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South Brunswick High School Chapter of the Junior State, in order to achieve a better understanding of our democratic system and the issues of the modern world, and to apply such knowledge using logical reasoning in Parliamentary debate, do establish this chapter. ARTICLE I: NAME The name of this organization shall be “The South Brunswick High School Chapter of the Junior State” otherwise known as “SBHS JSA”. ARTICLE II: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: Membership Requirements In order to be officially recognized as a member of the South Brunswick High School Chapter of the Junior State, an individual must: 1. Be enrolled as a student of South Brunswick High School. 2. Attend 50% of all meetings. 3. Pay a $20 tax 4. Pay the “Pay to Participate” fee, if applicable. 5. Meet the event requirement, which will be decided yearly, based on certain circumstances that may or may not include: school availability for a Chapter Conference, a reduction in other club events, and a reduction in the amount of State and Regional events. Section 2: Events Clause 1: Events that count toward the event requirement include any event that the chapter organizes and any outside JSA event. These events will be publicized online and at meetings. Clause 2: In-school events are any events planned and organized by SBHS JSA. In the past, these have included: Battle of the Bands, SBHS JSA Chapter Conference, and during election years, debate watch parties. Clause 3: Out-of-school events are events that are not planned and organized by SBHS JSA, but instead by the Mid-Atlantic State, the New Jersey Region, and other chapters and surrounding regions. Events that are regularly held under this jurisdiction include, but are not limited to: MAS Leadership Day, NJR Fall One-Day Conference, NJR Spring One-Day Conference, MAS Fall State Convention, MAS Winter Congress, and MAS Spring State Convention.

Clause 4: Decorum and respect for every speaker and member must be maintained at every JSA event. All municipal, state, and federal laws, including those specific to the locations of the JSA event, must be followed. Failure to adhere to these rules can be refused membership or removed from the chapter, depending on the incident. This decision is left up to the advisor. ARTICLE III: OFFICERS Section 1: Teacher Advisors There must be at least one Teacher Advisor for SBHS JSA. At the writing of this Constitution, there were two. Section 2: Positions Clause 1: There will be four official officers on the chapter board: the President, Vice President, Director of Debate, and Secretary. The President and Vice President are elected, and the Director of Debate and Secretary are appointed. Additionally, there will be three understudies to assist these officers in their duties. Clause 2: The following positions are invalid: Treasurer, Underclassmen Representative, State Assembly Representative, Events Coordinator, Director of Activism, Webmaster, Historian, Executive Member. Section 3: President The President oversees all activity in the club and is the main trip and event coordinator, and is expected to attend all five major conventions (as described in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3). While the Chapter President accepts all input from his or her fellow officers and club members, the Chapter President must be required to make sudden judgments without consulting his or her staff. The Chapter President does not have to have served on the four-member chapter board in the previous year, and the job is opened to the most qualified candidate, regardless of age; the interview with the Teacher Advisors serves as a check in this situation to ensure the validity of each candidate. Section 4: Vice President The Vice President assists the President in his/her duties and oversees all fundraising, advertising and publicity, and activism efforts. The Vice President must be prepared to take over the office of President in the event of misfortune for the President that may cause him/her to be rendered unable to perform his/her duties. Section 5: Director of Debate The Director of Debate is the main debate writer for each meeting. He/she must present the Teacher Advisor(s) with meeting agendas for each meeting. Additionally, the Director of Debate must serve as a

member of the State Assembly as the chapter’s State Assembly Representative. The Director of Debate must also facilitate freshman outreach. Section 6: Secretary The Secretary must maintain club attendance records for the year. The secretary must maintain accurate attendance logs, using an initial survey at the beginning of the year to obtain a list of chapter members, and then keep accurate attendance logs throughout the year. It is recommended that attendance be taken using the scanner system for ID cards. He/she will also oversee the official website and online communication as the Webmaster, and will take and organize photographs taken at events as Historian. The Secretary must be prepared to create the “Chapter of the Year” video and presentation to be presented at Spring State every year. Section 7: Understudies In addition to the four officers, there will be three “understudies” who will work with the officers in completing any task. Although the understudies are not elected, but rather selected, they will be able to learn more in depth about each position. There will be three understudies: a freshman, a sophomore, and a junior. These understudies are chosen at the beginning of the school year through an application process. They may or may not be attached to a particular position, but will aid the four officers in completing any task that is to be completed. The understudy will not receive credit on his/her transcript, but by working with the officers, they will receive valuable experience. Section 8: Term Length The term for any position is from July 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the current year. ARTICLE IV: ELECTION PROCEDURES Section 1: Elected Positions The elected positions include the President and the Vice President. Section 2: Appointed Positions The appointed positions include the Director of Debate and the Secretary. Section 3: Election Procedures Clause 1: In order to run for office, qualifications must be met for full membership of the club. Afterward, all candidates must be interviewed by the Teacher Advisors, who will then determine the candidates who will continue onto the election. The students in the club who make membership will be allowed to vote in the election. When the final votes are received, vote tallies to determine the winner will

