LEAVE AND LICENSE AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT made at Mumbai on this ____ day of ________, 200_ BETWEEN ________________

, residing at ________________, _____________________________________________________________. Hereinafter called the “LICENSOR” (which expression shall whenever the context so requires or admits means and includes his/her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns) of the One Part AND ____________________, Indian Inhabitant having his/her permanent address at ______________________________________. Hereinafter called the “LICENSEE” (which expression shall whenever the context so requires or admits means and includes his/her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns) of the Other Part. Whereas the LICENSOR is lawful owner of and otherwise well sufficiently entitled to and seized and possessed of ______________ _____________________________________________________________. Hereinafter referred to as the SAID PREMISES. AND WHEREAS the Licensee being in need of Residential Premises has approached the Licensor through an agent with a request to permit the Licensee to occupy ___ bedroom hall, Kitchen in the said premises by Leave and License for the purpose of residential use for a period of __ months {along with furniture, fixture, fittings & appliances}. NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH AND IT IS HEREBY AGREED BY AND BETWEEN THE PARTIES AS UNDER: 1. That the Licensor doth hereby grants to the Licensee – Leave and License to enter into upon and remain in the said premises for a period of __ months commencing from ____________to ____________ for residential use by the Licensee and his/her family. That the License hereby granted shall unless withdrawn, cancelled or revoked earlier under any provision of this agreement remain in force for the period of __ (______) months only. That the Licensee shall have no right to create any sub License or assign or transfer in any manner the License or give to any one the possession of the said premises or any part thereof, except for residential use only by him/her or with his/her family. That the Licensee shall not use or permit to be used the said premises for any illegal or improper purpose or as public house and shall not do, cause, permit or suffer upon the said premises or any part thereof anything which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance or cause damage to or prejudicially effect the interest of the Licensor or any other neighboring occupiers.




irresistible force or act of God excepted). 9. accident. This agreement is governed strictly under Leave and License terms and the Licensee shall deliver the possession of the premises to the Licensor {along with furniture. 10. fixtures and fittings} on expiry of the period of this agreement and the Licensor is entitled to recover possession of the said premises on expiry of this agreement as per provisions of section 24 of Maharashtra Rent Control Act. 8. the Licensee shall deposit and keep deposited with the Licensor sum of Rs. electrical and water supply connection pertaining to the said premises. Licence fee and / or compensation of Rs. rain. In addition to the monthly licence fee and/ or compensation payable by the Licensee to the Licensor. ______/. 1999. ________/. That the Licensor shall not in any event be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to any goods or property of the Licensee whatsoever be the cause of such loss or damage. He/She agrees that he/she shall be responsible for their return in full working condition at the time of repossession of the said premises on termination of this agreement. That the Licensee is not authorized to make any permanent additions or alterations in the construction of the said premises whatsoever the case may be. 7. 13. The Licensee shall pay to the Licensor. The said deposit shall not carry 6. That the Licensee has before signing of this agreement satisfied himself / herself with the working of sanitary.(Rupees _________ Only) as security deposit for the due performance of the terms and conditions of this presents. That the Licensee shall use the said premises {along with furniture. flood. which may invalidate the Insurance of the Society’s building in which the licensed said premises is situated. 12.2 5.(Rupees ___________________ Only) which amount shall be payable on or before the __ of every month. In addition to the license fee mentioned the Licensee should pay electricity bills as per the meter. 11. TV cable charges and gas charges and car parking charges to the authorities concerned on time and that the Licensor shall not be responsible for the disconnection if the payment is not made on time. telephone bills. fixtures and fittings} and shall see that the same is used in careful and responsible manner and shall make good to the Licensor all such damages or loss as the Licensor may sustain whether the same be caused by the Licensee or his/her visitors to the said premise (reasonable wear and tear or damage by fire. 14. That the Licensee shall not do or suffer to be done anything. The said premises would be handed over to the Licensor exactly in the same state as it was taken possession of. The Licensor or his/her duly authorized agent shall have the right to enter into upon the licensed said premises or any part thereof at mutually agreed time for the purpose of inspection. .

