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TASK ELEVEN: Music Video Research Music Label Research linked to Music Videos
SYNOPSIS: This task encourages you to understand how the 3 major oligopolies (Universal, Sony and Warner) make music videos verses the independent companies (XL Records). You should pay particular attention to how music videos are made and how they are financed. This links to the work that you did in preparation for the AS exam use it wisely. TASK: It is extremely important that you are aware of the institutions that make music videos. It is also important that you can differentiate between major and minor music labels to distinguish the differences between finance behind them. You could watch MAKING THE MOVIE on MTV. It has some good information about making music videos 1st find out a little background information about music labels 2nd establish the similarities and differences between the companies and how they make music videos. 3rd I want a summary statement that looks at the companies that make music videos and discuss what you have learnt. PRESENTATION IDEAS: You could make an online voki that discusses your findings Or a written storyboard that uses pictures to showcase what you have found out GRADING: A/A* - the research and presentation will be excellent. Terminology will be used extensively. B/C the research and presentation will be good. Terminology will be used. Audiences will be discussed D The research and video will be proficient. It will be complete but the detail may be limited.

E Work will be complete.

Mrs Fudge A2 Media Studies