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William Bryd

William Bryd


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Power Point on the composer William Byrd
Power Point on the composer William Byrd

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Before Byrd
1470 ± Print Music Started € End of 15th Century - Sacred Music became more and more complex
y Started to use 5 to 6 voices

Who is Byrd? [Quick Facts]
Birth: 1543 Death: July 4th, 1623 Parents: Father ± Unknown [a musician] Mother ± Unknown Place of Birth: Lincoln Known For: Madrigals Instrumental Pieces Latin Church Music Referred as: ³The father of music´

‡They wrote and printed songs for: ‡ Queen Elizabeth ‡ Sir Christopher Hatton ‡ Lord Worcester ‡ Lord Hunsdon ‡ Lord Lumley ‡ Lord Northampton ‡ Lord Petre ‡ Lord Cumberland .Even More Quick Facts Interesting Facts: Taught by ± Thomas Tallis ‡ On 1575 January 22: William Byrd & were granted an exclusive license to print and publish music by Elizabeth I.

A Collection of Works € Byrd wrote: y Latin motets or Cantiones Sacrae y Psalmes. Sonets and Songs y y y y y y y y y y Songs of Sundrie Natures Anthems Ave Verum Corpus Gradualia Masses Grounds Madrigals Latin motets Pavans Known for Galliards Almans .

Most Famous Works Church Music [Madrigals] ± Includes: y Mass for: € 3 voices 4 voices 5 voices € € Vocal Music ± Instrumental Music [Galliards] ± Made for: y Secular Music with accompaniments y Viols y Keyboard .

Mozart .The Ave Verum Corpus [Hail True Body] € Ave Verum Corpus y Considered Byrd¶s finest work y A short Eucharistic [Religious] Hymn y Has been set to music by: William Byrd [Best known] Edward Elgar Wolfgang A.

htm y http://www.uk/byrd.com/composerinfo/William_By rd/27115.html € Programs: y Microsoft Student 2008 [DVD].org.newadvent. Microsoft ® Encarta .uk/williambyrd.stainer.org/cathen/03092f.elizabethan-era.htm y http://www.co.naxos.Sources: € Websites: y http://www.htm y http://www.

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