTr Xrt nTr Xrt nTr Xrt nTr Xrt nTr Xrt nTr Xrt nTr Xrty nTr Xrtyw nTrw Xrtyw nTrw base. lower part. underside base. underside base. assistant halliard deceit writing materials necropolis necropolis necropolis necropolis necropolis necropolis necropolis stone mason stone masons stone masons plural plural . in the charge of apprentice. lower part.

riual impurity coward plural noun noun noun verb verb collective noun .3 < ! $`5 R8-T28-X1-G4-D40-Z2 V28-T28-D58 W5A-A1 W5 T28-D21-V28-D58-W3-N5-A1 T28-D21-Z4-F32-X1-Z1 T28-D21-Aa17-Z1 T28-D21-D1-Z1 M23-T28-D1 M23-D1-T28 T28-D1-N5 F32-D21-D46-A17-A1 A17-A1 F32-D21-D46-G37-A1-B1 F32-D21-D46-A17-A1 A17-A1 F32-D21-D46-X1-A17-Z2 F32-D21-D46-A17-Z3 F32-D21-D46-G37 F32-O34-G37 F32-O34-Z4-G37 F32-O34-G37-D2-Z1-F34-Z1 S24-O34-Y1-F32-O34-G37 F32-O34-X1-G37 F32-O34-Z4-G37-A1 <<q O! O < M <q MV! < M7b!4 < MR4 < M94 7 <9 79< <9V b Mf1 ! 1! b MfE! p b Mf1 ! 1! b Mf! 1 5 b Mf1 6 b MfE b BE b B7 E b BE: 4 d 4 ` B+b BE b B! E b B7 E! Xrtyw nTrw Xry Hbt Xry Hbt Xry Hbt Xry Hbt Xry Xt Xry sA Xr tp Xr tp nsw Xr tp nsw Xr tp ra Xrd Xrd Xrdw Xrd Xrd Xrdt Xrdw Xrd Xsy Xsy Xs Hr ib Ts Xsy Xst Xsy stone masons lector priest lector priest lector priest lector priest abdomen. vile of enemies. under-side of sky the hindermost ? under the head of. feeble. speech vile of enemies incompetent crime ? cowardice. humble of rank. mean of conduct. become a child be. beside chamberlain chamberlain the spirits who attend Re child child children be. become a child children childhood calf of gazelle weak.

insignia insignia ornaments ornaments ornaments insignia overthrow pluck plants. insignia panoply. concubine panoply. to prey on pluck plants. b BR!1 1 ! .bB11!E5 b e !C b BR !. ornaments panoply. r5 bB1 1! r5 b B 1 1! #5 b B!1 1! r5 bBM=8 bneE bne!ED b?M _+ b?M 1 1 _! F32-O34-M17-M17-X1-G37-Z2 F32-S29-G1-Aa2 F32-O34-Aa17-G1-D3 F32-O34-Aa17-G1-M17-M17-X1-D3N33-Z2 F32-O34-M17-M17-X1-N33-Z2 F32-O34-M17-M17-X1-M3-Z2 F32-O34-G1-M17-M17-X1-N33-Z2 F32-O34-D21-V29-A24 F32-N29-S29-G37 F32-N29-S29-X1-G37-D12 F32-V31-D21-Aa30-Y1 F32-V31-D21-M17-M17-Aa30-A1 N37-V31-D21-M17-M17-Aa30-A1 F32-V31-D21-X1-Aa30-B1 F32-V31-D21-Aa30-Aa30-Aa30 F32-V31-D21-Aa30-Y1V Aa30-Y1V-Z2 Aa30 Aa30-Z3 N37-V31-D21-Aa30-Z2 F32-V31-D21-G43-Aa30-Y1-Z2 F32-V31-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa30-Z3 F32-X1-D58-A15-D40 F32-X1-X1-D40 Aa1-X1-X1 F32-D46-D58-A24 Xsyt XsA XsA XsAyt XsAyt XsAyt XsAyt Xsr Xqs Xqst Xqr Xqry Xqry Xkrt Xkrw Xkrw Xkrw Xkrw Xkrw Xkrw Xkrw Xkryt Xtb Xtt Xtt Xdb wrongdoing be unanointed be unanointed type of spice type of spice type of spice type of spice dispel be injured the injured Eye of Horus be adorned coiffeur coiffeur coiffeuse. insignia. to prey on kill v? M 1 1 _! b?M! _p b?M___ b?M _} _ }5 _ _6 v? M _5 b ? MK _+5 b?M 1 1! _6 b!q/` b!!` B!! b fq 8 .

each one. no-one. no-one. no-one. her. department. anyone. necropolis sheep injury seat. someone. someone. man of rank everyone. storehouse. each man. anyone. its ornamental vessel sheaf of arrows man. man of rank man. someone. place. 9 . anyone. throne. office. man of rank woman. position.t 1 7 . wish.b fq ?` bfM\ bfME F32-D46-D58-T31-D40 F32-D46-D21-D36 F32-D46-D21-G37 O34-Z1 O34-Z1-M3 S29 O34 S29-Z1 O34-T49 O34-A1-Z1 O34-A1-Z1-V30 O34-M17-Z1 O34-Z1 O34-M2-Z1 O34-X1-B1 O34-X1-N42-X1-B1 O34-X1-G39 G39-X1-B3 O34-X1-N25 S29-E10 O34-X1-V1 Q1-X1-O1 Q1-X1-O1-F34-Z1 Q1-X1-D36-Z1-G37-Z2 Q1-X1-O1-Y5-N35-M17-Z4-T14-Z6 B4 B4 # e B e4 B} B! 4 B! 4 > B14 B4 B"4 B! p B! { ! p B! G G!r B! j e* B! ! !!! Xdb Xdr Xdr s s s s s s s s nb s s s st st Hmt st st ms smyt sr stAw st st ib st a st mni kill rescue ? be in discomfort doorbolt doorbolt she. anyone. no-one. its she.laying duck desert. favourite place. wife pin-tail duck egg . grounds of house. man of rank man. it. affection stroke of malignant beings the state of dying suffix pronoun suffix pronoun ! !!d 4 !!\4E5 ! ! !. it. rank of official favourite. her. wife woman. someone.

! !!W4 s ! !!M4 ! !!o4 ! ! ! Mfoo < M! !!:4 !!!3 1 1! ! $ !) !B4!" `.case evil case successor successor son a son who loves ritual impersonator of Horus king's son. viceroy first king's son a priest son of Re daughter king's daughter the royal twins Shu and Tefnut masculine feminine . station supervision divine state liability to corvee meal cleanliness ploughing interment entertainment the state of being coffined evil . ! !!es~ !eTS ! ! ! f !+a h 4 ! !!nq!Y~ ! ! ! n M e &` ! ! ! 3 t! E5 ! !!" !g1 !!!! G! G4 M h! 7G 7 ! tG! 7 G49# GV G!p 7 ! tG4! GGyy!H Q1-X1-O1-F20-Z1-F51 Q1-X1-O1-D21-Z1 Q1-X1-O1-D56-Z1 Q1-X1-O1-D21-D46-D56-D56 T28-D21-Q1-X1-O1-D2-Z1 Q1-X1-O1-R8-M17-M17-X1 Q1-O4-G1-A9 Q1-Aa1-Z1-X1-X2-W22-Z8 Q1-X1-O1-S29-D60-N35A Q1-S29-D28-U13 Q1-X1-O1-F36-G1-Y1-N16-N23-Z1 Q1-X1-O1-N29-D58-X1-W15-N35A Q1-X1-O1-N29-D21-S29-Q6-D40 Q1-X1-O1-T19-N35-X1-G37-Z2 Q1-X1-O1-Q2 Q1-U33-M17 Q1-X1-X1-O1 G39-A1 G39-Z1-U7-I9-A1 M23-G39 M23-X1-N35-G39-A1 M23-G39-Z1-D1-Q3 G39-N5 G39-X1-B1 M23-X1-N35-G39-Z1-X1 G39-G39-L2-L2-X1-A40 st ns st r st rd st rdwy Xr st Hr st nTryt st hA st xt st swab st skA st smA tA st qbt st qrs st qsnt st qsnt sti stt sA sA mr .f sA nsw sA nsw sA nsw tp sA ra sAt sAt nsw sAty bity speech utterance rank. station rank. viceroy king's son.

ward off. restrain. ward off. ward off. restrain. regiment of troops. regiment of troops. ward off. company. heed guard. heed guard.hobble byre byre byre byre byre amulet protection protection protection phyle of priests. heed guard.G!7Gq H G G4n BG! # BG !n 1BG! G39-X1-Z4-G39-D58-A40 G39 G39-Z1-I15 O34-G39-X1-M3 O34-G39-G1-D54 M17-O34-G39-G1 V16 V16-O1-Z1 Aa18-Z1-O1 O34-O1-Z1 S29-Aa17-O1 Aa17-Z1 V17-Z1 V17-Z1-Y1-Z2 V17 V16 V17-A1-Z2 V16-A1-Z2 Z11-V17-A1 V17-G43-A1 V16 A47-G1-Z7-A24 A47-G43-A24 A47-G1-D40 O34-G39-G1-Z7-A47-A24 0 0!4 S4! B!4 eR! tR4 14 1 4+5 1 0 1!5 0!5 >1 ! 1 K! 0 O !:8 OK8 O !` BG!:O 8 sAty gb sA sA sAtw sA sA sA sA sA sA sA sA sA sA sA sA sA sA imy sA sAw sAw sAw sAw sAw sAw son of Geb land measure of 1/8 aroura maggot ground betake oneself to betake oneself to cattle . troop of animals phyle of priests. company. restrain. troop of animals attendant magician magician guard. heed verb verb verb verb . restrain.

await. outside.f sAi sAi sAi guard. wardens watch and ward. restrain. prudent. warding off evil guardian back at the back of. in turn back wall wall linger. after. warding off evil stand guard against watch and ward. wearing sandals after upon. prudent be wise. warden guardians. be sated be wise. having charge of. restrain. heed guards guardian. ward off. following after. be satisfied. ward off.0!} B} !K G5! 5 OK BG!1 1 K`5 O !K ! `5 <O !K ! `5 BG!K! O 6 O !K! 7 ` R4 1Z4 MZ4 :4Z4 [4 e Z !! D BG!! D h 4 O !n On O11 BG !n BG !O n BG !n 2 ! h OK`M 2 1!h e R !" S" e R !+ V16-G1-D96 O34-D96-G1-G43 G39-Z2-O1-Z2 A47-G43 O34-G39-G1-M17-M17-G43-D40-Z2 A47-G1-G43-X1-D40-Z2 D4-A47-G1-G43-X1-D40-Z2 O34-G39-G1-G43-X1-A47-Z3 A47-G1-G43-X1-Z4-D40 Aa17-Z1 G17-Aa17-Z1 D21-Aa17-Z1 D2-Z1-Aa17-Z1 Aa18-Z1 S29-Aa17-G1-X1-O36 O34-G39-G1-X1-O36-N23-Z1 A47-G1-D54 A47-D54 A47-M17-M17 O34-G39-G1-D54 O34-G39-G1-A47-D54 O34-G39-G1-D54-M18-X1-I9 A47-G43-D40-D21-M18-M17-X1-I9 S29-Aa17-G1-A2 Aa18-A2 S29-Aa17-G1-Y1 sAw sAw sAw prw sAw sAww sAwt ir sAwt sAwt sAwty sA m sA r sA Hr sA sA sAt sAt sAi sAi sAi sAi sAi sAi iit . creep await await creep linger. prudent verb verb verb verb verb verb verb verb plural noun . creep one whose coming is awaited one whose coming is awaited be wise. await. heed guard.f sAi iit .

BG !" eS11M" e R !! " BS" e R !!" e R !!" ! e R !K" e R !LE BG!E e R !LE \ 4 O !:8 eR!1:8 eR!' eR!1! e R ! 1 h" eR!1 1+ BG!K# e R !:# BG 1 1 K#5 BG!:Q BGK! s5 ejK ejKd 4 e jKl= TlK} BG !K ! 7 Q O34-G39-G1-A2 S29-Aa18-M17-M17-F10-A2 S29-Aa17-G1-X1-A2 O34-Aa18-A2 S29-Aa17-G1-G1-A2 S29-Aa17-G1-G1-A2-A1 S29-Aa17-G1-G43-A2 S29-Aa17-G1-J2-G37 O34-G39-G1-G37 S29-Aa17-G1-J2-G37-D36-Z1 A47-G1-Z7-A24 S29-Aa17-G1-M17-Z7-A24 S29-Aa17-G1-X7 S29-Aa17-G1-M17-A1 S29-Aa17-G1-M17-S32-A2 S29-Aa17-G1-M17-M17-Y1 O34-G39-G1-G43-M3 S29-Aa17-G1-Z7-M3 O34-G39-M17-M17-G43-M3-Z2 O34-G39-G1-Z7-O49 O34-G39-G43-X1-F51-Z2 S29-F40-G43 S29-F40-G43-F34-Z1 S29-F40-G43-Z4A-D5 S12-Z4A-G43-N33A O34-G39-G1-G43-X1-Z4-O49 sAi sAi sAt sAt sAA sAA sAw sA sA sA a sAi sAi sAi sAry siA sAy sAw sAw sAw sAw sAwt sAwi sAwi ib sAwy sAwy sAwty be wise. wisdom prudence. wisdom wisdom wise man saiety weak weak the weak of arm.thirds fine ? Asyut Lycopolis verb verb locality locality . baulk Sais loins ? lengthen building. baulk beam. baulk beam. friendship make glad keep an eye on gold two . prolong lifetime. prudent be satisfied prudence. weak man sift flour etc sift flour etc sift flour etc needy man recognize prepare ? bier beam.

understanding locality locality causative causative causative causative . eS!M+ eS!M!.0K!Q BGK! Q B!q r r r r e]q~ B!q 1 1 eq1 e]q1 e^q1 1! 1 M P! B]q + e ]q +8 ^ ^] e ] q ] ! 4 \5 e^!! e ^ q i! e]q!m e R !# \ e R !# ! " e !1 ' e G!1 ' e R !1! ." V16-G43-X1-O49 O34-G39-G43-X1-O49 O34-G1-D58-N33-N33-N33-N33 S29-U23-D58-N35A O34-G1-D58-E17 E17 S29-D58-E17 S29-U23-D58-E17 S29-F28-D58-E17 E17-A1 E17-D21-O48-A1 O34-U23-D58-Y1 S29-U23-D58-Y1-A24 F28 F28-H6 S29-U23-D58-H6-X1-Z1-H5-Z2 S29-F28-X1-E1 S29-F28-D58-I10-X1 S29-U23-D58-X1-I14 S29-Aa17-G1-Q3-D36 S29-Aa17-G1-Q3-X1-M2 S29-G1-G17-Q7 S29-U1-G1-G17-Q7 S29-Aa17-G1-G17-X1-D3 S29-Aa18-G1-D21-Y1 S29-Aa18-G1-D21-X1-T12-A2 sAwty sAwty sAb sAb sAb sAb sAb sAb sAb sAb sAb r nxn sAb sAb sAb sAb Swt sAb Swt sAbt sAbt sAbt sAp sApt sAm sAm sAmt sAr sArt Asyut Lycopolis Asyut Lycopolis drip drip jackal jackal jackal jackal jackal dignitary.leaf burn up burn up lock of hair be wise wisdom. senior in titles senior warden of Nekhen make to tarry cross water dappled of calf many coloured of plummage of Solar Horus many coloured of plummage of Solar Horus dappled cow particoloured snake particoloured snake lay out ? garden lotus .

reach. tread the earth. land from ship. name. dependants endow with endow with grant of land Orion constellation Orion constellation spiritualize deceased. arrive at. arrive at. go to earth = be buried neighbourhood neighbourhood dependant ? neighbours.eS!M!+ eR!1 M. 1 1E eZ!1! e !$ $ KE t4s eZ!<t s4 eZ!<t n tn t+ t! e[!<!u t S29-Aa18-G1-D21-X1-Y1 S29-Aa17-G1-M17-D21-T12 S29-Aa17-G1-M17-D21-T12-A24 S29-Aa17-G1-D21-X1-T12 S29-Aa17-G1-D21-T12-M17-M17G37 S29-Aa17-G1-M17-A1 S29-G1-O4-O4-G43-G37 D61-Z1-F51 S29-Aa17-G1-V28-D61-F51-Z1 S29-Aa17-G1-V28-D61-D54 D61-D54 D61-Y1 D61-X1 S29-J18-G1-V28-X1-D62 D61 S29-Aa17-G1-V28-G43-D61-A1-B1Z2 S29-Aa17-G1-V28-D61-Y1 D63-Y1V D61-N21-Z1 S29-Aa17-G1-V28-D61-N14-A40 D61-N14-G1-A40 S29-G25-Aa1-Y1 O34-G25 S29-G25-Aa1-G43-Y1-Z2 S29-G25-G43-Y1-Z2 sArt sAir sAir sArt sAry sAry sAhhw sAH sAH sAH sAH sAH sAHt sAHt sAH sAHw sAH sAH sAH sAH sAH sAx sAx sAxw sAxw wisdom. arrive at reach. land from ship. tread the earth. understanding need need need needy man needy man grumbler ? toe toe kick. beautify tomb glorify uraeus ritual recitations ritual recitations causative noun noun eR!<Kt !p5 eR!<t + v} t f4 eR!<t _H t _ !H e9B+ B9 e 9B K+5 e 9K+5 .8 eR!M!. eR!M. go to earth = be buried reach. glorify god. eR!1 M.

e R !v# e R !B 1K 8 e R !e B !n S4S4n e R !e R !n` e R !v M ! ; Bv M! ; e R !n d +

S29-Aa17-G1-Aa1-M3 S29-Aa17-G1-Aa1-G17-G43-Z5 S29-Aa17-G1-S29-Aa17-G1-D54 Aa18-Z1-Aa18-Z1-D54 S29-Aa17-G1-S29-Aa17-G1-D54D40 S29-Aa17-G1-N37-D21-X1-Z8 O34-N37-D21-X1-Z8 S29-Aa17-G1-N29-I5-Y1 I5 S29-Aa17-G1-N29-I5-Y1-F34-Z1 S29-Aa17-G1-N29-I5-Y1-F34-Z1D21 O34-G39-G1-X1-G43-N23-Z2 G39-X1-N21-Z2 O34-G39-X1-M3 G39-X1-Z4-O39 G39-X1-G43-N21-Z2 O34-G39-G1-X1-M3-Z2 G39-O34-X1-O39-O39-O39 G39-N16-I14 V16-Z1-N16-N21-Z1 O34-G1-V13-W57 O34-V13-A4B-A135C O34-V13-W57 O34-V13-W54-A4B-O39 O34-V13-W54-A4B

sAx sAxmw sAsA sAsA sAsA sASrt sASrt sAq sAq sAq ib sAq ib r sAtw sAtw sAtw sAtw sAtw sAtw sAtw sA tA sA tA sAT sAT sAT sAT sAT

forcibly drive into type of bat mammal drive back, repel, force ship over, apply oil drive back, repel force ship over cake, loaf cake, loaf pull together, be wary pull together, be wary self possessed set one's heart on ground, earth, soil, floor ground, earth, soil, floor ground, earth, soil, floor ground, earth, soil, floor ground, earth, soil, floor floor boards, flooring floor boards, flooring snake reverence ? make libation, pour out water make libation, pour out water make libation, pour out water libation stone libation stone

e R !n d +d 4 e R !n d +d 4 M BG!! K h 5 G!f5 BG! # G!7G G!Kf5 BG !! #5 G B! GGG Gam 04af4 B!-} B-$ } B-} B-f $ G B-f $

B-} e !i4 M e Sf! e 1} e7 e B C B7 C1 1 C e C7 + : 4 C1 1 1 &ve ! e R !-_ h4 e 1 !! h h!" h" e !h" e R ! 1 h" h!" H h!" e !h" e R ! 1 h"

O34-V13-D126 S29-G1-I10-Z1-W3 S29-Aa18-D46-G1 S29-M17-A363 S29-Z4 S29 O34 O35 O34-Z4 O35-M17-M17 O35 S29 O35-Z4-Y1 D2-Z1-O35-M17-M17-M17-V6-N37S29-X1 S29-Aa17-G1-V13-P4 S32-Z1 S29-M17-G1-X1-S32 S32-G1-A2 S32-A2 S29-G1-S32-A2 S29-Aa17-G1-M17-S32-A2 S32-G1-A2-A40 S32-G1-A2 S29-G1-S32-A2 S29-Aa17-G1-M17-S32-A2

sAT sAD sAD si sy sy sy sy sy sy sy sy sy Hr sy iSst sATw siAt siAt siA siA siA siA siA siA siA siA

libation stone a festival a festival shuffle she, her, it she, her, it she, her, it she, her, it she, her, it who ?, what ? who ?, what ? who ?, what ? who ?, what ? why ? tow boat fringed cloth fringed cloth recognize, perceive, know, be aware of, recognize, perceive, know, be aware of, recognize, perceive, know, be aware of, recognize, perceive, know, be aware of, perception, knowledge perception, knowledge perception, knowledge perception, knowledge verb verb verb verb noun noun noun noun dependent pronoun dependent pronoun dependent pronoun dependent pronoun dependent pronoun

h! r 5 e 1 ! M M <E e 1 !! p e 1 !-p p e 1 !! 7 p ` p!7! e 1 !! p e)K1 1" e)K e)M e):1m e)K<~ e):<~` e#, e 1#+ e#, e 1#+ 1e#+ e 1#! e 1#!7+ e 1#! e 1#!7+ e 1#!DM, e 1#!

S32-G1-N33-Z2 S29-M17-G1-D21-D21-D4-G37 S29-M17-G1-X1-D57 S29-M17-G1-V13-D57 D57 S29-M17-G1-X1-Z4-D57-D40 D57-X1-Z4-A1 S29-M17-G1-X1-D57 S29-E9-G43-M17-M17-A2 S29-E9-G43 S29-E9-D21 S29-E9-Z7-M17-D53 S29-E9-G43-V28-N35A S29-E9-Z7-V28-N35A-D40 S29-Q3-Y2 S29-M17-Q3-Y1 S29-Q3-Y2 S29-M17-Q3-Y1 M17-S29-Q3-Y1 S29-M17-Q3-X1 S29-M17-Q3-X1-Z4-Y1 S29-M17-Q3-X1 S29-M17-Q3-X1-Z4-Y1 S29-M17-Q3-X1-G36-D21-V12 S29-M17-Q3-X1

siA siArr siAt siAt siAt siAty siAty siAty siwy siwy siwr siwr siwH siwH sip sip sip sip sip sipty sipty sipty sipty sipty wr sipty

orpiment ? dose ? a patient encroach upon lands, cheat encroach upon encroach upon lands, cheat mutilator, twister of speech, cheater mutilator, twister of speech cheater announce someone, make a complaint against announce someone, make a complaint against make pregnant make pregnant inundate rob ? inspect, examine, revise, entrust, allot, assign, destine to a fate, organize household inspect, examine, revise, entrust, allot, assign, destine to a fate, organize household inspection inspection inspection inspect inspect investigation investigation inventory investigation noun causative causative causative causative causative causative

noun noun noun causative causative noun noun

e 1#!7+ e 1G! + e!+ e 1! 1+ e G!1! + e 1tC h e 1tC h e 1pt! 5 Bp! K5 B1t\ Bpt B 1pt\ e 1pt:` e 1pt> e 1ptn e 1 ptan e 1tn e 1tn e 1ptn e 1tC n e 1pt! \ e 1ptfE e 1$ 1n e1<? e 1ed 55d

S29-M17-Q3-X1-Z4-Y1 S29-M17-U1-M1-Y1 S29-M1-Y1 S29-M17-M1-G17-Y1 S29-U1-G1-G17-M1-Y1 S29-M17-N35-Aa2-N23 S29-M17-N35-Aa2-N23 S29-M17-K1-N35-X1-Z2 O34-K1-V1-G43-Z2 O34-M17-N35-D36 O34-K1-N35 O34-M17-K1-N35-D36 S29-M17-K1-N35-Z7-D40 S29-M17-K1-N35-T30 S29-M17-K1-N35-D54 S29-M17-K1-N35-D41-D54 S29-M17-N35-D54 S29-M17-N35-D54 S29-M17-K1-N35-D54 S29-M17-N35-Aa2-D54 S29-M17-K1-N35-X1-P1 S29-M17-K1-N35-D46-G37 S29-M17-O4-G17-D54 S29-M17-V28-E31 S29-M17-S29-S28 Z2-Z2-S28

sipty simA simA simA simA sin sin sint sinw sin sin sin sin sin sin sin sin sin sin sin sint sind sihm saH sis sis

investigation make well-disposed to make well-disposed to make well-disposed to make well-disposed to clay be sealed with clay clay seal ropes rub, rub out, obliterate, rub together rub out, obliterate rub out, obliterate rub sever neck wait for wait for run, pass away die courier run pass away die canoe make miserable hold back noble six - weave linen six - weave linen

noun causative causative causative causative noun verb

causative causative verb noun verb verb

causative causative

e 1 He7" e 1BE e 1n M+ e 1 -t e 1f8 e=\!1 1+ e=\!1 1+ e| e| e=\ e=\ e|11q e =\ !# e \ $ !C e\qT B\q + B\q + r e\q> e\1M e \t> e j tB ej e j tB ! e \tfE

S29-M17-M40-S29-Z4-M2 S29-M17-O34-G37 S29-M17-N29-D21-Y1 S29-M17-V13-N35 S29-M17-D46-A24 S29-O29-D36-G1-M17-M17-Y1 S29-O29-D36-G1-M17-M17-Y1 S29-O29V S29-O29V S29-O29-D36 S29-O29-D36 S29-O29V-M17-M17-B2 S29-O29-D36-G1-M3 S29-D36-V4-G1-Aa2 S29-D36-D58-F17 O34-D36-D58-Y1 O34-D36-D58-Y1-S42 S29-D36-D58-T30 S29-D36-G17-F10 S29-D36-N35-D6 S29-S34-N35-Aa1 S29-S34 S29-S34-N35-Aa1-A1 S29-D36-N35-D46-G37

sisy sisy siqr siTn sid saAy saAy saAy saAy saAy saAy saAy saA sawA swab sab sab sab sam san sanx sanx sanx sand

lighten burden, lessen lighten burden, lessen enrich someone, make perfect the deceased, make splendid a building subordinate someone to make impotent make great of size, rank, position, magnify god, truth increase benefits, glorify life on earth make great of size, rank, position, magnify god, truth increase benefits, glorify life on earth make great of size, rank, position, magnify god, truth increase benefits, glorify life on earth tremble gunwale cause to go bad cleanse be equipped with be equipped with saw out timbers, take out, circumsize, castrate wash down medicine, swallow, inlay beautify make live, preserve, revive dead, nourish, feed, perpetuate name make live, preserve, revive dead, nourish, feed, perpetuate name sculptor make little of, lessen, diminish causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative

causative causative causative causative


e \ Mpn e \ Mpn e \ Mpn e\ Mn e\ Mn e\ Mn e \ M7pn e \ M7pn e \ M7pn e\M11S e \ M 1 1 ! pl e\ Mn, e,n e \ Mn ,>` e\<8 e\<N ? ?+5 e\<? e\<\ e \ < ?! ?! e1<? B\ < H B\ < ?T

S29-D36-D21-N31-D54 S29-D36-D21-N31-D54 S29-D36-D21-N31-D54 S29-D36-D21-D54 S29-D36-D21-D54 S29-D36-D21-D54 S29-D36-D21-Z4-N31-D54 S29-D36-D21-Z4-N31-D54 S29-D36-D21-Z4-N31-D54 S29-D36-D21-M17-M17-W9C S29-D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-N31-I13 S29-D36-D21-N29-V12 S29-V12-N29 S29-D36-D21-N29-V12-T30-D40 S29-D36-V28-Z5 S29-D36-V28-S6 E31 E31-Y1-Z2 S29-D36-V28-E31 S29-D36-V28-S20 S29-D36-V28-E31-A1 E31-A1 S29-M17-V28-E31 O34-D36-V28-A40 O34-D36-V28-E31-A52

sar sar sar sar sar sar sar sar sar sary saryt sarq sarq sarq saH saH saH saH saH saH saH saH saH saH saH

cause to ascend, make to rise in rank cause to approach of death, bring to an end, forward pleas, affairs bring, present, publish report, obtain royal bounty, report evil cause to ascend, make to rise in rank cause to approach of death, bring to an end, forward pleas, affairs bring, present, publish report, obtain royal bounty, report evil cause to ascend, make to rise in rank cause to approach of death, bring to an end, forward pleas, affairs bring, present, publish report, obtain royal bounty, report evil ewer on a stand uraerus finish off, complete, put a stop to finish off, complete, put a stop to kill rank, dignity, dignities plural, honours plural rank, dignity of Royalty rank, dignity, dignities plural, honours plural rank, dignity, dignities plural, honours plural rank, dignity, dignities plural, honours plural rank, dignity, dignities plural, honours plural noble, dignitary noble, dignitary noble, dignitary noble, dignitary noble, dignitary

causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative

causative causative causative

e\<? ?+ ?4 B\ < \ + B\ < U B\ < \ R B\ < \ eZ` e a\n eb e a5 B\B\E e ` !5 e` e`5 e `5` e `5n eCn n e\nn 3eCn M e Cn 1 1!n e :f+ 7!4" 7K 7K

S29-D36-V28-E31 E31-Y1 E31-Z1 O34-D36-V28-S20-Y1 O34-D36-V28-A53 O34-D36-V28-S20-A50 O34-D36-V28-S20 S29-D34-D40 S29-P6-D36-D54 S29-P7 S29-P6-A21 O34-D36-O34-D36-G37 S29-I1-G1-Z2 S29-I1 S29-I1-Z2 S29-I1-Z2-D40 S29-I1-Z2-D54 S29-G35-N29-D54 S29-D36-N29-D54 R8-S29-G35-N29-W3 S29-G35-N29-M17-M17-A1-D54 S29-V26-D46-Y1 M23-X1-Z1-M2 M23-G43 M23-G43

saH saH saH saH saH saH saH saHA saHa saHa saHa sasa saSA saSA saSA saSA saSA saq saq saq nTr saqy saD swt sw sw

be noble ennoble be noble be noble mummy mummified person mummy mummified person mummy mummified person make to vie with raise up, cause to stand, set up, erect, insatl, accuse, establish against raise up, cause to stand, set up, erect, insatl, accuse, establish against raise up, cause to stand, set up, erect, insatl, accuse, establish against deface make numerous, multiply make numerous, multiply make numerous, multiply police, policeman escort cause to enter, bring to land, bring, send in, drive animals cause to enter, bring to land, bring, send in, drive animals entry of god in procession head of family make hale scirpus - reed, emblem of Upper Egypt not translated he, him, it

verb intransitive verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive

causative causitive causative causative

causative causative causative verb and noun

causative causative


non-enclitic particle dependent

7K eK!` 7! eeeKV5 CK V 5 eKV5 B$ !< ` <` <>` e $ !pn <n <p e $ !n e $ !< p e $ !! pn e $ !Kpn e $ !$ ! e$!<=+ e=+ e=<+ e $v> e $v+ e $ !v<

M23-G43 S29-G43-X1-P5 M23-X1 S29-S29-S29-G43-N5-Z2 O35-G43-N5-Z2 S29-G43-N5-Z2 O34-V4-G1-Z9-D40 Z9-D40 Z9-T30-D40 S29-V4-G1-N31-D54 Z9-D54 Z9-N31 S29-V4-G1-D54 S29-V4-G1-Z9-N31 S29-V4-G1-X1-N31-D54 S29-V4-G1-G43-N31-D54 S29-V4-G1-V4-G1 S29-V4-G1-V28-V29-Y1 S29-V29-Y1 S29-V29-V28-Y1 S29-V4-N37-A30 S29-V4-N37-Y1 S29-V4-G1-N37-A28

sw swt swt sww sww sww swA swA swA swA swA swA swA swA swAt swAw swAwA swAH swAH swAH swAS swAS swAS

he, she, it force of wind force of wind day, dates in time day, dates in time day, dates in time break, cut throat, cut off, cut down break, cut throat, cut off, cut down break, cut throat, cut off, cut down pass on road, escape from, surpass someone, pass away, transgress, occur pass on road, escape from, surpass someone, pass away, transgress, occur pass on road, escape from, surpass someone, pass away, transgress, occur pass on road, escape from, surpass someone, pass away, transgress, occur pass on road, escape from, surpass someone, pass away, transgress, occur what is past journey ponder make to endure, to last, make stay in house, lengthen life, last long make to endure, to last, make stay in house, lengthen life, last long make to endure, to last, make stay in house, lengthen life, last long pay honour to, applaud pay honour to, applaud pay honour to, applaud

pronoun pronoun compound

causative causative causative causative causative

causative causative causative causative causative causative causative

B$ !v> + e .+ e .+ e -+ e -+ e -i e -i e$i- -+ e$i- -+ 7:1!A es~ es e ` q !+ e `+ e `+: 4t e `+d 4 e `q= 1 1+ eKl!+ eKl!.. e B t?` e B t?`: 4 eJt e KhGn BB t! +

O34-V4-G1-N37-A30-Y1 S29-M14-Y1 S29-M14-Y1 S29-M13-Y1 S29-M13-Y1 S29-M13-I10 S29-M13-I10 S29-V4-I10-M13-M13B-Y1 S29-V4-I10-M13-M13B-Y1 M23-Z7-M17-X1-M33B S29-D60-N35A S29-D60 S29-U26-D58-G1-Y1 S29-U26-Y1 S29-U26-Y1-D2-Z1-N35 S29-U26-Y1-F34-Z1 S29-U26-D58-G29-M17-M17-Y1 S29-G43-D52-X1-Y1 S29-G43-D52-X1-T14C-T14C S29-E34-N35-O31-D40 S29-E34-N35-O31-D40-D2-Z1 S29-M42-N35 S29-G43-I9-G39-D54 O34-E34-N35-X1-T11

swAS swAD swAD swAD swAD swAD swAD swAD swAD swit swab swab swbA swbA swbA Hr n swbA ib swbA swmt swmt swn swn Hr swn swf swnt

pay honour to, applaud make green herbage, make to flourish of person, office make prosperous of years, richly provide altars, refurbish stela make green herbage, make to flourish of person, office make prosperous of years, richly provide altars, refurbish stela make green herbage, make to flourish of person, office make prosperous of years, richly provide altars, refurbish stela make green herbage, make to flourish of person, office make prosperous of years, richly provide altars, refurbish stela pill cleanse, purify, decorate a building, consecrate temple servants cleanse, purify, decorate a building, consecrate open, reveal oneself open, reveal oneself instruct open the heart to wisdom open, reveal oneself make thick, make stout the heart make thick, make stout the heart open instruct flattery see entries under wsf arrow

causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative

causative causative causative causative

causative causative causative causative causative

doctor trade price as the price noun and verb . in exchange for do trade price price tower tower tower pond pond drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink .e B t+E B} b K e B t+E6 eBt11!+E5 +b4! +t+ +t! +5 M+t! +5 <+ t! +5 e J t! + e B t! ++ e J tbKT ebT e J tb D! e B ttb :+~u h e B tt~ BD M} " BD M ` eDM} eDM1" eDM1~" e< M1~" } eDM1~} S29-E34-N35-T11-G37 O34-W81-W24-G43 S29-E34-N35-T11-G37-Z3 S29-E34-N35-M17-M17-X1-T11G37-Z2 T11-W24-Z1-A1 T11-N35-Y1 T11-N35-X1-Y1-Z2 D21-T11-N35-X1-Y1-Z2 D4-T11-N35-X1-Y1-Z2 S29-M42-N35-X1-Y1 S29-E34-N35-X1-T11-Y1 S29-M42-N35-W24-G43-O233 S29-W24-O233 S29-M42-N35-W24-O36-O1 S29-E34-N35-N35-W24-Z7-T11N35A-N36-N23 S29-E34-N35-N35-N35A O34-G36-D21-D118 A2 O34-G36-D21-W22 S29-G36-D21-A410 S29-G36-D21-M17-A2 S29-G36-D21-M17-N35A-A2 S29-Z9-D21-M17-N35A-A2 A410 S29-G36-D21-M17-N35A-A116B swn swn swn swnyt swnw swn swnt r swnt ir swnt swnt swnt swnw swnw swnw swnnw swnnw swr swr swr swr swr swr swr swr swr perish perish affliction pain physician.

vaunt with boast of. make spacious. powerful widen. vaunt with boast of. vaunt with boast of. powerful make strong. make wide. extend boundaries causative causative noun causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative verb verb verb verb verb . vaunt with break up of ship throw down building throw down building loincloth loincloth wind egg egg those who are in the egg coffin shroud spend the night befool someone decay make strong. vaunt with boast of. !E eK.BD M! } eDM eDE Mf e D Mf1 E e$K" e : $ !" e K$ 5" e K$ l" e K $ !5`" e : $ !58 e K$ t} e K$ tE <` eK<d eK<! eK<` eK<!_ e K <! _C }!5 eK<!# eK<!& e:B S B: .El e Oe M` e OM` eKeB T+ O34-G36-D21-X1-A116 S29-G36-D21 S29-G36-G37-D21-D46 S29-G36-D21-D46-A17-G37 S29-O4-G43-A2 S29-Z7-O4-G1-A2 S29-G43-O4-E21-A2 S29-G43-O4-Z4A-A2 S29-G43-O4-G1-E21-D40-A2 S29-Z7-O4-G1-E21-A24 S29-G43-O4-N35-O118 S29-G43-O4-N35-O37-Z9-D40 S29-G43-V28-S28 S29-G43-V28-V1 S29-G43-V28-P5 S29-G43-V28-X1-H8 S29-G43-V28-X1-H8-Aa2 H34-X1-Z2 S29-G43-V28-X1-M3 S29-G43-V28-X1-V6 S29-Z7-Aa1-N2 O34-Z7-M12-G1-G37 S29-G43-M12-G37-Z4A S29-F12-S29-D21-D40 S29-F12-D21-D40 S29-G43-S29-Aa1-W10-Y1 swrt swr swrd swrd swhi swhi swhi swhi swhi swhA swhn swhn swH swH swH swHt swHt swHt swHt swHt swx swxA swxAy swsr swsr swsx drink . increase herds weary someone weary someone boast ? promote an official.

journey. extend boundaries make extensive of movements dry grind. assign office etc causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative independent pronoun enclitic particle causative verb causative causative causative . journey. go forth avenue. it. make wide. pass on.f swt swt stX swtwt swtwt swtwt swtwt swtwt st swtwt swdi swdwd swdf swD swD make extensive of movements widen. extend boundaries make extensive of movements widen. travel. make wie. assign office etc hand over. promenade plant with trees bandage make to linger hand over. journey.eKeB T+ e KBB 8 e KBB 8 7 KeB G 7 KeB G e:vMV e:<1\ e<1\ 7 K! 7 K! 7 K!h BK! A eK!A 7 K!7' ]!! eK!K!n e!K!n eKK!!n S4!KR7n ! !!eK!K!n e Kf! <` e KfKfe e :fhn e 8 i+ e -+ S29-G43-S29-Aa1-W10-Y1 S29-G43-O34-Aa1-T24 S29-G43-O34-Aa1-T24 M23-G43-S29-Aa1-O39 M23-G43-S29-Aa1-O39 S29-Z7-N37-D21-N5 S29-Z7-G28-G17-D36 S29-G28-G17-D36 M23-G43-X1 M23-G43-X1 M23-G43-X1-I9 O34-G43-X1-M33 S29-G43-X1-M33 M23-G43-X1-Z4-C7 F27-X1-X1 S29-G43-X1-G43-X1-D54 S29-X1-G43-X1-D54 S29-G43-G43-X1-X1-D54 Aa18-Z1-X1-G43-O50-Z4-D54 Q1-X1-O1-S29-G43-X1-G43-X1-D54 S29-G43-D46-V1-Z9-D40 S29-G43-D46-G43-D46-V48 S29-Z7-D46-I9-D54 S29-V24-I10-Y1 S29-M13-Y1 swsx swsx swsx swsx swsx swSr swgm swgm swt swt swt . pulverize grind. travel. walk about. rarely she but what is his wheat wheat Set go forth walk about. travel. go forth walk about. journey. go forth go forth. pass on. pulverize he. make spacious. travel walk about. make spacious.

spend. watch over. attain. assign office etc hand over. calm fear inform about convey to someone go die wind rope around overstep fence Sweet flag ? jackal go. attain good repute. calm fear make healthy. send.e . pass on. evil wrong. pass on. approach go. conduct to. spend. travel. keep safe. pass on. cargo burden. pass time. perish be faint. pass on. perish crumble to dust burden. conduct to. assign office etc make healthy. pass time.i+ e 8 f+ e8 K" e8 K+ e K b !+ eKb + e K b !+d 4 : 4 e K b !n e K b !n e :b !9 e:9qp+ eqn eq 3#== eq/ Cq 7 n S29-M13-I10-Y1 S29-V24-D46-Y1 S29-V24-G43-A2 S29-V24-G43-Y1 S29-G43-U28-G1-Y1 S29-G43-U28-Y1 S29-G43-U28-G1-Y1-F34-Z1-D2-Z1 S29-G43-U28-G1-D54 S29-G43-U28-G1-D54 S29-Z7-U28-G1-Z6 S29-Z7-V25-D58-F46-Y1 S29-D58-D54 S29-D58-T19B-M3-M29-M29 S29-D58-E15 O35-D58-Z4-D54 O35 O35-G37 O35-Z4-D54 O35-G37-N35-N16-N23-Z1 O35-D58-X1-D54-Y1-Z2 O35-D58-X1-Y1-Z2 O35-D58-X1-G37-Z2 O35-X1-G37 swD swD swD swD swDA swDA swDA ib Hr swDA swDA swDA swDb sb sb nDm sAb sbi sbi sbi sbi sb n tA sbt sbt sbt sbt hand over. send. attain good repute. keep safe. attain. travel. approach be faint. watch over. assign office etc hand over. evil causative causative causative causative causative causative verb causative transitive verb intransitive causative causative C CE C7 n CE t a h 4 Cq ! n+ 5 Cq ! + 5 Cq ! E 5 C! E verb verb . assign office etc hand over. cargo wrong.

jar star star door door door door door door teach.Cq 1 1 k CK V 5 CK ` 5 Cq : C 5 C+ ! K eq!X e q !_ V _4 e q _ !! @ _@ _! _ !! e_q@ e q _ !8 e_` _ !8 eq_+ \ ! ! e q _ !8 eq_ eq_!1 1!+ _ 1 1! +5 _!1 1!+ eq_11!+ O35-D58-M17-M17-I12 O35-G43-N5-Z2 O35-G43-D40-Z2 O35-D58-Z7-Aa2-Z2 O35-Y1-X1-G43 S29-D58-X1-W14A S29-D58-G1-N14-N5 N14-Z1 S29-D58-N14-G1-O1 O32 N14-O32 N14-O1 N14-G1-O1 S29-N14-D58-O32 S29-D58-N14-G1-A24 S29-N14-D40 N14-G1-A24 S29-D58-N14-Y1 D36-X1-O1-S29-D58-N14-G1-A24 S29-D58-N14 S29-D58-N14-G1-M17-M17-X1-Y1 N14-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 N14-G1-M17-M17-X1-Y1 S29-D58-N14-M17-M17-X1-Y1 sby see entry under sww sbw sbw sb .tw sbt sbA sbA sbA sbA sbA sbA sbA sbA sbA sbA sbA sbA at sbA sbA sbAyt sbAyt sbAyt sbAyt uraeus dates spoils of army squalor in quest of libation . instructions verb and noun verb and noun verb and noun verb and noun . teaching teach. instructions written teaching. stutent written teaching. teaching school pupil. instructions written teaching. teaching teach. teaching teach. instructions written teaching.

commend someone make weary make weary rebel rebel rebel rebels rebel . property alienate relatives. diverge fish woman who breast feeds cow in suck make to flee cry out causative verb causative causative causative causative causative verb and noun verb and noun verb and noun collective noun ._!+ eq_d d5 e=n! e}n! e=nn! e=qU 11 B= U 1 1 eq 1eq 1.h e q 1 [eq 1!g6 eq 1n Bq 1 " eq 1K"! e q 1tE e q tE eq 1!TU Bq t e q tn e q tpn e q tb:p e q t! 1 p e q t}! } e q $ !î eq <U" N14-X1-Y1 S29-D58-N14-U97 U97-Z2 S29-G29-N29-M1 S29-G225-N29-M1 S29-G29-N29-N29-M1 S29-G29-D58-W11-M17-M17 O34-G29-W11-M17-M17 S29-D58-M17-A13 S29-D58-M17-T14-A223 S29-D58-M17-Aa26-A13E S29-D58-M17-X1-A15A-Z3 S29-D58-M17-I15 O34-D58-M17-A2 S29-D58-M17-G43-A2-A1 S29-D58-M17-N35-G37 S29-D58-N35-G37 S29-D58-M17-X1-W10-F18 O34-D58-N35 S29-D58-N35-D54 S29-D58-N35-K1-D54 S29-D58-N35-W24-Z7-K1 S29-D58-N35-X1-A17-B1 S29-D58-N35-D280-X1-E100B S29-D58-O4-G1-D55 S29-D58-V28-F18-A2 sbAty sbA sbA sbAq sbAq sbAqq sbAgy sbAgy sbi sbi sbi sbit sbi sbi sbiw sbin sbin sbT sbn sbn sbn sbnw sbnt sbnt sbhA sbH pupil. steer off course. steer off course.serpent a demon drink flautist ? alienate relatives. laughter glide away of snakes. student surveying instrument surveying instrument cleanse cleanse give a clear character to. steer off course. property laugh. diverge glide away of snakes. diverge glide away of snakes.

