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Syllabus Geometry

Huntington Park High School

Teacher Ms. Diaz Room Number 123 Website Office Hours Mondays and Wednesdays 2:55pm 3:55pm by appointment *If the days listed above do not work for you, please talk to me so that I can make further arrangements to try to accommodate to your schedule. I want to welcome everyone to the 2013- 2014 school year. I am very excited to have all of you as students in my class. My name is Ms. Diaz and I will be your Geometry teacher. I look forward to working with each and every one of you to assure your success! Course Description Geometry is an interesting course that introduces the study of points, segments, triangles, polygons, circles, solid figures, and their associated relationships as a mathematical system. Emphasis is placed on the description and use of inductive, deductive, and intuitive reasoning skills. I plan on helping you build on the skills you currently have to help you grow and advance to the next level in Math. Please be aware that Algebra I skills will be used throughout the course along with other Mathematical skills. Because math is used everyday, we will be using the concepts and skills you learn in class and making real world applications. I have high expectations for all of you and I ask that you put in 110% of effort in order for you to take full advantage of the skills you can gain from this class. Course Topics: Reasoning in Geometry Proportions and Similarity Segment Measure and Coordinate Polygons and Area Graphing Circles Angles Surface Area and Volume Parallels Right Triangles and Trigonometry Triangles and Congruence Circle Relationships More About Triangles Formalizing Proof Triangle Inequalities More Coordinate Graphing and Quadrilaterals Transformations As we work through the course material, we will also work on the following: Creativity Effective Oral and Logic Written Collaboration Inductive Reasoning Communication Leadership Skills Deductive Reasoning Analytical Skills Presentation Skills Problem Solving Required Materials Lined/Graph Paper Eraser Highlighter 1 Pen Sharpener (if needed) Compass 2 Pencils Binder Protractor

Composition Book

Work and Grading Scale: Your participation is required; every class member is expected to contribute to all class discussions and to engage in all classroom activities. Your work will be categorized as Classwork, Homework, Projects, Quizzes and Tests. If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to ask for the work and complete it by the assigned due date. Late assignments will NOT be accepted. The following grading scale will be used for this class: 90-100% of possible points 80-89% of possible points 70-79% of possible points 60%-69% of possible points 59% or less =A =B =C =D =F

School Rules: At Huntington Park High School we are implementing a Positive Behavior Support Plan. These are the rules for our school: Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible Class Expectations: 1. As members of the school community, we will follow all school rules. 2. Take advantage of all classroom experience/time. 3. Push yourself and others to excel academically, professionally and personally. 4. Maintain a positive environment by respecting yourself and others in the class. 5. Turn negatives into positives by being open and willing to learn from mistakes. 6. Maintain a group effort by helping and learning from one another. 7. Allow yourself and others to be human * I reserve the right to add or modify class rules. Students who choose to act in a manner that falls short of our expectation will: Receive a warning Be counseled and parents advised of the situation Be sent to the Counselor and a Parent Conference will be scheduled Consequence(s) will match the severity of the situation. Remember, all school rules and regulations will be enforced in class!
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