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Devotion to our Lord’s Sacred Wounds.
Devotion to our Lord’s Sacred Wounds.

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Published by: nat on Aug 13, 2013
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My Catholic Faith




SISTER MARY MARTHA CHAMBON of the Visitation of Holy Mary, THE ROSARY OF THE SACRED WOUNDS or THE CHAPLET OF MERCY. (An ordinary Rosary may be used.) On the large Beads say: Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, To heal those of our souls. On the small Beads say My Jesus, pardon and mercy, Through the merits of Thy Sacred Wounds. On conclusion repeat three times: Eternal Father, etc,

Sister Mary Martha Chambon
Devotion to Christ’s Sacred Wounds
To Sister Mary Martha Chambon, a lay-sister of the Visitation Convent in Chainbery, France, who died in 1907, remarkable revelations are said to have been made concerning the devotion to the Sacred Wounds of Christ. Her account of these revelations was examined by the ecclesiastical authorities, and they declare that Sister Mary Martha’s “ way bore a divine imprint.” it was not, however, until 1924 that the revelations were published, with the approval of Cardinal Gasparri, Cardinal Secretary of State to the Pope. According to this saintly Nun’s account Our Lord declared to her “I have chosen My faithful servant, Margaret Mary, to make known My Divine Heart, and fly little servant, Mary Martha, to awaken the devotion to My other Wounds. My Wounds will save you, They will be the salvation of the whole world,” The object of this devotion is briefly summarised by Sister Mary Martha’s Superior, to whom the Nun, acting, as she said, on the order of Our Lord Himself, Who told her to conceal nothing from her Superior, reported all the messages which she believed to have been communicated to her by Our Lord. She sums them up thus:— “Our Lord shows her His Sacred Wounds daily, so that she may constantly apply Their merits to the conversion of sinners, the wants of the Church, and in a special manner to the relief of the souls in Purgatory.” The chief practice of the devotion to the Sacred Wounds which Sister Mary Martha declared to have been taught her by Our Lord was the recitation of two ejaculations: Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal those of our souls,” and “ My Jesus, pardon and mercy, through the merits of Thy Sacred Wounds.” These ejaculations form the chief prayers in the Rosary of the Sacred Wounds or “Chaplet of Mercy,” which Sister Mary Martha declared was strongly urged on her by Our Lord.

Said to have been made by Our Lord in favour of those devoted to His Sacred Wounds. “You need never fear to put all your confidence in My Wounds, because no one will ever be disappointed in Them, even with regard to what seems to be impossible.” “The merit of My Blood is infinite; you will be able to obtain all you ask through My Wounds and My Sacred Heart.” “The Sacred Wounds sanctify souls and procure their spiritual advancement.” “As gold purified in a crucible becomes finer, so you should put your souls in My Sacred Wounds, where they will be purified and perfected.” “You can always purify yourselves in My Wounds. My Wounds make reparation for yours. My Wounds will cover up all your faults.” “Those who honour Them will acquire a true knowledge of Me.” “When you are suffering in any way quickly have re-course to My Wounds, and your pangs will be softened.” “When you are with the sick often repeat the ejaculation: My Jesus, pardon and mercy, through the merits of Thy Sacred Wounds.’ This Prayer will comfort them in soul and body.” “A sinner who says the following prayer: Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Saviour Jesus Christ to heal those of our souls,’ will obtain his conversion.” “Of yourself you are nothing, but with your soul united to My Wounds you become powerful; you may even merit and obtain favours without there being any necessity for particularising them.” “Souls who have prayed with humility, and meditated on My Passion will participate in the glory of My Divine Wounds. The more you contemplate My sorrowful Wounds on earth the more glorious will be the sight of Them to you in heaven.”

Efficacy of Devotion to Christ’s Sacred Wounds
Several declarations are said to have been made to Sister Mary Martha by Our Lord as to the efficacy of this devotion for the salvation of souls, the conversion of sinners, the triumph of the Church and advance in personal holiness :— “You must confide all to My Sacred Wounds, and work by Their merits for the salvation of souls.” “Offer My Sacred Wounds to Me for the salvation of sinners, for I thirst for souls.” “When you offer My Father My Wounds I look upon you as stretching forth your hands to heaven to obtain graces.” Look at Me and use all your power to draw the thorns out of My Head by offering the merits of My Wounds to My Father for sinners.” “Look at My Crown and you will see mortification look at My Arms stretched out and you will learn obedience; you will understand what poverty is when you see Me naked on the Cross, and you will see the purity of Him who was so pure, and loves you as a spouse.” “All wisdom is contained in the study of My Wounds. Should all creatures study Them each would find sufficient in Them and require no other book. It is the book My Saints read and will read for all eternity.” “You have nothing to fear for yourselves or for the Church as long as My Wounds keep guard over you. If this protection were taken away from you, you would then realise the value of what you now possess.” Taken from the booklet “ Sister Mary Martha Chambon, etc.,” by the Sisters of the Visitation of Holy Mary, Chambery, 1923, now in its fourth edition, translated into eight languages, and prefaced by a letter from His Eminence Cardinal Gasparri, in which His Holiness Pope Pius XI. has deigned to express his satisfaction with the little book and his desire that it should be more widely diffused and known. English Edition, “Devotion to Christ’s Sacred Wounds,” Irish Messenger Office, 5 Great Denmark Street, Dublin, C. 16. For the supernatural manifestations recorded in this leaflet no credence is claimed beyond what the available historical evidence warrants.

Permissu Ordinarii Dioec. Dublinen., Die 8a [anuarii, 1930. “IRISH MESSENGER” OFFICE, DUBLIN, C. 16. PRINTED IN IRELAND.

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