! eqB!5 eqv11R eqno eqno o+ eqn+ eqn!+ zH e q ?d eq!7D Df4 e q ! 7 vf 4 e q -U" e q -U" : 4 e q -U" eq 1!TU S29-D58-V28-F18-A2 O34-D58-V28-F18-X1 S29-D58-V28-M17-M17-X1-E1 S29-D58-Aa1-W24-Z1 S29-D58-Aa1-O13 S29-D58-Aa1-O14 S29-D58-Aa1-X1-O32-O1 S29-D58-Aa1-X1-O32-O13 S29-D58-Aa1-X1-O32-O14 O14-X1 S29-D58-Aa1-X1-O21 S29-D58-N37-M17-M17-D26 S29-D58-N29-D56 S29-D58-N29-D56 D56-Y1 S29-D58-N29-Y1 S29-D58-N29-M1-Y1 I5A-A40 S29-D58-V31-I5 S29-D58-X1-Z4-O36 O36-N21-Z1 S29-D58-X1-Z4-N37-N21-Z1 S29-D58-V13-F18-A2 S29-D58-V13-F18-A2-D2-Z1 S29-D58-V13-F18-A2 S29-D58-M17-X1-W10-F18 sbH sbHt sbHyt sbx sbx sbx sbxt sbxt sbxt sbx sbxt sbSy sbq sbq sbq sbq sbq sbk sbk sbty sbty sbty sbT sbT Hr sbT sbT cry requisition lowing of cattle jar close arms around someone. mirth noun causative noun adjective adjective adjective adjective divinity divinity verb noun noun .shaped chest make to vomit calf lower part of leg splendid. mirth laughter. precious splendid splendid. shut away from portal portal portal portal pylon . .eq <U" Bq < U! eq < 11!! eqBb4 eqBeqB. precious splendid. shut away from close arms around someone. precious Sobek crocodile god Sobek crocodile god rampart rampart enclosure laugh friendly laughter. eq B !@! eq B !@eq B !@.

dose. gunwale ?. excluded. edge of horizon shore causative as in two TIMES a day verb verb dual . portion of food remain over. wound. vagina. wound. at once in vain deal with someone misdeed. shore. condition never medicine. success. fault the creation occasion. jar. chance. chance. case deed. abandoned remain over. affair. twice matter. vagina. lip of mouth. fault occasion. venture. success twice repetition together. bank of waterway.e q fv' B# ! R B# R B# R B# R B# R B# R Rl tB# R B# Rt[! ! E5 <B# R < t\ B# RE B# R9 # 7 B# R [B# R B# R B# R B# R+ B# R 1 1 ! 5 B# ! D B# : r5 e#!P Q! vv B# ! P f4 B# ! f S29-D58-D46-N37-A7 O34-Q3-X1-O50 O34-Q3-O50 O34-Q3-O50 O34-Q3-O50 O34-Q3-O50 O34-Q3-O50 O50-Z4A N35-O34-Q3-O50 O34-Q3-O50-N35-D35-X1-X1-G37Z2 D4-O34-Q3-O50-V28-N35-D36 O34-Q3-O50-G37 O34-Q3-O50-D1-Q3-Z4 O34-Q3-O50 D35-O34-Q3-O50 O34-Q3-O50 O34-Q3-O50 O34-Q3-O50-Y1 O34-Q3-O50-M17-M17-X1-Z2 O34-Q3-X1-D12 O34-Q3-Z7-N33-Z2 S29-Q3-X1-D24 D25-X1-Z5A-Z5A O34-Q3-X1-D24-N21-Z1 O34-Q3-X1-N21 sbdS spt sp sp sp sp sp sp 2 n sp sp n iwtt ir sp Hna sp sp tpy sp n sp sp spi spi spyt spyt spw spt spty spt spt make weak threshing . be left out. be left out. act misdeed. excluded. venture. jar. bundles lip of mouth.floor times. abandoned remnant remnant fragments.

reach.e#!} B# H !| e I!:G 5 e # H i! 4 I! 4 i! 4 e#!i i! 4 ! 5 e # t\\ l4 s e# Ml lMn ln B# Mln lM" e # Ml" lM!" e # M! l" lMK"+5 lMK"! lMK! lM11"! e # MKl" ! S29-Q3-X1-R93 O34-Q3-G40-G1-L5 S29-G41-G1-Z7-G39-Z2 S29-Q3-G40-N24-X1-Z1 Aa8-X1-Z1 N24-X1-Z1 S29-Q3-X1-N24 N24E-X1-Z1-A1-Z2 S29-Q3-N35-D36-P1 F42-Z1-F51 S29-Q3-D21-F42 F42-D21-D54 F42-D54 O34-Q3-D21-F42-D54 F42-D21-A2 S29-Q3-D21-F42-A2 F42-D21-X1-A2 S29-Q3-D21-X1-F42-A2 F42-D21-G43-A2-Y1-Z2 F42-D21-G43-A2-A1 F42-D21-G43-A1 F42-D21-M17-M17-A2-A1 S29-Q3-D21-G43-F42-A2-A1 spt spA spAw spAt spAt spAt spAt spAtyw spna spr spr spr spr spr spr spr sprt sprt sprw sprw sprw sprw sprw ritual ? object centipede birds made to fly flushed from cover ? district. nome district. come arrive. reach. petition someone. renew skin rib rib arrive. petition someone. nome nomesmen overturn. reach. make petition appeal to. come appeal to. come arrive. nome district. make petition petition petition petitions petitioner petitioner petitioner petitioner noun noun causative . nome district.

skilled display skill. supply food. effective. expel rebel make to miss of missiles. restore to order display skill. restore to order effectiveness ? Sirius star. Sothis goddess Sirius star. effective. brandish weapons register. restore to order display skill. make sleek of skin cause to circulate. Sothis goddess adjective adjective adjective verb verb verb causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative verb verb noun causative . supply food. copy register. brandish weapons cause to circulate. copy be tousled sharp. make sleek of skin purge the body. !+ + B# B + B# . skilled sharp. supply food. effective. make sleek of skin purge the body. !8 + ep Mn e p M n+ ep M+ r B# B} e#fL e Lf> L+ L+ e#fL e Lf> L!+ L!_ L!p F42-D21-X1-Z4-A1 S29-Q3-D21-X1-F42-U33-M17 O34-O1-D21-D54 O34-O1-D21-D54-Y1 S29-Q3-V28-V1 S29-Q3-V28-V1-D40 S29-Q3-V28-G43-V1 S29-Q3-V28-F22 S29-Q3-V28-X1-F41 S29-Q3-Aa1-M12-G1-V11-Y1 O34-Q3-Aa1-Y1 O34-Q3-M12-G1-Z5-Y1 S29-F46-D21-D54 S29-F46-D21-D54-Y1 S29-F46-D21-Y1 F50 O34-Q3-O34-A88 S29-Q3-D46-M44 S29-M44-D46-T30 M44-Y1 M44-Y1 S29-Q3-D46-M44 S29-M44-D46-T30 M44-X1-Y1 M44-X1-N14 M44-X1-B1 sprty sprty spri spri spH spH spHw spH spHt spxA spxA spxA spXr spXr spXr spXr sps spd spd spd spd spd spd spdt spdt spdt petitioner petitioner make to miss of missiles. expel rebel lasso lasso lasso attain ribs of beef purge the body.lM!7! e# M!lg 1 B! Mn B! M n+ e#<! e#<!` e# <K! e#<Y e#<!k e # B . skilled sharp.

merciful mercy. gentleness clemency the gentle man hatred ? hatred ? be sluggish sluggishness be kindly. Bh> e h! > e hV fV e hVl e h` e hK+ BhK" e hK e hK BhK" e h! K" e hKK" Bh!E e h!! E Bh!G" e h!! I E e htK" e htK+ M44-Q3-D46-X1-N14-B1 S29-Q3-D46-X1-M44 M44-G43-G13 X8-G13 S29-M44-D46-N26-G43-A40 S29-Q3-D46-D46-M44-Y1 S29-Q3-D46-D46-Y2 O34-I9-T30 S29-I9-X1-T30 S29-I9-N5 S30-N5 S29-I9-N5-Z4A S29-I9-D40 S29-I9-G43-Y1 O34-I9-D19-A2 S29-I9-D19 S29-I9-D19 O34-I9-D19-A2 S29-I9-X1-D19-A2 S29-I9-G43-D19-A2 O34-I9-G1-G37 S29-I9-G1-X1-G37 O34-I9-G1-G39-A2 S29-I9-G1-X1-G41-G37 S29-I9-N35-D19-A2 S29-I9-N35-D19-Y1 spdt spdt spdw spdw spdw spdd spdd sf sft sf sf sf sf sfw sf sf sf sf sft sfw sfA sfAt sfA sfAt sfn sfn Sirius star. cut off knife yesterday yesterday yesterday mix with muddle be mild. merciful noun verb verb noun noun . merciful be mild. Sothis goddess triangle Sopd god Sopd god Sopd god supply supply cut up. gentleness mercy. merciful be kindly.L#f! _p e #f! L LK(e LfkKH e #ff L+ e # ff.

5 e hB . conifer resin ? a priest causative causative causative causative causative causative feminine masculine noun . remove evil.e htE e htKE e ht!I < e hB . lay aside garment part fighting animals.5 e hB :C BhB Kll5 ll5 e h. offer to god. make sacrifice sacrifice butcher butcher oil oil. let go of purify purify fortress offerings offerings excretion seven seven The Seven .+ e hB . lay aside garment part fighting animals. loosen. release. release. remove evil. purify. loosen. make sacrifice slaughter animals.n e hB . purify.B `SS' ' e he h<8 Bh-> Bh! >8 e h! >} e h! K>\! e h! >\ e h-K e h! ` e1! S29-I9-N35-G37 S29-I9-N35-D19-G37 S29-I9-N35-G1-G41-D4 S29-I9-Aa1-V12-D54 S29-I9-Aa1-V12-D54 S29-I9-Aa1-V12-Y1 S29-I9-Aa1-V12-Y1 S29-I9-Aa1-S28 S29-I9-Aa1-V1 S29-I9-Aa1-M17-M17-V12-O1 S29-I9-Aa1-G43-V12-Z2 S29-I9-Aa1-V12-Z2 S29-I9-Aa1-Z7-Aa2 O34-I9-Aa1-G43-Z4A-Z4A-Z2 Z4A-Z4A-Z2 S29-I9-Aa1-V12-D40-F16-F16-G7G7 S29-I9-S29-I9-Z9-A24 O34-I9-V13-T30 O34-I9-X1-T30-A24 S29-I9-X1-T30-E100B S29-I9-X1-G43-T30-D36-A1 S29-I9-X1-T30-D36 S29-I9-V13-W1 S29-I9-X1-W22 S29-G17-A1 sfn sfn sfnA sfx sfx sfx sfx sfx sfx sfxy sfxw sfxw sfxw sfxw sfxw sfxt abw sfsf sfT sfT sft sftw sftw sfT sft sm afflict afflict be drowsy lose.Horned deity break ? knives slaughter animals.+ e hB d e hB ! e hB 1 1 . offer to god.! e hB K.n e hB . let go of lose.

partake of. succour help. join a company. vegetables. event. make ready a boat. join a company. herbage. associate with. herbage. vegetables. join a company. vegetables. pastime deed. arrive in. succour help. succour pastures. associate with. herbage. unite. herb pastures. join a company. plants. plants. join a company. succour help.e1!d e5 e 41+ eg1" e15} e517" eE1+ e1K"5 51" e 5P" e 5l" e g1K"5 e5}5 e 51"5 ge 1"45 _f f !+ BGf e G!f + e G!f + e G!1f \ e G!1f \ f+ f f !+Ma S29-G17-X1-S28 S29-M21 S29-M20B-G17-Y1 S29-F37F-G17-A2 S29-G17-M21-Y1V S29-M21-G17-Z4-A2 S29-M37-G17-Y1 S29-G17-G43-M2-Z2 M21-G17-M2 S29-M21-Aa15-M2 S29-M21-Z4A-M2 S29-F37D-G17-G43-M2-Z2 S29-M21-M203-Z2 S29-M21-G17-M2-Z2 F37J-S29-G17-M2-Z1-Z2 S23-F36 F36-G1-Y1 O34-U1-F36 S29-U1-G1-F36-Y1 S29-U1-G1-F36-Y1 S29-U1-G1-G17-F36-D36 S29-U1-G1-G17-F36-D36 F36-Y1 F36B F36-G1-Y1-W3-N16 smt sm sm sm sm sm sm smw smw smw smw smw smw smw smw dmD smA smA smA smA smA smA smA smA smA smA tA hammock deed. associate with. associate with. partake of. partake of unite. event. make ready a boat. arrive in. affair. associate with. arrive in. arrive in partake of. associate with. pastime help. arrive in. herb pastures. plants. herbage. plants. unite. unite. arrive in partake of. partake of land at noun noun verb verb verb verb . join a company. plants. herbage. vegetables. make ready a boat. vegetables. herb vegetables vegetables herb grand total unite. herb pastures. make ready a boat. unite. herb pastures. affair.

destroy kill. destroy wild bull . destroy kill. confederate royal consort royal consort association. interment landing place kill. confederate companion. destroy kill. destroy kill. destroy kill.f!+ BG! f f +! f11 f !1 1! f 11! f !1 1!8!5 f K!H5 f 11!!6 e G!f h BGf K s s s fff f !s f !K #5 f KS f !\4& f !=! f !+a af !+ e G!>` >\ e G> BG!' BG!B e G!1p \ e G! F36-X1-Y1 O34-U1-X1-F36 F36-Y1-A1 F36-M17-M17 F36-G1-M17-M17-X1 F36-M17-M17-X1 F36-G1-M17-M17-X1-A24-A1-Z2 F36-G43-X1-A40-Z2 F36-M17-M17-X1-A1-Z3 S29-U1-G1-F36-N23 O34-U1-F36-G43-F51-F51-F51 F36-F36-F36 F36-G1-F51 F36-G1-G43-M3-Z2 F36-G43-N2 F36-X1-D36-Z1-X6 F36-X1-O29-X1 F36-G1-Y1-N16 N16-F36-G1-Y1 S29-U1-G1-T30-D40 T30-D36 S29-U1-T30 O34-U1-G1-T7 O34-U1-G1-T34 S29-U1-G1-G17-T30A-D36 S29-U1-E1 smAt smAt smAy smAy smAyt smAyt smAyt smAyt smAyt smA smAw smAw smAw smAw smAw smAt a smAt aAt smA tA tA smA smA smA smA smA smA smA smA union union companion. confederacy ramp ? lungs ? lungs ? lungs ? branches of tree twilight an offering a textile fabric unite the land. land at. confederacy association. be interred in. confederacy association.

present. renew renovate. side scalp. renew impoverish impoverish impoverish impoverish desert. survey region put in order. necropolis desert. correct.` eG1 M. side burn up make well-disposed priest who clothed the god priest who clothed the god priest who clothed the god put in order.E eG1 M. present. correct.E B! j I! j B1! j S29-U1-G1-G17-E1 S29-U1-D3 F36-G1-D3 S29-U1-G1-G17-Q7 S29-U1-G1-G17-M1-Y1 Aa25-A1 F36-G1 S29-Aa25 S29-U5-D36-Y1 O34-Aa11-D36 S29-U5-D36-D54 S29-U1-Aa11-D36-P8-A2 S29-Aa11-D36-Y1-P8 S29-U1-G1-G43-Z4-Y1 O34-U1-G1-G43 S29-U2-D4-G1-G43 S29-U1-Z4A-G43-Y1 S29-U2-D4-G1-D21-T12 O34-G3-M17-T12-G37 S29-U1-M17-D21-T12-D40 S29-U1-M17-D21-T12-G37 O34-X1-N25 Aa8-X1-N25 O34-G17-X1-N25 smA smA smA sAm simA smA smA smA smAa smAa smAa smAa xrw smAa xrw smAwy smAwy smAwy smAwy smAr smAr smAr smAr smyt smyt smyt wild bull scalp. renew renovate. B# 1 . the living renovate. correct. f !. the living justify the dead. e G!1 ' e G!1! + Z! f! eZ eK\+ BL \ eK\n e GL \c " e L \+c e G!K7 + BG!K e H <!K e GlK+ e H <! M . survey region put in order.e G!1! e G. necropolis causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative . renew renovate. present. necropolis desert. survey region justify the dead.

make to stay. cleanse probably. perpetuate. leave to stand. acknowledgement of letter charge. cleanse make \ e . make report. record events. establish. take station. necropolis desert. accusation whip chastise curds sounding .pole ? make fortunate. make fast set in place parts of body.t+ e . mainstay of land. make report. make to stay. necropolis necropolis worker owners of a desert tomb report. confirm office affix adornments.t+ e . set up stela. establish. make to endure. set aside. make firm. necropolis desert. set up stela.t+ e . make fast set in place parts of body. set aside. leave to stand. fasten. proclaim report. take station. fasten. announce. surely make \ e . confirmation of landholding causative causative non-enclitic particle causative causative causative causative causative causative noun verb verb noun noun . confirm office affix adornments. announce. make to endure. complain. record \ e .t+ O34-G17-M17-M17-X1-N25 S29-X1-G17-Aa8-X1-N21-Z1-N25 N25 O34-X1-N25-A1-Z1 O34-G17-X1-N25-Z2 S29-W19-M17-A2 S29-W19 S29-W19 S29-W19-M17-A2 S29-W19-M17-X1-A2 S29-W19-M17-F27-Z1 S29-W19-M17-P8-A24 S29-W19-M17-W24-Z2 S29-G17-D36-M3 S29-G17-D36-D21-D40 S29-G17-D36-D21-Z5-Y1 S29-G17-E34-N35-A2 S29-Y5-N35-Y1 S29-Y5-N35-Y1 S29-Y5-N35-Y1 S29-Y5-N35-U32-D36 S29-Y5-N35-U32-D36 S29-Y5-N35-U32-D36 S29-Y5-N35-Y1 smyt smyt smyt smyty smytyw smi smi smi smi smit smi smi smi sma smar smar smwn smn smn smn smn smn smn smn desert. acknowledgement of letter report. complain. proclaim report.B1 1 1 ! j e ! 1I! f 4 j j B! j! 4 B1! j5 e ]1" e] e] e ]1" e ]1!" e ]1]4 e ]1c8 e ]1b5 e1\# e1\ M` e1\ M8+ e 1B t" e . perpetuate.

withdraw goose shift boundary advance. set in order affairs.e .tn e . make distinguised a name. confirm.tB \+ e . restore. make effective words.tB \+ e .t. make effective words. pull. embellish.tG B.tb f 5 e .tn e . pull. embellish. endow settle endowment. publish publish. ignore causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative . emissaries cause pain friend of king friends friends flood land. efficiently execute. ennoble.tb b b ### e .tB \+ e \B e \B e \B e \+ e \+ e \+ e . efficiently execute publish. advance. drown enemy.t$A e]1ME e]1M5! e]]] e]!5 e6<~ B6 < 7\ B6 < 7\ B6 < \ e1B [ S29-Y5-N35-W24-U32-Z2 S29-Y5-N35-W24-W24-W24-M3M3-M3 S29-Y5-N35-D54 S29-Y5-N35-G39 O34-Y5-N35-Y5-N35-D54 S29-Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 S29-Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 S29-Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 S29-U22-Aa1 S29-U22-Aa1 S29-U22-Aa1 S29-U22-Y1 S29-U22-Y1 S29-U22-Y1 S29-Y5-N35-G4-A33 S29-U23-G17-D21-G37 S29-U23-G17-D21-A21-A1 S29-U23-U23-U23 S29-U23-A1-Z2 S29-V22-V28-N35A O34-V22-V28-Z4-P1 O34-V22-V28-Z4-P1 O34-V22-V28-P1 S29-G17-Aa1-D35 smnw smnw smn smn smnmn smnx smnx smnx smnx smnx smnx smnx smnx smnx smntyw smr smr smrw smrw smHy smHy smHy smHy smx supports of sky rungs of ladder retire. make distinguised a name. set in order affairs. make distinguised a name. endow settle endowment. confirm. sink his ship sink ship canoe canoe forget. endow settle endowment. ennoble. advance. restore. make effective words. confirm. set in order affairs. pull. efficiently execute publish. embellish. restore. ennoble.

examine.e1B [" e1B t e ae 1 18 e ae8 e1eK4 4 e1e e a7K e1eK! } el!X e1l!X Bl! l! X el! M. e 1f! ! p 5 e 1f! f! 5 e 1f! 8! 6 Bt. compulsary labour subjects. make enquiry subjects. eldest elder. make enquiry bear witness to truth. eldest elder. eldest Elder of the portal hear hear eavesdrop bear witness to truth. subordinates.! BtG? Btb BtG` BGt< n BtG?` S29-G17-Aa1-D35-A2 S29-G17-Aa1-N35 S29-F31-S29-M17-M17-Z5 S29-F31-S29-Z5 S29-G17-S29-G43-A20 A20 S29-G17-S29 S29-F31-M23-G43 S29-G17-S29-G43-A1 A113 S29-D52-X1-F21 S29-G17-D52-X1-F21 O34-D52-X1-D52-X1-F21 S29-D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-A2 S29-D52-X1-T14-T14-Y1 S29-D52-X1-M17-M17-X1-T14-T14 S29-G17-D46-X1-A1-B1-Z2 S29-G17-D46-X1-N21-A1-Z2 S29-G17-D46-X1-Z5-A1-Z3 O34-N35-Y5-X1 O34-N35-O39-O31 O34-N35-N17 O34-N35-O39-D40 O34-O39-N35-Z9-D54 O34-N35-O39-O31-D40 smx smx smsy smsy smsw smsw smsw smsw smsw smsw hAyt smt smt smtmt smtr smtr smtr smdt smdt smdt snt sn sn sn sn sn forget. compulsary labour Senet a board game open open open open open causative causative causative causative adjective djective adjective adjective noun causative causative causative collective noun collective noun collective noun . ignore deliver woman deliver woman elder. make enquiry bear witness to truth. examine. ignore forget. eldest elder. subordinates. subordinates.. examine.. compulsary labour subjects. eldest elder." el!.+ el! 1 1!..

copy.Btc+ Btcn Btn Bt% Bt<n Bt7 % n. pass by. transgress pass. them. them. them. imitate. calamity be like. surpass. sny sn reveal pass. them. pass by. surpass. copy. in accordance with cut off heads. sever necks . surpass. their they. pass by. conform in the likeness of. transgress distress. their they two. resemble. resemble. in accordance with in the likeness of. them. their they. surpass. conform be like. them two brother verb suffix and dependent pronoun suffix and dependent pronoun suffix and dependent pronoun suffix and dependent pronoun suffix and dependent pronoun suffix and dependent pronoun suffix and dependent pronoun dual pronoun verb verb verb verb verb verb Bt Bt5 e e6 B5 e t7 6 t! . them. them. their they. transgress pass. transgress pass.t! E 5 Bt% e t% + 1Bt! % M 1Bt! % + M Bt> e t5 et O34-N35-N18-Y1 O34-N35-N18-D54 O34-N35-D54 O34-N35-X5 O34-N35-Z9-D54 O34-N35-Z4-X5-D54-Y5-N35-X1G37-Z2 O34-N35-X5 S29-N35-X5-Y1 G17-O34-N35-X1-X5-D21 G17-O34-N35-X1-X5-Y1-D21 O34-N35-T30 S29-N35-Z2 S29-N35 O34-N35 O34-N35-Z2 S29 S29-Z3 O34-Z2 S29-N35-Z4 T22-N35-A1 sn sni sni sni sni sny mnt sni sni m snt r m snt r sni sn sn sn sn . their they. pass by. their they. their .

fellow. dual contestants in court of law female companions flagstaff flagstaff flagstaff flagstaff shrine shrine shrine base of statue base of statue festival of the 6th day of lunar month plural plural plural collective noun dual . dual contestants in Court of Law contestants in Court of Law companion. equal. equal companion.6 t! 6 i! a 6 i! t 6 t! p 6!p 6 t! p 6 tb K! ! p 5 6bl 6 tb :l lb 6 tbK! l lb + 6 tbl 6 tb :! ! 6 tb ! l 6!4 666 6 1 1! #5 6 tbK! #5 6 6 6 t! ! 6 6 6 t! 34 6 6 6 t! 4 e 6 t! G 6 t! G e 6 t! 55" ` & T22-N35-A1 T22-I10-X1-N16 T22-I10-X1-N35 T22-N35-X1-B1 T22-X1-B1 T22-N35-X1-B1 T22-N35-W24-G43-X1-A1-B1-Z2 T22-W24-Z4A T22-N35-W24-Z7-Z4A Z4A-W24 T22-N35-W24-G43-A1-Z4A Z4A-W24-Y1 T22-N35-W24-Z4A T22-N35-W24-Z7-A1-A1 T22-N35-W24-X1-Z4A T22-X1-Z1 T22-T22-T22 T22-M17-M17-X1-M3-Z2 T22-N35-W24-G43-X1-M3-Z2 T22-T22-T22-N35-X1-O1 T22-T22-T22-N35-X1-O19-O20 T22-T22-T22-N35-X1-O20 S29-T22-N35-X1-O39 T22-N35-X1-O39 S29-T22-N35-X1-Z2-Z2-X2-W22X6 sn sn Dt sn Dt snt snt snt snwt snw snw snnw snw snw snw snw snwty snt snwt snwt snwt snwt snwt snwt snt snt snt husband person sharing in funerary offerings person sharing in funerary offerings sister sister wife brethren two two second ordinal number. equal. twin. fellow. equal. counterpart. fellow. dual contestants in Court of Law companion. counterpart. counterpart.

calm offerings offerings offerings offerings wine of Pelusium jar poverty make to tremble make to tremble impassion impassion boil causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative .5 6 b. polish soothe. kiss smell perfume. breathe air. breathe air. polish make smooth. kiss smell perfume. kiss smell perfume. kiss smell perfume. breathe air. e 6 tb K.5 Btb K.55t! N 55t! M 6 t! " ` $5 e 6 tK 6K 6 tK e tK+ e tK" 6 tb 1 < e t\ < K e t\\-+ -+ e 6\\ e t\\-+d 4 Btb K. breathe air. ebT 6 tb } e tb KE e tYb K Mp e tYb K MG e Yb < { l e Yb < } e tYb KB ' Z2-Z2-N35-X1-W4 Z2-Z2-N35-X1-W3 T22-N35-X1-X2-W22-X4-Z2 S29-T22-N35-D19 T22-D19 T22-N35-D19 S29-N35-D19-Y1 S29-N35-D19-A2 T22-N35-W24-M17-V28 S29-N35-D36-V28-G43 S29-N35-D36-D36-Y3-Y1 Y3-Y1 S29-T22-D36-D36 S29-N35-D36-D36-Y3-Y1-F34-Z1 O34-N35-W24-G43-Z8-Z2 T22-W24-Z8-Z2 O34-N35-W24-D19-Z8 S29-T22-N35-W24-D19-Z8 S29-W24-W10 T22-N35-W24-W66 S29-N35-W24-G43-G37 S29-N35-U19-W24-G43-D21-K1 S29-N35-U19-W24-G43-D21-G39 S29-U19-W24-V28-N42-D52 S29-U19-W24-V28-D280 S29-N35-U19-W24-G43-Aa1-Q7 snt snt snt sn sn sn sn sn sniH sniH snaa snaa snaa snaa ib snw snw snw snw snw snw snw snwr snwr snwH snwH snwx festival of the 6th day of lunar month festival of the 6th day of lunar month festival of the 6th day of lunar month smell perfume. polish make smooth. breathe air. kiss angler angler make smooth.

succour. well. succour. overthrow landmark rampart rampart rampart battlements jar jar jar healthy be healthy. empty out contents make to breathe.e tYbK! ! " e tYb Kfn Btq C Btq Dn Btq I Btq ! D Btq ! hD Btq ! I Btq KI I I Btq ! X e tq X Btq ! Y e tq + e tq + e e tq + e tq ! R7 e tq \+ e tq + e tq q + $ $hV e th` e th`8 Bth7 ` S29-N35-U19-W24-G43-X1-X1-M2 S29-N35-U19-W24-G43-D46-D54 O34-N35-D58-A35 O34-N35-D58-O36-D54 O34-N35-D58-M184 O34-N35-D58-X1-O36B O34-N35-D58-X1-N23-O36 O34-N35-D58-X1-M184 O34-N35-D58-G43-M184-M184M184 O34-N35-D58-X1-W14 S29-N35-D58-W14 O34-N35-D58-X1-W15 S29-N35-D58-Y1 S29-N35-D58-Y1 S29 S29-N35-D58-Y1 S29-N35-D58-X1-O50-Z4 S29-N35-D58-H5-Y1 S29-N35-D58-Y1 S29-N35-D58-D58-Y1 M4-M4-I9-N5 S29-N35-I9-P5 S29-N35-I9-P5-A24 O34-N35-I9-Z4-P5 snwtt snwd snb snb snb snbt snbt snbt snbw snbt snbt snbt snb snb snb snb snbt sp 2 snb snb snbb snf snf snf snf bindweed ? thrust aside overstep boundary etc. empty out contents make to breathe. unload ships. empty out contents causative causative causative noun adjective verb intransitive causative . overthrow landmark overstep boundary etc. become well. farewell banish ? sleep banish ? sleep exchange greetings last year make to breathe. unload ships. recover health health Farewell. unload ships. overthrow landmark overstep boundaries etc. succour.

release feed someone. figure causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative . carry out business make beautiful. make supplication pray. restore what is defective. consume food. consume greed ? greed ? be sad pray to. embellish. supply necessities feed someone. make supplication pray.n Bt B 1I" Bt B 1S BB1" BB1<+ Bt B 1< .} Bt B 1I+ Bt B 1K" Bt B 1I" Bt B 1IE Bt B 1+ Bt B 1I" Bt B 1> + Bt B 1K5U ~5 e t B1 1 1! "45 Bt B 1 < 1 " Bt B 1 < :6 Bt B 1 < > + e 66tt U O34-N35-I9-D26-Z2 O34-N35-I9-G43-D26 S29-F35-I9-D21-Y1 S29-F35 S29-F35-I9-D21-Y1V-F34-Z1 O34-N35-I9-Aa1-I9-Aa1-V12-D54 O34-N35-T34-G17-G41-A2 O34-N35-T34-G17-G51 O34-T34-G17-A2 O34-T34-G17-G28-Y1 O34-N35-T34-G17-G28-Z8-N33A O34-N35-T34-G17-G41-Y1 O34-N35-T34-G17-D19-A2 O34-N35-T34-G17-G41-A2 O34-N35-T34-G17-G41-G37 O34-N35-T34-G17-Y1 O34-N35-T34-G17-G41-A2 O34-N35-T34-G17-A30-Y1 O34-N35-T34-G17-G43-E21-N4N35A-Z2 S29-N35-T34-G17-M17-M17-X1M2-Z1-Z2 O34-N35-T34-G17-V28-A17-A2 O34-N35-T34-G17-V28-A26-Z3 O34-N35-T34-G17-V28-A30-Y1 S29-M22-M22-N35-N35-A53 snfw snfw snfr snfr snfr ib snfxfx snm snm snm snm snmw snmw snm snm snm snm snm snm snmw snmyt snmH snmH snmH snn blood blood make beautiful. carry out business gladden loosen. supply necessities feed someone. beg from supplicate someone prayer squalls of rain a rank weed pray. food . restore what is defective. make supplication likeness. consume food.BthR5 BthKR e ehM+ ee e e h M }d 4 BthB hB . supply necessities food . image. consume food. supply necessities feed someone.

drive birds shelter. drive birds register. image. entwine frustrate locust locust locust prevent movement prevent movement causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative verb verb verb . muster troops. be distorted chariot .4 BttK' Btt 1 E Btt 1 KaE Btt7 +`! Btt% Bt M [ et[M+ Bt$ 1 1 " Bt$ 7n e t$ " e t$ !! ! e t$ # V e t$ # n Bt$ e n = et<! et<!` Bt0 !C Bt < 1{ Bt{ 1{ Gt{ 1{ e t{ < 18 e t{ 1n O34-M22-M22-A53 S29-M22-M22-N35-N35-X1 S29-M22-M22-N35-N35-V12 O34-N35-N35-V12-Z1 O34-N35-N35-G43-A7 O34-N35-N35-M17-G37 O34-N35-N35-M17-G43-D41-G37 O34-N35-N35-Z4-T11-D40-A1 O34-N35-N35-X5 O34-N35-D21-H4 S29-N35-H4-D21-Y1 O34-N35-O4-M17-M17-A2 O34-N35-O4-Z4-D54 S29-N35-O4-A2 S29-N35-O4-G1-X1-O1 S29-N35-O4-Q3-N5 S29-N35-O4-Q3-D54 O34-N35-O4-S29-U40-D5 S29-N35-V28-V1 S29-N35-V28-V1-D40 O34-N35-M16-G1-Aa2 O34-N35-V28-G17-L4 O34-N35-N42-G17-L4 G39-N35-N42-G17-L4 S29-N35-N42-V28-G17-A24 S29-N35-N42-G17-D54 snn snnt snn snn snnw snnw snnw snny snny snr snr snhy snhy snhy snhAt snhp snhp snhs snH snH snHA snHm snHm snHm snHm snHm likeness. figure likeness copy of document copy of document suffer. be distorted suffer. record. record. muster troops. Btt.soldier take care of terrify register. be distorted suffer. drive birds register. muster troops.B6 6 U e 66tt! e 66tt.soldier chariot . entwine bind. record. refuge rise early set in motion awaken bind.

renew breath make strong. enrich stiffening. stiffness of limbs phlegm disturb worship worship worship worship be brotherly. agree to action brotherly affection be brotherly be well diposed toward agree to action sharpen suck suckle nurse darkness. be well diposed toward. strengthen. fraternize. associate mingle with.e tB t1 e tB t+ e tB B 4 e t#B ! 8 e t#B ! K`5 Btb ! R e ts!s!8 Bte 7" Bte > Bte K" 5 Bte lK 66+ 66+ 66+ e 6 te 6 tK 6 6 t+ 6 t 6 t+ Btv1v1> e tn S e tn WS e tn S } Bt?! V e t?! Y Bt?d 4 Bt?W Bt?b S29-N35-Aa1-N35-A17 S29-N35-Aa1-N35-Y1 S29-N35-Aa1-Aa1-A20 S29-N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24 S29-N35-M3-Aa1-X1-G43-D40-Z2 O34-N35-F32-X1-D26 S29-N35-K4-G1-K4-G1-A24 O34-N35-S29-Z4-A2 O34-N35-S29-A30 O34-N35-S29-G43-A2-Z2 O34-N35-S29-Z4A-G43 T22-T22-Y1 T22-T22-Y1 T22-T22-Y1 S29-T22-N35-S29-T22-N35-D19 T22-T22-N35-Y1 T22-N35-T22-N35-Y1 O34-N35-N37-G17-N37-G17-T30 S29-N35-N29-D27 S29-N35-N29-F20-D27 S29-N35-N29-D27-Y1V O34-N35-V31-X1-N5 S29-N35-V31-X1-N8 O34-N35-V31-F34-Z1 O34-N35-V31-F20 O34-N35-V31-I3 snxn snxn snxx snxt snxtw snXt snXAXA snsy snsy snsw snsw snsn snsn snsn snsn snsn snsn snSmSm snq snq snq snkt snkt snk ib snk snk nurse a child control people rejuvenate oneself. obscurity haughtiness tongue be greedy causative causative causative causative causative verb verb noun noun verb intransitive verb transitive noun verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive causative verb . obscurity darkness.

