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List of Psychological Tests and Apparatus
Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Name of the Test Teacher Effectiveness Scale Educational Interest Record(EIR) Vocational Interest Record (VIR) P.G.I. Memory Scale (PGIMS) Social Perfection Effect of Value on Size Perception Family Environment Scale (FCS) Children’s Self Concept Scale (CSCS) Vocational Attitude Maturity Scale (VAMS) Attitude Scale Towards Small Family and Population Education (ASSFPE) Kulsum Teacher Effectiveness Scale (KTES) Group test of Intelligence (13 to 17 Years) Creativity Test (Non Verbal Test) Rorschach Record and Analysis BLANK Verbal Test of Creative Thinking (TCW) Dimensional Personality Inventory (DPI) Group Test of General Mental Ability (GMAT) Researcher Dr. Pramod Kumar & Dr. D.N. Mutha Dr. S.P. Kulshrestha Dr. S.P. Kulshrestha DwarkaPrashad& N.N. Wig Dr. S.N. Upadhaya (Raipur) Dr. Harpreet Bhatia & Dr. N.K. Chadha Dr. S.P. Ahulwalia Dr. (Mrs.) Manju Mehta Dr. T.S. Sodhi& Dr. Gurdev Sharma Dr. (Mrs.) UmmeKulsum Dr. G.C. Ahuja Dr. Baqer Mehdi (Aligarh) N. P.C. Agra Dr. Baqer Mehdi (Aligarh) Dr. Mahesh Bhargava Dr. S.S. Jalota Publisher Deptt. ofPsy., S. P.U. Gujrat N. P.C. Agra N. P.C. Agra N. P.C. Agra N. P.C. Agra Ankur Psychological Agency (Lucknow) N. P.C. Agra N. P.C. Agra N. P.C. Agra

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Educational Testing Centre, New Delhi N. P.C. Agra N. P.C. Agra N. P.C. Agra N. P.C. Agra Nandini Enterprises (Agra) N. P.C. Agra

Sherry Dr.17. R.C.)G. S. Lucknow N. Agra N. P. 19.C. 21.C. P. 33. 32. Srivastva& Dr. P. R. Agra H.C.C. TahiraKhatoon& Monika Sharma Dr.K. P. R. Agra N. S. L. P.C. Ahulwalia Dr. S. Agra N. Agra N.C. P.C. Agra N. P. (Mrs. UmmeKulsum Prof.N.C. 27.C. P. Singh & Dr. VivekBhargava Dr.C.N. 28. Singh & Dr. Rai Rajbir Singh. Agra N.P. 41.C. Ahulwalia Dr. 40. Agra R.R.C. Agra N. P. Agra N. P. Mahesh Bhargava Dr. VivekBhargava Bhargava Periodicals Agra Dr.P.L. 18.C. Verma& Dr. S. Agra Dr. 35. 31. Agra . A.S. AshaHinger Dr. Jai Prakash& Dr. P. Agra N. RadheyShyam&Satish Kumar Prof. Agra N. 24. 23.P.C.K.C. P.B. P. P. 26. P.P. P. Srivasva N.C. Sharma Sanjay Vohra Dr. Agra N. Mahesh Bhargava Dr. Ojha ImtisungbaAo Dr. Agra N. 29.C. (Mrs. Chopra Dr.M. 38.C. Mahesh Bhargava H. Teaching Aptitude Test Battery (TA-TB) David’s Battery of Differential Abilities (DBDA) Bhatia’s Battery of Performance test of Intelligence Kinesthesio Meter Board General Classroom Achievement Test (GCAT) Photos of Psychologist Verbal Intelligence Test (VIT) Non-Verbal Group Intelligence Test (NVGIT) Social Motive Scale (SMS) Teacher Attitude Inventory (TAI) Dimensional Personality Inventory (DPI) Hindi Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Mirror Drawing Apparatus Maze Learning Memory Drum Attitude Scale Towards Teaching Profession (ASTTP) Personal Value Questionnaire (PVQ) Leader Behaviour Scale (LBS) Attitude Scale Towards Education (ASTE) Interpersonal Judgment Scale (IJS) Socio Economic Status Scale (SESS) Socio Economic Status Index (SESI) Teacher Value Inventory (TVI) Computer Attitude Scale (CAS) Teaching Aptitude Test (TAT) Dr. 30. P. Agra N. 36.A. Agra N. 37. New Delhi N.P. Agra A.C. Agra Psy-Com Services.P. S. P.P. 25.C.P. 22. Singh & Dr. Sen Gupta N. 20. Agra N. 34. P.C.) A.P. Singh & Dr. R. Agra N. Agra N. P. C. 39. P. P. P. Verma Dr.N. Agra N.C. Bhatia N.C. P. Agra N.

C. Ojha P.C. P. Agra N.C.P. P.C.C. 53. P. Singh & H. P. Singh N. P. Jalota S. Agra N. V. Agra Agra Agra Agra N.C. P. 50. Sanjay Pethe&UpenderDhar Vishal Sood.C. P. 51.K.M. P.C. P. 59. 43. Gakhar&Rajnish Y.N. Mishra Beena Shah PallaviBhatnagar Sodhi& Shah Meera Dixit Dr. Jagdish D. 56. Mutha.C. N.P. 61. Group test of general mental ability (Hindi) Teaching Aptitude Test (Eng. Sharma.) Employment Mental Health Inventory Problem Solving Ability Test Test of Study Habits and Attitudes Bell’s Adjustment Inventory Teacher’s Job Satisfaction Questionnaire Verbal learning Disability Check list S.S.K Saraswat K. N. Mathur& R. P. K. Bhardwaj& M.C. AratiAnand P. P. Joshi H. Agra N. Dubey C.C. P.C.C.L. Bhatnagar PunitaGovil Ankool Hyde. Agra . Agra N.C. 55. P. 60. N. Agra N. 47.C. Agra N. Sood. Agra N. 46. Agra N. R. 45.C. Agra N. P. Mathur R.C. Agra N. P. Bhargawa Dr.G. N. P.) Personality Inventory (Hindi) Locus of Control (Hindi) Comprehensive Anxiety Test Self-Efficacy Scale Meta Cognition inventory Emotional Intelligence Scale Teacher’s Attitude scale towards inclusive Education Self-concept Questionnaire Home Environment Inventory Family Climate Scale Anxiety. G.42.C. 57. P. Agra N. 52. Agra N. Agra N. P. Husnain& D. 49.C. Agra N. Depression and Stress Scale Interest Inventory Job Satisfaction Scale (Eng. 58.D. Agra N. 44. 54.C. N. 62. Kumar and D.C.C. P. P. P. Agra N. 48.