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Published by: Harendra Kumar on Jun 01, 2009
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File paths are always specified relative to the directory of the XML file containing the reference. For
example, an image “MyImage.jpg” located in the subdirectory “Images” of your XML file directory would
be referred to as “Images/MyImage.jpg”. Note that the UNIX-style forward slash (‘/’) and the DOS-style
backward slash (‘\’) are both supported as a separator character.

All file references beginning with the string “Library”, such as “Library\StdProps.xml”, will get resolved to
the Builder’s library directory as if the library directory were a subdirectory of your project directory, even
though the library directory is located in the product’s installation directory.

When you deploy your project with a runtime such as the Server, you will also need to deploy the library
files used by your project. If you’ve installed the Builder on the server, then library remapping will work as
it does on your development machine. If not, then you can create a ‘Library’ directory under your project
directory, so that the library references are resolved correctly without any redirection. You can also specify
a location for the library using the Server’s SetLibrary() method.

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