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Open Source Lab Manual Expt No:3 Compiling from source 1. Download webattery-<version>-src.rpm to /home/fosslab folder 2. cd /home/fosslab 3.

rpm -ivh webattery-<version>-src.rpm 4. The above command creates a directory rpmbuild under the home folder /home/fosslab ex: /home/fosslab/rpmbuild 5. cd /home/fosslab/rpmbuild/SOURCES/

6. Extract the source file using the command $tar zxvf webattery-1.2.tar.gz

7. cd webattery-1.2/ 8. ./configure (checks for the necessary tools/libraries for the build environment and creates the Makefile)

9. make (compiles all the source files and creates the executable binaries)

10. make install 11. which webattery (prints the location of the binary executable).

12. Now go to that directory and type webattery //It shows the battery status of the system