Why should America get involved? We should sort out our problems here at home before we go trying to solve anybody’s issues overseas. Even close alliances with other countries can be dangerous. Our alliance with a country might get us pulled into wars that we have nothing to do with. It’s best for America to tend to its own business and let the rest of the world sort itself out.

Fewer Environmental Restrictions
Sure, protecting endangered species is well and good, but it shouldn’t get in the way of economic development and job growth and improving out society. After all, who are we serving here: the spotted owl, or the American people? Besides, we still don’t have any real evidence that global warming is caused by humans, do we?

Government Accountability
The government needs to be responsible to the people. That is the fundamental fact of democracy. When we as the government act, we need to do so in a way so that the people can judge if we acted rightly or wrongly, and then reward or punish us as appropriate. If some public official, elected or otherwise, makes a mistake or violates the law, then their misdeed should be dealt with publicly and swiftly. That’s how a democracy is supposed to work. Jobs to avoid: Homeland Security

Jobs to avoid: State Secretary

Jobs to avoid: Interior Secretary

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