How to do INITIAL CONFIGURATION OF SOLUTION MANAGER (with screenshots) for solman 7.

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These are steps which has to be performed to do an initial configuration of solution manager. Before the basic configuration is done in SOLMAN_SETUP, the initial configuration has to be completed.

1. Login to the system SAP system with the user SOLMAN_ADMIN. 2. Go to transaction SOLMAN_SETUP.

The internet explorer window opens and kindly provide the solman_admin details again. Then you get the OVERVIEW screen.

CLICK on "INITIAL CONFIGURATION" shown in the left navigation bar. You get the screen as shown below: Press "Change" button

Once the data is entered in the field then click on CONTINUE. Here. kindly go to SMSY transaction in the system: . This is the ABAP configuration screen. you are asked to create logical systems and then activate SDCCN To activate SDCCN.

Now you get a J2EE configuration screen. Once you click on this then you a new window: . Click on START J2EE CONFIGURATION button.Come back to internet explorer screen and click on CONTINUE.

Login with SOLMAN_ADMIN and also make sure this user has full authorization. Once you login then you get the following screen where all the password details has to be entered: .

Then click on NEXT. The intial setup of solution manager starts and you can see the progress in the window: These will take a few minutes. a background job is scheduled in the system: . You will get a message as shown in the below screenshot once it is completed: Come back to the main screen and click READ SLD Now.

These are the steps to be followed for an initial configuration of a solution the job is scheduled then click on CONTINUE. The initial configuration is completed. .

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