Bt?b Bt?! b5 e t?to e t??KS e ??KS e t?! ?! X" StU M4 j 6U Mj S 4 t5U M j Bt! 7 U+ Bt! 78+ e t-% %! Bt! % Bt! 8+ %!!h Bt! ! % e t-1 15 e t! 1 15 e3-Mr 2 e3! Mr+ 3 6! M} 3 6 t! M % r5 3 6-M} O34-N35-V31-I3 O34-N35-V31-X1-I3-Z2 S29-N35-V31-N35-D56 S29-N35-V31-V31-G43-N2 S29-V31-V31-G43-N2 S29-N35-V31-X1-V31-X1-F21-A2 Aa18-N35-W11-D21-Z1-N25 T22-W11-D21-N25 Aa18-Z1-N35-Z2-W11-D21-N25 O34-N35-X1-Z4-A53-Y1 O34-N35-X1-Z4-Z5-Y1 S29-N35-V13-V5 V5-X1 O34-N35-X1-V5 O34-N35-X1-Z5-Y1 V5-X1-X1-N23 O34-N35-X1-X1-V5 S29-N35-V13-M17-M17-O21 S29-N35-X1-M17-M17-O21 S29-R8-V13-D21-N33 R7 S29-R8-X1-D21-N33-Y1 R8-T22-X1-D21-N33A R8-T22-N35-X1-D21-M5-N33-Z2 R8-T22-V13-D21-N33A snk snkt snkn snkkw snkkw snktkt sngr sngr sngr snty snty snT snT snT snT sntt sntt snTy snTy snTr snTr snTr snTr snTr snTr greed longing injure. found a house etc. plan cabin on vessel cabin on vessel cense. form limbs. found a house etc measure out land. plan foundation. refix eyes of the dead measure out land. consecrate cense. damage darkness darkness gossip Babylonia Babylonia Babylonia likeness likeness measure out land. found a house etc foundation. found a house etc. form limbs. refix eyes of the dead measure out land. consecrate cense. Frankincense ? noun causative locality locality locality causative causative causative causative causative . consecrate cense cense. consecrate incense.

please. respect fear fear timid. magistrate body of magistrates collective noun causative causative causative causative causative verb verb noun noun . magistrate incite ram. please. give pleasure make happy. be seated rest dwelling . frightened man timid. ease suffering. make pleasant. ram ewe nobleman. V" e \ tiV V!4 Bti! V VK"! V+ e =1+ e =+ e =ti1+ e =ti1+ e =1S e =1W ! ! !t! e =11 e titit ' BM* e* BM1!* e M5 5 e M1! e MK!56 R8-T22-N35-V13-D21-M5-N33-Z2 R8-T22-X1-D21-M5-N33-Z2 R8-T22-N35-X1-D21-R7 O34-N35-D46-T12A G54-A2 S29-Aa27-N35-I10-G54 G54-X1-Z1 O34-N35-I10-X1-G54 G54-G43-A2-A1 G54-Y1 S29-M29-G17-Y1 S29-M29-Y1 S29-M29-N35-I10-G17-Y1 S29-M29-N35-I10-G17-Y1 S29-M29-G17-A51 S29-M29-G17-A55 Q1-X1-O1-N35-X1-S29-M29-G17A17 S29-N35-I10-N35-I10-N35-Q7 O34-D21-E10 S29-E10 O34-D21-M17-X1-E10 S29-D21-A21 A21 S29-D21-A17-A1 S29-D21-G43-X1-A21-Z3 snTr snTr snTr snd snD snD snDt snDt snDw snDw snDm snDm snDm snDm snDm snDm st nt snDm snDnDn sr sr srit sr sr sr srwt incense incense incense a garment fear. ease suffering. please. respect fear. make pleasant.3 6 t-M % r5 3 6! M% r5 3 6 t! M2 Btf. frightened man make happy. magistrate nobleman. give pleasure make happy. make pleasant. give pleasure sit. make content. make content ease suffering. sheep sheep. make content.

perpetuate. make known foretell. provide. spine standard standard cough cough cough remove remove foster.n BMKV e MV e M. fulfil collective noun noun noun causative causative verb verb noun noun noun causative causative . treat medically treatment treatment treatment strengthen. set right a wrong. e M! L e M11!k k e M11!" e M1 1!R5 e M11!C5 e MK1n e M:17n e MKB ` e MKB fD ` e MKB fD e MKB ` e Mi8 . hide of animal thorn."Z8 e MK!. treat medically foster. cherish. maintain. e M. make known challenge to battle prophecies show something. cherish." e M8" e M7. someone goose goose tress. make to flourish.e M!5 e M. someone show something. 6 e Mn e M. e Mi8 . restore buildings make secure. make known foretell. S29-D21-X1-A21 S29-D21-E27-A2 S29-D21-Z5-A2 S29-D21-Z4-E27 S29-D21-E27-A2-D34-A24 S29-D21-G43-X1-E27-Z3 S29-D21-D54 S29-D21-E27-D54 O34-D21-G43-G54 S29-D21-G54 S29-D21-D3 S29-D21-X1-M44 S29-D21-M17-M17-X1-S35 S35 S29-D21-M17-M17-X1-A2 S29-D21-M17-M17-X1-D26-Z2 S29-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa2-Z2 S29-D21-G43-M17-D54 S29-D21-Z7-M17-Z4-D54 S29-D21-G43-Aa1-D40 S29-D21-G43-Aa1-D46-Aa3 D40 S29-D21-G43-Aa1-D46-Aa3 S29-D21-G43-Aa1-D40 S29-D21-I10-V24-T12 S29-D21-I10-V24-T12 srwt sr sr sr sr aHA srwt sr sr srw srw sr srt sryt sryt sryt sryt sryt srwi srwi srwx srwx srwx srwx srwx srwD srwD body of magistrates foretell. wig.

perpetuate. warmth. fulfil contract strengthen. fulfil contract strengthen.e M. beverage causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative . fulfil contract take one's ease rest. perpetuate. fulfil contract strengthen. fever. temperature. make to flourish.+ e MK. M8 Ki+ e . restore buildings make secure. maintain. restore buildings make secure. temperature.+ e . e M%. provide. BMKf. set right a wrong. set right a wrong. maintain. M8 Ki+ e .+ e M%. M8 Ki+ e MhK" e Mh+ e Mh'+ e Mh' ' e Mh'+ e Mh'd 4 n !< e M h ' e Mh! C 6 e M1A e M1!} BM1!a S29-D21-T12 S29-D21-T12 S29-D21-G43-T12-Y1 S29-D21-G43-T12-Y1 O34-D21-G43-D46-T12 O34-D21-G43-D46-T12 S29-D21-T5-T12-Y1 S29-D21-T5-T12-Y1 S29-T12-D21-V24-G43-I10-Y1 S29-T12-D21-V24-G43-I10-Y1 S29-T12-D21-V24-G43-I10-Y1 S29-D21-I9-D19-A2 S29-D21-I9-Y1 S29-D21-I9-Q7-Y1 S29-D21-I9-Q7 Q7 S29-D21-I9-Q7-Y1 S29-D21-I9-Q7-F34-Z1 N29-G1-A28-S29-D21-I9-Q7 S29-D21-I9-X1-Aa2-Z3 S29-D21-G17-D9 S29-D21-G17-X1-N33A O34-D21-G17-X1-W23 srwD srwD srwD srwD srwD srwD srwD srwD srwD srwD srwD srf srf srf srf srf srf srf ib qA srf srft srmi srmt srmt contract strengthen. temperature. relief warm. e MK. beverage foodstuff. set right a wrong. set right a wrong. make to flourish. fulfil contract strengthen. restore buildings make secure. provide. provide.+ BMKf. set right a wrong. restore buildings make secure. fever. maintain. maintain. e M. inflammation. provide. fever. provide. perpetuate make to flourish. warmth. relief rest. make to flourish. warmth. maintain. inflammation. perpetuate. inflammation. make to flourish. mood deliberate arrogant fever cause to weep foodstuff. mood warm. restore buildings make secure. mood warm. perpetuate.

plant trees.y e MBE! e MB K" BMB 1 1" e MB 1 1"9 BMB 1 1" e MB" e MBA e MBw e MB! e M -e= e M -e] e MBn = e Mn!e } e Mn} e Mn}+ e Mf@ BMKf. plant trees. lay information against. evil spirit accuser. permit to breathe of throats make grow. lay information against. erect monuments make grow. evil spirit accuser. accuse guilty person accuser.facade design holding the Horus name of King memorial a government department awaken. erect monuments make grow. permit to breathe of throats inhale. complainer. complainer. reproach accusation. plant trees. accuse complain. take command of corps awaken. e @ Mf.e MB+ e MB" e MB. erect monuments make grow. take command of corps Selket the scorpion goddess Selket scorpion goddess inhale. e Mf+ e $ a` S29-D21-Aa1-Y1 S29-D21-Aa1-A2 S29-D21-Aa1-Y2-A84 S29-D21-Aa1-G37-A1 S29-D21-Aa1-G43-A2 O34-D21-Aa1-M17-M17-A2 S29-D21-Aa1-M17-M17-A2-Z6 O34-D21-Aa1-M17-M17-A2 S29-D21-Aa1-A2 S29-D21-Aa1-O33 S29-D21-Aa1-O24A S29-D21-Aa1-O1 S29-D21-T13-S29-D5 S29-D21-T13-S29-F27 S29-D21-O34-U40-D5 S29-D21-N29-X1-L19 L7 S29-D21-N29-T113 S29-D21-N29-T113-Y1 S29-D21-D46-M32 O34-D21-G43-D46-T12 S29-M32-D21-D46-Y1 S29-D21-T12 S29-M32-D21-D46-T12 S29-D21-D46-Y1 S29-O4-D41-D40 srx srx srx srx srxw srxw srxw srxy srxy srx srx srx srs srs srs srqt srqt srq srq srd srd srd srd srd srd sh learn about future events complain. complainer. reproach Serekh palace . plant trees. plant trees. erect monuments make to grow. evil spirit accusation. erect monuments erect monuments terrorize causative causative causative causative causative causative divinity divinity causative causative causative causative . take command of corps awaken. e @ Mf+ e M.

hall booth. hall god's booth of Anubis an embalmer's workshop council counsel man of good counsel strip someone. make peace make content. make peace make content. make peace ship booth. hall booth.e $ !58 e $ !58 e $ !58 B$ !8 e $ !n e$!1 1!n e $ !! n e$#` e$ M+ B$ MK! + e$ M11!+ B$ M! \ B < 6! 6 64 ! 35 B < 6+ 6+ 611! e 0 !d e 0 d` e 0 !# d` B< 11!\ e<11<!G e<<!G e<1<!G S29-O4-G1-E21-A24 S29-O4-G1-E21-A24 S29-O4-G1-E21-A24 O34-O4-G1-A24 S29-O4-G1-D54 S29-O4-G1-M17-M17-X1-D54 S29-O4-G1-X1-D54 S29-O4-Q3-D40 S29-O4-D21-Y1 O34-O4-D21-G43-X1-Y1 S29-O4-D21-M17-M17-X1-Y1 O34-O4-D21-X1-P1 O34-V28-O22-O1 O22 O22-Z1-O1 R8-O21 O34-V28-O22-Y1 O22-Y1 O22-M17-M17-A1 S29-M16-G1-S28 S29-M16-S28-D40 S29-M16-G1-Q3-S28-D40 O34-V28-M17-M17-X1-P1 S29-V28-M17-M17-V28-X1-G39 S29-V28-V28-X1-G39 S29-V28-M17-V28-X1-G39 shA shA shA shA shAi shAi shAt shp shri shri shri shrt sH sH sH sH nTr sH sH sHy sHAi sHAi sHAp sHyt sHyHt sHyHt sHyHt be in confusion confusion confound someone ? hostility bring down. reveal secret conceal boat with cabin ? gallinule moor hen ? gallinule moor hen ? gallinule moor hen ? verb intransitive noun verb transitive causative verb infinitive causative causative verb infinitive verb infinitive causative causative causative . make to fall bring down. make to fall discharge medical govern make content. reveal secret strip someone.

list collection.e <\11< e <7K+ e <:I" e <7KI+ e < :7I+5 e <7K+ IK7+5 e <K\E e <E M" e <EM1" e<qM BN B< q M+ e < 7Mq e{ 1î e<1 e{ 1f \ e{~ B<f e <1f e < "t` e <Nt e < "t+ e: MR e : Mpn S29-V28-D36-M17-M17-A28 S29-V28-Z4-G43-Y1 S29-V28-Z7-G41-A2 S29-V28-Z4-G43-G41-Y1 S29-V28-Z7-Z4-G41-Y1-Z2 S29-V28-Z4-G43-Y1 G41-G43-Z4-Y1-Z2 S29-V28-G43-D36-G37 S29-V28-G37-D21-A2 S29-V28-G37-D21-M17-A2 S29-V28-D58-W3 O34-W4 O34-V28-D58-W3-Y1 S29-V28-Z4-W3-D58 S29-N42-G17-D55 S29-V28-G17 S29-N42-G17-U32-D36 S29-N42-N35A O34-V28-U32 S29-V28-G17-U32 S29-V28-M2-N35-D40 S29-V28-U8-N35 S29-V28-M2-N35-Y1 S29-D2-D21-N1 S29-D2-D21-N31-D54 sHay sHwy sHwy sHwy sHwy sHwy sHwy sHwa sHwr sHwr sHb sHb sHb sHb sHm sHm sHm sHm sHm sHm sHn sHn sHn sHr sHr acclaim collect. summary. adorn make festive. adorn make festive. pound. pound. pound. trituration command command decorate fly up fly up causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative . list shorten vilify vilify make festive. trituration crush. assemblage of troops. summary. assemblage of troops. trituration crush. asssemble join up boundaries collection. summary. assemblage of troops. adorn make festive. trituration crush. list collection. pound. asssemble collect. adorn put a stop to put a stop to crush.

face.e: M18n e: M8 e: Mp e <: MTp e: MK[ e: M13+ e < X Bn enn+ B<B<A e <n ME e/ e/ e/!#+ e/!#+ e </!# e </!# e /! # +d 4 e/!# 1 1} e <U1GE e <!UE e <! 1IE e <U1KIE! e # iV e#Y S29-D2-D21-M17-A24-D54 S29-D2-D21-A24 S29-D2-D21-N31 S29-V28-D2-D21-Aa19-N31 S29-D2-D21-G43-A59A S29-D2-D21-M17-V19-Y1 S29-V28-W14-O34-D54 S29-S38-N29-Y1 O34-V28-O34-V28-G33 S29-V28-N29-D21-G37 S29-R4 S29-R4 S29-R4-X1-Q3-Y1 S29-R4-X1-Q3-Y1 S29-V28-R4-X1-Q3 S29-V28-R4-X1-Q3 S29-R4-X1-Q3-Y1-F34-Z1 S29-R4-X1-Q3-M17-M17-R42 S29-V28-U15-G17-G39-G37 S29-V28-X1-U15-G37 S29-V28-Q1-G17-G41-G37 S29-V28-U15-G17-G43-G41-G37A1 S29-T3-I10-N5 S29-T3-N8 sHri sHri sHri sHri sHri sHri sHsi sHqA sHsH sHqr sHtp sHtp sHtp sHtp sHtp sHtp sHtp ib sHtpy sHtm sHtm sHtm sHtmw sHD sHD remove. deliver from remove. make gracious to propitate. avert drive away foes. satisfy employees provide for temple. pacify. please. deliver from remove. avert drive away foes. exorcise ill. exorcise ill. become pale causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative transitive causative intransitive . pacify. deliver from remove. gladden. satisfy employees provide for temple. exorcise ill. avert drive away foes. avert causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative cause to rule. deliver from remove. deliver from meet someone drive away foes. make explanation. face. face. make gracious to please censer destroy destroy destroy destroyer illumine. exorcise ill. please. exorcise ill. pacify. please. make gracious to propitate. exorcise ill. avert drive away foes. satisfy employees provide for temple. face. make clear. reveal shine. face. avert drive away foes. make illumination. instal as ruler screech of bird make hungry propitate. face. deliver from remove.

field. beat blow chop off limbs an offering loaf marshland. think about.maker of Sun god inspector chest furniture chest furniture vex be deaf hit. call to mind.maker of Sun god great light . reveal shine. country beside town carry on field sports the Fen goddess the Fen goddess peasant. mention causative transitive causative intransitive causative transitive causative intransitive causative transitive verb transitive verb transitive causative verb verb verb BB i eB8 eB!8 BB > eB!$ 4! h e B ! 4f <4! h 4! 4p 4! 7! 4$!} e . make explanation. gladden. smite. fisherman. become pale make glad great light . reveal shine. field. make explanation. become pale illumine.e%V e%V e#Y e # iV e # iVd 4 e # iV ME e # i_ E M e# e # i! # e # i! V# e < itE BB X S29-T5-N5 S29-T5-N5 S29-T3-N8 S29-T3-I10-N5 S29-T3-I10-N5-F34-Z1 S29-T3-I10-N5-D21-G37 S29-T3-I10-N14-G37-D21 S29-T3 S29-T3-I10-X1-M3 S29-T3-I10-X1-N5-M3 S29-V28-I10-N35-G37 O34-Aa1-F21 O34-Aa1-D49 S29-Aa1-A24 S29-Aa1-X1-A24 O34-Aa1-T30 S29-Aa1-X1-X4 M20-X1-N23 S29-Aa1-X1-M20-N21 D4-M20-X1-N23 M20-X1-Z1-B1 C229 M20-X1-Z4-A1 M20-G4-E1-N33A S29-M12-G1-A2 sHD sHD sHD sHD sHD ib sHD wr sHD wr sHD sHDt sHDt sHDn sxi sxi sxi sxt sx sxt sxt sxt ir sxt sxt sxt sxty sxtyw sxi illumine. smite. country beside town marshland. make illumination. !" divinity divinity causative . fowler class of Cattle remember. make clear. gladden. beat hit. make illumination. make clear.

memorial dispute dispute make prosperous.K e . memory. dispaly object cause to appear of a god or king. !Kn e . !" e . !K " e . dispaly object enrage breadth breadth slaughter . mention. !" e . mention.11" e . mention. deck out tomb make prosperous. Kn em\11 em em\ em\ M" eB KT eB KT+ eB K7! e B B t" e B B t` BB KB+ BB B+ e B cKf+ e B cf+ e B Kf+5 e B KfJ+ S29-Aa1-M12-G1-A2 S29-M12-G1-G43-A2 S29-M12-G43 S29-M12-A2 S29-M12-G1-A2 S29-M12-M17-M17-A2 S29-M12-G1-Z7-M17-M17-A2 S29-M12-G1-N2 S29-Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-D54 S29-M12-Aa1-D54 S29-N28-D36-M17-M17 S29-N28 S29-N28-D36 S29-N28-D36-D21-A2 S29-Aa1-G43-W10 S29-Aa1-G43-W10-Y1 S29-Aa1-G43-Z4-O1 S29-Aa1-E34-N35-A2 S29-Aa1-E34-N35-D40 O34-Aa1-G43-O34-Y1 O34-Aa1-O34-Y1 S29-Aa1-D43-G43-D46-Y1 S29-Aa1-D43-D46-Y1 S29-Aa1-G43-D46-Y1-Z2 S29-Aa1-G43-D46-Aa9-Y1 sxi sxAw sxAw sxAw sxAw sxAw sxAw sxA sxAx sxAx sxay sxay sxay sxar sxw sxw sxwy sxwn sxwn sxws sxws sxwd sxwd sxwd sxwd remember. memory.e B . memorial remembrance. mention. memorial remembrance. call to mind. memorial remembrance. memorial remembrance. memory. !S e K . mention. mention remembrance. deck out tomb enrich enrich enrich enrich causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative . memorial spend the night hasten hasten cause to appear of a god or king. dispaly object cause to appear of a god or king. memory." e . memory. think about. !: 1 1 " e . mention. memory.

turn. Power powerful have power over. educate. Power mighty one. give power to. make grow a garden raise a child. grimness power. prevail over. Power mighty one. foster truth. be grim of face power. transform into fane sceptre. bring about an event effect a deed.hearted. grimness stout . grimness power. create. breed animals. display decree bring into being. bring about an event effect a deed. make. create. make grow a garden raise a child. transform into bring into being.eB#n exM exM exM ex ex ex BB 1[! r4 eB 1# rH r1M6 r45 e r1B K`5 r1` r1` r r8 rB` e rB 1` r1`d 4 r1!5 r1!k rB!k S29-Aa1-Q3-D54 S29-L1-D21 S29-L1-D21 S29-L1-D21 S29-L1 S29-L1 S29-L1 O34-Aa1-G17-D35-O1 S42-Z1 S29-Aa1-G17-M3 S42-A40 S42-G17-G45-Z3 S42-Z1-Z2 S29-S42-G17-Aa1-G43-D40-Z2 S42-G17-D40 S42-G17-D40 S42 S42-A24 S42-Aa1-D40 S29-S42-Aa1-G17-D40 S42-G17-D40-F34-Z1 S42-G17-X1-Z2 S42-G17-X1-I12 S42-Aa1-X1-I12 sxp sxpr sxpr sxpr sxpr sxpr sxpr sxm sxm sxm sxm sxmw sxmw sxmw sxm sxm sxm sxm sxm sxm sxm ib sxmt sxmt sxmt conduct someone to someone. turn. Power mighty one. sistrum mighty one. breed animals. grimness power. sistrum sceptre. violent. educate. bring offerings. make. foster truth. violence power Sekhmet goddess Sekhmet goddess causative causative causative causative causative causative causative plural plural plural adjective verb noun noun noun noun divinity divinity .

r B !f r H<h } 18 <hL rB!7N N r!N rB!N r!7N rB!7IK r1n eB 1[ eB 11 eB 1B d 4 BB tX BB tn BB t s BB tX b s BB tC eBts BB tZ BB t! J e B t! >6 >>>> e B tI S42-Aa1-X1-Z5-G7 S42-Aa1-X1-C232 S42-Aa1-X1-B7C S42-A40-D4-I9 Y8-G17-A24-D4-I9-A44 S42-Aa1-X1-Z4-S6 S6 S42-X1-S6 S42-Aa1-X1-S6 S42-X1-Z4-S6 S42-Aa1-X1-Z4-S1-S3 S42-G17-D54 S29-Aa1-G17-D35 S29-Aa1-G17-G17 S29-Aa1-G17-Aa1-F34-Z1 O34-Aa1-N35-D32 O34-Aa1-N35-D54 O34-Aa1-N35-F51 O34-Aa1-N35-D32-W24-F51 O34-Aa1-N35-Aa2 S29-Aa1-N35-F51 O34-Aa1-N35-U20 O34-Aa1-N35-X1-M195 S29-Aa1-N35-X1-O30-Z3 O30-O30-O30-O30 S29-Aa1-N35-G41 sxmt sxmt sxmt sxm ir .Crown the Double .Crown the Double . rest. gathering ? bind together ? post the four posts of the sky the four posts of the sky alight. enjoyment embrace. occupy a place kidney fat ? kidney fat ? swelling ?. take recreation.Crown the Double .f sxm ir . seek out. meet.Crown founder ? of ship forget make warm distract the heart of someone. meet. occupy a place embrace. seek out. gathering ? swelling ?.Crown the Double .rB!8' rB!. dwell divinity divinity divinity causative causative causative .f sxmty sxmty sxmty sxmty sxmty sxmty sxm sxm sxmm sxmx ib sxn sxn sxn sxn sxn sxn sxn sxnt sxnt sxnt sxn Sekhmet goddess Sekhmet goddess Sekhmet goddess potentate potentate the Double .Crown the Double .

flee place place place place place causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative . determination. rest. force into dislocated bone overthrow. determination. affair. nature. throw down. throw down. nature. throw down. promote advance. conduct.e B tI+ e B t7I e B tIn BB tI e B tb:X " 6 BB tvp e [t! K e [t! K+ e [t! \ e [t! \ eKM/ /! e/ eB/ BB M/\ eB M:/b5 BB M+8 eB M+ eB M" eB M!.place a class of incantation ? make to stink advance. force into dislocated bone overthrow. governance. force into dislocated bone overthrow. condition. rest.custom roll of papyrus captain of ship those who govern run. hurry. counsel. affair.custom plan. rest. promote take southward overthrow. governance.4 e B M 1 1+! eB MK1 1!6 BB Bn S29-Aa1-N35-G41-Y1 S29-Aa1-N35-Z4-G41 S29-Aa1-N35-G41-D54 O34-Aa1-N35-G41 S29-Aa1-N35-W24-Z7-D32-A2-Z3 O34-Aa1-N35-N37-K1 S29-W17-N35-X1-D19 S29-W17-N35-X1-D19-Y1 S29-W17-N35-X1-P1 S29-W17-N35-X1-P1 S29-Aa1-D21-A15 A15-X1 S29-A15 S29-Aa1-A15 O34-Aa1-D21-A15-D36 S29-Aa1-D21-Z7-A15-W24-Z2 O34-Aa1-D21-T11-A24 S29-Aa1-D21-Y1 S29-Aa1-D21-A2 S29-Aa1-D21-X1-V12-Z1 S29-Aa1-D21-M17-M17-Y1-A1 S29-Aa1-D21-G43-M17-M17-A1-Z3 O34-Aa1-O34-D54 sxn sxn sxn sxn sxnw sxnS sxnti sxnti sxnti sxnti sxr sxr sxr sxr sxr sxrw sxr sxr sxr sxrt sxry sxryw sxs alight. dwell resting . throw down. fashion. force into dislocated bone overflowing bowls ? sweep plan. condition. throw down. fashion. conduct. counsel. dwell alight. dwell alight. force into dislocated bone overthrow. promote advance. fortune. fortune.

acquire ? wealth close net spider stone for patching ? ambushing ? run be upside down. flee run.!!:4 :B ! G e B ! :n eB!7n e B f= 1e B f= e B fB f= e KfKf` e B fB f= Bb X Bb 7 X Bb X: 4 e s!?d8 e s!?8 e s!?d` S29-Aa1-S29-D54 O34-Aa1-O34-A27 S29-Aa1-S29-D54-G17-Aa18-Z1 S29-Aa1-S29-Z7-D54-Z2 S29-U35-A2 S29-Aa1-S29-Aa1-D54 S29-Aa1-X1-T26 S29-Aa1-X1-V1 T26-X1-Aa1-Z9-A24 S29-Aa1-X1-T26-D40 T26-D36 T27-X1-X1-D2-Z1 T26-Aa1-X1-O39 S29-Aa1-X1-T26-D54 S29-Aa1-X1-Z4-D54 S29-Aa1-D46-A29 G17-S29-Aa1-D46-A29 S29-Aa1-D46-Aa1-D46-A29 S29-Aa1-D46-Aa1-D46-D40 S29-Aa1-D46-Aa1-D46-A29 O34-F32-F21 O34-F32-Z4-F21 O34-F32-F21-D2-Z1 S29-K4-G1-V31-S28-A24 S29-K4-G1-V31-A24 S29-K4-G1-V31-S28-D40 sxs sxs sxs m sA sxsw sxsf sxsx sxt sxt sxt sxt sxt sxtt Hr sxt sxt sxty sxd m sxd sxdxd sxdxd sxdxd sXi sXi sXi Hr sXAk sXAk sXAk run. hurry. be disordered of dress head downwards be upside down. close net. snare. e B e n1S 4 e B e :n5 e i" eBeBn eB!: eB!! :! B <8 e B ! :` :\ . squeeze out strain. mould bricks weave. mould bricks weave. hurry. squeeze out strain. suspend be deaf be deaf be neglectful strain.eBen BB B. persecute runners create opposition against run weave. squeeze out verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb verb verb verb causative . flee pursue. hang down of breasts be upside down hang up. mould bricks trap.

burnish decorate. stroke sweep. brush over. stroke sweep. burnish decorate. impetuous be hasty. stroke sweep. stroke milk milk milking a linen fabric decorate. brush over. adorn.e b t? &8 eb\!B ebq" ebq :~ eb#" Bb 1n Bb 18 Bb 1k` e b tE 8 eb M+\ eb M4 eb M` BB M+8 Bb M~ Bb M~ ` eb M!f5 Bb MKd6 eb?M_ e _+ eb?_ eb?M8+ ee} BB ' ee' een e 1e 1n S29-F32-N35-V31-V6-A24 S29-F32-D36-X1-E34 S29-F32-D58-A2 S29-F32-D58-Z7-N35A S29-F32-Q3-A2 O34-F32-G17-D54 O34-F32-G17-A24 O34-F32-G17-D51-D40 S29-F32-N35-O37-A24 S29-F32-D21-T11-D36 S29-F32-D21-Z1 S29-F32-D21-D40 O34-Aa1-D21-T11-A24 O34-F32-D21-D27A O34-F32-D21-D27A-D40 S29-F32-D21-X1-U32B-Z2 O34-F32-D21-G43-S28-Z3 S29-F32-V31-D21-Aa30 S29-Aa30-Y1 S29-F32-V31-Aa30 S29-F32-V31-D21-Z5-Y1 S29-S29-R40 O34-O34-Q7 S29-S29-Q7 S29-S29-D54 S29-M17-S29-M17-D54 sXAk sXat sXb sXbw sXp sXm sXm sXm sXn sXr sXr sXr sXr sXr sXr sXrt sXrw sXkr sXkr sXkr sXkr ss ss ss ss sysy strain. overlay with. brush over. adorn. overlay with. burnish burn ashes ashes hurry hurry causative causative causative causative verb noun noun ancient misspelling verb verb . adorn. squeeze out hare swallow draught of medicine swallow be hasty. adorn. overlay with. overlay with. brush over. burnish decorate. impetuous comb flax demolish sweep.

mare horse. destruction despatch army honour someone make to laugh make ready. supply with. smell causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative causative noun causative . make wise provisions. mare cause to pass breathe. prepare food. penetrate into make ready. mare horse. enliven the downcast. supply with. eeRK" ee!Ks5 eeBt' e e B t+E eeBt' e e J t+E G39-O35 S29-S29-Aa17-G1-A2 S29-S29-Aa17-G1-Z7-A2 S29-S29-Aa17-G1-W22-X2-Z8 S29-S29-Aa17-G43-A2 S29-S29-X1-G43-N34-Z2 S29-S29-E34-N35-Q7 S29-S29-E34-N35-T11-G37 S29-S29-E34-N35-Q7 S29-S29-M42-N35-T11-G37 O34-O35-D58-D54 S29-S29-D58-N29-Y1 S29-S29-D58-X1-F18-A2 S29-S29-Q3-D46-M44-Y1 S29-S29-Q3-D46-M44-Y1 S29-S29-M44-Y1 S29-S29-Q3-D46-Y1 O34-O34-I9-D19 O34-O34-I9-G43-S28-Z2 O34-O34-G17-E6 S29-S29-G17-X1-E6 S29-S29-G17-X1-F27 O34-O34-G14-X1-E6 O34-O34-N35-N18 S29-S29-N35-D19 B Cq n eeqn+ eeq !U" ee#fL+ ee#fL+ ee L+ e e #f+ BBhK BBhKd5 BB1& ee1!& ee1!] BB. supply with. penetrate into make ready. prepare food.! & BBtc e e tK ss ssAi ssAw ssAw ssAw sswt sswn sswn sswn sswn ssbi ssbq ssbt sspd sspd sspd sspd ssf ssfw ssm ssmt ssmt ssmt ssn ssn hurry satisfy.GC e e R !" e e R !: " eeR!`" . penetrate into soothe garments horse horse. sustenance satisfaction a metallic inlay ? destroy destroy destruction destroy. sustenance provisions. prepare food enliven the downcast. enliven the downcast.

smell preserve. spread out. spread out. spread. spread. spread. post sentries pass.eeK e e tq + ee =1! ee =! eet=# ee Mf? ee<` ee<E ee<> ee r1 ee!o ee!K Bv? Bv< n Bv< + Bv< n Bvn Bv Y Bv` Bv> Bv<! Bv< n Qh Bv7 W Bv W vv! S29-S29-D19 S29-S29-N35-D58-Y1 S29-S29-M29-G17-M1 S29-S29-M29-M1 S29-S29-N35-M29-M3 S29-S29-D21-D46-M31 S29-S29-V28-D40 S29-S29-V28-G37 S29-S29-V28-T30 S29-S29-S42-G17 S29-S29-X1-D56 S29-S29-X1-D19 O34-N37-O31 O34-N37-Z9-D54 O34-N37-Z9-Y1 O34-N37-Z9-D54 O34-N37-D54 O34-N37-N8 O34-N37-D40 O34-N37-T30 O34-N37-Z9-O1 O34-N37-Z9-D54 G49-N23 O34-N37-Z4-G48A O34-N37-G48A N37-N37-O1 ssn ssnb ssnDm ssnDm ssnDm ssrd ssH ssH ssH ssxm sst sst sS sS sS sS sS sS sS sS sS sS sS sSy sSy sSy breathe. strew. post sentries pass. post sentries cut linen threshold threshold marsh nest nest nest causative causative causative causative infinitive . strew. strew. shatter heads destroy enemies shatter heads strengthen calf of leg breathe. smell open open open pass. heal a costly wood a costly wood a costly wood plant garden destroy enemies. spread out. spread out. spread. post sentries pass. strew.

record. depiction. paint. document write. depiction. inscribe. papyrus roll. draw. letter. paint. draughtsman scribe Seshat goddess Seshat goddess make progress beseech from beseech from pray to pray to prayer disk of metal disk of metal disk of metal dry something lose by theft causative causative divinity divinity verb noun noun verb verb . draw.vvP BvvQ Bv7 Q P N37-N37-G48 O34-N37-N37-G49 O34-N37-Z4-G49 G48 Y3-Y1 Y3-Y1 O34-N37-Y1 O34-N37-Y3-Y2 S29-N37-Y4-Y2 Y3-A1 Y3-Aa28-D46-W24-X1-Y1V O34-N37-Y1 R20-X1-B1 S29-N37-G1-X1-G7C O34-M8-G1-D54 S29-M8-G1-A2 O34-M8-A2 S29-M8-G1-A4 O34-N37-G1-Z4-A2 O34-M8-G1-F5-Y1 O34-N37-Z9-G43-N33 O34-N37 S29-N37-Z4-Z9-Y1-Z2 S29-H6-G43-N5 S29-H6-G43-G37 -+ -+ Bv+ Bv. enrol troops writing. inscribe. enrol troops scribe painter. draw. document writing. enrol troops write.. e v. record. paint. papyrus roll. -! -] fb ! } Bv+ ?!p e v!! W B(!n e (!" B(" e (!$ Bv!7 " B(!H+ Bv< K r Bv e v7 < +5 e ]KV e ]KE sSy sSy sSy sSy sS sS sS sS sS sS sS kdwt sS sSAt sSAt sSA sSA sSA sSA sSA sSA sSw sSw sSw sSw sSw nest nest nest nest write. letter. inscribe.

leader ruler. lighten darkness be white. condition.e v$ !$ E e v# Y e v# Y e v# V e v# Y e ?1n e@n B@ 1n e ?1+ @ e ?1+5 e ?1+5 }n e@ e @ Pn e@1+ e v@ e@+ e@!+ e@!+ e@1!+ e@1!+ e @ 1Kn! e v@ K e @ 1n! S29-N37-V4-G1-A4-G37 S29-N37-Q3-N8 S29-N37-Q3-N8 S29-N37-Q3-N5 S29-N37-Q3-N8 S29-T31-G17-D54 S29-T32-D54 O34-T32-G17-D54 S29-T31-G17-Y1 T32 S29-T31-G17-Y1-Z2 S29-T31-G17-Y1-Z2 S123-D54 S29-T32 S29-T32-Aa15-D54 S29-T32-G17-Y1 S29-N37-T32 S29-T32-Y1 S29-T32-X1-Y1 S29-T32-X1-Y1 S29-T32-G17-X1-Y1 S29-T32-G17-X1-Y1 S29-T32-G17-G43-D54-A1 S29-N37-T32-G43 S29-T32-G17-D54-A1 sSwA sSp sSp sSp sSp sSm sSm sSm sSm sSm sSm sSm sSm sSm sSm sSm sSm sSm sSmt sSmt sSmt sSmt sSmw sSmw sSmw impoverish. deprive of be white. procedure. guidance. guide lead. conduct. conduct war. state of affairs. nature guidance guidance guidance guidance conduct business guidance guidance leading of procession. be bright light lead. be bright make bright. govern. guide conduct work. guide. show the way. state. leader proof mathematical ruler. governance. guide lead. control working out mathematical. instruct people lead. rule. business expenditure. war guidance. leader causative verb intransitive verb transitive verb intransitive noun .

manner of action things. couterpart statue. couterpart warm someone. actions. actions. course. couterpart statue. course. image. portrait. leader ruler. manner of action things. actions. portrait. manner of action things. portrait. image. image. course. actions. manner of action causative causative . cordage linen linen linen linen bags corn corn corn things. heat something lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus .e ?1 1 1n e ?1 1 1! e@!k e?1KH e@k e@1+ e @ PP e v11 ' Bvt) Bvvt) )4 Bvt" Bvt) Bvt< 8 Bvt< ! 5 A4d evMd e v MKddd A MKA} A4O5 &4O5 e & MO5 &BMK+5 A4+5 evMs e & M+ S29-T31-G17-M17-M17-D54 S29-T31-G17-M17-M17-A1 S29-T32-X1-I12 S29-T31-G17-G43-A40 S29-T32-I12 S29-T32-G17-Y1 S29-T32-Aa15-A48 S29-N37-G17-G17-Q7 O34-N37-N35-M9 O34-N37-N37-N35-M9 M9-Z1 O34-N37-N35-M2 O34-N37-N35-M9B O34-N37-N35-Z9-A24 O34-N37-N35-Z9-V1-Z2 V33-Z1-S28 S29-N37-D21-S28 S29-N37-D21-G43-S28-S28-S28 V33-D21-G43-V33-N33A V33-Z1-U9-Z2 V6-Z1-U9-Z2 S29-V6-D21-U9-Z2 V6-O34-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 V33-Z1-Y1-Z2 S29-N37-D21-F51 S29-V6-D21-Y1 sSmw sSmw sSmt sSmw sSmw sSmw sSmw sSmm sSn sSn sSn sSn sSn sSn sSnw sSrw sSrw sSrw sSrw sSrw sSrw sSrw sSrw sSrw sSrw sSrw ruler. image. couterpart statue.shaped cuo weave ropes. leader guiding serpent of god statue. course. portrait.

mysterious. religious mystery. problem secretly thunderbolt flash fillet. secret. dry up arrow cake lessen make wise make brightness. religious mystery. make inaccessible. garlands. dry up dry. lighten darkness discuss ? sistrum sistrum sistra make secret. make inaccessible make secret. make inaccessible.e & M" evMV evMY Bv M+ Bv M! . BvM ME Bve R !H+ e J# V e &BM" Bvv! } Bvv} vv 1 1 ! } 5 e v! d !+ Bv! d !< + e v! d !+ Bva+ e v! d !+ / S29-V6-D21-A2 S29-N37-D21-N5 S29-N37-D21-N8 O34-N37-D21-T11 O34-N37-D21-X1-Z8 O34-N37-D21-D21-G37 O34-N37-S29-Aa17-G1-F5-Y1 S29-O42-Q3-N5 S29-V6-O34-D21-A2 O34-N37-N37-X1-Y8 O34-N37-N37-Y18B N37-N37-M17-M17-X1-Y8-Z2 S29-N37-X1-U30-G1-Y1 O34-N37-X1-U30-G1-Z9-Y1 S29-N37-X1-U30-G1-Y1 O34-N37-N16-Y1 S29-N37-X1-U30-G1-Y1 E15 E16 O34-N37-X1-U30-G1-G43-Y1 S29-F30-D46-I3-N14-Z1 S29-F30-D46-I3 S29-F30-D46-V12 S29-F30-Y1 sSr sSr sSr sSr sSrt sSrr sSsA sSsp sSsr sSSt sSSt sSSwt SstA SstA SstA SstA SstA SstA SstA SstAw sSd sSd sSd sSd utter. secret. confidential matter. problem make secret. confidential matter. express dry. bandage. confidential matter. tether put a fillet on someone verb plural causative causative adjective adjective noun causative causative causative causative 0 Bv! d !K + e `fb_ 4 e `fb e `f. problem make secret. mysterious. ribbons. e `+ . religious mystery. mysterious. mysterious secret secret secret.

