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Quiz 1 (IPC Lab) Registration No. __________________________ Tick the correct Answer. 1. Agreement circuit is a __________ gate.

. a) 2 input XOR b) 3 input XOR c) 2 input AND d) 2 input XNOR 2. The speed at which the PLC perform its function is known as a) Scan rate b) Scan time c) None of the above 3. Timer-On instruction can be used as Timer-Off instruction by using a) EN bit b) TT bit c) ER bit d) DN bit 4. Address of the input switch connected at I32 will be a) I:0.0/0 b) I:0.2/0 c) O:0.0/0 d) O:0.2/0 5. If up counter and Down counter instructions are combined in a single instruction named as updown counter, then they share ____________. a) Preset value b) Accumulator register Draw ladder diagram and also write the instruction list code for the following. A system has two input switches located at two different locations. The system has a control section which is to be controlled by the disagreement of two input switches. The control section has two machines which are to be operated in a cycle (when one in on the other should be off). This section has a conveyor belt which moves forward when machine-1 is on and it moves backward when machine-2 is on. The ON time for each machine is 25 sec. Address should be properly assigned in ladder diagram.