be based 1/3 on how the Teacher Advisors vote in the election and 2/3 on how the members voted in the election. Clause 2: It is not necessary to have been an understudy or on the chapter board the year prior to running for office. Section 4: Appointment Procedures Clause 1: In order to be appointed for office, qualifications for full membership must be met. Afterward, all candidates must be interviewed by the Teacher Advisors, who will determine the candidates who will continue onto final selection. The final selection will be the candidate who wins the highest number of votes in his/her favor, and these five votes are distributed by: 1. Teacher Advisor 1 2. Teacher Advisor 2 3. Current President 4. Current Vice President 5. Current person in that office (i.e. Current Secretary, Current Director of Debate) Clause 2: It is not necessary to have been an understudy or on the chapter board the year prior to applying for office. Clause 3: If applying for an appointed position for the following year, an application, as made by the chapter board of that year, must be completed. This application should be comprehensive, explaining the candidate’s intentions, experience, and skills. Section 5: Selection Procedures for Understudies Understudies will have to apply, via a certain application process, at the beginning of the school year and will work in that capacity for the remainder of that school year. Teacher Advisors will also interview each candidate who wishes to be an understudy. This application process will be decided at the beginning of the school year, and understudies will be chosen in October. Section 6: Absence of Candidates If there is an absence of candidates in any position, the Teacher Advisors will make a suggestion regarding who should run or apply. The understudies from the previous year will be encouraged to seek office if there are no candidates. Section 7: Fair Elections Regulations Clause 1: Co-Presidency is not suggested. Any recommendation of Co-Presidency must first be approved by the Teacher Advisors, and a plan showing the division of responsibilities must be presented.

Clause 2: Candidates wishing to run or apply for office must declare their candidacy or intention in the manner specified by the chapter board of that year. The Teacher Advisors must approve of all candidates, which will be done following their interview. Clause 3: The selection process for appointed positions must occur after elections. Clause 4: The Fair Elections Committee must abide by all fair election rules as explained in the Mid-Atlantic State Constitution. They must remain impartial toward all candidates. Clause 5: Negative campaigning of any type will result in automatic disqualification of candidacy. All rules pertaining to campaigning must be followed, as explained in the Mid-Atlantic State Constitution. ARTICLE V: VOTING PROCEDURES Section 1: Eligibility In order to vote for chapter officers, a student must fulfill all membership requirements listed in Article II, Section 1. This will be checked before a student casts his/her ballot. Section 2: Voting Procedures It is recommended that voting take place at the penultimate or final meeting of the school year. Depending on the size of the eligible electorate, the procedures may vary. If the electorate is small, paper ballots may be used, and counted by a non-elected senior on the chapter board, or the teacher advisors. If the electorate is large, then voting procedures can mirror that used at MAS conventions. In that situation, an FEC agent will each be assigned to a each table, which contains students of the same grade, who will then collect a single ballot noting each preferred candidate. Section 3: Recounts If a candidate desires a recount for any reason, he or she must cite a reason and receive approval from both the President and Vice President. ARTICLE VI: IMPEACHMENT AND RESIGNATION Section 1: Officer Impeachment Clause 1: An officer will be considered for impeachment if he or she: 1. Misses 4 or more Officer Meetings 2. Continuously refuses to complete his/her duties and responsibilities 3. Has broken a federal, state, school or JSA rule/law as defined by the Teacher Advisor 4. Under the suggestion of another officer or tax-paid member.

