MPC-On-Chip: An Embedded GPC Coprocessor for Automotive Active Suspension Systems Neural generalized predictive controller stability

analysis An embedded hardware architecture for GPC-on-Chip applied to automotive active suspension systems Networked embedded generalized predictive controller for an active suspension system Real-time Markov localization for autonomous UGV Introduction to model based optimization of chemical processes on moving horizons An online active set strategy for fast parametric quadratic programming in MPC applications Efficient direct multiple shooting in nonlinear model predictive control An efficient algorithm for nonlinear model predictive control of large-scale systems. Part II: Experimental evaluation for a distillation column An adjoint-based SQP algorithm with quasi-Newton Jacobian updates for inequality constrained optimization A real‐time algorithm for nonlinear receding horizon control using multiple shooting and continuation/Krylov method Newton-type methods for the approximate solution of nonlinear programming problems in realtime A model predictive control approach for time optimal point-to-point motion control An inexact perturbed path-following method for Lagrangian decomposition in large-scale separable convex optimization Intelligent modified predictive optimal control of reheater steam temperature in a large-scale boiler unit

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