UNDP Grant Programme 2013 Attention: Email Owner, You have been nominated by the UN for a Humanitarian Development

Cash Grant program to enhance and develop the standard of living geared towards poverty eradication as targeted by the year 2020.You have been granted the sum of 750,000.00 Pounds your grant pin # UNF/FBF-816-1119 G-900-94. Contact payment department for due remittance of funds. Payment Officer : Mrs. Grace Mayer Email: grant@unfdgs.org You are to provide her with the following information ’s below for claims. 1 Full Names: 2 Full Address: 3 Nationality: 4 Age: 5 Gender: 6 Occupation: 7 Cell Phone: 8 Alternate Email Address: Note: This is an automatic message do not click on your reply button,only send all require details to the below Email: grant@unfdgs.org only. Regards, Dr. Evangelos Dendes. Chairman UNDP Grant Programme

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