kingship make high a building. king extol beauty. prolong lifetime. king extol beauty. victories. set upright a person. refresh oneself refreshment bathroom bathroom bathroom refresh give ease causative transitive causative intransitive causative causative noun causative causative causative . set upright a person. exalt a god. string up fowling . king extol beauty. victories.e `f>! vvfG!5 e vf! ! B`f! ! BvfKR5 e n !< e n !< en< en< e n !< + e n !< + en<} en!<` e n !e ! 8 en\R enq! enqq+ enqqY~ enqqY~ enq q :7Y~! eY!! enq ZK! enq <Z enq <Z S29-F30-D46-D6-O1 N37-N37-D46-G39-O1-Z2 S29-N37-D46-X1-O1 O34-F30-D46-X1-O1 O34-N37-D46-G43-D26-Z2 S29-N29-G1-A28 S29-N29-G1-A28 S29-N29-A28 S29-N29-A28 S29-N29-G1-A28-Y1 S29-N29-G1-A28-Y1 S29-N29-A28-R31 S29-N29-G1-V28-D40 S29-N29-G1-S29-V1-A24 S29-N29-D36-D26 S29-N29-D58-M1 S29-N29-D58-F48-Y1 S29-N29-D58-D58-W15-N35A S29-N29-D58-D58-W15-N35A S29-N29-D58-D58-Z7-Z4-W15N35A-O1 S29-W15-O1-O1 S29-N29-D58-W16-G43-O1 S29-N29-D58-V28-W16 S29-N29-D58-V28-W16 sSd SSdw sSdt sSdt sSdw sqAi sqAi sqAi sqAi sqAi sqAi sqA sqAH sqAs sqa sqb sqb sqbb sqbb sqbbwy sqbbwy sqbbwy sqbH sqbH window windows shrine of falcon shrine of falcon drops of moisture make high a building. prolong lifetime.tackle make vomit type of wood double supplies make cool. set upright a person. prolong lifetime. exalt a god. kingship make high a building. calm disturbed land. exalt a god. check. victories. fetter. kingship base for shrine plaster bind.

get rid of something. strike down. get rid of something. offer. strike down. present strike. clap hands. grasp hand step out of feet in dance. offer. ladder offer. grasp hand step out of feet in dance. set up stairway knead dough. get rid of something. clap hands. set up stairway knead dough. grasp hand step out of feet in dance. clap hands. get rid of something. present strike. set up stairway knead dough. present set up stairway. work metal. offer. clap hands. strike down. strike down. clap hands. present strike. grasp hand step out of feet in dance. clap hands. get rid of something. work metal. offer. present work metal causative intransitive causative . grasp hand step out of feet in dance. set up stairway knead dough. strike down. work metal. present strike. present strike. set up stairway knead dough. offer. offer. work metal.enq <Z e n tf8 e H" e H" e H" en M1H en M1H en M1H e n M>\ e n M>\ e n M>\ e n H" e n H" e n H" en M" en M" en M" en M` en M` en M` en" e Hn e"} S29-N29-D58-V28-W16 S29-N29-N35-D46-A24 S29-Aa7-T2 S29-Aa7-T2 S29-Aa7-T2 S29-N29-D21-M17-Aa7 S29-N29-D21-M17-Aa7 S29-N29-D21-M17-Aa7 S29-N29-D21-T30-D36 S29-N29-D21-T30-D36 S29-N29-D21-T30-D36 S29-N29-Aa7-T2 S29-N29-Aa7-T2 S29-N29-Aa7-T2 S29-N29-D21-T2 S29-N29-D21-T2 S29-N29-D21-T2 S29-N29-D21-D40 S29-N29-D21-D40 S29-N29-D21-D40 S29-N29-T2 S29-Aa7-N29 S29-T2-D235 sqbH sqnd sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr sqr to live in easy circumstances enrage strike. work metal. grasp hand step out of feet in dance. get rid of something. work metal. strike down. set up stairway knead dough.

traveller sailor. living prisoner captive. living prisoner make miserable sail. travel of persons convey by boat. sail on waters row sailing sailing sailing sailor.j Pj h e n M 1-j tB e 3 tE e ] fb \ e]\ e dfn e ] fbn e ] f\ e ] fb ! \ e ] fb 1 1\ e ] fb \ e ] fbY e ] fb K! ] e ] f! K\5 e ] fb K! n e ] f> ! e ] f! e]fr! e]frC S29-N29-D21-T30 S29-N29-D21-D40 S29-N29-D21-Aa7-S34-A13 S29-Aa7-T2-S34-A13 O34-N29-G1-A13-S34 Aa7-S34-A223 S29-N29-D21-M17-A13E-S34-N35Aa1 S29-T19-N35-G37 S29-Aa28-D46-W24-P1 S29-Aa28-P1 S29-Aa28-D46-D54 S29-Aa28-D46-W24-D54 S29-Aa28-D46-P1 S29-Aa28-D46-W24-A1-P1 S29-Aa28-D46-W24-M17-M17-P1 S29-Aa28-D46-W24-P1 S29-Aa28-D46-W24-D33B S29-Aa28-D46-W24-G43-X1-P2 S29-Aa28-D46-X1-G43-P1-Z2 S29-Aa28-D46-W24-G43-X1-D54 S29-Aa28-D46-A30-A1 S29-Aa28-D46-A1 S29-Aa28-D46-N33-A1 S29-Aa28-D46-N33-A35 sqr sqr sqr anx sqr anx sqr anx sqr anx sqr anx sqsn sqdy sqdy sqdy sqdy sqdy sqdy sqdy sqdy sqdy sqdwt sqdwt sqdwt sqd sqd sqd sqd wound. travel of persons sail. voyage of boat sail. living prisoner captive. injury wound. travel of persons sail. travel of persons sail. sail. living prisoner captive.en M> en M` e n MHj e H"j Bn !. voyage of boat sail. voyage of boat sail. injury captive. voyage of boat. traveller cause to build causative causative causative intransitive causative intransitive causative intransitive causative intransitive causative intransitive causative intransitive causative intransitive ausative transitive causative transitive . living prisoner captive. traveller sailor.

companies troops. plough plough . plough cultivate. wipe away pour out one's heart perish destroy destroy accusation troops. companies troops. wipe away wipe. wipe out. NOT of craftsmen collective noun S29-Aa28-D46-W24-Y1 S29-Aa28-G43-X1-A1 S29-V31-V29 S29-V29-V31-D36 S29-V31-V29-F32-X1-Z1 S29-V29-V31-G37 S29-V29-V31-G37 S29-V29-V31-M17-M17-G37 S29-V29-V31-G37 S29-V29-V31-Z7-A24-A1-Z2 V29-A1-Z1-Z2 S29-V29-V31-G43-S156-D40-Z2 S29-V29-V31-G43-D40-Z2 S29-V29-V31-T3-A1-Z2 S42-S156-A1-Z2 S29-V29-V31-G43-D40-Z2 S29-V90-M17-M17-D40-Z2 S29-V29-V31-M3 S29-V29-V31-Y1 S29-D28-G1-U13-D36 S29-D28-U13-U7-D40 S29-D28-G1-U13-E1 S29-D28-X1-U13-N23-Z2 sqd sqdwt sk sk sk Xt ski ski ski ski skw skw skw skw skw skw skw skw sk ski skA skA skA skAt slope of a pyramid company of troops wipe. companies troops. companies troops. wipe out.ox ploughland verb verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive noun .e]frK>!5 e ] fb+ e]K!! e?= e = ?\ e ?= b ! 4 e = ?E e = ?E e=?11E e = ?E e=?:8!5 =!45 e = ?K}`5 e = ?K`5 e = ?# !5 r}!5 e = ?K`5 e } 1 1`5 e = ?# e = ?+ e T !S\ eTSM ` e T !S! eT!Sh5 S29-Aa28-D46-N33-G43-A30-A1Z2 sqdw builders used for those who commissioned the work. companies troops. companies battle battle fell trees pass time cultivate.

eTSr5 e0#d B?# 8 ee18 ee1.5W4 e ?tb B?t" B? M} B? MH B? M7W B? M! l B? M0 aE e = ?e = ?` B?e = ? e=?R7` e = ?e = ?E e=?!!\ e=?!!\ e ?! K\ e = ?! K\ BU .haired be / become grey . anoint causative causative causative divinity divinity divinity causative causative .barque of sun type of boat type of boat type of boat command ship pulverize cause to see. make up to be / become grey .+ e e 1. e<1` B< 1 < < e U tt' S29-D28-U13-N33-Z2 S29-R5-Q3-S28 O34-V31-Q3-A24 S29-I6-G17-A24 S29-I6-G17-D3-Z2 S29-I6-G17-D3-Y1 S29-I6-G17-D3-Z2-F20-Z1 S29-V31-N35-I3 O34-V31-N35-A2 O34-V31-D21-P59 O34-V31-D21-A40 O34-V31-D21-Z4-G7C O34-V31-D21-M1-D52 O34-V31-D21-A16-D41-G37 S29-V29-V31-S29-V29-V31-D40 O34-V31-S29-V29-V31 S29-V29-V31-O50-Z4-D40 S29-V29-V31-S29-V29-V31-G37 S29-V29-V31-X1-X1-P1 S29-V29-V31-X1-X1-P1 S29-V31-X1-G43-P1 S29-V29-V31-X1-G43-P1 O34-W11-A27 S29-G28-G17-D40 O34-G28-G17-V28-D4 S29-W11-N35-N35-A7 skA skAp skp skm skm skm skm ns skn skn skr skr skr skr sksi sksk sksk sksk sksk sktt sktt sktw sktw sg swgm sgmH sgnn crops cover up strain medicament make complete.haired wise be greedy. lust after embroil in quarrels Sokar god Sokar god Sokar god adorn. decorate make to bow down destroy destroy destroy destroy night .5 ee1. glimpse someone soften. weaken.

them it. pacify satisfy institute offerings yard arms of ship ? it. spear. glitter of sky set fire to pour water pour water pour water stare. throw. kindle light. them they shoot. throw. inspect work. stare at rays of sun rays of sun causative causative verb and noun causative verb and noun causative verb and noun causative causative causative causative dependent pronoun dependent pronoun pronoun compound verb verb verb verb verb verb verb verb verb . anoint tallow. weaken. stare at stare. inspect work. ointment silence silence silence make peaceful. thrust. stare at stare.e U tt' E e U tta 5 eU M" eU M+ eU M1" e U M < a+ eUM<+ eUM<" eU MUW e U MW#5 e! B! e!5 e_!8 e_!+` e_! ' ^~ _! 1 1~ e!!} e!_11< _!< _! <+ e!_K! Y _! Y S29-W11-N35-N35-A7-G37 S29-W11-N35-N35-W23-Z2 S29-W11-D21-A2 S29-W11-D21-Y1 S29-W11-D21-M17-A2 S29-W11-D21-V28-D41-Y1 S29-W11-D21-V28-Y1 S29-W11-D21-V28-A2 S29-W11-D21-W11-U17 S29-W11-D21-U17-M3-Z2 S29-X1 O34-X1 S29-X1-Z2 S29-F29-X1-A24 S29-F29-X1-T11-D40 S29-F29-X1-Q7 S22-N35A F29-X1-M17-M17-N35A S29-X1-X1-W56 S29-X1-F29-M17-M17-D4 F29-X1-D4 F29-X1-D4-T11 S29-X1-F29-G43-X1-N8 F29-X1-N8 sgnn sgnn sgr sgr sgr sgrH sgrH sgrH sgrg sgrgw st st st sti sti sti sti sti sti sty sty sty stwt stwt soften. pacify. glitter of sky shoot. satisfy make peaceful. kindle light. spear. thrust.

e!K! Y _!K! Y6 _!: 3 _!K4 _!!C5 e!!C5 _!l e -_ e!_m _! 1 1! m5 _!! h4 _!n e!7C M4" e -A 6>T a!j a!. ! } a!7 r5 K!7 r5 _! $. ejaculate impregnate female. ! 5 e_!!p e-1^! B! p z ! p S29-X1-G43-X1-N8 F29-X1-G43-X1-N8-Z3 F29-X1-Z7-T19 F29-X1-G43-Z1 F29-X1-X1-Aa2-Z2 S29-X1-X1-Aa2-Z2 F29-X1-D52 S29-V13-F29 S29-X1-F29-D53 F29-X1-M17-M17-X1-D53-Z2 F29-X1-X1-N23-Z1 F29-X1-D54 S29-X1-Z4-Aa2-D21-Z1-A2 S29-V13-V33-O22C-V30-W10B Aa32-X1-N25 Aa32-X1-Z8 N16-Aa32-X1-N25 Aa32-X1-G4-T14-A1-N33A Aa32-X1-N25-T14-A1-N33A Aa32-X1-Z4-N33-Z2 D19-X1-Z4-N33-Z2 F29-X1-G4-T14-A1-Z2 S29-F29-G4-T14-A1-Z2 S29-F29-X1-X1-B1 S29-V13-M17-S22-X1 O34-X1-B1-N41-X1-B1 stwt stwt stw stw stt stt sti sti sti styt stt sTA sty r sty Hb sty sty tA sty styw styw sty sty styw styw stt stt st Hmt rays of sun rays of sun arrow. ejaculate impregnate female. ! } a ! meal a sacred oil Nubia Nubia Nubia Nubians Nubians Nubian mineral ochre ? Nubian mineral ochre ? Asiatics Asiatics Satis goddess Satis goddess wife divinity divinity . beget. ejaculate seed. beget. beget. posterity ground drag mid . dart target shooting pains shooting pains impregnate female. ! 5 e _$. aa!j a ! $.

make over. pick choice things of food choice things of food choice things of food choice things of food choice things of food choice things of food choice be dismembered. choose pick out. kindle taper censer.e!d!' e!d ' e!d!' e!$! e!DM e!K!n e!K! U+ e!K!+ e ! q tn e!#[+ [#+ [ S29-X1-U30-G1-Q7 S29-X1-U30-Q7 S29-X1-U30-X1-Q7 S29-X1-V4-G1 S29-X1-G36-D21 S29-X1-G43-X1-D54 S29-X1-G43-X1-A53-Y1 S29-X1-G43-X1-Y1 S29-X1-D58-N35-D54 S29-X1-Q3-U21-Y1 U21-Q3-Y1 U21 S29-V13-Q3-U21-Y1 S29-X1-Q3-G43-U21-Y1-Z2 U21-Y1 U21-G43-Y1 S29-X1-Q3-X1-U21-Z2 U21-X1-F51-Z2 U21-F51-F51-F51 U21-Q3-X1-F51-Z2 O34-U21-X1-Q3-F24-F24-F24 S29-V13-Q3-X1-U21-F23-F44-Z2 U21-X1-Y1 U21-Q3-G37 U21-Q3-G37 U21-Q3-S28 stA stA stAt stwA stwr swtwt stwt stwt stbn stp stp stp stp stpw stpw stpw stpt stpt stpt stpt stpt stpt stpt stp stp stp heat. praise craftsmanship resemble hasten cut up animal. rag causative causative causative causative causative causative casuative e -# [ + e ! #K[+5 [+ [K+ e!#![5 [! s5 [sss [#! s5 B[! # Ú Ú Ú e -# ! [ Z n5 [!+ [#E [#E [#d collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun collective noun noun verb noun . pick the choicest. pick the choicest. lamp hold up keep clean walk about resemble. ruined ruin strip of cloth. choose cut up animal cut up animal the choicest. pick out. kindle taper heat. smooth over. cut off limbs.

do escort duty protect. execute judgements causative causative causative causative causative divinity divinity divinity divinity divinity causative causative causative noun . do escort duty protect. do escort duty palace palace palace choke ? liquid ?. radiant Seth god Seth god Seth god Seth god Seth god cause to approach. radiant make dazzling. radiant make dazzling.[# & U21-Q3-V6 O34-X1-Q3-U21-S28-Z1 S29-X1-Q3-U21-V16 U21-V16 S29-V13-Q3-U21-V16 U21-V16-O1 U21-Q3-V16-O1 S29-V13-Q3-U21-O1-V16 S29-X1-Q3-U21-A2 S29-X1-I9-D26-Z2 S29-X1-I9-G43-N35A O34-X1-N35-Z4 S29-X1-N35-T34-G17-D54 S29-X1-N35-T34-G17-D54 S29-V13-N35-T34-G17-D55 S29-X1-O4-D56-D54 S29-U33-V28-N35-S15 S29-S15A S29-S15A-N35 S29-S17-N35 E21 C7 S29-X1-N37 O34-X1-F32-A40 M23-X1-Z4-C7 S29-X1-V31-N35-D54 B! # [d4 e!#[0 [0 e -# [ 0 [0! [#0! e -# [ ! 0 e!#[" e ! hR5 e ! hK~ B! t7 e!tB1n e!tB1n e -t B 1î e!$on e g < tW eW e Wt eYt 5 ' e!v B! b H 7!7' e ! ?tn stp stp stp sA stp sA stp sA stp sA stp sA stp sA stp stf stfw stny stnm stnm stnm sthi stHn stHn stHn stHn stX stX stX stX stX stkn strip of cloth. to foam up sheet copper crown king lead astray. confuse confusion lead astray. induct into. cut short. confusion ramble about make dazzling. bring on doom. radiant make dazzling. rag strip of cloth. rag protect.

draw off pus of people drag. drag away.e -} e!} e -_K e -! ` ^ -! j ^!!. spin yarn weave."! B e -!! B S29-V13-D117 S29-X1-A409 S29-V13-F29A-G43 S29-V13-X1-W22 S22-V13-X1-N25 S22-X1-X1-Z8 S22-X1-X1-G4-T14-Z3 S22-X1-G4-Z2 S29-V13-Aa3 S29-X1-Aa2 S29-V13-V33 S29-G47-G1-W22 S29-V13-V2 S29-X1-V2-D36 S29-X1-U30-G1 S29-V2-V13-G1-D54 S29-V2-V13-G1-D54 S29-V2-V13-G1-D54 S29-X1-U30-G1-V2-D54 F29-X1-D54 S29-V13-V2-O34 S29-X1-U30-G1-V2-D54-S29-D54 S29-X1-U30-G1-S29-V2-D54 S29-V13-V2-G1-O34 S29-V13-G1-V1-O34 sTi sTi sTw sTt sTt sTt sTtyw sTtyw sTy sTy sTy sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA strew. reduce swelling. admit. smell odour. smell odour. ^ ! ! $."B e ! d ! "n e n e ! d ! e "n e . smell measure of capacity weave. island of Sehel Asia.! n e ". bring flow see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA verb verb localities localities verb verb verb intransitive .! n e ".! n e ! d ! "n _!n e . usherin. island of Sehel Asiatics Asiatics odour. pull out. spin yarn of things drag. pull. 6 ^ ! $5 e -D e!C e -A e O!` e -" e ! "\ e!d! e ". spin yarn weave. scatter strew. scatter sower jar for beer Asia.

sheet of metal aroura of land.e ! _ ! "n e S ! ! "n "n e ! "n e "n "! n "! ! n e ! d "n e ! d ! "n "! ! G c G4 "! ! h 4 "! ! # e ! d !K" e ! d ! : "n C 5 "! C e "! : "5 "s5 "! : e O!1d e-1^! !_! e -! _! K e_!!p S29-X1-F29-G1-V2-D54 S29-Aa18-G1-X1-V2-D54 V2-D54 S29-X1-V2-D54 S29-V2-D54 V2-X1-D54 V2-X1-G1-D54 S29-X1-U30-V2-D54 S29-X1-U30-G1-V2-D54 V2-X1-X1-O39 N18 O39-Z1 V2-X1-X1-N23-Z1 V2-X1-X1-M3 S29-X1-U30-G1-G43-V2 S29-X1-U30-G1-Z7-V2-D54-Aa2-Z2 V2-X1-Aa2 S29-V2-G1-Z7 V2-Z2 V2-F51-Z2 V2-X1-Z7 S29-G47-G1-G17-S28 S29-V13-M17-S22-X1 X1-F29-X1 S29-V13-X1-F29-X1-A43 S29-F29-X1-X1-B1 sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA sTA stAt stAt stAt stAt stAt stAw stAw stAw stAw stAw stAw stAw sTAm sTit sTit sTit sTit see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA see under other entries for sTA aroura of land. sheet of metal roller for moving ship dragging injury injury injury injury injury injury bind up injury Satis Satis Satis Satis causative divinity divinity divinity divinity . sheet of metal aroura of land. sheet of metal aroura of land.

props plural. honour. honour. 5 B-BK m" 6 B-B m" 6 e -B 1 1 } e -B7 } e -!e : j e -B: j ` e -! ^ ' e -! ^ ` S29-V13-Q3-D54 S29-V13-Q3-U21-Y1 S29-V13-Q3-D54 S29-V13-Q3-U21-Aa3-N33A S29-V13-N35-G41 S29-X1-N35-Y1 S29-X1-N35-W24-Z7-T14-G41 S29-V13-N35-Z4-T14-Y1V S29-V13-O34-U39 S29-V13-O34-U39-D40 S29-V13-O34-D40 O34-V13-O34-T14 O34-V13-O34-U39-D5-M3-Z2 O34-V13-O34-M3 O34-V13-O34-G43-U39-Z3 O34-V13-O34-T14-Z2 O34-V13-O34-G43-U39-A2-Z3 O34-V13-O34-U39-A2-Z3 S29-V13-O34-M17-M17-A98 S29-V13-O34-Z4-A98 S29-V13-G1-S29-Z7-A97 S29-V13-O34-Z7-A97-D40 S29-V13-X1-S22-Q7 S29-V13-X1-S22-D40 sTp sTp sTp sTp sTny sTny sTny sTny sTsi sTsi sTsi sTs sTs sTs sTsw sTsw sTsw sTsw sTsy sTsy sTsy sTsy sTt sTt leap up leap up overleap discharge of the eyes distinguish. props plural. remove lassitude. make distinctions. remove lassitude. display beauty raise. prostrate be stretched out. make distinctions. prostrate be stretched out. props plural. make distinctions. lift up. } e -B m e -B m` e -B` B-B. display beauty raise. honour. prostrate be stretched out.e -# n e -# [ + e -# n e -# [ D } e -tI e ! t+ e ! tb :. honour. B-B m=#5 B-B# B-BK m6 B-B. differentiate distinguish. clouds figuratively staff. remove lassitude. clouds figuratively staff. clouds figuratively raising up raising up praises praises be stretched out. differentiate distinguish. make distinctions raise. lift up. lift up. differentiate distinguish.I e -t7 . prostrate kindle light kindle light verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb causative causative causative causative causative causative . display beauty staff.

X1? e f1D5 X1? Bf1X< ef] ef]1 e ft 1 8 G` Bf < aE S29-D46-F33 O34-D46-S28-D36 S29-D46-N21-S28 S29-D46-N20-V6-A24 S29-I10-N21-S28 S29-D46-G1-G33-Z1 S29-D46-G1-G33 S29-D46-G33 S29-D46-G1-G33-G37 S29-D46-G1-G33 S29-D46-G1-G43-G68 O34-D46-G1-G41-G37 S29-D46-G43-Aa1-Aa2 S29-D46-Aa1-G43-D40 S29-D46-D58-S28 S29-D46-D58-A2 S29-D46-G17-Y2 F21-G17-D7 S29-D46-G17-D12-Z2 F21-G17-D7 O34-D46-G17-F21-D4 S29-D46-W19 S29-D46-W19-M17 S29-D46-N35-M17-Z5-O39-D40 O34-D46-V28-D41-G37 sd sd sd sd sd sdA sdA sdA sdA sdA sdAw sdAw sdwx sdwx sdb sdb sdm sdm sdm sdm sdm sdmi sdmi sdmi sdH tail clothe clothe clothe clothe egret tremble tremble tremble make tremble. shake off symptom trembling trembling embalm embalm fringe of cloth.e fc Bfd\ e ffd e fe&8 e ifd e f!A 4 e f!A e fA e f!A E e f!A e f!K} Bf!I E e fKB C e fB K` e fq d e fq " e f1. body eyepaint eyepaint eyepaint attach to attach to punish punish causative causative causative causative verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive . body paint eyes. a garment chew paint the eyes.

break open way break up hailstorm. rupture break. fracture. break into. rupture break. inflict wound fracture. rupture cist. rupture cist. break into. breach wall. invade. fracture. rupture break. rupture cist. inflict wound. fracture. inflict wound. rupture break. breach wall. breach wall. break open way break up hailstorm. break open way break up hailstorm. invade. break into.Bf < aE Bf < " e fB $ e fB 0 e fB ] e fvME e fvMKE5 e fU $ n e fU !$ n e fU $ n5 e fU + e ff $#6 e i< e i< Bf< Bf< e ff<` e ff<` e fU<` e fU<` e i} e i} e i} <! ' O34-D46-V28-D41-G37 O34-D46-V28-A2 S29-D46-Aa1-A4 S29-D46-Aa1-A16 S29-D46-Aa1-S21 S29-D46-N37-D21-G37 S29-D46-N37-D21-G43-G37-Z2 S29-D46-W11-A4-D54 S29-D46-W11-G1-A4-D54 S29-D46-W11-A4-D54-Z2 S29-D46-W11-Y1 S29-D46-N21-G4-A3-Z3 S29-I10-Z9 S29-I10-Z9 O34-D46-Z9 O34-D46-Z9 S29-D46-N21-Z9-D40 S29-D46-N21-Z9-D40 S29-D46-F18-Z9-D40 S29-D46-F18-Z9-D40 S29-I10-W31 S29-I10-W31 S29-I10-W31 Z9-X1-Q7 sdH sdH sdx sdx sdx sdSr sdSrw sdgi sdgi sdgw sdg sdtyw sD sD sD sD sD sD sD sD sD sD sD sDt bring low the arm of the evil-doer ease misery conceal from conceal from well ? redden reddening conceal from conceal from hidden things hidden place weaklings break. rupture cist. invade. invade. break open way break up hailstorm. breach wall. rupture fire. rupture cist. break into. breach wall. invade. inflict wound. fracture. break into. break open way break up hailstorm. flame causative causative causative causative causative causative verb verb noun . inflict wound.

e i! ' eb" e b !n eb 7< e b !7 +: 4 e<b :4 e b +: 4 Bb !1 1 ! <: eb !1 1!\ eb !K\ \ K5 [K [ [ [! + 5 [K $! 6 \ ! $5 e b !1m e b . causative causative causative noun . flame adviser ? travel. obstacle. ill-will impediment. take recreation amuse oneself. verbal opposition. : 4 e b !e . treasures treasurers treasurers lie with woman pick shank being in good state being in good state slander slander impediment.bearer seal . take recreation amuse oneself. depart in sense of die take recreation amuse oneself. guilt. 5 ek7KE BkKE e iq }. take recreation amuse oneself. obstacle. e fq } S29-I10-X1-Q7 S29-U28-A2 S29-U28-G1-D54 S29-U28-Z4-Z9 S29-U28-G1-Z4-Y1-D2-Z1 S29-Z9-U28-D2-Z1 S29-U28-Y1-D2-Z1 O34-U28-G1-M17-M17-X1-Z9-D2 S29-U28-G1-M17-M17-X1-S20 S29-U28-X1-G43-S20 S20-G43-Z2 S19-G43 S19 S19 S19-X1-Y1-Z2 S19-G43-G4-A1-Z3 S20-X1-G4-Z2 S29-U28-G1-G17-D53 S29-U28-G14-X1-U6 S29-U28-G1-V28-F51 D2-Z1-S29-U28-S29-Y2 D2-Z1-S29-U28-G1-S29-Y2-Z2 S29-N26-Z4-G43-G37 O34-N26-G43-G37 S29-I10-D58-O30U-Y2 S29-D46-D58-O30U sDt sDA sDA sDAy sDAy Hr sDAy Hr sDAy Hr sDAy Hr sDAyt sDAyt sDAw sDAw sDAw sDAw sDAwt sDAwtyw sDAwtyw sDAm sDAmt sDH Hr sDAs Hr sDAs sDwy sDwy sDb sDb fire. verbal opposition.bearer precious precious things.! L eb !< s :4ebe. take recreation seal seal rings ? seal .

ill-will impediment. verbal opposition. listen to. satisfy conditions hear voice etc. provide for someone endow altars. provide for someone foundation. endowment foundation. ill-will impediment. provide for someone endow altars. guilt. e ihG. obstacle. endowment foundation.}4E5 e fq }E5 }4 e iq e fq } e fq }< e ih+ e ihJ e ih<` e ih!. hear of something. satisfy conditions noun noun noun noun noun noun causative causative noun causative causative causative causative causative . verbal opposition. Bih!J+ e ih+ e ihJ e ih<` e ih!J" ! M 1 1 ! & > E 5 e ih" ! M 1 1 ! & X1 X+ O30U-Z1-G37-Z2 S29-D46-D58-O30U-G37-Z2 O30U-Z1 S29-I10-D58 S29-D46-D58-O30U S29-D46-D58-O30U-Z9 S29-I10-I9-Y1 S29-I10-I9-G42 S29-I10-I9-Z9-D40 S29-I10-I9-G1-Z8 S29-I10-I9-G39-Z8-Z2 O34-I10-I9-G1-G42-Y1 S29-I10-I9-G39-Z8-Z2 S29-I10-I9-G1-M17-M17-G41-Y1Z2 S29-I10-I9-G1-M17-M17-G41-Y1Z2 S29-I10-I9-G1-Z8 O34-I10-I9-G1-G42-Y1 S29-I10-I9-Y1 S29-I10-I9-G42 S29-I10-I9-Z9-D40 S29-I10-I9-G1-G42-A2-X1-D21M17-M17-X1-M6-A30-G37-Z2 S29-I10-I9-A2-X1-D21-M17-M17X1-M6 F21-G17 F21-Y1 sDb sDb sDb sDb sDb sdb sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfAy sDfA tryt sDfA tryt sDm sDm guilt. provide for someone oath of allegiance oath of allegiance hear voice etc. obstacle. endowment foundation.5 Bih!J+ e ihG. understand. endowment endow altars. listen to. provide for someone endow altars. provide for someone endow altars. endowment foundation. obey. understand. hear of something. provide for someone endow altars. guilt. obey. endowment foundation.5 e ih!1 1 I+5 e ih!1 1 I+5 e ih!. judge. ill-will guilt restore to life restore something to it's owner penetrate of injury foundation. judge. endowment endow altars.

sleep. lie down. lie down. listen to. go to rest.e1X Bi1X S29-G17-F21 O34-I10-G17-F21 F21 F21-G17-M17-A1 G17-F21-A1-Z3 F21-G17-G43-A50-Z3 F21-G17-M17-M17-G43-A1-Z2 F21-G17-D36-N37-A2 F21-A26 F21-X1-D36-N37-A2 S29-I10-N35-A406 S29-D46-N35 M23-G43-I10-N35 S29-I10-N35-N35-U32 S29-M36-D21-A55 A55 S29-M36-D21-A95 O34-M36-D21-Z7-A55-A1 S29-M36-D21-A55 S29-M36-D21-X1-A55-W23-Z2 S29-M36-D21-X1-A55-W3 O34-M36-D21-M17-M17-X1-A55 F21-N35-W24-Z7-N21-D40 O34-M36-D21-O1 S29-M36-D21-M17-M17-X1-A95-Z2 sDm sDm sDm sDmi sDmi sDmi sDmi sDm aS sDm aS sDm aS sDn sDn sDn sDn sDr sDr sDr sDrw sDrw sDrt sDrt sDryt sDnw sDr sDryt X X11! 1X!6 X1KR6 X11 1K!5 X1\v" X: X! \ v" e it} e ft 7 Kit e ittf e DMW W e DM} BDM:W! e DMW e D M ! W a 5e D M ! W a 5 e DM!WM BDM11!W Xtb:f` BDM! e DM11!}5 hear voice etc. do in the night spend the night. do in the night spend the night. hearers judge. judge. hear of 9something. satisfy conditions hear voice etc. judge. hearers judge. inactive. understand. hearers judge. inactive. sleep. inactive. be inert. listen to. obey. satisfy conditions judge. hearers servant servant servant carry child carry child carry child carry child spend the night. hear of something. obey. obey. do in the night sleeper sleeper sleeping .draught festival of Laying Osiris to Rest sleeping . understand. go to rest. go to rest. listen to. judge. understand. hear of something. sleep. lie down. be deputy department of the Residence slaughter . be inert. satisfy conditions hear voice etc.

basin for liquids. countryside. recount. clear way consecrate. . assign. sanctify. settle. foster . order. shin shank. hallow. talk of description. shin ringed plover consecrate. sea garden one hundred field. marsh.child of king child. shin shank. predestine. sanctify. meadow. tale tales make permanent fatten make envious lake. garden. ]K. foster .e D M 1 1! 6g5 ei<o ei<s eb !< s ei<G eeM+ ee+ e i! 1 Bf! 7 g e if e if! " e ifK" 6 e66 e if! Bif1" vh4 v4 j ! (h4 (!l. pool. decide assign causative causative causative causative causative causative . swamp pig pig pig travel ordain. clear way child. (!n (!+ (+ S29-M36-D21-M17-M17-X1-E22AA15A-Z2 S29-I10-V28-D56 S29-I10-V28-F51 S29-U28-G1-V28-F51 S29-I10-V28-G39 S29-D45-D21-Y1 S29-D45-Y1 S29-I10-X1-A17 O34-D46-X1-Z4-U33 S29-I10-D46 S29-I10-D46-X1-A2 S29-I10-D46-G43-A2-Z3 S29-R11-R11 S29-I10-D46-G1 O34-I10-D46-G17-A2 N37-N23-Z1 N37-Z1-N25 V1 M8-N23-Z1 M8-G1-D52-E12 E12 H6-G43-E12 M8-G1-D54 M8-G1-Y1 M8-Y1 sDryt sDH sDH sDH sDH sDsr sDsr sDty sDty sDd sDdt sDdw sDD sDdA sDdm S S St SA SA SA SA SAs SA SA slaughter shank.child of king relate. hallow.

burn soiled linen travel intransitive. food meals. food meals. food meals. taxes dues. originate beginning beginning as far as down to container for corn space.(!1 ! 4 (!1 1 ! +5 (11!5 (!\ + Q\ (\+ (!\ + M M (!\ + M (!\ ! (!\ +} (!\ ! ! (!K + t(!K+ t(!K +t (K+ (!< (!:"5 (!q K. fit for in the capacity of fate fate coriander meals. spring. (!q K r 5 (!1 ' (!1Kd4 5 (!Bn (n! M8-G1-M17-V1-Z1 M8-G1-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 M8-M17-M17-X1-Z2 M8-G1-D36-Y1 G49-D36 M8-D36-Y1 M8-G1-D36-Y1-D21 D21-M8-G1-D36-Y1-D21 M8-G1-D36-O1 M8-G1-D36-Y1-N33A M8-G1-D36-X1-O1 M8-G1-G43-Y1 N35-M8-G1-G43-Y1 N35-M8-G1-G43-Y1-N35 M8-G43-Y1 M8-G1-Z9 M8-G1-Z7-M2-Z2 M8-G1-D58-G43-Z8-Z2 M8-G1-D58-Y1-Z2 M8-G1-D58-Z7-F51-Z2 M8-G1-D58-X2-W22-Z8 M8-G1-D58-M43-N33-Z2 M8-G1-G17-Q7 M8-G1-G17-G43-S28-Z1-Z2 M8-G1-O34-D54 M8-D54-G1 SAi SAyt SAyt SAa SAa SAa SAa r r SAa r SAa SAa SAat SAw n SAw n SAw n SAw SAw SAw SAbw SAbw SAbw SAbw SAbw SAm SAmw SAs SAs bundle ? of flax dues. food meals. volume void weight. worth. taxes begin. tread on enemy transitive verb noun noun . value apt to. be the first. food be hot. tread on enemy transitive travel intransitive.5 (!q +5 (!q : s 5 (!q " ` .

