Why I Think Caroline Hyde Is Nice

Being a mitigated Marxist with a propensity to take cum grano salis the fast and furious financial information that comes my way on satellite television, I do admit that I tune in regularly to obtain a superficial notion of what is going on across the business world. It is important to know whether or not the stock market has again crashed, to see Bernanke (remember Alan Greenspan!) and Draghi in their hot seats, and to dream on a bit with the economic gurus who pontificate about the future of the economies of everyone else. What stuns me beyond belief is the fact that those who have been responsible for the roll of economic disasters that have been now plaguing us for decades, are the same fellows who claim that they can bring us out of this continuing calamity! The show must go on, and the individuals who are interviewed on BLOOMBERG and MNBC surely are adroit at pushing the Drama of Business buttons—this disgusting gnawing of unending uncertainty. Nevertheless, I hardly ever miss a broadcast in the morning (07:30 Central European Time) when my best-loved broadcastess, Caroline Hyde, is on the air. It is coincidental that at 07:30, when I do my morning exercises, she shares the limelight with Mark Barton and Manus Cranny, and this super crew gets rolling with their flow of info which I only wish I could believe. They are just so good about how they say what they say! Caroline Hyde is a delightfully bright (holds a BA degree, from Oxford, in Politics, Philosophy & Economics) and an excruciatingly cute BLOOMBERG protagonist. Solid as a rock. Dignified, too. She is concise, very well prepared for her broadcasts, has never tripped over a word during the years I have watched her, and she has a smile that melts ice. She is always pleasant, and never has been uppity or full of herself during her presentations. (I'll bet she's a sassy little rapscallion in real life!) Tune in and gaze at the charming Caroline! She might help you lay to rest your sovereign debt blues.

And remember: “If you give them (the indecorous dog-eat-dog boys) enough rope, they will hang themselves!” Hopefully...

Authored by Anthony St. John 13 August MMXIII Calenzano, Italy www.scribd.com/thewordwarrior