____/. The Licensee hereby admit and acknowledge that it is the express intention of the parties to this agreement that the relationship of landlord and tenant shall and be deemed to be created hereby or otherwise between them under any circumstances whatsoever. on expiry or by efflux of time. and in such an event. 16. bares possession of Leave and License . b) In the event the Licensor fails to handover the Interest free Security Deposit to the Licensee on their eagerness to handover vacant and peaceful possession and occupation. The Licensor shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement by giving a 15 days notice. title and interest of the Licensor in respect. Going into voluntary or compulsory liquidation or In any way jeopardizing the rights.3 any interest and shall be refunded by the Licensor to the Licensee on expiry or upon the earlier determination of this presents after deducting there from any amounts payable by the Licensee to the Licensor under this agreement and all other losses and damages caused to the Licensor by damage or distention or demolition of the said premises or non payment of any bills/taxes agreed to be paid by the Licensees under these presents. after the expiry of the period of such notice the Licensee may not be allowed to enter the said premises. This agreement merely confirms. In the event of the Licensee:a) b) c) d) committing a breach of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement. 17. title and interest of the Licensor in respect of the said premises. or not paying the monthly compensation for a consecutive period of 2 months.(Rupees ________________ only) per day. The said sum of security deposits after deductions shall be repaid by the Licensor to the Licensee at the time of handing over to the Licensor vacant possession of the said premises. in addition to the monthly to the monthly compensation.a) In the event the Licensee fails to hand over vacant and peaceful possession and occupation on expiry of this agreement either by efflux of time or sooner its determination as provided hereinabove the Licensee shall pay Rs. and in that event the Licensee shall occupy the said premises without paying any compensation until the said Security deposit is refunded by the Licensor to the Licensee. or its sooner determination as provided hereinabove. then the Licensor shall pay a penalty on the amount of security deposit @18% per annum as pro – rata compensation till the day he returns the said deposit and any unutilized portion of the advance license fee to the Licensee. 15. as prorata compensation from the next day until the said premises is in the possession and occupation of the Licensor. The Licensee shall also be liable to bear and pay al other consequential expenses that may be incurred by the Licensor to obtain repossession and occupation of the said premises from the Licensee and the Licensee hereby undertake to keep indemnified the Licensor hereto. to the Licensor.

4 and does not create any interest into or upon the said premises or any part thereof in favour of the Licensee. _______________. Consisting of: ___ . 22. That the Licensor shall pay all existing and future rents.B. At the time of handing over the vacant possession the Licensor will be entitled to retain an amount of Rs. municipal assessed charges. assessments. titles and interests into upon the said premises in favour of the Licensee and the Licensee hereby agrees that under no circumstances the Licensee shall any right to tenancy. The original agreement will remain with the Licensor and the copy duly signed by both the parties shall remain with the Licensee. ______/(Rupees _________________ only) shall be refunded to the Licensee. 23. cessess or other outgoings.(Rupees ________ only) from the security deposit amount of Rs.H. DESCRIPTION OF THE FLAT Address: _______________. rates. During the last month of the contract the Licensee shall allow the Licensor to have access to the said flat. It is not intended by this agreement to create any lease or sub-lease or any other rights. 19. _______________. Both the Licensee as well as the Licensor shall have an option to terminate this agreement by giving _ (___) month’s notice in writing to the other side of their intension to do so and at the earlier termination only after the first ___ months of this agreement. for him to exhibit the flat to other prospective clients at mutually agreed time and date.K. if any. 24. levies or payable in respect of the said premises or any part thereof including the ground rent and all maintenance charges levied recovered by the owner of the building in respect of the said premises including non-occupation if any. 20. central. That the Licensor and the Licensee hereby agree that the original key of the said premises is with the Licensor and whereas duplicate key is with the Licensee and on no account the said be changed by the Licensee. . 18. _______________. taxes. sub-tenancy or any other right of any nature into or upon the said premises.(Rupees ___________ only) to ascertain the last electric bill and after receipt of the same and after deduction of the said bill/s amount the balance amount remaining from the said retained amount of Rs. Stamp duty and registration charges shall be borne by both the parties equally. and is unfurnished/furnish. _______/. ________/. imposed. 21. state.

Sealed & Delivered By the within named LICENSEE ____________________ In the presence of…………….(Rupees ___________ only) by cheque No..________/. ) ) ) ) RECEIPT Received with thanks a sum of Rs. I SAY RECEIVED _______________ (LICENSOR) . Sealed & Delivered By the within named LICENSOR _________________ In the presence of…………….5 IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set their hands on the day and year hereinabove first mentioned. ) ) ) ) Signed. ____________ drawn on_____________________________ dated __________from the within named Licensee as an interest free deposit for the possession of the flat as per the above Leave and License agreement commencing from ___________ to ___________. Signed.

____________________________________ . ____________________________________ 3.6 WITNESSES: 1. FITTINGS AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 1. ____________________________________ 5. ____________________________________ 2. ANNEXTURE”A” LIST OF FURNITURE. ____________________________________ 7. ____________________________________ 6. 2. FIXTURE. ____________________________________ 4.

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