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Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 2 Chapter 22 Translated by sookybabi Surprise(?

) I’m heading home soon for my summer break. Thought I would try to get a few more in before I go silent again! You are welcomed! --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --Was there ever any country that didn’t have to detain chaos within their nation and fend off trouble from abroad? Rong Tian spent an unhealthy portion of the day deep in discussion with the officials which assisted his efforts to run Xi Rei. The moment business concluded the King hurried towards the direction of the Crowned Prince’s quarters. In mid-step a courteous voice interrupted him. “Your Highness please wait, the Empress has requested to see you.” Rong Tian halted and turned around to find Xiang Fen, the Empress’s most trusted maid. “Was there anything in particular the Empress wanted to discuss?” Xiang Fen bowed, “This lowly servant doesn’t know what the Empress has in mind. I was only instructed to bring King Rong to the Empress’s palace once the morning proceedings were over.” Rong Tian gave the sky a quick evaluation for time before deciding his move. He nodded, “I will meet with her now.” Before leaving he motioned for a guard to approach, “Go and inform King Ming I have