(!n (n!e n (7 Kj (!7 : . cut up. cut up. cut down. dig out dig. hew ship cut off. cut up. hew ship knife knife slaughtering. dig out dig. terror slaughtering. dig out dig. tread on enemy transitive travel intransitive. ! 5 (!vn (!(!! & ((! } (!(!! s (n ^ (!! 7 ` (!f` (f` (!fZ (n!fZ v\p v\ < ' v\8 v\g8 v\! k> v\! k+> v\! k>5 k! 5 v\! >5 v! k>5 v\! k} v\! k M8-G1-D54 M8-D54-G1-S29-D54 M8-M23-G43-N25 M8-G1-M23-Z7-T14-A1-Z2 M8-G1-N37-D54 M8-G1-M8-G1-X1-V6 M8-M8-X1-S95 M8-G1-M8-G1-X1-F51 M8-N29-F28 M8-G1-X1-Z4-D40 M8-G1-D46-D40 M8-D46-D40 M8-G1-D46-A58 M8-D54-G1-D46-A58 N37-D36-T30A N37-D36-Z9-T7 N37-D36-A24 N37-D36-F37E-A24 N37-D36-X1-F41-T30 N37-D36-X1-F41-Y1-T30 N37-D36-X1-F41-T30-Z2 F41-X1-Z2 N37-D36-X1-T30-Z2 N37-X1-F41-T30-Z2 N37-D36-X1-F41-N33A N37-D36-X1-F41 SAs SAs SAsw SAsw SAS SASAt SASAt SASAt SAq SAty SAd SAd SAd SAd Sa Sa Sa Sa Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat travel intransitive. terror slaughtering. cut down. hew ship cut off. hew ship cut off. cut down. terror slaughtering. cut up. tread on enemy transitive desert North East of Egypt Beduin avoid necklace necklace bosom bag ship's complement dig. dig out cut off. cut down. terror top of the Djed column locality . terror slaughtering.

v\! . N37-D36-X1-V12 Y3-A1-N37-D36-X1-V12 Sat sS Sat document secretary . -! v\ ! .

cut off. cut down feather feather feather feather variegated of plumage variegated of plumage plumes as diadem a type of herb side side neighbours be empty. ]!4. be missing from lack emptiness needy man blank papyrus roll collective noun verb noun . cut down cut. ^] e ] q ] ! 4 \5 ]K!7Q :!7 ]!4" ]!4 ] ]!4!5 ]KE ]KE ]:!E ]:E! ]K. be devoid of. be lacking. N37-D36-Z4-N33-Z2 N37-D36-N33-Z2 N37-D36-M17-M17-X1-Z8 N37-D36-X1-Z8 N37-D36-X1-Z4-S20-Y1-Z2 S20-Z1-O39 N37-D36-D46-T30-A24 N37-D36-D46-F41-T30-D40 N37-D36-D46-F37E-T30-D40 H6-X1-Z1 H6-G43-X1-H5 H6-G43-X1-D3 H6-X1-Z1-D3 F28-H6 S29-U23-D58-H6-X1-Z1-H5-Z2 H6-G43-X1-Z4-S9 G26-X1-Z4-H6-X1-Z1-M2 H6-X1-Z1 H6 H6-X1-Z1-A1-Z2 H6-G43-G37 H6-G43-G37 H6-Z7-X1-G37 H6-Z7-G37-A1 H6-G43-V12 Say Say Sayt Sayt Saty Saty Sad Sad Sad Swt Swt Swt Swt sAb Swt sAb Swt Swty Swt dHwty Swt Swt Swt Sw Sw Swt Sw Sw sand sand a type of cake or biscuit a type of cake or biscuit weight and value of a twelfth of one deben weight and value of a twelfth of one deben cut. v\ ! 7 \ +5 \4G v\ f>8 v\fk>` v\ fg>` ]!4 ]K!\ ]K!.v\7 r5 v\ r5 v\ 1 1 ! . v\! . cut down cut. cut off. cut off.

spirit of god spirit of god sacred figure. shade shadow. shade shadow. shade shade as part of man's personality. default a type of edible vegetable a type of edible vegetable a type of vegetable persea tree divinity .]KH ]K v]K ]KV ]KV H6-G43-A40 H6-G43 N37-H6-G43 H6-G43-N5 H6-G43-N5 N8 H6-G43-M17-M17-X1-N5 S35-X1-Z1 H6-X1-N5 H6-G43-X1-N5 S36-X1-Z1 S36 R8-S36-X1-Z1 R8-S36 S36-X1-Z1-D21-D36-N5-Z1 S36-X1-Z1-N5-Z1 N37-V4-G1-G37 N37-V4-G1-A30-G37 N37-V4-G1-G43-G37-A1 N37-V4-A4 N37-V4-G1-G43-A30-Y1-A1 H6-Z7-M17-Z7-G37 H6-G43-M2-Z2 H6-G43-G43-M2-N33A N37-H6-G43-G43-M2-N33A M8-G1-V4-G1-D58-M1 Y k!4 ]!V ]K!V l!4 l 3l!4 3l l!4 M\V4 l!4V4 v$ !E v$ !> E v$ !KE ! v$$ v$ !K > +! ]:1:E ]K"5 ]KK"} v]KK"} (!$ !q ! ]K11!V Sw Sw Sw Sw Sw Sw Swyt Swyt Swyt Swyt Swyt Swyt Swt nTr Swyt nTr Swt ra Swt ra SwA SwA SwAw SwAw SwAw Swiw Sww Sww Sww Swb Shu god of the Air ascend ascend sun. dried shadow. dried dry. shade shadow. image of god Sunshade a type of small Temple Sunshade. type of small temple poor poor poor man poor man poor man emptiness. sunlight dry. image of god sacred figure.

various mixed. confuse message.paste beer . words value. various various various various verb verb .5 vq } vq KS vq 1 1 K} vq q <\ vq q ! < ` 5 vq q ! < . confuse message. price food offerings food offerings food offerings necklace necklace knead bread in brewing kneaded bread . mingle with.v$q ! (!$ q ! 7 U (!q ! 7 H (q ! 7 U ($q ! 7S ]K!7` vq < vq " vq ! < +5 vq K. consort with rabble ? rabble ? mixed.5 vq <.5 vq q M s vq t<+ !<t <! < <t <tb K <t <tb+5 N37-V4-D58-M1 M8-G1-V4-D58-X1-Z4-A53 M8-G1-D58-X1-Z4-A40 M8-D58-X1-Z4-A53 M8-V4-D58-X1-Z4-W9 H6-G43-X1-Z4-D40 N37-D58-Z9 N37-D58-A2 N37-D58-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 N37-D58-G43-Z8-Z2 N37-D58-Z9-Z8-Z2 N37-D58-N33A N37-D58-G43-S11 N37-D58-M17-M17-G43-S84 N37-D58-D58-Z9-D36 N37-D58-D58-X1-Z9-W22-Z2 N37-D58-D58-X1-Z9-Z8-Z2 N37-D58-D58-F10-F51 N37-D58-N35-Z9-Y1 E1-Z9-N35 Z9-E1 Z9 Z9-N35 Z9-N35-W24-G43 Z9-N35 Z9-N35-W24-Y1-Z2 Swb Swbty Swbty Swbty Swbty Swty Sbi Sbi Sbt Sbw Sbw Sbw Sbw Sbw Sbb Sbbt Sbbt Sbb Sbn kA Sbn kA Sbn Sbn Sbn Sbnw Sbnw Sbnw persea tree ushabti figure ushabti figure ushabti figure a jar trader mix.mash a drink gullet mix with. words mix. mingle with.

wealth. valuable of plants. costly noble. minerals. minerals. august. well . divide correctly. wealth. angry verb verb verb . valuable of plants. august of gods. depart of morbid fluid. august of gods. minerals. splendid of buildings. wealth. evil spirit a measure of beer noble. august of gods. enrich. rich. dainties to eat riches. set out design be blind. costly a noble thing to do costly offerings tomb . wealth.chapel ritual jar nobleman. make blind be blind.esteemed. precious things. precious things. make blind blindness flow out. splendid of buildings. dainties to eat a Nile fish Tetrodon fahaka be discontented. valuable of plants. dainties to eat riches. wealthy man king's gentleman noblewoman king's lady noble. costly noble.vq vq <+ v# < v# = v# ! < v# R v# t! ` Re7+ S v# e R Se RK5 Re! Re! X Re! 7!R Re ! +p 7 ! Re ! +p Ree+ Re e +! Re e +5 TBB+ v# e e R5 Se B} v# ! } v# ! } N37-D58-N37-D58-Z9-Y1 N37-Q3-D4 N37-Q3-D5 N37-Q3-X1-D4 N37-Q3-D26 N37-Q3-N35-X1-W22 A50-S29-Z4-Y1 A51 N37-Q3-S29-A50 A51-S29 A50-G43-Z2 A50-S29-O1 A50-S29-X1-W14 A50-S29-A1 M23-X1-A50 A50-S29-X1-Y1-B1 M23-X1-A50-S29-X1-Y1-B1 A50-S29-S29-Y1 A50-S29-S29-Y1-A1 A50-S29-S29-Y1-Z2 A52-O34-O34-Y1 N37-Q3-S29-S29-A50-Z2 A51-S29-O34-N33A N37-Q3-X1-K7 N37-Q3-X1-K7 SbSb Sp Sp Spt Sp Spnt Spsy Spsy Spsy Sps Spsw Sps Spst Sps Sps nsw Spst Spst nsw Spss Spss Spssw Spssw Spssw Spssw Spt Spt adjust. splendid of buildings. precious things. precious things. value someone wealthy man riches. dainties to eat riches.

awe respect. awe respect. anger anger urinary bladder respect. anger discontent.v# ! p" v# ! = }! v# ! } v# ! A v# ! } d 4 v# ! 1 1 s! vh+5 vhC vh! J J vhJ vh 1 1 ! J6 J! K6 vhK! J4 vh 1 1 ! 8+5 vh\ ` vhvh! J vhvh! J vhvh! J8 vhvhK+5 vhvh8+5 vhvh 1 1 ! 7 K vhB ! 4 vhf 1 1 ! Y N37-Q3-X1-K1-A2 N37-Q3-X1-D5 K7-X1 N37-Q3-X1-K7 N37-Q3-X1-K18 N37-Q3-X1-K7-F34-Z1 N37-Q3-X1-M17-M17-F51-X1 N37-I9-Y1-Z2 N37-I9-Aa2 N37-I9-X1-F7 F7 N37-I9-F7 N37-I9-M17-M17-X1-F7-Z3 F7-X1 F8-Z3 N37-I9-G43-X1-F7-Z1 N37-I9-M17-M17-X1-Z5-Y1-Z2 N37-I9-D36-D40 N37-I9-N37-I9-X1-F7 N37-I9-N37-I9-X1-F7 N37-I9-N37-I9-X1-F7-A24 N37-I9-N37-I9-F8-Y1-Z2 N37-I9-N37-I9-Z5-Y1-Z2 N37-I9-N37-I9-M17-M17-X1-Z4-F8 N37-I9-M34-X1-Z1 N37-I9-D46-M17-M17-X1-Q19 Spt Spt Spt Spt Spt Spt ib Sptyt Sf Sf Sft Sft Sfi Sfyt Sfyt Sfyt Sfyt Sfyt Sfa SfSft SfSft SfSft SfSft SfSft SfSfyty Sf tbt Sfdyt be discontented. honour swell ram . angry be discontented. angry be discontented. respect majesty. angry discontent. awe respect. awe one greatly respected the sixth month bier verb verb verb noun noun verb verb . respect fight ram's head respect.headed figure of Amun respect majesty. respect majesty.headed figure of Amun ram . respect majesty. respect majesty.

gait. business walking. set of sun pass of property babble mother . movements. walk. business traveller a class of incantations ? foreigners foreigners foreigners disease . register metal object used in ritual father . 6 vG!1Kg 95 vHKE5 vH !7 . disease walking .in . . Upper Egyptian magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt . v1 1 1 ! # :\Ki : . vhfKs (!1 v1! y1n y y1n M 4 y1! n y1! n5 y1:n! y1:" vG!1KA ! 5 vGA j vG!1K $ . Upper Egyptian Upper Egypt.stick Upper Egypt.demons distress. movements. register papyrus roll. vhf. gait. set out. actions. go to.vhf! # vhfK. Upper Egyptian Upper Egypt. disease distress.Q D: 4 D: 45 N37-I9-D46-X1-M3 N37-I9-D46-G43-V12 N37-I9-D46-V12 N37-I9-D46-G43-N34 M8-G1-G17 N37-G17-X1 N40-G17-D54 N40 N40-G17-D54-D21-Z1 N40-G17-X1-D54 N40-G17-X1-D54-Z2 N40-G17-Z7-D54-A1 N40-G17-Z7-A2 N37-U1-G1-G17-G43-A33-A1-Z2 N37-U1-A33-N25 N37-U1-G1-G17-G43-A4-A14-Z3 N37-U1-G1-G17-G43-F37-Z6-Z2 N37-U2-G43-G37-Z2 N37-U2-G1-Z4-A14 N37-G17-M17-M17-X1-M3 M26-D36-G43-N24 M26 M27-O49 G36-M26-V20 G36-M26-V20-Z2 Sfdyt Sfdw Sfdw Sfdw SmA Smt Sm Sm Sm r Smt Smt Smw Smw SmAw SmAw SmAw SmAw SmAw SmAw Smyt SmAw SmAw SmAw wr mdw SmAw wr mdw bier papyrus roll. harvest. present follower. retainer follower. inflammation follow. become feverish be warm.D. retainer follower of Horus. serve. have fever." v1\ :\K"! . harvest .tax be warm. righteous person following. have fever. present follow. bring.! :11! v~ V v~O5 v~V O v11 ' ' v11! ' 2en ve 2 2K! 2 Kn! 2% 2 e :n! 5 SmAw wr mdw SmAw wr mdw SmAw Sma Sma s Sma s Sma s Sma Sma Sma Smaw Smaw Smaw Smw Smw Smw Smm Smm Smmt Sms Sms Smsw Smsw Smsw Hr Smsw magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt Upper Egyptian barley Crown of Upper Egypt Crown of Upper Egypt Crown of Upper Egypt make music make music make music musician musician musician summer harvest. hot. bring. accompany. hot. suite verb verb . serve.45 D. harvest .4 4 4! G36-M27-V20-Z2 G36-M27-V20-V20-V20-A1 M26-U9 M26-S29-S2 S2-S29 M26-D36-Z5-S29 M26-D36-Z5-A2 M27-A2 N37-G17-D36 M26-D36-G43-A2-A1 M27-X1 M26-M17-M17-X1 N37-N35A-N5 N37-N35A-U9-Z2 N37-N35A-N5-U9 N37-G17-G17-Q7 Q7 N37-G17-G17-X1-Q7 T18-S29-D54 N37-S29-T18 T18-G43-A1 T18-G43-D54-A1 T18-G5 T18-S29-Z7-D54-A1-Z2 :O :eJ Je :\8e :\8" . become feverish fever.

circumference circuit. meshes of net net. circumference circuit. ' t! D ' tb K! '11 ' tD ' tb K* (bK! ' tb. circumference circuit. meshes of net ocean verb verb verb verb noun verb collective noun collective noun collective noun .2en 2 e n5 2 e K! n5 2K! 2!K5 2 e n5 2 e nK b !n 2 e nK b !n v1v1! "5 ' t! vt) ' t! ` ' t! n ' t! . circumference enclosure cartouche cartouche . suite following. suite following. enclose. surround. encircle encircle cover diseased eye circuit. suite following. suite following. ' tD M~u T18-S29-D54 T18-S29-D54-Z2 T18-S29-G43-X1-D54-Z2 T18-G43-X1 T18-X1-G43-Z2 T18-S29-D54-Z2 T18-S29-D54-G43-U28-G1-D54 T18-S29-D54-G43-U28-G1-D54 N37-G17-N37-G17-X1-M2-Z2 V7-N35-M1 N37-N35-V9 V7-N35-V1-D40 V7-N35-V1-D54 V7-N35-V1-Z8 V7-N35-V1-D12 V7-N35-W24-G43-V1 V7-M17-M17 V7-N35-D12 V7-N35-W24-G43-V10 V8-W24-G43-V1 V7-N35-W24-Z8 V7-N35-W24-G43-V9 V7-N35-W24-Z7-V10-O39 V7-N35-W24-Z7-V1 V8-N35-Z8 V7-N35-G36-D21-N35A-N36 Smsw Smsw Smswt Smswt Smswt Smsw Sms wDA Sms wDA SmSmt Sn Sn Sni Sni Sni Sni Snw Snw Snw Snw Snw Snw Snw Snw Snw Snw Sn wr following. circumference circuit. ' tbK) ' tb :*G ' tb:! ( t. suite worship funeral procession follow the funeral hemp ? tree ring encircle.amulet net.

curse be infested with crocodiles sheriff hair. grass hair.5a4 h r 5 't1U 't11!U '! 1U V8-G36-N36 V7-N35-G36-D21-N36 V7-N35-W24-Z7-X1-A20-A1-Z2 V7-N35-M17-M17-X1-A1-Z3 V7-N35-W24-G43-X1-A40-Z3 V7-N35-M17-M17-X1-A20-A1-Z2 V7-N35-G37 V7-N35-W24-G43-G37-Z2 V7-N35-V1-A2 V7-N35-V1-A2 V7-N35-Z4-A2 V7-N35-W24-G43-A2 V7-N35-X1-V1-A2 V7-N35-I3 V7-N35-X1-V1 V7-N35-W24-Z7-D3 D3-Z2 D3 V7-N35-Z4-D3-Z2 D4-D3 V7-N35-Z4-D3-Z2-N16-N23-Z1-M2M33 D3-Z2-N16-Z1-N23-N33-Z2 V7-N35-M17-N4 V7-N35-M17-M17-X1-N4 V7-X1-M17-N4 Sn wr Sn wr Snwt Snwt Snwt Snwt Sni Snw Sni Sni Sni Snw Snt Sn SnT Snw Snw Snw Snw iri Snw Sny tA Sny tA Sni Snyt Snyt ocean ocean entourage entourage entourage entourage suffer in oneself. need inquire into a matter. question someone. litigate curse. grass coiffeur do hair fenugreek ? fenugreek ? dispel strife storm storm verb verb verb verb .5a h 4 "A . conjure sickness curse enquiry spell.5 <. conjuration.5 . utter sedition. suffer from something troubles. grass hair.(Du ' tD Mu ' tb:! 4 ! 5 't11!!6 ' tb K! H6 't11!4!5 ' tE ' tbKE5 ' t! " ' t! " ' t7" ' tbK" ' t! ! " ' tb ' t! ! ' tb:. exorcise. . ' t7 . grass hair. ' t7.

policeman police detention policing breast storm . police district. detain.'t1! rrr ' t\n vt\S ' t\e! ' t\7n ' t\ 1 18 ' t\`! ' t\SK! ' t\! 8 ' t\KSn ' t\ s ' t\SU S\! S! 7\! ' t\:S! 7\!! S!! 'b!} } }!! ' tq ! s +! ' tq +! vtq ! s V7-N35-M17-X1-N33-N33-N33 V7-N35-D36-D54 N37-N35-D36-U13 V7-N35-D36-U31-O1 V7-N35-D36-E23-D54 V7-N35-D36-M17-M17-A24 V7-N35-D36-D40-A1 V7-N35-D36-U13-G43-A1 V7-N35-D36-X1-A24 V7-N35-D36-G43-U13-D54 V7-N35-D36-F51 V7-N35-D36-U13-N4 U13-D36-O1 U13-O1 E23-D36-O1 V7-N35-D36-Z7-U13-O1 E23-D36-X1-O1 U13-O1-A1 V7-W24-X1-O51 O51 O51-X1-O1 V7-N35-D58-X1-F51 G11-X1 V7-N35-D58-G11-X1 N37-N35-D58-X1-F51 Snyt Sna Sna Sna Sna Sna Sna Snaw Snat Snaw Sna Sna Snaw Snaw Snaw Snaw Snat Sna Snwt Snwt Snwt Snbt Snbt Snbt Snbt storm turn back. repulse. dart about of fish turn back. dart about of fish turn back. dart about of fish turn back. repel. repulse. police district. repulse. police district. dart about of fish constable. police district. repulse. detain. detain. storehouse. repel. detain. labour establishment storehouse. dart about of fish turn back. labour establishment storehouse. repel. repel. labour establishment storehouse labourer ? granary granary granary breast breast breast breast . repulse. detain. police district. labour establishment storehouse.

quarrel strife. quarrel strife. quarrel strife. 'tg 118 N37-N35-Q3-Aa19 V7-N35-S29-Z8 V7-O34-X3 V7-O34-X2 N37-N35-S29-G43-N21 V7-S29-R4 N37-N35-N37-Z9-D40 V7-N35-X1-Z4-G31 V7-N35-V13-A24 V7-N35-X1-A24 V7-N35-X1-V1-A2 V7-N35-V13-A24-F34-Z1 V1-X1 V7-N35-V13 V1-A1 V1-X1-A24-A1 V7-N35-X1-V1 V7-N35-V13-X1-D249 N37-N35-V13-X1-D82 V7-N35-V13-X1-V1 V7-N35-X1-X1-V1-G37 V7-N35-V13-G43-A2 V7-N35-V13-Y2 V7-N35-U33-M17-M17-A2 V7-N35-U33-M17-M17-A14 V7-N35-U33-M17-M17-A24 Snp Sns Sns Sns Snsw Snsw SnS Snty SnT SnT SnT SnT ib Snt SnT SnT SnT SnT SnTt SnTt SnTt SnTt SnTw SnTw SnTw SnTw Snty garment ? worn by vizier a cake or loaf a cake or loaf a cake or loaf slab for offerings slab for offerings tear up papers heron revile God. oppose someone. quarrel quarrelsome man. quarrel strife. punish crime revile God. courtier .$ vt# T ' te . 'tg 11" 'tg 11. quarrel strife. 'B# ' B" vte Kf 'e/ vtv<` ' t! 7? ' t-8 ' t! 8 ' t! ! " ' t-8 d 4 !! ' t!! !!8! ' t! ! ' t-! } vt-! } ' t-! ! ' t! ! ! E ' t-K" ' t-. foe of king. punish crime revile God. oppose someone. oppose someone. punish crime be angry anger sheriff sheriff sheriff sheriff strife. quarrel strife. quarrel strife.

apron kilt. junior. apron wearer of a kilt wearer of a kilt nose. foe of king. lowly man small. junior.' t! 8! ' ti! ! ' tf! ! vti! } vtiK! b b vti! b ' tf 1 1! d ' ti! 7! ' ti! ! vM!K vM!K s vM!O vMD vM 1D` vM1!` vMME E V7-N35-X1-A24-A1 V7-N35-I10-X1-M1 V7-N35-D46-X1-M1 N37-N35-I10-X1-M174A N37-N35-I10-G43-X1-S26 S26 N37-N35-I10-X1-S26 V7-N35-D46-M17-M17-X1-S28 V7-N35-I10-X1-Z4-A1 V7-N35-I10-X1-A1 N37-D21-X1-D19 N37-D21-X1-D19-F51 N37-D21-X1-U9 N37-D21-O36 N37-D21-M17-O36-D40 N37-D21-M17-O1-D40 N37-D21-D21-G37 G37 N37-D21-D21-A17 N37-D21-D21-G37-A1 N37-D21-M17-G37-A1 N37-D21-M17-A17 N37-D21-G37-A1 N37-D21-M17-X1-G37-B1 N37-D21-N37-D54 Snty Sndt Sndt Sndt SnDwt SnDwt SnDwt SnDwt SnDty SnDty Srt Srt Srt Sr Sr Sr Srr Srr Srr Srr Srr Sri Sri Srit SrS quarrelsome man. lowly man lad. courtier Nile acacia tree Nile acacia tree Nile acacia tree kilt. younger son lad. apron kilt. block little. younger. short little small. younger. younger son daughter hurry ?. apron kilt. nostril nose. meagre. bolt of horses ? adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb vMM1 vMME! vM1E! vM11 vME! vM1!Ep v Mvn . nostril type of grain stop up. block stop up. meagre. block stop up. short little.

night sky nightfall. vessels of alabaster alabaster. night sky bubalis antelope bubalis antelope tongue medical prescription medical prescription verb verb verb verb noun verb verb noun noun . night sky nightfall. vessels of alabaster alabaster. be converant with. know be conversant with be conversant with be wise wisdom. skill know know skill wisdom nightfall. vessels of alabaster alabaster. vessels of alabaster alabaster be wise. vessels of alabaster alabaster. be skilled in.&BY &e! & ve &M & &M &v ve G &! vBS !H+ H H! I+ vBS !H+ vBS !8 + Bv!+ vBSKH+ ve R !} + ve R !H! S e vH! _ Bv 1 1 ! SV ve Z !K} &j} ve R !KW4 HK+5 vBR !:H+5 V6-O34-Q19 V6-S29-V1 V6 N37-S29-V6-W3 V6 V6-W3 V6-N37 N37-S29-O39 V6-X1 N37-O34-Aa18-G1-F5-Y1 F5 F5-G1 F6-Y1 N37-O34-Aa18-G1-F5-Y1 N37-O34-Aa18-G1-Z5-Y1 O34-N37-G1-Y1 N37-O34-Aa18-G43-F5-Y1 N37-S29-Aa17-G1-E103-Y1 N37-S29-Aa17-G1-F5-X1-N2 S29-N37-F5-X1-N14 O34-N37-M17-M17-X1-N2-N5 N37-S29-Aa17-G1-G43-E103 V6-F40-E103 N37-S29-Aa17-G1-G43-F20-Z1 F5-G43-Y1-Z2 N37-O34-Aa17-G1-Z7-F5-Y1-Z2 Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Sst SsA SsA SsA SsA SsA SsA SsA SsA SsA SsAt SsAt SsAt SsAw SsAw SsAw SsAw SsAw bier ? rope rope alabaster.

accept. bedroom chorus be bloodshot of eyes leather roll ?. light one seventh of a cubit measurement palm of hand. accept. assume crown. purchase. image statue. assume crown. catch fish. bright dawn. wear clothes palm of hand palm of hand one seventh of a cubit measurement palm of hand. image statue. assume crown. accept. catch fish.J# ` vB# J e v# J J# \ J# f J# \ \ f J# U J# } J# [ J# KZ Z4 J# Y J# Y J# V J# ! r 5 J# ! "5 J# ! ! J! fB t &B1< &B1] ve 1~ ] vB1! } vBW1! } O42-Q3-D40 N37-O34-Q3-O42 S29-N37-Q3-O42 O42-Q3-N11 O42-Q3-D46 O42-Q3-N11 N11 D46 O42-Q3-A53 O42-Q3-E154 O42-Q3-E152 O42-Q3-G43-E151 E151-Z1 O42-Q3-N8 O42-Q3-N8 O42-Q3-N5 O42-Q3-X1-N33-Z2 O42-Q3-X1-M2-Z2 O42-Q3-X1-O1 O42-X1-D46-Aa1-N35 V6-O34-G17-D4 V6-O34-G17-F27 N37-S29-G17-N35A-F27 N37-O34-G17-X1-S17A N37-O34-S15-G17-X1-N33A Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Sspw sspw Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Ssp Sspt Sspt dxn Ssm Ssm Ssm Ssmt Ssmt take. summer . image sphinx sphinx white. purchase. wear 9clothes take. catch fish. receive. purchase. receive. baton sacred girdle malachite adjective noun adjective . baton leather roll ?. wear clothes take. one seventh of a cubit measurement statue. bright cucumber cucumis melo cucumber cucumis melo chapel. receive.

scrub. difficult mysterious. difficult mysterious. secret. hidden. brushwood ? sanctuary of Sokar collective noun verb . secret. religious mysteries secrets secrets religious mysteries copse. express refine ? gold rhinoceros panoply coiffeur assessment of taxes tax . hidden. difficult secrets secrets secrets secrets. hidden. hidden. express utter. secret.payers mysterious. secret.&B1! G v}B! } &e M+ vB M+ &BMW &BM" &e M+ v7 v ' (n q } v? M! 6 v? M 1 1 ! ! v! < ` v! < 8 ! 5 v! d !+ v! d v! d !1 1 + vad !< + v! d !! +5 v! 1 1 ! v! d ! + v! d !+5 v! d + v! d !< + v! d !K +5 v! d !! v! d !1 1 ! ! V6-O34-G17-X1-O39 N37-S17A-O34-X1-N33A V6-S29-D21-T11 N37-O34-D21-T11 V6-O34-D21-F20 V6-O34-D21-A2 V6-S29-D21-Y1 N37-Z4-N37-Q7 M8-N29-D58-E131 N37-V31-D21-M1-Z3 N37-V31-D21-M17-M17-M1-A1 N37-X1-Z9-D40 N37-X1-Z9-A24-A1-Z2 N37-X1-U30-G1-Y1 N37-X1-U30 N37-X1-U30-G1-M17-M17-Y1 N37-N16-U30-G1-Z9-Y1 N37-X1-U30-G1-X1-Y1-Z2 N37-X1-M17-M17-X1 N37-X1-U30-X1-Y1 N37-X1-U30-G1-Y1-Z2 N37-X1-U30-Y1 N37-X1-U30-G1-Z9-Y1 N37-X1-U30-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 N37-X1-U30-G1-M1 N37-X1-U30-G1-M17-M17-X1-O1 Ssmt Ssmt Ssr Ssr Ssr Ssr Ssr SSi Sqb Skrw Skry St St StA StA StA StA StAt StAt StAt StAw StAw StAw StAw StA sTyt malachite malachite arrow arrow tongue utter. difficult mysterious.

stroke of bank of oars-women stroke . recite read. rescue.1 1 ! 3 T!! v-! ! v-g 1 1 ! 3 `f8 `f8 `f" `" `f\ `f+ STyt Styt Styt Styw Styw Styw Styw Stbt Stm Stm Stm Stm ST ST ST STyt STyt STyt STyt Sdi Sdi Sdi Sdi Sdi Sdi sanctuary of Sokar chamber leader. dig lake. ransack a country. read aloud.v! d !1 1 ! ! v! g 1 1 ! & v! g 1 1 ! p v$#4 v! $a a N37-X1-U30-G1-M17-M17-X1-O1 N37-X1-U33-M17-M17-X1-O6 N37-X1-U33-M17-M17-X1-B1 N37-G4-M3-Z1 N37-X1-G4-I2 I2 N37-X1-M17-M17-G43 N37-X1-D58-X1-V19 N37-X1-U15-G17-G41-A2 N37-U15-G17-A2 N37-X1-U15-G17-G41-A2 N37-X1-U15-G17-G41-A24 N37-V13-Aa19 N37-V13-Aa19 N37-X1-Aa19-S28 N37-V13-M17-M17-X1-V19 Aa19-X1-O1 N37-V13-X1-O1 N37-V13-U33-M17-M17-X1-V19 F30-D46-A24 F30-D46-A24 F30-D46-A2 F30-A2 F30-D46-D36 F30-D46-Y1 v! 1 1 K v! q ! 3 v! U1I" vU1" v! U1I" v! U1I8 v-T v-T v! Td v.loaf crate be quarrelsome be quarrelsome hostility hostility equip satchel satchel sanctuary of Sokar sanctuary of Sokar sanctuary of Sokar sanctuary of Sokar take away. recite read. exact dues. read aloud. read aloud. pull on. read aloud. recite verb verb verb verb verb verb verb verb noun noun . remove. cut out.oar ? tortoise tortoise an offering . salvage boat stave off event. recite read. apportion field-plots read.

`fG5 `f! . plot of land pool. well. water . well. `f! b 5 v1i! } `fuf 4 `f 1 1 ! h `f! h `fK! { `f 1 1 f 4 `f 1 1 ! f 5 `f! Q `f! 7 88 `fK] `f] F30-D46-D27 F30-D46-A24 D4-F30-D46-D36-N35-N35-Aa1A17-N35 D21-Z1-G39-F30-D46-Aa3 F30-D46-D40-S43-D46-G43-A2 F30-D46-D21-Z1 F30-D46-D40-P8-G43 F30-D46-F51 F30-D46-O39 F30-D46-O39 F30-D46-V12 F30-D46-G39-Z2 F30-D46-X1-Z8 F30-D46-X1-W24-Z2 N37-M17-I10-X1-N33A F30-D46-N36-N21-Z1 F30-D46-M17-M17-X1-N23 F30-D46-X1-N23 F30-D46-G43-X1-N42 F30-D46-M17-M17-N21-Z1 F30-D46-M17-M17-X1-N21-Z2 F30-D46-X1-O49 F30-D46-X1-Z4-Z5-Z5 F30-D46-G43-F27 F30-D46-F27 Sdi Sdi ir Sd nxn n r Sdi Sd mdw Sd r Sd xrw Sd Sd Sd Sd Sdw Sdt Sdt Sdt Sd Sdyt Sdyt Sdyt Sdy Sdyt Sdt Sdty Sdw Sdw suckle. plot of land ditch rubble Crocodilopolis He of Crocodilopolis verb verb locality .skin skin. educate nourish strife act as guardian to a minor fattened goose disturb public proclamation disturbance vulva vulva mortar for pounding drugs poultice waterfowl dough dough dough artificial lake pool. water .`fS `f8 f tB t <`\ t 1 M4 G`fD `f`s fK" `f M4 `f`c K `f s `fG `fG `f. plot of land pool. well.

high. uplifted be raised on high. uplifted haughty presumptuous. high ground hill. high. be raised on high. arable land adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb verb infinitive . exalted. high ground hill. high ground hill.`f:\ `f:# `fK h4 `ff 4 `fK! h `f 1 1 h! vft:` `f < b 5 `f`f} n !< n< <+ <! n !< d 4 n !< R 4 n !! < < <+ n!' n !K ' n !! ' n !!H n !!< h 4 n!1 1I n!1 1! h4 F30-D46-Z7-P1 F30-D46-Z7-M3 F30-D46-G43-N23-Z1 F30-D46-N21-Z1 F30-D46-G43-X1-N23 F30-D46-M17-M17-N23-X1 N37-D46-N35-Z7-D40 F30-D46-V28-W24-Z2 F30-D46-F30-D46-R62A N29-G1-A28 N29-A28 A28-Y1 A28-X1 N29-G1-A28-F34-Z1 N29-G1-A28-Aa17-Z1 N29-G1-X1-A28 A28 A28-Y1 N29-G1-X7 N29-G1-G43-X7 N29-G1-G1-X7 N29-G1-G1-O40 N29-G1-G1-A28-N23-Z1 N29-G1-M17-M17-O41 N29-G1-M17-M17-X1-N23-Z1 Sdw Sdw Sdw Sdw Sdwt Sdwt Sdn SdH SdSd qAi qAi qAi qAi qA ib qA sA qAt qAt qAt qAA qAA qAA qAA qAA qAA qAyt raft raft plot of land plot of land plot of land plot of land be closed of eyes pomegranate wine protuberance on standard of Wepwaret tall. be raised on high. high ground high ground. high ground hill. high. uplifted tall. exalted. be raised on high. high ground hill. uplifted tall. overweening height height height hill. exalted.

double over. middle of land fold over. double quantity doubled fold over. double quantity colis of snake coils of snake windings of waterway windings of waterway windings of waterway breast funeral oration verb collective noun . arable land high ground.< n!1 1!f5 n!1 1!" n !K < n !< + n !! . double quantity fold over. interior. n !!! # n !! r 5 kr5 n !K r 5 n!1 1 r5 n !\ " n !q p s nqñ+ n !q p h 4 n !q p nqp+ 1p + n !q p n n !q Kmmm n !q Kp 5 n !q ! ! ! n !q ñ nqp+ n !q ! s n !1f! 8 " A28 N29-G1-M17-M17-X1-N21-Z2 N29-G1-M17-M17-X1-Q2 N29-G1-G43-A28 N29-G1-A28-Y1 N29-G1-X1-T14-A13 N29-G1-G1-X1-M3 N29-G1-G1-N33-Z2 D51-N33-Z2 N29-G1-G43-N33-Z2 N29-G1-M17-M17-N33-Z2 N29-G1-D36-A2 N29-G1-D58-F46-F51 N29-D58-F49-Y1 N29-G1-D58-F46-N23-Z1 N29-G1-D58-F46 N29-D58-F46-Y1 G17-F46-Y1 N29-G1-D58-F46-D54 N29-G1-D58-G43-I14-I14-I14 N29-G1-D58-G43-F46-Z2 N29-G1-D58-V1-V1-V1 N29-G1-D58-F49 N29-D58-F46-Y1 N29-G1-D58-X1-F51 N29-G1-G17-D46-X1-Z5-A2 qAyt qAyt qAyt qAw qAw qAt qArt qAA qAA qAA qAA qAa qAb qAb qAb qAb qAb m qAb qAb qAbw qAbw qAbw qAbw qAbw qAbt qAmdt high ground. double over. top of voice height. middle of land interior. top of voice foreign foes door . middle of land interior.bolt grains grains grains grains vomit intestine. arable land high throne height. double over.

Kusiyah Cusae El .Kusiyah Cusae El . arm. nature according to vomit Cusae El . tie rope-ladder string bow. arm.ladder string bow. gypsum form.n!M! n!M!# n M!# n ! < G5 n !e K! 5 ne!5 n !e K! `5 n !e ! a n !e ! ` ne!` n !e " n !n !d 4 n !n !K\ n !b K G5 n 1 U+ ]1n 1 U+ n 1e" n 1eQ F Fe 7Q G N29-G1-D21-V1 N29-G1-D21-X1-M3 N29-D21-X1-M3 N29-G1-V28-O39-Z2 N29-G1-S29-G43-V1-Z2 N29-S29-V1-Z2 N29-G1-S29-G43-V1-D40-Z2 N29-G1-S29-V1-P6B N29-G1-S29-V1-D40 N29-S29-V1-D40 N29-G1-S29-A2 N29-G1-N29-G1-F34-Z1 N29-G1-N29-G1-G43-P1 N29-G1-U28-G43-O39-Z2 N29-M17-A53-Y1 W19-M17-N29-M17-A53-Y1 N29-M17-S29-A2 N29-M17-S29-O49 A38 A38-S29-Z4-O49 A39 N29-D36-D26 N29-D36-V28-D41 N29-D36-V28-D41-F51 N29-D36-V28-X1-F112 N29-D36-V28-D41-N23 n\R n\<a n\<as n\<!} n\<ah qAr qArt qArt qAH qAsw qAsw qAsw qAs qAs qAs qAs qAqA ib qAqAw qADw qi mi qi qis qis qis qis qis qa qaH qaH qaHt qaH bundle door . tie rope-ladder vomit vainglorious ? travelling barge plaster.plaster bonds.Kusiyah vomit elbow. bight of net locality locality locality locality . rigging of ship bonds bonds rope . shoulder elbow.Kusiyah Cusae El .bolt door . bind victim. bind victim.bolt mud . shape. shoulder shoulder of beef corner. bend of stream.

cold. quiet. turn one's back bend arm. cool. cold. people to one's will.take one's ease cool.ponds a loaf or cake gold miner gold miner crown of head jar for beer cool. turn ones back sunshine fish . cold. cooling of remedy. quiet. people to one's will. hand. turn one's back bend arm. people to one's will. cooling. hand. cold be purified cool breeze cold pour a libation to pour a libation to pour out water strew ? cold water cold water noun verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive as in 'a sky strewn with stars' adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb .n\<a n \ < a` n1<a n <a n\<:Y v 4 h xn \ < : a n 6 nK" nKM` nKM4 n q !! S4 nq 11} nqqY Y} n q q Z~ nqq~ nqqBY n q :Y ~ `6 nqZ n q Z~ Z~ n q Z~ nqZ n q q K!Z~ Z~ N29-D36-V28-D41 N29-D36-V28-D41-D40 N29-M17-V28-D41 N29-V28-D41 N29-D36-V28-Z7-N8 N37-Z1-N23-Z3A-N29-D36-V28-Z7D41-D54-Z3 N29-G43-X2 N29-G43-D21-D40 N29-G43-D21-Z1 N29-D58-G1-X1-F16-Z1 N29-D58-M17-M17-W73 N29-D58-D58-W15B W15B-Y1V N29-D58-D58-W16-N35A N29-D58-D58-N35A N29-D58-D58-M34-W15B N29-D58-Z7-W15-N35A-P5-Z3 N29-D58-W16 N29-D58-W16-N35A W16-N35A N29-D58-W16-N35A N29-D58-W16 N29-D58-D58-G43-X1-W16-N35A W16-N35A qaH qaH qaH qaH qaHw Sw qaHw qw qwr qwr qbAt qby qbb qbb qbb qbb qbb qbw qb qb qb qb qb qbbwt qbbwt bend arm. hand. people to one's will. hand. take one's ease cool. be purified. calm. calm. be purified. turn one's back bend arm.

f qbH snw .f qfAt qfn cold water foot ? fountain ? purify present libations to.nq q Z!~ nq <os Z nq <Z nq <Z n q <Z~ nq <Y~ Y~ nq <KY~ nq <KZ n q <:Y ~+5 ZK X! nq <KZ~G5 nq <KZR n q <Z~ n q < KY G5j ZW Y 6 tb K5h N29-D58-D58-W16-X1-N35A N29-D58-V28-D56-F51 W16 N29-D58-V28-W16 N29-D58-V28-W16 N29-D58-V28-W16-N35A N29-D58-V28-W15-N35A W15-N35A N29-D58-V28-G43-W15-N35A N29-D58-V28-G43-W16 N29-D58-V28-Z7-W15-N35A-Y1-Z2 W16-G43 W14A-X1 N29-D58-V28-G43-W16-N35A-G39Z2 N29-D58-V28-G43-W16-N1 N29-D58-V28-W16-N35A N29-D58-V28-G43-W15-G39-Z2N25 W16-A55 W15-T22-N35-W24-G43-Z2-I9 W15-T22-N35-A40-Z2-I9 W15-T22-T22-T22-I9-A40 N29-I9-G1-X1-F16-Y1-Z2 N29-I9-N35-Q7 qbbwt qbH qbH qbH qbH qbH qbHw qbHw qbHw qbHw qbHw qbHw qbHt qbHw qbHw qbHw qbHw qbH qbH snw .f qbH snw . clot of blood one of the Four sons of Horus one of the Four sons of Horus one of the Four sons of Horus verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive Y 6 tH 5h Y 6 6 6 hH n h!! S+5 n ht ' . be calm present libations to cold water cold water cold water cold water coolness libation vase libation vase wild fowl sky sky sky death Qebehsenuef Qebehsenuef Qebehsenuef fame bake.

n hb K ' nh'11 n G!. hammer out from metal throw. resin gum. create. carry out teaching. produce. I + n G!1. carry out teaching. produce. + n G!. create. produce.n ht. hammer out from metal throw.I n G+ n G. hammer out from metal throw. create. n /+ n G!. beget. hammer out from metal throw. carry out teaching. beget. carry out teaching.+ . beget. I + n G!1. resin gum. produce. +5 n G. beget. hammer out from metal throw. nature form. carry out teaching. create form. appearance. create. hammer out from metal throw. produce. produce. beget. create. carry out teaching. carry out teaching.! n G1K! 6 n]1 n ]1e#!P n ]11!} I1 1! r5 n ]1 1!Ir5 N29-I9-N35-Z8 N29-I9-W24-G43-Q7 N29-I9-Q7-M17-M17 N29-U1-G1-T14 T14 T14-Y1 T14-G41 N29-U1-Y1 N29-U1-T14 N29-T15-Y1 N29-U1-G1-T14-G41-Y1 N29-U1-G1-G17-T14-Y1 N29-U1-G1-T14-G41-Y1 N29-U1-G1-G17-T14-G41-Y1 N29-U1-G1-G17-T14-Y1-Z2 N29-U1-T14-Y1 N29-T15-G17-U1-G43-U9 N29-U1-T14-G1 N29-U1-G17-G43-A1-Z3 N29-W19-M17 N29-W19-M17-S29-Q3-X1-D24 N29-W19-M17-M17-X1-N33A G41-M17-M17-X1-N33-Z2 N29-W19-M17-M17-X1-G41-N33-Z2 qfn qfnw qfnw qmA qmA qmA qmA qmA qmA qmA qmA qmA qmA qmA qmA qmA qmAw qmA qmAw qmi qmi spt qmyt qmyt qmyt a loaf baker baker throw. produce. beget. hammer out from metal throw.+ n / 1GKO n G. create. create. . create. I + n G!1. create throw. hammer out from metal throw. beget. beget. . carry out teaching. produce. resin . appearance nature winnower mourn a type of soldiers gumned ? reticent gum.

attack complete. capable. be profuse strong strong profusion brave man brave man the Braves a military corps d'elite valour supremacy offence. attack offence.n1< /" n 1f" n tH n tC n t! H n t8 n t8 n t7` n t7H n t8 n t8! n t7` nt11!5 n t! ` n tt` n tE n t< n t<E ^ t+ ^ t+ ^ t+ ^ th ^ tT n t} nt1} N29-G17-V28-T15-X2 N29-G17-D46-A2 N29-N35-F5 N29-N35-Aa2 N29-N35-X1-F5 N29-N35-A24 N29-N35-A24 N29-N35-Z4-D40 N29-N35-Z4-F5 N29-N35-A24 N29-N35-A24-A1 N29-N35-Z4-D40 N29-N35-M17-M17-X1-Z2 N29-N35-X1-D40 N29-N35-N35-D40 N29-N35-G37 N29-N35-Z9 N29-N35-Z9-G37 Aa8-N35-Y1 Aa8-N35-Y1 Aa8-N35-Y1 Aa8-N35-Z28 Aa8-N35-Aa19 N29-N35-V60 N29-N35-M17-V60 qmH qmd qn qn qnt qni qni qni qni qni qn qn qnyt qnt qnn qn qn qn qn qn qn qn qn qn qni a loaf devise. sturdy of child. able. amount to. strong. cease be provided with first quality. accomplish. conquer. stout of heart. dutiful powerful of speech. mourn fat fat yellowness in eyes brave. invent. attack offence. active. best quality mat mat mat ceremonial garment verb transitive verb intransitive noun adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb adjective and verb noun adjective and noun adjective and noun .

