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Zuccarelli Resignation Letter

Zuccarelli Resignation Letter

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Published by Zoe Galland
Zuccarelli Resignation Letter
Zuccarelli Resignation Letter

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Published by: Zoe Galland on Aug 13, 2013
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Dear Governor Quinn


August 13, 2013

I greatly appreciate your expression of support and confidence in appointing me to the Chicago Transit Authority Board. I agreed to serve with the singular purpose in mind – to be a strong advocate for meeting the mass transit needs of the residents of the south suburbs; a region whose commuters have been shortchanged for decades. As you know, I am deeply committed to advancing education and economic development opportunities in the southland. Expanding quality mass transit service is critical to driving these opportunities. That is why I was looking forward to serving on the Board with enthusiasm and optimism for the future. However, given the events of recent weeks, I do not want political grandstanding to distract from the critical issues or stand in the way of what people in the south suburbs need. Therefore, it is with great regret that I ask you to withdraw my appointment to the CTA Board effective immediately. I would like to ask, however, that you select my replacement from the south suburbs to ensure that our area is strongly and proactively represented on transportation issues. Sincerely, Frank M. Zuccarelli

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