Affective State Choice Dilemma Information as Choice Choice as Information

Reference Point Decision Source Measure Experimental Measurement

Inference ex ante Affective content Choice information % of wanting to know uncertainty

Inference ex post Cognitive choice Utility Mean acceptability rate

as Ch.) Don’t Demand Hurt avoiding High → Saving a lo Demand for Information Mean Acc (RUSSIAN ROULETTE) Demand Hurt seeking Low → Life is grea .Risky Task Environment Empirical Observation (ORGAN DONATION) Empirical Int High Mean Acceptability (Ch.) Risk seeking Don’t demand → C against altering info Demand for (RUSSIAN ROULETTE) Low (ORGAN DONATION) Risk averse Demand → More in perceived risk (Info. as Info.

PROBABILITIES Precise LOSSES CELL 2 Ambiguous Ignorance (‘Self’ Life & Death) CELL 1 RISK AS FEELINGS Want to Know Information MORAL DILEMMAS MUNDANE RISKS CELL 3 Precise Don’t Want to Know Information .

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