For 2013-2014 List of universities where a Pakistani passport holder can avail undergraduate and postgraduate education

with no tuition fee. Where tuition fee is charged its even less than what Pakistani universities charge in Pakistan. You still have time for this year's winter session in many cases, following is the limited summary and links for people to read and put in their application. Please note that you will have to meet your own living expenses. If this doesn’t apply to you then pass it onto an atheist/agnostic who would rather leave Pakistan at any cost. Finland Higher Education institutions will not charge tuition fee, you will have to pay for your books and accommodation. Some Masters courses are also free of charge. Norway Norwegian universities and state university colleges as a rule do not charge tuition fees for international students. However, students will need to pay a semester fee of around $50-$100 each semester. Germany No tuition fee for undergraduate courses in almost all universities. For Masters majority of universities will only charge you the amount less than whats charged in Pakistan. Sweden Many universities still offer either full or partial waiver of tution fee for overseas students including Pakistan Austria Specially for the ones interested in classical music and instruments Anyone may update this list with accurate source/URLs by uploading an amended version,