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tausug lesson

tausug lesson

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Published by: Xhain Psypudin on Aug 13, 2013
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Project Tausug 101: Learning Bahasa Sug Anak Iluh Foundation ©2012

www.tausug101.blogspot.com anakiluh@ymail.com

Supplementary reading for Lesson 1: The Sounds in Bahasa Sug in “Tausug 101: Learning Bahasa Sug” by Anak Iluh
Pagsambung-laung I (Conversations)
Bahasa Sug Amir: Assalamu Alaikum taymanghud! Malik: Wa Alaikumus Salam, Amir. Amir: Maunu-unu na kaw yan? Malik: Mura-murahan, marayaw da isab, Alhamdulillah Amir: Hain kaw naghuhula’? Malik: Duun aku kanda Apa’ Andil. Amir: A, amun bay malaggu’ yaun? Malik: Huun, amun taga kahuy mampallam. Where do you live? (I live) there with Uncle Andil. A, that big house there? Yes, the one with a Mango Tree (beside) Translations Assalamu Alaikum brother! Wa Alaikumus Salam, Amir. How are you now? Hopefully, I am doing good, Alhamdulillah.

Amir: Na, kamaya man kaw daran. Malik: Huun, sambil kamu.

Then, you take care always. Yes, you do, too.

New Tausug Words in Lesson 1:
Tausug Word Taymanghud Marayaw Hain Naghuhula' Bay Malaggu' Huun tay/mang/hud ma/ra/yaw ha/in nag/hu/hula' /bay/ ma/lag/gu' hu/un English Meaning Brother or sister Good Where. A question of place or location Root word, /hula'/ which means Place or location House Big or large Yes. Or affirmation.

Project Tausug 101: Learning Bahasa Sug Anak Iluh Foundation ©2012 New Tausug Word Kahuy Mampallam Kamaya' Daran ka/huy mam/pal/lam ka/ma/ya' da/ran English translation Tree A kind of Mango tree Take care Always www. suggestions and translations pls send your queries to anakiluh@ymail.blogspot. Feel free to share this “cheat sheet” with your friends.tausug101.com anakiluh@ymail.com Note: Keep this file for future references and add to your collection of Tausug Vocabularies.blogspot.tausug101.com Salam Kasilasa! .com For questions. Enjoy learning Bahasa Sug  Keep visiting our blog at www.

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