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Friday, March 29, 2013

but the very small few that weren't knew was that a time soon would come that they .. that many of you claim to consider to make you conscious. Personally mine was through several. It has continued to show me more about our Current Condition than anything else I’ve had the pleasure to be a student of.. Masonic Brotherhoods.. I also came out of a Strict Evangelical Christian household and Always Was Involved in the Arts in my life.. History & Culture For Me. That was The Study of The Construct of Racism/White Supremacy & Sociology/Theory. I went through the process of watching White folk who knew the rhetoric up & down. I soon learnt they like other crackas cloak their behavior to con & passify black people into desired positions on resistance. KKK. UNIA-ACL/Legionaires.A Bro Cadence Facebook Status Update Friday March. Early NOI . but I soon learned these crackas were some of the most devout & covert racists you can find within this maze of society.. etc). PGRNA. & Even white nationalists & "progressive white groups" i. but the most influential was thru Revolutionary Political Black Nationalism (i. So When I Became Aware of Cultural Nationalist Types of Documents & Figures My Mind Just Took Off. Weathermen Underground.. Granted.cadence/posts/10151317833412131 “Intelligent comments are welcome” People come into consciousness through many avenues.e (Fuehrer. 29 2013 Source: https://www.. Naacp... )... Stokely Charmichael called them back in the late 60s "Anti Racist Racists".. Not all of them were this way. I’m telling you now Nothing was more healing to me during my period of quote unquote "Criminality or Mere Selfish Survivalism" but for exception the Study of Old Slave Narratives & Immediate History of Our Struggle over the past 300 Years on This Side of The World. BPP. Aryan Returning Military Vets in Response to White Agression.. Deacons For Defense..e. Neo Nazis. BGF.. And I Never Looked Back!!! Another Great Influence on Me Was The Study that Married The Study of Nationalism. SDS.

i.Regardless there is not enuff of them to make any considerable difference either way... This is one of the biggest blocks to our progression & one of the highest investment of programming besides black self haterd programming. But my bad. Worldstarhiphop. im gettin long winded!!!! I could go on & on. All this information is & has been made available for you to consume online. then you unfortunately from my study & perspective are the actual problem.. That you have to be held accountable to by a collective.would choose their race over mine for survival & actually did currently consciously & unconsciously.. that you wont find out just internet googling or just reading either. but the purpose of the status im posting about myself is not about journaling as much as it is a warning & a insight to many new Bruthas & Sistas out there within this online community that think you can come to a place of "Final Supreme knowledge" and that because you read some books or watched some lectures that that will bring you to this period of piousness over anutha. kneegroes. but what someone can't give you is Good Character & The Application of this Knowledge.... easier for those you want to reach? If you are among the many online who complain about the state of black people in general. but do not work or cannot state an active program or organizational model that you work from to change this dilemma. not those who were not blessed to be given the opportunity you were given. so they only act as a buffer to make black folk be sympathetic & hopeful to certain populations of the cracka. & lost" who aren't there yet.... They got all kinda traps set within bitch. Learning from Steve Cokely for instance showed me early on that this maze was bigger than simplistic types of perspectives we are given when you first consider yourself to be a student of Black History & Culture. But you must consistently ask what brought you along to the light & how has it helped in contrast to those you point the finger at? Also you must ask what are you doing to make that avenue into this information & the change it brought you.. .... about many periods of my development... Many people get mad that the quote on quote "unconscious" who many of you call "kkkoons... test yourself on & put yourself in the fire to show yourself approved of whether or not it is applicable to your life & those of your loved ones...i Hot Gheto Mess.

regardless what this society has made us... Exaggerated Visibility. which is Vacant Esteem. Internalized Racial Hatred.. I can almost promise you that!!! #Get Active!!! #Vent Over!!! # Rbg4Life!!! GET AT ME . ect.... made new & saved no different than some Church Folk or Hustla Up Out of Prison with Some New Game to Run on the less informed. because they are bad people but because they have what we all have growing up in this sick society at different levels.. and have convinced yourself you have been changed. you will continue to be conned into ignoring your true greatness... if you dont step up on your study of our recent & historical condition within this war & learn how to apply it with unconditional love of your people... Which with the study of our condition will show you these types of people manifest not necessarily..Unfortunately many of you still have the same consciousness of an average self hating brutha or sista.