Modelica Introduction

Lei Tu

algebraic and discrete equations.Preface • Modelica is an object-oriented language for modeling large. • Basically. • Schematics are used to describe models. all Modelica language elements are mapped to differential. complex. and heterogeneous physical systems. . and a schematic consists of connected components.

• The semantics of the Modelica language is specified by a set of rules for translating any class to a flat Modelica structure. Special attention should be paid to definitions and notations. The Modelica specification does not define how to simulate a model but defines a set of equations that the simulation result should satisfy. .Introduction • Modelica was designed to facilitate symbolic transformations of models. • The Modelica grammar is also important.

• String literals appear between double quotes as in “between”. or statements or at the end of class definitions. .Lexical Structure • A documentation string may occur at the ends of declarations. It is a kind of ‘documentation comment’ that cannot be ignored by the Modelica translator. • Identifiers are used for naming various terms. equations. certain combinations are keywords.

Operators and Expressions .

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