Big kei Automation industrial automation equipment development, and manufacturing of professional providers, the main products are

a full range of programmable electronic cam controller, absolute encoder. Absolute encoder shaft position corresponding to the coded output provides a unique value. Presently Kee company provides the highest single-turn absolute encoder resolution is 16 (65536 lines), the resolution can also be converted to the corresponding other resolutions, such as transforming 360,720,3600,5400,7200,14400 lines , the user can customize. multiturn divided into mechanical multi-turn (4096 laps) and electronic multiturn (65536 laps), absolute multi-turn measurement, each circle a maximum resolution of 16 65536 lines. Product advantages A German art electromagnetic absolute encoder, than ordinary optical encoder has superior shock and dustproof performance, adapt to harsh environmental conditions. 2. Pioneered a unique flexible shaft structure, dual bearing design that allows axial elastic displacement 1-2mm, fully buffered axial force. 3. Super anti-jamming capability, the unique anti-jamming module group, to ensure complex industrial environment control system reliability. 4. Rigorous board-level-three processing, mold, moisture, corrosion, protection class IP66. Technical Features 1. Through the RS485 interface, you can set the encoder absolute zero position, direction, and other parameters. 2 can be set to 2-16 bit resolution per revolution (or custom), up to 16 lines of resolution 65536. 3 Wide Range Supply Voltage 10 ~ 36Vdc or 5Vdc, low power consumption, polarity protection. 4 various common signal output selectable. RS485 digital communications, SSI standard output, devicenet interfaces without conversion modules. 5.RS485 output type, up to 65,536 lines per revolution, 65536 continuous circle, the other interface customization resolution.