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Descriptive Course Data: Class: 3rd Year High School, 30 students Lesson: (English Grammar) Conjunctions a review Duration:

: 1 hour 30 mins Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to a) Recall completely previously learned lessons about conjunctions; b) Correctly identify and explain the uses of the three types of conjunctions; c) Answer all the drills on the kinds of conjunctions; and d) Write an analysis of the piece Snow using at least 5 sentences that correctly use conjunctions. Instructional Activity Teachers Role a. play a game of hangman on a transparency. Only one student can answer at a time. The word to be guessed is Conjunctions c. tell the students that the lesson for the day will be on conjunctions a. Present the transparency of the objectives and have the students read them. a. Ask the students about what they still remember from their previous years about conjunctions c. Present the transparency of Snow by Garrison Keillor and have them read it out loud. e. Ask the students to identify which words in the piece are conjunctions a. Attach the cartolina of the three types of conjunctions on the black board and give their basic description Students Role b. play the game and guess the word Role of other media -transparency of hangman.


b. read the objectives

- transparency of objectives - transparency of Snow


b. answer the teacher


d. read the piece

f. answer the teacher b. listen to the teacher - black board

Information and Examples

c. Give the more specific definitions of d. listen to the teacher coordinating conjunctions and tell the students about the easy mnemonic that can be used to list all the coordinating conjunctions: f-a-n-b-o-y-s e. tell the students that some coordinating conjunctions can have other functions in language and give examples. f. give one drill: which is used as a g. answer the teacher conjunction? Call on students to answer each drill. h. give more specific definitions of correlative conjunctions and list their examples. j. give more specific definitions of subordinating conjunctions. l. give another drill: give students pieces of paper with a subordinating conjunction. Attach headings on the board of types of subordinating conjs. according to use and tell them to attach the subordinating conj. they have and put it under the appropriate heading. n. check the answers a. give a two-part individual practice drill to measure understanding. First part: use a conjunction to connect sentences. c. check students answers. If the results are low, reteach the part that they dont i. listen to the teacher

k. listen to the teacher. m. do the drill

o. listen to the teacher b. answer the drill

- transparencies of drills

Practice and Feedback


understand. d. second part of the drill: identify which is the conjunction and what type of conjunction it is. f. check students answers. a. show students the transparency for Snow again. c. have the students write a free analysis on the piece, 5 sentences or more, each type of conjunction at least once. e. have at least two students read their analysis out loud to the class.

e. answer second drill

b. read the piece again. d. write the analysis

-transparency of Snow

f. read the analysis