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Comparison between the 3 approaches

Approach Features Aim Product Approach Process Approach Genre Approach

Reinforce L2 writing in grammatical & syntactical forms.

A creating process of writing.

Text Teachers role

Imitate model text. Provide input in the form of text. Judges of learners curiosity. Produce a text based on given input.

Text as resource of comparison. Facilitate learners writing & draw out their potential. Drafting text produced.

Integrate knowledge of genres & its communicative purpose. Explore & imitate the different model text. Expose learners to different types of writing. Independent construction of text based on genres exposed. Central aspect of the situation is purpose. Little feedback.

Students role

Ideas Feedback

Organization of ideas is more important than ideas. No proper feedback & response from teachers. Individual Devalues students potential. Familiarization Controlled Guided Free

Ideas as starting point. Good feedback & response from teachers. Collaborative. Increase students potential & motivation. Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing Steps involved in writing.

Learning style Potential/Motivation Stages

Essentially social/ collaborative. Increase students motivation & potential. Field knowledge Modelling Joint construction Independent construct Varieties in the types of writing with the intended social context. Concerned over the end product only.


Academic writing.


the end product.

the creative process.

Similarities between the 3 approaches.

All the three are approaches to writing. Through all the three approaches students learn how to write. Students learn language through these approaches. Students are expected to improve in their writing and language.