Local nonprofit receives $100,000 grant for homeless, disadvantaged youth services
Dave Rice, April 5, 2013

Embrace, a nonprofit dedicated to “the promotion of social and physical wellness programs that serve underprivileged communities,” announced this week that it is the recipient of a $100,000 grant from lliance !ealthcare "oundation# $he %ission &upport grant is the third grant received from lliance by the Embrace organi'ation, and will go to e(pand programs providing healthy meals to homeless veterans and civilians, repairing the homes of disabled low)income veterans, and promoting fitness and nutrition programs among disadvantaged youth, as well as offering part)time positions and paid internships to college students, who also form the bulk of the group*s volunteer base#

“Embrace fulfills many factors that lliance !ealthcare "oundation looks for to determine the grant
recipient including leadership, +uality and sustainability,” said lliance e(ecutive director ,ancy &asaki in a release# “%ore specifically, Embrace was chosen for a grant because it is advancing health and wellness for those in need, especially the vulnerable population of the homeless which is one of our strategic priority populations#” "ounder &ean &heppard started Embrace in -000, and his eventual stated goal is legislation making community service mandatory for attendees of state)funded colleges and universities#

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