| 311 Straight Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 (513) 559-2100
July 6, 1999

Henry Heimlich, M.D. The Heimlich Institute 415 Straight Street Cincinnati, OH 45219

Dear Dr. Heimlich, I am writing on behalf of the Deaconess Institutional Review Board. I understand from conversation with Charles McDowell that there is some doubt in your mind as to the position of the IRB regarding your proposal to the IRB outlining the use of the Heimlich Maneuver in the treatment of asthma in the emergency room. At the time that you and Eric Spletzer attended the IRB meeting, members discussed their concerns relative to obtaining informed consent from patients in the emergency room seeking treatment for respiratory distress. Members also recommended that this research might be better accomplished by gaining the support and cooperation of primary care physicians who have known patients with asthma and who could assist with enrolling patients at a time other that an acute emergency. Based on the above informed consent issue and the fact that our emergency department sees a very limited number of children, smaller than the pediatric sample desired in your study, the members of the IRB do not think it would be desirable to proceed with this research in the Deaconess Emergency Room. I believed that you understood the concerns of the IRB members and apologize for any confusion. Please feel free to call me at 559-2265 if questions remain.


Nancy Wilson Director, Quality Resource Management

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