Clause 2: In order for an officer or tax-paid member to suggest impeachment, he/she must privately seek out the Teacher Advisor(s). The Advisors must both agree with this appeal. Section 2: Impeachment Procedures Clause 1: For an impeachment to occur, the following course of action must be taken: 1. The Chapter President will inform the officer that he/she is undergoing a revision in his/her status as an officer. This officer can choose to resign or continue with the following procedures. 2. The Chapter President must notify the other officers of the conflict. 3. The Teacher Advisor will begin to accept officer votes on impeachment, which the officers have a week to submit. Clause 2: Impeachment will only pass with a three-fourths vote of the officers. If the vote fails, the Advisors and President retain the right to complete the impeachment on their own. Clause 3: Any impeachment decision can be vetoed by the chapter board with a unanimous vote within a month of the initial impeachment. Section 3: Impeachment Consequences An officer who is impeached will not be able to run or apply for the chapter board for the rest of their time in SBHS JSA. Section 4: Resignation Procedures Clause 1: If an officer considered for impeachment chooses to resign, he/she must announce his/her resignation in front of the chapter at the next possible club meeting. Failure to do so will begin the impeachment process. Clause 2: If an officers chooses to resign on his/her own will, he/she must privately notify the Chapter President decision, and subsequently announce this decision to the chapter at the next club meeting. Clause 3: If a previously resigned officer chooses to run or apply for office for the next school year, he/she must receive approval from the Teacher Advisors and the current Chapter President. Section 5: Office Vacancies Clause 1: If the office of President becomes vacant due to an impeachment or resignation, the Vice President will assume the office of President. Clause 2: If the office of Vice President becomes vacant due to impeachment or resignation, the Director of Debate will assume the responsibilities of Vice President.

Clause 3: If the office of Director of Debate becomes vacant due to impeachment or resignation, the Vice President will assume the responsibilities of Director of Debate. Clause 4: If the office of Secretary becomes vacant due to impeachment or resignation, the Vice President will assume the responsibilities of Secretary. ARTICLE VII: PETITIONS Section 1: Right to Petition Clause 1: All tax-paid members of SBHS JSA reserve the right to petition an action for the board. Clause 2: Each petition, in order to be taken seriously, must contain a total of one-third of the total tax-paid member signatures. If a petition is created before an accurate attendance list is created, such as at the beginning of the school year, the prior year’s attendance list should be used. Clause 3: Petitions must be a sincere attempt at reforming the chapter in its intention and int the amount of support it receives. It is suggested that each valid petition contain at least two officer signatures. Section 2: Petition Support and Vote Clause 1: The petitioner has the right to give a speech in front of the chapter to garner support for his/her petition, but this speech is subject to the meeting agenda and any time restrictions. Clause 2: All serious petitions must be reviewed by the chapter board. They will be voted on, and must receive three-fourths vote from the officers and unanimous support from the Teacher Advisors before being enacted. If this vote is not obtained, and the petitioner can receive a fifty percent vote from both tax-paid members and the chapter board in favor of the petition and Teacher Advisor support, then the petition will be enacted. ARTICLE VIII: AMENDMENTS Section 1: Officer Board Vote Any amendments to this constitution, and ratification of any other legislation passed, must be passed with two-thirds of a total vote of the club leadership. The Teacher Advisors will receive 1/3 of the total vote and the four officers will receive 2/3 of the total vote. Section 2: Amendment Propositions

Tax paid members may propose amendments to the officers. If the officers vote down the amendment, the member can appeal for a vote among the tax-paid chapter members. There must be a two-thirds majority vote by the tax-paid members for passage of the amendment. Section 3: Changes to Officer Board Clause 1: Although it is understood that conditions within the club will vary from year to year, this Constitution provides for the framework of SBHS as it tries to revitalize interest and active participation amongst club members without having to ease on membership requirements. Until SBHS JSA can reach this level of participation and interest, the bureaucracy of the club shall be limited to eliminate elitism by the chapter board. Clause 2: To change the format of the officer board for the next year, the officers and Teacher Advisors must come to a 3/4 agreement among the officers and unanimous agreement among the Teacher Advisors. This Constitution must be amended for such a process to occur (See Article VIII, Section 1). Section 4: Major Revisions Major changes to this Constitution must be made with unanimous support of the Teacher Advisors and officers. In the event of a complete revision of this Constitution, the previous edition of the Constitution must be archived and this current Constitution will be the only basis for SBHS JSA law. ARTICLE IX: RATIFICATION AND CONTINUATION Section 1: Ratification During the first officers meeting with the Teacher Advisors, all officers of said year must ratify the Constitution. If the Constitution is not ratified, the JSA year has not officially begun. This signed Constitution must be readily available for easy access, whether it be in the President’s possession or in the Teacher Advisor’s classroom, and shall be made public upon request. Section 2: Continuation If there is intention to amend this Constitution, then the amendment must be proposed after the ratification of this Constitution. Section 3: Signatures After the rewriting of this Constitution in April 2013, this Constitution shall go into effect immediately with a majority of the signatures of all ten officers and two Teacher Advisors. When the 2013-2014 school year begins, as a result of the passing of this Constitution, there will only be four officer positions.