pound up medicines.nt13 nt1X` X` nt1:X# nt1# nt1K) nt1! r5 nt11! ` nt1!< nt11D n tq :` n tq :F +8 n tq ! F n tq ! F ! 5 F!!5 F!46 F!7! n tBW n tn t<` n tn t 1 1! # n tf@` n M!D n M1on n M1U n M` n MM` N29-N35-M17-Aa19 N29-N35-M17-D32-D40 D32-D40 N29-N35-M17-Z7-D32-M3 N29-N35-M17-M3 N29-N35-M17-G43-O9C N29-N35-M17-X1-N33-Z2 N29-N35-M17-M17-X1-W22 N29-N35-M17-X1-D4 N29-N35-M17-M17-Aa3 N29-N35-D58-Z7-D40 N29-N35-D58-Z7-O38-Y1-A24 N29-N35-D58-X1-O38 N29-N35-D58-X1-O38-A1-Z2 O38-X1-A1-Z2 O38-X1-A20-Z3 O38-X1-Z4-A1 N29-N35-O34-A55A N29-N35-N29-N35-Z9-D40 N29-N35-N29-N35-M17-M17-X1-M3 N29-N35-D46-E32-D40 N29-D21-X1-D12 N29-D21-M17-D56-D54 N29-D21-M17-N4 N29-D21-P5 N29-D21-D21-P5 qni qni qni qniw qniw qniw qnit qnit qnit qny qnb qnb qnbt qnbt qnbt qnbt qnbty qns qnqn qnqnyt qnd qrt qri qri qri qri sheaf. storm . subjugate bend. incline oneself. deal wrongly with mallet be angry. flatten metal. councillor bury beat people. orpiment a yellow pigment. verb and noun verb and noun . bow. angle Court of magistrates Court of magistrates Court of magistrates magistrate.stool embrace. subjugate corner. official. beat out. bundle. incline storm. storm . attend someone storm. orpiment yellowness of eyes be yellow of eyes storm. storm . bosom of mother embrace palanquin palanquin portable shrine a yellow pigment. hollow place draw near. furious depression. birthing .

spirit as guardian of a place of princess of ancient family serpent . broil food fire pottery. draw together bag contract.spirit as guardian of a place of princess of ancient family vessel vessel bury bury bury bury burial burial verb verb verb verb noun noun verb verb . draw together bag bag contractions medical facial wrinkles fire pottery. broil food cavern cavern serpent .spirit as guardian of a place of princess of ancient family serpent .n M 1 58 n Mhd n MhA n Mh` n MhX ` nhM! n Mh! d n Mh! & n Mh! A 5 n MhK &5 n MMd nMM' n MM!! n MM!D n M<!k nM<!_ n M<!' nM<!a n M<!T n Me 3\& & n Me 38 n Me 3W n Me 3 U8 n Me 38 N29-D21-M17-E21-A24 N29-D21-I9-S28 N29-D21-I9-V33 N29-D21-I9-D40 N29-D21-I9-D32-D40 N29-I9-D21-V1 N29-D21-I9-X1-S28 N29-D21-I9-X1-V6 N29-D21-I9-X1-V33-Z2 N29-D21-I9-G43-V6-Z2 N29-D21-D21-U30 N29-D21-D21-Q7 N29-D21-D21-X1-O1 N29-D21-D21-X1-D12 N29-D21-V28-X1-I12 N29-D21-V28-X1-H8 N29-D21-V28-X1-G7 N29-D21-V28-X1-W23 N29-D21-V28-X1-W10 N29-D21-S29-T19-D36-Q6 Q6 N29-D21-S29-T19-A24 N29-D21-S29-T19-A55 N29-D21-S29-T19-A53-A24 N29-D21-S29-T19-A24 qri qrf qrf qrf qrf qrf qrft qrft qrft qrfw qrr qrr qrrt qrrt qrHt qrHt qrHt qrHt qrHt qrs qrs qrs qrs qrs qrs storm. draw together contract. draw together contract. storm .

painfully. troubled. troubling by foes eat pot use the potter's wheel use the potter's wheel potter as epitaph of Khnum noun .equipment tomb . misfortune trouble. difficult. axe a type of vase or jar metal . wretched irksome trouble.n Me 3# ! !!n Me 38 &! &\ B! n Me!& n MeK& n MBW n Me #` n Me!!& n M e 3 &! ! n ! M 4 i7 t!s n <a n <n <Kc5 34 ne3 3 tE n e 3 tE 3 t! E5 n e 3 t! E5 n Bt 3 ''" ] fb }` ] fb ] fb } N29-D21-S29-T19-M3 Q1-X1-O1-N29-D21-S29-T19-A24 Q6-X1 Q6-D36-O34-X1 N29-D21-S29-X1-Q6 N29-D21-S29-G43-Q6 N29-D21-O34-A55 N29-D21-S29-M3-D40 N29-D21-S29-X1-X1-Q6 N29-D21-S29-T19-Q6-X1-X1 N29-G1-D21-Z1-I10-Z4-N35-G1N34 N29-V28-W23 N29-V28-N29-V28-G43-D43-Z2 T19-Z1 N29-S29-T19 T19-N35-G37 N29-S29-T19-N35-G37 T19-N35-X1-G37-Z2 N29-S29-T19-N35-X1-G37-Z2 N29-O34-N35-T19 X7-X7-A2 Aa28-D46-W24 A158-D40 Aa28-D46-W24 Aa28-D46-W24-C35 qrs st qrs qrst qrst qrst qrsw qrsw qrsw qrstt qrstt qrDn qH qHqHw qs qs qsn qsn qsnt qsnt qsn wnm qd qd qd qd burial the state of being buried burial burial burial coffin coffin coffin tomb .workers bone bone painful. misfortune pain. irksome.

reputation. disposition. altogether.f Hr qd qd qd qd qdt qdw qdwt qdwt qdwt sS qdwt qdf build. extent form. fashion men builder builder builder form. nature. nature. disposition. character. extent form. reputation. achieve. character. character.C8 ] fD} n f] C ] fC ] fb> 8 ]D! C ] D8! ] fD+ ]D ] fb+5 <] fD + ] 1] fD+ ] 1] fD+h : 4] fD+ ] fbn ] fb+ ] fb < ]!G ] fK-6 ] fbK! +5 ]K!5 ] f! +5 -! ] fb K! +5 ] fhk` A35-A24 Aa28-D46-D12-A158 N29-D46-Aa28-A35 Aa28-D46-A35 Aa28-D46-W24-A30-A24 Aa28-O36-A1 A35 Aa28-O36-A24-A1 Aa28-D46-D12-Y1 Aa28-D12 Aa28-D46-W24-Y1-Z2 D4-Aa28-D46-D12-Y1 W19-M17-Aa28-D46-D12-Y1 W19-M17-Aa28-D46-D12-Y1-I9 D2-Z1-Aa28-D46-D12-Y1 Aa28-D46-W24-D54 Aa28-D46-W24-Y1 Aa28-D46-W24-D4 Aa28-X1-O39 Aa28-D46-G43-A13-Z3 Aa28-D46-W24-G43-X1-Y1-Z2 Aa28-G43-X1-Z2 Aa28-D46-X1-Y1-Z2 Y3-A1-Aa28-D46-W24-G43-X1-Y1Z2 Aa28-D46-I9-D51-D40 qd qd qd qd qd qd qd qd qd qd qd ir qd mi qd mi qd . fashion men build. reputation. utterly go round go round sleep kite weight of one tenth of a deben men of Kode drawings drawings drawings draughtsman gather flowers. nature. extent achieve a good reputation. fashion men build. disposition. success in every respect entire entirely. sayings verb and noun . fashion men build. fashion men build.

will of king. kingship.enclitic particle verb U U+ T' T !" T : 4T MV T T 5MV T 4. will of king. spirit. goodwill. spirit. will of king.5 ] ffb ? ] ff> ? ?!" ?! ?!" ?!" h ?!! " ?! T4 Aa28-D46-W24-X1-G17-L17 Aa28-D46-W24-X1-X1-M1 Aa28-D46-D46-G43-D12-Y2-Z2 Aa28-D46-D46-W24-D7 Aa28-D46-D46-D6 V31 V31-G1-A2 V31-G1 V31-G1-A2 V31-G1-A2-I9 V31-G1-X1-A2 V31-X1 D28-Z1 D29 D29-B76 D28-G7 D28-G1-A2 D28-D2-Z1-D28-W3-N5 D28-D28-Z2-W3-N5 D28-Z1-Z8-Z2 D28-Z1 qdtm qdtt qddw qdd qdd k kA kA kAi kA . essence of a being. fortune. phantom soul. spirit. essence of a being. festival of Khoiakh fifth month. phantom soul. will of king. essence of a being. plan.f kAt kAt kA kA kA kA kA kA Hr kA kA Hr kA kAw kAw praying mantis a conifer from Syria characters of people sleep sleep you.] fb! 1 B ] fb! ! ! ] ffKD. personality. phantom soul.5 T4 . fortune. then so. spirit. personality. phantom fifth month. then think about. will of king. goodwill. fortune. device. essence of a being. spirit. goodwill. personality. personality. phantom soul. device soul. your so. kingship. plot thought. essence of a being. goodwill. Festival of Khoiakh food food noun noun suffix pronoun non . kingship. personality. fortune. kingship. plan he will say thought. plan. fortune. kingship. goodwill.enclitic particle non .

craft. profession a lichen boat of Nubian type sycomore figs sycomore figs builder's workman. craft. construction. profession work. construction. craft. porter burn incense. craft. porter builder's workman. cense gods. construction. construction. profession work. construction. craft. profession work. craft. profession work.5 Tl! ! T! l! l# T!s T !! s T!) )6 T!)+ )! +5 T!} T !! ) +5 T!) ]:! r5 ?!1] ?!K r 5 Tl: r5 T !K! 7 ) `! ?!K! 7 ) 0#` ?#0 T#0 ?!# 8 ` ?!# T ! D28-Z2 D28-G1-Z7-Z8-Z2 D28-D52-E1 E1 D28-E1 D52-E1 D52-E3 D28-X1-F51 D28-G1-X1-F51 D28-X1-A9 A9-Z3 D28-X1-A9-Y1 A9-X1-Y1-Z2 D28-X1-N33A D28-G1-X1-A9-Y1-Z2 D28-X1-A9-H6-Z7-X1-N33-Z2 V31-G1-M17-P2H V31-G1-G43-N33-Z2 D28-D52-Z7-N33-Z2 D28-G1-G43-X1-Z4-A9-D40-A1 V31-G1-G43-X1-Z4-A9 R5-Q3-D40 V31-Q3-R5 D28-Q3-R5 V31-G1-Q3-Z5-D40 V31-G1-Q3-Aa19-O1 kAw kAw kA kA kA kA kA kAt kAt kAt kAt kAt kAt kAt kAt kAt Swt kAi kAw kAw kAwty kAwty kAp kAp kAp kAp kAp food food bull bull bull bull bull calf vagina vagina work. profession work.T5 T !: . hide of fowler . construction. fumigate patient burn incense cense gods fumigate patient hut.

droop of eyebrows royal nursery. roof over. harem Kyphi roof roof roof crocodile Bittern Bittern cover vineyard. hide oneself. orchard vineyard. spread with wings covers covers the sky covers linen cover of jar bandage bandage cover. chamber. ?!# K $ } ?!# !# L T !1:! ?!1K ! T1K T !1v v 8 T 4PK 5 Tb!!! b?K R5-Q3-O1 R5-Q3-A5 V31-G1-Q3-X1-M44-N33A V31-G1-Q3-X1-M44-N33A-N1-Q3X1 M44-X1-Z1-Z2 R5-Q3-X1-S28 D49-Q3-S28 D42-Q3-S28 R5-Q3-O38-A1 R5-Q3-O1 R5-Q3-X1-Q7 R5-Q3-G43 R5 D42-Q3-G43 V31-G1-Q3-Z7-I3 V31-G1-Q3-G43-A4-G67 V31-G1-Q3-G43-A4-G228 V31-G1-Q3-G1-Q3-M44 D28-G1-G17-Z7-O1 V31-G1-G17-G43-O1 D28-G17-M43 D28-G1-G17-Z5A-Z5A-A24 D28-Z1-Aa15-M43A-Z2 D28-W24-M1-M1-M1 W24-V31-M43 kAp kAp kApwt kApwt pt kApwt kApt kAp kAp kAp kAp kApt kApw kApw kApw kApw kApw kApw kApAp kAmw kAmw kAmw kAmw kAmw kAmw kAmw hut.harvest vineyard vineyard verb noun noun .0#! 0#% ?!# ! L } ?!# ! L } R# ! L!45 0#!d i#d b# d 0#F! 0#! 0#! ' 0#K 0 b# K ?!# : b ?!# K$ . orchard vintner vintner grape . take cover. hide of fowler cover.

another others others masculine feminine masculine plural locality locality locality locality . j T !T !" ?1" ?1! ?! K ?K!.T !tK T4t11K ! K 11 ?!M5 2 T M2 T M12 ?!M3! TM11K ! ?!$ e " ?!$ e 58 ?!vj ?vj ?!Bj ?!e . ?11! ?11 ?! ?7K7 ?! B ! +!5 ?!B 7!p 5 D28-G1-N35-M43 D28-Z1-N35-M17-M17-M43-A1 M43B-M17-M17 V31-G1-D21-O21 O18 D28-D21-O18 D28-D21-M17-O18 V31-G1-D21-V19-O1 D28-D21-M17-M17-M43-A1 V31-G1-O4-S29-A2 V31-G1-O4-S29-E21-A24 V31-G1-N37-N25 V31-N37-N25 V31-G1-O34-N25 V31-G1-S29-T14-N25 D28-G1-D28-G1-M2 V31-M17-A2 V31-M17-X1 V31-X1-G43 V31-G43-X1-Y2 V31-M17-M17-X1 V31-M17-M17 V31-X1 V31-Z4-G43-Z4 V31-X1-Aa1-X1-Y1-A1-Z2 V31-X1-Aa1-Z4-A1-B1-Z2 kAmw kAny kAny kAr kAr kAr kAr kAr kAry kAhs kAhs kAS kAS kAS kAS kAkA ki kit kit kit kit ky kt kywy kt xtw kt xtw vineyard vintner vintner shrine shrine shrine shrine shrine gardener be harsh. another other. brush cry out shout of acclaim shout of acclaim shout of acclaim shout of acclaim other. overbearing Kush Kush Kush Kush bush. another other. overbearing be harsh.

gather flowers uncover. despoil strip away of sail. deprive. despoil strip away of sail. strip. deprive. doff clothes. unclothe. doff clothes. despoil strip away of sail. deprive. doff clothes.?11@ ?q tj 0t7j T 4q t. doff clothes. strip. strip. clear of sky. unclothe. deprive. unclothe. despoil strip away of sail. gather flowers uncover. ?q t! \ 0# t! \ ># t! ] ?hb ?hd ?hd ?h+ ?h+ ?h` ?h` ?hY + ?hY + ?h!Y n ?h!Y n ?h1 1d ?h1 1d ?h!Y d` ?h!Y d` ?h! > ?h! +5 V31-M17-M17-E32 V31-D58-N35-N25 R5-N35-Z4-N25 D28-Z1-D58-N35-T14 V31-D58-N35-X1-P1 R5-Q3-N35-X1-P1 T30B-Q3-N35-X1-P2G V31-I9-N17 V31-I9-S28 V31-I9-S28 V31-I9-Y1 V31-I9-Y1 V31-I9-D40 V31-I9-D40 V31-I9-F22-Y1 V31-I9-F22-Y1 V31-I9-G1-F22-D54 V31-I9-G1-F22-D54 V31-I9-M17-M17-S28 V31-I9-M17-M17-S28 V31-I9-G1-F22-S28-D40 V31-I9-G1-F22-S28-D40 V31-I9-X1-T30 V31-I9-X1-Y1-Z2 ky kbn kbn kbn kbnt kbnt kbnt kf kf kf kf kf kf kf kf kf kf kf kf kf kf kf kft kft monkey Byblos Byblos Byblos seagoing ship seagoing ship seagoing ship obsidian uncover. gather flowers uncover. unclothe. deprive. strip. clear of sky. deprive. despoil strip away of sail. clear of sky. strip. doff clothes. unclothe. doff clothes. clear of sky. gather flowers uncover. deprive. clear of sky. doff clothes. clear of sky. despoil strip away of sail. unclothe. gather flowers uncover. unclothe. strip. strip. gather flowers gash trustworthiness locality locality locality . clear of sky. gather flowers uncover. despoil strip away of sail.

bottom of of bird. Egypt the Black Land.going ships black black black the Black Land. make requisition make captures make captures make requisition booty. base of abscess be discreet trustworthy trust in trustworthy be discreet indeed make captures. captures shoot at traget warrior warrior Crete ? Crete ? a type of sea . Egypt locality locality locality locality locality verb verb verb verb . Egypt the Black Land. e+ e1+ e1!Q e!Q e!Q! V31-I9-G1-D26 V31-I9-I9-D26 V31-I9-G1-F22 V31-I9-G1-F22-Y1 V31-I9-G1-F22-Y1-F34-Z1 V31-I9-G1-F22-Y1-F34-Z1-D2 F22-Y1-F34-Z1 F22-Y1 G17-V31-I9-X1-F22 V31-I9-D36-D49 V31-I9-D36-D272-D40 V31-I9-D36-D40 V31-I9-D36-V1-D40 V31-I9-D36-D49 V31-I9-D36-D40 V31-I9-D36-G43-D49-D40 V31-I9-D36-D49-D40 V31-I9-G4-N25 V31-I9-U33-G43-N25 V31-I9-U33-G43-P1-Z2 I6-G17-D3 I6-Y1 I6-G17-Y1 I6-G17-X1-O49 I6-X1-O49 I6-X1-O49-X1 kfA kff kfA kfA kfA ib kfA ib Hr kfA ib kfA m kfAt kfa kfa kfa kfa kfa kfa kfaw kfaw kftyw kftyw kftiw km km km kmt kmt kmt flow forth suck.?h!R ?hhR ?h!Y ?h!Y + ?h!Y +d 4 ?h!Y +d 4 : Y+d 4 Y+ 1?h! Y ?h\i ?h\} ` ?h\` ?h\! ` ?h\i ?h\` ?h\Ki` ?h\i` ?h$j ?hg Kj ?hg K\5 e1. flow forth hinder .

duty completion. put an end to. darken darkness pubic region ? lash out with tail scrape out inscription collective noun locality verb verb noun ?t! E5 ?t1" ?t1K ?t1" ?t1> ?7t\tYb ?t1] ?tB1! S ?t B 1! $5j ?tt# ?t<S ?t<KS ?te s ?t?tY ? M# k` collective noun feminine verb verb noun noun . pay to. total up. pay to. amount to. put an end to. completion. amount to.e!!p5 e1D Mj e!b4 e1+ e+ e1+ e1!+ e! +5 e11 1!.4 e P 1 1!5 I6-X1-A1-B1-Z2 I6-G17-G36-D21-N25 I6-X1-W24-Z1 I6-G17-Y1 I6-Y1 I6-G17-Y1 I6-G17-X1-Y1 I6-X1-Y1-Z2 I6-G17-M17-M17-X1-V12-Z1 I6-Aa15-M17-M17-E1-Z2 V31-N35-X1-G37-Z2 V31-N35-M17-A2 V31-N35-M17-D19 V31-N35-M17-A2 V31-N35-M17-A30 V31-Z4-N35-D36-N35-U19-W24 V31-N35-G17-F27 V31-N35-T34-G17-X1-N2 V31-N35-T34-G17-X1-G4-Z2-N25 V31-N35-N35-M3 V31-N35-V28-N2 V31-N35-V28-G43-N2 V31-N35-S29-F51 V31-N35-V31-N35-F22 V31-D21-Q3-D51-D40 kmt km wr kmt km km km kmt kmt kmyt kmyt knt kni kni kni kni knanw knm knmt knmtyw knn knH knHw kns knkn krp Egyptians Bitter Lakes region a jar total up. profit. complete. final account completion. complete. final account conclusion of book herd of cattle dislike of someone be sullen be sullen sullenness sullenness Canaanites wrap in darkness they who dwell in darkness name of a conquered people Sweet flag dark.

bow down. ?$ !` ?$ q 58 ?<?<4 ?<?<!" ?BL ?B4 ?B0 ?B0 a ?e K0 ?0 6 0 ?e K4 1?e K0 ?B1a` ?B1aE ??S ??KS ??S ??KSf KS ?! E ?!4E ?!K! T5 ?!?!" V31-O4-G1-A2 V31-O4-G1-Y2 V31-O4-G1-D40 V31-O4-D58-E21-A24 V31-V28-V31-V28-A20 V31-V28-V31-V28-X1-A2 V31-O34-F9 V31-O34-A20 V31-O34-A16 V31-O34-A16-D41 V31-S29-G43-A16 V31-A16-Z3 A16 V31-S29-G43-A20 G17-V31-S29-G43-A16 V31-O34-G17-D41-D40 V31-O34-G17-D41-G37 V31-V31-N2 V31-V31-G43-N2 V31-V31-N2 V31-V31-G43-N2-F36-G43-N2 V31-X1-G37 V31-X1-Z1-G37 V31-X1-G43-X1-W10-Z2 V31-X1-V31-X1-A2 khA khA khA khb kHkH kHkHt ks ksi ksi ksi ksw ksw ksw ksw m ksw ksm ksm kk kkw kkw kkw smAw kt kt ktwt ktkt raise the voice. be prostrate bowings bowings bowings bowings bowing defy. profane temple defy. be violent.?$ !" ?$ !. be prostrate bend down. utter a bellow. browbeat be dark of child about to be born darkness darkness twilight pettiness pettiness cauldrons quiet verb verb verb verb . howl become old hacking of cough pose bend down. rage furiously raise the voice utter a bellow harm someone. roar. be prostrate bend down. bow down. browbeat. bow down.

lack. a trifle girl charioteer charioteer be narrow. want dues. constricted. want lack. be lacking be narrow. tribute arm lance an infection monkey be weary be weary cackle Cyperus sedge an offering .loaf verb noun noun verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb . tribute dues. trifling.1?! ?! " G17-V31-X1-V31-X1-A2 V31-X1-V31-X1-Z9-D54 V31-X1-X1-G37 V31-X1-X1-G37-B1 D28-Z1-G47-Z1-N35-G1-D56-D54 D28-Z1-I10-N35-D56-D54 W11-G1-Aa2-G37 W11-G1-V32-G37 W11-G1-Aa2-G37 W11-G1-D19 W11-D19 W11-G1-U33-M17-M3 W11-G1-G43-V32-G37 W11-G1-G43-Aa2-G37-Z2 W11-G1-Z7-X1-Aa2-G37-Z2 W11-G1-X1-V32-G37 W11-G1-X1-G43-V32-V32-V32 W11-G43-Aa2-Z2 W11-G1-D58-D41 W11-G1-Q3-T30 W11-G1-I9 W11-G1-V28-A7 W11-V28-A7 W11-G1-W11-G1-A2 W11-M17-G43-M2-Z2 W11-M17-M17-X6 ?! ?! <n ?! !E ?! !Ep T 4 O4 t!o n T 4 iton U !C E U !@E U !C E U !K UK U!g 1# U !K@E U !K C E 5 U !:! C E 5 U !! @E U !! K@@@ UKC5 U !q a U !# > U !h U!<' U<' U !U !" U 1K"5 U 11& m ktkt ktkt ktt ktt kTn kTn gAw gAw gAw gAw gAw gAti gAw gAw gAwt gAwt gAwt gAwt gbA gAp gAf gAH gAH gAgA giw gy quietly quiver small. constricted deprive of deprive of deprive of shrine lack lack lack. languish.

turn away. abandon become askew. bent. twisted. be choked beseige a city strangle . twisted. turn away.hold strangle . abandon become askew. twisted.U 1h UK! U $ !9 ` U $ !9 ` M U $Rl9 U$!1 189. turn away. bent. bent. turn away. U $ !! 9 # U Kh@ U Kv< U Kvn U Kvî U Kv< ` U Kv< E UKU" UqF Fq H UqqH Uq< U4q Uq<E U q = !a Uqa U !q a U q = !a h 4 Aqqf5 W11-M17-I9 W11-G43-E1 W11-V4-G1-D1-D40 W11-V4-G1-D1-D40-D21 W11-V4-O50-Z4A-D1 W11-V4-G1-M17-M17-Z5-D1-Z8 W11-V4-G1-X1-D1-M3 W11-G43-I9-E32 W11-G43-N37-D4 W11-G43-N37-D54 W11-G43-N37-D55 W11-G43-N37-Z9-D40 W11-G43-N37-Z9-G37 W11-G43-W11-A2 W11-D58-G38 G38-D58-A40 W11-D58-D58-A40 W11-D58-Z9 W11-Z1-D58 W11-D58-Z9-G37 W11-D58-G29-G1-D41 W11-D58-D41 W11-G1-D58-D41 W11-D58-G29-G1-D41-N23-Z1 V33-D58-D58-N21-Z2 gif gw gwA gwA r gwAwA gwAwA gwAt gwf gwS gwS gwS gwS gwS gwg gb gb gb gb gb gb gbA gbA gbA gbA gbb monkey class of bull pull tight. twisted. twisted. abandon become askew. turn away. abandon shout at goose Geb the Earth god Geb the Earth god deficiency.hold chest monkey become askew. abandon become askew. bent. bent. deprivation deficiency deprivation arm arm arm side of room earth divinity divinity .

prostrate Koptos Koptos cloudburst long .UqUq'E UqUq<8 UqUq'E AqAq 1U q U q 1 1! / 1Uq U q !< A q $Q U q $Q ! 4 U # ~t~ U h] U 1 h@ U !h} U htK" U thL" U1! <1:I5 <1 <. be able to do something. prostrate headlong of flight.sighted. espy.tailed monkey monkey monkey rebuff rebuff black ibis black ibis find. control land found destroyed found destroyed temple of head mourning weakness weakness catch sight of. perspicaceous plural verb locality locality verb transitive verb transitive . < 1Kv. U G!s <1:E5 <1K' <1K!' E5 <1<< < 1 < <$ !p W11-D58-W11-D58-A7-G37 W11-D58-W11-D58-Z9-A24 W11-D58-W11-D58-A7-G37 V33-D58-V33-D58 G17-W11-D58-W11-D58-M17-M17X1-A15 G17-W11-D58-W11-D58-X1-Z9 V33-D58-G4-O49 W11-D58-G4-O49-X1-Z1 W11-Q3-N35A-N35-N35A W11-I9-F27 W11-M17-I9-E32 W11-G1-I9-E53 W11-I9-N35-D19-A2 W11-N35-I9-D20-A2 W11-G17-X1 G28-G17-Z7-G41-Z2 G28-G17 G28-D3 G28-G17-G43-N37-D3 W11-U1-G1-F51 G28-G17-Z7-G37-Z2 G28-G17-G43-A7 G28-G17-G43-X1-A7-G37-Z2 G28-G17-V28-D4 G28-G17-V28-D4-V4-G1-N31 gbgb gbgb gbgb gbgb m gbgbt m gbgbt gbtyw gbtyw gp n mw gf gif gAf gfn gfn gmt gmwt gmi gmi wS gmi wS gmA gmw gmw gmwt gmH gmH wA be lame be lame fell enemy fell enemy headlong of flight. use one's hand. look at far .

5 U t! 3 +5 U tb ! 3 3 3 U tb K! 3 3 3 +++ 3!78! 33 U tq ! K. U1<7 K> Ut<eK> <1<e}H <1<1< <1<1<` U1U 1< G28-G17-V28-X1-S28 G28-V28-X1-S28 G28-V28-X1-D3 W11-G17-V28-M23-G43-G158 W11-N35-V28-S29-G43-G158 G28-G17-V28-S29-G158A-A40 G28-G17-G28-G17-Z9 G28-G17-G28-G17-Z9-D40 W11-G17-W11-G17-Z9 W11-N35-R88 W11-N35-W24-Z7-M3-Z2 W11-N35-W24-G43-X1-T19-V12N33A T19-W24-X1-V12-Z2 W11-N35-X1-T19-Y1-Z2 W11-N35-W24-X1-T19-T19-T19 W11-N35-W24-G43-X1-T19-T19T19-Y1-Y1-Y1 T19-X1-Z4-A24-A1 T19-T19 W11-N35-D58-X1-G43-D3-A40-Z3 W11-N35-N35-A7 W11-D35-N35-A7 W11-N35-W24-Z7-X1-A7-G37-Z2 W11-N35-W24-Z7-M17-M17-F51-Z2 W11-N35-W24-Z7-F51-Z2 W11-N35-F32-N34 U t} U tb :#5 U tb K! 3 . be soft be weak.} 3 b!. annals records. be soft weakness suet suet mount poles in gold verb verb noun . annals sculptor sculptor a foreign people from Pwenet be weak.H6 U tt' U [t' U tb :! ' E5 U tb : 1 1 s5 U tb : s5 U tb s gmHt gmHt gmHt gmHsw gmHsw gmHsw gmgm gmgm gmgm gn gnw gnwt gnwt gnwt gnwt gnwt gnwty gnwty gnbtw gnn gnn gnnwt gnwy gnwy gnX candle candle plaited hair hawk hawk hawk smash boxes. annals records. annals records.<1<!d <<!d <<!. annals records. break of trees smash boxes tear up books stand for ritual bowl branches of trees records. tear up books.

further. any more complete. cease. lie falsehood. be satisfied with end. hunt hunter catch of fish falsehood. any more also.U tb ! _ U tb _ U tU % " U M! U! 1U M! U M!" U M" U M" U MK"! U M"! U MK UM 1U M U M" U M < a+ U M < a+ UM<S U MW:8 U MW:8 W! U MW" WE U MWE 5 U tU % " U MW1 1E! W11-N35-F32-X1-N14 W11-N35-F32-N14 W11-N35-W11-M5-A2 W11-D21-X1 W11-X1 M17-W11-D21-X1 W11-D21-X1-A2 W11-D21-A2 W11-D21-A2 W11-D21-G43-A2-A1 W11-D21-A2-A1 W11-D21-G43 W11-D21 M17-W11-D21 W11-D21-A2 W11-D21-V28-D41-Y1 W11-D21-V28-D41-Y1 W11-D21-V28-N2 W11-D21-U17-Z7-A24 W11-D21-U17-Z7-A24 U17-X1 W11-D21-U17-A2 U17-G37 W11-D21-U17-G37-Z2 W11-N35-W11-M5-A2 W11-D21-U17-M17-M17-G37-A1 gnXt gnX gng grt grt grt grt gs gs grw grw grw grw grw grw grH grH grH grg grg grgt grg grg grg grg grgy star serve someone falsehood moreover. further. lie falsehood. finish off. be quiet. cessation night snare wildfowl. any more also. further. further. lie falsehood. any more also. lie liar verb noun adverb adverb adverb adverb verb noun enclitic particle adverb adverb adverb verb noun . be still. desist from silence the silent man the silent man also. now either either either be silent.

make preparation be ready. settle crown on king. set in order.aroura beside. smear on unguent ointment run verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb . provide for. people a place furnish waste lands with veg. half . temple administrative district top. half . smear on unguent anoint someone with. make preparation gazelle gazelle gazelle side. people a place furnish waste lands with veg. set in order. border of land. upper part anoint someone with. found a land. put one's trust in. in the presence of beside. smear on unguent anoint someone with. half. border of land. provide for. show partiality of judge neighbour administrative district. settle crown on king be ready. settle crown on king. establish a house.U MW+ U MW+ W+ W+ W\ U MW+ W+ U<e< oe< U <eo] V4 UeN M N4 : N4 M ] : N4 M ] : N4 N4 1 1 ! N! 4 N! 4 Q N4 : M R NBa 8 U !e ` 8 U B\ NB: b 5 NBn W11-D21-U17-Y1 W11-D21-U17-Y1 U17-Y1 U17-Y1 U17-D36 W11-D21-U17-Y1 U17-Y1 W11-V28-S29-E28 D56-S29-E28 W11-V28-S29-D56-F27 Aa13-Z1 W11-S29-Aa13 D21-Aa13-Z1 D2-Aa13-Z1 D21-D37-D2-Aa13-Z1 D21-D37-D2-Aa13-Z1 Aa13-Z1-M17-M17-A1 Aa13-O1-Z1 Aa13-O1-Z1-O49 Aa13-Z1-D2-D21-N1 Aa13-O34-W23-A24 W11-G1-S29-W22-A24 W11-O34-D36 Aa13-O34-Z7-W24-Z2 Aa13-O34-D54 grg grg grg grg grg grg grg gHs gHs gHs gs gs r gs Hr gs rdi Hr gs rdi Hr gs gsy gs pr gs pr gs Hry gs gs gs gsw gsi found a land. in the presence of put oneself on one's side. half. lay low an enemy incline to one side of balance. put one's trust in.aroura side. establish a house.

course speed.5 !" " . loaf bread.NB! n U e N! n U e R !E UeR!s U e R !! A e R !Q U e R !} AAe7Q NBNB N4 g 1 # NB! # UNg 1 N B gh UU!s UUK7> AAK> UUK> & & K! <5 U!<' ! ! " .loaf used in offerings a type of bread used in ritual offerings a type of bread used in ritual offerings suffix pronoun locality locality locality . run. your bread. favour someone with favour someone with favourite Apollonopolis Kus Apollonopolis Apollonopolis regulate scribe's palette scribe's palette scribe's palette scribe's palette kidney ? stare stare stare stare be tired you. loaf white .5 !"#L !1a ! tq e Aa13-O34-X1-D54 W11-S29-Aa13-X1-D54 W11-S29-Aa17-G1-O37 W11-S29-Aa17-G1-F51 W11-S29-Aa17-G1-A1 V33-S29-Aa17-G1-O49 W11-S29-Aa17-G1-V110 V33-V33-S29-Z4-O49 Aa13-O34-Aa13-O34 Aa13-Z1-U33-M17-M3 Aa13-O34-X1-M3 W11-Aa13-U33-M17 Aa13-O34-U33-M3B W11-W11-X1-F51 W11-W11-G43-Z4-D6 V33-V33-G43-D6 W11-W11-G43-D6 V6-V6-G43-X1-D4-Z2 W11-X1-V28-A7 X1 X1-X2-Z8-Z2 X1-X2 X2-Z8-Z2 X1-X2-T3-M44 X1-G17-N16 X1-N35-D58-S29 gst gst gsA gsA gsA gsA gsA gsA gsgs gsty gsty gsty gsty ggt ggwy ggwy ggwy ggwy gtH t t t t t HD t imy tA t nbs speed. run. loaf bread. course tilt.

j 3 aj . Egypt flat lands as opposed to Hill countries Farafra Oasis larboard larboard larboard larboard the Thinite nome the Thinite nome the Thinite nome Egypt Egypt Egypt Lower Egypt Lower Egypt Nubia God's Land.!"H !! !!1 1! !!1 1? !!1 1h ah4 aa aaa a h4!5 ahDM bD^ ^D 1D aD M = < `D M Q aM M 1 % j aM M 1 vQ bM M7 >Q a6<K/ X1-X2-A40 t tA tAy . the my your his earth. land. Punt ? cryptic writing of DHwty NOT transliterated as t demonstrative and definite article possessive adjective possessive adjective possessive adjective locality plural locality locality locality locality locality locality locality locality locality locality locality b/Q at5e . ground the Two Lands.k tAy .i tAy .f tA tAwy tAw tA iHw tA wr tA wr tA wr tA wr tA wr tA wr tA wr tA mri tA mri tA mri tA mHw tA mHw tA nHsy tA nTr Thoth X1-G1 X1-G1-M17-M17-A1 X1-G1-M17-M17-V31 X1-G1-M17-M17-I9 N16-N23-Z1 N16-N16 N16-N16-N16 N16-N23-Z1-E1-Z2 N16-N23-G36-D21 N17-G36-S22 S22-G36 O17-G36 N16-G36-D21-R18 R17 P5-G36-D21-O49 N16-U7-D21-M17-M5-N25 N16-U7-D21-M17-N37-O49 N17-U7-D21-Z4-M30-O49 N16-V22-V28-G43-M15 N17-M15-O49 N16-N35-G21-S29-T14-N25 R8-N16-N25 this.

