Legat de locul de plecare din Sofia, acesta ar trebui sa fie cat mai comod ales pentru clientul vostru

. Propun sa fie sediul lor din Sofia SI te rog da-mi informatii suplimentare si informeaza-ma care este adresa exacta si o persoana de contact cu care poate fi tinuta legatura. Cu un bus, distanta Sofia – Bucuresti se parcurge in aproximativ 6 ore. Prin urmare, ar trebui sa plece in jurul 5:00 dimineata din Sofia pentru a ajunge in Bucuresti – htl. Pullman in jurul orei 12:00-12 30 (luand in calcul vama, traficul din Bucuresti la orele pranzului etc.) Regarding the place of departure from Sofia, it should be a convenient choice for your client. My proposal is that the place of departure to be their headquarter from Sofia and please give me extra information and also inform me about the exact adress and a contact person with whom we can be kept in touch. With a bus, the route Sofia - Bucharest will be crossed in approximately 6 hours. Therefore, the bus should go around 5:00 AM in the morning from Sofia to arrive in Bucharest at Pullman hotel around 12:00 - 12:30 AM (taking into consideration the custom house, the traffic in Bucharest at noon and so on).