T h e C i t y o f N e w Yo r k Office of the Mayor

New York, N.Y. 10007

SAM I Y. NAIM Assistant Counselor Mr. Todd Shepherd 727 E. 16th Ave. Denver, CO 80203 Dear Mr. Shepherd:

June 13,2013

I write to acknowledge your Freedom of Information Law request for the following records: 1. 2.


4. 5.

On June 13, was told to expect an update in approximately 20 days, which would have been July 15. By close of business Aug 13, no communication has been received at all, not even an email reply.


Please be advised that we are currently reviewing your request and expect to provide you with a status update on this matter in approximately twenty (20) business days. Thank you. Sincerely,


Deputy Records Access Officer

^£ Printed on paper containing 30% post-consumer material.

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