!p5 a-6 6 H a-ttH a4 h66ttH af4e Mj ae !d ! d !! !d!' ! d !8 d 4 ! d !: ' 6 !d!' ! d !: ' +5 !d!1 1!d N16-D21-D46-D56-O40 N16-Aa32-N17 N16-M26-D36-G43-N24 N16-M26 N16-G17-G43-A1-B1-Z2 N17-N17-U15-G43 N16-U15-G17-Z2 N17-N17-X1-U15-G17-Y1 N17-N17-U15-G17-Y1-A1-B1-Z3 N17-N17-N21A-N21A-X1-U15-A1B1-Z2 N16-V13-G17-V28-T14-C104 N16-N23-Z1-U33-G17-V28-M17T14-A1-B1-Z2 N16-V13-M22-M22-A40 N16-V13-N35-N35-A40 N16-Z1-N23-M22-M22-N35-N35A40 N16-N21-Z1-D45-D21-N25 N16-D45 X1-U30 X1-U30-G1-O1 X1-U30-G1-Q7 X1-U30-G1-A24-F34-Z1 X1-U30-G1-Z7-Q7-Z3 X1-U30-G1-Q7 X1-U30-G1-Z7-Q7-Y1-Z2 X1-U30-G1-M17-M17-X1-S28 tA rd tA sty tA Smaw tA Smaw tA tmw tA tmw tA tmw tA tmw tA tmw tA tmw tA TmH tA TmH tA Tnn tA Tnn tA Tnn tA Dsr tA Dsr tA tA tA tA ib tAw tAw tAw tAyt stairway Nubia Upper Egypt Upper Egypt all men all men all men all men all men all men southern Libya southern Libya Memphite earth .a MfoH aab a:\Ki a: a1K!p 5 bbUK aU15 bb!U1+ bbU1+! p 6 bbKK!U!p 5 a-1 < .god Memphite earth .god Memphite earth .god the Sacred Land necropolis the Sacred Land necropolis kiln kiln hot. hot .tempered hot temper heat heat heat shroud locality locality divinity divinity divinity locality locality locality . } ah4 g1< 1.

dregs boundary boundary boundary boundary fix the limits of pestle an amulet an amulet not translated not translated image. shape. design. written sign image.maker mischief . design. shape. form.maker lees. figure. design. written sign image. form.0!4d !d!1 1!70 !d!1 1!0 1 0!! !d!1 1!k ! d !1 1 ! dp ! d !1:m !d !<I"! ! d !< In! !d!<!b5 ! d !v< h ! d v< ! d vf ! v<f 4 ! v< n g!4G }!4 g!4} g1 g ! 1!I !I ! 1I 1!I O16-X1-Z1-S28 X1-U30-G1-M17-M17-X1-Z4-O16 X1-U30-G1-M17-M17-X1-O16 O17 O16-X1-X1 X1-U30-G1-M17-M17-X1-I12 X1-U30-G1-M17-M17-X1-S28-B1 X1-U30-G1-G17-Z7-I14 X1-U30-G1-V28-G41-A2-A1 X1-U30-G1-V28-G41-D54-A1 X1-U30-G1-V28-X1-W24-Z2 X1-U30-G1-N37-Z9-N23 X1-U30-N37-Z9 X1-U30-N37-N21 X1-N37-Z9-N21-Z1 X1-N37-Z9-D54 U33-X1-Z1-O39 V39-X1-Z1 U33-X1-Z1-V39 U33-M17 U33 X1-M17-X1-D17 X1-D17 X1-M17-D17 M17-X1-D17 tAyt tAyty tAyt tAyty tAyty tAyt tAyt tAmw tAH tAH tAHt tAS tAS tAS tAS tAS tit tit tit ti ti tit tit tit tit shroud the shrouded one of Osiristitle of Vizier shroud the shrouded one of Osiris the shrouded one of Osiristitle of Vizier goddess of weaving goddess of weaving worm. form. figure. design. shape. figure. form. figure. written sign image. bane mischief . written sign non enclitic particle non enclitic particle divinity divinity . shape.

a tree. a tree. that I you lean on lean on. and its spice ? trample on foe trample on foe trample on foe trample on foe you one this. figure. written sign written sign acute pain shriek yes quarterstaff quarterstaff Cinnamon. sustain hold up. design. shape. a tree.-1!I ! 1!G ! 1 !U ! 1 !U" g:" g7 K# $7 K# gS# gHef gRe r5 ! 1! 1n ! 1! 1` ! 1! 1o ! 1! 1} !K !K !K !K! !K? ! $ !4 -$+ ! $ !4 ! $ !4 ! $ !` V13-M17-X1-D17 X1-M17-X1-D15 X1-M17-G1-F18 X1-M17-G1-F18-A2 U33-Z7-A2 U33-M23-G43-M3 G4-M23-G43-M3 U33-A51-M3 U33-A40B-S29-M1A U33-A50-S29-N33-Z2 X1-M17-X1-M17-D54 X1-M17-X1-M17-D40 X1-M17-X1-M17-D56 X1-M17-X1-M17-A459 X1-G43 X1-G43 X1-G43 X1-G43-A1 X1-G43-V31 X1-V4-G1-A20 V13-V4-Y1 X1-V4-G1-A20 X1-V4-G1-A20 X1-V4-G1-D40 tit tit tiA tiA tiw tisw tisw tiSps tiSps tiSps titi titi titi titi tw tw tw tw . support. and its spice ? Cinnamon. hold up.k twA twA twA twA twA image. form. set crown on head hold up indefinite pronoun demonstrative compound pronoun compound pronoun verb intransitive verb transitive / intransitive and noun verb transitive noun noun . and its spice ? Cinnamon. sustain.i tw . set crown on head support.

claim from someone. claim from someone. inferior man of low station. appeal to someone claim poverty man of low station. that rise. appeal to someone claim put a claim on. inferior one of the seven sacred oils one of the seven sacred oils this.! $ !" ! $ !" ! $ !> ! $ !4 " !$$ ! $ !> ! !$!1 1:>"! !$K!T !$!S !K11 ! B t!8 !DM3 !M1%" !DM8 !D !DM1! !DM13+ !D !DM13+ !DM1! !DM8 !DM3" !DM3" !DM> gDM X1-V4-G1-A2 X1-V4-G1-A2 X1-V4-G1-A30 X1-V4-G1-A20-A2 X1-V4-A4 X1-V4-G1-A30-A1 X1-V4-G1-M17-M17-Z7-A30-A2-A1 X1-V4-G43-X1-W10B X1-V4-X1-W9 X1-G43-M17-M17 X1-E34-N35-E1-A24 X1-G36-D21-T19 X1-D21-M17-M5-M2 X1-G36-D21-A24 X1-G36 X1-G36-D21-M17-A1 X1-G36-D21-M17-T19-Y1 X1-G36 X1-G36-D21-M17-T19-Y1 X1-G36-D21-M17-A1 X1-G36-D21-A24 X1-G36-D21-T19-A2 X1-G36-D21-T19-A2 X1-G36-D21-A30 U33-G36-D21 twA twA twA twA twA twAw twAw twAwt twAwt twy twn twr twr twr twr twr twr twr twr twr twr twr twr twr twr put a claim on. raise reed reed be clean be clean be clean be clean cleanse cleanse cleanse cleanse cleanse be clean show respect to show respect to verb noun verb noun demonstrative adjective verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive .

chief. likeness like n show respect to show respect to statue. full.. in the direction of. chief. example mathematics. image. suitable. the best of into the presence of in front of. headman... pleasing fair.. before of time previously from. natural to.. likeness statue. be in accord. complete suitable. united.. fitting.. image. figure. figure. fitting fair. pleasing likeness you you pay payment. example mathematics..marrow ? hoist hoist head. pleasing be pleased. reward bone . fair. entire. tip of toe. assembled. figure.down to independent pronoun pronoun . the best of head.. headman. likeness statue... image.!DM13" !DM13+ !K! U U !K!7 !K! U+ !K! U+ !!K+ !!+ !!U ! :! ! U+5 !K! U+ ! K-t5 !q 11< ! q ! <+5 ! q tC !q!q!` -q -q ! 94 9# M94t 941 9411 194t X1-G36-D21-M17-T19-A2 X1-G36-D21-M17-T19-Y1 X1-G43-X1-A53 A53 X1-G43-X1-A23H X1-G43-X1-A53-Y1 X1-G43-X1-A53-Y1 X1-X1-G43-Y1 X1-X1-Y1 X1-X1-A53 X1-Z7-X1-X1-A53-Y1-Z2 X1-G43-X1-A53-Y1 X1-G43-V13-N35-Z2 X1-D58-M17-M17-Z9 X1-D58-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 X1-D58-N35-Aa2 X1-D58-X1-D58-V1-D40 V13-D58-V13-D58-V1 D1-Z1 D1-Q3 D21-D1-Z1-N35 D1-Z1-G17 D1-Z1-M17-G17 G17-D1-Z1-N35 twr twr twt twt twt twt twt twt twt twt twtt Twt Twtn tby tbt tbn tbtb tbtb tp tp r tp n tp m tp im m. tip of toe.

beginning of region beside. first. former of time. ancestors former state journey. ancestors predecessors. high priest due time to do something Aphroditopolis Atfih sacred barque for the river before time into the presence of who are in front of of place. escorting a good beginning successfully adjective adjective noun adjective adjective noun noun locality . in the neighbourhood of. accompanying. former of time predecessors. who takes precedence of of rank predecessors. before of place who had been before of time.94! 94 94 94V4> 94!l 9#7 ( 9# 9 4 1 !! L V 9 4 !5Q K 1 !^ 9 4 1 ! M Ku~ 94\4 M94\4t 9\K 9\K 9\K 9#K\4S6 9#K\4S6 (K\ 9K\ 1 1 9#!\4 94p! 4 94HL\Y 94e M94 e D1-Z1-A1 D1-Z1 D1-Z1 D1-Z1-N5-Z1-V30 D1-Z1-X1-I13 D1-Q3-Z4 T8 D1-Q3 D1-Z1-M17-G1-X1-F9-N5 D1-Z1-E1-Z2-O49 G43-M17-G1-P3-D1-Z1-M17-X1D21-G43-N36-N35A D1-Z1-D36-Z1 D21-D1-Z1-D36-Z1-N35 D1-D36-G43 D1-D36-G43 D1-D36-G43 D1-Q3-G43-D36-Z1-A51-Z3 D1-Q3-G43-D36-Z1-A51-Z3 T8-G43-D36 D1-G43-D36-M17-M17 D1-Q3-X1-D36-Z1 D1-Z1-N31-X1-Z1 D1-Z1-U2-Aa11-D36-H2 D1-Z1-F35 D21-D1-Z1-F35 tp tp tp tp ra nb tpt tpy tpy tpy tp iAt tp iHw wiA tp itrw tp a r tp a n tp awy tp awy tp awy tp awy tp awy tp awy tp awy tpt a tpt wAt tp mAa tp nfr r tp nfr person. high priest being upon. first. before of place who had been before of time. first. principal. ancestors who are in front of of place. high priest being upon. principal. principal. people financial principal upon daily uraeus being upon.

! " t9# M4 94 M4 9# M4 97 M4 9! M4 9#! M4 94V4 94 $!4 948 94o4 94o4+ 94 Mfo4+5 9o!8 94&!! 94: M! 94<eqC+ 9C+ 9 4 B tb! 4 94t}P! +\4 94 ]KE 94: 94ahH 9#b! 9 $M 9&6 X1-X2-N35-D1-Q3-D21-Z1 D1-Z1-D21-Z1 D1-Q3-D21-Z1 D1-Z4-D21-Z1 D1-X1-D21-Z1 D1-Q3-X1-D21-Z1 D1-Z1-N5-V20 D1-Z1-M4-X1-Z1 D1-Z1-M24 D1-Z1-D56-Z1 D1-Z1-D56-Z1-Y1 D1-Z1-D21-D46-D56-Z1-Y1-Z2 D1-D56-X1-A24 D1-Z1-O6-X1-O1 D1-Z1-D2-D21-A1 D1-Z1-V28-S29-D58-Aa2-Y1 D1-Aa2-Y1 D1-Z1-Aa1-N35-I3-X1-Z1 D1-Z1-N35-S126-Aa15-X1-Y1-D36Z1 D1-Z1-H6-G43-G37 D1-Z1-M26 D1-Z1-N16-N23-A40 D1-Q3-N17-A1 D1-M4-W3 D1-M6-Z3 t n tp r tpy r tpy r tpy r tpt r tpt r tp ra mD tp rnpt tp rsy tp rd tp rd tp rd tpt rd tpt Hwt tp Hry tp Hsb tp Hsb tp xnt tp sSmt a tp Sw tp rsy tpy tA tpy tA tp tA tp tA bread for the mouth utterance utterance. conduct. regulations. financial principle. governance instructions. rectitude reckoning act of tyranny specification destitution the South survivor survivor Beginning-of-the-Season festival Beginning-of-the-Season festival . base of triangle. duty. norm. standard of speech. correct method. radius of circle financial principle utterance utterance ten .day 'week' annual the South instructions. regulations instructions. regulations task roof master reckoning.

1 h!? ! hon ! h 1 1 ! o n5 ! ht! k ! hb ! k ! h t !f ! htE! !U1!# !U!4 !U1 D1-Q3-V13-D21-G43-M4-N5 D1-Z1-D46-V4-G1-M17-M17-X1N14-N5-Z4A D1-Z1-Q3-X1-W24-Z2 X1-Q3-M17-D19-D40 X1-Q3-M17-G43-E1 X1-Q3-M17-D19-E1 X1-Q3-N35-N35-N33-Z2 X1-Q3-M22-M22-N35-N35-N33-Z2 X1-Q3-D21-D20 V13-Q3-M17-D19 X1-Q3-M17-D19-D40 X1-I9 X1-I9-G1 X1-I9-G1-N31 X1-I9-T31 V13-M17-I9-G1-T31 X1-I9-D56-D54 X1-I9-M17-M17-X1-D56-D54-Z2 X1-I9-N35-X1-I12 X1-I9-W24-X1-I12 X1-I9-N35-X1-B7C X1-I9-N35-G37-A1 X1-U15-G17-X1-M3 X1-U15-X1-Z1 X1-U15-G17 tp tA tp dwAyt tpt tpr tpiw tpiw tpnn tpnn tpr tpr tpr tf tf tf tf tf tfi tfi tfnt tfnt tfnt tfn tmt tmt tm Beginning-of-the-Season festival dawn fine oil breathe ox ox cumin cummin breathe breathe breathe that over there that over there that over there saw saw leap leap Tefnet Tefnet Tefnut orphan sledge sledge negates the sentence negative verb verb infinitive divinity divinity divinity demonstrative adjective demonstrative adjective demonstrative adjective .9#-MK$V 94f$!1 1! _Vl 94#!b5 !# 1K` !# 1K! !# 1K! ! # tt r5 ! # 66tt r5 !# ML -# 1 K !# 1K` !h ! h! ! h!p ! h? .

everyone totality of men. cease perish close the mouth.of . everyone totality of men. to hush be complete. entire. everyone totality of men. everything.U1 !U !U1[ U1E !U[1 !U1" !U1 >H! U1 !U1K!p 5 !U!p5 ! Un! p 6 aU1K!p 5 bbU1+! p 6 : Mt! UF U15-G17 X1-U15 X1-U15-G17-D35 U15-G17-G37 X1-U15-D35-G17 X1-U15-G17-A2 X1-U15-G17 V30-A40-X1-U15-G17 X1-U15-G17-G43-A1-B1-Z2 X1-U15-A1-B1-Z2 X1-U15-D54-A1-B1-Z3 N16-U15-G17-G43-A1-B1-Z2 N17-N17-U15-G17-Y1-A1-B1-Z3 D2-D21-N35-X1-U15-O38A D2-D21-N1-O38 X1-U1-G1-V19 X1-U1-S23 X1-U1-G1-G17-V19-Z1 X1-U1-G1-M17-M17-X1-V19 X1-U1-G1-G17-X1-M2-Z2 X1-U2-X1-Z5 X1-U15-O34-D54 U33-F31-S29-Z7-M3-Z2 X1-N35 V13-N35 tm tm tm tm tm tm tm nb tm tmw tmw tmw tmw tmw Hr n tm Hr tm tmA tmA tmA tmAyt tmAyt tmAyt tms tmsw tn tn negates the sentence negates the sentence negates the sentence perish. complete. the universe Lord .All totality of men. everyone chief of land register ? chief of land register ? mat mat mat mat mat mat turn the face to someone panelling this this negative negative negative : MRF ! G!3 ! G_ ! G!13 4 ! G!1 1! 3 ! G!1! "5 !H!8 ! UBn g ae :#5 !t -t demonstrative pronoun demonstrative pronoun . everyone totality of men.

distinguish. be distinguished of actions.I+ ! tl.I} ! t.! t5 ! t.Ip ! t7. be distinguished of actions. run at random of cattle turn aside. speech lift up. deflect of balance. your where ?. census grow old grow old old age old age external signs of old age old man. err. distinguish. promote. speech number number quantity. shrink from. whence ? where ?. whence ? where ?. go astray. whence ? distinction lift up.I ! t. gloom darkness. err. numbering. be confused of roads deflect of balance turn aside.I ! tb K. whence ? where ?. elder turn aside. go astray. number. promote. deflect of balance.I ! tb K+5 ! tb :.Ip ! tb K.4C !t14 ! t4 !t1C5 -t 1 4 ! tq b n !tB1î !tB1E -t B 1î !tB1KS !tB1K] !tB1Kn X1-N35-Z2 X1-N35-T14-G41 X1-N35-W24-G43-T14-G41 X1-N35-T14-G41-N31 X1-N35-Z4-T14-G41-N31 X1-N35-W24-G43-T14-G41-Y1V X1-N35-T14-G41-Y1 X1-N35-Z4A-T14-G41 X1-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 X1-N35-W24-Z7-T14-G41-Y1-Z2 X1-N35-W24-G43-X1-Y1-Z2 X1-N35-M17-A20 X1-N35-M17-T14-A20-Aa2 X1-N35-M17-A20 X1-N35-A20 X1-N35-M17-Aa2-Z2 V13-N35-M17-A20 X1-N35-D58-F32-D54 X1-N35-T34-G17-D55 X1-N35-T34-G17-G37 V13-N35-T34-G17-D55 X1-N35-T34-G17-G43-N2 X1-N35-T34-G17-G43-F27 X1-N35-T34-G17-G43-D54 tn tn tn tn tn tnw tnw tnw tnw tnw tnwt tni tni tni tni tni tni tnbX tnm tnm tnm tnmw tnmw tnmw you.I+5 ! tb K! +5 !t14 !t1. gloom interrogative variant of Tn interrogative variant of Tn interrogative variant of Tn interrogative variant of Tn variant of Tnw variant of Tni variant of Tni noun variant of Tnw noun variant of Tnw variant of Tnwt verb verb noun noun . gloom darkness. be confused of roads darkness. swerve.

mislead. season time. err go astray transgress attack with lead astray. greet respectfully. overstep path. disobey noun noun verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive dual dual dual plural plural plural enclitic particle enclitic particle enclitic particle . attack with.winged plover time. transgress. trespass. season time. worship god. season time. show respect respect someone. greet respectfully show respect respect respect go astray. pray forsooth. pray respect someone. season seasons seasons seasons seasons seasons seasons forsooth. pray forsooth.!tB1:b5 ! t66t! ! ! t-7 ! M&V &V 1! MV ! M1&V ! M&VV ! MK&VV ! M 1&7KVV 1! M&V5 ! MK $V5 1K! MK&V5 ! M&" !7 !& ! M&>+ ! M&+ ! M11> !M11!& ! M11> !$on !$n ! $ !o n !$o !$on X1-N35-T34-G17-Z7-W24-Z2 X1-N35-M22-M22-N35-X1-O1 X1-N35-V13-G23 X1-D21-M6-N5 M6-N5 M17-X1-D21-N5 X1-D21-M17-M6-N5 X1-D21-M6-N5-N5 X1-D21-G43-M6-N5-N5 X1-D21-M17-M6-Z4-G43-N5-N5 M17-X1-D21-M6-N5-Z2 X1-D21-G43-M4-N5-Z2 M17-G43-X1-D21-G43-M6-N5-Z2 X1-D21-M6-A2 X1-Z4 X1-M6 X1-D21-M6-A30-Y1 X1-D21-M6-Y1 X1-D21-M17-M17-A30 X1-D21-M17-M17-X1-M6 X1-D21-M17-M17-A30 X1-O4-D56-D54 X1-O4-D54 X1-O4-G1-D56-D54 X1-O4-D56 X1-O4-D56-D54 tnmw Tnmt tnT tr tr tr tr trwy trwy trwy trw trw trw tr ty tr tr tr tr tryt tryt thi thi thi thi thi beer a Memphite sanctuary spur .

Aa1-D3 thi thi thi thw thw thm thm thm thm thr tHwy tHwy tx tx txi txi txi txt txw txy txb txn txn txn txtx impugn one's character. injure eye. penetrate.Aa1-N35-O25 O25 X1. undertake works. crumple papers verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb verb verb . drink deep be drunk drink deep drunkenness drunkard the second month immerse.Aa1-W24 X1. incite. falsify account neglect appointed dates.Aa1-X1.Aa1-W24-A24 X1. X1-O4-D56-D54 X1-O4-D56-D54 X1-O4-G37 X1-O4-G43-D56-D54-A1 X1-O4-D56-D54-A1 X1-O4-G17-D56-D54 X1-O4-G17-D56-D40 X1-O4-G17-D56-Y24 D56-Y24 X1-O4-G43-D21-A1 U33-V28-Z7-Z4-N33-Z2 U33-V28-Z7-Z4-N33-Z2 X1-Aa1-W24 X1.Aa1-X1-W24 X1.Aa1-N35A X1. violate corpse falsify account transgressor transgressor perforate.Aa1-T55 X1. puncture a Syrian warrior pea pea plummet of balance plummet of balance be drunk. knock on door destroy perforation.reject petitions.Aa1-D58-N35A X1. puncture perforation. drive cattle.Aa1-G43-W24-A1 X1.!$on !$on !$E ! $ Ko n! ! $ o n! !$1on !$ 1o` !$ 1o@ o@ !$KM! g <:7 r5 g <:7 r5 !Bb !B} !Bb !Bb8 !B~ !B!b !B Kb! !B7M !Bq~ ! B t= ! B t9 9 !B!B.Aa1-Z4-W3 X1.Aa1-N35-D5 X1. pierce the sky of pylons obelisk obelisk disorder hair. destroy. irrigate injury to eye.

!B!Bn X1.Aa1-X1.Aa1-D54 txtx disorder hair .

approach. be missing be near. entire full. desist from be missing from be missing from deserter spit out smash heads.your suffix pronoun suffix pronoun verb noun verb verb verb verb verb verb verb . your you. draw near. grind corn. attack someone attackers full. ! X1-Aa1-X1-Aa1-V1 X1-N37-D54 X1-N37-Z4-D54 X1-N37-Z9-D54 X1-U30-N37-Z9-D54 X1-N37-D56-D54 X1-N37-G43-A1 X1-N37-D26 X1-N37-Z9-D40 X1-M8-Z9-D36 X1-N37-D58-Z9 X1-N37-X1-N37-Z9-D40 X1-D28-Q7 X1-D28-Q7 X1-D28-G1-Q7 X1-D28-G1-G43-Q7 X1-V31-N35-D54 X1-V31-N35-W24-Z7-D54-A1-B1-Z2 X1-V31-D21-A1 X1-V31-S29-D54 X1-V31-V31-Z7-D40 X1-V31-V31-Z7-A223-Z2 X1-X1 X1-X1-Y2 V13 X1 txtx tSi tSi tSi tSi tSi tSw tS tS tS tSb tStS tkA tkA tkA tkAw tkn tknw tkr tks tkk tkkw twt twt T T crumple papers desist from be missing from be absent from. taper. split wood smash heads. entire you.!B!B! ! vn ! v7 n ! v< n ! d v< n ! vo n ! vK! ! vR ! v< ` ! (<\ ! vq < ! v! v<` !T' !T' !T!' ! T !K ' ! ?tn ! ?tb :n! p 5 !?M! !?e n !??:` !??:h 5 !! !!. split wood smash crush torch. attack someone. flame illumine illumine the rite of torch . grind corn. border on neighbours opponent pierce violate frontier.

gang. partisans staff. gang. woodwork staff. shave. partisans staff. seize. snatch. a gathering up of things bearer standard bearer fan bearer weapon bearer sculptor bearer plural collective noun collective noun collective noun . don garment. seize. rob.! 6 +! ! 6 O4G O4 O4' 1m Or O!1 1K} O+d 4 O!8 O!k` Ok` O 1 1 k` O!:8 O!K! 8 O:k` Ok Om Om\#5 O+! 4 O] V13-X1-Z1-R3P R3P-X1-Z1 V13-X1-Z1-M3 V13-X1-Z1-A1-Z2 R3C-A1-Z3 Y1-X1-A1-Z3 G47-Z1-G39 G47-Z1 G47-Z1-G7 A17-D53 G47-N33 G47-G1-M17-M17-G43-N33A G47-Y1-F34-Z1 G47-G1-A24 G47-G1-D51-D40 G47-D51-D40 G47-M17-M17-D51-D40 G47-G1-Z7-A24 G47-G1-G43-X1-A24 G47-Z7-D51-D40 G47-S35 G47-S37 G47-N28-D36-M3-Z2 G47-Y1-X1-Z1 G47-U23 Tt Tt Tt Tt Tt Tt TA TA TA TA TA TAyw TA ib TAw TAw TAw TAw TAw TAwt TAw TAw sryt TAw xw TAw xaw TAw mDAt TAw table table board. harbour enemies take up. gang. steal. rob. seize. shave. shave. steal. don garment. steal. harbour enemies don garment take up. harbour enemies theft. rob. snatch. shave. rob. partisans fledgling figurative for Child fledgling figurative for Child fledgling figurative for Child boy pellet pellets able take up. don garment. snatch. don garment.-! 4 { {!4 -! 4 # -! 4 ! 5 . snatch. seize. steal. harbour enemies take up.

take possession of lordship by king make fast. air. O!1l O!1 & O!1d O!1d: 4 O!M3 O!1 M. swaddling . fasten on. fasten on. take possession of lordship by king make fast. O!:+ `K ` `K r 5 `D M Q `D u O!Kd! Oq } O!q ! O O! q .O!1 1m! O} 1 1 G47-G1-M17-M17-D53-A1 G47-D280-M17-M17 D52-E3 G47-G43-V12 G47-G1-Z7-Y1 P5-G43 P5 P5-G43-N33-Z2 P5-G36-D21-O49 P5-G36-N36 G47-G1-G43-S28-X1 G47-D58-W66 G47-G1-D58-X1-U9 G47-X1-D58-Y2 G47-G1-G17-D52 G47-G1-G17-V6 G47-G1-G17-S28 G47-G1-G17-S28-D2-Z1 G47-G1-D21-V19 G47-G1-M17-D21-T12-D40 G47-G1-D21-D32-D40 G47-G1-D21-X1-V19-O1 G47-X1-Z1-A1 G47-X1-X1 G47 l# OK.clothes. entrenched camp vizier vizier vizier verb verb locality noun noun noun noun . fasten cabin.` O!MX ` O!M! 3! O! 4! O! ! O TAy TAy TAy TAw TAw TAw TAw TAw TA wr TAw wr TAwt TAb TAbt TAbt TAm TAm TAm TAm Hr TAr TAr TAr TArt TAty TAty TAty male. man male. bandage veil show indulgence make fast. breath wind air Thinite nome an outlying district of Egypt ? sail a vessel loan loan foreskin cloak. man bull calf book book wind.

soles of feet sandals. soles of feet sandals. sole be shod. prance of animals verb verb dual dual dual dual dual independent pronoun independent pronoun dependent pronoun dependent pronoun . provide with sandals be shod sandal maker be quick leap. soles of feet sandal.-1!H -KH -1-1n -K !K -B tS -B t` -K! !K! U+ -q } -! q ` -q Ki !q Kii ii i!4 -q ! i i -q K! 7 i !q 11!ii !q!i -q i !qi i:! -q tn -q $ to n5 O! 7 G47-X1-Z4 V13-M17-X1-O40 V13-G43-O40 V13-M17-V13-M17-D54 V13-G43 X1-G43 V13-E34-N35-F16 V13-E34-N35-D40 V13-G43-X1 X1-G43-X1-A53-Y1 V13-D58-U103 V13-X1-D58-W22 V13-D58-G43-S33 X1-D58-G43-S33-S33 S33-S33 S33-X1-Z1 V13-D58-X1-S33-S33 V13-D58-G43-X1-Z4-S33 X1-D58-M17-M17-X1-S33-S33 X1-D58-X1-S33 V13-D58-S33 X1-D58-S33 S33-Z7-A1 V13-D58-N35-D54 V13-D58-O4-N35-D56-D54-Z2 TAty Tit Tit TiTi Tw tw Twn Twn Twt Twt Tb Tbt Tbw Tbwy Tbwty Tbwt Tbwty Tbwty Tbwty Tbwt Tbi Tbi Tbw Tbn Tbhn vizier dais dais trot you you. your gore with horn gore with horn. stick into you you crate vase sole of foot soles of feet sandals. soles of feet sandal. sole sandals.

-$ q tn} -# < ! ! !#<!! -# < ! L -# < ! L} -G3 f 4 34 h -G_ ! G134 -G\ -G\ ? -1 < . violet red. prance of animals cavern. ! !1<. ruddy. your you. your you. violet red.!5 g1< 1. your dependent pronoun dependent pronoun suffix & dependent pronoun suffix & . harm you.k TmH TmHw TmHw Tms Tms Tms Tms Tms Tms Tmsw Tn Tn Tn Tn leap. hole of snake cavern cavern cavern cadaster cadaster cadaster cadaster strong . violet red.!p5 -1e g 1e!1e-+ ! ae-+ g ae-+ g aBK-E5 -t !t -t5 ! t5 V13-O4-D58-N35-D54-N33A V13-Q3-V28-X1-O1 X1-Q3-V28-X1-O1 V13-Q3-V28-X1-N44 V13-Q3-V28-X1-N44-N89 V13-U1-V19-N21-Z1 V19-Z1-N23 V13-U1-S23 X1-U1-G17-V19-Z1 V13-U1-D36 V13-U1-D36-V31 V13-G17-V28-T14-A1 X1-G17-V28-T14-A1-Z2 U33-G17-V28-M17-T14-A1-B1-Z2 V13-G17-S29-Y3 U33-G17-S29-Y3 X1-G17-S29-Y3-Y1 X1-F31-S29-Y3-Y1 U33-F31-S29-Y3-Y1 Y3 U33-F31-O34-G43-Y3-G37-Z2 V13-N35 X1-N35 V13-N35-Z2 X1-N35-Z2 Tbhn TpHt TpHt TpHt TpHt TmA TmA TmA TmA TmA awy TmA a . violet be besmeared be besmeared injury. your you. ruddy. ruddy.armed your arm is strong Libyan Libyans Libyans red. ruddy.

I+ -tb : . be distinguised of actions lift up. your where ?. I" ! tbK. promote. distinguish from. I ! t. promote.I" -t! .I+ -t. promote be distinguised of actions difference between x & y distinction distinction old man basin basin Thinis Thinis Thinis number. Ib K+ -tb K+5 ! tb :.I ! t. whence ? where ?. promote.I+ -t 1 4 -t 1 > pt 1 T -t. numbering. counting. H + ! t. whence ? lift up. whence ? whither ? where ?. every. whence ? where ?. 1 Q -tQ -t 1 7 Q -t.Ip ! tb K. be distinguised of actions lift up.I -t. distinguish from. be distinguised of actions be distinguised of actions lift up.-t7 -t.I+5 V13-N35-Z4 V13-N35-T14-G41 D21-V13-N35-T14-G41 X1-N35-T14-G41-N31 X1-N35-Z4-T14-G41-N31 X1-N35-W24-G43-T14-G41 V13-N35-T14-G41 V13-N35-T14-Y1 X1-N35-Z4A-T14-G41 X1-N35-T14-G41-Y1 V13-N35-T14-G40-Y1 X1-N35-T14-G41-A2 V13-N35-X1-T14-G41-Y1 V13-N35-W24-Z7-T14-G41-A2 X1-N35-W24-G43-T14-G41-Y1 V13-N35-M17-A20 V13-N35-M17-V30 N31-N35-M17-W10 V13-N35-T14-M17-O49 V13-N35-O49 V13-N35-M17-Z4-O49 V13-N35-T14-G41-W24-G43-Y1 V13-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 X1-N35-W24-Z7-T14-G41-Y1-Z2 Tny Tn r Tn Tn Tn Tn Tni Tni Tni Tni Tni Tni Tnt Tnw Tnw Tni Tni Tni Tni Tni Tni Tnw Tnw Tnw you two. distinguish from. every time that number number dependent pronoun suffix pronoun dual interrogative interrogative interrogative interrogative interrogative verb verb verb verb verb verb locality locality locality . I M -t. each. + ! tl. I -t.Ip ! t7.

explanation enjoyment bag sail sanctuary at Memphis sanctuary at Memphis sanctuary at Memphis eager. numbering. ! tb K+5 -tb K! +5 -t! . IM -t. I+ -tb K! !5 ! tb K! +5 -t! . number. the dead census of the dead census of cattle census of prisoners census of the dead reminder. I~ M 4 I~ M4 -t. explanation reminder. I.-b . valour hawk sacred cattle dais dais dais dais willow willow plural plural a religious festival a religious festival noun . prisoners. b K M -th" -th! d -th 1 1 ! d -6 6 t! ! -tt! ! ! t66t! ! -t5 M 4 ` -t: M b G -t! ! !5 -tO! H -t! ! H ! tOI! 4 Ot-1 1! H -M!! g M!! V13-W24-Y2 X1-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 V13-N35-W24-G43-X1-Y1-Z2 V13-N35-X1-T14-G41-Y1 V13-N35-W24-G43-X1-E1-Z2 X1-N35-W24-G43-X1-Y1-Z2 V13-N35-X1-T14-G41-W3 V13-N35-T14-G41-N35A-D21-Z1 G41-N35A-D21-Z1 V13-N35-T14-G41-Y2-W24-G43D21 V13-N35-I9-A2 V13-N35-I9-X1-S28 V13-N35-I9-M17-M17-X1-S28 V13-M22-M22-N35-X1-O1 V13-N35-N35-X1-O1 X1-N35-M22-M22-N35-X1-O1 V13-N35-Z2-D21-Z1-D40 V13-N35-D2-D21-W24-G39 V13-N35-X1-X1-E1-Z2 V13-N35-G47-X1-O40 V13-N35-X1-X1-O40 X1-N35-G47-O41-X1-Z1 G47-N35-V13-M17-M17-X1-O40 V13-D21-X1-M1 U33-D21-X1-M1 Tnw Tnw Tnwt Tnwt Tnwt Tnwt Tnwt Tn r Tn r Tn r Tnf Tnft Tnfyt Tnnt Tnnt Tnnt Tnr TnHr Tntt TnTAt TnTAt TnTAt TnTAt Trt Trt number number quantity. census of cattle. explanation reminder.

bbbK -< <U" -< < ! K+5 V13-D21-M17-M17-X1-A30 V13-D21-Q3-G54 X1-D21-Q3-G41 V13-D21-G17-D6 V13-O4-G17-A2 V13-O4-G17-D54 V13-V28-G43-A2 V13-V28-G43-F18-Z2 V13-V28-G43-A2 V13-V28-G43-F18-Y1-Z2 V13-V28-N35-D54 V13-V28-N35-D36 V13-V28-N35-S17 S15 V13-V28-S16-N35-X1-N33A U33-V28-N35-X1-S15 S15-N35-X1-N33-Z2 U33-V28-N35-X1-N33-Z2 V13-T14-V28-W24-W24-W24-N18 T14-W24-N18 T14-W24-W24-W24-N25 U33-V28-N35-W24-Z7-T14-N25-Z2 S15-N35-W24-Z7-T14-A1-B1-Z2 T14-W24-W24-W24-W1 V13-V28-V28-F18-A2 V13-V28-V28-X1-G43-Y1-Z2 Tryt Trp Trp Trm Thm Thm THw THw THw THw THn THn THn THn THnt THnt THnt THnt THnw THnw THnw THnw THnw THnw THH THHwt complaint an edible bird goose ? an edible bird goose ? wink harry hunt rejoice rejoice joy joy meet. j5 Wtb :. ! p 5 .bbbj g < tb : . < b b b c . glittering faience faience faience faience Libya Libya Libya Libya Libyans one of the seven sacred oils exult exultation locality locality locality locality verb verb verb noun noun . glittering gleam. engage with enemy lance ? an infected place gleam.bc .-M1 1!> -M#V ! M#I -M1> -$ 1" -$ 1n -<K" -<KU5 -<K" -< KU+5 -< tn -< t\ -< tY W -< Xt! } g < t! W Wt! r 5 g < t! r5 -.

knit together bones. model face of Sphinx model face of sphinx marshal troops. V13-V28-V28-X1-A2-Z3 V13-S29-A7 S24-Z1 S24-O34-F51 S24-Z1-F41 V13-O34-S24-Z1 V13-O34-V1-Z1 S24-H1 V13-O34-X1-F18 S24-X1-Z1 S24-X1-Z1-V1 S24-X1-Z1-F51 S24-O34-N23 S24-Z1 G17-S24-O34-N23 Aa8-N23-Z1 V13-O34-S24-X1-N25 S24-X1-N21-Z1 S24-O34-Z7-D40 V13-O34-S24 S24-O34-Z7-D40 S24-O34-Z7-D40 S24 S24-O34-Z7-D40 V13-O34-T14 THHwt Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts Tst Tst Tst Tst Ts Ts m Ts Ts Tst Tst Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts exultation sit vertebra. arrange rites. range ridge. range tie knot. order. levy troops.-< <!"6 -e ' `4 `Bs `4k -B` 4 -B! 4 `X -B! U `!4 `!4! `!4s `Bh `4 1`Bh Ih4 -B` ! j `!f4 ` B:` -B` ` B:` ` B:` ` ` B:` -B. form unborn bodies. weave cloth tie on fillet join. vertebra knot vertebra sandbank. unite Two Lands build monuments. tie on fillet. levy troops . spine vertebra vertebra vertebra. rejoin. spine neck tooth knot. knot itself up with confederacies marshal troops. drought sandbank the land was in drought sandbank ridge. spine vertebra.

lift up raise. lift up support station in life go up to a place undertake journeys undertake journeys be angry with. phrase. people of nomarch troops commander. sentence used as a prefix to form abstracts crime fighting reproach raise. bear a grudge against be angry with. sentence. become constricted troop. battalion. troops. -B. utterance vice . -B" -B m" V13-O34-U39-Y1 S24-O34-Z7-D40 S24-X1-A1 S24-X1-A211-A211-A211 S24-O34-G43-A24-A1 S24-O34-Z7-A2 S24-O34-Z7-Y1 S24-F46 S24-Y1 S24-O34-Y1 S24-O34-Y1-F32-O34-G37 S24-O34-Y1-Q3-D21-M17-N21-Z1 S24-O34-Y1-V28-G36-D21-G43-G37 V13-O34-U39-D36 V13-O34-U39-Q4-D40 V13-O34-U39-Y1 V13-O34-T14 V13-O34-T14-X1-Z2 V13-O34-U39-D54 V13-O34-U39-D54-D54-X1-Z2 V13-O34-D54-N35-T34-G17-X1-X1D54-Z2 V13-O34-U39-Y1 V13-O34-T14 V13-O34-A2 V13-O34-U39-A2 Ts Ts Tst Tst Tsw Ts Ts Ts pXr Ts Ts Ts Xsy Ts pri Ts Hwrw Tsi Tsi Tsi Ts Tst Tsi Ts nmtt Ts nmtt Tsi Tsi Tsi Tsi marshal troops. bear a grudge against be angry with. maxim speech. bear a grudge against verb verb verb verb verb verb verb verb collective noun collective noun . protector of poor speech. set up ruined walls raise. ! 5 -B mn -B mnn! 5 -Bnt B 1! ! n5 -B m+ -B. gang of workmen. utterance.-B m+ ` B:` `!! `!}}} ` BK8 ! ` B:" ` B:+ `p `+ ` B+ ` B+b BE ` B+# M 1 f4 ` B+ < D MKE -B m\ -B m$ ` -B m+ -B. levy troops clot. bear a grudge against be angry with. lift up.versa phrase.

place. subdue foes. dog train troops flow down. rob someone. cause set one's heart on give. wobble of decaying limbs subdue lands loin . implant obstacle. strike blow. trembling shaking. cause shake.cloth loin . V13-O34-X1-U39-Y1-Z2 V13-O34-G43-D21-X1-X6 V13-O34-G17-E14 V13-O34-G17-F27 E14B-X1-Y1V V13-X1-I9-D54 D46-X1-Z1 D46 D46-F34-Z1-D21 D46-G43 D46-G1-G41-Aa2 D46-G1-G43-X1-G39-Z2 D46-G1-G43-X1-Z2-Aa2 D46-G1-D52 D46-G1-D54 D46-G1-M17-D54 N18-Z1-S28 D46-G1-M17-S29 D46-G1-M17-Z7-S28 D46-E9-G43-N18 D46-G43-M17-G43-N21 D46-G1-D58-M43-N33-Z2 D46-D58-V12-N33-Z2 D46-D58-G43-M43-N33-Z2 D46-G1-D21-T12-Y2 Tst Tswrt Tsm Tsm Tsm Ttf Drt dw d ib r dw dA dAwt dAwt dA dA dAi dAiw dAiw dAiw dAiw dAiw dAbw dAbw dAbw dAr complaint an offering loaf hound.cloth loin .cloth figs figs figs control temper. r5 fq KK r5 f!M.-B! m+5 -BK M ! & -B1. -B1] . tremble shaking.cloth loin . steal goods verb verb infinitive . dog hound.! } -! hn f! 4 f fd 4 M fK f!IC f!K! G 5 ! C f!K5 f!l f!n f!1n c4d f!1e f!1:d f)Kc fK 1Kf f!q K r 5 fq . place. put. implant obstacle. supress evil.cloth loin .. put. trembling copulate become loose. overflow hand give. strike blow.

sodomize ?. bellow shriek bellow give. morning tomorrow. morning dawn. misbehave.8 f!M.. masturbate. self control copulate.d 4 f!f!m (4O5 f11!/ flp 5l! K5 f! 4 44 6 ! p fK! 4 44 44 + !K"5 + 11!"45 f6 44 K! +5 fK` _ !V _ !K V _ !V _KVl ! _ !V _ $ !K V l 3 f$K_ 34_!1 1_H e q _ 4 f$K_ _!1 1!V _ !! V T12-A24 D46-G1-M17-D21-T12-A24 D46-G1-M17-D21-T12-A24 D46-G1-D21-T12-Y2-F34-Z1 D46-G1-D46-G1-D53 X8-Z1-U9-Z2 D46-M17-M17-X1-M15 D46-Z4A-N31 Z2-Z4A-X1-G43-Z2 D46-X1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z3-A1-B1 D46-G43-X1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 V11-X1-G43-A2-Z2 V11-M17-M17-X1-A2-Z1-Z2 D46-Z3-Z1-Z1-G43-X1-Y1-Z2 D46-G43-D40 N14-G1-N5 N14-G1-G43-N5 N14-G1-N5 N14-G43-N5-Z4A X1-N14-G1-N5 N14-V4-G1-G43-N5-Z4A R8-D46-V4-G43-N14 R8-Z1-N14-G1-M17-M17-N14-A40 S29-D58-N14-Z1-D46-V4-G43-N14 N14-G1-M17-M17-X1-N5 N14-G1-X1-N5 dAr dAr dAir dAr ib dAdA di dyt dy diwt diwt diwt diwt diwt diwt dw dwA dwAw dwAw dwAw dwAw dwAw nTr dwAw nTr dwAw sbA dwAw dwAyt dwAyt subdue foes control a tribe rape self denial. there five parts gang of 5 gang of 5 shriek..8 f!1 M. the morrow dawn. morning dawn. the morrow morning star morning star morning star morning morning verb infinitive . provisions papyrus plant here.8 f!1 M. morning. place rise early dawn. rape. tomorrow.

plural noun . worship praise.!4_!1 1!V _11!V f$!1 1! _ Vl _!V f$! ` ` f!! ` _ !! ! `!! f!! ` _ $! !H6 _!!H6 _$ _! _K _>+ f$> i$_ _!> f$ !! K > 6 f$! KK_ > +5 _D ?D f$ _ D ?W _DY O1-Z1-N14-G1-M17-M17-X1-N5 N14-M17-M17-X1-N5 D46-V4-G1-M17-M17-X1-N14-N5Z4A N14-X1-N5 D46-V4-X1-N15 N15 D46-G1-X1-N15 N14-G1-X1-O1 N15-X1-O1 D46-G1-X1-N15 N14-G4-X1-O1-A40-Z3 N14-X1-O1-A40-Z3 N14-A4 N14-G1 N14-G43 N14-A30-Y1 D46-V4-A30 I10-V4-N14 N14-X1-A30 D46-V4-G1-X1-G43-A30-Z3 D46-V4-X1-G43-G43-N14-A30-Y1Z2 N14-G36 D156-G36 D46-V4-N14-G36-D156-G7C N14-G36-U19 pr dwAt dwAyt dwAyt dwAyt dwAt dwAt dwAt dwAt dwAt dwAt dwAtyw dwAtyw dwA dwA dwA dwA dwA dwA dwAt dwAwt dwAwt dwA wr dwA wr dwA wr dwA wr robing room morning morning morning netherworld. worship praises praises deified royal beard deified royal beard deified royal beard adze for Opening the mouth verb verb verb verb verb verb noun noun . worship praise. nether chamber in tomb netherworld netherworld netherworld netherworld netherworld dwellers in the netherworld dwellers in the netherworld praise. worship praise.plural . worship praise. worship praise. worship praise.

be prostrate straight on from then on.! h' _ .f dwA mwt .f$_ .H h 3_> 3_4 3 _ !> fB tn fB t! fJ t) fB tb8 fB tn 1fB tn 1fB tn 1fB tn fq 9 f1q9 fq ! ] fq S S4 fq \ p tn pn ñ tn D46-V4-N14-G14-X1-I9-G7 N14-G14-X1-I9-A40 N14-G1-A30-Y1-G14-A40-I9 R8-N14-A30 R8-N14-Z1 R8-N14-G1-A30 D46-E34-N35-D54 D46-E34-N35-V1 D46-M42-N35-T9 D46-E34-N35-W24-A24 D46-E34-N35-D54 G17-D46-E34-N35-D54 G17-D46-E34-N35-D54 G17-D46-E34-N35-D54 D46-D58-E25 D46-M17-D58-E25 D46-D58-X1-F27 D46-D58-F16 F16-Z1 D46-D58-D36 F46-N35-D54 F46-D54 F49-N35-D54 dwA mwt . straighten knees.! hH _ !> +. encircle with go round a place. travel round a region go round a place. travel round a region. wing of army horn of animal stop up go round a place.f dwA mwt . continually hippopotomus hippopotomus female hippopotomus horn of animal. hands stretch bow straighten knees be stretched out. stretch bow. stretch out legs. hands. henceforward habitually.f dwA nTr dwA nTr dwA nTr dwn dwn dwn dwn dwn m dwn m dwn m dwn db db dbt db db dbi dbn dbn dbn Duamutef Duamutef Duamutef praise God praise God praise God stretch out legs. travel round a region one of the Four sons of Horus one of the Four sons of Horus one of the Four sons of Horus verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive verb verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive . taut.

requisition from ask for. requisition from requirements. beg. beg. necessaries requirements. necessaries requirements. beg. beg. requisition from ask for. requisition from ask for. weight of about 91 grammes. necessaries necessaries necessaries funerary meal funerary meal funerary meal . travel round a region recur of plants in season circuit of ocean circumference of sky circumference of sky weight of balance weight of balance weight of balance weight of balance helmet about 91 grammes. D46-D58-N35-D12-D54 F46-N35-D54 F46-N35-X1-D54 F46-N35-W24-G43-D54 F46-N35-W24-G43-S21 F46-N35-O39 F49-N35-O39 F46-N35-D12 D46-D58-N35-F49-O39 F49-N35-N34 F46-N35-N33-Z2 D46-D58-N35-X1-D3 D46-D58-V28-F18-A2 D46-F18-A2 D46-D58-V28-A2 D46-D58-V28-F18 D46-F18-D58-V28-Y1 D46-F18-V28-G43 D46-F18-D58-V28-W10 D46-F18-D58-V28-U9 D46-D58-V28-X1-F18 D46-F18-D58-V28-X1-Y1-Z2 D46-D58-V28-X1-F18-Z2-R4-X1-Q3Z8-Z2 F18-D46-X1-R4-Z2 D46-F18-X1-R4-Z8 dbn dbn dbnt dbnw dbnw dbn dbn dbn dbn dbn dbn dbnt dbH dbH dbH dbH dbH dbHw dbHw dbHw dbHt dbHt dbHt Htp dbHt Htp dbHt Htp go round a place. fq < U" fU" fq < " fq < U fUq < + fU < K fUq < T fUq < O fq < ! U fUq < ! +5 fq < ! U 5/! # .5 Uf! /5 fU! /. beg. weight of about 91 grammes. potter's clay lock of hair ask for. weight of about 91 grammes. requisition from ask for.fq tDn p tn p t! n p tbKn p tbK] p tG ñ tG p tD fq tñ G ñ ts ptr5 fq t! . weight of verb transitive verb intransitive builder's mortar.

proclaim name. mention by name. sharpen. be renowned of office plural noun locality . pierce sky be sharp sharpen pronounce. be renowned of office pronounce. proclaim name. sharpen. proclaim name. pierce sky be sharp. be renowned of office be sharp. experience taste ship ships loins crocodile crocodile an offering stolid drip drip knife knife pronounce. mention by name.U!/ fq < K8 fUq < K8 fq fq " f# Q f# W" f# ! W" f# ! \ \5 f# ! s f# 1 1b f# b f# ! 7W fh!E +d 4 fhfh r r r r ihih r f1! >4 >!4 f1>" f} f1p fPp ` f1_ f> i1" F18-X1-R4 D46-D58-V28-G43-Z5 D46-F18-D58-V28-G43-Z5 D46-D58-D46-D58-A2 D46-Q3-O49 D46-Q3-F20-A2 D46-Q3-X1-F20-A2 D46-Q3-X1-P1 P1-Z2 D46-Q3-X1-F51 D46-Q3-M17-M17-I3 D46-Q3-I3 D46-Q3-X1-Z4-F20 D46-I9-G1-G37-Y1-F34-Z1 D46-I9-D46-I9-N33-N33-N33-N33 I10-I9-I10-I9-N33 D46-G17-X1-T30-Z1 T30-X1-Z1 D46-G17-T30-A2 D46-G96 D46-G17-T30A D46-Aa15-T30A-D40 D46-G17-S23 D46-T30 I10-G17-A2 dbHt Htp dbHw dbHw dbdb dp dp dpt dpt dpwt dpt dpy dpy dpty dfA ib dfdf dfdf dmt dmt dm dm dm dm dm dm dm altar measure for offerings measure for offerings thump of heart Dep Delta city taste verb. mention by name.

be renowned of office stretch. bring together people verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive verb intransitive . assemble. vicinity. be renowned of office pronounce. suit someone. unite lands accumulate grain. mention by name.f_ f1_+ f1> fG!f + fG! \ E fGE fG!E ` f# >` fGE f. befall someone be joined to be joined to cleave to town. quay vicinity fellow . classes touch. be renowned of office pronounce. mention by name. join someone.G! 5 f]1a f]1n f]1a f]18 f]1+ f ] 1}8 f]1 h4 f]1f f]1 h!5 f]1. reach a place reach a place be joined to. cleave to.citizens ornamental fruit dish reassemble dismembered body. abode. be stretched out wing bind together bind together bind together cut off heads cut off heads groups. proclaim name. compile spell. bring together people associate with. proclaim name. mention by name. assemble. proclaim name. _ _ _ f_i+ D46-S23 D46-G17-S23-Y1 D46-G17-T30 D46-U1-G1-U32-Y1 D46-U1-X1-H5 M37 D46-U1-M37 D46-U1-G1-M37-D40 D46-G3-T30-D40 D46-U1-M37 D46-T12-U1-A1-Z2 D46-W19-M17-D41 D46-W19-M17-D54 D46-W19-M17-D41 D46-W19-M17-A24 D46-W19-M17-Y1 D46-W19-M17-D34A-A24 D46-W19-M17-N23-Z1 D46-W19-M17-N21 D46-W19-M17-N23-A1-Z2 D46-W19-M17-R3A S23 S23 S23 D46-S23-I10-Y1 dm dm dm dmA dmAt dmA dmA dmA dmA dmA dmAw dmi dmi dmi dmi dmi dmi dmi dmi dmiw dmi dmD dmD dmD dmD pronounce. quarter of town. accrue to. extend hand reassemble dismembered body.

extend hand total. bring together people associate with. assemble. bring together people associate with. assemble. compile spell. extend hand reassemble dismembered body. join someone. compile spell.f_i+ f_i+ _f+ _f+ _f+ f_+ f_+ f_+ f_1i+ f_1i+ f_1i+ i1_f+ i1_f+ i1_f+ _f+ + _M _f f_1iK+H5 _! p _! Kp 6 _f+! p 5 _f! . join someone. join someone. extend hand reassemble dismembered body. unite lands accumulate grain. unite lands accumulate grain. maturity total total grand total crowd crowd crowd crowd collection of recipes cycle of festivals cycle of festivals feminine plural feminine plural .4 _f 1 1 ! V _f! V D46-S23-I10-Y1 D46-S23-I10-Y1 S23-D46-Y1 S23-D46-Y1 S23-D46-Y1 D46-S23-Y1 D46-S23-Y1 D46-S23-Y1 D46-S23-G17-I10-Y1 D46-S23-G17-I10-Y1 D46-S23-G17-I10-Y1 I10-G17-S23-D46-Y1 I10-G17-S23-D46-Y1 I10-G17-S23-D46-Y1 S23-D46-Y1 Y1 S23-D21 N14-F36 D46-S23-G17-I10-G43-Y1-A40-Z2 S23-X1-B1 S23-X1-G43-B1-Z3 S23-D46-Y1-A1-B1-Z2 S23-D46-X1-V12-Z1 S23-D46-M17-M17-X1-N5 S23-D46-X1-N5 dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD dmD r dmD smA dmDw dmDwt dmDwt dmDw dmDt dmDyt dmDyt associate with. assemble. unite lands accumulate grain. unite lands accumulate grain. join someone. compile spell. extend hand reassemble dismembered body. join someone. extend hand reassemble dismembered body. bring together people associate with. compile spell. unite lands accumulate grain. assemble. bring together people associate with. compile spell.

canal bowl basket a festival share out share out scribe of distribution share. revet earthen banks revet earthen banks dam dam ditch. dwarf slaughter animals noun noun noun noun .4 ftbK+ ftb! K! r r r fte f G fte f + ite g + ftBG fte f G5 ftU Xc! ftf> D46-N35-T30 D46-N35-M17-V11-A24 D46-N35-M17-Z5-D40 D46-N35-M17-V11 D46-N35-M17-X1-V11-N23-Z1 I10-N35-M17-X1-U8-N23-Z1 D46-N35-M17-X1-N35A-N36-N23-Z1 D46-N35-M17-X1-W24 D46-N35-M17-X1-Aa19 D46-N35-M17-X1-W3-N5 D46-N35-M17-F21 F21-Y1 Y3-A1-D46-N35-F21-X1-Y1 D46-N35-M17-G43-Z8-Z2 D46-N35-M17-G43-Aa19 D46-N35-M17-M17-X1-V12-Z1 D46-N35-W24-G43-Y1 D46-N35-W24-X1-G43-A1-N33-N33N33 D46-N35-S29-U32-O39 D46-N35-S29-U32-Y1 I10-N35-S29-U33-Y1 D46-N35-O34-O39 D46-N35-S29-U32-O39-Z2 D46-N35-W11-F21-A282-A1 D46-N35-D46-T30 dn dni dni dni dnit dnit dnit dnit dnit dnit dni dni sS dnit dniw dniw dnyt dnw dnwt dns dns dns dns dnsw dng dnd cut off heads. irksome. portion land . kill someone dam water.register flaw in stone families heavy. construct dam. portion share. weighty heaviness weights of net pygmy. restrain someone. burdensome of years. burdensome of years. hold back.ft> ft 1+ 8 ft 18` ft 1+ ft 1! + h4 it 1 ! N h4 ft 1! ~u h4 ft 1! b ft 1! T ft 1! MV ft 1X X+ -! ftX! + ft 1K. irksome. weighty heavy heavy. hold back. overburdened of stomach. revet earthen banks dam water. restrain someone. construct dam. overburdened of stomach.5 ft 1KT ft 1 1! .

evil. hide leather. title deeds writing. title deeds bat mammal forehead mountain . destroy places lay down flooring. feed someone. be humiliated hang down be low be humiliated straw leather.ftftn fM8 fM8 fM8 fM#` DM#_ fM#` f M# K.5 f Mh8+ iM+8h fMU 1 1!G f$ t! 9 f$ t! 9 G f$ t9 f$ t9a h4 f$ t" f$ ta` f< 1E f<E f0 !E f<Ea f0 !"5 f: M] ] f: M 1] D46-N35-D46-N35-D54 D46-D21-A24 D46-D21-A24 D46-D21-A24 D46-D21-Q3-D40 M36-D21-Q3-D39 D46-D21-Q3-D40 D46-D21-Q3-G43-Z8-Z2 D46-D21-I9-Z5-Y1 I10-D21-Y1-Z5-I9 D46-D21-W11-M17-M17-X1-G39 D46-O4-N35-X1-D1 D46-O4-N35-X1-D1-O39 D46-O4-N35-D1 D46-O4-N35-D1-N16-N23-Z1 D46-O4-N35-A2 D46-O4-N35-D41-D40 D46-V28-M17-G37 D46-V28-G37 D46-M16-G1-G37 D46-V28-G37-D41 D46-M16-G1-M2-Z2 D46-D2-D21-F27 F27 D46-D2-D21-M17-F27 dndn dr dr dr drp drp drp drpw drf drf drgyt dhnt dhnt dhn dhn tA dhn dhn dHi dHi dHi dHi dHA dHr dHr dHr traverse a place. script. overlay floor offer to god. bow to. repress wrongdoer. appoint. a way subdue enemies. illness remove need. present dues offer things to make offering offerings writing. hide verb transitive verb transitive verb intransitive . hide leather. be low. script. drive out people. order burial touch the earth with the forehead in obeisance appoint appoint hang down.

desert the Red Land.d 4 fv M. desert the Red Land.M!K fvM! 8 fv M! . reddening red. reddening furious furious the Red Crown the Red Crown the Red Crown the Red Land. sickness sickness lead lead chorus of singers jar jar jar knife flint flint vilify flamingo red. desert adjective & noun adjective & noun noun noun .! j . desert the Red Land. fvM8 fv M.j . bitterness bitterness.: 4 fvM! K . fvM.M!j fvM! j D46-D2-D21-G37 D46-D2-D21-X1-G37-Z2 D46-D2-D21-X1-F27-G37-Z2 D46-V28-X1-Z4-N33A I10-V28-X1-Z4-N33A O42-X1-N35-X1-D46-Aa1-N35-D41 D46-S29-W73 I10-O34-W24 D46-O34-Z4-W24 D46-S29-T30 D46-O34-T30-O39 D46-O34-T30 D46-S29-M17-A2 D46-N37-D21-G27 D46-N37-D21-G27 D46-N37-D21-Z5 D46-N37-D21-G27-F34-Z1 D46-N37-D21-G27-D2-Z1 D46-N37-D21-X1-S3 G27-D21-X1-S3 D46-N37-D21-X1-Z5 D46-N37-D21-X1-G27-N25 G27-X1-N25 G27-D21-X1-N25 D46-N37-D21-X1-N25 dHr dHrt dHrt dHty dHty Sspt nt dxn ds ds ds ds ds ds dsi dSr dSr dSr dSr ib dSr Hr dSrt dSrt dSrt dSrt dSrt dSrt dSrt bitter.f: ME f: M! E5 f: M! ] E5 f<!7} i<!7} ! ! t JtfB a fe } iBb fB7b fe > fB>G fB> fe 1" fvM.

powder flour. powder press against.trees fruit. behold starring walk a type of bird verb verb verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive verb transitive noun . powder flour. powder flour. exclude from.trees hide hide look at look at see.5 fvMK. behold see.MK5 fv MK. fruit . fvMR fn O k} fn k} fn Mk} fn 1 1 k} fn Mk fn Mkr5 (n fU $ fU !1 1$ E fU < fU != fU < fU 1 1< fU !1 1? fU !1 1! = fU !o n+ fU 1 1! $ G D46-N37-D21-X1-O49 G27-X1-W12 D46-N37-D21-X1-Z5 D46-N37-D21-G43-G37-Z2 G27-D21-G43-Z2 D46-N37-D21-G43-G27-Z2 D46-N37-D21-G43-G27 D46-N37-D21-D26 D46-N29-U9 D51-N33A D46-N29-D51-N33A D46-N29-D21-D51-N33A D46-N29-M17-M17-D51-N33A D46-N29-D21-D51 D46-N29-D21-D51-N33-Z2 X8-N29 D46-W11-A4 D46-W11-G1-M17-M17-A4-G37 D46-W11-D4 D46-W11-G1-D5 D46-W11-D4 D46-W11-M17-M17-D4 D46-W11-G1-M17-M17-D7 D46-W11-G1-M17-M17-X1-D5 D46-W11-G1-D56-D54-Y1 D46-W11-M17-M17-X1-A4-G39 dSrt dSrt dSrt dSrw dSrw dSrw dSrw dSrw dq dq dq dq dq dqr dqrw dqrw dgi dgi dgi dgi dgi dgi dgi dgAyt dgA dgyt the Red Land.! V fvM! 8 fvMKE5 . desert red pot wrath wrath wrath wrath blood blood flour. powder flour. a process in spinning fruit. fruit . behold see.fvM! Q .

image. self for ever for ever eternity. bodily form of god.oil plant be speechless be speechless walk dish haematite a Nubian god a Nubian god type of grain type of grain cobra cobra body. statues. for ever estate estate estate estate serf serfs plural divinity divinity .fU 1 1! G f!U 1 1 ! I fMU 1 1!G f!U 1 1 8 f< 1! fU 1> fU 1' fU !e o n ff! } ]] 1 r5 ffB tJ ffB H fk} fKkK r r r i! l i4 i! 4 i! 4 i! a ti! 4 i! b i! a i! a i! i! 4 i! Q i! a i! a! p 5 D46-W11-M17-M17-X1-G39 D46-G1-W11-M17-M17-X1-G41 D46-D21-W11-M17-M17-X1-G39 D46-G1-W11-M17-M17-Z5 D46-G28-G17-M1 D46-W11-G17-D6 D46-W11-G17-A7 D46-W11-G1-S29-D56-D54 D46-D46-X1-W79 D37-D37-M17-N33-Z2 D46-D46-E34-N35-A42C D46-D46-E34-A40 D46-N26-N33A D46-G43-N26-G43-N33-N33-N33 I10-X1-I13 I10-Z1 I10-X1-Z1 I10-X1-Z1-I10-X1-N16 N35-I10-X1-Z1-I10-X1-N17 I10-X1-N16 I10-X1-N16 I10-X1 I10-X1-Z1 I10-X1-O49 I10-X1-N16 I10-X1-N16-A1-B1-Z2 dgyt dgyt dgyt dgyt dgm dgm dgm dgs ddt ddi ddwn ddwn dDw dDw Dt Dt Dt Dt Dt n Dt Dt Dt Dt Dt Dt Dt Dt Dwt bat mammal bat mammal bat mammal bat mammal castor .

transfix reach out of child's mouth after milk be contentious impede ferry one across. deficiency in return for in return for. devour food. b !1 1:9 Dwt Dt DA DA DAt DAt DAi DAi DAi DAi DAi DAi DA r DA rd DAi DAi DA tA DAt r DAwt r DAwt DAyt DAyt DAyt DAyt DAyw serfs papyrus stem fire . interfere with balance.i! 4 ! p 5 i! / b !< # I10-X1-Z1-A1-B1-Z2 I10-X1-M15 U28-G1-Z9-M3 U28-Z1 U28-X1-D47 U28-X1-O39-G39 U28-G1-Z9-D40 U28-G1-Z9-D40 U28-G1-Z9-P4 U28-G1-Z9-P4 U28-Z9-D40 U28-Z9-M17-M17 U28-G1-Z9-D40-D21-Z1 U28-G1-Z9-D40-D46-D21-D56 U28-G1-Z9-P1 U28-P1 U28-G1-Z9-P1-N16-N23-Z1 U29-X1-Z2 D21-U29-X1-Z9 D21-U28-X1-Z9 U28-G1-M17-M17-X1-G37-Z2 U28-X1 U28-X1-Z9 U28-G1-X1-Y2 U28-G1-M17-M17-Z7-Z6 b4 b!g b ! GG b !< ` b !< ` b !< _ b !< _ b <` b<11 b !< ` M 4 b !< `f M o b !< \ b\ b !< \a h 4 c!5 Mc!< Mb !< b !1 1!E5 b! b!< b !! . pierce. pierce. transfix reach out of child's mouth after milk. cross sky ferry one across. remainder.drill hand. transfix reach out of child's mouth after milk. extend arm. provide with. take the breast to. take the breast to. devour food. because of wrongdoing wrongdoing wrongdoing wrongdoing opponent plural verb verb verb verb verb verb verb .drill fire . pierce. oppose oneself. oppose oneself. handfull crane extend arm. cross sky be busied. provide with.

oppose actions argument.b !1 1! & b !1e" b !e " b 1e8 b !1e8 b !1e} b !1eK"! b !< $[ 6 b !1 1$ b Kd b !d b4d b !K S M b !K ! < + Mb !K M b !K ! C +5 b !q < K \ ! b !h ' b !1: 1 ! 5 b !1. ! 5 b bK}}} b !b K ??? b !M! r5 b !7 4 "5 b !MK@" U28-G1-M17-M17-X1-V6 U28-G1-M17-S29-A2 U28-G1-S29-A2 U28-M17-S29-A24 U28-G1-M17-S29-Z5 U28-G1-M17-S29-A211 U28-G1-M17-S29-G43-A2-A1 U28-G1-Z9-G4-A59A-Z3 U28-G1-M17-M17-G4 U28-G43-S28 U28-G1-S28 U28-Z1-S28 U28-G1-G43-N2 D21-U28-G1-G43-X1-Z9-Y1 D21-U28-X1-G43 D21-U28-G1-G43-X1-Aa2-Y1-Z2 U28-G1-D58-V28-G43-D36-A1 U28-G1-I9-Q7 U28-G1-G17-Z7-A17-A1-Z2 U28-G1-G17-T14-A1-Z2 U28-W24-G43-D77-D77-D77 U28-G1-W24-G43-D156-D156-D156 U28-G1-D21-X1-N33-Z2 U28-G1-E23-G20-M2-Z2 U28-G1-D21-G43-V32-A2 DAyt DAis DAis DAis DAis DAis DAisw DAytyw DAytyw DAw DAw DAw DAw r DAwt r DAwt r DAwt DAbHw DAf DAmw DAmw DAmw DAmw DArt DAlm DArm DArw robe dispute. dispute civil war disputant opponents opponents mat mat mat night in return for. troops young men. burn young men. troops bitter gourd Aspalathos need fragrant African wood verb . oppose actions dispute. dispute argument. argue. because of in return for. because of type of fisherman heat. troops young men young men. because of in return for. argue.

assessors magistrates. b !fK ! b !b !9 4 94 bb9 b b b ! I! 5 b iD ! ! ! ! b !b !! # b !b !: b i11!/ i\.wind a type of bread vein of ore coal . soot a sceptre locality . tip of bow charcoal.n i\` i\ # i\! C 5 i\ 4q i\q ! r5 i\1 q U28-D21-Z7-Aa2-Z2 U28-G1-D21-Y1-Z2 U28-G1-D21-G43-A2 U28-O4-Z4-N25 U28-X1-X1-Aa8 Aa8-X1-X1 Aa8-X1-O49 N24-X1-O49 Aa8-N23-Z1 U28-G1-D46-G43-O27 U28-G1-D46-G43-O1 U28-G1-U28-G1-D1-Z1 D1-Z1 U28-U28-D1 U28-U28-W24-X1-Aa8-A1-Z2 U28-I10-D12-X1-A1-A1-A1 U28-G1-U28-G1-X1-M3 U28-G1-U28-G1-Z7-W24 I10-M17-M17-X1-M15 I10-D36-T14-D54 I10-D36-P5 I10-D36-X3 I10-D36-X1-Aa2-Z2 I10-D36-T20-D58 I10-D36-D58-X1-N33-Z2 I10-D36-G17-S41 DArw DArw DArw DAhy DAtt DAtt DAtt DAtt DAtt DAdw DAdw DADA DADA DADA DADAt DADAt DADAt DADAw Dyt Da Da Da Dat Dab Dabt Dam need need need part of Palestine & Phoenicia estate estate estate estate estate audience hall audience hall head. tip of bow head. assessors lyre pot papyrus marsh spear fish storm. tip of bow magistrates. storm .b M:C5 b !M+5 b !MK" b$7j b!!I I! ! I! Q i! Q Ih4 b !fK .

investigate. sad of heart bad. seek. evil. take thought for search out. i\. seek. evil. seek. take thought for search out. plan work. electrum fine gold." i\ M. investigate. plan work. palpate wound. probe.q1:T qTr5 q1Tr5 q1KTr5 q1E i\ M. plan work. sad of heart bad. electrum fine gold.+ i\ M V+ n i \ Mh i\ M 1 1 ! # kG k4 kKG kKE kE k<E kE k<E kKE kKE k<E kE S41-G17-Z7-S12 S41-S12-N33-Z2 S41-G17-S12-N33-Z2 S41-G17-G43-S12-N33-Z2 S41-G17-G37 I10-D36-D21-T14-D54 M3B-Y1 I10-D36-T14 I10-D36-T14-A2 I10-D36-D21-T14-Y1 I10-D36-D21-Aa21-Y1 I10-D36-D21-M3B-D54 I10-D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-M3 N26-O39 N26-Z1 N26-G43-O39 N26-G43-G37 N26-G37 N26-Z9-G37 N26-G37 N26-Z9-G37 N26-G43-G37 N26-G43-G37 N26-Z9-G37 N26-G37 Damw Damw Damw Damw wAs Dar Dar Dar Dar Dar Dar Dar Daryt Dw Dw Dw Dw Dw Dw Dw Dw Dw Dw Dw Dw fine gold. investigate. probe. take thought for search out. investigate search out. sad of heart evil evil evil evilly evilly evilly adjective adjective adjective noun noun noun adverb adverb adverb ancient misspelling . probe. evil. take thought for search out. seek. investigate seek lock on door mountain mountain mountain bad. palpate wound. electrum ruin search out. investigate. probe.n + h i\. palpate wound. electrum fine gold. palpate wound. plan work.

surgical knife lancet. bribes payments. restore payments. reward. reward.kK!E k!E k} kk kK7 kK 1: k1: k: 1n k)b k: 1b k\4> iK\R4 6q !G 6!G fq ! G 6q ! Gs } 9q+ 9 fq = !9 + 9 q !:+5 9q 9 q K+5 fq = !:9 +5 M 9 q !:+5 9q} 9qc N26-G43-X1-G37 N26-X1-G37 N26-I86A N26-N26 N26-G43-Z4 N26-G43-M17-A26 N26-M17-A26 N26-Z7-M17-D54 N26-E9-W24 N26-Z7-M17-W24 N26-D36-Z1-T30 I10-G43-D36-Aa17-Z1 G22-D58-X1-O39 G22-X1-O39 D46-D58-X1-O39 G22-D58-X1-O39-N34-N33A T25-D58-Y1 T25 D46-D58-G29-G1-T25-Y1 T25-D58-G1-Z7-Y1-Z2 T25-D58 T25-D58-G43-Y1-Z2 D46-D58-G29-G1-Z7-T25-Y1-Z2 D21-T25-D58-G1-Z7-Y1-Z2 T25-D58-S115 T25-D58-S27 Dwt Dwt Dw Dwy Dwy Dwi Dwi Dwi Dwiw Dwiw Dwa Dwa Dbt Dbt Dbt Dbt DbA DbA DbA DbAw DbAw DbAw DbAw r DbAw DbA DbA evil. slab of metal brick. bribes payments. sadness of heart. slab of metal brick. replace. dirt encumbering ruin evil. reward. clothe. reward. ingot. bribes payments. surgical knife brick. dirt encumbering ruin the Evil One evil evil call upon god call upon god separate jar jar lancet. adorn replace. bribes instead of garment worn by god garment worn by god adjective adjective . pad clothe. ingot. make repayment. compensation. compensation. compensation. provide. ingot. adorn. sadness of heart. restore. slab of metal target repay. compensation.

000 numeral point the finger at reproach do wrong signet. victuals. deified as Abundance provisions. victuals. altars stop up. sustenance. seal unknown plant pole of chariot provisions. sustenance. seal signet.5 ihJ. deified as Abundance provisions. block stop up. victuals. 10. toe. victuals. block Edfu mat of leaves floats of net finger. thumb. sarcophagus robing . deified as Abundance provisions. sustenance. victuals. seal signet. 10. digit one twentyeigth cubit. deified as Abundance provisions. seal signet. digit one twentyeigth cubit.9KL 9q!! 9!! 9q K}}6 9q D` 9+ 9qQ 9q" 9 q K#5 j4 iq \ j j\" j\K" <j\ j\K!\ jK!) j\!\ j\ 1 1!\ }\"5 iq K# ih!:I +5 ih. thumb. deified as locality .000 numeral sustenance. sustenance.5 ihK+5 ih!K+ T25-G43-S4 T25-D58-X1-O1 T25-X1-O1 T25-D58-G43-R40-R40-Z3 T25-D58-O36-D40 T25-Y1 T25-D58-O49 T25-D58-M2 T25-D58-G43-M3-Z2 D50-Z1 I10-D58-D36-D50 D50-D36-A2 D50-D36-G43-A2 D4-D50-D36 D50-D36-G43-X1-S20 D50-G43-X1-V9 D50-D36-X1-S20 D50-D36-M17-M17-X1-S20 I34-D36-M2-Z2 I10-D58-G43-M3 I10-I9-G1-Z7-G41-Y1-Z2 I10-I9-Z8-Z2 I10-I9-G42-Z8-Z2 I10-I9-G43-Y1-Z2 I10-I9-G1-G43-Y1 DbAw DbAt DbAt DbAw DbA DbA DbA DbA DbAw Dba Dba Dba Dbaw ir Dbaw Dbawt Dbawt Dbawt Dbawt Dba Dbw Dfaw Dfaw Dfaw Dfaw Dfaw crowning robing .

deified as Abundance provisions. victuals. victuals. deified as Abundance provisions. sustenance. victuals. abound in supplies a well . victuals. deified as Abundance provisions.provided man penetrate penetration pupil of eye pupil of eye drop of liquid avocet deflect crooked crooked crookshank.! ih 1 1 n ih 1 1 ! n ihfD ihiD ihih! r5 i1e G itq <n itq o itq \ itq } itq . victuals. deified as Abundance provisions. victuals. deified as Abundance be provided. sustenance. sustenance. sustenance. cripple an offering loaf territories territories territories skull wing K5 ftq Kf5 itt! 9 it < \ .ih!J+ J. itq KKKK I10-I9-G1-G42-Y1 G42-Z8-Z2 I10-I9-I9-I9 I10-I9-I10-I9-I10-I9 I10-I9-G42-Z2 D46-I9-G1-K1-Z2 I10-I9-G1-G39-Y1-Z2 I10-I9-G1-M17-M17-Z8-A1 I10-I9-M17-M17-D54 I10-I9-M17-M17-X1-D54 I10-I9-D46-D12 I10-I9-I10-D12 I10-I9-I10-I9-X1-N33-Z2 I10-G17-S29-G39 I10-N35-D58-Z9-D54 I10-N35-D58-D56 I10-N35-D58-D36 I10-N35-D58-A346 I10-N35-D58-Z8 I10-N35-D58-G43-N21A-N21A-N21A N21A-Z2 D46-N35-D58-G43-N21-Z2 I10-N35-N35-X1-D1 I10-N35-V28-H5 Dfaw Dfaw Dfaw Dfaw Dfaw Dfaw Df A Df Ay Dfy Dfyt Dfd Dfd DfDft Dms Dnb Dnb Dnb Dnb Dnb Dnbw Dnbw Dnbw Dnnt DnH Abundance provisions.5 ihhh ihihih ihJ5 fh!p 5 ih!G+5 ih!1 1 . sustenance. sustenance. deified as Abundance provisions.

hinder. end up as.rib upper part of hind leg. trunk of elephant. limit end hunger. until at an end end. obstruct preposition adverb noun adverb noun verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive noun verb intransitive verb intransitive verb transitive verb transitive noun noun . before. since. trunk of elephant. limit long ago end.\ H5 D46-N35-V28-H5 I10-N35-V28-F51-N35-M36-D21G43-G43-F51 I10-N35-V28-D56 I10-N35-D46-F5 I10-N35-D46-F5-F34-Z1 I10-N35-D46-F5 I10-N35-D46-A24 I10-N35-D46-F5 D46-N35-D46-F5 I10-N35-W24-Z7-D46-G37-A1 I10-N35-I10-N35-F5-A24 D46-N35-D46-N35-A24 I10-N35-I10-N35-F5-A24 I10-N35-I10-N35-F5-A24 D46-X1-Z1 D46D-X1-Z1 D46-X1-F51 M36-D21-X1-D46 M36-D21 M36-D21 M36-D21-D36-Z1 M36-D21-D36-Z1 M36-D21-D36-G43-Z4 M36-D21-A24 ft < \ it < st D MKK s it < o itfH itfHd 4 itfH itf8 itfH ftfH itb :fE! ititH8 ftft8 ititH8 ititH8 f! 4 f! 4 f! s DM!f DM DM DM\4 DM\4 DM\K7 DM8 DnH DnH DnH n Drww DnH Dnd Dnd ib Dnd Dnd Dnd Dnd Dnd DnDn DnDn DnDn DnDn Drt Drt Drt Drt Dr Dr Dr awy Dr awy Dr awy Dr wing wing wing . handle of jar in. trunk of elephant. trunk of elephant. handle of jar hand. handle of jar hand. handle of jar hand. ham be angry be infuriated subdue subdue wrath wrath angry man be angry be angry subdue wrath hand.

DME DM!E DM1D DMD DM1!# DM1` DM 1IE DM11!G fM! DM!% { iM! { DMKp DMp DM7:p DDD D MK#5 DMK!& DM:!! DM1!! DM11!! DMK7 r5 DMKK s DMKKr D M $S 6 D$5 M36-D21-G37 M36-D21-X1-G37 M36-D21-M17-O36 M36-D21-O36 M36-D21-M17-X1-M3 M36-D21-M17-D40 M36-D21-M17-G41-G37 M36-D21-M17-M17-X1-G39 D46-D21-X1 M36-D21-X1-G5 G144 I10-D21-X1-G144 M36-D21-G43-N31 M36-D21-N31 M36-D21-E23-Z7-N31 O36B-O36B-O36B M36-D21-G43-M3-Z2 M36-D21-G43-X1-Q6 M36-D21-Z7-X1-O1 M36-D21-M17-X1-O1 M36-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1 M36-D21-G43-Z4-N33-Z2 M36-D21-G43-G43-F51 M36-D21-G43-G43-N33 M36-D21-G4-A51-Z3 M36-G4-Z2 Dr Drt Dri Dri Drit Dri Dri Dryt Dryt Dryt Dryt Dryt Drw Drw Drw Drw Drw Drwt Drwt Drwt Drwt Drwy Drww Drww Drtyw Drtyw obstacle harm enclosing wall enclosing wall wall strong of staff. end. limit limits walls sarcophagus hall hall hall paint side. stolid kite bird kite bird kite bird kite bird kite bird boundary. end. end. limit boundary. strongly be hard. limit boundary. flank wall ancestors ancestors noun anatomical .

raise. splendid. costly holy. support separate from adjective adjective adjective verb verb used with a suffix pronoun divinity divinity divinity divinity divinity . sacred clear a road.X4 D MiX DMDM11} DMDM11> D M D M 1 > n! DM DMK>!5 :!7H !"H 1' !H i<K!7H |! ! M :11!M :11N i< MK]6 i<\K]6 ie i7 K" f7 K" ie K: ie Me eM e+ ie Me iB M` F21-Z1 M36-D21-I10-F21 M36-D21-M36-D21-M17-M17-A280 M36-D21-M36-D21-M17-M17-A30 M36-D21-M36-D21-M17-A30-D54A1 M36-D21-M36-D21-G43-A30-A1-Z2 G26-X1-Z4-A40 X1-X2-A40 M17-G7 X1-A40 I10-V28-G43-X1-Z4-A40 G26A-X1-X1-W3 G26-M17-M17-X1-W3 G26-M17-M17-W4 I10-V28-D21-G43-F27-Z3 I10-V28-D36-G43-F27-Z3 I10-S29 I10-M23-G43-A2 D46-M23-G43-A2 I10-S29-G43-A26 I10-S29-D21-D45 D45-D21 D45-Y1 I10-S29-D21-D45 I10-O34-D21-D40 DrD DrD DrDry DrDry DrDri DrDri DHwty DHwty DHwty DHwty DHwty DHwtt DHwtt DHwtt DHrw DHrw Ds Dsw Dsw Dsw Dsr Dsr Dsr Dsr Dsr leaf leaf strange strange stranger stranger Thoth god Thoth god Thoth god Thoth god Thoth god festival of Thoth festival of Thoth festival of Thoth leather lacings leather lacings himself. by himself. sacred. sacred holy. separate from. his own call to call to call to holy.

to be pronounced words to be spoken. expect otherwise said words to be spoken. to be pronounced the djed column stable.e\4 ie M eF! 51 eMK+ eK e+5 e M+5 ie MK`5 1e M+5 eMK! ee6 e M e5! eM7! eM! 9!! eM!} eM!}>!!T >!!eM!T ie M! e p! ! b e! { e!. sanctity sanctity seclusion privacy privacy in private holy place Holy of Holies Temple of Deir el Bahri Holy of Holies Temple of Deir el Bahri holy place the Western Holy Place Medinet Habu strong ale milky ale ? milky wine ? milky wine ? table of offerings table of offerings say. enduring locality verb . speak of. utter speech. privacy. if ? 1 1fi is ifs 4 5 64 if6 D45-D36-Z1 I10-S29-D21-D45-Aa5-X1-Z2-G17 D45-D21-G43-Y1 D45-G43 D45-Y1-Z2 D45-D21-Y1-Z2 I10-S29-D21-G43-D40-Z2 G17-D45-D21-Y1-Z2 D45-D21-G43-O1 D45-D45-Z3 D45-D21-D45-Z2-O1 D45-D21-E23-O1 D45-D21-X1-R14-X1-X1 D45-D21-X1-W65 D45-D21-X1-W65-R19A-X1-X1-W10 R19-X1-X1-D45-D21-X1-W10 I10-S29-D21-X1-D45-S40-X1-X1W24 D45-X1-R3P D45-X1-R3Q I10-D46 V31-M17-M17-D46-I10 I10-S43 I10-D46-S43-Z1-Z2 R11-Z1 I10-D46-R11 Dsr a Dsr Hpwt m Dsrw Dsrw Dsrw Dsrw Dsrw m Dsrw Dsrw Dsr Dsrw Dsr Dsrw Dsrw Dsrt imntt Dsrt Dsrt iAtt iAtt Dsrt Dsrt iAtt Dsrt Dsrt Dd ky Dd Dd mdw Dd mdw Dd Dd with upraised arm steer seclusion. recite spell. tell to. speak.

enduring stable. incite incite sting. internal bodily worm shut up. channel Olive locality locality locality locality locality locality locality adjective adjective adjective . imprison canal. incite stand on end of hair. enduring stable. creep of flesh creep of flesh snake. enduring stability. duration Busiris Busiris Busiris Busiris Busiris Mendes Tell er-Ruba Mendes fat fat fat sting.6 66 6f 66+ 6! 6 6 6 KQ ]]KQ ffKQ ( (KQ if6 KQ if6 K! Q 6 f! Q if!C ifK if!H ifq > ifq \ ifP> ifh+ ifhE ifh! m if < ! ` if?K~u if! :! R11 R11-R11 R11-D46 R11-R11-Y1 R11-X1 R11 R11-R11-G43-O49 D37-D37-G43-O49 D46-D46-G43-O49 X8-X8-G43-O49 I10-D46-R11-G43-O49 I10-D46-R11-G43-X1-O49 R11-D46-X1-O49 I10-D46-G1-Aa2 I10-D46-D19 I10-D46-G1-F5 I10-D46-D58-T30 I10-D46-D58-D36 I10-D46-Aa15-T30 I10-D46-I9-Y1 I10-D46-I9-G37 I10-D46-I9-X1-I14 I10-D46-V28-V1-D40 I10-D46-V31-G43-N35A-N36 I10-D46-X1-Z7-M1C Dd Dd Dd Dd Ddt Ddt Ddw Ddw Ddw Ddw Ddw Ddwt Ddwt DdA DdA DdA Ddb Ddb Ddb Ddf Ddf Ddft DdH Ddkw Ddtw stable. duration stability. enduring stable.

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